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                                            Parmetheus_ Series Super-LED_ Lighting
                                            ■ Direct replacement for outdated PAR-36 Halogen and HID lamps.
                                            ■ First FAA Approved PAR-36 Super-LED for Aviation applications.
                                            ■ Stable light output for thousands of trouble-free operating hours.
                                            ■ Available in Landing and Taxi versions.
                                            ■ Convenient “Drop-In” design for ease of installation:
                                            • Power wiring attaches to brass screw terminals.
                                            • Weight is virtually identical to previous PAR-36 lamps.
                                            • Assembly design includes clocking notch.
                                            ■ Polycarbonate, replaceable, hard-coated outer lens.
                                            ■ Metal, heat dissipating coated housing.
                                            ■ Whelen TIR™ (Total Internal Reflector) technology, combining
Fleet owners, how much are you              spot and flood optical combination, resulting in superior
spending annually on down time,              intensity and effectiveness.
                                            ■ Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.
 and labor costs for landing light          ■ Three year warranty.
           replacements?                    LED lighting is the ideal technology for aviation applications.
  Install an LED light, and make            Whelen LED lights are time and field-tested
                                            for reliability and long-life performance under the tough
  frequent changing of landing              conditions required by Fire, Emergency, DOT and
    lights a thing of the past.             Law Enforcement professionals around the world. Parmetheus
                                            PAR-36 Super-LED lights are a drop-in
                                            replacement for outdated Halogen or HID lamps. Lightweight,
                                            low-current and moisture resistant, they
                                            provide stable light output for thousands of operating hours.

                           Kanad 406 AF-Compact ELT
                           This new generation of ELT offers all the latest improvements of the
                           COSPAS-SARSAT system with the 406 MHz frequency at a very
                           competitive price for full package
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                                                          GPS and ELTs

                                        Garmin Aera 510
                                        Stepping up in capability, the
                                        aera 510 adds support for                     MRSP $2895.00 usd
       Garmin Aera 500                  NEXRAD imaging and other great                                                   Garmin 696
MRSP $875.00 USD                        XM WX™ satellite weather
                                                                                      $2496.98* Cdn                      Featuring a large
                                        capabilities. It also comes with
$722.50 Cdn *                           detailed terrain mapping,
                                                                                                                         screen, detailed
                                                                                                                         electronic charts and
Plus; a $20.00 gift certificate to be
                                        Garmin’s patented Panel page,
                                                                                      GPSMAP 695 is
used on your next purchase                                                                                               real-time weather,
                                                                                      Garmin’s ultimate portable
There are four aera models in the       preloaded street maps and                                                        the 696 is your own
                                                                                      MFD . Similar to the 696,
Garmin lineup, offering a full range    touchscreen control.                                                             personal avionics
                                                                                      minus XM compatibility
of cost/capability choices. The first                                                                                    system.
and most affordable unit in the
series is the aera 500. Featuring a
crisp 4.3-inch QVGA wide-format
touchscreen and pre-loaded
graphical mapping, this versatile,
feature-rich unit comes ready for
takeoff, right out of the box.

                                                                                                      GNS 430W is an all-in-one
                                                                                                      GPS/Nav/Comm solution. It features a
                                                                                                      WAAS-certified GPS, 2280-channel
    GMA 347 audio panel
                                                                                                      capacity comm and 200-channel ILS/VOR
                                                                                                      with localizer and glideslope

                                                    Garmin G3X System
                                        It’s time to rethink what’s possible in your
     Garmin 327 Transponder
                                        panel. Now, with Garmin’s G3X system,
                                        pilots of experimental/kitbuilt and light
                                        sport aircraft are finding they can                           GTS™ 850
                                        comfortably afford to fly with the very latest
                                        in electronic “glass cockpit” capabilities.                   Satisfies all TCAS I collision
                                        Adapting proven technology from Garmin’s                      avoidance criteria for higher-
                                        top-of-the-line integrated flight deck                        capability turboprops and jets.
Garmin GTS 800. Affordable 40-          systems, the G3X offers a full range of                       Garmin CLEAR CAS™ enables both
watt TAS traffic alerting system,       upgrade solutions to fit your panel, priorities               active and passive surveillance with
suited to most light helicopters and    and budget.                                                   1090 MHz ADS-B “In” capability.
piston aircraft. Features Garmin’s
exclusive CLEAR CAS™ technology
with up to 12 miles of active
                                                                                                      TAS 1000 Multi-Function
surveillance and ADS-B “In”                                                                           Data Source with aviations
capability.                                                                                           first winds aloft display.

