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					                                                          September 2009
   Newsletter of the Cohutta Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Lines from the Leader                                                     What’s Inside
September's meeting will be the last meeting of           Lines from the Leader                     P. 1
the 2009 fiscal year.                                     Calendar of Events                        P. 1
During this meeting we will be electing new               Stream of the Month Reports               P. 2
officers, I would like to thank those of you who are      The Corner Chair                          P. 3
willing to invest your time and efforts for our           Speaker of the Month                      P. 3
chapter by accepting leadership roles. As we              October Meeting                           P. 3
grow and improve as a chapter it is critical that         Good to Have Some Rain                    P. 3
we help our fellow members when they agree to             World Record Trout                        P. 4
accept leadership roles. If you would like to be          Montana Fly Fishing Catching Tons of
considered in this election please give me a call.        Exposure                                  P. 5
On another matter it is very evident that we need         OAD Info                           P. 6 -
more representation at our capital, we simply do
not have anyone at the legislature level to keep us
informed when important matters are proposed.
We will discuss how we help in achieving a
resolution in this matter.                                         Calendar of Events
                                                       September 24th          Cohutta Chapter Meeting
Also I would like to thank those of you who agreed     with Jimmy Jacobs
to volunteer for Outdoor Days, what you do will        September 26th                        Unicoi OAD
definitely help others.                                October 2nd – 4th             SOTM Deep Creek
                                                       October 10th      Coosa Valley TU Chili Cook-off
Ron Minick                                             October 22nd            Cohutta Chapter Meeting
                                                       Larry Vigil
                                                       October 24th                          SOTM TBA
                                                       Nov 1st            2nd Annual Fly Fishing for Vets
                                                       Nov 7th                          NGTO Fall Fling
                                                       Nov TBA                     Cohutta TU Smoker

                                                       Meetings are held at the Delkwood Grill
                                                       1 mile east of I75 on Delk Road in Marietta, the
                                                       fourth Thursday of the month.

                                                                  SOTM Reports
         Cohutta Chapter #242 Officers
    President                                                     Last Months Caney Fork Report
    Ron Minick       Phone                       678-493-9574
                     E-mail            A great time as had by all, Mother Nature was very
    Vice President                                                nice to us with only a couple sprinkles of rain.
    Renee Williams     Phone                    770-942-1024
                                                                  Attending last months trip were Ron and Diane
                                                                  swung by for a bit, as did Don Thomson, At the
    Ken Dye          Phone                       770-973-0751
                                                                  Camp Ground we had Tony, Rob, Karl Mike
                     E-mail           Sonny, Wally, Ron, Thom, Joe, Rob, Garrett and a
    Secretary                                                     friend who’s name escapes me. Reg and His Bride
    Tony Rackie        Phone                     770-712-7231     stayed at the State Park, as did Zell.
                                                                  Fishing was good for the most part, I believe
    First Cast Committee and TIC                                  everyone of us caught fish, and we had great
         Mark Anderson Phone                     770-422-2347     fellowship, along with allot of laughs were had by
                           E-mail     all !!!
    Stream of the Month
    Brian Shinall  Phone
                                                                  SOTM for Oct 3rd Weekend
    Fisheries Development Committee
    Carl and Gavin Carson    Phone           678-795-0270         While investigating our options for the October 3,
              E-mail            2009 stream of the month it looks like Deep Creek
    Special Projects and Conservation                             Tube Center and Campground is our best bet. At
    Diane Minick        Phone                770-855-6128         the current time they have approximately 12 camp
    E-mail                           sites still available for the weekend, several are
    Membership Committee                                          next to the creek. The cost for the campsites is
    Tony Rackie         Phone                770-712-7231
                                                                  $23 per night. They also have three cabins
    Web site                                                      available. (The Mountain Laurel, The Cherokee
    Bruce Rickey Email          and the Brook Trout cabins).
    Newsletter Publisher and Editor                               Streams that are within 45 minutes of the
    Thom Underwood Phone                     404-414-1012         campsite are the Tuck.(Delayed Harvest),
              E-mail             Nanny(Delayed Harvest), Deep Creek, Cherokee
    Back the Brookie Program
    Bob Anderson     E-mail
                                                                  Trophy Water.

                 Don’t forget to visit our Web Site at            The contact information is as follows:
                                                                  Deep Creek Tube Center and Campground
                                                                  1090 West Deep Creek Rd.
                                                                  Bryson City, NC 28713

                                                                  Lila and Terry Floyd

                                                                  If you are interested in going please go ahead and
                                                                  make your reservations now.

                                                                  The campground web site has maps and more
                                                                  information available.

