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					       “THE LETTER” E-Newsletter April 2012
                  First Baptist Church Of Spring Hope
                              111 North Walnut Street
                               Spring Hope, NC 27882

            Pastor: Kevin Moore                  Ministers of Music: Craig and Linda Johnson
       Cell Phone: 919-943-2390                           Home: 252-235-5708

          Church Secretary: Jennifer Edwards           Church Phone: 252-478-3221

                               Coffee & Fellowship - 9:30 a.m.
                               Sunday School - 10:00 a.m.
                               Worship Service - 11:00 a.m.

                                USHERS FOR APRIL
                           Merle Cale (Head) Steven May
                               Al Pitts Stuart Parker

1st Communion                                         1st Allison Pitts
8th In Loving Memory of Mr. Braxton Wilder            8th Nicole Moss
15th In Honor Of Mr. And Mrs. J.C. Womble             15th Tori Parker
22nd OPEN                                             22nd Stephanie Moss
29th OPEN                                             29th Allison Smith

                              APRIL BIRTHDAYS
             April 3rd Tommy May                      April 25th Kendall Parker
             April 4th Mattie Ruth Driver             April 28th Eula Brantley
             April 14th Ronnie Proctor                April 29th Drake Smith, Carolyn Cale,
             April 21st Bettye Claire May             Rochelle Baker
                                                      April 30th Elizabeth Reeves

             At 6:15 p.m. every Wednesday:         Bible Study in fellowship hall

         At 7 p.m. every Wednesday:            Adult Choir Practice in fellowship hall

Newsletter Calendars
If there should be any changes to the Newsletter calendars, please contact Gene Knight - 478-3064.

FBC Baptist Men
The Baptist Men will have a fellowship meal and planning meeting at 6:30 pm on April 3rd. All men
are encouraged to attend!

Wednesday Night Service April 4th
No Meeting or Choir Practice.

Tenebrae Service
We will meet for a Tenebrae Service on Maunday Thursday, April 5th at 7 pm.

Church Offices will be closed on Good Friday, April 6th. HAPPY EASTER!

Community Sunrise Service
Please come and join us for a great time to fellowship with our community friends at a Sunrise Service
at Spring Hope Memorial Cemetery at 7am.

Following the Sunrise service we will meet for coffee and fellowship. Our Easter Cantata will begin at
11am. Please come for a time of awesome gratitude to our Risen Lord and Savior …Jesus Christ!

Quarterly Business Meeting
We will meet for a Quarterly Business Meeting on Wednesday, April 11th at 6:30pm.

Faith Christian Ministries
Faith Christian Ministries will host a Fashion Show in the fellowship hall on Saturday, April 14th. This
will be an all day event. Come support the Faith Christian Ministries!

             ~~~~~~~~~ NEWSLETTER DEADLINE – April 16th ~~~~~~~~~

Diaconate Supper
Come join us for our annual Diaconate Supper on Thursday, April 19th at 6:30pm.

Fifth Sunday Fellowship Meal
The youth will be serving the Fifth Sunday Fellowship Meal on April 29th. This meal will be served in
an effort to continue to raise funds for this summer's Mission Trip. Please plan to join us for a meal and
a time of fellowship! Watch your upcoming bulletins for details and sign up information for the meal.
The youth committee thanks you for your support!
WMU News
We will again collect food and other items in a “Food Roundup” for the Baptist Children’s Home. There
will be a box in the Fellowship Hall to place food and other needed items in. Please help again this year.

Our group plans to remember our shut- ins with cards and visits.

There were only four women at our last meeting. Please join us on the second Tuesday night each
month at 7 pm. You will be blessed and so will we.
                                    April 2012
     Sunday       Monday       Tuesday   Wednesday           Thursday             Friday             Saturday
       1          2            3         4                  5                 6                  7
Holy Communion    Deacons                No                 Maundy            Good Friday
Palm Sunday       Meeting                Wednesday          Thursday
                  7:00 pm                Night Bible                          OFFICES
Hand Bell                                Study or Choir     Tenebrae          CLOSED
Practice                                 Practice           Service
6pm                                                         7:00 pm
                                         WMU Annual
                                         Spring Meeting
                                         6:15 pm at
                                         (Tentative Date)

8                 9            10        11                 12                13                 14
Community                      WOM       Quarterly                                               Faith Christian
Sunrise Service                Meeting   Business                                                Ministries
                               7:00 pm   Meeting                                                 Fashion Show
Easter Sunday                            7pm                                                     (All day event)

