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									                               CEMETERY - # 340
The purpose of the Missoula Cemetery is to provide a public burial ground to the area. This cemetery was
originally started by a group of citizens in December 1884. The City saw fit to assume control of this
burial ground on May 22, 1901 by passing Ordinance 113.

                               ACTIVITIES & OBJECTIVES
ADMINISTRATION - Activity budget equals $ 120,128
Maintain a public office, maintain records, collect money due, make funeral arrangements, provide planning and
development of cemetery, and provide assistance to the public. Manage maintenance facilities and employees for
the burial of the deceased, maintenance of the grounds and development projects.

Ongoing & Mandated Objectives:
    1.   To operate a City office that is efficient, courteous, and responsive to the public and also enforces Chapter
         12.44 of the Missoula City Code.

    2.   Coordinate with the Funeral homes and families the scheduling of burials for the deceased.

    3.   Cemetery staff coordinates the sale of graves and niche wall graves by showing the public the variety of
         site options that they can purchase for family members.

    4.   Provide guidance in labor management including employee hiring, training, safety, evaluation, and job
         tasks required by laws and regulations.

    5.   Provide families with the options to purchase shrubs, flower care and vases for their deceased and keep
         records and mailings on these items.

    6.   Promote the Missoula Cemetery to the public explaining the resources available to them in time of need
         through public agencies, pamphlets, advertising, etc.

    7.   To develop and administer the Cemetery budgets and provide accurate record keeping in all areas of
         Cemetery administration.

    8.   To account accurately for all money received from the public for burials and donations.

    9.   Monitor revenues and the care fund for the Cemetery Board of Trustees and the City of Missoula.

    10. Keep records of all inventories including facilities, equipment, vehicles, surplus, graves, niche wall graves,
        trees and nursery stock.

    11. Evaluate new laws regarding fuel storage, ground water protection and environmental issues that may or
        will affect employees and public.

    12. Conduct monthly board meetings for the Cemetery Board of Trustees.

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    13. To aid the Missoula Cemetery Board of Trustees in planning, design, engineering, and development of
        annual and special Cemetery projects.

    14. Review Cemetery pricing in relationship to other municipalities and make recommendations to the
        Cemetery Board and City Council.

    15. Review City ordinances and make recommended changes to allow the Cemetery to continue to meet the
        future public needs.

    16. Continue to design and implement ADA recommendations and requirements for cemetery facilities and

    17. Coordinate Cemetery activities internally and with other city departments, administration, City Council
        and the Cemetery Board of Trustees.

    18. Cooperate with the University of Montana, the Genealogical Society, Veterans organizations and other
        public and private agencies regarding burials, history and other information requested from the City
        Cemetery records.

Strategic and FY 2001 Objectives:
Goal 1: Organizational Management
   1. Review and revise the Cemetery budget for the Cemetery Board of Trustees and City of Missoula
        administration and council with zero based budgeting for the base budget.

    2.   Review the budget line items and make corrections that accurately reflect purchases made so they are
         assigned to the correct line items.

    3.   Review and revise the Cemetery job descriptions to reflect the current task responsibilities that staffs are
         accountable for accomplishing to operate the Cemetery in a safe and efficient manner.

    4.   Complete employee work plan appraisals to reflect the Cemetery budget goals and objectives for
         accomplishing the Cemetery mission.

    5.   Implement preventive maintenance program for the maintenance facility duplication the City of Missoula
         Vehicle Maintenance division program.

    6.   Refine process for keeping track of employee work hours in relationship to job assignments.

    7.   Complete review of the Cemetery safety program and implement the necessary changes to meet local, state
         and federal safety mandates. Conduct monthly safety orientation and meetings with Cemetery employees
         ensuring that they have the knowledge and expertise to perform job functions in a safe manner.

    8.   Compile a Cemetery employee orientation and safety handbook for employees that have been hired or

    9.   Continue to upgrade the Cemetery operations with a maintenance facility computer and e-mail for keeping
         track of inventories, equipment labor and repairs, cost/benefit analysis, specifications, time sheets, etc.
         Provide computer training to Cemetery employees that require the use of programs and computers.

    10. Work with Finance department on reviewing the Care Fund and the percent contributed to it from grave

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Goal 2: Community Livability

    1.    Continue work with the Missoula Cemetery Board, the Catholic Cemetery board, Tri Corp development,
          City council and administration, North and Westside neighborhood on future development surrounding the
          Cemetery land.

