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									                           About Facebook
Facebook was created as an online version of the "facebooks" of American universities.
The "facebooks" are publications that universities at the beginning of the academic year,
which contain pictures and names of all students and are intended to help students to
know each other. Facebook takes this idea to the Internet , first for American students and
opened their doors to anyone who has an email account. Facebook was founded in 2004
as a hobby by Mark Zuckerberg, at that time Harvard student, and as a service to students
at his university. In its first month of operation Facebook had the subscription for more
than half of Harvard students and then spread to universities MIT, Boston University and
Boston College and most U.S. institutions presitigiosas. A year later, Facebook had more
than one million users, an office in Palo Alto, California and had received financial
support from Peter Thiel first (co-founder of Pay-Pal and angel investor) (500 000 U $ D)
and after the Accel Partners ($ 12.7 million). That same year he joined, students over 25
000 secondary schools and two thousand universities in the U.S. and abroad, making a
total of 11 million users. In 2006, Facebook introjudo foreign universities and developing
more new services in its platform, such as Facebook Notes (a blogging tool with tagging,
images and other utilities) or import blogging services such as Xanga, LiveJournal or
Blogger, and by 2007 Facebook Marketplace, which competes with Craigslist. Also
implemented trade agreements with iTunesand received an additional capital investment
of 25 million dollars from Peter Thiel, Greylock Partners and Meritech Capital Partners.
In March 2006, BusinessWeek reported that a potential acquisition of the site was under
negotiation. Facebook declined an offer of $ 750 million. In 2006, Facebook was "made
public" allowing not only students of certain American universities or colleges
participating in it, but all the people who have email can be part of your community.
Facebook then became a community of communities, it will connect students, companies
and people who may choose to participate in one or more networks. It is a community
created by and based on its members. In July 2007, Facebook announced its first
acquisition, Parekey, Inc. Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt. In August the same year, he
dedicated the cover ofNewsweek magazine, in addition to integration with YouTube . In
late October 2007 the network of networks sold a portion, 1.6%, toMicrosoft in exchange
for $ 240 million, on condition that Facebook is becoming a business model for brands
where they offer their products and services. As the announcement of Google+ facebook
has its largest rival in front of him.Know more about facebook tricks and hack facebook

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