LYNN TOWNSHIP by wuyunyi


									                               Thursday, Feb. 2, 2006
                                Lynnport PA 18066

      The regular meeting was called to order by Thomas Creighton, Chairman at 7:30
p.m in the Municipal Building. Present were Thomas C. Creighton, Chr., David
Najarian, VChr., Charles E Lenhart III, Member, Solicitor Edmund Healy, Secretary Tina
M. Everett, Administrator Kenneth Bleiler, Treasurer Robert P. Sadler, Debi Palmari,
Northwestern Press, Clifford L. Lathrop, Stenographer for Lathrop Reporting Agency,
Mike Sassaman from Arro Consulting, Gregg I Adelman, Attorney for Baker Residential,
and approximately 25 citizens.
      The pledge of allegiance was conducted.
      Public Comment- Gregg Adelman introduced himself and informed the board that
he was there on behalf of Baker Residential/ Ovations.
      Subdivisions-Joan Caton-Minor Subdivision, 2 lots, Red Road for final approval.
Plan was presented by Scot Dietrich, Beitler’s Surveying and Joan Caton was present.
Recreation Fee was paid of $1,000 and Road Improvements Fee of $ 2,476.61. A motion
was made by Charles Lenhart seconded by David Najarian to approve the plan. Motion
      Mountain Rd- Minor Subdivision-2 lots, Mtn. Rd and Fenstermacher Rds. No one
was present to represent plan, but Van Cleef Engineering requested a 60 day extension
to the conditional final plan approval on behalf of the applicant. A motion was made
by David Najarian, seconded by Charles Lenhart to grant a 60 day extension thru June
1st, 2006. Motion carried.
      Penns View II-Major Subdivision, 78 lots, Madison St.- Represented by Peg
Dissinger, Steve Shadle and Blake C. Marles, Attorney for Omega Homes. Came to
meeting as a courtesy to go over changes from their preliminary plan approval on Dec.
1, 2005.
      Blake C. Marles, representing Omega Homes, commented on that they are willing
to do whatever is necessary to get the Act 537 Sewage Facilities Plan through for Penn’s
View II. They would like us to submit the plan with a short condensed version, then
with a revised plan later. He felt it the 537 Plan could be relatively simple if it was just
for their plan of 78 lots.
      Tom Creighton questioned what the status of their lawsuit was with the Sewer
      Dave Najarian questioned timeline for capacity for Penn’s View II.
He’s anxious to keep project moving.
      Solicitor Edmund Healy asked about how many phases.
      Peg Dissenger assured the Board that the offer was still on the table to pay for the
      David Najarian requested a summary on the Penn’s View development with
phasing it.
      Mike Sassaman, Arro Consulting was available for questions. David Schlott Jr was
not able to attend meeting. Arro is responsible for the wastewater treatment plant side
of the Act 537 Sewage Facilities Plan. Mike Sassaman felt that the 21 comments from
DEP was not terribly significant. Deadline for approval of plan is Feb. 10, 2006. Roy
Stewart, Engineer requested a 60 day extension, which was granted and would take us
until April 10, 2006.
      Mike Sassaman discussed our options for paying for the upgrade, which are:
Penn’s Vest, Bank Loan or Municipal Bond. Mr. Sassaman does not feel a PennsVest
loan will happen. A municipal bond or bank loan would be more feasible.
      David Najarian asked whether the plant can be expanded in phases, with later
phases being contingent on the receipt of funds.
      Mr. Sassaman stated it’s not possible to phase the Act 537 Sewage Facilities Plan.
The plan is to gut the tanks. When you build a new plant- build over 1,000gpd. DEP
requires a second clarifier.The new clarifier will be bigger than 20 ft. Mr. Sassaman
explained to the board and public how the sewer plant works.
      Mr. Sassaman, from Arro Engineering commented that it is more feasible to
modify the existing sewer plant, instead of tearing down and building a new sewer
plant. If you upgrade the sewer plant to 80,000gpd, it’ll end up costing the same for
upgrade if you go to 150,000gpd.
      David Najarian commented that we should not base funding the plant on the
development of the AARC in light of the challenge filed against the AARC ordinance.
      Arro agrees with DEP’s comments. Mike Sassaman feels our likely source would
be a municipal bond issue or bank loan. DEP is looking for developer contributions.
      Donald Christ commented that one clarifier is a major part of the operation.
Without another clarifier, they are unable to shut-down other when you repair the first
one. When you only have 100,000gpd, you only need one clarifier. You would need
two clarifiers over that amount.
      David Najarian has concerns with funding, due to this being a very large funding
project for Lynn Township.
      Donald Christ commented that we should keep in mind the Northwestern School
District is the biggest user of plant. Looking at school for the next 20 yrs., it’s going to
keep growing. There is no stopping that.
      Public Comment-
      Gregg Adelman,Baker Residential, questioned if extension was requested for Act
537 Sewage Facilities Plan and by whom. After conversation the board felt this was
granted by Roy Stewart, Engineer as the board requested him to do.
      Mike Sassaman discussed the SBR (Sequencing batch reactor process) of the Sewer
Plant. This is a technique which could be built in phases.
      Gregg Adelman questioned what the disposal process was. Mike Sassaman
informed Mr. Adelman that it was stream discharge.
      Marvin Charles commented that if there are substantial changes in sewer plant,
they we should send back to our Planning Commission for their review and advertise
meeting. He felt 60 days was a short time.
                 The cost for 150,000gpd is 75% of the cost of 250,000gpd plant would
cost. Arro rec’d cost estimate in Aug. 2005 for a 150,000gpd plant at 1.2 million as to a
250,000gpd plant at 2.4 million dollars.
      Marvin Charles commented that the board needs to consider cost estimate history.
Marvin gave a report to board for their review, which included a list of a few issues
concerning the 537 update revision. This also included a list of some cost history
information, such as the estimated cost of plant and the history cost of clarifier.
      Marvin Charles commented that he feels some more time spent on this plan would
provide the board with more flexibility.
      Donald Christ discussed the cost estimate that they put out for bid in the year
2001. The clarifier came in higher then, because of the extra added things they
prepared for, such as a second claifier. That was estimated originally, then they went
with the lowest bid.
      David Najarian admitted that he can’t follow the technical stuff with the Sewer
plant, but is concerned about the financing of upgrade. Should the Sewer Authority not
have financing for whatever the reason, he wants to be completely confident that they
won’t come to the Township. He doesn’t want this situation to occur, so we don’t end
up in a hole.
      Public Comment-
      Glen Smith, questioned the board if they were going to continue with the 537
plan as it exists or start the process all over again?
      David Najarian commented that he’s not prepared to give up on this plan. The
board hasn’t decided what to do yet or made up their minds.

