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									Terms of References for Consultancy for Citizen’s Voice Project For Improving Water
  Rights in Rural & Semi Urban Communities of District Multan and Bahawalpur

1.   Background

     AWAZ intends to directly emanate from the parameters chalked out for Citizen’s Voice Project –
     Improving Water Rights- funded by USAID, where it aims to strengthen citizen’s voice through oversight
     of public bodies and creating linkages between civil society actors and the government at district level
     that leads to improved accountability in and implementation for water related rights and entitlements,
     which will ultimately lead to development and implementation of agenda for policy reforms. Awaz will
     work in 02 Districts i.e. District Multan and Bahawalpur and their 11 Tehsils (with a sharp focus on rural
     and semi-urban belts of all the Tehsils).
     For this project AWAZ will build on its previous experience of running successful policy advocacy
     campaigns through Tehsil level Peoples’ Awareness and Rights Committees (PARCs) which are
     functional across 53 Tehsils of South Punjab.
     The project will contribute in attaining AWAZ’s long term vision and mission for the marginalized
     communities of South Punjab by strengthening its strategic program Water, Hazards and
     Environmental Management (2008-2017).
     At the onset of the above mentioned project, AWAZ intends to develop a comprehensive advocacy
     strategy with a strong emphasis on regulating the delivery of services and the use of water resources. The
     emphasis would be to realize the office bearers and irrigation sector policy makers that on the service side,
     the government need to shift their basic role from a ‘service provider’ to a body which only creates
     enabling environment and has a regulatory capacity to ensure that there are modern, fair and enforceable
     contracts between providers (public, and private) and users in the irrigation sector. Therefore a consultant
     is required to develop this advocacy strategy in consultation with range of government officials and
     representatives of communities to finalize advocacy strategy and generate strong advocacy messages
     to run citizen’s rights campaign of awareness raising and making public bodies accountable.

2.   Scope of Work

     The assignment aims to engage the services of consultant to use both primary and secondary sources to
     device the advocacy strategy. The report should not only available and guide AWAZ for its
     advocacy initiatives on related themes but shall also provide a point of initiation to organizations who
     may think to initiate similar kind of efforts in future.

3.   Expected Outputs of the Assignment

         o    Development of advocacy strategy in consultation with govt line department experts and other
              relevant stakeholders
         o    Generation of a strong advocacy messages to run citizen’s rights campaign of awareness raising
              and making public bodies accountable.

     Expected Outcomes

     AWAZ expects following outcomes through implementation of this project:
       o Citizens’ groups (PARCs, DWRCs, PWRC) trained and strengthened to oversight relevant
           public bodies and to advocate for water sector policy reforms
       o Voice of the target communities strengthened for full implementation of water rights
           /entitlements and enforcement of equitable distribution of water
4.   Time Limit

     The consultant must submit the first draft of the report within 11 days and Final Draft within the
     week of feedback received from AWAZ.

5.   Gender/ SRHR Focused

     Facts and figures devised in advocacy strategy should be gender/ SRHR focused. Facts and figures should
     clearly define the number of males/females/transgender/others in the beneficiaries when and where needed.

6.   Assumptions & Risks

     It is assumed that the service provider who undertakes this assignment understands the importance
     of it and will be committed to the work, and is competent to deliver as required. It is further assumed
     that AwazCDS-Pakistan will fully support the service provider. Risks noted herein include the inability of
     the service provider to meet the deadlines, unforeseen internal and external structural as well as natural
     aspects that are beyond the control of both parties.

7.   Copyright & Ownership

     Advocacy strategy will remain the property of AwazCDS-Pakistan and it will not be shared with anyone
     else before our submission.

8.   Official Language of the Document

     Official language of the document will be English.

9.   Apply by

     Last date to apply for this consultancy is August 26 th, 2012

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