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Use this agreement when your Small Business is purchasing real

The following text of a RESOLUTION of the Board of Directors should
be reviewed, edited, and inserted into the Minutes of the Meeting of
the Board of Directors of your corporation along with supporting
language.         If the property is acquired for terms other than cash
(e.g., financed with loan proceeds) a separate board resolution
should be gained for this purpose.

[Find, then fill-in, or delete text in brackets like this: “[NNN]”

If there are dates in this document, they will automatically change to today’s date.

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Otherwise the following text should be reviewed and edited as needed:

        Agreement of August 20, 2012, Page 1
                                              BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                            [NAME OF CORPORATION] “CORPORATION”
                              CONSENT TO PURCHASE REAL PROPERTY

WHEREAS, the Board of Directors deems it desirable and in the best interests of this Corporation to
enter into an agreement and to purchase that real certain property located at [FULL ADDRESS] (the

It is therefore RESOLVED, that this Corporation acquire the Property for a price of approximately
$[TARGET PURCHASE PRICE] but varying from this amount not more than 10%, the exact price
and additional terms and conditions as the [OFFICER] of the Corporation may, in his or her best
judgment for the benefit of the Corporation deem advisable.

It was RESOLVED FURTHER, that the officers of this Corporation are hereby authorized and
directed to execute, on behalf of this Corporation and in its name as purchaser, any and all agreements,
certificates, declarations, licenses, and other documents, all as required in connection with the purchase
of the Property.

       Agreement of August 20, 2012, Page 2

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