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					     3rd Annual Event
   China Trade & Export
   Finance Forum 2006
                        June 19-20, 2006
                             The Westin
                         Shanghai, China

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       3rd Annual Event

      China Trade & Export
      Finance Forum 2006
Day One - Monday, June 19                                      Financial Environment
09.00 Registration                                             14.00 Transforming Asia’s trade finance landscape
                                                                     Astar Saleh, Asia Pacific Head of Structured and
09.45 Chairman's opening remarks                                     Network Trade, JPMorgan
      Astar Saleh, Asia Pacific Head of Structured and               • Trade financing trends: opportunities and challenges
      Network Trade, JPMorgan                                        • Growing intra-Asia trade dependencies:
                                                                       The China-India factor
Economic Outlook                                                     • Understanding various risk mitigation tools and
                                                                       financing options available within the global
09.55 Global and Asian trade trends                                    financial markets
      Carl Walter, Managing Director and Chief Operating             • Case studies: customising trade finance terms and
      Officer, JPMorgan                                                solutions

10.30 China’s economy: turning down the heat
      James McCormack, Senior Director, Head of Asia
                                                               Insurance Solutions
      Sovereign Ratings, Fitch Ratings
                                                               14.30 Working with banks to develop trade finance in China
      • Short-term growth prospects
                                                                     Ma Wanjin, Director, Business Development
      • Medium-term structural growth drivers
                                                                     Department, Sinosure
      • The state of the banking system
      • How important is the export sector?                    15.00 Political risk and structured trade credit in Asia
      • Has a ‘hard landing’ been avoided?                           Julian Edwards, Head of Product Line,
      • Issues surrounding US/EU relations                           Political Risk and Credit, and
                                                                     Steve Capon, Head of Country and Credit Risk
11.00 Networking break                                               Management, Ace Global Markets
                                                                     • Examples of product application
Legal Issues                                                         • Underwriting trends
                                                                     • Ace in Asia
11.30 Legal risks for traders and bankers trading in China           • Future product developments
      Robert Parson, Partner, Trade Finance Team, Clyde & Co         • South-south flows
      • Control over goods: how to get it and keep it                • What next for China and Asia?
      • Contracting and payment techniques to avoid trouble
      • Distribution business: the legal path ahead            15.40 Networking break
      • Key recent issues in China trade
                                                               16.10 Solutions for the order-to-cash cycle
12.00 Chinese exporters: doing business in the EU; the               Uday Gobind Mahtani, Managing Director, Smyth Asia
      regulatory dimension                                           • What are the risks in the order-to-cash cycle?
      Philippe Ruttley, Partner, Competition and Regulatory          • Solutions for risks within each stage of the cycle:
      Team, Clyde & Co                                                 - Pre-shipment
      • Market behaviour: staying on the right side of the             - Post-shipment and pre-payment
        competition rules                                              - Collections of normal and problem accounts
      • Mergers and takeovers: the ground rules                          receivable
      • Antidumping and unfair trade measures                        • Tailored solutions for unauthorised customer deductions
      • Enforcing rights in EC courts and arbitrations                 and deteriorating credit quality of customers
                                                                     • Case studies and examples for each stage of the order-
12.30 Lunch
                                                                       to-cash cycle
16.50 A broker's view of trade credit and political risk for                 Local Financing
      China and Asia
      Jeremy Hampshire, Managing Director, Trade Line                        11.50 Local Rmb financing of trade in China
      • Broker's role and risk management                                          Chen Wenyi, Head of Trade Finance, Bank of China
      • How trade credit supports trade finance: what bank structures
      • How political risk insurance supports trade finance: what            Financial Solutions
        bank structures                                                      12.20 Trade outsourcing and the supply chain
      • Examples and claims                                                        Tommy Chan, Vice-President, Head, Asia Trade
                                                                                   Services Product Management, and
17.30 Chairman's closing remarks followed by evening                               Zeno Chow, Vice-President, Head of Asia Corporate
      reception                                                                    Trade Sales, JPMorgan Treasury Services, Asia
                                                                                   • US global supply chain behaviour and trends
Day Two - Tuesday, June 20                                                         • Challenges to Asia vendors
                                                                                   • Risk mitigation solutions
China's External Relations                                                         • Enabling vendors to focus on their core business
09.10 China and Brazil: increasing trade relations between
                                                                             12.50 Lunch
      complementary economies
      Daniel Covre, Representative, Banco Itau BBA
                                                                             14.00 Forfaiting: an alternative financial tool
      Shanghai Representative Office
                                                                                   Holger Kebernik, Managing Director,
      • Brazil’s economic outlook and financial system                             China Trade Solutions
      • Foreign direct investment in Brazil                                        • What is forfaiting and how to use it
      • China and Brazil trade flow: strengthening the partnership                 • Why is forfaiting needed in China?
      • Brazilian exports to China: diversifying the portfolio                     • Export insurance: complementary or competition for
      • China exports to Brazil: fast growth                                         forfaiting?
                                                                                   • Case study
Corporate Views
                                                                             14.30 The inevitable progression to corporate centric
09.50 The emerging dominance of China on the world                                 multi-banking
      market for scrap metal                                                       Claire Buchanan, Senior Vice-President, Global Field
      Stephen Hartwell Greer, Chief Executive, Smorgon                             Operations, Bolero
      Hartwell Recycling                                                           • Why is this happening?
      • What are the flows?                                                        • Who benefits?
      • What does this tell us about the industrial changes in the world?          • Why a large commodity multi-national did this in the LC world
      • What new and related trade flows can we expect in the future?              • Changing the rules in Open Account - the benefit to the
      • How is this trade financed and managed?                                      Asian Exporter
10.20 Networking break
                                                                             Advisory View
10.50 Using Chinese authorities-backed financing for the                     15.00 An inside view: one advisory house's China experience
      telecom sector                                                               David Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer,
      Pascal Serre, Trade & Project Finance                                        Trade Finance Corporation Limited
      Director, Alcatel Asia Pacific
                                                                                   • General observations of the Chinese trade market
      • Structures in place, roles of the different agencies
                                                                                   • Barriers to trade
      • How can it be improved?
                                                                                   • Legal and regulatory environment
      • Evaluating different financing tools available for Chinese exports
                                                                                   • Who to trust and who not to
11.20 Equipment and technology import to China                                     • Outlook and potential
      in the 21st century
                                                                             15.30 Chairman's concluding comments and close of
      Liu De Bing, Vice-President, China National Technical
                                                                                   conference, followed by networking break
      Import & Export Corporation
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China Trade & Export Finance Forum 2006
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