      Glen Smith commented that if they go to 160,000gpd, there would still be enough
capacity for Ovations project and Horstein’s project. He also informed the board that
between all the tapping fees from Hornstein’s project and his, they would be collecting
2.228 million dollars. All their concerns about financing would go away. It would be
paid for by the developers, and the sewer plant would have 30% excess capacity.
      Glen Smith commented that the plan has taken 10 years and the Board should
move quickly.
      David Najarian then questioned Glen Smith what has he (David) done to slow up
the plan. He also commented that he’s been on the Board for 30 days.
      Tom Creighton pointed out that one problem we are having is that with the two
separate engineering companies, they are pointing fingers. Keystone is relying on Arro
to do the wastewater part and Keystone is working on the planning and land use part.
      Donald Christ commented that the Sewer Authority is appointed by the Board, and
they would never build a plant that they couldn’t afford financially.
      David Najarian responded that he was personally responsible for his vote
notwithstanding the authority’s intention and feels he needs to be confident in his vote.
      Thomas Creighton discussed the options they had, which are, withdrawal of the
plan then resubmit the plan and the clock starts all over again with 120 days, or they
could submit plan in the 60 day extension period, which is rushing it through, then
they might reject the plan.
      Glen Smith commented that the plan is 10 years in the making; it’s not being
rushed through. DEP wants a response by Feb. 10th, 2006 or with the 60 day extension
period it would be April 10, 2006.
      Charles Lenhart questioned Mike Sassaman from Arro as to how many of the 21
comments did they have to answer of the review from DEP. Mike Sassaman informed
Mr. Lenhart it was about 7-8 comments they answered. He also commented that they
are nearing completion of their review.
      Discussion was brought up about the Sewage Management Program, which is the
septic tank pumping. We would have to adopt an ordinance regulating on-lot septic
systems to be cleaned/repaired in a timely fashion. This could be every three years or
more. This would have to be decided on by the board.
      Thomas Creighton commented that he’s against the Sewage Management
      Kenneth Bleiler commented that you must have a Sewage Management Program
for them to approve our 537 Sewage Facilities Plan for the township.
      A motion was made by David Najarian, seconded by Charles Lenhart to direct
both Roy Stewart, Keystone Engineering and David Schlott Jr., Arro Engineering to have
there comments and revisions completed by February 16, 2006. Motion carried.
      Discussion on the Challenge to AARC Ordinance. We rec’d a zoning appeal
application on Jan. 30, 2006 from Kevin Fogerty.
      Solicitor Edmund Healy commented that he looked over the application for
complexity of it and whether the township board and solicitor should get involved in
the participation in this challenge. He commented that a number of things in challenge
do not have a lot of merit, such as the last page of ordinance wasn’t sent to the law
library. There’s no reason for township or township solicitor to get involved or spend
any money. This would be a good opportunity to let the Zoning Hearing Board duke it
      Discussion was brought up on the opinion request from the Zoning Officer,
which was asked for by Atty.Gregg Adelman on behalf of Baker Residential.
      Edmund Healy questioned does the Board of Supervisors participate in defending
or attacking or stay as a neutral party in the proceedings heading to the Zoning
Hearing Board?
      David Najarian commented that the responsible thing would be to avoid trying to
influence the Zoning Hearing Board. Let the matter be dealt with by the Zoning
Hearing Board for their freedom to render a decision on their own and we not say
      Charles Lenhart agreed that the board shouldn’t get involved, let them work it out.
      Thomas Creighton also agreed and commented he doesn’t want to waste
taxpayer’s money being spent.
      Solicitor Edmund Healy commented that under the current subdivision and land
development ordinance with the AARC regulations, disinclined to approve the plan
before it actually puts ourselves in a difficult position with the unsuccessful developer.
He feels staying neutral is just easier.
      A motion was made by David Najarian, seconded by Charles Lenhart to make
available all unprivileged information pertaining to the AARC Ordinance amendment,
including information of which any privilege has already been waived by the Board,
subject to the coordination and management of the Township Solicitor. Motion carried.
      Edmund Healy questioned why the preliminary opinion.
      Edmund Healy stated that some concern was expressed to him as to whether the
township agreed to receive information from the Engineer for plan filed in December.
Roy Stewart didn’t get his comments done.
      Kenneth Bleiler explained the reason why we do it this way. When the comments
are given out too soon, the developer would make the changes and try resubmitting the
changes at that meeting. This is not correct procedure, so that’s why they no longer
send the Engineer or Township Zoning Officer’s comments until a day or two prior to
the Planning Commission Meeting.
      Gregg Adelman felt that under the Sunshine Law that Baker Residential thinks it’s
unfair to wait. They want the comments so they can have enough time to review them
prior to meeting with the Planning Commission. This is why they asked to be taken off
the agenda for the January 17th, 2006 Planning Commission meeting.
      Gregg Adelman requested that if possible that they come to some type of middle
grounds here, in that the comments be given a couple of weeks before meeting, so they
have time to analyze them before meeting.
      Solicitor Edmund Healy reminded him that monitoring the submission dates is
important and he also informed Mr. Adelman that the Planning Commission is a
recommending body.
      Edmund Healy discussed the proposed AARC Repealer Ordinance. He reminded
the board that a date and location needs to be setup for public hearing. They decided to
set this up for the March Supervisor’s Meeting, limiting the public comment to 15
      Thomas Creighton, Chairman directed Solicitor Edmund Healy to advertise for a
Public Hearing on proposed AARC Repealer Ordinance for March 2nd, 2006 @ 7:15pm.
This will be advertised/published twice in the Times News Feb. 9th and again Feb. 16,
      Discussion was brought up about the invoice the township received for animal
control services rendered for the year 2005 by the Lehigh County Humane Society on
behalf of the Township of Lynn. The total amount of Invoice is $385.00. There is also
an agreement attached to invoice to be signed. The agreement reads, WHEREAS, the
Township in fulfilling its responsibilities for the health, welfare and safety of the
Township, its citizens and property, has from time to time, need for care, boarding,
disposal, spaying, and other services with respect to the stray animals of which the
Township must, from time to time, take custody; etc.

