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                                                                         ANNUAL REPORT

                                 Formula For

                                WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
Submitted jointly by the Colorado Workforce Development Council and
                   the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
                            Message from
                            Bill Ritter, Jr.
                            Governor, State of Colorado

On behalf of the people of Colorado, I am proud to present Formula for Success, Colorado's seventh
annual report on the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). This year's report is testimony to how
Colorado's workforce system has successfully responded to the call for innovative and collaborative
solutions geared to meet business demands for a skilled workforce.

Colorado's ability to successfully compete for jobs in the global economy hinges on its ability to
reinvigorate regional economies and develop cross-regional partnership strategies. The state’s ability
to link economic development, education, and businesses has created workforce solutions that meet
employer needs for competent and work-ready employees, and further provides job seekers with
opportunities to find meaningful employment.

This year, more employers used the workforce system’s services and a greater number of job seekers
sought services through internet-based points of access. The workforce development system was able
to meet this increased demand through collaborative ventures that employed innovative service
strategies and new technologies.

Colorado's workforce system served over 250,000 citizens in the past year and provided training for
nearly 11,000 of them. In addition, the WIA system infused over $40 million into regional economies to
increase education, training, and employment opportunities. For the seventh year in a row, the system
met its federally mandated performance standards. The system continues to expand its reach and
stands ready to serve Colorado workers.

I encourage you to read this report to see the regional and state efforts to establish Colorado as a
leader in workforce innovation.


Governor Bill Ritter, Jr.
                       Message from Roger Smith, PhD
                       Workforce Development Council Vice Chair
                       (Executive Vice President – Human Resources, HCA/HealthOne)

During this seventh year of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), I am gratified the Colorado
Workforce Development Council (CWDC) has continued to sponsor Continuous Improvement,
Business Outreach, and the utilization of technology to enhance workforce services in Colorado. The
results of this approach have fueled the State’s local workforce system and the business and
community partners to perform at high levels of achievement and promote regional economic

The Governor’s vision for Colorado is a burgeoning economy that supports good paying jobs and
offers an environment for businesses to expand and thrive. The vision is focused on six priorities in
which he will lead and direct initiatives. Three of these areas of focus involve talent development
and present a marvelous opportunity for the workforce system to fulfill its mission of providing an
industry-driven system within a growth economy that promotes educational and life-long learning
opportunities for its diversified workforce.

I am pleased to report on the effectiveness of the State Youth Council and its awarding of over
$200,000 in grants to support innovation in local youth activities and reward Best Practices. Our
Business Outreach and Marketing (BOAM) Sub-Committee has worked to promote powerful
partnerships with businesses and education entities that have produced the E3 Career Fair and the
Governor’s Proclamation of September as Workforce Development Month. The BOAM Committee
continues to fund the Statewide Marketing Taskforce that has devised these concepts, and the CWDC
will continue to support their efforts in the future.

The WIA Annual Report details the strength of our workforce system, and highlights the results
generated by our local- and state-level partners during this dynamic year of political and economic
change. It is encouraging to see the strength of local alliances to develop strong and impressive
initiatives that drive the performance of our system and influence the competitiveness of our
business partners. Through their commitment to the work of the CWDC and regional Workforce
Investment Boards, employers throughout Colorado continue to contribute their leadership skills and
guidance that strengthen the State and workforce system.

Roger Smith, PhD
Vice Chair, Colorado Workforce Development Council
                       Message from Donald J. Mares
                       Executive Director, Colorado
                       Department of Labor and Employment

Formula for Success , the seventh annual report on the state of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
in Colorado, illustrates the innovative workforce solutions and strategic partnerships the State’s
workforce system has created to fulfill the “Colorado Promise” of a strong and vibrant economy.
Colorado’s State and local partners have achieved creative alliances with targeted industries and
education to stimulate job growth and economic opportunities. These efforts were manifested
through increased assessment and training initiatives, and an infusion of over $10 million to develop
collaborative ventures designed to meet the labor demands of our high-growth industries.
Empowered by these partnerships, the State system met its federally mandated performance
standards for the seventh year in a row.

In Program Year 2006, the workforce system partners focused their efforts on the State’s critical skill
shortages in targeted industry sectors and developed specific initiatives. In healthcare, worker
shortages continued at significant levels and stand to impact the quality of life for all citizens. We
worked with industry and education to increase the number of workers, the quality of these workers,
and to reduce the time required to produce these workers. To address the downturn in
manufacturing jobs, we implemented lay off aversion programs to support educational and skill
upgrades to keep workers employed, and thereby helped retool and keep businesses in Colorado.
Other initiatives provided educational opportunities and employment for low-skilled individuals,
those with limited English proficiency, individuals with disabilities, older workers, at-risk youth and

These projects are but a few examples of the many successes Colorado achieved during this program
year. I invite you to read this report to further appreciate how the WIA programs have led the way
for Colorado to reach its fullest economic potential and competitiveness in the global economy.

