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               Chapter #12
       Office Information System
                    Presented by: M.Aatif Aneeq
                  Presented to: sir, Ahmad Tisma

               Office Automation
• Computer technology has helped to
  dramatically increase productivity in office.
• This movement towards automation in
  office tasks is often called office
• It consist of:
   – New hardware and software technologies
   – Word processor , spreadsheet packages,
   – Email etc…

         Office and Office Systems
• Basic nature of office work change has
  changed dramatically over a past 50
• In mid 1960’s Only typewriters, phone,
  copying machines electronic adding
  machines were standard office equipment.
• Now a days due to computer system in
  office, workers have powerful tool that
  make them more effective.

• e.g. Word processing and desktop
  publishing make information much easier
  to find and modify.
• Spreadsheet packages help manager
  make decisions that are more informed
  than using less powerful calculators.

           The Nature of the office
• Definition of office: Generally an office is
  the place where staff and line
  professionals, secretaries and clerks
  perform management and administrative
• Work performed by office worker is called
  white collar work.

                  Office workers
• 5 types of workers can be found in the
• Spent lot of time in planning, coordinating
  and controlling the activities of other
• E.g: Chief executive officers
• Vice president
• Head

               Staff Professionals
• Support the activity of managers.
• Their role is mostly one of planning,
  analyzing and informing management of
  their findings.
• Means they have no direct line

               Line Professionals
• Include salespeople and purchasing
• Typically interact daily with outside groups
  as the firm’s customers and suppliers.
• The perform such support tasks as typing,
  filing, answering phone, and keeping
  appointment calendars .

             Clerical Professional
• Not assigned to
  anyone in particular,
  generally, they
  support the entire
• Clerical tasks are
  filing, typing and
  assisting in report

                    Office Work
5 general categories.
• Decision Making: Main job of
  manager is to make decisions.
  Staff Professional assist managers
  in this activity.
• Data Manipulation: Preparing lists
  and numbers to present at
  meetings or discuss wit clients over
  the phone. (Data Manipulation)
• Either manually or by computer.

                   Office Work
• Document handling: Done
  by secretarial personnel,
  clerical personnel and line
• Taking dictation
• Subsequently typing a letter
  from it
• Prepare written budget

• Workers spent lot of time in
  meetings or on telephone.
• Managers almost spent 50 %
  of their time in communication
• Keep accurate records.
• E.g: Shipping office computer

    Types of Office Automation Sys
•   Document Management System
•   Message handling System
•   Teleconferencing system
•   Office support sytem

     Document Management System
1. Word Processing
2.   Desktop Publishing
3.   Image Processing
4.   Reprographics
5.   Archival Storage

             Word Processing
• Software packages that turn a computer system
  into a powerful typing tool.
• Most widely used
• Well recognized office system technology
• Hardware and software
• Create documents
• Can change without retyping the entire
  document .
• Easy to insert a word, sentence, or paragraph in
  the middle of a document.

          Word Processing (con)

• Save documents; Secondary storage
• Can send the file to a printer to get a
• May use for preparing taxes, find records
  from files.
• Can send your written document via email.
• E.g: MS word, WordPerfect, Ami Pro, Mac
   Write, Word Star, Just Write. Edit Pro Etc…

            Can send file via email

  Shared word-processing system
• Shared word-processing system.
• Many users can access modify same
  document simultaneously.
• E.g:

  Shared word-processing system

    Document is shared with many peoples

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