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									            Consultancy Assignment for the development of Five Years Strategic
                            Institutionalization Plan for SEHER


Society for Empowering Human Resource (SEHER) established on May, 28th 1998 and registered under Society Act
1860, by a group of youth sharing a common aim and commitment to address human misery with a special focus on
vulnerable segment of society i.e. women, children, minorities, refugees, disable/abused and the poorest of the poor.
SEHER, being a right based social reformatory organization, adopts a holistic approach towards right based
development initiatives upholding the human rights. SEHER uses rigorous approach by analyzing the various aspects
that contribute to oppression, injustice, violence, vulnerability, discrimination, abuse and poverty in the society while
treating the survivor (s) as “subjects of the change process”.

Since its inception, SEHER has been striving to develop and achieve its Strategic Plan. In this regard, a well
reputed, experienced, Sector specialist and highly skilled consultant is required to develop SEHER`s
Strategic Plan.

The existing Strategic or Annual Plans of SEHER will be thoroughly reviewed by the technical consultants,
which are specific to the current Practices and Procedures being adopted by SEHER. A detailed assessment
of existing Policies and Procedures will be conducted to thoroughly study the Organizational Structure,
Existing SOP`s of different departments and Projects to identify shortcomings and suggest improvements for
Strengthening and development of best practices which are suited to the Operating environment of SEHER.


To develop a comprehensive 5 Year Strategic Plan for Institutional Strengthening of SEHER which will encompass all
the core areas of the Organizational Structure including Programs & Operations for improved standards or service
delivery and good governance.

A - Following are the Terms of Reference for the Position;

        Conduct assessment Review with senior staff of SEHER (Review of Documentation, Site Visits, and Review
         with Senior Management) to understand organizational dynamics, achievements, core areas of operations,
         Policies and procedures, Internal Control Structure and organizational culture.

        Conduct SWOT and PESTEL analysis workshop (Political, Economic, Social, Technical, Environmental and
         Legal) with SEHER’s B.O.D, Senior Management and Field Staff.

        Develop zero draft of Strategic Document / Plan, Step by Step Implementation Plan, Monitoring & Evaluation
         Mechanism and Plan and share it with SEHER Senior Management and Save the Children.

        Incorporate SEHERs senior management / and Save the Children feedbacks and Present the first draft
         Strategic Document , Step by Step Implementation Plan, Monitoring & Evaluation Mechanism / Plan to
         SEHERs B.O.D, Senior Management and Save the Children.

                                    SEHER’s: TORs for Technical Consultants
        Finalize the development of the final Strategic Document, Step by Step Implementation Plan, Monitoring &
         Evaluation Mechanism and Plan based on SEHER B.O.D Feedback.


         The consultant will submit a detailed outline, a draft report, and a final report along with step by step
         implementation plan, monitoring and evaluation plan,
         1. 5 year Strategic plan alongwith the step by step implementation Plan for SEHER 2013-17.
         2. Monitoring & Evaluation mechanism and plan of the Strategic Plan.

B- Compulsory Readings:
In order to fine tune the overall conceptual understanding regarding the existing systems, Policies & Procedures; the
position will be required to compulsorily complete the reading of following selected publications during the preliminary
fact finding and orientation.

         1. The Existing Board Composition and Structure of the organization.
         2. The existing SEHER Bye Laws, Policies and Procedures and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of
             all the Departments including Program, Operations and Supplementary Support Structure (SSS).
         3. A thorough study and understanding of the Financial Managements Framework, Financial Policies,
             Investment Policies, and Operational Mechanism of Finance Department.
         4. Rules and Guidelines of Govt. Bodies like (FBR), (SECP), (PCP), Society Act 1860, Social Welfare Act
         5. Thorough study and understanding of Organizational Structure to classify and restructure broad thematic
             areas like Education, Health, Child Protection, Women Empowerment, Emergency Response and other
             possible areas of Interventions.
         6. Existing Programmatic Implementation Strategies considering the Project Goals / outcomes as expected
             by the Donor agencies.
         7. Project Agreements of different Donor Agencies to obtain a detailed understanding of Thematic Areas of
         8. Existing Framework and Tools for Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects / Programs for improved Project
             Implementation, Quality assurance of Grants.
         9. Detailed Understanding of the Reporting Structure of different departments for Internal Reporting and for
             External Donor Reporting.
         10. Applicable Country Laws and Regulations and of registered bodies which are being adhered to by
             SEHER and other Donor Rules and Procedures considered to be the desirable practices of the Sector..
         11. Constitution of Pakistan 1973.
         12. Code of Corporate Governance.
         13. Existing I.T. Policies & Practices / Infrastructure, Management Information Systems (MIS) Applications
             and reports generated for Management Analysis and Decision making.

C- Application procedure:
The interested Individual Consultants / Firms may apply for the Consultancy Assignment by submitting their detailed
Technical proposal and Financial Proposal before the closing date i.e. 26th August 2012 on the below mentioned e-mail

The Senior Management of SEHER will thoroughly analyze the Proposals submitted and the selection decision will be
based on considering the quality of technical and financial viability. SEHER reserves the right to reject any proposal it
might consider to be unviable.

                                    SEHER’s: TORs for Technical Consultants
SEHER is an equal opportunity organization. Women & Minorities are encouraged to apply.
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

                                  SEHER’s: TORs for Technical Consultants

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