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     13             Healing

                                                                                         7    Florida MEP:
                                                                                              Turning Small
                                                                                              into World Class

                                                                                       26     I’m Sorry I Said
                                                                                              “Thank You”

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 13 Healing stOrY Chain Pain

           there’s no right answer to the question of where to begin to apply lean
           logistics. every company is different in where it feels the most pain. in
           a recent survey, supply chain executives said cost containment and
           reduction (39 percent), supply chain visibility (35 percent), inventory
           management and optimization (33 percent), and escalating customer
           expectations (33 percent) are becoming their greatest challenges. let’s
           take a look at how a lean approach to logistics can help.

BusIness DeVeLOPMent                                    l. barber to learn what’s new both
Florida MeP: turning small                              locally and nationally and discover
Manufacturers into World Class                          opportunities for our small businesses
Competitors                                             to save money and streamline their
Despite a stalled economic recovery,                    mail processes................................ 21
many Florida manufacturers have
strengthened their competitive position                 PrOFessIOnAL                                                     11
in the past two years......................... 7        DeVeLOPMent
                                                        I’m sorry I said “thank You”
InsurAnCe                                               this month columnist randy Jones
Accountable Care Organizations                          asks: at a time when displays of good
there is nothing as constant as                         manners seem to be on the decline,—
change and based upon seven pages                       does anyone even notice any more or
of provisions      in the new health                    is “terse” the new standard operating
reform legislation (ppaca), our                         procedure?..... ................................ 26
entire healthcare delivery system
will begin to significantly change for                  neW MeMBers
medicare patients between January                       chamber new member business
1, 2012 and January 1, 2014. but is                     Directory ......................................... 31
it really a change or more like the old
philosopher, and great Yankee catcher                   tHe CHAMBer sCrAPBOOK
says, “it’s déjà u all over again”?. ... 11
                                                        caught in the act at recent events! . 32
eDuCAtIOn                                               rIBBOn CuttInGs
Market Watch education summit
Florida faces a serious challenge of                    new businesses in town ................. 35
working to improve its educational                      reneWInG MeMBers
system in order to become and                           renewing            member               business
remain globally competitive in the 21st
                                                        Directory ......................................... 36
century. market watch: education, to
be held on Oct. 5 at the hyatt coconut
point, will assess southwest Florida’s
                                                        BusIness BrIeFs
educational prowess for the future and                  Business Accolades and
align our business and educational                      Achievements
strategies to build a world class                       what’s    happening              with        local
workforce. ....................................... 17   businesses...................................... 40

sMALL BusIness                                          trAnsItIOns
An Interview With the Local                             who’s who in the local business
Postmaster                                              community ..................................... 43

                                                                                                                   Business Currents
the Us postal service is constantly
reviewing its products and services.                    eVents CALenDAr
this month, your editor caught up                       guide to upcoming chamber programs
with local Usps postmaster richard                      and events .................................. 44
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              Collier County the best place in                                                        EDITOR
                America to live and work.                                                        marci-nicole seamples

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Florida MeP: turning small Manufacturers
into World Class Competitors

        espite a stalled economic recovery,   creating 2,585 jobs and retaining another       programs. Training is conducted in the
        many Florida manufacturers have       5,236 jobs that otherwise would not exist.      mobile training facility, which usually
        strengthened their competitive        The projects generated $131 million in          is stationed at an employer’s facility. Six
position in the past two years. How have      cost savings to the companies, provided         months of follow on services ensure a very
they managed to thrive despite a prolonged    increased and retained sales of $671 million    high rate of employee retention.
downturn in consumer spending that has        and contributed a total of $2.14 billion to
seen thousands of firms across the country    Florida’s gross state product.                      Because of its mobility, the program
close their doors?                                                                            is able to move to areas where jobs and
                                              M.O.S.T.® Workforce                             potential employees are located. Training,
    Many have turned to the services          Mobile Training Units                           which is often customized to suit the
offered by the Florida Manufacturing                                                          needs of the participating employer, helps
Extension Partnership (Florida MEP),              In one of its newest and most innovative    reduce the time typically required for new
a statewide organization charged with         initiatives known as the Mobile Outreach        employees to become fully productive.
turning small and mid-size manufacturers      Skills Training program (M.O.S.T.®),
into world class competitors.                 Florida MEP has deployed mobile training           North Venice-based PGT Industries,
                                              units equipped with state-of-the-art            the nation’s leading manufacturer and
    “Successful firms recognize that          computer modules to deliver customized          supplier of residential impact-resistant
economic slowdowns can present hidden         workforce training at a manufacturer’s          windows and doors, began its second
opportunities for growth,” said Richard       doorstep. These “classrooms on wheels”          specialized M.O.S.T.® training session
Peck, chairman of the Florida MEP board       have provided companies with trained            in July, having just completed a highly
of directors and president of QTM Inc., a     employees in rapid time and have launched       successful training session in June 2011.
Tampa Bay precision machining firm. “By       many unemployed workers on new careers          Following successful completion of the
working with Florida MEP, hundreds            in manufacturing.                               program, the graduates will all receive full-
of manufacturers across the state have                                                        time employment with PGT Industries.
become more competitive by improving              “There is a myth out there that
production efficiencies, developing new       manufacturing jobs have disappeared. The
products, identifying new markets and         reality is that the jobs exist, but there’s a
increasing worker productivity. The           shortage of skilled people to fill many
results are measurable bottom-line            positions. The M.O.S.T.® program
impacts.”                                     is designed to fill this skills gap and
                                              rapidly train workers for careers
   Florida MEP is part of a nationwide        in manufacturing,” Peck said.
network of manufacturing assistance
centers created during the Reagan                 The M.O.S.T. ® program
Administration as a public-private            is a fast-track, intensive
partnership to help manufacturers identify    skills training, recruitment,
and implement advanced manufacturing          assessment and placement
and management technologies.                  program        that     prepares
                                              unemployed and underemployed
   Florida MEP project managers work          individuals, including returning
with companies across the state to deliver    veterans and minorities, for
enterprise-wide lean methodologies,           front line production jobs
performance-based training, supply chain      in less time than traditional
management and innovation services
that can help companies streamline
production processes, cut costs, integrate
new technologies and develop product
commercialization strategies.

   The achievements of the Florida MEP
are reflected in impressive economic
results. The latest study, conducted by
an independent third-party and released
in June 2011, concluded that over the
past five years Florida MEP projects with
932 manufacturers were responsible for

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                                                                                              tOM BuCKLeY, VICe-CHAIr
                                                                                                 naples Day surgery
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                                                                                                  lutgert insurance
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                                                                                          greater naples chamber of commerce
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                                                                                                 roetzel & andress lpa
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                                                                                                Ex Officio Liaison with GNL
                                                                                                     steVe MAGIerA
                                                                                               Florida gulf coast University
                                                                                                 rOBert MetzGer
                                                                                        golden gate Fire control & rescue District
                                                                                                     tOM MOrAn
                                                                                  moran edwards asset management group of wells Fargo
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                                                                                               mulhere and associates, llc
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                                                                                                  tigris pharmaceuticals
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                                                                                           First national bank of the gulf coast
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    “Because the training we conducted          Lean Transformation                            customer demands require manufacturers
last month was successful for PGT                                                              to operate at ever higher levels of
in identifying and training suitable                While the mobile training program          competency. To achieve world-class
candidates, we set up a second training         is the newest Florida MEP initiative, the      status, companies must focus on lowering
session,” said Alicia Adams, senior human       organization has long been known for its       costs by reducing waste, increasing
resource manager for PGT Industries.            preeminence in providing lean training to      throughput, improving lead times, and
“The M.O.S.T.® program has allowed us to        small and mid-size manufacturers.              maximizing customer satisfaction. Florida
provide the trainees hands on experience                                                       MEP project managers use tools such as
                                                    Array Connector Corporation proudly        Value Stream Mapping and Kaizen Events
and prepare them for what they will
                                                maintains that it is the most high-tech        which focus on streamlining production
encounter on the manufacturing floor.”
                                                vertically-integrated manufacturer of          processes to maximize operational
   Florida MEP was assisted by Suncoast         circular connectors in the world. In the       throughput and improve bottom line
Workforce on the PGT training projects.         midst of the recession, the Miami-based        results for their clients.
The training was part of a statewide            aerospace and medical electronics parts
program financed with a $500,000                manufacturer recognized that production        Supply Chain Management
Workforce Florida Inc. grant with a goal        efficiency improvements were essential
to leverage federal, local and private-         for continued growth.                              Florida MEP Chair Peck emphasized
sector funding. A major contributor to                                                         the importance of undertaking lean
                                                    “We recognized that in order to            training initiatives when competition is
the program’s success has been the strong
                                                continue to expand the business, we            intense, including a sharp focus on supply
partnerships between Florida MEP and
                                                needed to improve our productivity and         chain management.
local workforce investment boards.
                                                efficiency,” said William McPherson,
    “The M.O.S.T.® program is vitally           Array Connector Corp. president. “We               “In an uncertain economy businesses
important to our communities and to             called upon Florida MEP to assist us with      are looking at their supply chains
manufacturing companies searching for           this project. They expertly guided us          very carefully. Lean helps suppliers
skilled talent,” said Peck. “The program        through a process improvement program,         demonstrate a commitment to quality
identifies jobs prior to training, trains       where Lean manufacturing tools were            processes and technical advances. If a
hard-to-serve populations for high-wage         utilized and implemented. As a direct          manufacturer is experiencing a slowdown
jobs with benefits, fills the existing skills   result, Array acquired new business and        in orders, I encourage them to use the time
gap, and has a job retention rate of 87         hired 30 new employees.”                       productively and launch a lean training
percent. It is a tremendous program with                                                       initiative that looks both up and down the
                                                   Global   pressures    and    increasing     supply chain,” Peck stated.
a strong record of success.”

                    Your Comfort Is Our Mission.
                Your Peace Of Mind Is Our Guarantee.
                                                                  From your first call to Conditioned Air, you can depend on our excellent
                                                                  service and flawless installations. You can also count on the peace of
                                                                  mind that comes from dealing with a company that values the integrity
                                                                  and welfare of its customers above all else.
                                                                  We conduct a thorough background check on all of our employees. Our
                                                                  technicians don’t earn a commission on any parts used in a repair, so
                                                                  their only focus is providing the optimum air conditioning solution for
                                                                  your specific needs. You will also know exactly what you’re paying for
                                                                  before any service or repair work is started.

                                                                  Make the comfortable choice
                                                                  and call Conditioned Air today.


                                                                          License# CACA29360

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   The Florida MEP works with a client’s           “Attaining ISO certification can          enabled Maxiforce to become ISO 9001-
suppliers to develop an integrated, virtual,   sometimes be challenging for small            2008 certified, Florida MEP project
rapid response manufacturing supply            technology firms because of the               managers guided the company through
chain initiative. It helps firms create a      documentation      requirements,”      said   the multiple steps and paperwork
“Demand Pull” system; to identify, address     John Justak, president of Advanced            required for GSA Schedule contracting.
and find solutions for shortages; and can      Technologies. “But the Florida MEP staff      More than 500 Maxiforce products had to
match surge requirements to existing,          was terrific in guiding us through the        meet federal procurement requirements
available industrial capacity.                 process. They identified funding that was     and earn approval at negotiated prices and
                                               available to help support the cost of the     specified delivery times. The company’s
ISO Certifications                             training program and worked patiently         commitment to Lean manufacturing,
                                               with us to implement the management           and the Lean workshops delivered by
    Advanced      Technologies     Group,      practices and documentation procedures        MEP staff, helped Maxiforce achieve
one of Florida’s leading aerospace and         necessary to achieve ISO certification.”      the production efficiencies needed for
advanced technology firms, faced a                                                           competitive pricing and on-time delivery.
common manufacturing challenge. The            Government Contracting
firm specializes in developing innovative      Opportunities                                     In 2010 Maxiforce achieved the
technologies for aerospace and defense                                                       distinction of becoming the second
clients in response to challenges that             Looking for new market opportunities      after-market parts manufacturer in the
defy conventional solutions. Its products      in the midst of the recession, executives     country to become a federal Government
include optical mass gauge sensors that        from Maxiforce attended a Miami-Dade          Services Administration (GSA) Schedule
can be used in zero-gravity environments,      Defense Alliance Conference, where they       contractor. As a result, the company’s
such as in satellites and rockets, and         met Florida MEP project managers and          catalogue of 527 engine replacement
non-contacting seals that can be used          learned of the opportunities in federal       parts is now available online for order
in military and commercial gas-turbine         government contracting.        Maxiforce’s    by more than 400,000 authorized federal
engines.                                       interest in the opportunity became a real     purchasers worldwide.
                                               commitment to the goal when Florida
    Advanced      Technologies     needed      MEP staff identified grant funds that could      “Maxiforce’s success opened up
to achieve ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100            be used to support the workforce training     innumerable new sales opportunities
certification in order to demonstrate to       needed to become a federal Government         for the company. Unlike the private
clients such as NASA and the Defense           Services Administration (GSA) schedule        sector where sales plummeted during the
Department that its processes and training     contractor.                                   recession, federal government purchasing
could meet the highest continuous quality                                                    remains strong. With Florida MEP
improvement standards.                            After first delivering training that       assistance, Maxiforce has demonstrated
                                                                                             how small manufacturers can target new
                                                                                             markets for their products even in the
                                                                                             midst of an economic downturn,” said
                                                                                             Florida MEP’s Peck.