                                                           *While quantities last
                           2011Battery Sale
         Teledyne Gill Batteries                                   Concord Batteries

                                               Recombinant Gas - The RG® Series are low resistance,
Sale prices while quantities last              valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries.
G25       $140.00                               Superior starting power
G25S      $166.95 Sealed *                      Reliable essential power in the event of a generator failure
G35D      $167.80                               Low impedance design
G35M-D $201.35                                  Battery is constructed with non removable vent valves
G35S      $196.80 Sealed *                      No addition of electrolyte or water ever required for this
G242D $312.20                                  maintenance free aircraft battery.
G243D $336.00                                   Aerobatic Batteries: This is a non spillable battery at any
G246D $368.20                                  altitude or attitude
G247D $378.50                                   Factory tested to assure airworthiness
Acid is extra @ $6.14/Qt                        Shipped fully charged and ready to install
*Sealed Batteries require no acid               AGM Battery: Manufactured with absorbed glass mat
           Bogart Products                      RG® Series batteries ship non-HAZMAT
Replacement Battery Boxes, Low loss cables
                                               Sale prices while quantities last

                                               RG25XC            $231.00 extra cranking power
                                               RG35AXC           $285.20 extra cranking power
                                               RG24-11           $425.80
                                               RG24-11M          $425.80
                                               RG24-15 (HD)      $473.00
                                               RG24-20            $564.90
                                               RG380E/44         $2160.00

                    Oils and Lubricants sold individually or more economically by the case

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                                      Skytec Starter Sale

              Lycoming starters              Continental starters           Rotax starters

                                   Sale prices while quantities last

                               o   122-12HT         Regular $618.96, Sale $433.27
                               o   122-12LS         Regular $601.13 Sale $420.79
                               o   149-12LS         Regular $601.13 Sale $420.79
                               o   149-24HT         Regular $594.21 Sale $415.95
                               o   149-24PM         Regular $691.96 Sale $484.37
                               o   C12ST2/S         Regular $708.35 Sale $495.85
                               o   ST12RX           Regular $379.50 Sale $265.65
                                   Skytec fit guide: http://www.skytecair.com/Fit_Guide.htm

                           122NL 12/24 volt                $ 485.00
                           149NL 12/24 volt                $ 485.00
                           149NLec  24 volt                $ 555.00

     C12ST3    $ 520.00       fits most Continental      O300-D through O-470
     C12ST5    $ 545.00       fits most Continental      IO-520 through TSIO-550
     C24ST3    $ 565.00       fits most Continental      O300-D through O-470
     C24ST5    $ 605.00       fits most Continental      IO-520 through TSIO-550
                                       Plane Power Alternators
ER14-50 STC Approval expanded to include Cessna 150G through A150M
Plane Power, Ltd. has received approval on a revision adding Cessna models 150G through A150M to STC
SA10921SC ER14-50 Kit.
The full line of Plane-Power alternators not only give you unprecedented choice, but also provide a vastly
improved product.
Years of research & development have gone into making Plane-Power alternators:
Generate substantially higher power at lower engine RPM,
Generate significantly less heat while generating rated power,
Generate rated power at typical aircraft cruise RPM
(believe it or not, your current alternator does not!)
Generate more power at higher altitudes (all testing to 28,000 ft)
Weigh up to four pounds less , and
Perform much more reliably than comparable OEM models
        These regulators can be used on a wide variety of aircraft, eliminating the need to stock multiple parts for your
fleet. PMA certified solid-state Voltage Regulators with over-voltage protection, field short (over current) protection,
reverse battery protection, precision load sharing and support either 14 or 28 volt applications with the simple change
of two jumpers. The Plane Power R1224B Voltage Regulator also supports precision load sharing for twin applications,
and an alternator inoperative lamp.

         The Plane Power R1224 Voltage Regulator is a solid-state voltage regulator that replaces Ford, Electrodelta,
Prestolite, Interav, Wico, FVR, and more.
         The Plane Power R1224B Voltage Regulator is a solid-state voltage regulator that replaces voltage regulators on
twin Cessna’s, Beechcraft, Vulcanair, and others.
* For twin engine applications, both regulators must be replaced.
* Application Guidehttp:/www.aviationsupplies.tzo.com/cox/news%20&%20specials.htm

                                    McFarlane Aviation Products
                             Manufacturer of Quality Aircraft Parts at Realistic Prices

McFarlane Aviation offers FAA/PMA approved throttle, propeller, and mixture controls for most single engine
Cessna and Piper aircraft.   Service kits now available for all Piper aircraft affected by
Piper Yoke AD2010-15-10
 We stock a wide variety of hand and shop tools

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                                                                           Product Code

