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									The Product Site Reviews the World's First 802.11ac Wireless Router

Online router and broadband reviewer The Product Site has recently
reviewed the first 802.11ac wireless router in the world and gives
consumers a peak into what this new wireless technology offers.

Burnley, UK, August 20, 2012 -- The Product Site, UK’s most reliable
shopping resource for networking routers and UK ISP reviews, recently had
the opportunity to review the world’s first ever wireless routers running
on the 802.11ac wireless standard. This opportunity allows the website to
give their loyal customers the earliest firsthand information on the
performance and value of the very latest wireless standard.

The 802.11ac wireless standard was introduced earlier this year, and
since then many router manufacturers have introduced their 802.11ac
routers. These said routers are designed to deliver greater than 1 GB of
data per second, which means they are better suited for HD content
downloading and data streaming. This new wireless standard is so far
being dubbed as the fifth-generation Wi-Fi or 5G.

The 802.11 ac wireless routers reviewed by The Product Site boast of
advanced specifications that have yet been seen in the market before. The
routers, which contain 802.11ac wireless chips, operate at an 80-MHz
channel bandwidth, which is twice the width used by the current 802.11n
standard. The new standard also uses a higher modulation scheme of 256-
QAM to increase the efficiency of data transfer. On top of that, it has
the ability to transmit and receive beam-forming, a feature that helps
draw content towards the direction of the receiver to increase the
accuracy and efficiency of transfers and to extend the transmission

So far, the new standard is getting excellent reception in the market.
However, there is news that the new wireless standard will operate only
on the 5GHz band, thus taking advantage of the greater number of
available channels that are also less crowded. With greater speeds,
greater bandwidths, and less interference, these new routers are expected
to significantly improve the wireless networking experience.

The Product Site has already reviewed the first 802.11 ac wireless
routers from the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router EA4500 to the Netgear R6300
and many more designed by top router manufacturers such as D-Link,
Netgear, Buffalo, Asus, and Linksys. These router brands are widely
supported by the online router shopping source as their previous products
are widely available on the site. The Product Site currently offers
different types of routers from both brands to cater to both home and
business users. Now, The Product Site will get dibs on the first 802.11ac
wireless routers from these companies so their customers can also be the
first ones to try out this latest wireless networking standard.

The Product Site is well-known in the router market for its reliable and
trustworthy service and its extensive collection of routers and
independent reviews. Thus, adding the latest wireless routers to their
collection is expected to attract even more potential customers.
“The newest 802.11ac wireless standard is as good as promised, and we are
pleased to be he bearer of good news to the router market,” Steven Johns,
Marketing Manager from The Product Site shares. “We are also looking
forward to finally bringing these highly advanced and efficient 802.11ac
or 5G wireless routers to our customers so they can stream HD quality
media anywhere around their house on any type of Wi-Fi device.”

Now, The Product Site is set to extend the same benefits to more shoppers
by releasing its products and services globally and in future is geared
to provide the same level of service for other IT products such as
external hard drives, Wi-Fi type products (powerline adapters, 3G and 4G
Dongles), latest smartphones (Apple iPhone5, Google Android Galaxy S3)
and tablets (Apple iPad3, Galaxy Tab 2.0).

About TheProductSite: is a reliable, honest online IT shopping source
specializing in ISP reviews, broadband routers, WiFi routers, cable
routers and fibre routers. The product site aims to help consumers find
the best router for them by offering a needs-oriented shopping
experience. The site also offers a range of router articles, latest
router reviews (802.11ac), router tips, and broadband blogs to guide
confused shoppers on finding the right type of router and broadband
connection for them and their unique Internet needs.

Steven Johns
Marketing Manager
Time Technology Park
Burnley, Lancashire, BB12 7TW

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