    2.    Design ADA requirements for facilities and grounds.

    3.    Design Phase II for a new, Columbarium niche wall site to accommodate the growing trend is ash
          cremations allowing the Missoula Cemetery to meet future public needs.

    4.    Continue to design the mausoleum and veterans’ burials sections to accommodate the growing need for
          these areas due to the population age increase.

Goal 3: Community Involvement

    1.    Review all revenue accounts including grave sales, open and closings, foundations, flowerbeds and
          containers, niche wall, etc. to see if a price increase is necessary. Any price increase would require a public

    2.    Continue to promote the Cemetery through advertising, pamphlets, brochures, etc. explaining to the public
          and neighborhood councils the wonderful resource available for the interment of their loved ones.

    3.    Continue to work the City administration, city council and North side/Westside neighborhoods with their
          neighborhood plan in relationship to Cemetery property.

    4.    Review Cemetery ordinances and policies to see if they can be made more understandable to the public and
          reflect the current needs. Any changes would require a public hearing.

FACILITIES - Activity budget equals $ 40,818
Maintain buildings and systems in a manner to prolong and extend their usable life. The costs of this activity
include utilities for the shop, chapel, street lighting, garbage, and labor and materials for maintenance for facilities.

Ongoing & Mandated Objectives:
     1.   Maintain Cemetery office building, maintenance repair facility, memorial chapel, mower storage facility
          and surplus storage facilities and yard for the Cemetery and City of Missoula including repairs and

     2.   Complete ADA recommendations on building and facilities.

     3.   Design office/shop water line providing Mountain Water Company water instead of well water for
          domestic use.

     4.   Use Cemetery maintenance employees on facility repair where possible for more efficient use of resources.

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      5.    Monitor facilities for energy savings by looking for conservation measures that would save the Cemetery

      6.    Develop a strategic plan for Cemetery building facilities repair and maintenance to allow the Cemetery to
            have facilities to meet the future public needs.

Strategic and FY 2001 Objectives:
Goal 1: Organizational Management

     1.    Reorganize maintenance priorities of maintenance crew to schedule needed repairs on building facilities.

     2.    In maintenance shop facility locate area for a supervisor’s office with space for a computer workstation,
           files and desk.

     3.    Convert stone room and other garage into Cemetery Director and Maintenance Supervisor’s offices through
           use of surplus supplies and line item accounts. Organize the old Cemetery Director’s office to space for the
           copy machine, computer printer, and file storage, reference library and work area.

Goal 2: Community Livability

     1.    Implement ADA recommendations on office building including front entrance ramp and screen door to
           meet ADA AG standards for public access.

     2.    Install ADA service counter 42 inches above office floor for wheel chair access.

     3.    Install in the public restrooms the correct height on mirrors, toilets and paper dispensers according to ADA
           AG standards, along with replacing existing sinks with correct ones.

     4.    Complete Cemetery Chapel renovations to include new wood on gables, installation of the new granite
           Ruth Bennett Memorial sign, and memorial flower garden.

     5.    Install six-foot deep office water line using Cemetery maintenance crews for installation.

     6.    Complete removal and installation of a new boiler for the Cemetery office.

     7.    Replace office carpet in front office and in the public service area.

     8.    Sand blast office building and patch holes in brick mortar.

Performance Measurements:

Facilities                           FY 00      3/10/00 – 3/10/01 **                        FY 00   3/10/00 – 3/10/01 **
Input:                                                                 Output:
Hours Worked                                                           Labor Cost
Shop                                  N/A                       202.75                      N/A                 $ 2,243.93
Chapel                                N/A                       126.00                      N/A                   $ 943.58
Office                                N/A                       129.00                      N/A                 $1,405.12
Total Hours                                                     457.75        Total Labor                       $ 4,592.63
** Incomplete hours due to Maintenance Turnovers

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BURIAL SERVICES - Activity budget equals $ 166,126
Control and provide a dignified burial. Included in this activity are the costs for location the public graves and niche
wall through maps and surveys, labor, supplies, and equipment maintenance.

Ongoing & Mandated Objectives:
     1.   Locating grave and niche wall sites for the burial of the deceased through maps, site surveys and

     2.   Provide families and Funeral homes a burial set up including chairs, tent and chapel to make the burial a
          more positive experience for the families.

     3.   Provide the necessary maintenance employees to operate the Cemetery equipment to open and close graves
          and Niche walls including installing liners and caskets, ashes, vases, moving stone, backfilling and
          compacting, foundations for stones and sod installation to complete the burial service.