      A motion was made by Charles Lenhart, seconded by David Najarian to table this
issue on animal control services, until they get a list from the Lehigh County Humane
Society on all animals taken there from the Township of Lynn Township. Motion
      A motion was made by Charles Lenhart, seconded by David Najarian to close out
Joseph Tetz’s open escrow account. Motion carried.
      A motion was made by David Najarian, seconded by Charles Lenhart to re-appoint
the following people to the Lynn Township Recreation Advisory Committee for 2006.
They are as follows: Ron Moyer, Chairman, Rod Beck, Vice Chairman, Vicki Moyer,
Donald Christ, Susan Christ, Tony Oswald, Greg Miclos, Keith Nagle, Scott Romig, Amy
Romig, Lenore Handwerk and Chris Brown from Brown Miller Design. Motion carried.
      Discussion was brought up on the retainer fee from Brown Miller Design. Charlie
was directed to get a copy of bill for the $900 retainer fee, so we can see if invoice had
been paid or not for this year.
      Robert Sadler, Treasurer informed the board that he didn’t feel he had the bill.
      Discussion on the Advertisement of Ken Bleiler’s position.
      Thomas Creighton felt that every resume we receive should be given a number,
and tracked so we could send response letters/ thank you letters on each one received
      A motion was made by David Najarian, seconded by Charles Lenhart to advertise
Ken’s position in local newspaper and for Thomas Creighton to post the ad on the Lynn
Township website. Motion carried.
      A motion was made by Charles Lenhart, seconded by David Najarian to authorize
Tina Everett & Kenneth Bleiler to interview and hire temporary service subject to the
Solicitor’s approval on agreement review. Motion carried.
      Tax Collector, Linda L. Tyson’s Per Capita Tax Exoneration Request Forms was
reviewed. They are summarized as follows:

