Handling of Uric Acid at Home with Traditional Ways by evita666


									Handling of Uric Acid at Home with Traditional Ways

Handling of Uric Acid at Home is the appropriate action if you are
suffering from early stages of gout. Uric acid, or in the English
language known as gout, is a condition where a person has impaired
protein metabolism, purine metabolism disorder is then led to the
formation of uric acid crystals. Uric acid crystals are then accumulate
in the joints, and cause some symptoms such as stiffness and swelling in
the joints. Basically, everyone has their own values ??of uric acid: for
women, the normal value of uric acid is 2.6 to 6, while for men, normal
values ??of uric acid is 3 to 7. This uric acid values ??will increase
drastically if someone is having problems, as described above. Compared
with other chronic diseases such as cholesterol, uric acid may not be too
dangerous; but at that stage it is acute, gout can also cause more
serious health problems such as kidney failure. Therefore, if you suffer
from gout, you should quickly take action appropriate treatment.
Handling of Uric Acid at Home and The Medical

Basically, there are two types of treatment or handling of uric acid, ie
the handling of uric acid in the House (traditionally or naturally) and
in hospital (medical). Handling of uric acid in nature, are wont to do at
home, is handling the use of existing materials, or without drugs. While
medical treatment is treatment that involves physicians, or specialists
in internal medicine, drugs, and even surgery. Both types of treatment
can actually be overcome uric acid effectively. Only, the handling of
uric acid is medically preferable for those who already suffer from acute
uric acid, which is usually characterized by symptoms that occur too
frequently. If you are experiencing the early stages of gout, you should
choose a natural treatment, you can do at home. One more thing you can do
at home is to drink lots of water, especially if you experience any
symptoms of gout such as tingling, pain, and rheumatic pain. There are
several other treatments that you can do yourself at home.
Handling of Uric Acid at Home by Utilizing Traditional Materials

There are two things you can do to cope with uric acid (which you can do
at home, of course) is by dieting and the use of traditional materials or
natural. Diet to cope with uric acid, especially if you have been advised
to have a less healthy lifestyle. There are several types of foods you
should avoid in uric acid diet, ie, alcohol, high-protein foods that
contain purines such as fish and spinach, and viscera. Handling of uric
acid is traditionally what you can do is to eat the soursop fruit, you
should be in the form of juice or if you just pour boiling hot water
only. In addition, you can also use the black glutinous rice brewed hot
water. For effective results, you should consume water infusion of black
glutinous rice three times a day. Setting up of uric acid drug (which is
made from natural materials) in the box P3K is also one of Uric Acid
Treatment at Home.

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