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									     Saving the Frog:
A landmark learning experience
       for humankind

          June 18, 2007
One Voice…One Message
   Many agencies:
       The World Conservation Union’s (IUCN) Species Survival
        Commission (SSC), Conservation Breeding Specialist Group
        (CBSG), and Amphibian Specialty Group (ASG)
       World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA)
       Regional zoo associations in North America, Europe, Africa,
        Australasia, Central and South America and more
       Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), International
        Council of Museums (ICOM), IAC/IAF
       International Species Information System (ISIS)
   Coming together to create one entity:
       Amphibian Ark
   To launch:
       2008: Year of the Frog
   To accomplish:
       Raising the funds necessary to save endangered amphibians
   We must speak with one voice.
     Amphibian Ark:
Scope of Work and Timeline
The Assignment

Fleishman-Hillard has been retained
  this summer to develop a
  comprehensive communications and
  marketing plan for Amphibian Ark.
  FH is one of the world’s largest
  communications firms with
  80 offices around the world.
  The following is our scope of work.
Scope of Work

   Develop core messages to be consistently used by
    all entities that can simply and persuasively explain
    the problem and the need. Messages must be
    international in scope, easily translatable in all
   Provide guidance on messaging for media and
    public education materials that would be created by
    other zoos and organizations.
   Develop detailed plan and budget for educating
    media and consumers, worldwide, about
    Amphibian Ark (the issue it’s addressing and the
    solution it offers), with the intent of implementing
    the plan beginning in the fall of 2007.
Scope of Work

   Develop a style guide outlining standards and
    guidelines for use of images and graphics to ensure
    consistent branding across all vehicles and partners.
   Develop a strategy for a global launch of the
    Amphibian Ark campaign, that supports subsequent
    rollout by regional organizations.
   Develop guidelines for generating grassroots
    support for Amphibian Ark, including petitions and
    local activism.
Scope of Work
 Corporate Partnerships
    Develop a tiered corporate sponsorship program and
     proposal packages, including pricing and benefits
    Identify a “top tier” of corporations that would be ideal
     sponsors and schedule meetings to solicit funding.

   Philanthropic Funding
      Identify appropriate foundations to approach for grants

   Government Funding
      Investigate and identify strategies for potential U.S.
       government funding and commendation, in consultation
       with former Senator Jim Talent, who works for FH
Key Planning Activities
July 2007:
• Sponsorship and philanthropy packages developed
• Sponsor and philanthropic targets identified and meetings
• Initiate outreach to U.S. government for funding
• Key messages developed and approved
    • Existing materials updated to reflect key messages
• Logo and style guide developed and approved
    • Existing materials updated with new graphics
• Communications plan developed and approved

August 2007:
• Ongoing outreach to sponsor and philanthropic targets
Examples of AArk Events
September 2007:
• Global launch -- 2008 Year of the Frog

December 2007:
• New Year’s Eve activities for Year of the Frog

April 2008:
• Coordination with Earth Day activities (in U.S.)
  Amphibian Ark:
Messaging and Goals
Humans Need Empowerment
                      May 15, 2007

   A survey of 1,150 British children between seven and 11 found
    half were anxious about global warming and often lay awake
    worrying about it.
   Parents feel anxious and helpless about the environmental
    situation and are passing these feelings on to their children.
   The anxiety many youngsters feel is increased by a sense that
    they are too young to influence events. Denial, resignation,
    cynicism, anxiety, hopelessness and even despair can arise
    from a perception that global problems are overwhelming.
   Secondary school students in Australia are hungry for
    knowledge and for practical ways to deal with what they see in
    the media.
   This sense of crisis can also lead to excitement, stimulation and
   What is important is giving youth a feeling that they can
    individually and collectively make a difference.
Let Frogs Lead the Way
  There is a plan that will work