                                                                                                 The Florida MEP is an affiliate of
                                                                                             the National Institute of Standards
                                                                                             and Technology (NIST) under the U.S.
                                                                                             Department of Commerce. The national
                                                                                             MEP is a network of manufacturing
                                                                                             extension centers that provide business
                                                                                             and technical assistance to smaller
                                                                                             manufacturers in all 50 states, the District
                                                                                             of Columbia and Puerto Rico. For more
                                                                                             information on the Florida MEP program
                                                                                             call 321-939-4000. õ

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Accountable Care Organizations
by Steve Rasnick

       here is nothing as constant as change and based upon          financial savings. HHS anticipates that this approach will
       seven pages of provisions (out of almost 3000 pages) in       result in a reduction of unnecessary services and provider errors,
       the new Health Reform Legislation (PPACA), our entire         and will result in fewer in-patient admissions, the most costly
healthcare delivery system will begin to significantly change for    Medicare benefit. Medicare is in the process of establishing an
Medicare patients between January 1, 2012 and January 1, 2014.       enormous bureaucracy designed to evaluate ACO performance
These changes will not be due to the issues of mandated benefits     and has created the rules associated with what they refer to as
and the possibility of the elimination of the current employer       their “Shared Savings Program”. Generally speaking, any savings
based system of providing benefits, but rather because of the        will be shared evenly between the ACO and Medicare, and
legislation which created Accountable Care Organizations             eventually any higher costs are intended to be the responsibility
(ACO). But is it really a change or more like the old philosopher,   of the ACO.
and great Yankee catcher says, “It’s déjà u all over again”? You
be the judge after we more carefully examine ACOs and how                The ACO program is a “voluntary” program that will go into
they are expected to work along with how your healthcare will        effect on January 1, 2012. Many hospitals and provider groups
be impacted. Now that Health and Human Services (HHS) has            are currently banding together to form an ACO for January 1,
issued the final ACO regulations, we have much more clarity.         2012. However, the interim final regulations, issued March 31,
                                                                     2011, have created a scenario where Medicare reimbursements
   Under an ACO, groups of hospitals and providers are               will be substantially reduced by January 1, 2014, and it’s hard for
expected to band together for the purpose of improving the           me to understand how providers, mostly hospitals, will be able
quality of patient care by accepting responsibility for improved     to survive financially without participating in the ACO Shared
patient outcomes and participating with Medicare in any              Savings Program. Also, I believe that providers that bear the

               Three Components of
                ACO Infrastructure
         • Local accountability for cost,
           quality and capability
         • Shared savings
         • Performance measurement

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large expenses associated with formation          ◊ Must have a patient survey tool           emphasis on managed health care in the
of an ACO, and are successful in reducing         available.                                  late 80’s. I remember it well. At the time,
costs and improving patient care, will                                                        I had built the largest TPA in the country
ultimately market their product locally to        ◊ Must have tools to evaluate the           for the Travelers and we were paying out
the commercially insured employers. They          health needs of the population it           more than a billion dollars in claims per
may form partnerships with insurers, but          serves.                                     year (in late 1980s dollars) and had 18
because 75% of the ACO ownership must             ◊ Must have tools to identify               offices nationally. My boss came to me
be provider based, I believe these insurer        the highest risk component of the           to predict the demise of my TPA because
partnerships will be infrequent and that          population they serve and be able           Travelers had just purchased an HMO
the ACO will aggressively market locally,         to develop individual care plans.           group and “why would anyone buy from
mostly offering partially self insured plans                                                  a TPA when they could derive the benefits
                                               • Primary care providers can only
either through partner TPAs (Third Party                                                      of managed care from our HMO”. After
                                                 participate in a single ACO, but
Administrators) or through the creation                                                       almost three years and millions of dollars
                                                 hospitals     and    specialists can
of their own TPA. Whether the concept I                                                       of added investments, Travelers sold the
                                                 participate in more than one.
learned in law school of “an attorney who                                                     HMO back to its management for $.01. To
defends himself, has a fool for a client”         ◊ Physicians qualifying for primary         this day, I believe that their management
applies, only time will tell.                     care status include internists, general     overpaid. Except for small pockets of the
                                                  practice, family practice and geriatric     country where HMOs have thrived, HMOs
  Some of the key provisions of the new           practice. The regulations are silent        have failed as a delivery mechanism and
ACO Regulations include the following:            regarding     OB/GYN        physicians.     with few exceptions, like Kaiser, the cost
                                                                                              of the HMO plans are generally higher
• The ACO program is generally a 3 year        • At least 50% of the primary care
                                                                                              than PPO plans.
  program, effective each January 1st.           physicians must have Electronic
                                                 Health     Record      capability.               However, times are different today
• An ACO may include the following
                                               • ACO data will be shared with                 than they were in the late 80s. Today,
  types of providers:
                                                 CMS (Center for Medicare and                 there is much more participant awareness
   ◊   Physicians and hospitals                  Medicaid Services) unless the                of the benefits of wellness and prevention.
   ◊   Networks of individual practices          participant signs an opt out form.           Carriers and TPAs have been involved
                                                                                              in chronic disease management and
• An ACO will be assigned beneficiaries        • The core concept of the ACO model is         population health management programs
  based upon whether the beneficiary             to achieve better care for individuals,      for years and participants are used to
  has received the majority of their             improved population health and slower        interacting with health care coaches and
  primary    health services from                growth of Medicare expenditures.             plans that reward healthy behavior. Many
  physicians   within    the     ACO.                                                         private sector employers have finally
                                                 It’s hard to predict the impact of the
• At least one Medicare beneficiary,           ACO on patients, but in the near term you      realized that real cost savings can only
  receiving treatment within the                                                              be achieved by reducing claims costs and
                                               may notice some or all of the following:
  ACO, has to be on the ACO Board.                                                            helping their employees achieve a healthy
                                               • More involvement from physician’s            lifestyle. This may be the perfect time for
• No more than 25% of the ACO                    assistants for routine services.             the ACO business model and it is the reason
  Board seats can be held by non-ACO                                                          I believe that most will succeed if managed
  participants, such as entrepreneurs.         • An aggressive physician outreach             correctly. I believe this so strongly, that I
• The Shared Savings Program includes            program to help patient’s receive            have created a new company, Accountable
  two options for the ACO:                       the right treatment at the right time        Care Administration LLC and am working
                                                 from the right physician. This type of       on our new web page, www.acoadmin.
   ◊ One Sided- An ACO that creates              “coaching” has existed for years in the      com . Although we have assembled all of
   savings of at least two percent would
                                                 private sector and insurance industry.       the tools that Medicare will require of an
   receive 50% of the money above that
   threshold and Medicare would receive                                                       ACO, I believe that the real opportunity,
                                               • Strict adherence to medication
   the other 50%. In this option, only for                                                    long term, is in the private sector. If the
                                                 protocol and an increased effort for
   the first two years, the ACO would                                                         ACO offers the lowest cost care in town,
                                                 patient screenings.                          it obviates the need for PPOs and perhaps
   have no responsibility if their costs
   exceeded their target. In year three, all       The time for public commentary on          the ease of establishing a partially self
   ACO’s have responsibility for losses.       the proposed regulations ended on June 6,      funded plan will cause it to become the
                                               2011, and included considerable input from     most cost effective delivery mechanism.
   ◊ Two Sided-An ACO would                    both the AMA and Hospital Association,         Time will tell!
   receive 60% of any savings, but             along with other parties in interest. As a
   would be responsible for any                result, this partial list of regulations may                          õ
   losses, even in the first two years.        change, perhaps significantly, but given
                                               the lead time required, I expect that the          Steve Rasnick is the President of Self Insured
• ACOs will be subject to a 25% withhold
                                               final regulations will be published shortly,   Plans, LLC, a Naples based employee benefits
  to be used to recover any future losses.
                                               perhaps before this article is published.      firm serving more than 33,000 participants in
• Population    Health        Management                                                      Florida and Hawaii. He is the past president
  requirements:                                   For those of us that may be somewhat        of the Southwest Florida Health Underwriters
                                               older, in many respects the ACO concept        Association, a director of the Self Insurance
   ◊ Must promote evidence based
                                               may seem familiar and a lot like the HMO       Institute of America and is a frequent national
                                               movement included as a part of the             speaker on health and benefit issues.

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                                                                                                              COVER STORY

Healing supply Chain Pain
by Karen Wilhelm

        here’s no right answer to the           accounting statements. However, many of         • People/overhead for material handling
        question of where to begin to apply     the costs of delivering an item to the point      in both shipping and receiving
        lean logistics. Every company is        of use are hidden. Lean logistics practices     • Material handling equipment costs
different in where it feels the most pain.      reveal new metrics and improvement              • People and equipment in yard
For Saint-Gobain Abrasives it was gaining       targets that traditional practices miss.          operations
visibility and control over distant raw                                                         • Storage trailers
material suppliers. For Carl Zeiss Vision,          When a company digs into its true costs     • People/overhead in material ordering
it was bringing order to the receiving          of delivering a product through its end-to-       and planning
dock at its main distribution center. For       end total supply chain, it finds that many      • People/overhead        for       supplier
Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America         things are not measured. To get a handle          collaboration
Inc. (MCFA), the opportunity was to             on hidden costs, Robert Martichenko and         • Total working capital tied up in
solve a nagging problem for customers.          Kevin von Grabe, Toyota veterans and              inventory, plus carrying costs, including
                                                leaders of the third party logistics (3PL)        cost of capital, inventory damages,
    In a recent survey, supply chain            company LeanCor, recommend that a                 insurance, obsolescence, write-downs,
executives said cost containment and            cross-functional team prepare a detailed          and shrinkage.
reduction (39 percent), supply chain            financial baseline that includes the cost of:
visibility (35 percent), inventory                                                                 These metrics will allow the company
management and optimization (33                 • People/overhead in customer service           to track gains that go beyond freight or
percent), and escalating customer                 and demand planning                           unit cost purchase reductions.
expectations (33 percent) are becoming          • Outbound/inbound         transportation,
their greatest challenges.1 Let’s take a look     both customer - and intra-company-                Looking at cost cutting alone will
at how a lean approach to logistics can           related, for materials and goods              not yield lasting results. Attention to
help.                                           • Outbound/inbound expedited freight            factors such as supply chain visibility and
                                                  cost                                          inventory will not only result in better
Consider the Total Cost of Fulfillment          • Distribution operating expense and            managed costs, but can also make the
                                                  cost of space                                 entire supply chain more competitive.
   The supply chain is often viewed in          • People/overhead for outbound/inbound
terms of the costs shown in customary             logistics management                          Visibility: Managing Material with
                                                                                                Discipline and Data

                                                                                                    Supply chain visibility means having
                                                                                                real-time data showing what goods are
                                                                                                ordered, what the supplier is doing with
                                                                                                the order, where the order is at any given
                                                                                                time — on a ship, in the port, on a train,
                                                                                                on a truck, or in a warehouse — where
                                                                                                it should be, where there are problems,
                                                                                                and any number of other pieces of

