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									   March 2011                                                                                 Vol. XV No. VIII

                                                       Presents the
                                          Musette Gazette

Mesmerizing music that portrays the wonderful human that Mario is.
He was born on October 5, 1951 in Valenzano, a small town near Bari in
southern Italy. His family emigrated to Valencia, Venezuela in 1959. His
brother, Ludovico, began studying the accordion while Mario watched and
listened and begged his father to let him also study this wonderful instrument.
After studying and practicing for hours and hours under his first teacher,
Franco Cupertino, he went on to study with Professor Miguel Casas Auge
from Spain. Later he studied with Professor Roberto Ruscitti for seven years.

He has performed in many countries, including Venezuela, Colombia, Swe-
den, Italy, Canada and all over the United States before settling in his present
home in Sugarland, Texas. He has honored us with his presence here at the
Arizona Accordion Club at least once a year for the past twelve or fourteen
years. He is currently President of the Houston Accordion Club.

                              And What About The MAY Meeting? MAY 16 IS JAM NIGHT!!

        Bring Your Accordion and Join US For an Old Fashioned Round of our own personal favorite songs.

                                                                  Rosie Ledet "The Zydeco Sweetheart"
                                                               Rosie Ledet has become the act to watch on the zydeco circuit.
                                                               Brimming with coy sensuality, Rosie's music is fresh and dar-
                                                               ing, while still retaining its links to its bayou Creole heritage.
                                                               Rosie has a rare combination of talent, not only in the zydeco
                                                               world, but in any musical genre. She can write top-notch award
                                                               winning songs. hand with the best of them on her instrument,
                                                               and can sing circles around her peers. Rosie is among the few
                                                               Zydeco artists who can still sing and write some of their own
                                                               material in Creole French.
                                                               Rosie Ledet and the Zydeco Playboys in Phoenix!
                                                               Wednesday, April 13 at 7:00 PM at the
                                                               Rhythm Room1019 E Indian School Road
                                                               Phoenix, AZ 85014 U.S.A.
Page 2                                                                      The Arizona Accordion Club
            MENU for April 18, 2011 - Spaghetti, Italian Sweet Sausage, Garden Salad, Garlic Bread

                     The entertainment began with John Trippon and his beautiful button box accordion. He played
                     “Clarinet Polka,” “Trumpet Echoes” and “Auf Der Autobahn.” Wow, what a neat way to begin a
                     night of great music! So nice to see and hear you
                     again, John.

                     Two students from the New World Educational
                     Center Charter School, Carlos Wulf and Charles
                     Shadden, played “Skating” - they were then
                     joined by Carlosʼ cousin, Aaron Dupuis, also a
                     student at the school, to play “Horse Sense” -
                     which they proceeded to
                     elaborate on by doing it as a ―round‖ with Jack
                     Dermody, their accordion teacher. Very nicely
                          done, boys. You too, Jack.

                          Now Domenic Feroce played “Westphalia
                          Waltz,” “Bionda Bella Bionda” and ended with “La Filandia.”
                          Thank you, Domenic - those were really pretty songs. We al-
                          ways enjoy you.

                          Pete Donatella introduced one of his young students, seven
                          year old Ian Rankin, who played a nice version of “Go
                          Away,” “Skating” and ended with “Horse Sense.” You're do-
                          ing so good, Ian. You kids have no idea what a pleasure it is to
                          hear you young people play for us!