     4.   Provides staff for the funeral directors and family to lead them to the burial location and assist them with
          any additional needs that are requested.

     5.   Provide for burial services on Saturdays for families that choose this day instead of during the week.

     6.   Provide families that have ashes for interment with a poly vault.

     7.   After the burial is complete, maintenance staff cleans up the site and dispose of decorations and memorials
          that are not allowed by ordinances.

     8.   Provide a maintenance staff to construct and install foundations for stones to set upon.

     9.   Put up and take down 176 flags for Veterans services, also including Memorial Day, Flag Day, Fourth of
          July, Labor Day, and Veteran’s Day.

                      Burial O & C          Ash O & C                     Grave Sales                  Niche Sales
95-96                 $ 24,965.00           $ 9,200.00                    $ 18,487.00                 $ 5,750.00
96-97                 $ 17,125.00           $ 9,785.00                    $ 13,743.00                 $ 2,330.00
97-98                 $ 24,637.00           $ 15,082.00                   $ 22,622.00                 $ 4,295.00
98-99                 $ 23,015.00           $ 16,458.00                   $ 16,883.00                 $ 4,725.00
99-00                 $ 16,159.00           $ 16,070.00                   $ 17,958.00                 $ 4,407.00
00-3/23/01            $ 11,250.00          $ 13,649.00                    $ 7,697.00                 $     1,969.00
                  Note: O & C stands for opening & closing

Strategic and FY 2001 objectives:

Goal 1: Organizational Management

                                           CITY OF MISSOULA
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     1.    Revise the Cemetery system in relationship to receiving of foundation permits and stones from the
           monument companies for accurate record keeping and for installation by the maintenance employees.

     2.    Review maintenance costs associated with installation of foundations for stone to provide an accurate
           cost/benefit analysis for what we charge the public.

Goal 2: Community Livability

     1.    Install new Columbarium niche wall site with maintenance employees including all concrete work,
           irrigation installation, site furniture, and landscaping providing the public a beautiful location for the
           interment of loved ones with perpetual care.

Goal 3: Community Involvement

      1.    Inventory all aspects of flower care, beds, boxes, metal stands for cost benefit analysis involving labor and
            materials in relationship to what we charge the public for these services. Review flower care with
            Cemetery board and propose any changes for city council and public hearing.

      2.    Review Cemetery policies and prices for ashes encased in concrete VS ploy vaults. Make
            recommendations to Cemetery Board of Trustees.
Performance Measurements:
Burials                              FY 00      3/10/00 – 3/10/01 **                        FY 00   3/10/00 –3/10/01 **
Input:                                                                 Output:
Hours Worked                                                           Labor Cost
Burials                               N/A                       615.00                      N/A                 $6,870.29
Niche Wall                            N/A                         6.00                      N/A                    $96.74
Foundations                           N/A                       390.01                      N/A                 $4,186.31
Total Hours                                                    1011.01        Total Labor                  $    11,153.34
** Incomplete hours due to Maintenance Turnovers

GROUNDS MAINTENANCE - Activity budget equals $ 158,886
Maintain the Cemetery grounds in a safe and efficient manner providing the public a beautify “park like” setting for
their families when they visit their deceased loved ones along with providing perpetual care to them. This includes
maintaining turf, trees, shrubs, well and water systems, old and new graves, niche wall gardens, fountains, roads,
fences, sod farms, tree farm, compost area, material recycling site, city surplus storage yard, restrooms, equipment
and vehicles, sewer and waste systems, memorials and monuments.

Ongoing & Mandates Objectives:
      1.    Provide direct supervision to 8 to 10 fulltime and seasonal maintenance staff employees including weekly
            meetings and scheduling job assignments.

      2.    Provide a safe work environment for maintenance employees by facilitating orientation and training
            sessions, regular safety meetings, and keeping the office, chapel and maintenance facility, grounds and
            surplus storage yard safe, clean and organized.

      3.    Mow and trim over 40 acres of turf including hand mowing around 21,000 burial sites in the most efficient
            and safe manner.

      4.    Provide families who pay for a flowerbed or box by preparing the sites for the flowerbeds and delivering
            the flower boxes to gravesites. In the fall, remove all flowers from beds and the flower boxes.

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5.   Manually operate all Cemetery irrigation systems.

6.   Repair all damage to underground and above ground manual irrigation systems including spring water turn
     on and fall winterization.

7.   Maintain 4 miles of roads including grading, snow removal, dust control and curb and gutter repair for safe
     public access.