15                16           17        18                 19                20                 21
                  Newsletter             Bible Study        Diaconate         Missions
                  Deadline               6:15 pm            Supper – 6:30     Extravaganza
                                                            pm                @ Ridgecrest
                                         Adult Choir                          April 20th -22nd
                                         7:00 pm

22                23           24        25                 26                27                 28
                                         Bible Study        Faith Christian
                                         6:15 pm            Ministries
                                         Adult Choir
                                                            12noon- 5pm
                                         7:00 pm

29                30
Youth Luncheon
                                            May 2012
    Sunday            Monday           Tuesday       Wednesday          Thursday        Friday        Saturday
                                   1             2                 3               4             5
                                                 Prayer Meeting
                                                 6:15 pm

                                                 Adult Choir
                                                 Practice - 7:00

6                 7                8             9                 10              11            12
                  Deacons          WOM Meeting   Prayer Meeting    Annual Cullom
                  Meeting          7:00 pm       6:15 pm           Supper - 6:30
                  7:00 pm                                          pm

                                                 Adult Choir
                                                 Practice - 7:00

13                14               15            16                17              18            19
MOTHER’S DAY                                     Prayer Meeting
                                                 6:15 pm
Mother’s Day
Breakfast –                                      Adult Choir
9:30am                                           Practice - 7:00

20                21               22            23                24              25            26
                  Newsletter                     Prayer Meeting                                  Kevin out of
                  Deadline                       6:15 pm                                         Town for
                                                                                                        th    th
                                                                                                 May 26 -27
                                                 Adult Choir
                                                 Practice - 7:00

27                28               29            30                31
Day of            MEMORIAL DAY
Pentecost         OFFICES CLOSED

Kevin out of
Town for
       th    th
May 26 -27
The Pastor’s
Easter Message

One of my fondest memories of growing up was being outdoors with my father. Besides the pollen,
spring was one of the best times to be out in the woods. All the trees are in bloom. Yellow poplars
spring forth big, orange flowers. Redbud trees turn purple for some odd reason. Perhaps “purple-bud”
trees would be too hard to say. Red maples show off their bright red hues amongst a backdrop of
emerging green leaves of other bushes and trees.

        One of the trees my dad always pointed out to me in the spring was the dogwood. Of course, the
dogwood bloom is the North Carolina State Flower. Maybe that is one reason why he wanted to me to
recognize the dogwood. But then he would tell me a story passed down to him from his mother, which
was probably passed down to her throughout many generations as well. We would concentrate on the
dogwood bloom comprised of four white petals. My dad would point out how the tip of each petal was
tinted red. He would go on to say the flower was a constant reminder to my grandmother about
Easter. It reflected a form of the cross to her, and the red color reminded her of Jesus’ wounds. The
white recognized our salvation through Christ’s death and resurrection. My dad noted that the
dogwoods all seemed to bloom right before Easter. This year in Spring Hope, the dogwoods are right
on time.

       Easter is a time of remembrance, repentance, and celebration. Take time to study the Gospels
this Easter. Read over the stories of Christ’s trial, crucifixion, and resurrection in Matthew, Mark, Luke,
and John. They all give different angles of the same basic story. We have to take time to think about
some changes that may need to occur in order to deeply grasp the events of the cross and what that
means to our lives. Most of all, on Easter Sunday we need to celebrate the risen Christ! Our church and
community provides many different opportunities for times to remember, repent, and celebrate this
Easter season. Make arrangements in your schedule to attend some of the events. And let us celebrate
the goodness of life Easter brings!

                                                                                In Christ,
                                                                                Kevin Moore

                                    Holy Week of Easter
                  April 1st – Palm Sunday. Celebration of Holy Communion.

                  April 5th – Maundy Thursday. Tenebrae Service at 7 PM.

                  April 8th – Easter Community Sunrise Service.

Spring Hope Memorial Cemetery (Off Webb’s Mill Road) at 7 AM. Rain location at First Baptist-Spring
              April 8th – Easter Cantata Service at 11 AM.
“He Will Swallow Death Up Forever!”
            Isaiah 25:8
    Deadline for entries in “THE LETTER” E-Newsletter: The 3rd Monday of each month.
      Printed copies are available in the church Fellowship Hall and the Sanctuary.

                          Newsletter prepared by Jennifer Edwards

If you are not currently receiving “THE LETTER” E-Newsletter via email and wish to do so,
 please contact Jennifer Edwards at (252) 478-3221 or

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