                         Pete stayed up front, along with Jerry
                         Szymanski, also on accordion, and Carl
                         Nyberg on banjo to play three polkas,
                         “Castle Rock,” “Let's Have a Party” and
                         finished up with “Ooh, La La.” If you want
                         to hear some great polkas, these are the
                         guys to play them for you! We call Jerry
―The Polka Guy!‖ Thanks, guys !
And so it was time for our evening headliners - Kenny Brandt on
saxophone, Tony Sabo on accordion and Lou Pavlik on drums. They
played a wonderful variety of music, including Cleveland style polkas, waltzes, big band sounds,
                                              and lots of danceable, sing- a-long type songs. Oh,
                                              and these guys also do vocals! And really great, too!
                                              I'll try to list some of their selections - “Let Me Call
                                              You Sweetheart,” “Arriva Derci Roma,” “Give Me
                                              a Kiss,” “When I Saw You Standing There,”
                                              “Unforgettable,” “In The Mood,” “String of
                                              Pearls,” “Pennsylvania 5000,” “Chattanooga
                                              Choo Choo,” “Crying Time,” “Under the Double
                                              Eagle,” “Green Valley,” and “Memories of Vi-
                                              enna.” As you can imagine, a great many folks
                                              danced the night away. The rest of us just enjoyed
                                              the spectacular sounds coming from the sax with the
                                              accordion and drums as emphasis. What a show!
                                              Come back again, gentlemen!
The Arizona Accordion Club                                                                                                             Page 3
  Table of Contents
Our Guests Kenny Brandt, Tony Sabo Cover
                                                               President’s Message
President‘s Farewell Message          Page 3    I‘m going on sabbatical. Rose and I expect to travel a lot this summer. On top of that, my business, a
Our Meeting !                    Pages 2 , 11   teambuilding seminar company, is growing again quickly, so I must tend to it. Someone else will
Meeting Photos                       Page 4     lead the Arizona Accordion Club beginning in June of this year.                And that‘s a good
Meeting Photos                       Page 5     thing. I‘ve been the leader for four years. You hear about ―term limits‖ being a good thing and, I
Accordion Instructors, repairs       Page 6     agree, term limits are a very good thing. You get rusty. You run out of fresh ideas. You put an or-
Upcoming Events                       Page 6    ganization at risk for getting into a rut.Any of our board members would make a great leader, as
Come Hear Us Play                    Page 7     would quite a few members.
Classifieds                           Page 8
Some Sponsors                         Page 9    I am so grateful to so many of you. The man Pete Donatella, club treasurer from day one
Accordion Idol                      Page 10     about 14 years ago delivers dependability and support and kindness like no other.
Meeting location Map             Back Cover
Membership Form                  Back Cover     Vice-President Jerry Szymanski is the quiet one – but what a stalwart, likable, and per-
                                                fect team player. Whether he plays in the ensemble, plays out at our gigs, or takes photos
                                                at the meetings.
       Meeting Place
                                                Secretary Leigh Dechaine – another old-timer on the board – keeps the conversations
                                                lively, the ideas flowing, and the decisions well-planned and careful in their implementa-
        St. Stephen’s Hall                      tion, and let‘s not forget the Accordion Festival he puts together each fall at St. Luke‘s
        8141 North 16th Street
         Phoenix, AZ 85020                      Elmer Faser, now head of the Scholarship Committee, truly cares about accordion
           (602) 997-4563                       students , keeps the scholarship administration fair and generous, and has been a best
      Third Monday of the Month                 emcee at our meetings.
      Meeting Begins at 6:30 PM
         Meeting Ends at 9:00                   Ted Lee is the hardest-working member of the club: whether he works on a fundraiser,
                                                helps the kids at the NWEC school, sets up the sound system, plays out to make money
                                                for the club, or needs to be a cheerleader – Ted is the very best and a great friend to any-
            Officers                            one who is lucky enough to have him for a friend.

President Jack Dermody                          Chuck Voinovich rarely misses a regular meeting, brings his family, and has spot-on
(602) 237-5627                                  ideas for good meetings. Paul Betken brings careful thought, excellent research, and bal-
Vice President Jerry Szymanski                  ance to our decision-making – his legal background helps the club‘s leaders make sound
( 480) 488-0949                                 decisions and to trust its higher angels.
Secretary Leigh Dechaine                        Jay Stevens – Mr. Can-Do – runs rings around the rest of us in organizing gigs, setting
(623) 582-3746                                  up equipment, delivering an amazing yearly picnic, sitting in our bands and ensembles to
Treasurer Pete Donatella                        make us sound high-energy with his bass, guitar, and accordion – and he always makes
(623) 877-1846                                  us ―cut to the chase‖ in making smart decisions for the present and future of the club.

                                                Dionne Hauke is the club‘s mom and the club‘s muse – offering her business premises
      Board Of Directors                        for all kinds of events that include board meetings, lessons, one-on-one therapy, free
                                                repairs for student accordions, super discounts on musical stuff, the headquarters for our
Jerry Szymanski       ( 480) 488-0949           newsletter and website – this list is ENDLESS.
Paul Betken            (480) 755-3539
                                                Cindy and Joe Geremia have gifted this club hundreds of hours of logistics and photog-
Chuck Voinovich        (480) 451-4416           raphy services for many, many years. All with generosity and pure selflessness. In recent
Dionne Hauke           (602) 266 9622           years, our “den mother” and key inspiration has been none other than Raye Donatella
Ted Lee                (623) 444-5106           whose spirit and high energy have made the entrance gate at our meetings a first-class
Jay Stevens            (602) 819-5505           welcome stand.
Elmer Faser    Scholarship Chairman
                                                Sal and Florella Genco are so gentle, and very, very friendly. Those two provide impor-
                                                tant services month after month: Sal who creates the very large collection of videos from
         Bulletin Staff                         our meetings, and Florella with the very tedious task of mailing
                                                out our newsletters. And sharing duties at our meetings include
                                                Rose Dermody, Connie Stevens, Joanne Robinson, Earl Rob-
Dionne Hauke Editor                             inson, Barbara Bednar, Gunn Magnusen, and a few others.
Raye Donatella Seasoned Pro Reporter
Florella Genco Distribution                     If I have not mentioned your name, please consider forgiving me.
Zophie Still Photos                             The core workers of our club are more than a handful, you can
Jerry Szymanski Still Photos                    see, and the club is as good as it is because of the dedication of
Sal Genco Video Camera                          these people.                  ~ Jack
Page 4   The Arizona Accordion Club
The Arizona Accordion Club                                                            Page 5
                                                                   Silent Reeds