8.   Maintain a public restroom that is one for public use all year long.

9.   Install new irrigation systems and renovate existing irrigation systems.

10. Provide maintenance staff to raise sunken graves to allow more efficient mowing and eliminating “trip”
    hazards for the public walking through the Cemetery.

11. Design ADA recommendations for ADA access throughout the Cemetery by use of roll down curbs and

12. Complete care fund/capital improvement projects that are funded.

13. Conduct inventories on all department equipment, tools, and surplus once a year.

14. Put up and take down 176 flags for Memorial Day, Flag Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Veteran’s

15. Plant trees and shrubs around the Cemetery for benefit of the public and beautification for the
    cemetery grounds.

16. Plant and maintain various flower beds around the cemetery for beautification of the cemetery and public

17. Maintain and care for hundreds of beautiful trees and shrubs located through out the cemetery. Continue
    to plant trees in both the old and new sections of the Cemetery for the beautification and enjoyment of the
    public with the long-term goal of it becoming a city arboretum.

18. Maintain all fences and gates that surround the cemetery.

19. Provides maintenance to the Cemeteries three wells that provide water to the office, maintenance facility
    and grounds, and associated plumbing and electrical.

20. Repair Cemetery signs, benches, refuse containers and picnic tables for use by the public.

21. Maintain Cemetery tree nursery to include site preparation, planting, weeding, watering and plant rotation
    for trees for the cemetery, parks, public right-of way, etc.

22. Continue developing and maintaining sod farm.

23. Pickup trash and mow weeds on cemetery property that the Street Department is using for storage along
    with the cemetery storage and surplus yard.

24. Review and make recommendations for maintenance crew to go to a 4-10 work schedule for improved
    efficiency and better public service.

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      25. Continue to develop the Cemetery recycling program that includes composting with leaves, grass
          clippings and vegetative materials along with recycling rock, sand, concrete, dirt etc. for use on the
          Cemetery grounds.

Strategic and FY 2001 objectives:
Goal 1: Organizational Management

      1.    Develop a work order system for scheduling Cemetery projects that allows maintenance crews to know
            what needs to be done along with recording of labor and materials.

      2.    Schedule office and maintenance employees to work Saturday, Sunday and Monday of Memorial weekend
            and longer hours before holiday to prepare for the approximately 12,000 – 15,000 visitors to the Cemetery.

      3.    Implement maintenance employees on a 4-10 schedule with intermittants on a 5-8.

      4.    Design irrigation system renovations to replace old manual irrigation systems and improve efficiency by
            reducing employee hours by installing automatic irrigation systems.

Goal 2: Community Livability

      1.    Begin implementing ADA requirements on the curbs and gutters along with beginning to asphalt roads.

      2.    Begin implementing ADA sign requirements throughout the Cemetery grounds.

      3.    Begin Cemetery master plan of grounds anticipating the future need of the public.

Goal 3: Community Involvement

      1.    Review possible Cemetery uses with Missoula Cemetery Board that would allow the Cemetery to be used
            by the public from adjacent neighborhoods and community through use/lease agreements. This could
            include gardens, recreational activities, historical tours, walking and jogging etc.

      2.    Promote Cemetery grounds to community for donations toward trees, benches, shrubs, etc. through
            Cemetery Memorial donation fund.

Performance Measurements:
Grounds Maintenance                  FY 00      3/10/00 – 3/10/01 **                       FY 00   3/10/00 – 3/10/01 **
Input:                                                                 Output:
Hours Worked                                                           Money paid
Mowing                                N/A                       787.00                     N/A                 $7,551.92
Trimming/weed eating                  N/A                       743.00                     N/A                 $6,136.77
Irrigation                            N/A                       555.00                     N/A                 $5,760.07
Equipment/Vehicle Repair/Maint.       N/A                       577.50                     N/A                 $7,318.87
Tree Work                             N/A                       279.00                     N/A                 $2,997.58
Flower Beds Preparation               N/A                        62.25                     N/A                  $553.28
Flower Boxes Setting & Watering       N/A                        61.25                     N/A                  $501.48
Shrub Work                            N/A                       179.50                     N/A                 $1,493.42
Leaf removal                          N/A                       394.00                     N/A                 $4,470.94
Snow removal/plowing                  N/A                        61.50                     N/A                  $649.26
Surplus                               N/A                       113.50                     N/A                 $1,484.60
Total Hours                                                   3,813.50       Total Labor                      $38,918.19
** Incomplete hours due to Maintenance Turnovers


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