  Children and their teachers can participate; so
  can everybody

  Media can tell the story, succinctly, emotionally

   Corporations can partner with consumers and be
   seen as socially responsible

  Politicians and governments can publicly make a

  The entertainment industry can make a difference
   Raise $50 million in funding (corporate,
    philanthropic, government)
   Save a select group of amphibian species
    that cannot be saved in the wild
   Boost public confidence and empowerment
    in regard to saving endangered species
   Prime consumers to support the next
Message Cornerstones
   Goal statement: Saving frogs is something
    we can do to save the planet
     Amphibians are “nature’s indicators”: when
      they show a decline, it serves as a warning to
      other species, including humans
     How we respond to the amphibian crisis can
      and will demonstrate how we will respond to
      other environmental and animal crises
Message Cornerstones
   Amphibians
      Play key role in ecosystem – both predator and prey,
       sustaining food web links and delicate balance of nature
      Provide vital biomedicines that offer promising treatments
       for diverse diseases
      Maintain a special place in human culture and religion,
       cherished as agents of life and good luck
   The Problem
      One-third to ½ of all species are threatened with extinction
       after thriving for 360 million years … the single largest mass
       extinction in the history of mankind, comparable
       only to dinosaurs
      Crisis is due to disease (chytrid fungus),
       habitat loss, pollution, pesticides, and
       climate change
Message Cornerstones
   The Solution
                    Amphibian Ark project – worldwide cooperation
                     among zoos and aquariums to keep amphibians
        Rescue amphibians in the wild before the chytrid fungus
         arrives and bring them to zoos for safekeeping; with hope
         they can be released back into environment when fungus
         has run its course
        Individuals and corporations can help by raising awareness
         and critical funds
Message: Complex or Simple?
   Amphibians play a key role      Frogs reflect the health of
    in the ecosystem                 our planet.
    sustaining the food web.
                                    Frogs are endangered.
   Amphibians’ skin produces
    substances that offer           The enemy is chytrid fungus.
    promising medical cures.
                                    Amphibian Ark can save
   Amphibians are
    endangered due to many
    factors: chytrid fungus,        You can help.
    habitat loss, pollution,
    pesticides, and climate
   Amphibian Ark can save
   You can help.
Potential Amphibian Ark Ambassadors
   Sir David Attenborough
   Jeff Corwin
   Terri and Bindi Irwin
   Kermit the Frog
   Keroppi (Japan)
   Matsugoro-san (Japan)
Additional ambassadors to be identified for other countries.
   Amphibian Ark:
Corporate Partnerships
The Socially Conscious Corporation:
Strategic Philanthropy*
    Fleishman-Hillard, in partnership with the National Consumers
     League, conducted a CSR survey of Americans and found that:
          “…knowledge of a company’s commitment to social
           responsibility influences purchasing behavior more than lower
    In addition to simply being the right thing to do, in a highly
     competitive marketplace, demonstrating corporate social
     responsibility may be the advantage a company needs to
     distinguish itself from its competitors.

* These slides were developed with U.S. audiences in mind; appropriate regional attitudinal research would be gathered in
     other countries.
      Environmental Stewardship: #2 Expectation for a
      Responsible Company, and Growing in Importance
     Assuming a company is operating in an honest and ethical manner,
     which one of the following is most important to you?
                                                     Nationwide (n=2,078)

                                     All the same/other         Don't know/Refused

              Gives to charitable causes                       1%
                                                                                     Treats and pays
                 Ensures good profits
                                                  3%                                 employees well
                   for shareholders

               Shares your values                                       38%
                                               8%                    (down 9 pts.)                       Going
                                                                                                    the law to
                 Contributes to                                                                   protect the
               community beyond                                                                 environment
                  paying taxes                                                                   is especially
                                                                                                important to
                                                    14%                                                (22%)
                         Responsive to                         (up 5 pts.)      Goes beyond
                       customers' needs                                        law to protect

Fleishman-Hillard, National Consumers League
survey of 2,078 consumers, Q1 2007
Consumers Ready to Let Congress
Legislate Environmental Standards
How important is it that Congress work to ensure that
corporations address pressing social issues, such as
energy, the environment, and healthcare?
                                  Nationwide (n=2,078)

                       Not very/not            Don't know/Refused
                      at all important
                   Somewhat              8%

Democrats most likely to
think this is important                              82%      Extremely/Very
(95%), followed by                                               important
Independents (82%), and
then Republicans (65%)
Consumers Think It’s Time for Companies
to Conform to Global Standards
How necessary are global standards that outline what
companies need to do in order to be socially
                                      Nation (n=2,078)

                        Not very/not at         Don't know/Refused
                         all necessary
                     Somewhat             8%

Democrats and
are especially likely
to think global standards                             78%      Extremely/Very
are necessary (85% and                                            necessary
79%, respectively)
but a significant proportion
of Republicans feel the
same (66%)
CSR Even More Influential on Consumers’ Purchase
Behavior in 2007 (59% in 2006 vs. 67% in 2007)
If you wanted to buy a particular product or service, how
influential, if at all, would it be to know that particular company
meets global standards for being socially responsible?