                                                                  GENE FIORAMONTI

                                                         His body has been donated to science
                                                         and there will be a memorial service for
                                                         family only. If you wish to send condo-
                                                         lences to either Karen or Marietta, please
                                                         find their addresses below. I‘m sure they
                                                         both appreciate your keeping them and
                                                         their family in your thoughts and

                                                         Karen Fioramonti
                                                         9327 West Garnette Drive
                                                         Sun City, AZ 85373

                                                         Marietta Raymond
                                                         20401 North 6th Drive, Unit 4
                                                         Phoenix, AZ 85027

    Newsletter Inputs ? Please send them care of Jack at
 Page 6                                                                                     The Arizona Accordion Club
                                                        Lessons and Repairs
    Piano Accordion Instructors:
  Pete Donatella 623 877-1846
  Anthony Rolando 216-470-8463
                                                         Estimates always free
  And Piano,/Organ
  Dr. Van Orden                                             Ziggie’s Music
  623 203 7909 and Chromatic B System                        602 266 9622
  Jack Dermody 602 237 5627
  Joanne Drum 480 994-4698
                                                         3309 North 3rd Street
  Tony Putrino 480 483-3943                            Phoenix, AZ 85012-2301
   Bonnie Bingener                            
  602-279-0378 and Piano
  Joan Monti 602-923-3856                              Mondays - Saturdays 10-6
     Button Accordion Instructor
  Tony Longoria ( Él habla español )                             Coolidge                             Helping to build a better club
  602 718 4058 Acordeon Also Bajo Sexto                                                               The Arizona Accordion Club isn‘t just a
                                                              Timothy Gomez                           organization. It is a group full of people who
  y Bajo Quinto y Bass Guitar.
                                                              1 520 510 9317                          make it special.

                                                            MARIO PEDONE BIO
His first teacher was Franco Cupertino, Mario devoted at least 4 to 5 hours per day Practicing the accordion. After few years Professor Miguel Casas
Auge from Spain and Founder of the Valencia Accordion Club and also conductor of the Valencia Symphony Orquesta assumed Mario's accordion edu-
cation. he was fallowed by Professor Roberto Ruscitti, a renowed classical accordionist who took care of his education for the next 7 years.

On march 24 - 1972, Mario graduated as a Concertista from the School Academia de Acordeon Smith, directed by Roberto Ruscitti. In March 1974 he
earned a Cum Laude diploma in accordion from the same school. On April 30 - 1976 he graduated with a degree of Professor of Accordion.
After graduation he founded his own accordion school, Academia Latina de Acordeon were he had over 125 students. most of his former students are
now playing professionally.

Mario was a member of the Valencia Accordion Club and Co-founder of the Orquesta Latina Together with famous Spanish singer Esteban Abarca. The
orquesta Latina Performed all over Venezuela. Also has won numerous championships with both, Accordion and Organ. In 1981 in search for better
future, Mario moved to Sugar Land, Texas USA with His wife Marbella and children. He has performed professionalyy in many Countries including
Colombia, Venezuela, Sweden, Italy, and canada. Mario has his own recording studio in Sugar Land, TX were he has arranged and recorded hundreds of
tunes including many of his own compositions. His musical range includes, but is not limited to Classical, Latin, European, American Standards. He also
produce CDs, background music for other musicians and singers. In 2002 and 2003 Mario was invited to perform in the famous Accordion Festival cele-
brated in Ransäter, Sweden having a big success, one of Mario‘s composition Bergen‘s polka is well known in the Scandinavian Countries. Others per-
formances include: San Antonio Accordion Club in Texas, special performance sponsor by Jack Stankus in Austin, TX, National Accordion Convention
in Dallas, TX, Arizona Accordion Club, Accordion Smash in Orlando, FL, Oklahoma Accordion Club, TV Channel 22 in Houston, TX, Las Vegas Ac-
cordion Convention, Salt Lake Accordion Club in Utah, Accordion by the Sea Festival in Victoria, BC Canada, Performance in Montreal Canada, Ac-
cordion Club in Natick Massachusetts , Viking Hull in Massachusetts, Accordion Connection in Concorde, NH, Ageless Dreamer in Dover, NH, Accor-
dion Festival in Kimberley BC Canada, Calgary AB Canada and performance with the Houston Symphony.