2005- Exonerations with papers (39x$5ea.)                          $ 195.00
2005- Request for exonerations without papers (72x$5ea.)           $ 360.00
    TOTAL FOR 2005                                                 $ 555.00

GRAND TOTAL ALL EXONERATIONS                                       $ 555.00

The following is a list of applicants who applied for exonerations of Per Capita
payments with notarized papers: Adam Christie, Ross Christie, Alexis Dolena, Jeffrey
Dolena, Briana Erney, Trisha Erney, Chrissa Fenner, Joshua Ferris, Katie Glodzik,
Heather Hartman, Justice Mannino, Ned Mannino, Suzanne Harwick, Matthew
Mastauaskas , Tonya Meier, Kayla McAuliffe, Kelly McAuliffe, Andrew Sigley, Brett
Sigley, Sara Smith, Amy Steiner, William Steiner, Ben Vogels, Hannah Vogels, Michael
Vogels, Janelle Weiland, Jenna Wessner, Megan Bennicoff, Aaron Czysz, Andrew Diehl,
Christina Figueroa, Kevin McFadden, Lia Snyder, Kiona Zappe, Jill Bortz, David Phillips,
Sarah Phillips, Brandon Van Parys & Edward H Berry III. David Najarian made a
motion, seconded by Charles Lenhart to exonerate the tax collector from collecting
these taxes. Motion Carried.
      Robert Sadler, Treasurer discussed AD Computer doing Township payroll. He
informed Solicitor, Edmund Healy that he got a proof of insurance letter, a 70 page
policy and procedures book and a privacy policy statement from AD Computer and that
he felt they are well established.
      A motion was made by David Najarian, seconded by Charles Lenhart to adopt
       *Secretary Tina Everett mis-numbered the resolution. There was a prior Resolution
2006-5 that was adopted at the January 11, 2006 Special meeting.
       Discussion was brought up on township employees being paid bi-weekly. This
would change from being paid monthly with advance pay in middle of month on the
15th. Motion was made by David Najarian to adopt proposed resolution 2006-6
requiring Board approval of the mid-month payroll. A discussion was then held
concerning the manner in which bi-weekly payroll would be processed and checked
for errors since it was occurring outside a regular meeting of the Board. David
Najarian then withdrew his motion. The proposed resolution was altered/amended by
Solicitor Healy. A new motion was then made by David Najarian, seconded by Charles
which contained the suggested changes by Solicitor Healy. Motion carried.
       Tina Everett, Secy. informed the board that the letters were mailed out Feb. 1,
2006 to both New Tripoli and Lynnport Fire Company’s Fire Chiefs in regards to
Workman’s Compensation coverage and as to the areas they cover on a first call basis
and if they cover any other areas. They were also asked if they were involved in any
activities, such as parades, which are outside their fire districts. The board wants to be
sure we have the proper workman’s compensation coverage for our fire personnel.
       The Board convened to an executive session at 10:00 p.m. The Board reconvened
at 10:25 p.m. The executive session was to discuss personnel issues.
       A motion was made by David Najarian, seconded by Charles Lenhart to accept the
minutes from the special meeting of January 11th and the workshop meeting of January
30th, 2006 and to direct the Treasurer to pay the bills. Motion carried.
       Public Comment-
       Annie Martin commented that she felt that Charles Lenhart should not be the
Supervisor signing the payroll checks.
       Kenneth Bleiler reminded the Board that Brosky Insurance wanted to sell us
insurance. He also informed the board that estimates were being done by Selig Electric,
Wright Electric and Gregory Snyder for more lighting which is needed in the parking
lot of the Township building.
       Kenneth Bleiler thanked Tina Everett, Secy. for all her hard work for the last
couple of weeks. He asked everyone to give her a round of applause.
       David Najarian questioned Ed Healy, Solicitor if we can take action at a public
workshop meeting? After discussion they decided not to do this. They will only take
action at a regular meeting.
       A motion was made by David Najarian, seconded by Charles Lenhart to adjourn
meeting. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned 10:30 p.m.

