Cholesterol Fish and Meat

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					Cholesterol Fish and Meat

Indonesia is one country that has a vast sea and beautiful. In the sea
there are a lot of fish, fisheries are very beautiful and even healthy to
eat. Yes, the State of Indonesia has contributed a great deal of fish,
fisheries exports to many countries out there, but it is still a lot of
the people of Indonesia themselves (and maybe including you) who actually
prefer to eat chicken and fish meat than this. This time you will discuss
about Cholesterol and fish and find out the reason why many Indonesian
people themselves are rarely consumed this food.

Well simply if you heard the word fish, then that will cross your mind is
a water animal that has gills, fins and your pet in your aquarium. But
wait, you mean because the description above is the fish while the fish
themselves are many types and variations. Fish are generally divided into
two types namely Ornamental Fish and Fish Consumption. This fish is a
fish that is often kept in the appropriately named a fish aquarium and
usually has a very beautiful appearance. Examples of ornamental fish such
as arowana fish, koi, betta, chefs, disc, and many more kinds lohan

While fish consumption is a fish that you cook everyday and then you use
as your side dish along with rice to your meal. Examples of such food
fish fish, They beat us, Pindang, salmon, pomfret, tilapia, carp and
more. But there are also several species of ornamental fish is used as an
on-site consumption because they are a lot of fish like arowana fish in
the area of ??Borneo. Highly recommended and you are not in Kalimantan to
consume fish because you would be surprised if you know the heart of the
sport aka market value beyond the mencapati hundreds of millions.

Now back to the main topic of cholesterol and fish, is already quite a
lot of people know that the cholesterol content in fish is healthier than
the cholesterol of meat. Yes, it's often the doctors also tell you that
substituting meat with fish because these foods contain many substances
that are useful to the body much better than the meat. So what is the
reason many people do not want to eat fish and chicken as the preferred
main food. And the answer was pretty much a thorn fish as the main

Yes, the spines of this fish is quite annoying when you try to consume
them. You can not eat the fish directly in full but you have to first
separate the needles and then you can eat it. So for this reason that
often make people less reluctant to eat fish. Well, Cholesterol and fish
is also related to each other because the cholesterol content in them
ranged between 60-100 mg / DL. Indeed higher than the birds, but
substances such as Omega 3 in fish is much better than the birds. So if
you're interested in eating fish?

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