                                                                                                    Saint-Gobain Abrasives produces
                                                                                                grinding wheels, sandpaper, and other
                                                                                                abrasive products for retailers like The
                                                                                                Home Depot and industrial manufacturers
                                                                                                like Ford and Boeing. Tom Molleur, vice
                                                                                                president supply chain, North America,
                                                                                                says his supply chain team targeted
                                                                                                inbound material flow for ontime
                                                                                                improvement and cost reductions. He
                                                                                                says, “We saw a lot of our raw materials
                                                                                                arriving on non-preferred carriers, and
                                                                                                not on time, or you’d have a supplier ship
                                                                                                50 lb. of product in three different boxes
                                                                                                instead of consolidating them into fewer
                                                                                                shipments. They used to ship to us a la
                                                                                                carte, and incomplete shipments would

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trickle in randomly.”                        had to shut a line down because we were         inventory is spread throughout the world,
                                             out of stock of a critical abrasive item.”      controlled by many organizations, and
    To gain more control, Saint- Gobain                                                      affected by many uncertainties, it is
Abrasives outsourced inbound flow of            Molleur cites a typical situation from       daunting to contemplate. The process of
materials from purchase order creation       the past: “If we ordered a thousand pieces      asking why inventory is found in each
through delivery to LeanCor, which stays     of a raw material, we’d hope a thousand         place is complicated, but necessary.
in contact with suppliers, confirming that   pieces would arrive on time. If the supplier
they are going to ship each order line on    was going to short ship us, we didn’t               Carl Zeiss Vision distributes eyeglass
time, in the correct quantity, and meet      know until it was too late. Many of our         lenses to retail and wholesale chains,
mode requirements. LeanCor controls          suppliers are overseas so some materials        to eye doctors, and to its own facilities,
the process by creating the bill of lading   have two or three-month leadtimes. A            domestically and internationally. Products
for the supplier, which determines that a    big surprise could really hurt us.” With        are sourced from all over the world. Five
preferred carrier and the correct mode of    early collaboration, LeanCor might find         years ago, the company consolidated
shipment are used. By creating visibility    that the supplier could divert material         its two North American distribution
through flexible IT systems, personal        from another customer or Saint-Gobain           centers to a single one in Hebron, KY.
communication with suppliers, and            might determine that it could wait for          They expected to find many duplicated
daily discipline, one thing LeanCor can      a later shipment to complete the order.         activities and other waste that they
do is to take advantage of opportunities                                                     could improve. They began by mapping
to optimize shipments. As an example,            Everyone involved in the supply chain       activity flow in the distribution center.
Molleur says, “LeanCor confirms when         at Saint-Gobain Abrasives now sees and
the supplier intends to ship one product     shares the same data, providing visibility          It became obvious that the facility’s
two days early, and another product          they had never had before. Material             receiving area had big problems. It could
the next day on time. They can ask the       availability and inventory turns are            take an item 10 to 25 days from landing
supplier to hold the one and ship it a day   improving significantly and freight costs       on the dock to being put away on a shelf.
later combined with the other.”              are coming down at the same time.               Sue Armstrong, vice president of global
                                                                                             supply chain at Carl Zeiss Vision, says,
   Freight costs have decreased, and             Customer focus and lean logistics           “All that inventory sitting on the receiving
Saint-Gobain also learned that other         are also important to competitiveness.          dock wasn’t on the shelf available to be
operational problems can be relieved         Other suppliers compete on service              sold, so it was waste of working capital
by a methodical lean approach to             and leadtime, saying they are small and         and inventory, and waste from a service
inbound supply management. “A much           nimble, and that Saint-Gobain is too big        point of view because we were not able
more significant problem was that our        to be as responsive. Molleur says, “Our         to release those lenses from the shelves for
manufacturing was struggling to meet         stock service actually outperforms almost       customer orders.”
schedules because of problems with raw       all of our competitors. It’s really important
material availability during the strong      to us that we leverage this competitive             A closer look showed that products
2010 recovery. This could jeopardize         advantage      in    the       marketplace.”    were arriving in different configurations,
service for our end customer,” Molleur                                                       with non-standard labeling, and in
says. “Raw material must be available to     Inventory: Reduce Working Capital               different boxes or packaging, requiring
manufacturing so we can make and ship        Requirements through Standards for              people in the distribution center to double
our products on time and customers can       Suppliers                                       handle, unpack and repack items into other
keep their manufacturing running. They’re                                                    boxes, or relabel them — wasted activity.
making cars, engines, and airplanes. You        Inventory is a waste familiar to all
can imagine what it could be like if they    lean practitioners. When supply chain              That time is now down to 24 hours. Not
                                                                                             only is velocity greater, but two to three
                                                                                             weeks’ worth of inventory is no longer
                                                                                             needed. Armstrong says the improvement
                                                                                             was accomplished through collaboration
                                                                                             with suppliers. “We developed a detailed
                                                                                             document which outlined how we wanted
                                                                                             the shipment to come in,” she explains. “We
                                                                                             went through several intensive months of
                                                                                             conference calls with suppliers in China
                                                                                             and other locations to reach an agreement
                                                                                             on the most effective way of dispatching
                                                                                             and receiving goods for the benefit of both
                                                                                             the source and receiving location. Clear
                                                                                             documentation was key to making sure
                                                                                             there was collaboration and tracking.”

                                                                                                Armstrong continues, “It’s a supply
                                                                                             chain leader’s responsibility to focus on the
                                                                                             balance of working capital and excellent
                                                                                             customer service. The more visibility
                                                                                             we can get on available inventory, the
                                                                                             leaner our processes are, the earlier and
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more efficiently we can get products to
customers, and the lower we can make
our working capital commitments.”

    Another approach to inventory
reduction was taken at Saint-Gobain
Abrasives by giving attention to leveling                                      The Big Picture
purchasing amounts. If the standard                       Although many companies choose to improve a specific part of
practice is to order a full truckload of an            their total value stream, working on a point solution will soon reveal
item four times a year, they will examine              the system’s interconnectedness. LeanCor advises clients to start
actual consumption, calculating how                    with the big picture, an end-to-end value stream map with a total
much they use weekly or monthly, and                   cost performance emphasis. The start of the mapping process is an
consider ordering smaller amounts more                 assessment of the total cost of fulfillment, gathered by a cross-functional
frequently. Since average inventory on-                team from every department that touches the flow of materials and
hand value is approximately half the order             goods, including the supplier and customer if possible.
value amount plus safety stock, Molleur
explains, working on the order amount for                 To map every part and every product would approach insanity.
thousands of incoming items has a great                LeanCor recommends selecting one high-volume product, and one part
potential for savings.                                 that goes into it. What you learn will be applicable across much of the
                                                       rest of your operation. As you map physical movement, you will also
Customers: Healing the Pain                            map the information signals that push or pull (preferably) the flow.
                                                           Good maps start with customer demand and work back through
    Mitsubishi      Caterpillar    Forklift
                                                       each transportation link, distribution center, and production facility
America Inc. (MCFA), which builds
material handling equipment, uses its                  on the way. The team should record leadtime, wait time, and inventory
dealer network to reach direct customers.              (measured in dollars and as average days’ usage on hand, plus carrying
Dealers had a problem with freight rates.              costs). The team should score the “Eight Rights of the Perfect Order”
After the eight to 16 weeks it takes for the           at each point in the chain where someone receives the part or product,
equipment to be delivered, the freight bill            multiplying the percentage scores to get a total score across the entire
to the dealer could be markedly different              map. Many pain points — opportunities for quick improvements or
from the firm price the dealer had quoted              kaizens — will reveal themselves.
to its customer. Market conditions, load                  Once the current order cadence, as variable as it may be, is recorded,
factors at the time of shipping, and other             members of the team should visit the customer and determine actual
issues cause rates to fluctuate widely.                consumption. Collaboration with the customer can begin to level order
For example, the dealer might get a                    amounts and frequency to pace all the upstream events. The team should
5000-lb. truck one week with a freight
                                                       summarize data for the current state and set a goal for what the future
charge of $400, and another one the next
                                                       state should look like. Gradually, inventory and leadtime are reduced,
week for $500. There could be many
explanations depending on where the                    outbound transportation routes and schedules are systematized, and
dealer fit on the carrier’s route that day             improvements that prevent damage and defects from ever reaching the
or how many other forklifts were on the                customer are continuously found. Color-coded labels that help prevent
load. MCFA’s salespeople and customer                  shipping errors are shown below. These changes will also improve the
service representatives took daily calls               flow of many other materials and products.
from dealers upset about the freight
charges. Dealers operate on a small profit
margin, which can be completely wiped          plan without telling dealers. Dealers’        Plan, Do, Check, Adjust cycle); Toyota-
out by unpredictably higher freight cost.      quotes and actual charges now matched         style A3 problem-solving and policy
                                               and complaints all but went away. When        deployment tools; and standardized daily,
    MCFA decided to offer dealers a            MCFA announced it to its dealer base,         weekly, and monthly meetings.
flat rate that wouldn’t change between         they had already demonstrated that
the time of quoting and shipping. They         they would come through. Because the             Bob Martinolli, director, operations
needed a process that would give dealers       dealer knows where the forklift is being      planning and logistics at MCFA, describes
a consistent and reliable charge to use in     delivered, how large it is, and what it       what happens in a daily meeting focused
its quote that would not change when           weighs, it’s easy to figure what freight      on catching problems in real time. “We
the forklift shipped, yet would not cause      will cost. Being assured that their quotes    look at what was planned to do, asking,
MCFA to lose money. As its 3PL, LeanCor        would match freight invoices made the         ‘Did we get the work done?’ We look at
gathered data on the products, the dealers,    dealers’ world easier and MCFA now has        the key metrics we’re following. We see
rates from the past, and future trends.        an edge over the competition.                 what’s gone well, what’s gone badly, what
                                                                                             did we learn? Then we make adjustments,
    Once the rate plan was designed,           A Common Thread: Disciplined                  re-plan, and move on. It’s very structured,
MCFA and LeanCor spent six months              Performance                                   using lean tools in a very disciplined way.”
checking the plan rates against actual
freight rates, shifting and adjusting them       The lean logistics approach in all three      He continues, “Our people have become
where necessary, and actually using the        companies is organized around PDCA (the       more disciplined. There’s a great emphasis

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on problem solving in the meetings. When         Karen Wilhelm is a Target contributing editor       Martichenko, Robert and Kevin von Grabe,
people get into that mindset, deviating       and publishes the blog Lean Reflections.           Building a Lean Fulfillment Stream, Lean
from the process feels odd. One of our big                                                       Enterprise Institute, 2010.
initiatives this year is becoming a more                        Resources
process-driven, problem-solving culture.”     Council of Supply Chain Management                                   Footnote
                                              Professionals (CSCMP), Lombard, IL; 630-574-       1. Eyefortransport, “Global Chief Supply Chain
    The standardized meeting schedule is      0985; www.cscmp.org                                Officer Strategy Survey,” www.eft.com, April,
also vital at Saint-Gobain. Tom Molleur                                                          2010.
says his team is on daily conference calls
and meetings on improvement. He has
monthly meetings with procurement,
purchasing, and transportation managers                                CONGRATULATIONS TO:
for a higher-level PDCA discussion — half
strategic, half tactical. Managers host a
call twice a week with the procurement                                           Lupita & the team at
teams, which include the LeanCor lead
who works with Saint-Gobain’s data on                                    LEMON TREE INN
a daily basis. The disciplined schedule of                                         250 9th Street South
working meetings means people hold each                                             Naples, FL 34102
other accountable, support each other,                                             Phone: 239-262-1414
and gains are sustained.                                                          www.lemontreeinn.com
Wide Open for Improvement

    These three companies found that
                                                            On being the first to spot Chester this month!
attention to supply chain and logistics was
a gold mine of improvement opportunities.                You could be here next month! Simply find the Chamber Cat (this
Lean leaders in operations functions                     page doesn’t count!) and email Marci
must join forces with their counterparts                    at marci@napleschamber.org
in supply chain management in order                            with the page number.
to level multi-enterprise flow. Turning
raw materials into products purchased                   (contest open to Greater Naples
by the customer is a complex system,                      Chamber Members Only)
but one that is ready for lean thinking.