                                                                  We will discuss the trip more at the next meeting

The Corner Chair                                       October Meeting
Membership Committee: (Tony Rackie)                    We Have a very busy Meeting this week Thursday
                                                       the 24th of October. Along with our guest Speaker
We only have two more regular chapter meetings         Jimmy Jacobs. We have Ken Griffin stopping by to
before the year end special events (Smoker and         discuss the upcoming Fly Fishing for Vets at
Shrimp Boil) take the place of the meetings so I       Paces Mill on Saturday November 1st. Also on the
hope that you (and a friend) can attend the            agenda is Elections for the Cohutta Chapter.
September or October meeting to get the inside         Officer Elections to be held at next meeting
scoop on what is coming up.                            include:

We have had a lot of good presentations this year      President
- many thanks to Thom for lining up the presenters     Vice President
(and making sure they show up :-)                      Secretary
                                                       Stream of the Month Captain
Please be sure to mark your calendar with the          Speaker Co-Ordinator
upcoming events to help our chapter make a good
showing and to give back to others some of the         Please send me your name as soon as possible. I
knowledge of fishing that you have gained over         have spoken to many of you already, but if you
your fishing years.                                    would like to put your name in the hat please email
                                                       Ron Minick at
Outdoor Adventure Day - September 26th, 2009
10AM Unicoi St Park                                    Good to have some rain
FlyFishining For Vets - November 1st, 2009 9AM
Paces Mill on the Hooch.
                                                             After several years of below normal rain it is
                                                       nice to see weather conditions returning to a
For any membership questions please contact
                                                       somewhat “normal” pattern. The past several
Tony Rackie (
                                                       years we have fallen behind many inches in
                                                       rainfall each year and if the deficits of the past 10
Conservation Committee: (Diane Minick)                 or so years were added together we were several
                                                       feet behind in rainfall for the last decade. Even
The comment period is over for the Etowah HCP,         though it seems to have rained almost every day
but I just want you all to know the our State TU       for the past several weeks, we are still just about
endorsed it. Please read the letter that Charlie       normal for the year and except for the few areas
and Kevin wrote. I want to thank them for being        around the state that are getting huge, multi-inch
concerned enough about the issue to look deeper        downpours in a short time most of the north half of
into it and then making an informed decision to        Georgia is absorbing the rain without a huge rise
support it. It is not a perfect document, but it is    in the levels of creeks and rivers. This rain has
designed for the right reasons for all, not just the   begun to replenish the water table as well as fill
fish. In the end, because the fish benefit, all        the reservoirs. The rain is a good thing.
benefit, including us humans.                                The steady rains have helped our fisheries
                                                       and the wildlife that relies on the fish in the
Please see Letter to USFWS on Etowah HCP 09-           streams for food as well as helping to cut back on
04-09 at the end of the Newsletter                     wildfires. Ask almost any fisherman, the fishing
                                                       has been better this summer than it was last year.
Diane                                                        A few months ago I wrote about the best
                                                       times to fish and one of the best times to fish for
Guest Speaker of the Month                             trout is immediately after or during a rain. Fish can
                                                       tolerate and survive muddy water fairly well unless
Our Guest speaker this month is the world              the amount of suspended solids is so high that it
renowned Jimmy Jacobs. Jimmy is an Author,             literally clogs the gills and prevents oxygen from
and avid fisherman, He writes for many magazine        getting into the fishes blood. When the water is
articles and has published a book Trout fishing in     extremely muddy, you might as well stay home.
North Georgia.                                         Moderate muddy water is no problem for the fish
                                                       to live in. Fish have for thousands if not millions of
years have prospered and tolerated periodic              The cook off is Saturday October 10th at
muddying of the water. The reason the muddy              Ridge Ferry Park in Rome. For more
water is bad for fish is that muddy water does two       information, go to or call
different things.                                        706-766-5083 or 706-767-0776 for more
First muddy water absorbs sunlight and heats up
much more than clear water does and as the
water gets warmer it looses its’ oxygen. The cooler
the water the more oxygen that is there for fishes       48-Pound Trout: World Record or
survival. That is why trout are usually found in the     Genetic Cheat?
clear, colder highly oxygenated streams. A
temporary muddying of the water on a mountain
stream puts a smorgasbord of food for the trout to
eat and the cloudy water allows the fish to feel
secure and “un-seen” while it is feeding. This
makes for great fishing for trout.
The second reason mud can be bad for fish is that
during spawning season mud can settle on and
around the fishes’ eggs. Many fish species
including trout, salmon and others deposit their
eggs and go on with their life as if they had
nothing to worry about. If the eggs get smothered
by mud and the fish is not there to “sweep” the
mud away, the eggs will die. Fish such as sunfish        In an age of biotechnological juicing, not even the
tend to their eggs, staying on their “nest” not only     easygoing pastime of fishing is free from
defending the eggs from predators but keeping the        controversies over artificial enhancement.
nest and eggs clean.                                     On September 5, Saskatchewan fisherman Sean
I will tell you that rain or shine I will be catching    Konrad caught a 48-pound, world-record rainbow
fish this weekend. I will be wading a creek Sunday       trout. The fish came from Lake Diefenbaker,
in the Floyd County area either fishing for stripers     where trout genetically engineered to grow extra-
if we get a good rise in water level without having      big escaped from a fish farm nine years ago.
a flood or I will have my fly rod catching sunfish.      The previous world record was held by Sean’s
Saturday I will be hitting a trout stream hoping for     twin brother Adam, who pulled a 43-pound, 10-
just the right amount of rain falling before I arrive.   ounce rainbow trout from Lake Diefenbaker in
CHILI COOK OFF                                           2007. That catch sparked online debate over the
Anyone interested in competing in the 2009               legitimacy of Lake Diefenbaker’s farm-born,
Trout Unlimited Chili Cook Off can expect to             genetically-engineered rainbows. Technically
see entry brochures out at various restaurants           known as triploids, they’re designed with three
and sponsor locations beginning Monday Sept              sets of chromosomes, making them sterile and
21st. The cost to enter a team has risen by $5           channeling energies normally spent reproducing
and is now $40. That is the first cost increase          towards growth.
in fourteen years. The rules have changed                In 2007, on a message board of the International
                                                         Game Fish Association, the angling world’s
very little and we hope that more and more
                                                         record- and ethics-keeping body, some fishermen
teams will compete. We have a new web page               argued that triploids were unnatural, as divorced
in progress that should be up and running by             from the sport’s history as Barry Bonds’ home runs
Monday also. Until then the current site has             were from Hank Aaron’s.
the entry form in the old format. The new form           The IGFA refused to make a distinction between
that will be in the brochure as well as on the           natural and GM fish.. Neither would they
updated web page will have places to                     distinguish between species caught in their
designate; the number of chilis entered, the             traditional waters and those introduced into new,
number of additional team members that the               growth-friendly environments, such as largemouth
team is paying for as well as the number of              bass whose extra-large ancestors were imported
cook sites requested. This is to help with the           from Florida to California in the 1960s.
                                                         But to purists, there was a difference between
accounting process and speed up the
                                                         transplantation and outright manufacture.
registering of teams as they enter the park.
The Konrad brothers’ response on the message
board was curt: “Stop crying and start fishing.”
Now they’ve caught another record-breaking trout.      Cohutta TU Chapter Supporters
Or have they?                                          Thank these folks for supporting the Cohutta TU
                                                                Chapter throughout the year.
Montana Fly Fishing Catching Tons
of Exposure                                            Gary Merriman The Fish Hawk                    404-
Monday August 24, 2009                                 237-3473
Montana's famous fly fishing destinations have           
received their fair share of exposure this month,
with President Obama fly fishing for the first time    Willie Perry Fly Box Outfitters            770-971-
in Livingston followed by West Yellowstone and         2208
Missoula’s inclusion last week in’s list    ,
of North America’s Top 10 Trout-Fishing Towns.
In fact, Montana was the only state to have two        Jimmy Harris      Unicoi Outfitters           706-
destinations ranked in the Top 10.                     878-3083
“West Yellowstone is a quirky town where the                 
frontier greets the thousands of RVs that cruise
through Yellowstone National Park,” the site noted     David Perry Southeastern Fly Guide Service
last week. “It's also the epicenter of arguably the    615-796-5143
best trout fishing in North America. … On the        
park's outskirts, anglers flock to the Gallatin, the
brawling Yellowstone and the trout-rich Madison.       Chris Scalley     River Through Atlanta
Missoula was recognized for the handful of blue-       770-650-8630
ribbon fisheries that run through it.                        
“Another Big Sky gem, Missoula is a laid-back
college town with a serious trout- fishing             Shannon Ward Orvis – Atlanta
addiction,” the site noted. “Anglers can fish the         404-841-0093
bouldery Blackfoot and the cottonwood-lined
Bitteroot, both of which empty into the Clark Fork,
which has 300 miles of fishable water.”
                                                       Abbey Jackson Blackhawk Trout Stream
Also joining the Forbes list, which was in no
particular order, were Redding, Calif., Calgary,
Alberta, Asheville, N.C., Glenwood Springs, Colo.,             
State College, Pa., Mountain Home, Ark.,
Grayling, Mich., and Roscoe, N.Y                       Henry Cowen Cowen's Quality Flies and
                                                       Guide Service
                                                       home 678-513-1934 cell 678-677-5382