Donald J. Mares,
Executive Director,
Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
Table of Contents
   State Summary
       Executive Summary
             Key Accomplishments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10

       Formula For Success5
             Partnerships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13
             Talent Development . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
             Economic Transformation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14

       State Profile
              Statistical Profile . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16
              Labor Market Conditions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18
              Colorado Workforce Investment Areas Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20
              Governance of Colorado’s Workforce System . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21

             Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC) Business Outreach . . . . . . . . . . .22
             Rapid Response . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26
             Labor Market Information Products and Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29
             Project TRAIN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31

       Talent Development
              Continuous Improvement Management System (CIMS) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33
              Performance Incentive Grants . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34
              Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development (WIRED) . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37
              Discretionary Grants . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39

       Economic Transformation
            WELLS Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44
            National Policy Development . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45
            Waivers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46
            Automation Initiatives . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47
            State Youth Council . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49
            Governor's Summer Job Hunt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50

       Cost Effectiveness Analysis
             State Evaluation Activities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54

   Local Regions
       Adams County Workforce and Business Center
            Regional Profile . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .59
            Partnerships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .62
            Talent Development . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .63
            Economic Transformation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .64

       Arapahoe/Douglas WORKS!
             Regional Profile . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .68
             Partnerships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .69
             Talent Development . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .70
             Economic Transformation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .74
Workforce Boulder County
      Regional Profile . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .76
      Partnerships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .81
      Talent Development . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .84
      Economic Transformation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .86

Denver Division of Workforce Development
      Regional Profile . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .89
      Partnerships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .92
      Talent Development . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .95
      Economic Transformation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .101

Pikes Peak Workforce Center
       Regional Profile . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .104
       Partnerships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .106
       Talent Development . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .108
       Economic Transformation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .113

Larimer County Workforce Center
      Regional Profile . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .115
      Partnerships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .118
      Talent Development . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .122
      Economic Transformation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .127

Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium
      Regional Profile . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .131
      Partnerships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .132
      Talent Development . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .133
      Economic Transformation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .135
      Broomfield County Sub-Region . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .136
      Eastern Sub-Region . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .139
      Mesa County Sub-Region . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .141
      Northwest Sub-Region . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .144
      Pueblo Sub-Region . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .145
      Rural Resort Sub-Region . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .150
      South Central Sub-Region . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .152
      Southeast Sub-Region . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .154
      Southwest Sub-Region . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .155
      Upper Arkansas Sub-Region . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .160
      Western Sub-Region . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .161

Jefferson County Workforce Center
       Regional Profile . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .164
       Partnerships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .166
       Talent Development . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .168
       Economic Transformation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .172

Employment Services of Weld County
     Regional Profile . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .175
     Partnerships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .177
     Talent Development . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .179
     Economic Transformation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .186
                    Formula For

Partnership + Talent Development
      = Economic Transformation

                      Executive Summary
                      Formula For Success5 marks the State      State’s competitive edge and empower
                      Workforce System’s continued              the system to be responsive to local
                      evolution to a cross-regional, demand-    issues.
                      driven system, and reflects the
                      innovative workforce solutions and        Key accomplishments were:
                      strategic alliances supporting this
                      transition. As a State, we continued to       • The Work, Education and
                      meet or exceed the federally mandated          Lifelong Learning Simulation
                      performance standards and                      (WELLS) Center, a jointly
                      strengthened the worker preparation            funded public, private
                      pipeline to meet critical industry             Training Initiative targeting
                      needs. These efforts were                      Colorado’s healthcare worker
                      accomplished through Partnerships,             shortage, has operated for a
                      Talent Development and Economic                full year. This first of its
                      Transformation, the tenets embodied            kind facility integrates three-
                      in this and last year’s reports. We            dimensional computerized
                      believe our success has been realized          anatomy tools with
                      through the collaborative efforts of           computer-controlled
                      business, economic development, and            mannequins for clinical
                      state and local partners who share the         training and faculty
                      common vision of creating a                    development programs
                      competitive workforce for the 21st             accessible by schools of
                      century.                                       nursing and hospitals
                      This year the Colorado Workforce
                      Development Council (CWDC), the               • Implementation of the $15
                      Colorado Department of Labor and               million USDOL WIRED
                      Employment (CDLE), and the local               grant, enabling a coalition of
                      workforce boards engaged in creative           8 workforce regions,
                      alliances with industry, economic              businesses, economic
                      development, and education. These              development, and education
                      collaborative public and private               partners to create long-term
                      ventures infused over $8 million to            strategies for talent
                      support the enrollment, training, and          development to meet
                      placement of the unemployed, under-            industry needs for high-
                      employed and incumbent workers                 skilled, high-wage workers
                      into high-wage jobs. Additionally, the
                      system effectively involved
                                                                    • Evolution and system wide
                      community organizations, community
                      colleges and other providers of                participation in the State
                      training and education in these                Workforce Development
                      business-led projects. Such                    Council’s Continuous
                      partnerships reflect the critical              Improvement Management
                      importance of education, employment,           System (CIMS)
                      and economic development to the

