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									Assorted Traditional Herb Medicine For Cough Pain

Loss for traditional medicine for cough? Do not worry this article will
discuss some natural cough medicine that is commonly used. Although
modern packaged cough medicines sold in the market, traditional cough
medicine is still the mainstay of most of the people of Indonesia. This
is because traditional medicine is not only easily available and cheap,
but also because no adverse effects to health.

Why Traditional Medicine Than Drugs For Pain Cough Modern?

There are so many types of traditional medicines that have been passed
down through generations of our ancestors. Among them cough medicine for
pain. It must be recognized nowadays people prefer things that are
practical and quick reactions, such as modern cough medicines are sold
freely on the market, instead of laboriously searching and concocting
herbal ingredients to be used as traditional medicine. However, it should
be realized that the chemical drugs there is always a negative effect.
While traditionally formulated drugs tend to be safe. What about the
efficacy of traditional medicine? Needless to say, a cough medicine that
has traditionally been formulated also effective to overcome cough.
Assorted Traditional Medicine For Cough Pain Know What You Deserve

What type of medicine? There are many kinds of cough medicines are
traditionally formulated, some of which are:

A. The first ingredient
Ingredients: tuber 1buah kencur adult thumb, grated
1 cup warm water
Salt to taste
Way to mix: Powder that has been shredded mixed into warm water and salt
to be squeezed, strain the water first before taken.
Dosage: Drink while warm juice three times a day

2. Both ingredients
Ingredients: 1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon honey
5 tablespoons of cooking water
Concocting ways: All the ingredients are mixed and steamed about thirty
Dosage: Drink regularly twice a day a teaspoon.

3. The third ingredient
Ingredients: 1 adult leaves acid grip
One hand adult sage leaves along the stem
3 cups water
Way to mix: Combine sour leaves and sage leaves, 2 cups boiled until it
left over, let it cool and take a new filtered water.
Dosage: Drink twice a day regularly.

There are many other Traditional Medicine For Cough Pain others that you
can try.

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