                                                       Tic Smith Southeastern Anglers                866-

                                                       Bill Oyster Oyster Fine Bamboo Fly Rods

                                                       Mack Martin Atlanta Fly Fishing School 404-

                                                       Dina Miller Serenity Ridge, Gatlinburg Cabin
                                                            706-372-4239       www.cabin-in-
Georgia Council of Trout Unlimited

                 Charlie Breithaupt, Chairman 194 Kitchins Lane Clayton, GA 30525

                 September 4, 2009

David Dell
Regional HCP Coordinator
USFWS Regional Office
1875 Century Boulevard, Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30345

RE: Etowah Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP)

Dear Mr. Dell:

Please accept these comments supporting the Etowah Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) from
Georgia Trout Unlimited. Our mission is to conserve, protect and restore Georgia’s trout and their

The plan will protect federally endangered Etowah and Amber darters and the federally threatened
Cherokee darter which are a food source for trout in the Etowah headwaters and downstream when
trout migrate downstream in colder months. The Etowah Habitat Conservation Plan helps
communities continue to grow while maintaining a healthy watershed.

We recommend that Etowah HCP Fact Sheets (attached) be modified as follows:

       Fact Sheet 1, page 1, column 2, paragraph two, first sentence. “These and other sensitive
       species, including trout, face many threats.” Even though trout are commonly found in
       areas that are undisturbed by construction and the subsequent erosion issues that go along
       with this activity, they migrate from time to time into waters of lower elevation where there is
       a greater abundance of food. It is those lower elevations which are considered more
       developable that should be protected from high storm water runoff and sedimentation
       enabling the continued production of a large variety of aquatic organisms that support larger
       game fish, like the trout, to continue to maintain balanced numbers.

       Fact Sheet 1A, page 2, middle column, paragraph 1 just above the map of the basin.
       “Priority Area 1 is home to the most sensitive species protected by the HCP, including trout,
       and so has the most restrictive standard.”

       Fact Sheet 1A, page 3, Stream Buffer Section. Suggest the statement “Protection of stream
       buffers wider than 50’ will add protection to developable areas and support excellent water
       quality that trout, darters and other organisms depend upon.