10   Executive Summary
     WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
         During a training session, WELLS Center faculty “saves the life” of the
       computerized mannequin, as the virtual simulation program simultaneously
       displays the human arterial system impacted by the medical interventions.

       • Cross-regional support for          and, in the process, became more
        the Workforce Board of Metro         resourceful and employed technology
        Denver initiative to develop         to further innovate services to meet the
        regional strategies for              increased demands. Within each of
        program effectiveness and            Colorado’s nine federally-recognized
        innovation, plus sector-based        workforce regions, a myriad of
        projects focused on high-            promising practices were developed to
        growth industries.                   meet increasing customer demand and
                                             economic challenges. Among the
       • Enhanced collaboration              outstanding initiatives were:
        between the workforce system
        and LMI, increasing the use of       Adams County Workforce and
        data-driven decision making          Business Center’s partnership with
                                             the Adams County Education
        by workforce centers and their
                                             Consortium, (ACEC), a coalition of
                                             business, education, and social services
                                             agencies, which has developed a
Colorado continued to be challenged
                                             countywide initiative to enhance
by its flat economic recovery and
                                             academic skills development,
national economic conditions. State
                                             professional exploration and relevant
partners, local regions and their boards
                                             work-readiness skills for all learner
worked hard to meet these challenges
                                             groups in Adams County

                                                                                   Executive Summary        5
                                                                                      Formula For Success
                      Arapahoe/Douglas Works! Regional          Colorado Rural Workforce
                      Targeted Industry Academy, which is       Consortium’s
                      a strategic partnership with industry,          - Mesa County Sub- Region’s
                      education and regional workforce                private sector partnerships to
                      centers to develop customized training          establish new high - growth
                      programs that address skill sets most           high-demand training sites to
                      in demand in high-growth industries             address critical skill needs in
                                                                      the transportation, construction
                      Workforce Boulder County’s                      and health care industries
                      Summer Employment and Enterprise
                      Development (SEED) initiative,                   - Upper Arkansas Sub-
                      which provides employer-funded                   Region’s
                      work scholarships and internships,               partnership with Economic
                      plus specialized work readiness                  Development, local Chambers
                      training, for at-risk youth and young            of Commerce, County
                      adults.                                          Commissioners, and Pueblo
                                                                       Community College to provide
                      Denver Division of Workforce                     customer service training to
                      Development’s Denver International               local business throughout the
                      Airport (DIA) Workforce and                      four counties
                      Business Centers, serving over 700
                      DIA businesses with recruitment           Jefferson County Workforce Center’s
                      services incumbent worker training,       Process Technology Program, in
                      and ESL classes; plus their leadership    collaboration with Red Rocks
                      and support of the WIRED and Metro        Community College and major
                      Workforce Board Initiatives.              employers within the energy and
                                                                manufacturing industries, to increase
                      Larimer County Workforce Center’s         training opportunities and fill critical
                      Economic Development Pilot Project,       worker shortages, plus increase the
                      housed in the Workforce Center, to        skills of incumbent workers in key
                      explore collaborative regional efforts    industry partners
                      that involve integrating workforce
                      development efforts into economic         Weld County’s Multi-disciplinary
                      development activities                    Youth Assessment Team (MYAT)
                                                                involving County Social Services and
                      Pikes Peak Workforce Center’s             Juvenile Probation, community and
                      efforts in the creation of the Southern   faith-based agencies, and educational
                      Colorado E3 Partnership, a coalition      partners to reduce the number of
                      of agencies and businesses in 12          youth entering the child welfare and
                      counties of the southeast quadrant of     juvenile justice system
                      Colorado, which will pursue
                      leveraging of resources to address the    The lessons of PY06 have strengthened
                      economic and labor market needs of        our resolve to promote dynamic and
                      these interdependent economies            sustainable partnerships geared
                                                                toward producing a skilled and
                                                                competitive workforce, and
                                                                empowering Colorado businesses to
                                                                compete in the global economy.

