Some Types of False Teeth_ Weaknesses And Advantages

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					Some Types of False Teeth, Weaknesses And Advantages

For those who want to install false teeth, of course, important to know
the type of False Teeth first in order to decide the proper use of
dentures. False Teeth There are many types of commonly used, to decide
which one best type of course you want you need to learn one by one. You
can also directly consult a dentist to get a proper choice of the type of
dentures are most appropriate for you.

Any type of False Teeth Commonly Used?
Know the Types of False Teeth are going to wear is very important. So you
feel confident on your own choice. Of course with the help of an
explanation from the dentist, you can make choices that best fit false
teeth. So there's no harm in asking anyway denture wearers around you
about the types of dentures are they wearing and what they think of the
fake teeth.

Removable False Teeth
Dentures are removable false tooth type most common and frequently used
since antiquity to the present. Called dentures are removable for easy
set up and released by the pamakai. Dentures are usually made of acrylic,
including the skeleton. There is also a framework or foundation is made
of metal are made of acrylic teeth fixed, not easily broken up and more
comfortable to wear.

Dentures jacket (crown)
The next type of False Teeth dentures or crowns jacket, this model was
made to cover the original tooth that is damaged but the roots and nerves
are still functioning properly.

Implant dentures
Implant system is the latest installation of dentures system, installed
by implanting false teeth into the gums. But the installation of dentures
with implants is more complicated and need special requirements that must
be met before a patient to a dental implant.

Weaknesses and Advantages of Each Type of False Teeth

Each type of False Teeth have advantages and disadvantages of each. For
removable dental acrylic teeth advantage of this type is lightweight,
easy to set up, installation is easy and relatively inexpensive, but
dentures are easily broken, discolored and worn. While the jacket
dentures or crowns, the advantage of patients do not need to unplug the
original tooth, but extra care should be because if there is damage, will
affect the peg teeth resulting in broken dentures. Moderate dental
implant wearers would seem to have genuine and permanent teeth, but the
installation is quite complicated, time consuming, if there is damage to
be dismantled again and the cost is much more expensive.

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