Star Blossom by cuiliqing


									                                                           Star Blossom
                                                           by Laura Blanchard, Plum Tree Quilts
                          featuring Cardinal’s Season by Wing and a Prayer Design
Photo: D. James

                                                                                                                  54" in diameter

                                     Use it on a table, as a wall hanging or as a tree skirt. Simplified piecing. No Y seams.
                                                        Pattern available from
                            Fabrics: 3 yards JT–C6995 Black (2 octagonal borders and center star), 2/3 yard JT–C5841 Cherry,
                  3/4 yard Fleur–C4794 Beige (outer neutral), 1/2 yard Perch–C7134 Ivory (inner neutral), 31⁄2 yards JT–C6994 Black (back),
                                                              3/4 yard JT–C5841 Green (binding)
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