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									           In this issue              ..The Internet - An interpreter of alternates or just an alternate?
  Editor’s Note
  Relax with UNIGLOBE                  Dear Business Traveler,

  Essential News                       Some of us have spent hours on the Internet shopping for airfares and hotel rooms.
  Travel Blunder                       Interestingly, we have also managed to convince ourselves that our time-consuming
                                       web searches are finding us the best deals around.
  Business Plus
  At your Leisure                      The fact is that procuring travel online is an extremely fragmented experience. What
  How to get an Upgrade                this means is that most travel websites are unable to extract and display fares from
                                       the entire universe of available fares. So, in a world where there can be as many as
                                       70,000 fare changes daily, how can you be sure you are getting the best value?

                                       I believe the internet is sending out a very strong message - consumers will need to
                                       depend increasingly on a travel solutions provider such as UNIGLOBE where
                                       technology takes over the formidable challenge of simultaneously searching
                                       numerous different channels including Internet fares and the 'travel agent only'
                                       system (Global Distribution System). The internet is trendy but high mobility, globe
                                       trotting business travelers need a travel ‘partner’ who can show value in both price
                                       and service.

                                       Ashish                                                                    Sawhney
                                       Regional Marketing Manager

..Relax with the UNIGLOBE Support System

 The UNIGLOBE Support System (USS) is a robust accounting and expense
 management platform that disposes of the traditional static reports and delivers
 specific information that will help you understand your organization’s travel trends,
 enforce travel policy compliance and help you in making the right decisions to
 contain your T & E costs.

 Using USS we analyze and interpret your travel data and recommend how best to
 manage all aspects of your travel program for bottom-line improvements. Whether it
 relates to overall purchase patterns, travel policy alternatives, non-compliance or
 supplier negotiation opportunities, USS provides a comprehensive suite of paper
 and electronic reports to support your overall Procurement Strategy and identify
 potential savings.

 Managing your company's needs from start to finish and then reconciling those
 needs with your bottom line - that's the difference between other agencies and a
 UNIGLOBE travel management company. For more information on how your
 organization can control its Travel spend please contact your UNIGLOBE Agency.
                                       ..Essential news

                                        Continental Airlines New York-Mumbai direct flight

                                        Continental Airlines has added yet another non-stop flight to India connecting the
                                        two financial trade centres of the world, Mumbai and New York. The maiden flight,
                                        that began from its New York hub at Newark Liberty International Airport, will initially
                                        operate four times a week - departing New York Liberty on Sundays, Mondays,
                                        Fridays and Saturdays with the frequency increasing to daily service from October

 Whenever you hit the road on           Singapore Airlines to start 3 new services from Bangalore
 business, a certain mindset takes
 over. There are many important         The Singapore Airlines announced commencement of three additional services from
 details to be taken care of while      Bangalore from October 29, taking the number of flights from the city in a week to
 on the fly. Do you have a system       10. In addition to daily night flights, there will be day flights on every Monday, Friday
 for keeping track of your receipts,    and Saturday from Bangalore to Singapore and vice-versa
 for example, or a method of
 backing up the data on your
 laptop? Have you packed all the
 necessary cables, power cords          Air Arabia Starts Bangalore Service from 15 October
 and      re-chargers   for    your
 electronic gear? Here is a look at     UAE-based low-cost carrier Air Arabia will launch its flights to Bangalore on October
 five new products and services         15, its ninth destination in India. The flights will initially operate four times every
 designed to make your business         week between Bangalore and Air Arabia''s hub in Sharjah, and daily from October
 travel more productive and             29.

..Travel Blunder: Reservation Aggravation

 You slept through the alarm, your taxi was late, the traffic was a nightmare, you
 misread your itinerary: whatever the excuse, it's suddenly painfully obvious that
 you're about to miss your flight. By the time you arrive at the airport, the airline has
 declared you a no-show. You are likely be charged a penalty for changing your
 ticket plus you will have to wait in line as check-in agents try to accommodate you
 on a later flight. Worse, if you booked your own flight through a discount website it
 may come with so many restrictions that absolutely no changes or refunds are

 Solution? Book your trip through a UNIGLOBE Travel agent. As soon as you
 suspect you are not going to make it to the airport on time, call the agency or the
 24Hour UNIGLOBE Rescue Line. After quickly reviewing the fare you paid, your
 frequent flyer status and the airline's policy on ticket refunds, your agent can
 instantly book you a new flight thereby saving you the hassle of the waiting in long
 queues and uncertainty of dealing with check-in agents at the airport.

                                       ..At Your Leisure: Explore Shanghai with UNIGLOBE

                                        Shanghai a scintillating city is swirling with rapid cultural change. The largest city in
                                        China, Shanghai contains the most striking blend of oriental and western cultures
                                        and of the past and present. The city is the hotspot of modern China; a
                                        cosmopolitan city buzzing with the concept of 'lifestyle revolution', showcased in the
                                        architectural temples of art, fine dining and contemporary urban living on the Bund.

                                        To enjoy and explore this scintillating city, contact your UNIGLOBE agency for a
                                        personalized package
..Business Plus: Frequent Flier Miles …. Simplified

 A conservative estimate of the number of unused frequent flyer miles sitting in
 accounts around the world is a staggering 10 trillion. Chances are, if you fly regularly
 on business, a few of those miles belong to you. Most business travelers are
 members of at least two airline loyalty programs, and also accrue points through
 credit card use, hotel stays and car rentals. The question is, will you able to redeem
 them before they expire?

 UNIGLOBE has some answers

..How to get an Upgrade

Getting an upgrade is a rare commodity. How can you better your chances? If economy class is oversold, it's the business
traveler, usually a frequent flyer with elite status, who is upgraded to a seat in business or first, followed closely by a full-
fare passenger. If business is brisk and flights are operating at full capacity, the chances of receiving an upgrade might
seem slim no matter what your status.

Click here to learn how booking through UNIGLOBE can help improve your chances of getting an upgrade.

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