On December 14, 2003 Mario founded the Fort Bend County Accordion Club, in December 2004 the Club sponsored the first great accordion concert in
Sugar Land, TX featuring: Frank Marocco, Anatoly Yegorov, Mario Pedone and Singer Liberty Palileo. On February 2007 the Houston, Fort Bend and
Bay Area Accordion Clubs sponsored an Accordion Concert Tribute to the Great musician JOE VENTO. At the moment Mario holds the Position of
President of Houston Accordion Club.

                                                              Honorary Members
     Art Van Damme * Dick Contino *Dr. John Van Such * Art Metzler * Lenny Simmons
         Frank Yankovic * John Cesinger *Joe Kino * Helen Criscio * Flaco Jimenez
       Tony Lovello * Frank Marocco * Anthony Galla-Rini * Myron Floren * Al Monti
The Arizona Accordion Club                                                                                                                   Page 7

                                                            Come Hear Us Play
                                                                                            Elmer Faser and Duane Tendick :
                                                                                            Haus Murphy’s
                                                                                            5739 West Glendale Avenue
                                                                                            Glendale Arizona 85301
                                                                                            623 939-2480
                                                                                            Every Friday and Saturday 6:00 to 8:00

                                                                                            Augie Figurelli:
    Bob Doszak                                                                              WILL BE at Vincitorio's 02/05/2011, at 6:00pm,
    Music for all Occasions                                                                 Will NOT be at Vincitorio's on 02/06/2011.
    *** Single **Duo ** Trio***                                                             (
    Bookings, Info 480-982-0252
                                                                                            Check for performance schedule and exceptions.
                                                                                            Vincitorio's Restaurant (480.820.2786)
                                                                                            Thursdays 6:00pm - 8:30pm
    Tony Putrino                                                                            Sundays 5:30pm - 8:00pm
                                                                                            1835 E. Elliot Road, C-109 - Tempe, AZ
    Bill Regina :                                                                           ( )
    Black Forest Haus
    4900 E. Indian School Rd.                                                               Paddy’s Peg Leg
    Phoenix, AZ 602-938-3679
    Every Friday and Saturday
    6:00 to 9:00

    John Smoltz :
    480-575-0534 480-575-6996

                         DVD’s of Club Meetings are available.
    ―All Arizona Accordion Club Meetings and sponsored events are copyrighted by
    the Board of the Arizona Accordion Club and are for the private use of our audi-
    ence. Any other use of these programs or of any pictures, descriptions or accounts of
    the Arizona Accordion Club meetings, events and it‘s performers, without a written
    approval of consent by the Arizona Accordion Club Board, is Prohibited‖
 Page 8                                                                            The Arizona Accordion Club
                                                    Musical Items For Sale:
  Accordions For Sale                        Paid $3500.00 for this "Like new" Castig-      Proteus/1 XR Module, model 9011, $75
  Too Many to list, Key and Button Styles. lione 120 bass accordion, black, with 9          Carl Nyberg 480 982-1479
  Gabacho Bob 623 780 3622                   treble and 3 bass switches and a 19" key-
                                             board asking 2500.00 OBO call                  ACCORDIONS & KEYBOARDS
  Samson Wireless system. Amplify your 480-629-8648 Jean Moore in Gilbert, AZ     
  accordion without having to deal with a                                                   Phone 727 443 4113. Cell 727 417 6099
  cable to trip over. This is what I used on Plectrum Banjo, included Stand, Case, Extra
  my accordion. It works great. Cost for a String Set. $500.00. John 602-539-3475.
  new unit is about $260. Selling this one                                                  Excelsior Symphony Made In New
  for $130. Todd Hagen 623-582-5852                                                         York. MIDI is installed. 4/6 sets of hand-
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                                             model P-800 which had 4/4 sets of reeds or     made reeds. Sano Amplification. Excel-
  Custom Model Polytone "Polka King"                                                        lent Condition. $3200.00 Free Shipping.
                                             a model AM1100 an S-2000 Midi.
   Musette accordion 41 / 120                                                                and
                                             Have one for sale? Contact Norbert
  4/5 sets of Handmade reeds                                                                Iorio "K" Series ReedLess ( 15 lbs. )
                                             Ludewig. 908-889-8476, 973-792-4661. 2
  Black with Rhinestones                                                                    accordion with Music Tech Midi
                                             Ridge Way, Fanwood, NJ 07023
  Excellent Condition                                                                       Controller plus built-in sounds.
  Best offer over $2,000.00                                                                 Like New Condition. $2650.00
  Contact "DOC" 602-633-1558                 Cordovox, recently tuned.
                                                                                            Free Shipping
                                             GC 2 row Accordion $250.00.
  Crucianelli "Panitalia" Black accordion    Ed Mikulich 623 362 1525
                                                                                            I‘m looking for a copy of „Brazilian
  41 treble / 120 bass 10 / 7 switches                                                      Samba”. If you can accommodate me, I
  Mint Condition Best offer over $1750.00 Guerrini Polka Box - Rhinestones - $2100          shall be in your debt forevermore.
  Contact "DOC" 602-633-1518              Korg rotating sound machine - $250                Joanne Drum 480 994 4698
                                          Crate Amp - 15" speaker - $300
  Imperial Musette Accordion, like new     Selmer Model 80 Tenor Sax - $2900                Looking for Chromatic accordion,
  with pickup. Only $350.00 !             Noblette Clarinet - $350                          C-system, 17lbs or less. Steve W at
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   480 830 8766 Glenn Tompkins            Petosa 800 Midi, $2700
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                                          Dry tuned. Straps and case. $450 OBO
  Excelsior Midi with Xetron X4 module. Jean T 570 972-6434