Thank you for your consideration

Warmest regards,

Charlie Breithaupt
      Unicoi OAD Roster 9/20/2009
        Last Name     First Name          Affiliation         Primary Assignment   Secondary
2.       Anderson        Tony              DNR-FM                  Air Rifle
3.        Groves        Dustin        DNR- spouse to be            Air Rifle
4.         King         Tommy                NGTO                  Air Rifle
5.        Payne           Joel             DNR-GM                  Air Rifle
6.       Thomson       John Lee            DNR-FM                  Air Rifle       Leave 2PM
7.        Turner         Mark              DNR-GM                  Air Rifle
8.        Walker        Gordon            TU-Cohutta               Air Rifle
9.        Walker       Victoria           TU-Cohutta               Air Rifle
10.       Wolfe          Henry               NGTO                  Air Rifle
11.       Frazier        Scott             DNR-GM                Air Rifle (VL)
12.       Bureau         Dave       Traditional Bowhunters          Archery
13.        Clark         Jack       Traditional Bowhunters          Archery
14.        Clark         Mike       Traditional Bowhunters          Archery
15.      Edwards        Melvin      Traditional Bowhunters          Archery
16.      Harrison        Blake      Traditional Bowhunters          Archery
17.      Hopwood          Bud       Traditional Bowhunters          Archery
18.      Hopwood        Ginger      Traditional Bow hunters         Archery
19.      Johnson         Todd                UGA                    Archery
20.      Lambert       Brandon               UGA                    Archery
21.       Masson          Dan       Traditional Bowhunters          Archery
22.       Millet         Jack       Traditional Bowhunters          Archery
23.       Pardue         John       Traditional Bowhunters          Archery
24.       Pardue        Rachel      Traditional Bowhunters          Archery
25.        Rice         Dennis      Traditional Bow hunters         Archery
26.       Roberts         Jeff      Traditional Bowhunters          Archery
27.        Smith          Joel      Traditional Bowhunters          Archery
28.        Smith         Tony       Traditional Bowhunters          Archery
29.       Weaver         John       Traditional Bowhunters          Archery
30.       Wright         Frank      Traditional Bowhunters          Archery
31.        Wood           Eric             DNR-GM                Archery (VL)
32.    NEED NAMES                             ATC               Camping Basics
33.    NEED NAMES                             ATC               Camping Basics
34.    NEED NAMES                             ATC               Camping Basics
35.      Carpenter       Lee              DNR- Parks                 Canoe
36.        Gary          Dan                  GFC                    Canoe         AM-fishing
37.        Gary          Zach                GFC                    Canoe          AM-fishing
38.      Masonet        Ryan               NGTO                      Canoe
39.     McCullough      Smith            DNR- Parks                  Canoe
40.      Wesley        Wesley            DNR-Parks                   Canoe
41.       James        Jessica           DNR- Parks               Canoe (VL)
42.       Brown        Richard           TU Cohutta              Fishing Guide
      Unicoi OAD Roster 9/20/2009
43.        Davis         Don            NGTO             Fishing Guide
44.       Hancock       David         TU Cohutta         Fishing Guide
45.       Langley        Brent          NGTO             Fishing Guide
46.        Rackie        Tony         TU Cohutta         Fishing Guide
47.       Rodgers        Clark          NGTO             Fishing Guide
48.        Smith       Johnny                            Fishing Guide
49.       Sullivan       Seth            NGTO            Fishing Guide
50.        Turrill       John       Friends of Unicoi    Fishing Guide
51.       Vaughn          Bill           NGTO            Fishing Guide
52.       Williams       Steve         TU Cohutta        Fishing Guide
53.      Brotherton      Leon           DNR-FM            Fishing Tent
54.       Hendrix         Ted            NGTO             Fishing Tent      Fishing Guide
55.       Jamison        Nick           DNR-FM            Fishing Tent
56.        Miller        Dan             GWFF             Fishing Tent
57.        Olsen          Sue          TU Cohutta         Fishing Tent
58.        Poole       Madison        TU Kanooka          Fishing Tent        Fly Tying
59.        Poole         Mark         TU Kanooka          Fishing Tent        Fly Tying
60.       Prenares        Ted           TU- UCC           Fishing Tent      Fishing Guide
61.        Rabern      Anthony          DNR-FM            Fishing Tent
62.       Weaver       Reggie         DNR-Retiree         Fishing Tent        Air Rifle
63.       Durniak         Jeff          DNR-FM          Fly cast/tie (VL)
64.        Gentry         Ray           TU-Rabun          Fly Casting        Airgun 2PM
65.        Harris       Jimmy       Unicoi Outfitters     Fly Casting       Fishing Guide
66.      Humphrey        Dave         TU-Foothills        Fly Casting
67.        Martin        Mack           TU- UCC           Fly Casting
68.        Meyer       Ricardo          TU- UCC           Fly Casting         Fly Tying
69.        Nelson        Bret            NGTO             Fly Casting       Fishing Guide
70.        Pinion      Michael           NGTO             Fly Casting
71.       Shelton         Jay          TU- Oconee         Fly Casting         Fly Tying
72.      Stalnaker      Duane          TU Cohutta         Fly Casting         Fly Tying
73.      Thompson        Don           TU Cohutta         Fly Casting       Fishing Guide
74.        Trettel     Charlie        TU Kanooka          Fly Casting       Fishing Guide
75.         Vigil        Larry         TU Cohutta         Fly Casting       Fishing Guide
76.      Cheslock        Ron            TU- UCC            Fly Tying        Fishing Guide
77.        Foster         Bob           TU- UCC            Fly Tying        Fishing Guide
78.        Griffin      Kevin            NGTO              Fly Tying
79.       Hudson        Bryan            NGTO              Fly Tying
80.       Hudson       Nathan            NGTO              Fly Tying