12   Executive Summary
     WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
Formula for Success5
Colorado’s response to the                workforce centers have the tools to

opportunities and challenges of the       achieve significant results throughout
new century that have changed the         the system. The principle of strong                   olorado’s
labor and capital imperatives for         local collaborations, driven by effective             response to
economic vitality to a knowledge-         use of technology and alliances with
                                                                                      the opportunities
driven global economy is a reflection     industry and economic development,
of the concepts inherent in the           has facilitated business buy-in within      and challenges of
Formula for Success5: Partnership +       the local labor market areas and            the new century that
Talent Development = Economic             earned excellent results. This dynamic      have changed the
Transformation. Our policy makers         strengthens the next phase of our           labor and capital
and service providers have                “formula for success” and is embodied       imperatives for
acknowledged the need for effective       in the following guiding principles:        economic vitality to a
partnerships, high quality education
and the development of increased          PARTNERSHIPS
                                                                                      global economy is a
training opportunities to insure
worker talent with the skills in                                                      reflection of the
                                          The creation of regional alliances of
demand, including STEM (science,          industry and economic development           concepts inherent in
technology, engineering and               has produced partnerships that have         the Formula for
mathematics), which will enable           addressed local labor market shortages      Success5:
businesses to compete in the rapidly      and major issues facing employers and
changing world market. The Formula        citizens in local areas. Dynamic             Partnership + Talent
for Success5 is a template to ensure      partnerships have gathered                     Development =
that industries in this state can         information and provided many
maintain a competitive position and       communities with network
the workforce and educational systems                                                    Transformation
                                          connections and funds to begin work
become the critical pipeline for the      on a variety of issues, from
human capital that is needed for          establishment of a multi-state energy
economic success.                         industry coalition and the WELLS
                                          Simulation Center, to a statewide
The workforce system’s commitment         initiative to assess and identify worker
to excellence and innovation in talent    skills necessary to compete for high
development has been an energizing        paying jobs. Additionally, the Council
force for the system’s initiatives and    and CDLE have formed task forces
accomplishments during the program        that have investigated the
year that just ended. The collaboration   circumstances surrounding repeat
between State and local partners,         offenders and their reentry into local
CDLE and the Colorado Workforce           communities and are drafting a
Development Council, promoted the         solution to affect this population. They
achievement of a state-of-the-art,        are also forming a task force that is
demand-driven infrastructure and          formulating a revolutionary response
created dynamic initiatives that          to the healthcare occupation shortage
produced another year of excellent        facing the state in the next ten years.
performance and fostered an
environment in which local WIBs and

                                                                             Formula for Success45     13
                                                                                 Formula For Success
                         TALENT DEVELOPMENT                                uncover unheralded industry
                                                                           sectors in the state.
                         CDLE and CWDC have both provided
                         performance enhancing grants to                 • Local WIBs and the State

 L         ocal WIBs
           and the
State Board have
                         increase the ability of Community
                         Colleges to utilize technology for the
                         creation of innovative and employer-
                         led solutions to meet training needs.
                         In addition, they have improved the
                                                                           Board have both taken
                                                                           proactive steps to encourage
                                                                           new employer-employee
                                                                           paradigms that will enable all
                                                                           Coloradoans to compete for
both taken proactive
                         ability of the workforce system to                high-skill jobs. Through local
steps to encourage       reach performance goals and                       solutions, employers, local
new employer-            expanded the data-based and fact-                 elected officials, regional
employee paradigms       based labor market information that is            workforce boards, and local
that will enable all     provided to businesses and                        economic development
Coloradoans to           economists. The support and                       councils have provided the
compete for high-        leadership of the State LMI and State             impetus to implement
skill jobs.              Council have led to the                           Colorado’s strategic vision
                         implementation of the Longitudinal                and produce the
                         Employment Dynamics project and                   empowerment envisioned in
                         the initiation of the LMI Gateway,                the Formula for Success5.
                         LMI’s new web presence, which will
                         make the process of retrieving labor      ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION
                         market data easier, faster, and more
                         flexible than before. We have also seen   Utilizing the guiding principles and
                         the active involvement of local           building upon the accomplishments of
                         workforce Directors and their WIBs in     preceding program years, Colorado
                         the recruitment and retention efforts     continues to construct a demand-
                         of economic development activities        driven, responsive workforce
                         within the state as follows:              development system geared to meet
                                                                   the needs of Colorado’s employers
                               • The locals have partnered         and working citizens. In addition,
                                 with local Economic               Colorado’s workforce development
                                 developers to conduct             system professionals have
                                 retention and growth studies      incorporated strategies from key
                                 for their areas and have          lessons learned as follows:
                                 hosted briefings for industry
                                 leaders showcasing the                  • Solutions such as the WELLS
                                 results on an Economic                    simulation center and the
                                 Opportunities report                      initiatives of the WIRED
                                 prepared by the University of             grant are possible due to
                                 Colorado Leeds School of                  collaborations with industry,
                                 Business.                                 economic development and
                                                                           educational providers.
                               • The locals have worked to
                                 create taskforces in their              • Innovative use of technology
                                 communities to explore job                is one of the keys to
                                 growth prospects and                      expanding the ability of the