                                       Nation (n=2,078)

                    Not very/not at            Don't know/Refused
                     all influential


Democrats and                                             67%   Extremely/very
Independents especially                                           influential
likely to feel this way
(73% and 69%,
respectively), more so
than Republicans (55%)
The Socially Conscious Corporation:
Strategic Philanthropy

     “For many, supporting a popular cause is no longer
      optional. It’s what you have to do just to get to the
      starting line with the newest generation of consumers.
      Today’s teens and twentysomethings grew up viewing
      community service as an ordinary pastime, if not a
      college admissions requirement. More than 60 percent of
      the teens surveyed a year ago by youth marketing firm
      Alloy Inc. said they are more likely to buy brands that
      support charitable causes. Their loyalties may have a big
      effect on what their parents purchase.”
                                        Business Week, 2004
Potential Sponsorship Assets
   Presenting sponsorships of Amphibian Ark
   Logo and/or name in:
       Press releases
       Collateral materials
       Amphibian Ark Web site
       Advertising (if any) – print, tv, radio, outdoor
       Amphibian Ark merchandise (excluding
        merchandise sold at zoos and aquariums)
       Signage at:
            Zoos and aquariums (excluding those in North America)
            Other participating venues in North America, if any, such
             as Science Centers
   Tie-ins with educational programs
Potential Sponsorship Assets (cont.)
   Use of Amphibian Ark logo and right to execute
    promotions internally or at retail
   Inclusion in launch event and press conference
   VIP tickets to any special events or galas
   Amphibian Ark speaker for employee event
   Attendance at Amphibian Ark conferences
Sponsorship Packages
Noah - $5M
       Presenting sponsorship of Amphibian Ark program
Frog - $2.5M
       Official status
Toad - $1M
       Supporter
Salamander - $500K
       Patron
 Package benefits to be developed and finalized as assets are determined.
   Packages will not include on-site exposure at North American zoos and
 All partners will be expected to activate their sponsorship in addition to the
   cash contribution. Depending on the sponsor category, activation could include
   packaging, promotions, Web site presence, grassroots marketing, education
   outreach, internal communications, and more. Sponsorships do NOT include
   pass through rights unless negotiated.
Sponsorship Revenue Forecast

                5 Noah @ $5M = 25.0M
               6 Frog @ $2.5M = 15.0M
                 5 Toad @ $1M = 5.0M
            10 Salamander @ $500K = 5.0M

                          TOTAL = $ 50.0M

   Corporate fundraising goals may be adjusted based on philanthropic and governmental
Sponsor Candidates

     Community activation partner
     “Adoption” of Bullseye Dart Frog
     Grassroots outpost for campaign
     Incorporate into its existing Take Charge of Education

     Create Amphibian Ark skin for Google Earth
     Online advertising for campaign

     Commit to TV and print (National Geographic and
      National Geographic for Kids) feature coverage and
      ongoing Web coverage
Sponsor Candidates
    Consumer promotion soliciting photos of amphibians in
     the wild

    Activate through online and statement messaging and
     partnerships with member organizations
    “Adoption” of Gold Frogs

    Commit to TV and Web coverage on Discovery and
     Animal Planet

    Unleash communication network to provide
     messaging across multiple platforms
Sponsor Candidates

    Official “delivery” of amphibians to safekeeping

    Contribute to “saving” amphibians

    On-package exposure for Amphibian Ark


    Promote biomedicine benefits of amphibians
   Fleishman-Hillard is a leading global communications
    consultancy. With more than 2500 employees in 80 offices in
    25 countries, our success relies on the exceptional value we
    bring to our clients by:

    • Hiring and retaining the best people
    • Maintaining a best-in-class workplace dedicated to
      teamwork and to the growth, development, and retention
      of our people
    • Working in partnership with clients to create value
      through the most innovative and effective
      communications programs
    • Observing the highest ethical and professional standards
    • Being the best-managed organization in our industry
We Differentiate Ourselves Through …
   Unsurpassed commitment to client service
   Exceptional results for our clients
   Global reach and coordination
   Growing our employees
   Our quality reputation
   Leveraging new technologies
   Measuring impact on business
Our Mission Statement

“   To make ourselves as
     valuable to our clients as

     they are to us…      ®
The Company We Keep
Results For Our Clients
   Unparalleled product quality

   Strong focus on client service

   Seamless interoffice

   Coordinated global business

   80 percent of our clients use more than one FH
Results For Our Clients
   Regional structuring and focus
    on practice groups