                                                                           Price $
Product Code 23062
Special Price $ 19.87
Contents Include: 4 Mini - Pliers - Long
Nose, Diagonal Cutting, Bent Long Nose,
Combination                                    Contents Include:
                                               4 Mini Long Reach Pliers - Long Nose,
                                               Diagonal Cutting, Bent Nose, XL Nose
                   Product Code
                   MTT8674                                               Product Code
                   Special Price                                         23054
                   $ 13.44                                               Special Price
                                                                         $ 63.06
                   Features: • Loaded
                    with the most
                    versatile features, this
                    multi tool is ready for    Contents Include:
                    work.                      Groove Joint Pliers, Linesman Pliers,
• Complete with a holder with a loop to fit    Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutting Pliers, Long
any belt.                                      Nose Pliers
• Tools include scissors, ruler, cork screw,
needle nose pliers.
                           Product Code
                           $ 54.80
                            Include:           Product Code 100P-5MD
3 slotted, 3 Phillips and 2 Electrician        Special Price $ 31.20
Screwdrivers.                                  Contents Include: 3 slotted and 3 Phillips
Comfort grip handle with thumb stop            screwdrivers. Comfort grip handle with
allow for added turning power without          thumb stop allow for added turning power
discomfort or slippage.                        without discomfort or slippage.
                                                 Cleaning Products
Before winter sets in, most of us will be cleaning up our planes, removing the bugs, and dirt from the paint, and cleaning
up the Plexiglas. Now may also be an opportune time to change the air filter, clean the spark plugs, and examine the
tires for any wear or cracking in the rubber, while we are removing the wheel pants. I ran across 2 good references on
tires at the following links: http://www.desser.com/tiretube.shtml

Meguiars clear plastic cleaner 17                                                           SUPERCOAT PAYS FOR ITSELF
Clear Plastic Cleaner removes                                                                 WITH RESULTS
                                         Meguiars Mirror Glaze 10
fine hairline scratches from all                                              Large 32 oz bottle, Regular price $61.82
                                                                              Sale price $48.95
types of clear plastic. Unique,       Clear Plastic Polish safely             Buy 6 or more for 43.95 ea
non-abrasive formula prepares         restores optic clarity to all clear     Buy 12 or more for 42.50 ea
the surface for Mirror Glaze®
                                      plastics. Provides a static-free            SUPERCOAT AIRCRAFT SURFACE
Clear Plastic Polish. Perfect
                                      coating that repels dust. Safe and      TREATMENT provides the following advantages:
cleaner for computer screens,                                                   - Very easy to apply - Cleans all aircraft surfaces
convertible windows, helmet           effective on both acrylic and              and finishes - Removes and inhibits oxidation -
visors, motorcycle                    polycarbonate surfaces. Ideal for       Glazes, seals and protects all aircraft surfaces and
windscreens, displays and             boats, RV's, cars, motorcycles           finishes - Provides a durable, hard, glass-smooth
                                                                                  coating - Reduces drag and fuel consumption
instrument panels.                    and aircraft                             Reduces risk of icing - Restores aircraft finishes -
Micro-Mesh KR-70 Restoration Kit                                               5% or more increase in True Air Speed - Removes
                                                                                 and resists insect accumulations and prevents
                                                                                 damage to finish - Unaffected by temperature,
                                                                               weather or sunlight - Protects against oxidation,
                                                                                 stains, soils, fuels, oils, salt and dirt - Far more
                                                                                 durable than conventional methods of aircraft
                                                                                   exterior maintenance e - Reduces cost of
                                                                               maintenance and slows depreciation - Saves
                                                                                     labour and money - It is safe and Bio-
                                     Use this kit by hand to restore up to
                                                                                degradable - Makes any aircraft look newer
30 square feet of acrylic. NSN#5350 01 290 4002. A favourite window           and more beautiful - The use of SUPERCOAT
restores kit with military customers. This versatile kit will remove light          for aircraft maintenance eliminates the
damage and restore optical clarity. Please review Tool Box information        following operations, materials and costs: The
for additional product details. The included MICRO-GLOSS™ liquid              need for preparation of any kind - The need to
abrasive can be used as a cleaner. One kit per unit each. Kit contents        wash, rinse and dry (no spotting or marking as
                                                                                a result) - The use of water, detergents and
include: 1 - 3" x 6" Sheet MICRO-MESH™1500
                                                                                    soaps of any kind - The use of rubbing
1 - 3" X 6" Sheet MICRO-MESH™1800                                             compounds and cleaners - The use of waxes,
1 - 3" X 6" Sheet MICRO-MESH™ 2400                                               silicones, oils, etc. - The need to buff, The
1 - 3" X 6" Sheet MICRO-MESH™ 3600                                                need to apply in the shade as required by
1 - 3" X 6" Sheet MICRO-MESH™ 4000                                             conventional methods - The need for special
1 - 3" x 6" Sheet MICRO-MESH™ 6000                                                   equipment or techniques The costs of
                                                                              materials and labour for all of these operations
1 - 2 OZ. Micro-Gloss Liquid Abrasive
                                                                                     SUPERCOAT AIRCRAFT SURFACE
1 - 3" x 3" Foam Block                                                         TREATMENT restores most aircraft surfaces
2 - Flannel Sheets                                                                  to their original high-lustre and beauty.
                                                  Cleaning Products
     FLYERS SPEED-WAX                              SUPREME GLAZE                       StarBrite Aircraft Polish
                                                                                             With PTEF