  14    Formula for Success4
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
         workforce to establish the                                          business community and
         knowledge and skills base                                           providing specific results.
         needed by businesses in the                                         Broad based partnerships for
         future.                                                             the development of regional
                                                                             solutions enables the
      • Evaluation and assessment of                                         workforce development
         effectiveness leads to                                              system to successfully assist
         increased levels of                                                 customers with diverse needs.
         performance and drives
                                                               STATE’S VISION
      • Performance excellence is a
         required ingredient in the                            Colorado’s Workforce development
         success of the economic                               system uses coordinated public-
         system in the state and the                           private partnerships to address the
         region.                                               continually changing needs of
                                                               Colorado’s employers and working
      • Projects and performance are                           citizens to more effectively compete
         enhanced by regional                                  in the global marketplace.
         partnerships, benefiting the

                                      WIA Performance PY06

                          ADULT                                                   DISLOCATED WORKER
Standard                                    Percent of Goal   Standard                                Percent of Goal
Entered Employment                                   101%     Entered Employment                               100%
Employment/Credential                                  98%    Employment/Credential                              97%
6 Month Retention                                      99%    6 Month Retention                                  97%
6 Month Earnings Change                              121%     6 Month Earnings Change                          105%

                     OLDER YOUTH                                                   YOUNGER YOUTH
Standard                                   Percent of Goal    Standard                                Percent of Goal
Entered Employment                                    97%     Diploma                                          100%
Employment/Credential                                 89%     Skill Attainment                                   98%
6 Month Retention                                     97%     6 Month Retention                                103%
6 Month Earnings Change                             106%

                                            CUSTOMER SATISFACTION
                          Standard                                       Percent of Goal
                          Satisfaction - Employers                                  93%
                          Satisfaction - Job Seekers                              101%

                                                                                                                 Formula for Success45        15
                                                                                                                        Formula For Success
                      State Profile
                                                 Total WIA Funding

                                           Dislocated Worker


                                                 Statewide Gender

                                               Female                   40%

16   State Profile
     WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
                         Statewide Ethnicity by Program





                          1,454                                    1,531
1500                                                                       1,471

 500               441            406
             174                             179                                   165 102
                                                   58 131                                  51
             Black           Hispanic        Native American       White              Other

                     Adult              Dislocated Worker                  Youth

                     Average Age Per Program - Statewide



                              Dislocated Workers

                                                                                                State Profile         5
                                                                                                Formula For Success
                                           Total Participants Served by Program







                                             Adults   Dislocated Workers   Older Youth   Young Youth

                      LABOR AND WORKFORCE                              services outweighing imports by $90.4
                      CONDITIONS                                       billion.
                      The Colorado Department of Labor
                      and Employment’s Labor Market                    Through the first half of 2007, GDP
                      Information (LMI) office serves as a             growth appears to be decelerating.
                      resource for data and analysis                   The final estimate of first quarter GDP
                      concerning labor market and                      growth was 0.7 percent. This
                      economic conditions throughout the               represents a sharp decline from the 5.6
                      state. Using survey data collected               percent growth rate posted in the first
                      from Colorado employers in concert               quarter of 2006. Analysts at the BEA
                      with national data, LMI has provided             (Bureau of Economic Analysis)
                      the analysis and forecast of economic            attributed slower first quarter growth
                      trends that appear below.                        to a decline in PCE for nondurable
                                                                       goods, a deceleration in exports
                      NATIONAL ECONOMIC                                coupled with an upturn in imports,
                      CONDITIONS                                       and a downturn in federal spending.
                      In 2006, the growth rate of real GDP
                      (Gross Domestic Product) was 3.3                 Total non-farm payroll jobs increased
                      percent, a very slight increase from the         by 2,471,000 in 2006. This is the third
                      2005 rate. Over two-thirds of GDP                consecutive year showing a net
                      growth in 2006 derived from personal             increase, and the 1.8 percent growth
                      consumption expenditures (PCE). The              rate in 2006 is up slightly from 1.7
                      domestic investment portion of GDP               percent the previous year.
                      grew by 4.3 percent in 2006, down                Approximately 85 percent of the job
                      from a 5.4 percent growth rate in 2005.          growth in 2006 occurred in the
                      Total federal government                         service-providing industries.
                      expenditures grew by 2.1 percent,                Professional and business services led
                      with the national defense portion of             all industries in job growth, with a
                      federal spending growing by 1.9                  gain of 598,000, followed by education
                      percent. Imports to the U.S. exceeded            and health services, which registered
                      exports by $618 billion, nearly the              466,000 new jobs. Leisure and
                      same trade deficit as in 2005.                   hospitality also enjoyed a strong
                      However, the U.S. remains a net                  expansion adding 327,000 positions.
                      exporter of services, with exports of