   Reprinted with permission of
the Association for Manufacturing
Excellence (AME), www.ame.org, 2011

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                                                                                                                E D U CAT I O N

Market Watch Education Summit
By David Plazas

    lorida faces a serious challenge of         Florida today is not leading the race.”         Market Watch: Education will assess
    working to improve its educational                                                      Southwest Florida’s educational prowess
    system in order to become and remain           While more high tech businesses have     for the 21st century, and align our business
globally competitive in the 21st century.       opened or expanded in this region, such     and educational strategies to build a world
                                                as Arthrex, Algenol and Gartner, there is   class workforce.
   The United States as a whole has fallen      a common complaint that the region does
behind in numerous academic areas, such         not produce the kind of sophisticated          Business, educational and community
as science and math, compared to other          workforce required to be competitive in a   leaders from the five-county region of Lee,
developed countries in the world. By            global market.                              Collier, Charlotte, Hendry and Glades will
various measures, America has sunk to 18th                                                  be invited to review the cold, hard facts
among 36 industrialized nations, NCH                Emphasis on STEM (science,              of educational progress, listen to expert
Healthcare System President & CEO               technology, engineering and math)           panelists and weigh in on what must be
Allen Weiss observed in a white paper           education is making strides statewide       done to raise the bar.
summary a year ago.                             and regionally. And the Council of 100,
                                                along with Workforce Florida, worked           The Alliance of Educational Leaders
   The Council of 100 — the nonpartisan         with education and political leaders on a   — an association of CEOs of the five
advisory body to Florida’s governor –           series of recommendations to improve our    county school districts and five accredited
states that of every 100 Florida students,      critical “talent supply chain.”             nonprofit public and private colleges and
only 76 will graduate from high school,                                                     universities in Southwest Florida — will
and only 51 will attend college.                    “The time to build Florida’s future     take key themes from the Education
                                                workforce is now, and education must be     Summit and move these solutions
   Florida faces a “crisis in human capital,”   its foundation,” the Council stated.        forward.
the Council stated in its “Closing the
Talent Gap” report of January 2010. “The           Taking this challenge to heart, The         This Summit was conceived by Mei-
leading companies and clusters that will        News-Press Media group is producing         Mei Chan, Publisher and President of The
emerge over the next 20 years will locate       a landmark regional Education Summit        News-Press, Susan McManus, President
themselves wherever they have access to         on Oct. 5 at the Hyatt Coconut Point in     of The Education Foundation of Collier
a top-quality workforce. Unfortunately,         Estero.                                     County, and Marshall Bower, President

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& CEO of The Foundation for Lee County        able to have input into the educational        CEOs expressed concern that graduates
Public Schools. The driving premise is that   needs of their future workforce.”              lacked the necessary “soft skills” needed
“educational excellence drives economic                                                      for success, such as, interpersonal skills
prosperity”—a       strong      educational       Additional partners for the Summit are     and basic business etiquette. Business
foundation, from kindergarten up through      the Horizon Council, the public-private        leaders will discuss their needs and what
adult learning, is vital to building strong   collaboration on economic development          obligation they might have to enhance
business communities.                         on Lee County, and the Southwest Florida       the educational landscape. They will also
                                              Workforce Development Board. Sponsors          address concerns that students are not
   “The News-Press has long been committed    on board are Edison State College, Florida     being sufficiently prepared for the jobs of
to serving the greater Southwest Florida      Gulf Coast University, Hodges University,      tomorrow.
community,” Chan said. “We love bringing      Nova University, BB&T and GATES.
key individuals together and driving                                                             In his white paper, Weiss of NCH
productive conversations to help improve         A series of panels will focus on business   Healthcare System addressed the need
the quality of life for all.”                 with local industry leaders, education         to diversify the local economy. He writes
                                              with four county superintendents and           about our region: “… our challenge is
    McManus          remarked:     “This      three college and university presidents,       to evolve away from development and
collaborative effort has been a wonderful     and student issues with current pupils and     tourism (which carried us last century),
opportunity to work with our Southwest        graduates talking about their successes,       to a knowledge-based economy with
Florida education partners to learn how       challenges and needs.                          technological advances led by robust
we can strengthen the local economic                                                         educational initiatives. The stark reality
impact of education for our students and          The business panel, will include           is that sunshine and tax advantages can
community as a whole.”                        speakers such as Paul Woods, CEO of            take Southwest Florida just so far in a
                                              Algenol, a biofuels company which moved        global economy. Over the past three
   Bower       added:    “The     business    its headquarters to Lee County, and Todd       years, Florida has fallen from the second
community, being engaged in our               Gates, CEO of GATES, a construction,           fastest growing state to the 48th. Clearly,
public schools, benefits both sides of        development, brokerage and property            our state needs reinvention to reestablish
the equation. Students benefit from the       management company. This panel                 its leadership position.”
enhanced opportunities the business           stems from a series of CEO roundtables,
community can bring through additional        in which business leaders questioned              The Summit’s education panel
resources, including economic, shadowing,     the readiness of students to join the          will feature four county school
internships and real world experiences.       workforce, which is becoming evermore          Superintendents — Joseph Burke of Lee
The business community benefits by being      high-tech and sophisticated. In addition,      County, Kamela Patton of Collier County,
                                                                                             Douglas Whittaker of Charlotte County
                                                                                             and Richard Murphy of Hendry County
                   seacrest                                                                  — as well as three higher education
                                                                                             CEOs — Wilson Bradshaw, President
                   performing                                                                of Florida Gulf Coast University; Ken

                                                                                             Walker, President of Edison State
                                                                                             College; and Terry McMahan, President
                                                                                             of Hodges Universities. The three colleges
                   academy                                                                   and universities have campuses in Lee
                                                                                             and Collier counties, and FGCU and
                                                                                             Edison have campuses or a presence in
    Seacrest Perfoming Arts Academy                                                          Charlotte and the Hendry-Glades area.
    is an enrichment program open to all young                                               These education leaders will discuss
                                                                                             the challenges of today in terms of
    musicians ages 12-18 who live in the greater                                             demographics, funding, and student
    Naples community. e program consists of                                                  preparedness, as well as how businesses
    small groups & ensembles rehearsing under the direction of professional                  might better engage K-20 graduates.
    musicians Jodie DeSalvo and Naples Philharmonic Concertmaster,
                                                                                                In conjunction with the Summit,
    Glenn Basham.                                                                            The News-Press’ journalists will provide a
                                                                                             sweeping overview of Southwest Florida
   Rehearsals will be held on the Seacrest campus twice a week a        er                   focusing on K-20 key metrics including
   school.     ree ten week sessions will be o ered during the school year.                  reading levels; graduation rates; college
                                                                                             preparedness; vocational skills; job
   Performances will be held at churches, music festivals, restaurants,                      placement and more. Over the last decade
   country clubs and special events.                                                         the population of K-12 students has nearly
   Fall semester: September 8 - November 18                                                  doubled and the five-county region now
                                                                                             serves about 150,000 students. The region
                                                                                             has 11 institutes of higher education
                           For more information call                                         institutes serving nearly 40,000 students.
                         Bill DeSalvo at 239-293-2371
                        or email bdesalvo@seacrest.org                                          During the Summit, participants will

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be able to tweet or text their real-time
comments and questions concerning the
issues presented, thus, allowing virtual            STATISTICS ON OUR REGION’S SCHOOLS
response to the speakers and panelists.
                                                                 Here are some basic statistics, taken from the five county school
Market Watch brand extended                                      districts’ websites and the most recent reports from the Florida
                                                                                     Department of Education:
    This event is an extension of The News-
Press Media Group’s decade-old Market                            Lee County
Watch brand, which was built around                              Enrollment: 81,929
residential and commercial real estate. On                       Graduation rate: 80.3%
Feb. 22, Market Watch Real Estate was                            Dropout rate: 1.3%
held to great acclaim to 702 participants                        Percentage of students taking the ACT: 48.3%
at the Harborside Event Center in Fort                           Percentage of students taking the SAT: 46.9%
Myers, with real estate experts Denny                            Percentage enrolled in public postsecondary schools: 46.6%
Grimes, President of Denny Grimes & Co.,                         Percentage enrolled in independent colleges/universities: 2.94%
and Stan Stouder, a founding partner with
CB Richard Ellis, Fort Myers-Naples.                             Collier County
                                                                 Enrollment: 42,856
    On April 6 Market Watch Future                               Graduation rate: 79.4%
Vision was presented to a select group                           Dropout rate: 2.0%
of 150 business and political leaders at                         Percentage of students taking the ACT: 59.2%
the Sanibel Harbour Resort in south Fort                         Percentage of students taking the SAT: 47.6%
Myers. Respected futurist Edie Weiner                            Percentage enrolled in public postsecondary schools: 48.7%
flew down from New York to present her                           Percentage enrolled in independent colleges/universities: 3.89%
vision of the eight transformative changes
our nation will be seeing in the next few                        Charlotte County
years. For the last two years Weiner had                         Enrollment: 16,349
served as the closing speaker of the two-                        Graduation rate: 79.3%
year-old innovative Imagine Solutions                            Dropout rate: 3.1%
conference in Naples, led by retired CEO                         Percentage of students taking the ACT: 54.5%
Randy Antik.                                                     Percentage of students taking the SAT: 35.8%
                                                                 Percentage enrolled in public postsecondary schools: 48.6%
   The third Market Watch hones in on                            Percentage enrolled in independent colleges/universities: 2.19%
education as the timeliest issue for the
community to explore in order to help                            Glades County
elevate the quality of life for the entire                       Enrollment: 1,429
region — today and into the future.                              Graduation rate: 63.6%
                                                                 Dropout rate: 1.4%
   For more information on the Education                         Percentage of students taking the ACT: 62.9%
Summit, please contact Karin Cherwick-                           Percentage of students taking the SAT: 45.1%
Skala, Market Development Manager for                            Percentage enrolled in public postsecondary schools: 50%
The News-Press Media Group, at (239) 344-                        Percentage enrolled in independent colleges/universities: 4.83%
4761 or by email at kcherwick@gannett.                           (Note: Glades became an A school district in 2011 — a major coup,
com. The event is Wednesday, October 5,                          considering that in the 2006-07 school year it had the highest
2001 at the Coconut Point Hyatt, Estero                          dropout rate in the state at 13%).
from 7:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Registration is
$50, which includes continental breakfast                        Hendry County
and lunch. Sign up today at www.news-                            Enrollment: 6,908
press.com/educationsummit.                                       Graduation rate: 81.4%
                                                                 Dropout rate: 3.5%
                       õ                                         Percentage of students taking the ACT: 66.3%
                                                                 Percentage of students taking the SAT: 17.3%
    David Plazas is the community conversation                   Percentage enrolled in public postsecondary schools: 50.2%
editor of The News-Press, a Fort Myers-based                     Percentage enrolled in independent colleges/universities: 1.31%
media company owned by Gannett Co., Inc.
He chairs the editorial board, manages the                       State of Florida
opinion pages, coordinates community outreach                    Enrollment: 2.64 million
and supervises social media efforts. Plazas’                     Graduation rate: 79%
journalism has garnered awards from the Society                  Dropout rate: 2.0%
of Professional Journalists and the Florida Press                Percentage of students taking the ACT: 51.7%
Association/Florida Society of News Editors,                     Percentage of students taking the SAT: 48%
among others. He holds a master’s in journalism                  Percentage enrolled in public postsecondary schools: 53%
from Northwestern University and an M.B.A.                       Percentage enrolled in independent colleges/universities: 3.02%
from Florida Gulf Coast University. He can be
reached at dplazas@news-press.com.

                                                    Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I september 2011 19
   The Best Little Airport in the Country.
      Celebrating 65 years.
                                                        ...and we’re just getting started.

                                                   What can                    Access to Private Charters
                                                                               Air Ambulance
                                                      general                  Sightseeing
                                                                               Aerial Photography

                                                  aviation do                  Fight Training
                                                                               Aviation Merchandise
                                                                               Air Cargo & More
                                                     for you?
                                                  When you support the airfield-based businesses at Naples
                                                  Municipal Airport, you’re not only getting great value for
                                                  yourself, you also become part of the more than $100
                                                  million your airport brings in to our local economy.

