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This agreement about time and materials should be used when
contracting a person or company to do work for you.

The following text of the agreement should be reviewed and
edited to fit your purposes.                   Please file the completed
document for your records.

[Find, then fill-in, or delete text in brackets like this: “[NNN]”

If there are dates in this document, they will automatically change to today’s date.

For additional assistance or
call 888/872-6601)

Otherwise the following text should be reviewed and edited as needed:
[Your Company Letterhead]

Date: Monday, August 20, 2012
This Offer is valid until: [DATE]
Project: [PROJECT]

We intend to:


We intend to complete the aforementioned work on an hourly basis plus expenses as
listed below:
   1.   Labor rates: Personnel shall be compensated for their time at the rates listed

                Category                                      Rate
                ______________________________                _________________
                ______________________________                _________________
                ______________________________                _________________
                ______________________________                _________________

   2.   Materials: The materials used to complete this project shall be invoiced to you at a
        later time and you agree to pay for these materials promptly.
   3.   Invoices: All payments shall be due no later than upon receipt. Any payments not
        cared for within [N] days will be subject to a late fee of [N]% per month.

Acceptance of Agreement
The aforementioned price, specifications and conditions are agreeable and are hereby
approved. You are authorized to complete the project as agreed upon. Payment will be
made as listed above.

Buyer’s signature: ____________________________ Date: ______________________
An authorized representative of: (Name of Client, if a business)
Title ___________________

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