81.       Hudson         Steve           NGTO              Fly Tying
82.         Ivey          Tim            NGTO              Fly Tying
83.       Karasek        Mark            NGTO              Fly Tying
84.        Minick        Ron          TU- Cohutta          Fly Tying        Fishing Guide
85.        Moore        Davin         TU Kanooka           Fly Tying
86.        Morris       Chuck            NGTO              Fly Tying
87.       Thomas          Ron       Unicoi Outfitters      Fly Tying
88.       Williams     Landon            NGTO              Fly Tying        Fishing Guide
       Unicoi OAD Roster 9/20/2009
89.        Morgan        Penny       Friends of Unicoi     Friends Table
90.         Potter       Charlie     Friends of Unicoi     Friends Table
91.         Potter       Sandy       Friends of Unicoi     Friends Table
92.        Starling     Georgia      Friends of Unicoi     Friends Table
93.         Gibson        Mike          DNR-Parks             Hayride
94.         Brown         Jerry         DNR-Parks             LUNCH
95.         Cahill       Linda          DNR-Parks             LUNCH
96.       Cranman         Linda         DNR-Parks             LUNCH
97.        Grindle      Margaret        DNR-Parks             LUNCH
98.          Hale         Ellen         DNR-Parks             LUNCH
99.          Hale          Jim          DNR-Parks             LUNCH
100.       Hinkley        Chris         DNR-Parks             LUNCH
101.     Regennitter      Terry         DNR-Parks             LUNCH
102.       Sigmon          Joni         DNR-Parks             LUNCH
103.        Taylor      Bradley         DNR-Parks             LUNCH
104.        Warren      Stephen         DNR-Parks             LUNCH
105.       Graham         Ellen         DNR-Parks         OAD Admin Asst
106.       Hudgins        Scott         DNR-Parks         OAD Admin Asst
107.       Johnson         Jim           DNR-GM           OAD admin asst
108.       Lowrey        Kevin           DNR-GM           OAD admin asst
109.       Shattuck      David           DNR-GM           OAD admin asst
110.       Sullivan      Robert      Creekwood Resort     OAD admin asst         Has RTV
111.     Riddleberger      Ken           DNR-GM          OAD Administrator
112.        Bartlett      Wes           DNR- Parks            Parking
113.      Cheslock        Amy            TU- UCC              Parking          Registration
114.       Gleeson      Deborah          TU- UCC              Parking         Visitor Greeting
115.       Gleeson         Pat           TU- UCC              Parking         Visitor Greeting
116.        Graper       Robbie         DNR- Parks            Parking
117.         Head       Sherman       TU- Gold Rush           Parking          Fishing Guide
118.        Hulsey      Michael         DNR- Parks            Parking
119.        Minick       Diane         TU- Cohutta            Parking          Fishing Tent
120.        Moose       Garland         DNR- Parks            Parking
121.        Whiten       Jimmy          TU- Rabun             Parking          Fishing guide
122.        Lovell       Eunice           GWFF                 Raffle
123.      Williams       Renee          TU Cohutta             Raffle
124.         Avret         Liz       DNR-FM Retiree         Registration
125.       Bennett        Linda           GWFF              Registration          Raffle
126.      Breithaupt     Charlie         TU Rabun           Registration
127.      Breithaupt     Kathy           TU Rabun           Registration
128.       Forrester     JoAnn           DNR-GM             Registration
129.        Foster         Pat           TU- UCC            Registration
130.       Franklin       Shari          DNR-FM             Registration
131.     Martynowski      Jane       DNR- spouse to be      Registration
132.        Miller       Susan            GWFF              Registration
133.      Stalnaker       Julie           GWFF              Registration          Raffle
134.       Piemme         Kim            DNR-GM           Registration (VL)
       Unicoi OAD Roster 9/20/2009
135.     Arrowood        Jason         USFS                  Skeet
136.    Bardenwerper      Scott       DNR-GM                 Skeet
137.      Burnette       Robert        USFS                  Skeet
138.     Chambers         Chad        DNR-LE                 Skeet
139.      Clayton         Dale        DNR-GM                 Skeet
140.       Crump        Mitchell      DNR-LE                 Skeet
141.      Delugach       Stuart        USFS                  Skeet
142.      Dunahoo        Emory         NWTF                  Skeet
143.        Elrod         Stan        DNR-LE                 Skeet
144.      Roberson       Jason        DNR-LE                 Skeet
145.        Sartor       Shane        DNR-LE                 Skeet
146.       Shelton      Pamela        DNR-LE                 Skeet
147.       Tanner        Keith       DNR- Spouse             Skeet
148.        Walls       Brandon       DNR-GM                 Skeet
149.        Webb         David        DNR-LE                 Skeet
150.      Wofford         Don         DNR-GM                 Skeet
151.      Manning        Frank        DNR-GM            Skeet (AVL)
152.        Dyer         Kevin        DNR-LE             Skeet (VL)
153.     Henderson       Derek                          Skeet signup
154.     Newhouse         Deb         TU Cohutta        Skeet signup
155.       Wilder       Caroline                        Skeet signup
156.        Peck         Chris         DNR-FM        Trout stocking, DOT   Riddleberger
                                                             cones           assistant
157.       Turner         Tim          DNR-FM        Trout stocking, DOT   Riddleberger
                                                             cones           assistant
158.      McClure        Olivia        DNR-FM              Wildlife
159.     Need names                                        Wildlife
160.     Need names                                        Wildlife
161.     Need names                   Bird Program         Wildlife
162.       Manis         Terry       Snake Program         Wildlife
163.     Humphrey        Shelia        DNR-GM           Wildlife (VL)
                              Volunteer Instructions
               Eighth Annual Unicoi Outdoor Adventure Day (9/26/09)                          Deleted: 8

