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									[Your Restaurant Name]                         Restaurant Startup Costs
FUNDING                                                Estimated       Actual       Under/(Over)
Investor Funding                                                                               {42}

        Owner 1                                             10,000          9,000          1,000      ← Amount to be contributed by an owner
        Owner 2                                              5,000          5,500           (500)
        Other                                                                                  -      ← Add above this line . Other Investor Funding (minority owners, etc)
                                   Total Investment         15,000         14,500            500

        Bank Loan 1                                                                             -     ← Funds available from Bank Loans
        Bank Loan 2                                                                             -
        Non Bank Loan 1                                                                         -     ← Add above this line. Funds available from other types of loans
                                        Total Loans                -            -               -
Other Funding
        Grant 1                                                                                 -     ← Funds from other sources such as Government grants.
        Other                                                                                   -     ← Add above this line . Funds from any other sources.
                               Total Other Funding                 -            -               -

Total FUNDING                                              15,000        14,500             500       ← Total Available Funds for Startup

COSTS                                                  Estimated       Actual       Under/(Over)
Fixed Costs
       Advertising for Opening                                                                  -     ← Initial advertising push. May include Grand Openings, Open Houses, etc.
       Basic Website                                                                            -     ← Design and creation of a basic website
       Brand Development                                                                        -     ← Creation of a Name, Logo and theme
       Building Down Payment                                                                    -     ← Down payment for the purchase of a building/land
       Building Improvements/Remodeling                                                         -     ← Sometimes referred to as Leasehold Improvements
       Business Cards/Stationery                                                                -     ← Business cards, letterhead, flyers, brochures, menus, etc.
       Business Entity                                                                          -     ← Creation of a business entity such as a Partnership, LLC or Corporation.
       Business Licenses/Permits                                                                -     ← City license, health permits, liquor permits, safety licenses, etc.
       Commercial Cooking Equipment                                                             -     ← Commercial grade ranges, ovens, fryers and more can be expensive. Make sure to include the little things like can openers, slicers, warmers, etc.
       Compliance Permits (Health, Safety, etc)                                                 -     ← Make sure you find out what local permits are required and how much they will cost you. The permits will force you to have certain kinds of equipment on site.
       Computer Hardware/Software                                                               -     ← Computers, printers, back up drives, networking hardware, industry specific software or custom software/database.
       Cutlery                                                                                  -     ← This would include cutlery for preparation as well as for guests.
       Decorating                                                                               -     ← Plants, pictures, window treatments, etc.
       Dishes/Glasses                                                                           -     ← Glasses, cups, bowls, plates. Don't forget to include racks and trays for storage and transport. Don't forget the bar area if applicable.
       Dishwasher                                                                               -     ← Health codes are fairly strict on the cleaning requirements. An industrial dishwasher may be necessary.
       Employee Uniforms                                                                        -     ← Whether custom or off the rack, uniform costs can add up.
       Fixture Installation                                                                     -     ← Installation of non permanent fixtures such as booths, free standing counters, etc.
       Fixtures/Counters                                                                        -     ← This can be a significant cost, depending on the size and type of restaurant.
       Franchise Start Up Fees                                                                  -     ← One time franchise startup fees
       Freezers/Refrigerators                                                                   -     ← Absolutely necessary. Make sure you purchase an adequate amount of storage space to handle growth.
       Internet Setup Deposit                                                                   -     ← Basic deposit on internet service and associated hardware
       Kitchen Supplies & Equipment                                                             -     ← All the little things you will need in the kitchen and/or bar.
       Lease Security Deposit                                                                   -     ← Deposit for lease of a building
       Legal/Professional Fees                                                                  -     ← Legal, accounting, etc.
       Linens                                                                                   -     ← Napkins, table cloths, towels, etc.
       Machines & Equipment                                                                     -     ← Scales, copiers, fax machines, dollies, packing machines, etc. Depends on your business.
       Menu Development                                                                         -     ← Includes design and printing of the menu as well as testing new recipes
       Office Furniture                                                                         -     ← Cubicles, desks, chairs, counters, display cases, storage racks
       Operating Cash (Working Capital)                                                         -     ← Cash reserve for normal business operations
       Point of Sale Hardware/Software                                                          -     ← cash drawers, point of sale software, receipt printers, bar code scanners, credit card machines
       Potential Market Surveys                                                                 -     ← Could include market research, taste testing surveys - anything to help you get things right.
