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					                                     NEWSLETTER APRIL 2011

E     ducation
      I am sure our local students will not need
reminding but we are rapidly approaching the
                                                      P   ort Liaison Committee
                                                          The Committee had one of their regular
                                                      meetings with Peel Ports recently and we give
2011 examinations. These will be held between         below a brief review of the points discussed.
the 11th and 21st April. We will be in contact with
all students before then to advise them of the        Lock Refurbishment
venue.                                                Langton - Now looking to replace the middle
                                                      caisson rather than refurbish - date for this to be
The Branch has invited the local students to a free   announced
evening on 31st March 2011 at 1800 hrs in the
offices of Bibby Line Ltd, Duke Street, Liverpool.    Gladstone- refitting of the gate with expected
The theme will be on exam technique and tips          closure of 5 - 7 days has gone back to possibly
rather than revision so they might learn some         June. New types of fenders are being looked at to
ideas on the way to answer the examination            protect the approach wall to cope with differing
questions. Unfortunately we are unable to give        types of ships.
you the actual answers!!! We have managed to
obtain the services of Miss Rita Barnish FICS         General Port refurbishment
who is a professional lecturer for the Institute.     Work on the Container river terminal by
                                                      Gladstone lock will be started this year and expect
I am sure you will all join me in wishing all our     to be in commission by 2014
students the best of luck in their endeavours..

B    ranch Annual Dinner
     The Annual Dinner is fast approaching and
tickets are on sale from the Branch Secretary
                                                      The intensive in dock programme is at best
                                                      holding its own but is an improvement as it is
                                                      producing a more level bed rather than the
whose contact details you will find at the end of     previous system which left isolated humps - the
this Newsletter.                                      sophisticated sounding equipment gives a more
                                                      comprehensive picture of the dock bed. More
It will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Princes    dredging will be carried out
Dock, Liverpool on Friday 15th April 2011.
                                                      Eastham channel is subject to natural changes
Tables for 10 persons are priced at £575.00 per       which dredging does not appear to be able to
table. There will be places available for anyone      counter - this is nothing new.
who wishes to attend on their own or as a small
party and are unable to fill a table of 10 persons.   Pilotage
                                                      Mechanical problems are still causing operation
                                                      problems but there are now 2 launches back on
                                                      station at Almwch - the jetty at Point Lynas is
being discounted as there is no weather advantage          missing docking times- this is regretted but we
- Northerly winds close both locations down.               were informed that the ferries are run on very

The new launch being built in Cork is expected to          tight schedules and given the problems with Irish
be delivered in April it will have a service speed         traffic levels is even more competitive. It will be
of 18 knots up to 24 knots. It will have a                 seen that some Irish ferry services have been
z-drive system which will hopefully reduce the             withdrawn from 12 Quays, Birkenhead and
current problems with gearboxes                            Heysham so whether some in dock services can
                                                           be moved should perhaps be looked at?
A new pilot has just been recruited bringing the
total up to 47                                             When the new river container terminal is
                                                           operational it may increase feeder traffic - which
A.O.B.                                                     could put even more pressure on Gladstone?
1) We were informed that the current
"automated" telephone system will hopefully be             4) We discussed the prospects of increased wind
improved shortly? Sometimes even the operators             farms in the Irish Sea and the adverse effects they
do not know if it is malfunctioning - only when            have upon ships radar systems - giving false
calls drop do they know if there is a problem              echoes. We would be interested to hear if ships
                                                           report this to Agents as the radar can be adjusted
 2) A recent oil spillage, resulting from a stern          to counter the effect. There is a meeting scheduled
approach into Gladstone puncturing an oil service          this month of the Burbo working group
tank, brought into action, "for real", the oil
spillage recovery team - it is really only in real         Our next Port Liaison Committee meeting is
situations that lessons can be learnt from the             scheduled for the 4th May 2011
theory - Peel would like to thank all their Port
users for their good co-operation and forbearance.
                                                           H     M Coastguard
                                                                 You will have read in the papers and seen on
                                                           local television that the Maritime and Coastguard
                                                           Agency are doing a consultation which could see
                                                           10 stations axed around the UK and the remaining
                                                           ones being re-arranged into 3 national stations that
                                                           will work 24 hours and 5 sub-stations that will
                                                           operate during daylight hours only.

                                                           The concern locally is that the Crosby station is
                                                           not mentioned in the list of stations that are being
Branch Committee members at their meeting in the offices   proposed to remain. This would mean that any
of Peel Ports                                              local emergency might have to be managed by
                                                           somebody as far away as Aberdeen.
3) There are still some congestion situations with
ferries at Gladstone lock resulting in bulk carriers
                                                       intended to prohibit reasonable and proportionate
The Branch has made representation to the              hospitality and promotional or other similar
Maritime and Coastguard Agency in favour of            business expenditure intended for these purposes
retaining the station at Crosby.                       – please pass that G&T over!)
Rumours this week are that the Coalition
Government is ready to re-consider the plans after
the Department for Trade extended the
consultation period after being overwhelmed with
                                                       L    ocal Company News
                                                            Leading Liverpool shipping line Atlantic
                                                       Container Line is considering placing an order
responses.                                             this year for the building of 5 of its next
                                                       generation of super container and RO-RO ships.

B    ribery Act 2010
     This Act received royal assent on 8th April
2010 and was due to come into force in April
                                                       Maersk Line which has its UK headquarters in
                                                       Liverpool has ordered 10 vessels each with a
2011 however, according to press reports, the          capacity of 18,000TEU. They also have an option
introduction of the Act has now been delayed by        for a further 20 of these vessels.
the UK Justice Secretary.
                                                       CSAV Group Agencies which has its UK Head
The Act will make it an offence to offer a             Office in Liverpool has recently opened an Irish
financial or other incentive to another person or      Branch office and has therefore been renamed
party and UK businesses are concerned that this        CSAV UK & Ireland Ltd.
would affect how they do business especially the
area of corporate hospitality. Will it be an offence   Contact us
under the Act to take your Customer for lunch or       If you have any items that you wish to be
to a football match etc?                               considered for publication in the next issue please
                                                       send them to the Editor - Roy Cooke FICS, 9
The Ministry of Justice were due to publish            Kinloss Road, Greasby, Wirral, CH49 3PS or
guidelines which are expected to clarify what          email to
steps a commercial organisation had to take to
put in place adequate procedures to prevent and
detect bribery offences committed by associated
persons. These guidelines were meant to be
published by the end of January. As this has not
been done, the Justice Secretary, apparently, has
postponed entry into force of the Act until three
months after any guidance is published.

As we went to print it is understood that the
guidelines have been published and all Companies
are urged to seek legal guidance on what they can
and cannot do. (We believe the guidelines provide
reassurance that companies that offer or accept
corporate hospitality stating that the Act is not

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