This is becoming a tradition! The Wildlife Resources Division (WRD) Game
Management Supervisor Ken Riddleberger, Captain Rick Godfrey, Unicoi Park
Superintendent Scott Hudgins, and I would like to say thanks to all of you who have
again signed up to help us. This event is made possible only due to your outstanding
volunteerism along with donations of cash, prizes, and supplies from Friends of Unicoi
State Park, Bass Pro Shops, Atlanta Fly Fishing School, Trout Unlimited, Jim Johnson
and other sportsmen and women. This event is “rain or shine,” so bring rain gear with
you. In addition to our press releases, we have distributed flyers to school kids and key
retailers in northeast Georgia.

Unicoi Event Goals:
   1. For our visitors to have fun and learn more about outdoor sports from one-on-
       one experiences with experts.
   2. For our volunteers to have a “blast” and want to help us again in the future.

With your help the last several years, we are two for two on these goals. We have
grown from about 600 visitors the first year to 1,600 in 2007, and even hosted 1,400
people last year, when gasoline couldn’t be found in north Georgia! Both our OAD
visitors and our volunteers said they enjoyed themselves and wanted to come back
again. We hope to entertain about 2,000-2,500 visitors this year with our force of about
50 DNR staffers and 120 volunteers!

Below is an effort to inform you of what to expect for the day. Attached are a site map,
the current work roster, and a liability release form. Check your assignments on the
roster and advise me of any changes. Feel free to wear a shirt that identifies your
conservation group or business and to bring some brochures or business cards
(especially current newsletters that show your great activities). Our venues are
interactive (hands-on), but we should have a little room on tables to display some basic
information on your conservation groups. Do not sell any items or services. All DNR
staff members need to be in uniform.

Driving directions: From the town of Helen in White County, go one mile north on
Highway 75 to Robertstown and turn right on Highway 356 (you’ll see a big sign for
Unicoi Park). Go over Unicoi Dam, past lodge entrance and turn right onto paved road
at “trout stream” sign. If you pass a small church and then Unicoi Springs Campground
on your right while on 356, you’ve gone too far.