                                   Lynn Township
                            Transaction Detail by Account
                                    January 2006
              Type            Date       No.                         Name                  Amount       Balance
100 General Fund Checking
Bill Pmt -Check             01/06/2006   2447   Highlands' Tire and Service Center         -1,118.96     -1,118.96
Bill Pmt -Check             01/06/2006   2448   Waste Management                             -367.92     -1,486.88
Bill Pmt -Check             01/09/2006   2449   Suburban Propane                           -1,892.22     -3,379.10
Bill Pmt -Check             01/09/2006   2450   Carl A. Wolfe, Jr.                         -1,095.00     -4,474.10
Bill Pmt -Check             01/09/2006   2451   Manderbach Ford, Inc                         -119.34     -4,593.44
Bill Pmt -Check             01/09/2006   2452   MET-ED                                       -383.93     -4,977.37
Bill Pmt -Check             01/09/2006   2453   Miller's Auto Body                            -27.00     -5,004.37
Bill Pmt -Check             01/09/2006   2454   Northern Valley Auto Parts                     -4.80     -5,009.17
Bill Pmt -Check             01/09/2006   2455   PA State Association of Twp. Supervisors   -1,288.00     -6,297.17
Bill Pmt -Check             01/09/2006   2456   Time News                                     -25.49     -6,322.66
Check                       01/12/2006   EFT    Internal Revenue Service                   -7,596.85    -13,919.51
Bill Pmt -Check             01/13/2006   2465   MET-ED                                     -1,310.31    -15,229.82
Check                       01/13/2006   2461   Kenneth A. Bleiler                           -940.00    -16,169.82
Check                       01/13/2006   2458   Charles E Lenhart III                      -1,190.00    -17,359.82
Check                       01/13/2006   2459   Dawn A. Straughn                           -1,190.00    -18,549.82
Check                       01/13/2006   2460   Joseph H. Wisser                           -1,090.00    -19,639.82
Check                       01/13/2006   2462   Sherry L. Selig                              -940.00    -20,579.82
Check                       01/13/2006   2463   Stanley W. Billig                            -320.00    -20,899.82
Check                       01/13/2006   2464   Tina M. Everett                            -1,030.00    -21,929.82
Check                       01/13/2006   2457   Bruce W. Raber                             -1,130.00    -23,059.82
Check                       01/15/2006   2498   Internal Revenue Service                        0.00    -23,059.82
Check                       01/15/2006   2499   PA Department of Revenue                        0.00    -23,059.82
Check                       01/15/2006   2500   PA UC Fund                                      0.00    -23,059.82
Bill Pmt -Check             01/17/2006   2466   Kermit K. Kistler, Inc.                      -328.01    -23,387.83
Bill Pmt -Check             01/17/2006   2467   Northern Valley Auto Parts                    -35.09    -23,422.92
Bill Pmt -Check             01/17/2006   2468   Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc.            -15.60    -23,438.52
Bill Pmt -Check             01/17/2006   2469   Suburban Propane                             -265.41    -23,703.93
Bill Pmt -Check             01/17/2006   2470   Viking                                        -99.83    -23,803.76
Check                       01/18/2006   1647                                                 37.46     -23,766.30
Bill Pmt -Check             01/18/2006   2471   Chemung Supply Corp.                       -8,033.00    -31,799.30
Bill Pmt -Check             01/18/2006   2472   American Rock Salt Co. LLC                 -7,831.32    -39,630.62
Check                       01/20/2006   2474   Kenneth A. Bleiler                           -250.00    -39,880.62
Check                       01/20/2006   2475   Linda L. Tyson                               -153.11    -40,033.73
Bill Pmt -Check             01/20/2006   2476   Berks County Public Works Association         -75.00    -40,108.73
Bill Pmt -Check             01/20/2006   2477   Blue Ridge Communications                     -53.95    -40,162.68
Bill Pmt -Check             01/20/2006   2478   CCP Industries                               -200.78    -40,363.46
Bill Pmt -Check             01/20/2006   2479   Citgo Petroleum Corporation                  -241.66    -40,605.12