                                 Naples Municipal Airport
                                 The Best Little Airport in the Country
                                 (239) 643-0733

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                                                                                                           SMALL BUSINESS

An Interview With The Postmaster
       he US Postal Service is constantly     $5.25, two at 10.95 and one at $14.95.                  MS: Tell me about “Click and Ship”
       reviewing its products and services.   Anything that fits in these boxes can be
       This month, your editor caught up      shipped for that price. The boxes are very               RB: It is a perfect opportunity to be
with local USPS Postmaster Richard L.         sturdy and resilient and we send trailer-            able to do business from home and office.
Barber to learn what’s new both locally       loads out every week. They are available in          Businesses can get postage straight from
and nationally and discover opportunities     the lobbies and also at usps.com you can             the computer via our business agents
for our small businesses to save money        have them sent to your home or business.             without making the trip to the post
and streamline their mail processes.                                                               office.
                                                   MS: How can a small business owner utilize
   MS: What is a flat rate box?               flat rates boxes to minimize their shipping costs?      MS: I understand small businesses may take
                                                                                                   advantage of free pickup service. Can you tell me
   RB: A flat rate box is the postal             RB: These flat rate boxes save the                how they can utilize that service?
service’s way to offer quality and value in   shipper cardboard and packaging costs.
the shipping industry. We offer 4 different   Because of volume, we can pass these                   RB: Businesses can call 1-800-ASK-
size boxes at 3 different prices: one at      savings along to the shipper.                        USPS. They will give you an option to set

                                                  Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I september 2011 21
        up pickup. The carrier that services your          industry. Are there offerings locally and how can    affected.
        location will come to you and pick up              business owners get involved?
        your packages at no charge and get them                                                                     MS: What do you think postal service will
        directly into the mail stream just as if you          RB: Every month at the main Goodlette             look in ten years? How is technology changing the
        came to the post office.                           Road Post Office, we hold mailing                    way you do business?
                                                           seminars for all businesses who are
           MS: A new product USPS offers is the Every      currently mailing and want to learn how                  RB: Technology is taking away the 1st
        Door Direct Mail program. What is that and         to do it better and for those who are just           class letter. More and more people are doing
        how can a small business effectively utilize the   starting out. Seminars are advertised in             things online. We are acknowledging that
        program?                                           the post office lobby and those interested           by offering more ways to advertise.
                                                           can register online at www.usps.com/
            RB: This is a perfect product for              growyourbusinessdays. In September                      The postal service is also cutting costs
        small businesses that are not able to take         there will be a seminar for EDDM and for             by delivering services in volume. We
        advantage of corporate advertising. These          bulk business mailers. Also, every month             remain the only business that touches
        businesses do not need to purchase a costly        we also host a Consumer Advisory Council             every home and business 6 days a week and
        bulk mail permit. Businesses can target            (CAC) – a small contingent of business               the only carrier that can mail to post office
        their mailing. For example: a north Naples         and residential folks who meet with the              boxes. We are consistently trying to do
        business can target businesses strictly            postmaster to talk about issues to improve           more with less by improving productivity
        around their location, a Golden Gate               mail services and educate the public on              and enhancing our goals.
        office can advertise around their location,        what we can do for them. To get involved,
        etc. without a bulk mail permit. Utilizing         come to a seminar and indicate interest in                MS: As we send our college kids off to school
        the mapping program, businesses can                the CAC, we are always looking for new               for the fall - Does the post office offer gift cards?
        determine what mail routes are in and              members. For information on the CAC,
        around their own routes and discover               you can also contact (239) 435-2146.                     RB: Absolutely, An excellent idea for
        how many mail pieces they will need to                                                                  kids in college or relatives and friends
        produce. We have had businesses that                  MS: In July, USPS recently undertook a Retail     up north. AMEX gift cards up to $100are
        have really run with this program – they           Access Optimization Initiative. Can you tell us      offered in our lobbies and good at any
        are seeing 25-30% increase after these             what that is and the effects, if any, on Southwest   location in US. There a great gift for a
        mailings hit mailboxes. It has taken off in        Florida USPS operations?                             special occasions or just because.
        a tremendous way in the Collier County
        area.                                                  RB: As of right now, the Vanderbilt                  MS: The USPS website is pretty comprehensive
                                                           Beach Postal Store closed May 2011. That             and offers a ton of products and services – but
            MS: I understand that USPS offers business     was done because of the large facility               there is a movement to “buy local”. From that
        mail trainings for large and small companies       just 1 mile north at Cocoa River. Since              perspective is it “ok” to purchase products and
        in addition to professionals within the mailing    then, there have been no other facilities            services through the web from USPS, or is it

          The reach you need.

NCHAM-09222 Currents Ad.indd 3-4
        22 september 2011 I BusIness Currents I Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org
better for our local brick and mortar post offices                                               offices more quick and efficient. Some
for us to make our purchases there?                  using your local address and that address   people are much more comfortable with
                                                     is being tracked by the local post office   coming to see the retail specialists in
    RB: We’re always going to offer world            who receives “credit” for the purchase.     person at the post office, and we welcome
class service at our physical locations, but                                                     them with open arms.
when you make your purchases on usps.                   Further, you are assisting us by
com, you are still buying local. You are             purchasing online and making the local         MS: What else can you tell me that would be

   Reach 700,000 of Naples’ business and community leaders each month online. And 10,000 each month here in Business Currents.

   It’s advertising that goes the extra mile. Right where it counts the most. Reach for the phone to learn more 239.298.7920.

                                                                                                                                         7/2/09 4:29:05 PM
                                                        Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I september 2011 23
                                                                      great for small business owners to be aware of?

                                                                          RB: Remember we have our automated postal centers
                                                                      in the lobbies at main office on Goodlette and at the
                                                                      Cocoa River location in north Naples. These automated
                                                                      machines do 80% of the transactions that you can do
                                                                      during regular office hours. If you operate after hours and
                                                                      need to mail, you can make stamp purchases, purchase flat
                                                                      rate shipping, make post office box rent payments or use
                                                                      any other service such as insurance, delivery confirmation,
                                                                      signature confirmation or certified mail. These machines
                                                                      take credit or debit cards only and your receipt will
                                                                      show the delivery confirmation number and the machine
                                                                      assigned that number so you track your package online.
                                                                      It’s a tremendous service that allows the public to mail
                                                                      throughout the night. The next morning, your packages
                                                                      are shipped out. We are doing more and more business on
                                                                      these machines. If you need help, each office has assistants
                                                                      available to teach you how to use the machines and help
                                                                      determine what products you need at that time. õ

                                                     EXCEL-ERATION SUMMIT:
                                                   “Breakthrough Technologies by
                                                  Women Entrepreneurs & Innovators”
                                              Oct. 18, 2011 • 1-5pm
                                              Naples Grande Hotel
                                              $30 pre-registered • $35 at door
                                              Register at www.go-beyond-network.com

                                              4 women entrepreneurs will showcase their companies to potential
                                              investors and 2 women innovators will discuss their breakthrough
                HOSTED BY:                    technologies. Lisa Phoenix, entrepreneur and co-founder of Golden
                                              Girls, a company which buys precious metals in a party setting, will
                                              talk about her company’s growth and road to success. And a
                                              panel discussion on “Building a Growth Company” will feature local
                                              experts discussing what it takes to grow a successful company.

24 september 2011 I BusIness Currents I Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org
                                                                                                  D CH LOPMEN
                                                                          P R O F E S S I O N A L T EE V EN O L O G Y T

I’m Sorry I Said
by Randy Jones

       all me old fashioned but I still
       believe in the concept of common
       courtesy in all situations—family,
personal and professional.

    I’m no angel. Sure, I was raised in
Missouri and fervently believe I am a
“Southern Gentleman” at heart but I
                                                    But to do this, I had to “sleep with      workplace: among colleagues, between
have also been known to get so wrapped
                                                 the enemy” – I posted my questions on        business representatives and their
up in hearing my own voice that I have
                                                 Facebook.                                    customers, and between organizations
failed to appropriately recognize the gift
                                                                                              and their chosen vendor/partners.
of someone’s time or wisdom. And the
last time I was at iHop, I’m pretty sure a           Not surprisingly, everyone who joined
                                                 my conversation agreed that courteous          Cathy, Educational Services Director,
mouth full of pancakes trumped my need
                                                 interactions had fallen to an all-time low     Austin, TX
to respond to the “How-Is-Everything”
inquiry from my very attentive server.           in practically every aspect of life.
                                                                                                …there is less common courtesy in the workplace
                                                                                                because people are going faster and faster. The
I really love iHop—I hope they let me back in.      Another     common      denominator:
                                                                                                niceties are dispensed with. People are working
                                                                  everyone yearns to be
                                                                                                virtual and it is easier to be rude or short with
   But at a time when displays of good                              treated like royalty
                                                                                                someone you’ve never met. First hand, I know
manners seem to be on the decline, my                                  as opposed to
                                                                                                that meeting someone in person makes my
biggest fear is—does anyone even notice any                             being     royally
                                                                                                interactions more courteous.
more or is “terse” the new standard operating                            dismissed.
procedure?                                                                                        Kudos to Cathy for acknowledging
                                                                             I     could
                                                                                              her    divergent     courtesy     criteria
    To help me explore this oft ignored                                 write a book…
                                                                                              regarding electronic versus face-to-face
yet critical issue of smiles, pleases and                                                     communication. Isn’t the basic tenet of
thank yous, I assembled a “Focus                                          …but, for now,
                                                                                              any 12-step program to admit you have a
Group” of professionals                                                     I am going
                                                                                              problem? However, I have known Cathy
representing a variety of                                                     to focus on
                                                                                              for almost 40 years and I assure you, she
industries nationwide.                                                          courtesy
                                                                                              most certainly does not have a problem
                                                                                 (or lack
                                                                                              with kindness—she’s simply gracious
                                                                                              enough to take ownership of her opinion.
                                                                                  in the
                                                                                                  Of course, there are several obvious
                                                                                              contributions to the regrettable decline
                                                                                              of workplace civility: notably a feeling of
                                                                                              desperation in the business community
                                                                                              being fed by financial insecurity and an
                                                                                              individual employee’s need for job security.
                                                                                              Add in “advances” in technology meant to
                                                                                              “improve” communication and well, we’re
                                                                                              in a world of interactive hurt.

                                                                                                Laura, Etiquette Instructor,
                                                                                                Naples, FL

                                                                                                The disintegration of polite social interaction
                                                                                                is directly affected by the media polluting the

                                                    Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I september 2011 25
  psyche of anyone who will listen and/or watch.     Sarah, Retail Marketing Executive,               college now, and as I have nothing but the
  The convenience [of technology] is a curse and     Chicago, IL                                      highest of hopes for their futures, allow me
  a blessing.                                                                                         to put forward a slightly different spin on
                                                     There is definitely a sense of entitlement and   the those-darn-kids situation. Though many
    Understandably, Laura is being                   doing only what they deem they want to do, not   of us are more than happy to throw Gen Y
somewhat polite (that’s her job) so                  what they need to do to grow the business.       under the bus—my question is: who was
allow me to be more candid: CURSE                                                                     driving the bus in the first place?
YOU Laptop, Facebook, Twitter, Instant               Cherie, Healthcare Consultant,
Message, Email, iPad, and Smartphone                 Mechanicsville, MD                                  Candidly, I don’t fault the youth as
for causing potentially irreparable                                                                   much as I fault their mentors. Both Paula
damage to the future of real interpersonal           The younger generation has not been equipped     from Missouri and Anne from Arizona
communications. Can anyone argue                     with the Golden Rule of “do unto others as       were quick to put parents in the hot seat.
that our society is losing the ability to            you would have them do unto you.” They only      And I agree—we raised Gen Y. But, at a
communicate directly with each other?                learned the “do unto others” part.               certain point, our influence as parents is
Technology has opened the door for                                                                    overtaken by peer pressure, pop culture,
                                                     Sue, Financial Advisor,                          and the corporate cultures that collectively
an unfortunate desensitization to the
                                                     Washington, DC                                   become the bus drivers of our children’s
importance of good manners.
                                                     Gen Y is having a tough time because they        professional growth.
   I’ll say this—the day I turn on 20/20             expect a medal for everything. Remember, they
and hear Elizabeth Vargas reporting on a             got a trophy for losing the soccer game.            Though I have more than one example
couple exchanging wedding vows via text                                                               from my Gen-Y-Files of either improper
message is the day I give up.                          Despite    witnessing   extraordinary          or misguided behavior, I don’t fault the
                                                   exceptions with younger staffers at my             professional neophyte, I blame Senior
Some Animals Simply East Their Young               client companies, I have been known to             Management.
                                                   grumble about Gen Ys inexperience and
    Warning: if you are part of “Gen Y,” I         occasional lack of decorum.                           It is management who hires and assigns
am giving you proper notice: you’re about                                                             responsibilities. Furthermore, it is
to be devoured.                                       As both of my Gen Y children are in             management who is tasked with training,