                                                                                                     Reg $19.95
                                                                                                     Sale price $16.95
                                                                                                     each, or
                                                                                                     $ 11.95 each for
                                                      List Price: $19.19
                                                                                                     3 or more

           List Price: $28.89
                                                      Sale: $10.95                   LIQUID DIAMOND
           Sale: $12.95                        Great at restoring paint to its
Provides High Gloss, No Pre-Cleaning
Necessary, Carnauba Enriched.
                                                       original shine .
Flyers Speed-Wax is a specially              Supreme Glaze is a semi-flowing                     APS 365
formulated waterless aircraft dry wash       paste cleaner wax that cleans and
and high gloss protectant. Flyers is a       shines all aircraft painted surfaces
Carnauba Enriched product with an           while bringing out the brilliance of
easy-on, easy-off application process.
                                             the original color. Supreme Glaze                   Regular $47.65
With Flyers Speed Wax there is no
need to pre-clean any surfaces before         safely removes light to medium
use. Flyers will allow you to clean your   oxidation and scratches. Excellent for                Sale: $29.95
aircraft in a short amount of time,             use on carbon exhaust stains         Liquid Diamond Paint Sealant is
leaving the surface of the aircraft        associated with aircraft such as King     designed to be used with paint
highly protected. Flyers can be applied
directly to the aircraft with a trigger
                                            Airs. Supreme Glaze contains color       protection programs or as an
sprayer or, you can apply using a damp      brighteners and will protect against     additional step to waxing. Will help
micro fibre applicator by hand.             oxidation, salts, UV rays, hydraulic     seal the surface of the paint from
Powerfoam cleaner                            fluid, insect residue and acid rain.    natural and industrial contamination.
                                              Can be used by hand or machine         Liquid Diamond is blended with three
                                                            polisher                 specially formulated ingredients that
                                                                                     bond to aircraft painted surfaces for
                                                                                     long lasting protection. Safe on all
                                                                                     aircraft painted surfaces including
                    Reg 19.88                                                        composite and fabric.
                                                                                    Prist Acrylic, Plastic and Glass
                    Sale: $15.90                                                                Cleaner
Powerfoam is an aircraft exterior spray and wipe foam cleaner.
Powerfoam will effectively clean carbon exhaust on engine cowlings, oil,
                                                                                                Prist works safely and
bugs and fly dirt from surfaces while leaving a clean, streak free finish.
                                                                                                easily on all acrylic,
Powerfoam is always a great product to clean landing gear, flaps, belly,                        stretched acrylic,
leading edges or any other area of an aircraft. Excellent for quick-turns                       polycarbonate, glass and
when a pilot wants to make his aircraft presentable between wet wash                            coated glass aircraft
jobs. On interiors, Powerfoam is a germicidal cleaner that will effectively                     windscreens. Works
clean smudge marks, nicotine stains, oily fingerprints and food stains.                         inside and outside the
                                                                                                aircraft, and on metal and
For use on sinks, lavs, table tops, woodwork, floor runners and galleys.
                                                                                                vinyl, without harming
Not for use on suede or silk.
                                                                                                painted surfaces.
                                    Gift Ideas

                    We have a large selection of Clocks,
                     coasters, books, and other gifts.

