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					                     Surface Temperature Protocol

Surface Temperature Protocol
                                 Surface Temperature Protocol

  Goals for the Training Session
• Provide an inquiry context for the data
  collection and science content
• Provide accurate science content
• Review procedures for data collection
• Review data entry and analysis
• Discuss classroom implementation
• Collect feedback from participants
                                           Surface Temperature Protocol

             Inquiry Context
                            • How does the time of year
                              affect the surface
                            • How does surface temperature
                              compare with air temperature?
                            • Can surface temperature
                              measurements help scientists
                              study the urban heat island
• How does surface temperature vary with land cover
  (e.g. bare soil, short grass, tall grass, concrete, sand)?
                   Surface Temperature Protocol

Local Inquiry Example
                               Surface Temperature Protocol

         Why do GLOBE scientists
       research surface temperature?
• Help calculate the rate of
  heat and moisture
  exchange between the
  atmosphere and the soil
• Verification of remotely
  sensed temperature
                                  Surface Temperature Protocol

Science Content: What is surface temperature?

     Surface temperature is the radiating
     temperature of the ground surface.
                           Surface Temperature Protocol

Instruments: Infrared Thermometer
                 • Measures infrared
                   (heat) radiation
                   emanating from surface
                   and converts to
                 • Check calibration once
                   a year
                 • Use thermal glove
                        Surface Temperature Protocol

        The Measurements
• Surface Temperature
  Supplemental Site
• Cloud Protocols
• Snow Depth
• Surface Temperature
                                             Surface Temperature Protocol

Collecting Data: Field/Lab Guides & Data Sheets
   Field/Lab Guides:
   •   Surface Temperature Field Guide
   •   Cloud Cover and Contrail Cover Protocol Field Guide
   •   Cloud Type and Contrail Type Protocol Field Guide
   •   Solid Precipitation Protocol Field Guide

   Data Sheets:
   • Surface Temperature Data Sheet
                                                   Surface Temperature Protocol

    Collecting Data: Protocol
• Initially select from Land Cover Sample Sites,
  Atmosphere Study Sites or Soil Moisture Study Sites
• Fill out Supplemental Site Definition Data
• Make Cloud Protocols observations
• Pick nine random observation spots in the study site at
  least 5 m apart
   – Read and record surface temperature
   – Record local time-convert to Universal Time
   – Measure and record snow depth
                                          Surface Temperature Protocol

    Enter Data on the GLOBE Web Site
Step 1: Confirm that a Land Cover Sample Site,
        Atmosphere Study Site or Soil Moisture Study
        Site has been defined.
Step 2: Select “Surface Temperature Site Selection”
        from the atmosphere data entry menu
Step 3: Select site and initial, correcting, or updating
        information option
Step 4: Enter date & supplemental site definition data
        from the surface temperature data sheet
Step 5: Confirm data entries on verification page
                                   Surface Temperature Protocol

   Enter Data on the GLOBE Web Site
Step 1: Confirm that the Surface Temperature
        Site Selection is completed
Step 2: Select “Surface Temperature
        Measurements” from the atmosphere
        data entry menu
Step 3: Enter date/ select site/9 UT times
Step 4: Enter cloud and surface temperature
Step 5: Confirm data entries on verification page
                                                                    Surface Temperature Protocol

                                      Looking at the Data
Parking Lot Temperature Comparison of Two Schools
Surface Temperature (C)

                          25                                     Whitmer HS, Toledo
                          15                                     Meadowvale ES, Toledo
                               20050411   20050414    20050419
                                 12:40      16:06       15:37
                                 Date and Time (YYYYMMDD UT)
                               Surface Temperature Protocol

      Classroom Implementation
•   Inquiry
•   Curriculum/Standards Alignment
•   Assessment
•   Classroom Management
                                   Surface Temperature Protocol

          Getting Started
• The GLOBE Web site has information
• GLOBE Help Desk or your Country
  Coordinator can support you as you get
• Get your students involved doing real

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