Bill Pmt -Check             01/20/2006   2480   Cougle's Recycling Inc.                       -60.00    -40,665.12
Bill Pmt -Check             01/20/2006   2481   Gallagher Reporting and Video, LLC.          -220.00    -40,885.12
Bill Pmt -Check             01/20/2006   2482   Heidelberg/Lynn EIT Bureau                      0.00    -40,885.12
Bill Pmt -Check             01/20/2006   2483   John M. Ashcraft, III                        -348.50    -41,233.62
Bill Pmt -Check             01/20/2006   2484   Nextel Communications                        -207.86    -41,441.48
Bill Pmt -Check             01/20/2006   2485   PA State Association of Twp. Supervisors      -55.00    -41,496.48
Bill Pmt -Check             01/20/2006   2486   Postmaster                                    -28.00    -41,524.48
Bill Pmt -Check             01/20/2006   2487   PSATS UC GROUP TRUST                         -116.05    -41,640.53
Bill Pmt -Check                  01/20/2006   2488   The Morning Call                         -472.53    -42,113.06
Bill Pmt -Check                  01/20/2006   2489   TuWay Communications                    -2,182.35   -44,295.41
Bill Pmt -Check                  01/20/2006   2490   Verizon                                  -559.40    -44,854.81
Bill Pmt -Check                  01/20/2006   2491   Viking                                     -51.53   -44,906.34
Check                            01/20/2006   2473   Kenneth A. Bleiler                          0.00    -44,906.34
Check                            01/21/2006   2492   C M Stauffer Ins Agency                 -4,526.00   -49,432.34
Check                            01/21/2006   2493   Eyster and Joyce                           -85.00   -49,517.34
Check                            01/21/2006   2494   Time News                                  -34.76   -49,552.10
Bill Pmt -Check                  01/21/2006   2495   OfficeMax                                -163.01    -49,715.11
Bill Pmt -Check                  01/21/2006   2496   Reliable Sign and Striping, Inc.         -285.00    -50,000.11
Check                            01/23/2006   2497   Lynnport Fire Company                    -687.76    -50,687.87
Check                            01/26/2006   2507   Kenneth A. Bleiler                         -93.49   -50,781.36
Check                            01/27/2006   2501   PSATS UC GROUP TRUST                        0.00    -50,781.36
Check                            01/27/2006   2502   PA Department of Revenue                -1,684.01   -52,465.37
Check                            01/27/2006   2503   PA UC Fund                                 -98.28   -52,563.65
Check                            01/27/2006   2504   Internal Revenue Service                   -23.37   -52,587.02
Check                            01/27/2006   2505   PSATS UC GROUP TRUST                     -170.34    -52,757.36
Check                            01/27/2006   EFT    Internal Revenue Service                -7,276.96   -60,034.32
Check                            01/28/2006   2506      -1,472.66          -61,506.98
Bill Pmt -Check                  01/28/2006   2508   Blue Mountain Beverages                  -129.82    -61,636.80
Bill Pmt -Check                  01/28/2006   2509   Evertt Plumbing and Heating              -142.70    -61,779.50
Bill Pmt -Check                  01/28/2006   2510   Haldeman                                 -536.66    -62,316.16
Bill Pmt -Check                  01/28/2006   2511   Heidelberg Township                    -11,834.94   -74,151.10
Bill Pmt -Check                  01/28/2006   2512   Highlands' Tire and Service Center       -281.00    -74,432.10
Bill Pmt -Check                  01/28/2006   2513   PSATS CDL PRogram                          -30.00   -74,462.10
Bill Pmt -Check                  01/28/2006   2514   Steckel & Stopp Law Offices             -2,024.59   -76,486.69
Bill Pmt -Check                  01/28/2006   2515   Suburban Propane                         -809.98    -77,296.67
Bill Pmt -Check                  01/28/2006   2516   Time News                                  -39.80   -77,336.47
Check                            01/29/2006   2517   PA Department of Revenue                   -92.46   -77,428.93
Check                            01/29/2006   2518   PCI Insurance, Inc.                     -8,321.16   -85,750.09
Total 100 Gen. Fund Checking                                                                -85,750.09   -85,750.09