  Eduardo. 480 661-7750.                     WOULD YOU LIKE TO DONATE?                       Arizona Accordion Club is in need of ac-
                                             cordions, music, and music stands for begin-
  RICHILIEU - Mint Rubell 4 String           ners. Tax deductible receipt.

Ad Policy For Display ads, Arizona Accordion club members pay the lower price:
Business card Size $5.00 or $8.00 Quarter page $10.00 or $16.00 Half page $20.00 or $32.00 Full page 40.00 or $64.00
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   Find Updates and features on upcoming meetings and highlights of our great guest performers. The Club Performers link offers Photos and
   bios of some of our regular players. Arizona Accordion Club members are encouraged to send their info to
     Check the slide show for photos from recent Arizona Accordion Club meetings.
Page 10                                                       The Arizona Accordion Club

                             Pete's outing as the first
                             Accordion Idol contestant
                             The attendees cast votes on a
                             rating of 1-5 in 3 categories:
                             Musicianship, Entertainment,
                             Pete delivered a splendid
                             performance - gently but
                             quickly casting a spell over
                             his audience with melodies
                             familiar to everyone in the
                             audience. Few people may
                             also know that Pete is quite
                             the comedian - informing,
teasing, and connecting personally to many folks in the

For dates and times Check this flyer out ——>

Remaining PLAYERS:
Anthony Rolando,
Bob Doszak,
Todd Hagen,
Josip Baginac.
The Arizona Accordion Club                                                                  Page 11
                                    Dr. Howard Van Orden with
                                    his Roland accordion followed
                                    next, accompanied by his vocal-
                                    ist, Darcy Welch. They played
                                    and vocalized to “Moonlight
                                    Serenade,” “Iʼm Confessing,”
                                    “Iʼm In the Mood For Love,” “I
                                    Donʼt Know Why,” “Cuddle Up
                                    a Little Closer,” a polka “In
                                    Heaven There Is No Beer,”
                                    “The Sweet Nearness of You,”
                                    “Blue Skirt Waltz,” Just Be-
                                    cause,” ―When the Saints Go
                                    Marching In‖ and lots more.
                                    That was really good, Howard
                                    and Darcy. Thank you both

                     Now our old friend, Todd Hagen came up and finished up the nightʼs festivities with
                     his special brand of talent and humor. He began by playing and singing “Somewhere
                     Over the Rainbow,” “Ghost Riders In the Sky,” “Sweet Georgia Brown,” “At Last,”
                     “Hoop De Doo” polka, and ending with my favorite song that he does “The Auction-
                     eer.” I love the way he does that!! Todd, you're the consummate entertainer! Come
                     back again soon—we miss you!

                     Well, that was a really great evening of entertainment.
                     I'll put in a ‗as my Dad always said‘ ―The wages of sin are unreported.‖
                     That seems especially appropriate given that it's tax time!
                     ( I say ―Quit Before Pay Day.‖ The Editor)

                     See you on April 18th
4416 North 102nd Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85037

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Include this form with $25.00 for one-year membership
fee payable to: Arizona Accordion Club.
Send to Arizona Accordion club, c/o Pete Donatella,
4416 N. 102nd Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85037.

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