       Prepaid Insurance                                                                        -     ← Certain types of insurance must be prepaid
       Public Utilities Deposits                                                                -     ← Deposit for public utilities such as water, gas and electricity.
       Reserve for Contingencies                                                                -     ← Desired amount of cash to be held in reserve for unforeseen costs and issues
       Salaries for Employee Trainers/Trainees                                                  -     ← It will take time to hire and train employees and you will need help doing it.
       Security System Installation                                                             -     ← Purchase and installation of a security system (if needed)
       Setup, installation and consulting fees                                                  -     ← Fees for consultants (Business, IT, Marketing) and setup of computers, equipment, etc.
       Signage                                                                                  -     ← This would include store front, window, door and street signs.
       Starting Inventory                                                                       -     ← Inventory required to open your doors
       Tables/Chairs                                                                            -     ← These can add up quickly.
       Telephone                                                                                -     ← Includes Cell Phones
       Tools & Supplies                                                                         -     ← Includes office suppliers, cleaning supplies, etc.
       Travel                                                                                   -     ← May include travel to visit suppliers or distributors.
       Travel to secure suppliers/distributors                                                  -     ← Depending on your menu, you may need to travel to suppliers and distributors to secure specialty ingredients or bulk items.
       Truck & Vehicle                                                                          -     ← Include any equipment or vehicles for any significant warehousing needs (forklifts, dollies, pallet jacks)
       Ventilation Equipment                                                                    -     ← This includes range covers and fire suppression equipment - required by law.
       Other 1 (specify)                                                                        -     ← Include lines items specific to your business.
       Other 2 (specify)                                                                        -     ← Add new lines above this line
[42]                               Total Fixed Costs               -            -               -
Average Monthly Costs
       Advertising (print, broadcast and Internet)                            -    ← Ongoing advertising and promotion costs
       Business Insurance                                                     -    ← Business insurance costs including building, inventory and liability.
       Business Vehicle Insurance                                             -    ← Insurance for your company vehicles
       Cleaning Services                                                      -    ← Can include dry cleaning, carpet cleaning or other services.
       Employee Salaries and Commissions                                      -    ← Do not forget to include any costs for employee benefits
       Equipment Lease Payments                                               -    ← Payments for equipment that is leased
       Inventory, raw materials, parts                                        -    ← Ongoing purchase of inventory and raw materials to keep your business running
       Franchise Fee                                                          -    ← Monthly franchise fees such as percentage of sales and marketing co-op fees.
       Health Insurance                                                       -    ← May be for the owners or all employees.
       Internet Connection                                                    -    ← Fee for having an internet connection to your building.
       Loan and Credit Card Interest & Principal                              -    ← Interest and principal payments on any loans or credit cards.
       Legal/Accounting Fees                                                  -    ← On going fees for taxes, payroll or other legal issues.
       Merchant Account Fees                                                  -    ← Fees for maintaining a merchant account (ability to accept and process credit and debit cards)
       Miscellaneous Expenses                                                 -    ← Other miscellaneous costs associated with your business
       Mortgage Payments                                                      -    ← Mortgage payments for land or buildings you have purchased
       Lease Payment                                                          -    ← Lease payment if you are leasing your facilities
       Owner Salary                                                           -    ← Don't forget contributions to retirement plans or HSAs.
       Payroll taxes or Self-employment tax                                   -    ← Self Employment and payroll taxes can add up and often have to be paid quarterly.
       Postage/Shipping Costs                                                 -    ← Includes shipping fees as well as packing supplies (boxes, filler, paper, tape)
       Security System Monthly Payment                                        -    ← Monthly fee for maintaining an alarm system.
       Supplies                                                               -    ← Any and all supplies including inks, toner, cleaning, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.
       Telephone                                            63        65     (2)   ← Also includes cell phones
       Travel                                                                 -    ← Travel such as site visits, sales calls, customer meetings.
       Public Utilities                                                       -    ← Water, gas, electricity, telephone
       Website Hosting/Maintenance                          24        24      -    ← Monthly fee for having your website hosted and maintained by a 3rd party
       Other 1 (specify)                                                      -    ← Include lines items specific to your business.
       Other 2 (specify)                                                      -    ← Add new lines above this line
                        Total Average Monthly Costs         87        89     (2)
                                x Number of Months           6                     ← Insert the estimated number of months until your company will have enough income to sustain itself.
                                 Total Monthly Costs       522       534    (12)

Total COSTS                                               522       534     (12)

SURPLUS/(DEFICIT)                                      14,478    13,966    512

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