26 september 2011 I BusIness Currents I Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org
establishing accountability guidelines           once visited the grocery store without a     follows:
and, for want of a better term, providing        heightened awareness that her every word
and enforcing “rules of engagement.”             and deed was a possible reflection on her      ¸ Respect      all  people    as
                                                 company’s reputation.                            individuals – with individual
   When management fails, does anyone                                                             goals,    desires  and   lives.
calculate the cost to the company? Cost              Though she has certainly earned her
measured in time, resources, payroll,            time off, what the business world now          ¸ Regard clients, vendors, affiliates
benefits and ultimately, lost corporate          seriously lacks is Janey Lack…and others         and business partners as deserving
revenue due to the unchecked actions of a        like her.                                        of an equal level of respect.
rogue novice employee?
                                                 My Mission: Part One                           ¸ Inspire someone else every day.
    As experienced business professionals,
we must accept a more significant role in           When I founded my company in                 Am I naïve to believe these core values
mentoring our young charges as they are          2001, three of my five Core Values were as   should remain intact and unchanged? Does
playing an adult version of Follow the Leader.
Not only is our country’s business future
at stake, but our shareholders demand
mature and skilled performance reflected
in the bottom line.

What Business Lacks

   We all have our mentors—those
who inspire us in business and, in some
extraordinary cases, to simply be better
people in and out of the board room. For
me, that inspiration came in the form of a
remarkable business woman named Janey

   Until 2011, alongside her equally well-
mannered husband Melvin, Janey presided
over the Texas-based retail chain, Lacks
Home Furnishings. A recent retiree,
Janey’s considerable business skills were
developed during another time—dare I
say, a simpler time.

   A time when a handshake was the
equivalent of a contract.

   A time when someone’s “word” meant
more than a contract.

   A time when people talked to each

   Janey did much more for me than send
my company a check. I assure you Janey
Lack never sent an email, participated in
a conference call, took part in business
negotiations, or attended a meeting
without a keen understanding that those
around her a) had the potential to help
her build her business and b) represented
current or prospective consumers of the
Lack’s brand.

   I even speculate that Janey never

                                                    Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I september 2011 27
my company, established on a foundation               based management, so prevalent today,            I’m also not proposing that you let your
of positive work interactions, creativity             only serves to dampen spirits, restrict          employees, vendors or even your clients
and professional civility, possess values             the free flow of information, and prohibit       run amok. Each one of us must draw our
that are still valid and engaging in the              potential star performers, of any age, from      own personal lines in the sand between
today’s hyperactive electronic age?                   becoming stars.                                  respect and rancor—between courtesy
                                                                                                       and catastrophe.
    I am fortunate that my professional                   Allow me to restate my supposition in
circle includes Rob Bogosian—a man                    language that every business professional           But above all, I have hopefully started
whose voice of experience has helped                  understands:      declining       workplace      a dialogue that must continue.
me navigate more than one interpersonal               courtesy is negatively affecting your
business challenge.                                   bottom line. Until good manners and                  For those who wish to join the
                                                      respect are regarded as critical components      conversation, I have established an online
  Rob Bogosian,                                       of everyone’s business practices, we’re all      forum at facebook.com/mindzoo for
  Leadership and Team Development                     losing money.                                    positive and productive discourse on this
  Expert, Naples, FL                                                                                   shamefully overlooked topic. Though I’m
                                                          For example, as one of the primary           polite enough to acknowledge that every
  Underlying our core human values are the            services provided by my company is               opinion is important and deserves respect,
  beliefs that we hold true. If we believe that all   “creative” in nature, I have a healthy respect   if all you want to do is complain, then
  human beings, whether in a personal or business     for the fact that creativity only thrives in a   perhaps you should run for public office
  setting, deserve both dignity and respect, then     positive and well-mannered environment.          instead.
  we are well on our way to treating people with      Anything less chokes the creative process
  both—no matter what.                                and paralyzes the creative thinker.                  And remember Cathy from Texas who
                                                                                                       acknowledged her divergent courtesy
   Thanks Rob, I needed that. We all                      And in our current economy, to               criteria for electronic versus face-to-face
needed that.                                          guarantee ongoing success, creativity should     communication? Wise Cathy posted
                                                      be king—no matter how or where we need           yet another comment that struck me as
My Mission: Part Two                                  to apply it.                                     noteworthy:

   In my humble opinion, positive                        I certainly do not have all the                 …in the email world, it’s actually considered a
interactions and courtesy are mandatory               answers—I’m the one who still has an               “bad” thing to reply with a “Thank You.” People
for a successful business model. Fear-                iHop employee waiting to hear from me.             don’t want their email boxes filled up.

28 september 2011 I BusIness Currents I Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org
   Though I know Cathy speaks the
truth, if that’s really the case, well then
I’m sorry I said “thank you.”

                                                   CAMPAIGN FOR LEADERSHIP 2011
                      õ                               If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more,
    Randy Jones is President and Creative
                                                            do more and become more, you are a leader.
Director of MindZoo, a target marketing agency                            John Quincy Adams
in Naples, Florida. He can be reached at Randy@
mindzoo.com, at 239.304.9611, on Facebook, on       Campaign for Leadership is a nonpartisan program designed
LinkedIn, or online at both mindzoo.com and         to enlighten, encourage and educate citizen leaders. Learn
attackbunnies.com .                                 how to be effectively engaged in local government by serving
                                                    on boards and commissions and/or by running for elected
                                                    office. Hear from prominent elected and appointed leaders,
                                                    campaign consultants, party officials, the media and policy
                                                    experts on the importance of positive civic action. Speakers
                                                    and panelists include more than 25 distinguished civic and
                                                    business leaders including invited U.S. Senators for Florida
                                                    Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio.
                                                                              Sponsored by:
                                                                   LEADERSHIP COLLIER FOUNDATION
                                                        (of the THE GREATER NAPLES CHAMBER OF COMMERCE)
                                                                           in partnership with:
                                                               COLLIER BUILDING INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION
                                                                 COLLIER COUNTY PRESIDENTS COUNCIL
                                                          GREATER NAPLES BETTER GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE
                                                            LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS OF COLLIER COUNTY
                                                                          NAPLES DAILY NEWS
                                                                   NAPLES MEN’S DISCUSSION GROUP

                                                    PROGRAM INFORMATION
                                                    WHEN: Friday, November 4, 2011 (11:30 am - 5:45 pm)
                                                    and Saturday, November 5, 2011 (8:00 am - 5:00 pm)

                                                    WHERE: Naples Botanical Garden
                                                    (The Buehler Auditorium, Kapnick Research & Education Center)

                                                    REGISTRATION FEE: $75.00 per person
                                                    (includes attendance both days; lunch, refreshments and
                                                    networking mixer on Friday; breakfast and lunch on Saturday)

                                                    REGISTER AT WWW.NAPLESCHAMBER.ORG BY OCTOBER 31st:
                                                    To register, or for additional information including PDF brochure
                                                    with full agenda, visit www.napleschamber.org (upcoming events).
                                                    Or, contact Lori at The Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce at
                                                    (239) 403-2904 or lori@napleschamber.org.

                                                  Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I september 2011 29
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                                  New Chamber Members

Advanced styles LLC              Forge engineering, Inc.                    Patrick Hamlin
ms. erica Drew                   roxann nolton                              pehos@fsu.edu
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(239) 980-4736                   (239) 514-4100                             ms. Janis crouter
                                 www.forgeeng.com                           naples, Fl 34102
Alzheimers Association,                                                     (239) 262-4150
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ms. laura caffey                 ms. susan b. Jackson                       southwest Florida Outdoor
568 9th street south             1000 wiggins pass rd. e.                   photography
#154                             naples, Fl 34110                           mr. gordon campbell
naples, Fl 34102                 (239) 597-4202                             8257 Valiant Dr.
(239) 793-6460                   www.lakesanmarino.com                      naples, Fl 34104
www.caffeyarch.com                                                          (973) 650-7465
                                 Lifestyle exterior Products                www.swfloutdoorphotography.com
Daniela’s restaurant             mr. gary mcmahon
ms. cori craciun                 206 center rd.                             sweethartz Confectionery
13500 tamiami trail north        Ft. myers, Fl 33907                        mr. michael hartz
naples, Fl 34110                 (239) 274-0046                             3106 tamiami trail n.
(239) 514-4414                   www.lifestyleexterior.com                  naples, Fl 34103
www.danielas-restaurant.com                                                 (239) 352-6800
                                 Marco escapes Inc.                         www.sweethartz.com
Discover Crayton Cove            mr. Jason byington
ms. beth preddy                  567 elkcam circle east                     transworld systems
764 12th ave. s.                 marco island, Fl 34145                     mr. edye butten
naples, Fl 34102                 (239) 285-8661                             9990 coconut rd.
(239) 435-3938                   www.marcoescapes.com                       suite 308
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                                   at www.napleschamber.org

                                    Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I september 2011 31
                                 Wake Up Naples @ The Hilton Naples
                                    Sponsored by Key’d Inn, Inc.
The Chamber Scrapbook
                                          August 10, 20111

                        Rosalie Rhodes and Jerry Sanford (Collier County Freedom    Tom Stallmer, Pam Harwell and Seth Schiller (Key’d Inn, Inc.)

                        Cyndee Woolley (C2 Communications) and Libby Anderson        Scott Koenig (BB&T), Robert Metzger (Golden Gate Fire
                        (Human Resources Now)                                        Control and Rescue District)

                        Mike Riley, Russell Budd (PBS Construction), Bill Hazzard    Christina Adams, Connie Dillon (CHS Healthcare)
                        (Coleman, Hazzard & Taylor, P. A.)

                        All photos courtesy of Bob Raymond/GulfShore Photography
          32 september 2011 I BusIness Currents I Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org
Miriam Ross, MJ Scarpelli, Rita Allen-Elben                                Klaus and Chrystal Haasemann (Sign Craft)

Amy Solem, Barry Nicholls (Paradise Jewelry)                               Tim Durham (Collier Supervisor of Elections Office) and Kristi and
                                                                           Joe Foster (Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur, LLP)

                                                                                               Shelley Davis and Wilma Boyd (Preferred Travel
                                                                                               of Naples)

Kathy Curatolo (CCPS Board), Corina Velasquez, Kamela Patton (CCPS Superintendent),
Julie Sprague (CCPS Board)

                                                   Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I september 2011 33

                                               american promotional products
                                               222 industrial blvd., suite 199, naples, Fl 34104

                                              coastal it consulting, llc
                                              3000 immokalee rd., suite 5, naples, Fl 34110

                                              OnFast, llc
                                              5150 tamiami trail north, suite 700, naples 34103

                                              rosedale brick Oven pizzeria
                                              1427 pine ridge rd., #105, naples 34109

34 september 2011 I BusIness Currents I Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org
               DID YOU KNOW?
 Collier County is constantly seeking contract and vendor services.
They post RFPs (request for proposals) almost daily and they can be
                 found online on the county website.
             Don’t have time to check the
          Collier County website all the time?
                     It’s ok! We’re here to help!
            All new county solicitations are listed in the
          Chamber Connect each Monday - watch for it in
                            your email box!