   Strategic counsel, creative
    thinking, and the best
    talent are the key factors to
    our success
Practice Group Approach
   Communications teams are selected from 24 different
    practice groups across all geographic regions
   Matches agency strengths against
    clients’ needs
   Gives clients access to the counsel
    of the most experienced
    practitioners in various industries,
    disciplines, and target audiences
Practice Group Approach
B-to-B Marketing   Financial             Multicultural
B-to-C Marketing                         Public Affairs
                   Food & Agribusiness
Corporate                                Retail
Digital                                  Social Impact
                   Homeland Security     Marketing
                   Innovation            Sports Business
FH Boom
                   Internal              Technology
FH Hispania        Communications
FH Out Front       Litigation Support
                                         Travel & Tourism
FH Youth
FH International Advisory Board
   This powerful client resource brings together an
    array of distinguished thought leaders from
    the private and public sectors.
   These highly respected advisers offer strategic
    counsel to our staff and clients, and can be asked
       Author op-ed pieces
       Serve as guest speakers at events
       Participate in planning meetings — in person, via
        video, or through calls to decision makers
       And much more . . .
FH International Advisory Board
Anna Chennault                                            Leon Panetta
Chairman of CIC, Inc., writer, lecturer, columnist        Former White House chief of staff, former director of
Newt Gingrich                                             the Office of Management and Budget, and former
Former Speaker of the House, CEO of                       representative of the House of Representatives
The Gingrich Group
                                                          David Peterson
Shoichiro Irimajiri                                       Former leader of the Ontario Liberal Party and Ontario
Former senior executive with Honda Motor Co. and          Legislature, chairman of Cassels Brock & Blackwell
Sega Enterprises, Ltd.                                    LLP, and director of several leading Canadian
Mickey Kantor
Former U.S. secretary of commerce and U.S. trade          Tom Ridge
Representative                                            Former Pennsylvania Governor and Homeland
                                                          Security Secretary
David Kessler
Dean and vice chancellor for medical affairs at the       Christine Shipley
University of California San Francisco                    Former technology writer and editor for PC Week,
                                                          PC Magazine, PC/Computing, InfoWorld, US Magazine,
General Barry McCaffrey
Former Director of the White House of National Drug       and Working Woman
Control Policy, former member of the President's          Dr. Louis W. Sullivan
Cabinet and the National Security Council for drug-       Former secretary of the Department of Health and
related issues. Currently serves as a national security   Human Services, and president of the Morehouse
and terrorism analyst for NBC news                        School of Medicine

John Onoda                                                Pete Wilson
Former senior communications executive with               Former California Governor and U.S. Senator
The Charles Schwab Corp., Visa USA, General
Motors, and Levi Strauss
Fleishman-Hillard Worldwide Network

United States          Canada                         Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)
Albany                 Calgary                        Amsterdam      Affiliates
                                                                     Amman        Geneva          Riyadh
Atlanta                Montreal                       Berlin         Athens       Helsinki        Ski
Austin                 Ottawa                         Brussels       Bucharest    Istanbul        Sofia
Boston                 Toronto                                       Budapest     Jeddah          Stockholm
                                                      Cape Town      Cairo        Kuwait City     Tehran
Charlotte              Vancouver                                     Copenhagen   Lagos           Tel Aviv
                                                      Dublin         Damascus     Lisbon          Vienna
                                                      Edinburgh      Doha         Ljubljana       Vilnius
Cleveland                                                            Dubai        Muscat          Zagreb
Dallas                 Latin America                  Johannesburg
Houston                Mexico City   Affiliates       London
Kansas City            Miami         Buenos Aires     Madrid         Asia Pacific and India
Los Angeles            San Juan      Caracas          Milan
                                     Guatemala City                  Beijing             Affiliates
Minneapolis/St. Paul                 Guayaquil        Moscow                             Auckland
New York                             Kingston                        Guangzhou           Bangkok
                                     La Paz                          Hong Kong           Hanoi
                                     Lima             Paris                              Ho Chi Minh City
Raleigh-Durham                       Quito                           Kuala Lumpur        Jakarta
                                     San Francisco    Prague
Sacramento                                                           Manila              Karachi
                                     San José         Warsaw                             New Delhi
San Antonio                          Santiago                        Melbourne           Taipei
                                     Santo Domingo
San Diego                            São Paulo
San Francisco                                                        Seoul
Seattle                                                              Shanghai
St. Louis                                                            Singapore
Washington, D.C.                                                     Sydney
In 2006,
The Holmes Report … Named Us

 “  International
    Agency of the

Fleishman-Hillard Team Leaders
        Jeff Davis, Senior Vice President and Senior Partner
         Jeff Davis manages Fleishman-Hillard’s marketing communications
         team at the St. Louis headquarters, and has chaired the agency’s
         global marketing practice group.
He has extensive experience with retail promotion and foundation marketing,
including the Wal-Mart Foundation and Anheuser-Busch.

         Jo Ann Miles, Vice President
         Jo Ann Miles utilizes her broad marketing, public relations, and
         sponsorship perspective to benefit clients focused on sponsorship
Before joining FH, she spent 14 years with Kiel Center Partners, owner
of the St. Louis Blues National Hockey League team and Scottrade Center,
where she was responsible for the sellout of 91 corporate suites as well as all
corporate sponsorship sales and service (including two naming rights deals),
resulting in a total annual revenue stream in excess of $16 million.
Corporations from whom Jo Ann secured partnerships included:

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