18   State Profile
     WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
CONDITIONS                                OCCUPATIONS
Per capita personal income in             According to the short-term
Colorado was $39,186 in 2006,             occupation projections produced by

increasing by 4.5 percent from 2005.      analysts in Colorado Labor Market
Colorado had the 8th highest per          Information, the annual average
capita income among all States in 2006.   growth rate for all occupations will be
                                          2.0 percent from 2006 through 2008.                   labor
                                          Occupation groups that are expected       force conditions also
Overall, nonfarm payrolls increased by
                                          to produce the most jobs are office and   improved in 2006.
52,800 or 2.4 percent in 2006. The gain
compared favorably to the gain of         administrative support occupations        The annual average
46,400 jobs or 2.1 percent growth in      (+11,392 new jobs); food preparation      unemployment rate
2005. Service-providing industries        and serving related occupations           was 4.3 percent,
continued to dominate job growth in       (+10,127); education, training, and       down from 5.1
2006, adding 42,600 positions,            library occupations (+9,184); and
                                                                                    percent in 2005. It
compared with 10,200 new hires in         healthcare practitioner and technical
                                          occupations (+8,410). Individual          was the third
goods-producing sectors. Sectors with
                                          occupations expected to generate the      consecutive year
the largest job gains were professional
                                          most jobs are retail salesperson,         that the average
and business services (+14,800);
construction (+7,700); leisure and        registered nurses, combined food          unemployment rate
hospitality (+7,200); education and       preparation and serving workers, and      declined. By June
health services (+6,300); trade,          waiters and waitresses. More detail       2007, the State’s
transportation, and utilities (+6,100);   can be found by opening the web site:     unemployment rate
and government (+5,100). Natural          http://coworkforce.com/lmigateway
                                                                                    had fallen to 3.5
resources and mining continued to         and clicking the Occupation link under
                                          Analysts and Researchers on the home      percent.
show strong growth, adding 3,600 jobs
for a 20.9 percent growth rate. Sectors   page.
with net job losses were information
(-1,400) and manufacturing (-1,100).      COLORADO EARNINGS
                                          In 2006, the average weekly wage for
Colorado’s labor force conditions also    all employees covered by
improved in 2006. The annual average      unemployment insurance was $837, up
unemployment rate was 4.3 percent,        4.6 percent from the average weekly
down from 5.1 percent in 2005. It was     wage in 2005. Counties with the
the third consecutive year that the       highest average weekly wages were
average unemployment rate declined.       Broomfield ($1,075), Denver ($1,015),
By June 2007, the State’s                 Arapahoe ($999) and Boulder ($980)
unemployment rate had fallen to 3.5       while average weekly wages were
percent.                                  lowest in San Juan ($406) and Baca
                                          ($411). According to the monthly
We expect that the number of new jobs     survey of Colorado businesses,
created in Colorado this year (2007)      average weekly wages in 2006 were
will be around 43,000 or about 1.9        $794.58 in construction and $649.94 in
percent growth while the                  manufacturing statewide; $719.71 in
unemployment rate will be about 3.9       manufacturing in the Denver-Aurora
percent.                                  Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).

