Troop's First Cookie Sale 2012 by wuyunyi


									              Troop’s First Cookie Sale 2012
Welcome to the Cookie Team! You are about to embark on a grand adventure
helping girls to run their very own Cookie Business. So let’s get started!

What should I do first?
If you haven’t already, complete these steps right away!
    1. Register as a Girl Scout for 2012 online. Go to for electronic
       links and instructions for this process.
    2. Complete the Volunteer Application & background screening process. You can find this form on our
       website ( Only complete your 1st time as a volunteer.
    3. Update your online record by selecting position code “Troop Product Sales –Cookies”. Find
       instructions on the Volunteer Network.
    4. Sign up for Training online beginning Nov. 1st at (click on Calendar).
    5. Schedule a Family Meeting with your parents & girls to talk about cookie goals. Family meetings
       should occur prior to training to help the Troop determine their initial order.

How will troops know how many cookies to order?
Many troops place an initial order for 80% of the cookies their troop plans to
sell and then get more cookies as they need them. To help you determine this amount, girls should set goals,
then troops should have family meetings to discuss the girl’s goals with the parents and set troop goals.
Troops may NOT set quotas for parents or collect payment in advance. The chart below may also help Troops
in deciding how many cookies to order. Remember, troops order cookies by the package. Each variety
must equal full cases of 12 packages. There are no limits (minimum or maximum) on initial orders!

 Average # Packages sold per Girl Scout in 2011
                                                                                                Peanut                    Peanut     Total
 Program        Thanks-       Shout                                               Thin          Butter         Caramel    Butter    Average
 Level           A-Lot        Outs          Lemonades          Shortbread         Mints         Patties        deLites   Sandwich   Per Girl
 Daisy             9              5               12               9               32              16              24       11        118
 Brownie           10             6               14               11              39              19              29       13        141
 Junior            11             6               16               11              42              20              32       14        152
 Cadette           10             6               16               11              42              20              35       14        154
 Senior            9              5               14               10              42              20              35       12        147
 Ambassador        13             6               17               12              51              25              46       15        185
The chart & formula are for informational purposes only. Troops should discuss girl goals with families before determining
the troop’s goal and placing their initial order and additional orders.

To estimate the number of cookies needed, you may wish to use the chart above and the formula below.
Numbers should be compared to the goals agreed upon at the Family Meeting to ensure you order the correct
amount of cookies for your Troop. A larger initial order means fewer times you will have to re-order and pick-
up additional cookies. Contact your Service Unit Cookie Manager for additional guidance.

                          __________ X __________ = _________ X ____% = __________
                          Program Level         # girls in Troop       packages           80%           initial order
                          Total Avg. per girl                                             for example

Bonus! Troops who place an initial order of 600 packages (50 cases) or more will receive a special Girl Scout
tablecloth – perfect for using at your booth sales!

  Girl Scouts of Orange County 9500 Toledo Way, Suite 100  Irvine, CA 92618   800.979.9444
When will I place my initial order?
Initial orders may be placed as soon as troops complete their training in December. They must be input into
Snap no later than midnight on January 9, 2012. Troops who place an initial order online by the deadline will
be able to distribute cookies to the girls prior to the 1st day of the sale. Troops who do not place initial orders by
the deadline will have to wait for the cupboards to open on February 1st.

How does “Cookies Now!” work?
Cookies Now! is the Easy! Fast! Fun! direct sale format for our Cookie Program.
   Easy! Girls have cookies on the 1st day of the sale – Sunday, January 29, 2012.
   Fast! Girls/parents make sales, deliver cookies & collect $ all at once.
   Fun! Girls learn essential skills while earning prizes, completing a community service project and helping
      all OC Girl Scouts, plus customers experience the instant gratification of enjoying their cookies right

What are the dates of the 2012 Cookie Program?
       January 9                       Troop Initial Order Placed in Snap (cookie software) by midnight
       January 10                      Troop Initial Order paperwork due to Service Unit by 9am
       January 26 – 28                 Service Unit deliveries & Troop cookie pick-up
       Sunday, January 29              Cookie program begins
       Wednesday, February 1           Cookie Warehouse, Cupboards & Jars open
       Friday, February 17             Booth sales begin
       Sunday, March 11                Cookie program ends

Where do I get more information?
      Visit our Blog at for daily updates, helpful hints and deadline reminders
      Visit the Website for Training info at (click on Calendar). Trainings are Dec.
       5-15, 2011 & volunteers register for the session that fits their schedule. Make-up sessions will be
       offered in January for newly formed troops.
      Visit the Volunteer Network. Your Service Unit Cookie Manager & Leaders can provide you with the
       ID and Password to access this protected site from the GSOC website.
      Contact your Service Unit Booth Sale Coordinator for information about booth sale lotteries to be
       held in December or January.
      Connect with your Service Unit Cookie Manager after your training is completed for materials and
       SNAP password so you can place your initial cookie order.
      Connect with your Troop Leaders to set a date for the family meeting, share program information and
       recruit other Troop Cookie Team members to support the girls.

Can troops get more cookies?
Yes! The Cookie Warehouse, Cupboards and Jars will be open beginning on February 1st for troops to order
and pick up more cookies. Locations will close gradually throughout the sale to consolidate inventory.

  Girl Scouts of Orange County 9500 Toledo Way, Suite 100  Irvine, CA 92618   800.979.9444

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