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1 Crib


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									                                       1 Crib

Any parent would want nothing but ensure the welfare of their kids but dangers are just
everywhere and they may hide even on place you least expect like the crib for example. Are
you eyeing to get a 3 in 1 crib? Then it is advisable to go for one which was manufactured
after September 1986. Yes, despite the fact that second-hand ones are cheaper, still you
don't want to compromise your budding glory's safety. Be reminded that cribs which was
created before the date had failed to pass the strict standards that are being followed these
days thus they may put your infant at great perils. Check for the label that provides the
date of manufacture. Never attempt to use one in case you can't see that label. What are
some of the perils that be given by those cribs? oSuffocation after being trapped in the
middle collapsed mattresses. oSuffocation because their head was struck within the 3 in 1
crib after the body slipped into the slats. oBabies that end up being strangled because their
dress was caught into the posts after climbing. oSuffocation given by broken parts that were
missing and which the baby tries to eat. To ensure the 3 in 1 crib safety, go for one with
mattress support system which is bolted or placed securely within the end panel so that the
possibilities of being collapse are highly reduced. The height must be fixed even without the
help of a tool. You could also ensure that the crib is not broken, has missing parts, or even
cracked. The metals must be free from any sharp edges and burrs as well as no loose bolts
or nuts are present. In case your crib is already broken, never self-experiment. You should
only make use of parts that were provided by the original manufacturer and never attempt
to use mismatched parts. As parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that sides are locked
thoroughly. If your kid is becoming out of control, never attempt to harness them into the
crib since they could strangle while they are aiming for a climb. Instead, just bring them
with you. Do not place necklaces, scarves, or any elastic material on the crib since this may
poses the risk for strangulation. Remember that kids normally get curious on tings that are
new for them. If you have mobiles, it should not be within their reach.

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