                                                                                State Profile        5
                                                                               Formula For Success

20   State Profile
     WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report

                                               COLORADO WORKFORCE REGIONS

  Adams          Arapahoe/      Colorado        Employment        Larimer       Denver      Pikes Peak        Jefferson       Workforce
  County          Douglas         Rural         Services of       County        Division    Workforce          County          Boulder
Workforce &       WORKS!       Consortium       Weld County      Workforce   of Workforce     Center          Workforce        County
 Business                                                         Center     Development                       Center
  Center             2             34                1                                          1                                2
     4           Workforce      Workforce        Workforce          2            5          Workforce              1          Workforce
 Workforce        Centers        Centers           Center        Workforce    Workforce       Center           Workforce       Centers
  Centers        3 Satellite   12 Satellites     2 Satellites     Centers      Centers      3 Satellites         Center
 1 Satellite                                                                                                   2 Satellites

                                                    WORKFORCE PARTNERS
                                                        Unemployment Insurance
                                                               Job Corp
                                                            Adult Education
                                                        Vocational Rehabilitation
                                                          Community Colleges
                                                     Community Service Block Grants
                                                    HUD-Housing & Urban Development
                                                           Older Americans

                                                                                                           State Profile            5
                                                                                                           Formula For Success
                      CWDC BUSINESS OUTREACH                       The BOAM Committee and national
                      AND MARKETING COMMITTEE                      consulting firm Full Capacity
                      The US Department of Labor has been          Marketing, Inc. designed a marketing
                      focused on shifting the workforce            certification process as part of the
                      investment system to a major                 CIMS to award and recognize
                      contributor of economic                      Workforce Centers in achieving
                      transformation, by meeting the needs         excellence in branding and marketing
                      of businesses and employers through          the system. The advanced certification
                      talent development. The Business             requires that Workforce Centers
                      Outreach & Marketing (BOAM)                  develop strategies around five key
                      Committee of the Colorado Workforce          areas including:
                      Development Council (CWDC)
                      continues to execute an overall brand              • Enhancing the marketing and
                      strategy to assist in bringing this vision           communications capacity
                      to fruition by 1) improving                          with Workforce Center
                      public/private partnerships; 2)                      customer contact staff [brand
                      engaging businesses and industry as a                ambassadors]
                      customer; and 3) enhancing public
                      opinion about Colorado’s workforce                 • Conducting market research
                      investment system. Working hand-in-
                                                                           to gather objective data on
                      hand with the Marketing Taskforce,
                                                                           high growth employers’
                      comprised of representatives from all
                                                                           workforce challenges and
                      of Colorado’s workforce regions, the
                      BOAM focuses on three key strategies
                      to build capacity among the state’s
                      “brand ambassadors” and create a
                                                                         • Utilizing the market research
                      powerful identity that businesses                    to shift and improve the
                      recognize and value.                                 operations of the business
                                                                           services teams throughout the
                      Strategy #1: Marketing Certification                 regions
                      Colorado’s Workforce Development
                      Council (WDC) implements a                         • Developing and deploying a
                      Continuous Improvement                               specific outreach plan to more
                      Management System (CIMS) to                          effectively garner market
                      promote continuous improvement                       penetration among identified
                      activities and performance excellence                high growth sector
                      in workforce development. The goal of                employers; and
                      CIMS implementation is to provide
                      incentives to Workforce Investment                 • Partnering strategically with
                      Boards and Workforce Centers to                      economic development,
                      continually improve their operations                 education and business to
                      and to raise the profile of Colorado’s               leverage funding and develop
                      workforce system.                                    workforce solutions for high
                                                                           growth employers.

