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Flint Michigan Holistic Dentistry Insights Holistic dentistry is grounded on the fact that a
body is one unit, and how you treat one part of that unit has an effect on other parts.
Holistic dentistry is grounded on the same premise that whatever affects the mouth also
affects the body, and vice versa. If infections in the mouth affect the other parts of the
body, then dental issues could be viewed as causes of more problems also. Often called
Natural or Biological Dentistry, this method uses natural oral treatments instead of to the
more mainstream possibly harmful approach. These treatments use methods, materials
and techniques that do not add to to the toxic content of the body. Before Holistic
Dentistry treatment is started, a thorough assessment of the patient will be made. This
allows the doctor to consider the best possible treatment choices, and decide the treatment
which will have the least harmful effect on the rest of the body. Bad oral health could
affect the health of the whole body. People that have missing or uncomfortable teeth
often make alternative food choices than those with comfortable, working well teeth.
They like to eat softer foods that are easier to chew, and are lower in fiber and roughage.
Holistic dentists use this premise to consider the effect of dental health in more detail. For
example, they may talk about nutrition as it affects oral health and include other
therapies, like homeopathy, into their practice. This is to treat the gums without surgery,
use antibiotics only if necessary (as they can harm the body), eschew root canals because
of concerns of infection, attempt to use biocompatible dental restoration materials.
Mercury is very destructive to the human body, and it does not dissolve. It is not
biodegradable in landfills. But most of us have it in our mouths, exposed to heat, cold,
sweet and acidic foods and saliva. We chew on it each day. Most holistic dentists might
say that mercury is going to get into other parts of the body, because of its location and
the function of the mouth. They can point out countries which have blocked mercurys use
in the mouth, and studies which reveal the damage it could do. The benefits of holistic
dentistry are said to be the result of its inclusion of hypnosis, homeopathy, aromatherapy,
nutrition, and herbology. To learn more about Dr. Ewing's Flint Michigan Holistic
Dentistry, go to:

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