                                                                             Aviation humour
                                                                             books by Happy

Remote Control models from $35.39 and up


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                                 Pilot Supplies

            Icom A210                           Ha n d h e ld s   H e a d s e t s , PT T , a n d p a r t s

                                  Headset, and Flight bags

                                                                             Fuel Tester

                             Knee boards                             pitot covers

                                     Socks and

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  Cessna 150, 172, 177, 182, Skybolt Cowl Mount kit

Many Cessna aircraft, (from the factory) had fastener
to mount misalignment. This led to early and repeated
failure of the J7444 Series mounts. It sometimes led to
firewall cracks that are extremely costly
Cessna issued Service Bulletin SB98-53-02 for newer
172 R & S airplanes on December 31, 1998 to
address the root of the problem with shock-mounted
cowlings. This 29 page service bulletin describes an
exhaustive procedure to align cowl mounts and
assumes approximately 18 hours to accomplish.
Skybolt has developed an alternate procedure that is
simple and consumes very little time to properly align
mounts with the corresponding fastener hole in the
The New SKYBOLT SK2003 is an exact replacement
for common Cessna/Lord J7444 Platemounts. It looks
the same and installs the same.
The SK2003 is designed for the TBO of your engine. It
adjusts to any fastener length. Combined with the
SK2003-AW Alignment Washer , the SK2003 can be
easily positioned to align with the cowling holes. This
allows the cowling fasteners to lock properly and
effortlessly, thus removing the stress that is a common
problem in failures of the original part.

It is an absolute must for any shop that regularly does
maintenance on single engine Cessna aircraft.

                                                           Alignment Washer
                     Available at W.G. Cox Aviation Supplies:

            info@aviationsupplies.ca           www.aviationsupplies.ca

                                         RCA22-7 Vacuum artificial
                                         horizon, new 2008
                                         2 available @ $795.00
                     Nose-Dragger Dragger®, Tail-Dragger, and Tugs

           Nose-Dragger Dragger® and the Tail-Dragger Dragger® have been picked as “Best Hangar Tug” & “Overall Best
  Purchase Value” by The Aviation Consumer publication. Our aircraft tugs are different—for good reason! Innovative design
  makes them relatively inexpensive, easy to operate and universal. They fit almost any plane without need for hydraulics,
  special adaptors, or difficult adjustments. Choose 6 hp gas or high torque 24-volt electric motors. Hookup time for any
  aircraft tug model is a mere 5 seconds. Call (877) 883-9480.

                                                  Tail-Dragger DRAGGER® tug
                                                  gently grips and lifts the aircraft
                                                  tail wheel for extremely easy and
                                                  precise ground movement.

                                                                                        Tail-Dragger DRAGGER® tug gently
                                                                                        grips and lifts the aircraft tail wheel for
                                                                                        extremely easy and precise ground
   The Nose-Dragger DRAGGER® tug provides                                               movement.
   Easy ground movement using ball-bearing
   Rollers to push and pull the nose wheel
                                                              Model 6S
                                                   The Gas Tug of choice for those
                                                   who need to move various types
                                                   of aircraft, including nosewheel
                                                   fairing types.                        The Copter-DRAGGER® units are
                                                   (For aircraft up to 8,100 lbs.)       designed to fit Robinson Helicopters.
                                                                                         They can be adapted to move other small
                                                                                         copters less than 3000 lbs.

 Airtug 10-S moving a brand new Cessna
Caravan. The Caravan is loaded with ease onto
the Airtug. The Airtug moves the Caravan
effortlessly and with tremendous control due in
part to the variable speed hydrostatic

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AveoAir LED Lighting, ball vents, switches for homebuilts.

       Email us for a competitive quote at info@aviationsupplies.ca
                           Plane Plastics Interiors
                         Replace those cracked interior panels

                Parts and seals for all models available
                             Replacement Baffles
You can spend hours patching old brittle baffles, or replace them with new ones.
                          Entire kits, or individual pieces available.

         Piper Baffles                                   Cessna Baffles

                   Use the search function at www.aviationsupplies.ca
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             Oakley Sunglasses
Men’s Sunglasses
Start with sculptural physics and our
unique three-point fit. Peer through the
vast array of performance treatments and
lens tints that take the elements out of
play. And rest assured: industry-best        05-769
protection from the sun or flying objects.                           03-474
Get a clear view — wherever the world
takes you. Experience High Definition
Optics® with Oakley Men’s Sunglasses.
                                                                   Women’s Sunglasses
                                                                   With fits and styles designed exclusively
                                                                   for women, fashion meets function
                                                                   through the lens of High Definition
                                             12-957                Optics®. From the tried and true to
                                                                   everything new, we’ve created an entirely
                                                                   new dimension with Oakley Women’s
03-440                                                             Sunglasses.
02-217 Crowbar Custom Snow Goggles




501 Aviator Lane
Oshawa Municipal Airport
Oshawa, Ontario, L1J 0B8                                           03-704

                                                        Check the www.Oakley.ca
                                                        website, then contact us for sale
                                                        prices on in-stock products.
                                                        Discontinued models reduced to
                                                        sell quickly.
                                                              Email us for a competitive quote at

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