                   Private Dining Rooms
                     • Business or Special Occasion                              Chamber
                     • Breakfast                                                 Connect
                     • Lunch
                     • Dinner                                                   Your
                                                                                to the
                                                                                     In Your
                   Our private dining rooms are ideal for your
                   next special occasion, client appreciation event,

                                                                                       Miss It!
                                      Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I september 2011 35
                                          RENEWING MEMBERs

 Al Deleon & Associates, Inc.              Carroll & Carroll                       Jerry’s Cleaners
 4060 tamiami trail n.                     2805 horseshoe Drive s.                 842 6th avenue s.
 suite 5                                   suite 1                                 naples, Fl 34102
 naples, Fl 34103                          naples, Fl 34104                        (239) 262-6121
 (239) 261-3800                            (239) 775-1147                          www.jerryscleanersinc.com
 www.aldeleoninsurance.com                 www.carrollandcarroll.com
                                                                                   Kenneth I. shevin, C.P.A., P.A.
 AM Insurance & Financial services         Case Benefit Consultants, LLC           1415 panther lane
 2390 tamiami trail n.                     4760 tamiami trail n.                   suite 318
 suite 210                                 suite 25                                naples, Fl 34109
 naples, Fl 34103                          naples, Fl 34103                        (239) 591-6610
 (239) 353-5555                            (239) 213-9909
                                           www.casebenefits.com                    Lighthouse Inn
 Arthur rutenberg Homes/ArBC                                                       9140 gulfshore Drive n.
 Corp.                                     Catholic Charities (10 years!)          naples, Fl 34108
 5645 strand blvd.                         2210 santa barbara blvd.                (239) 597-3345
 naples, Fl 34110                          naples, Fl 34116
 (239) 597-1120                            (239) 455-2655                          Longshore Lake Foundation, Inc.
 www.arhomes.com                           www.catholiccharitiescc.org             11399 phoenix way
                                                                                   naples, Fl 34119
  BB&t naples Main Office (5 years!)       Collier County non-Discrimination       (239) 566-2304
  8840 tamiami trail n.                    Coalition                               www.longshorelake.org
  naples, Fl 34108                         (239) 514-4299
  (239) 593-4700                           www.colliercoalition.org                Mail station Courier
  www.bbt.com                                                                      2338 immokalee road
                                           D.r. Horton                             # 403
  Bibby Inc.                               13880 treeline avenue s.                naples, Fl 34110
  1905 imperial golf course blvd.          suite 3                                 (239) 436-3910
  naples, Fl 34110                         Ft myers, Fl 33913
  (239) 293-4518                           (239) 225-2600                          Marco Beach Ocean resort
  www.bibbyenterprises.com                 www.drhorton.com                        480 south collier blvd.
                                                                                   marco island, Fl 34145
  Big Cypress Basin/sFWMD                  Dex One                                 (800) 260-5089
  2660 horseshoe Drive n.                  6630 Orion Drive                        www.marcoresort.com
  naples, Fl 34104                         suite 100
  (239) 597-1505                           Ft. myers, Fl 33912                     Mari Vesci realtors, Inc.
  www.sfwmd.gov                            (239) 437-1700                          9000 gulfshore Drive
                                                                                   naples, Fl 34108
  Bonita Bay east                          extra-Ordinary Image                    (800) 248-3724
  3700 wildwood blvd.                      4041 gulf shore blvd. n.                www.Vesci.com
  naples, Fl 34120                         naples, Fl 34103
  (239) 353-5100                           (239) 877-1345                          Morton Wasmer Abraham
  www.bonitabayeast.com                    www.extra-Ordinaryimage.com             Construction Managers, LLC
                                                                                   931 5th avenue n.
  Brian A. Glaeser\                        Hunger & Homeless Coalition of          naples, Fl 34102
  state Farm Insurance (20 years!)         Collier County                          (239) 263-6100
  3765 airport pulling road n.             5251 golden gate parkway
  suite 101                                suite g                                 stonegate Bank
  naples, Fl 34105                         naples, Fl 34116                        3021 airport-pulling road.
  (239) 774-0665                           (239) 263-9363                          naples, Fl 34105
  www.statefarm.com                        www.collierhomelesscoalition.org        (239) 434-2069
  Cafe Luna                                Jaikes Financial Group
  467 5th avenue s.                        5051 castello Drive                     My Blueprinter, Inc.
  naples, Fl 34102                         suite 213                               971 airport road n.
  (239) 213-2212                           naples, Fl 34103                        suite 1
  www.cafelunanaples.com                   (239) 263-9195                          naples, Fl 34104
                                           www.jaikesfinancialgroup.com            (239) 262-7400

36 september 2011 I BusIness Currents I Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org
naples Christian Academy            slepcevich Financial Group                the riner Group, Inc.
3161 santa barbara blvd.            2375 tamiami traill n.                    5811 pelican bay blvd.
naples, Fl 34116                    #208b                                     suite 210
(239) 455-1087                      naples, Fl 34103                          naples, Fl 34108
www.napleschristian.net             (239) 435-9433                            (239) 592-0422
                                    www.sfgnaples.com                         www.rinergroup.com
naples Print source
350 9th street s.                   southern Bay Homes, Inc.                  the Woodruff Institute, LLC
naples, Fl 34102                    9990 coconut road                         2235 Venetian court
(239) 263-2500                      suite 336                                 Unit 1
www.naplesprintsource.com           bonita springs, Fl 34135                  naples, Fl 34109
                                    (239) 948-3404                            (239) 596-9337
national Alliance On Mental         www.southernbay.com                       www.thewoodruffinstitute.com
Illness of Collier County (nAMI)
6216 trail blvd.                    specialists in urology                    Visio signs, LLC - dba signs now
bldg c.                             990 tamiami trail n.                      2805 horseshoe Drive south
naples, Fl 34108                    naples, Fl 34102                          #4
(239) 434-6726                      (239) 434-6300                            naples, Fl 34104
www.namicollierco.org               www.specialistsinurology.com              (239) 261-8970
Public relations, Marketing &       suite Life Magazine
Advertising Professionals of        8192 college parkway                      WInK-tV & radio/
Collier County (PrACC)              suite b53                                 Ft. Myers Broadcasting (15 years!)
#6017 pine ridge road               Fort myers, Fl 33919                      2824 palm beach blvd.
204                                 (239) 481-7775                            Fort myers, Fl 33916
naples, Fl 34119                    www.suitelifemagazine.com                 (239) 338-4322
(239) 641-9070                                                                www.winktv.com
www.pracc.org                       susan G. Komen for the Cure sWFL
                                    26800 s. tamiami trail                    Wyndemere Country Club
r.e.A.L transportation              suite 210                                 700 wyndemere way
1141 cooper Drive                   bonita springs, Fl 34134                  naples, Fl 34105
naples, Fl 34103                    (239) 498-0016                            (239) 263-1700
(239) 777-0801                      www.Komenswfl.org                         www.wyndemere.com
                                    sweet Liberty Catamaran sailing           YMCA of the Palms (25 years!)
river reach Apartments              4620 gail blvd.                           5450 Ymca road
on the Gordon river                 naples, Fl 34104                          naples, Fl 34109
2000 river reach Drive              (239) 793-3525                            (239) 597-3148
naples, Fl 34104                    www.sweetliberty.com                      www.ymcapalms.org
(239) 643-2992
www.riverreachapts.com              terranova (10 years!)
                                    5801 pelican bay blvd.
sarah Anderson Interiors            ste. 200
3115 gulf shore blvd. n.            naples, Fl 34108
naples, Fl 34103                    (239) 514-7700
(630) 886-6864                      www.terranovacorp.com

seniors Blue Book                   the Hadinger Co. of naples/
7040 pelican bay blvd.              dba Hadinger Flooring
D 504                               6401 airport pulling rd n.
naples, Fl 34108                    naples, Fl 34109
(239) 248-4858                      (239) 566-7100
www.seniorsbluebook.com             www.hadinger.com

shelter for Abused Women            the naples trust Company
& Children (5 years!)               3003 tamiami trail n.
p.O. box 10102                      suite 201
naples, Fl 34101                    naples, Fl 34103
(239) 775-3862                      (239) 774-4000
www.naplesshelter.org               www.naplestrustcompany.com

                                       Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I september 2011 37
                            Advanced Styles                                        How & Associates, LLC
                            1257 Airport Road S.                                   9130 Galleria Court
                            Naples, FL 34104                                       Suite 312
                            Advanced Sytles – your one stop salon and              Naples, FL 34109
                            barbershop for all ages. We know fashion               www.how-associates.com
                            and style is versatile. We provide affordable          How & Associates is a boutique accounting
                            luxury hair services and permanent                     firm that specializes in tax services for
                            cosmetics. Located at 1257 Airport Road.               affluent individuals, families and their
                            We offer senior and group discounts. Over              business organizations. Services include tax
                            13 years experience. Free consultations.               and estate planning, tax preparation and
                            All services guaranteed.                               tax consulting. We also offer “family office”
                                                                                   services for high net worth families and
                                                                                   partner with Prideco Capital Management

N                           First Financial Group                                  in providing these services.

                            5100 N. Tamiami Trail

                            Naples, FL 34103                                       Miami Magazine

  p                         www.FFG-LLC.com                                        3930 NE 2nd Avenue

                            First Financial Group helps people to                   Suite 201
                            understand how to take a proactive                     Miami, FL 33137

  o                         approach to personal finance. We show
                            how to use insurance products, retirement,
                                                                                   Launched in September 2007, Miami

                            vehicles, estate planning, and wealth                  Magazine is a high-end luxury lifestyle
                            preservation to make a better life for you             publication that champions the vibrant

M                           and your family. It is our honor to serve              style and sophistication of the greater

                            Florida needs.                                         Miami area, focusing on Miami’s new
                                                                                   affluent community. Owned by Modern

e                                                                                  Luxury Media, LLC. which is the number one

                            Gunger Construction Inc.                               distributor of upscale regional publications

                            7547 Captiva Blvd.                                     in the country.
                            Ft. Myers, FL 33967

  g                         www.gungerhomes.com

                            Gunger Construction Inc. is a family                   Pei Wei Asian Diner
                            owned building & remodeling company.                   2355 Vanderbilt Beach Road # 116

  h                         We emphasize quality work and customer                 Naples, FL 34109

                            service. Whether your project is a small               www.peiwei.com

                            remodel or a multi-million dollar house,               Pei Wei Asian Diner is “east of usual”. You
                            we understand that we are working in your              can choose vibrant flavors inspired by China,

r                           home and will always treat you and your
                            project with the attention it deserves.
                                                                                   Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. We
                                                                                   use only the freshest ingredients, prepared
                                                                                   daily and then wok seared to delicate

38 september 2011 I BusIness Currents I Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org
ReliTech IT Services                         Tint World SW Florida
3850 Sawgrass Way                            2430 Vanderbilt Beach Road
Apt 2722                                     #108
 Naples, FL 34112                            Naples, FL 34109
www.relitechservices.com                     www.TintWorld.com
At ReliTech IT Services, it is our goal to   Tint World is a 3M Prestige Dealer for
provide reliable, affordable, readily        Southwest Florida and the leading
available tech support to Southwest          provider of residential, commercial,
Florida residents and businesses. We         marine tinting and security window
also offer web and graphic design            film. Our services are led by a team
services. I am a graduate of the             of experts with over 30 years of
inaugural Youth Leadership Collier           experience.
class of 2005, and I look forward to
serving you.
                                             White Gloves Cleaning Services Inc.
                                             Naples, FL
Restaurant Latitude & Piano Bar              Our business is to clean your business
2500 Vanderbilt Beach Road                   and/or home. We bring cleanliness
Suite 1100                                   to a different level. Perception,
 Naples, FL 34109                            presentation,       smell,     aroma,
www.latitudenaples.com                       environment, impressions are all very
Latitude offers a cosmopolitan casual        important when you enter your house
dining experience. Whether it is for         or your business. This new level of
Lunch or Dinner our Chef and Staff           cleanliness as a concept will make you
present a fusion menu based on a             shine in the eyes of your customers
mix of international flavours, the           and friends. Our goal is perfection!
freshest and best local products.
Enjoy the ambience and relax in the
setting of our Piano Bar and Lounge
with a selection of “Lite Bites” or
The Dining Room with its smart
decor, international wine list and the
global aromatics of our open kitchen.
Latitude can accommodate intimate
dining, business meetings, special
occasions or just a local hot spot.