   1. Your Arrival. Please carpool where possible so we save parking spaces for the
      large turnout of visitors. Park in the upper field near the gravel parking lot. DNR
      staff should park DNR vehicles along the streamside road between the group
      camp and the treatment pond. (Venue leaders should ensure that a DNR truck
      with a radio is parked near your tent, so that you can hear the announcement of
      raffle winners.) All parking is free this year. Walk to the Registration tent and ID
      yourself. If you’re on my approved volunteer roster, we pay for your lunch.
      Visitors and last minute volunteers whose names are not on my roster will have
      to pay for their own lunch. Roster members will be confirmed for your
      assignment, asked to sign a liability release form, given a wristband, a raffle
      ticket, and a meal ticket for a free lunch. See your “primary assignment” on the
     roster, proceed to your venue and check in with your venue leader for further
     instructions. Try to arrive by 9:00 AM (8 AM for Registration Tent workers) so           Deleted: 8:30
     we can get organized before an anticipated rush of visitors at 9:30. Feel free to
     print and sign the attached liability release form ahead of time, and just give us
     the completed form when you arrive to expedite your check-in. If visitor demand
     is higher elsewhere, your venue leader may suggest moving you over to help out
     where needed (see ‘secondary assignment”).
2.   Registration & Raffle tents. These workers will greet visitors and get signed
     liability release forms and pens back from them in exchange for raffle tickets and
     a site map. Detailed instructions will be provided to you on Saturday, as Kim
     trains you. Visitors will put one copy of the raffle ticket into the raffle bucket of
     their choice and keep the other copy. They will be given a wristband to wear as
     proof of signing the release form, so that they can shoot or canoe. The raffle will
     start at 1 PM for free prizes. I have a small, separate work force assigned to the
     raffle tent to answer questions and guard prizes from theft. Volunteers on my
     roster are eligible for prizes, also!
3.   Parking. State Parks staff and their helpers (you) will guide visitor vehicles to
     orderly parking in the big field. Parks staff also has a plan for overflow parking, if
     needed. Parking attendants are also guest “greeters,” so familiarize yourself with
     the layout of the venues, smile, and point families in the right direction.
4.   Archery. Hands-on. One-on-one instruction by WRD and Traditional
     Bowhunters of Georgia. Note that this venue is on far side of Smith Creek, next
     to the laundry building. It can be reached by the road crossing up near the dam
     or by the footbridge over the creek to the group camp. Some of you may be
     asked to provide security and to help with airgun. Just stand at edge of venue
     and prevent visitors from straying into the line of fire. Cooper Creek WMA
     manager Eric Wood is venue leader.
5.   Airgun. Hands on by WRD and other volunteers experienced with firearm
     safety. Same as #4, and located next to it. Wildlife Biologist Scott Frazier is
     venue leader. Again, a few of you may secure the perimeter or help to line up
     guests for the next shooting slot.
6.   Canoe. This venue will be up on lake, in the west corner of the dam along the
     highway, during the afternoon. Paved 16-car parking lot and restrooms. Unicoi
     Park Recreation Director Jessica James is Canoe venue leader and will train you
     upon your morning arrival at the Registration tent. Your canoe venue tasks may
     include greeting guests and lining them up, checking for registration wristbands,
     and putting life jackets on. No canoe expertise is needed for the administrative
     help. We’ll have our canoe experts there. New for this year: we will ask all
     visitors to pre-register at our main tent, below the dam. We will not remote-
     register at the canoe venue and will not run the DNR van shuttle this year.
7.   Skeet. Handled mainly by well trained DNR and USFS Rangers and Game                      Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
     Management Technicians. Site is 500 yards downstream from main event
     (safety, safety). Arriving guests have to walk across a creek bridge and then
     down a trail to this venue. A few of you may simply help at the sign-in tent, keep
     waiting guests away from the shooting area, or “Windex” the safety glasses
     between guests. DNR ranger Kevin Dyer is venue leader, with assistance from
     Chestatee WMA manager Frank Manning.
8.   Fishing tent. This is where visitors can exchange a driver’s license for a loaner
     fishing pole and bait. Biologists, fishing guides, TU’ers, and other fibbers can
     answer questions and give fishing tips. Fisheries Tech (and brook trout expert)
     Leon Brotherton will need at least 5 helpers to stay at the tent to handle loaner
    rod untangling, knot-tying, bait distribution, and rod checkout. This is a busy tent.
    Extra vols can teach casting a spincast outfit. We will have some plastic casting
    plugs to make this easier and safer.
9. Fly casting. Part of the field will be set aside for casting instruction. I suggest
    that volunteers bring a rod that they don’t mind visitors tinkering with (DON’T
    BRING YOUR GOOD SAGE OR WINSTON!!!). I am venue leader for casting
    and tying. If you also tie flies, bring your tying stuff with you, too. There may be
    more demand on occasion for tying instructors than casting instructors, so be
    flexible. Atlanta Fly Fishing School and Unicoi Outfitters will also bring about a
    dozen rods for our use.
10. Fly tying. Bring your supplies and an extra vise if you have one. Let visitors sit
    down at the table and tie their own fly to take home. Variations of the woolly
    worm (W. bugger, anytime/anywhere, etc.) or San Juan worm have worked well
    for me in the past. Kids love a gold bead and a big, gaudy fly. Beads from craft
    store, yarn from Wal Mart. Cheap, easy, and fun for visitor. Many visitors are
    shy, so you may have to speak up and encourage youngsters to come over
    and tie their own fly. If tying is slow, feel free to step up as a casting instructor if
11. Stream fishing guides. Bring your forceps or needle nose pliers to crimp hook
    barbs and unhook fish. Feel free to bring some of your favorite baits (Powerbait
    and salmon eggs work great) to help your reputation as an awesome fishing
    guide. Grab a pocket fishing kit (hooks and shot) and some bait (corn) that
    venue leader Leon Brotherton will supply and go help people fishing on stream.
    Search them out: look at stringers, tackle used, and forlorn faces. Find a kid and
    work with him/her for an hour or so on reading water, casting, setting hook, etc.
    Mentoring! Fishing is NOT restricted to kids only (parent has the driver’s license,
    so they must be hooked, too). We will have about 100 loaner poles available, but
    feel free to bring an extra Zebco outfit if you have one to loan to your “student,”
    since we made 400 loans at our last event. Visitors need to exchange their
    driver’s license for a DNR loaner pole with a designated volunteer at the fishing
    tent. (See item #9). Some of you can help WRD staff stock creek at 9:30 and
    11:30 AM. Get some kids to help too – we’re bringing buckets to get them
12. Wildlife Venue. The experts pretty much run their own shows. Volunteers here
    will mainly help Smithgall Woods Education Specialists Sheila Humphrey with
    logistics needed by the demonstrators (tables, chairs, PR, food and water, etc)
    and with answering guest questions. Tell guests about family-friendly outdoor
    opportunities and sites available after this day’s event.
13. Camping. This demo by the ATC will be at the fire ring between the creek
    bridge and Fishing tent. If the weather’s bad, we’ll move that demo across the
    creek, next to the large lunch tent so that visitors will stay dry.
14. Hayride. Park Manager Scott Hudgins has arranged for a hayride system to
    transport young and old visitors around the perimeter of the big field.
15. Lunch. Is across the creek this year, at the group camp’s picnic shelter. Make
    sure the public knows where it is. Yours is free, if your name’s on my roster.
    Thanks for donating your Saturday!