102 Lynn Ontelaunee Park
Check                            01/14/2006   427    Mr. John Inc.                            -475.36      -475.36
Check                            01/14/2006   428    Williams Scotsman, Inc.                  -162.00      -637.36
Check                            01/14/2006   430    Oswald Hauling, Inc.                     -312.00      -949.36
Check                            01/14/2006   429    Oswald Hauling, Inc.                        0.00      -949.36
Check                            01/14/2006   431    Violet Henninger                            0.00      -949.36
Check                            01/14/2006   432    County of Lehigh                        -1,172.16    -2,121.52
Check                            01/14/2006   433    MET-ED                                     -11.03    -2,132.55
Check                            01/14/2006   434    Brownmiller Design Corp.                   -56.25    -2,188.80
Check                            01/14/2006   435    Pennsylvania Barn Company               -1,208.03    -3,396.83
Check                            01/14/2006   436    PA Recreation and Park Society, Inc.       -80.00    -3,476.83
Bill Pmt -Check                  01/19/2006   437    Gebhardts                                  -81.72    -3,558.55
Bill Pmt -Check                  01/19/2006   438    Mr. John Inc.                            -879.52     -4,438.07
Bill Pmt -Check                  01/19/2006   439    Powerco, Inc.                            -207.75     -4,645.82
Bill Pmt -Check                  01/19/2006   440    Rextown Supply Co.                      -1,680.40    -6,326.22
Total 102 Lynn Ontelaunee Park                                                               -6,326.22    -6,326.22

103 Lynn Recreation Fund
Check                            01/31/2006                                                     -10.00       -10.00
Total 103 Lynn Recreation Fund                                                             -10.00       -10.00

107 Lynn Twp. Electric Light
Bill Pmt -Check                      01/20/2006   640    MET-ED                          -621.63       -621.63
Total 107 Lynn Twp. Electric Light                                                       -621.63       -621.63

108 Lynn Twp. Rd Bd St Fund
Bill Pmt -Check                      01/18/2006   2046   American Rock Salt Co. LLC     -6,846.14    -6,846.14
Bill Pmt -Check                      01/20/2006   2047   Lehigh Asphalt & Paving        -2,634.38    -9,480.52
Total 108 Lynn Twp. Rd Bd St
Fund                                                                                    -9,480.52    -9,480.52

                                                                                      -102,188.46   102,188.46


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