                                                Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I september 2011 39
                                                                                   A look at what’s happening in the business community

                                                                                      Sky Angel’s WebTV service recently
                                                                                   added 6 great channels to the lineup:
                                                                                   ALN, BlueHighways TV, NRB Network,
                                                                                   Oldie Goldie Network, Ondas de Amor
                                                                                   and Safe TV. Learn more by visiting www.
                                                                                      The Immokalee Foundation will
                                                                                   hold its 2011 Charity Classic Pro-Am golf
                                                                                   tournament at Bay Colony Golf Club in
                                                                                   Naples Monday, Nov. 14. Visit www.
                                                                                      Free child car seat safety checks will
                                                                                   be provided on Saturday, September 24th
                                                                                   from 9am-12pm at Twinkle Twinkle Little
                                                                                   Store located at 4910 Tamiami Trail N. in
                                                                                       American Momentum Bank has
                                                                                   entered into two agreements with the
                                                                                   Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
                                                                                   to assume all deposits, substantially all

                                                                                   of the assets,and certain liabilities of the
                                                                                   banking operations of LandMark Bank
                                                                                   of Florida and SouthShore Community
                             to our long time dedicated members                        Naples Historical Society’s 24-
                                       celebrating milestone                       minute oral history project overview
                                         anniversaries with us this month!         film narrated by Peter Thomas, won the
               5 Years                                                             respect and honor of the top Telly Award.
                  BB&T                                 15 Years                       Cardillo Keith Bonaquist Attorneys
                  8840 Tamiami Trail N.                                            at Law recently recognized the firm’s 35th
                  Naples, FL 34108                       WINK-TV & Radio/          year, making theirs the longest serving
                  (239) 593-4700                         Ft. Myers                 law firm in Naples, F.
                  www.bbt.com                            Broadcasting
                                                         2824 Palm Beach Blvd.        Effective July 22, 2011, the National
                  Shelter for Abused                     Fort Myers, FL 33916      Park Service announces that off-road
                  Women & Children                       (239) 338-4322            vehicle use within all units of Big
                  (239) 775-3862                         www.winktv.com            Cypress National Preserve will be along
                  www.naplesshelter.org                                            designated trail routes only.
                                                     20 Years                          Naples Botanical Garden swept
             10 Years                                    Brian A. Glaeser\
                                                                                   the awards categories this year among
                                                                                   different industries, taking home honors
                                                         State Farm                from the American Public Gardens
               Terranova                                 Insurance                 Association, the Florida chapter of the
               5801 Pelican Bay                          3765 Airport Pulling
               Blvd., Ste. 200                                                     American Society of Landscape Architects
                                                         Rd. N,, Suite 101
                 10 Years
               Naples, FL 34108                          Naples, FL 34105
                                                                                   and Gulfshore Life magazine.
               (239) 593-4700                            (239) 774-0665                The Edison Ford & Winter Estates
          www.terranovacorp.com                          www.statefarm.com         now offers a German language tour led by
                                                                                   an Estates Site Historian on Wednesdays
                        Charities                     25 Years                     at 10:30 a.m.
                        of Collier                                                     Sky Angel announces they have added
                        County                           YMCA of the Palms         over 15 timeless programming titles from
   2210 Santa Barbara Blvd                               5450 YMCA Road            American Pop Classics to both their TV
   Naples, FL 34116                                      Naples, FL 34109          and WebTV services Video On Demand
   (239) 455-2655                                        (239) 597-3148            selections.
   www.catholiccharitiescc.org                           www.ymcapalms.org            Florida Gulf Coast University’s
                                                                                   Alumni Association will host Dollars for
                                                                                   FGCU Scholars event at Beacon Bowl
40 september 2011 I BusIness Currents I Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org
Lanes in Naples Saturday, Sept. 10 from
6 to 9 p.m. To register, call (239) 590-1087
or visit www.fgcu.edu/alumni.
   21st Century Oncology, Lee Memorial
Health System and NCH Healthcare
System are offering a complimentary
women’s symposium on cancer “Powerful
Women, Powerful Choices,” Saturday,
October 15, at the Hyatt Coconut Point.
To RSVP, call (239) 936-0382 or visit
   HB’s on the Gulf at The Naples
Beach Hotel & Golf Club has once
again captured the esteemed “Award of
Excellence” from Wine Spectator magazine.
   Premier Sotheby’s International
Realty announced it was recognized
by the Sotheby’s International Realty®
brand for having one of the top sales in its
network for the month of May.
   Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens has
become one of only four American zoos
where you can see ratels, also known as
African honey badgers.
   The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf
Club has received Meetings Focus South
magazine’s prestigious “Best of the South
   The Edison & Ford Winter Estates
will be offering monthly Garden Talks in
the Estates Garden Shoppe beginning
September 10 at 9 a.m.
   21st Century Oncology has introduced
hyperthermia to use in conjunction
with radiation therapy for treatment of
progressive or recurrent tumors with the
addition of the BSD-500 Hyperthermia
System (BSD-500), the only system of its
kind in Southwest Florida.
   The Community Foundation of
Collier County presents “Understanding
Collier County: Helping Nonprofits Plan
for the Future” from 8:30 to 11:00 a.m.
on Thursday, Oct. 6. Register at www.
    Naples Municipal Airport passed its
annual inspection with a perfect score
– for the 16th consecutive year.
    Supporters of NCH Hospital will
gather Saturday, Oct. 29 at The Ritz-
Carlton, Naples for the 53rd annual
Hospital Ball For info call (239) 436-4511
or email foundation@nchmd.org.
    Professional Pilot magazine named
Naples Municipal Airport the 25th best
fixed-base operator and the 12th best
independent FBO in the United States.

                                               Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I september 2011 41
42 september 2011 I BusIness Currents I Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org
   Who’s Who in the Business Community                           DID YOU KNOW?
    The      Immokalee        Foundation          Collier County is constantly seeking contract and vendor services.
announces the appointment of Ariane
Willis as development coordinator.               They post RFPs (request for proposals) almost daily and they can be
    Betty Maclean Travel Inc. announced                           found online on the county website.
the promotion of Amber Kropus to the
position of Travel Assistant.                                  Don’t have time to check the
    Annalise Smith was named Regional
Director of Professional Relations of the                   Collier County website all the time?
SW Florida Region of SeniorBridge.
    Markham Norton Mosteller Wright
                                                                      It’s ok! We’re here to help!
& Company, P.A. announces that firm                          All new county solicitations are listed in the
partner, Randy Wright is celebrating 25                    Chamber Connect each Monday - watch for it in
years of employment with the company.
    Collier County Emergency Medical                                         your email box!
Services Battalion Chief Walter Kopka
is being appointed to the position of
Director – EMS Operations.
    Premier Sotheby’s International
Realty announced the appointment of
Craig Jones as Sales Associate.
    Betty Maclean Travel Inc. has
recently hired Victoria Jenkins as a Travel
    Edison State College announced that
Alvaro Dufflar has joined as the college’s
full-time Hispanic Outreach Coordinator.
    The     Economic        Development
Council of Collier County Board of
Directors announced today that Gillroy
+ Associates, Inc., will provide short-
term, interim management leadership
services during the search process for a
new President and CEO.
    Edison State College announced
Fredrick D. Morgan, II has been promoted
to Director of Project HOPE.
    Physicians Regional Healthcare
System is pleased to welcome internal
medicine physician Cristina Sciavolino-
Day, M.D. to Physicians Regional Medical
    Gail Schultz has joined the staff of
SeniorBridge as Director of Professional
Relations of the Naples and Marco Island
    The Friends of Rookery Bay
announces three new Board members
as well as its officers for the 2011-12
year. New Board members are Judith M.
Hushon, Frank Perrucci and Claudine
Wetzel. Board officers are Bruce
Robertson as president, Harold “Skip”
Lee as treasurer and Robert E. Davy as
    Stonegate Bank announced the
appointment of Lisa Rudy as Vice
President, Residential Lending.
    Peggy Brogan has been promoted to
Area Senior Sales Manager representing
The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota and The Ritz-
Carlton Resorts of Naples. õ

                                              Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I september 2011 43
Chamber Calendar of Events .................................................................................              September 2011

                                                    Thursday, September 1st
                                                    Accelerated Networking Luncheon
                                                    11:30 am to 1:15 pm
                                                    Location: MiraMare Ristorante
                                                    4236 Gulfshore Blvd. N. (The Village on Venetian Bay)
                                                    Members Only - Register by August 3rd
                                                    $15 Pre-Registration/$25 Walk-In
                                                    Walk-ins are not guaranteed a seat

                                                    Wednesday, September 14th
                                                    Wake Up Naples
                                                    Sponsored by Yamron Jewelers
                                                    7:30 am
                                                    Location: The Hilton Naples
                                                    5111 Tamiami Trail N.
                                                    Speaker: Ave Maria University President James Towey
                                                    $20 in advance/$25 at the door and non members
                                                    Thursday, September 15th
                                                    Business After 5
                                                    5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
                                                    Location: Real Seafood Company of Naples
                                                    8960 Fontana Del Sol Way
                                                    Entertainment in the bar and lounge with a great spread of
                                                    the best seafood appetizers, raffle off cookbooks and gift
                                                    certificates. Drinks will be offered for a nominal charge.
                                                    $5 in advance/$10 at the door/$25 non members


                                                    Tuesday, September 20th
                                                    AM Business Blend
                                                    Location: Royal Palm Academy
                                                    16100 Livingston Road
                                                    MEMBERS ONLY; Register by September 16th.
                                                    $5 in advance/pre-registration is required due to attendance limit.
                                                    Members Only - Register by September 16th
                                                    $5 in advance – advance registration required

          Register for all events at www.napleschamber.org

44 september 2011 I BusIness Currents I Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org
September/October 2011................................................... Chamber Calendar of Events

    Thursday, October 6th                                                               Wednesday, October 12th
    Accelerated Networking Luncheon                                                     Distinguished Public Service
    11:30 am to 1:15 pm                                                                 Awards (Wake Up Naples)
    Location: Buca di Beppo                                                             Sponsored by CRS Technology
    8860 Tamiami Trail North                                                            Consultants and Patrick O’Connor

                                                                                                                                                        Calendar of Events
    Members Only - Register by October 5th                                              Premier Sotheby’s
    $15 Pre-Registration/$25 Walk-In                                                    7:30 am
    Walk-ins are not guaranteed a seat                                                  Location: The Hilton Naples
                                                                                        5111 Tamiami Trail N.
    Tuesday, October 11th                                                               Honoring three public service
    Executive Club Event/Collier County                                                 heroes from Law Enforcement, Fire
    Medical Society                                                                     Services and Emergency Medical
    5:30 to 7:30 PM                                                                     Services.
    Complimentary wine and appetizers                                                   $20 in advance/$25 at the door
    Free of Charge to Executive Club                                                    and non-members.
    RSVP by noon October 9th                                                            Thursday, October 20th
                                                                                        Business After 5
                                                                                        5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
                                                                                        Location: Harley Davidson
                                                                                        $5 in advance/$10 at the door/$25
                                                                                        non members

            Sunday, September 11th
        September 11th Memorial Mass
                      6:00 pm
          St. Peter the Apostle Church
       5130 Rattlesnake Hammock Road
                 Naples, FL 34113

                                                                      Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I september 2011 45
      The NEW Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce Visitor Information Center

           All the information you need to live, work and play in Greater Naples

                                900 Fifth Avenue South, Suite 102

                 Open Six Days a Week (closed Sundays) – Stop in and see us!

46 september 2011 I BusIness Currents I Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org
                                  Visit any one of our convenient locations near you:

          Marco Island:                         Cape Coral:
             Fort Myers:

                                                          www.iberiabank.com |
                Visit Us Online at www.napleschamber.Org I BusIness Currents I september 2011 47

                                        is now

Although our name has changed, we’re still the same friendly people in the same places we’ve
always been with more locations and ATMs to serve you even better. Our commitment to
our customers and our community is stronger than ever.
Our promise is to help you find the products that are best for you, like Emerald Banking.
This is Capital Bank’s premier package of banking services. You’ll get exclusive interest rates
on CDs, tiered interest paid on your checking account balance, complimentary checks and
ID Theft Protection, and up to $12 of non-Capital Bank ATM fees refunded per statement
cycle, and it doesn’t stop there!
Let us help you find the best product and services to fit your specific needs. That’s what sets
us apart.
Come see us today!
                    capitalbank-us.com | 800.308.3971
                                       Terms and conditions apply. Ask us for full details.

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