   •   Work with your venue leader to ensure yourself time off to eat lunch and visit
       other venues. We evaluate visitor demand at each venue and adjust staff
             accordingly during the day. We try to overstaff venues so you can possibly
             work in shifts and go have fun yourselves.
      •      Note location of restrooms/lunch, and other venues so you can respond to
             public questions.
      •      Venue leaders need to bring a large cooler and a small first aid kit. We
             will supply you with bottled water for your volunteers. Water and ice will be at
             registration tent; send someone there for your tent’s water. Bee sting swabs,
             bug repellant, and sunscreen have been popular items in the past with your
             volunteer help.
      •      We’ll try to have a county EMT stationed near the registration tent.
      •      The pond near the skeet venue is the park’s sewage treatment pond. The
             treated sewage is land-applied to the woods above it (first land application in
             the State of Georgia). There is not outflow from the pond to the stream. You
             may get some questions, due to occasional odor.
      •      Bill Couch and the Johns Creek Kiwanis are hosting a Kids Fishing Event at
             Buford Dam on the same morning. Keep this in mind for any friends that
             don’t want to travel all the way north to Unicoi. Info: 770-535-5498.
      •      We traditionally have a lot of late afternoon visitors, after the kids’ morning
             soccer games are done. I need an adequate number of you to stay around
             for the 2-4 p.m. wave of visitors, and a few to help us pick up trash at 4 PM.
             Let’s not miss some great chances to help more kids catch their first fish.
      •      A raffle drawing will be held at 1 PM for free prizes. Based on our past
             experiences, we’ve tried to focus on the kids. Many thanks to our donors,
             Bass Pro Shops and Jim Johnson!!!!
      •       And, oh yeah, remember to HAVE FUN on Saturday!! It is truly a pleasure
             to have all of you as conservation partners.


Jeff Durniak
GA WRD Northeast Region Fisheries Supervisor
770-535-5498 (fax 5953)
                         For Adults & Minors
EVENT: OUTDOOR ADVENTURE DAY      DATE: ______________________________

          I/we understand that there are risks of injury or death or damage to property involved in my or my/our
child’s participation in such an event, that it is my/our responsibility to insure the safety of the equipment used
and to see that it is operated properly, and that the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and its staff,
representatives, agents, and officers assume no responsibility for the condition of such equipment, its operations,
or safety of the activities involved in this event. I/we waive, release, and covenant not to sue upon any claims of
damage against the Department and its officers, staff, representatives and agents, including, but not limited to,
claims for wrongful death, medical expenses, personal injury and damage to property, that may occur as the
result of my or my/our child’s participation in this event.
          Furthermore, I/we agree to pay, indemnify and save the State of Georgia, the North Georgia Mountains
Authority, and the Department and its officers, staff, representatives and agents harmless from and against all
liabilities, damages, costs, expenses, causes of action, suits, demands, judgments, and claims of any nature
whatsoever, including, but not limited to, any liability the Department may incur because of the Department’s
negligent conduct, arising from, by reason of, or in connection with my or my/our child’s participation in this
          I/we further understand that such an event requires all participants to be in good health and without
physical limitations and I/we certify that I am and that my/our child is in good health and has no physical


1._______________________________,                     SIGNATURE_____________________________
2._______________________________,                     SIGNATURE_____________________________
3._______________________________,                     SIGNATURE_____________________________
4._______________________________,                     SIGNATURE_____________________________
5._______________________________,                     SIGNATURE_____________________________

1._________________________________  4.__________________________________
2._________________________________  5.__________________________________
3._________________________________  6.__________________________________

PARENT’S NAME_______________________________________ PHONE______________
STREET ADDRESS____________________________________________________________
CITY______________________________ STATE______________ ZIP CODE___________

                           FOR MINORS (UNDER 18):
MOTHER SIGNATURE___________________________________DATE________________
(or) FATHER SIGNATURE________________________________DATE________________
(or) LEGAL GUARDIAN__________________________________DATE________________
I/we also give permission for Unicoi State Lodge Park and the Wildlife Resources Division to take my photograph to be
used in future publications.

I/we have read this entire form, including the statement of good health, acceptance of risk and waiver, release and
indemnification provisions. All information I/we have given is accurate and correct.
                          For Adults & Minors
EVENT: OUTDOOR ADVENTURE DAY       DATE: _______________________________


 1._________________________________                          26.__________________________________
 2._________________________________                          27.__________________________________
 3._________________________________                          28.__________________________________
 4._________________________________                          29.__________________________________
 5._________________________________                          30.__________________________________
 6._________________________________                          31.__________________________________
 7. _________________________________                         32.__________________________________
 8._________________________________                          33.__________________________________
 9._________________________________                          34.__________________________________
10._________________________________                          35.__________________________________
11._________________________________                          36.__________________________________
12._________________________________                          37.__________________________________
13._________________________________                          38.__________________________________
14._________________________________                          39.__________________________________
15._________________________________                          40.__________________________________
16._________________________________                          41.__________________________________
17._________________________________                          42.__________________________________
18._________________________________                          43.__________________________________
19. _________________________________                         44.__________________________________
20._________________________________                          45.__________________________________
21._________________________________                          46.__________________________________
22._________________________________                          47.__________________________________
23._________________________________                          48.__________________________________
24._________________________________                          49.__________________________________
25._________________________________                          50.__________________________________

                           FOR MINORS (UNDER 18):
MOTHER SIGNATURE___________________________________DATE________________
(or) FATHER SIGNATURE________________________________DATE________________
(or) LEGAL GUARDIAN__________________________________DATE________________
I/we also give permission for Unicoi State Lodge Park and the Wildlife Resources Division to take my photograph to be
used in future publications.

I/we have read this entire form, including the statement of good health, acceptance of risk and waiver, release and
indemnification provisions. All information I/we have given is accurate and correct.

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