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					                             Place to Fall

Do you know the meaning of a safe place to fall? Parents are to give their children that
place where no matter what they do or the mistakes they make, we love them
unconditionally and give them “A SAFE PLACE TO FALL” Growing up I was taught that
the Lord also gave us a safe place to fall. He washed away our sins and had an unfailing
love, no matter what mistakes we made on our path we could turn toward him. He teaches
us how to be a better parent and a better person and what it means to have unfailing love.
“Psalm 13:5” NIV This all leads up to a news broadcast I just happened to hear on the
television the other day. I was watching my morning news show when they had a young
man, a father of 2 boys and husband to a beautiful wife explain his plight of a near disaster
the day before. This young man had decided to fulfill a life long dream and parachute out of
a plane. He was trained beforehand and taught all the necessary items needed for a
successful jump. It was a jump that was tethered to the aircraft and the tether yanked the
rip cord that released his parachute and got him safely to earth. He said he was very excited
about this jump and felt very prepared to take it, but what that jump did for him that day
was more than he had ever bargained for. He not only experienced the free falling to earth
but had also taken a leap of faith and was given a sign from our Maker. As he jumped out
of the plane that Sunday in August, he realized that something was terribly wrong. He was
spinning out of control and having trouble figuring out his position in the sky. He struggled
to try and figure out which hand was left and which hand was right, and he couldn’t tell his
altitude. He was taught that if he pulled his backup parachute after 2000 feet it was sure
death. Disoriented from the fall he made no attempt to try and pull his parachute. What he
did do, was something we as Christians should always do when faced with extraordinary
circumstances, he started to pray. He said a prayer similar to this: I believe in you Lord, I
trust in you and if there is any way for you to save me from this fall and allow me to see my
family again, I would be truly blessed. He said at that very moment of prayer, he felt what
he couldn’t explain, a warm hug that wrapped around him and he knew that whatever
happened in his fall would be okay. Miraculously, the Lord answered his prayers and
somehow he fell into a soft spot of the earth, where the ground was cushioned, literally, a
SAFE PLACE TO FALL. Surviving a fall like that was miracle in itself but the young man
had only suffered a broken leg and a fractured jaw. The power of prayer and its wonders is
a true testimonial for this young father to share with his family and the world. I can only
hope that my belief in the Almighty and what he can do for me is as strong as this young
man’s faith. I know that I can always call upon the Lord when my life is spinning out of
control and he will give me A SAFE PLACE TO FALL. What a comfort.