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Appendicitis is a tube connected to the cecum which is a pouch-like
structure in the colon, near the junction of the small and large
intestine in the lower abdomen. This appendix is ??a small and shaped
like a worm. The appendix is ??a small tube, with a hole into the large
intestine, and the other end closed.

Some situations that can cause inflammation of the appendix is ??the
entry of foreign bodies, trauma, intestinal worms. Appendicitis is the
term for appendicitis. Usually, the inflammation caused by dirt or
foreign objects blocking access to the appendix. In some cases, it is
caused by cancer. Appendicitis usually occurs after infection of the
digestive tract or when the tube joining the appendix or colon is blocked
by trapped food or feces. Appendicitis can cause a variety of bacteria
and microorganisms.

Appendicitis can occur in people of any gender, and even of all ages as
well. The severity of the disease will vary depending on how quickly
recognized and diagnosed. The biggest danger in the appendix is ??that
infected appendix will burst and spread infection in the stomach. Making
it safer to perform surgical removal of infected appendix before the
infection spreads.

Here are some common symptoms of appendicitis:

    High fever
    Stomach cramps
    Loss of appetite
    Feel sick
    Throw up
    Painful urination
    Swelling in the abdomen
    Pain in rectum
    Pain in the abdomen
    Pain in the navel
    Pain usually worsens with faster
    Increased pain when coughing, walking, or even move
    Feeling hot and cold
    Bloating for more than a few days

If you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms, you should
immediately contact your doctor. If proven appendicitis, surgery usually
will be done to remove an appendix.

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