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					As the Guardian Brain Berry Fruit

The brain is an important part of the body that help control and monitor
all functions of the body. So it is important to take care of the brain.
It is advisable to drink the juice of fruits and vegetables every day on
a regular basis to take advantage of natural vitamins and minerals.

Juice of fruits and vegetables are naturally rich in vitamins and
minerals that will enhance brain function and memory. One example is
blueberry juice. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants that fight free
radicals cause cell damage in the body and brain. Not only are
blueberries, other berries also have the benefit that is in need by the

America is a country rich berry fruit. This food is known as the
antioxidant and anti-inflamansi because some substance giving the color,
polyphenols, or more specifically anthocyanins. Here are the benefits of
berries given to the brain.

A. Blueberries can improve the function of BDNF (Brain Derived
neurotrophic factor) or factor brain-derived neurotrophic, is a key
signal that stimulates the production of new brain cells that produce
anti-aging effects.

2. Extracts from blueberries may reduce inflammation in the brain.

3. Blueberry fruit is nature's way of auxiliary genes in the brain to
regulate the brain to be more efficient under exposure to various forms
of stress.

4. Blackberry can improve motor coordination, balance, and short-term

This suggests that different berries have different benefits for every
region of the brain in terms of protection. To that end, eat whatever
berries every day to make a good brain.

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