22   Partnerships
     WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
Strategy #2: Third Annual Workforce       targeted audiences. The tactical
Development Month                         execution plans included placement of
Colorado’s Workforce Development          proactive news media stories,
Month continues to be recognized          enhancements of Web sites and
nationally as an innovative campaign      collateral materials; distribution of
to create awareness and value in the
workforce investment system. In its
third consecutive year, Workforce
Development Month continues to
prove to be an effective
                                          monthly or quarterly newsletters
                                          targeting labor statistics, success
                                          stories, and industry outlook new; job
                                          fairs and employer events; and
                                          developing sponsorships with
                                                                                      C         olorado’s
                                                                                     Development Month
                                                                                     continues to be
communication tool to tell the story of   strategic partners that brought in         recognized
the Colorado Workforce Centers and        additional funding and/or in-kind          nationally as an
their many partners. A proclamation       donations to support efforts within the    innovative campaign
from Governor Owens proclaiming           Centers.
                                                                                     to create awareness
September 2006 as Workforce
Development Month assisted teams in       STATE MARKETING TASK FORCE                 and value in the
building momentum around their            INITIATIVES                                workforce
many public relations activities with     Building a statewide understanding of      investment system.
job seekers, youth and businesses.        the public workforce investment            In its third
Local regions hosted events, forums,      system and Colorado’s valuable             consecutive year,
and roundtables specific to their local   network of employment and training         Workforce
industries and employer base, topped      solutions is a primary focus of the        Development Month
by Larimer County’s 21st annual           State Marketing Taskforce. Dedicated
                                                                                     continues to prove
September Symposium, which attracts       members continue to collaborate on
over 650 attendees. Larimer’s             strengthening the messages that            to be an effective
approach is being replicated in other     exemplify the relevancy and urgency        communication tool
regions, due to its high impact in        of workforce development, and share        to tell the story of
attracting businesses, employers and      promising practices that leverage          the Colorado
key sponsors for the event. 9News         resources and build strategic              Workforce Centers
sponsored and covered the primary         partnerships. The following examples       and their many
metro Denver Workforce                    share insights into how the Colorado       partners.
Development Month event, the E3 Job       Workforce Center’s brand identity
fair, which attracted over 3,500 job      was elevated throughout the state,
seekers. Governor Ritter and his new      through the power of partnerships.
cabinet have pledged support for the
2007 annual Workforce Development         Business Partnerships
Month awareness campaign.                 An important ally and customer of the
                                          Workforce Centers are our businesses
Strategy #3: Support and Monitor          and employers, particularly those in
Regional Outreach Activities              high growth sectors that advance our
The local workforce regions were          state’s economic well being.
provided with marketing funds from        Workforce regions in Colorado are
the BOAM Committee and the                focusing on research and outreach to
Colorado Department of Labor and          better understand the needs of the
Employment to develop local               business customer and develop
strategies for Workforce Development      workforce and talent solutions.
Month tactics, and year-long              Targeted high growth activities
approaches for the workforce system’s     include:

                                                                            Partnerships              5
                                                                                Formula For Success
                         Jefferson County: began conducting        All regions host employer recognition
                         employer focus groups targeting the       ceremonies that are linked to the
                         Bioscience, Manufacturing, and Energy     Continuous Improvement
                         Industries.                               Management System activities.

A         n important
          ally and
customer of the
                         Weld County: created a
                         Transportation Taskforce that
                         developed a Professional Truck
                         Driving Symposium.
                                                                   Economic Development Partnerships
                                                                   The linkage to economic development
                                                                   is a critical factor in positioning the
                                                                   relevancy of workforce development.
Workforce Centers
                                                                   The number one inquiry by businesses
are our businesses       Mesa County and the Northwest sub-        looking to locate to a new region is the
and employers,           regions: held Energy Industry job fairs   quality and quantity of available
particularly those in    and workshops.                            talent. The following examples
high growth sectors                                                highlight ways in which the Colorado
that advance our         Adams County and Arapahoe/                Workforce Centers are connecting to
state’s economic         Douglas Counties: hosted multiple,        the important work centered on
                         diverse industry-focused events and       economic development.
well being.
                         job fairs designed to meet specific
Workforce regions in
                         employer needs in the respective          Larimer County: continues to
Colorado are             regions.                                  administer four economic
focusing on research                                               development enterprise zones at the
and outreach to          Larimer and the Pike’s Peak Region:       Workforce Center, resulting in the
better understand        have a year-long schedule of business-    distribution of tax incentives to
the needs of the         driven symposiums, workshops, and         businesses within these zones.
business customer        round table events.
                                                                   Weld County: was instrumental in
and develop
                         Weld and the Pike’s Peak Region:          demonstrating the value of the
workforce and talent
                         also hosted several workshops and         workforce system services to a Danish
solutions.               round tables for employers focusing       company called Vestals; as a result the
                         on human resources issues such as         company is relocating to Northern
                         minimum wage laws and many other          Colorado in the near future.
                                                                   All regions: participate regularly in
                         The State Youth Council and               local chambers and economic
                         Arapahoe Douglas WORKS:                   development associations and assist in
                         sponsored the annual Construction         event planning and sponsorship.
                         Career Days event in Douglas County.
                         Youth from all over the state were        Education Partnerships
                         transported to the fairgrounds to         To truly ensure economic vitality,
                         participate in hands-on activities,       educational partnerships must
                         including operation of heavy              continue to be forged to innovate new
                         machinery, masonry, carpentry, and        ways of building workforce talent and
                         other skills-building experiences. The    skills, and promoting the benefits of
                         event is organized by a consortium of     lifelong learning. Our Workforce
                         contractor and labor organizations, as    Centers align closely with educational
                         well as the Colorado Department of        partners to create solutions for
                         Transportation. Over 1,500 youth          Colorado’s workforce.
                         attend the event annually.

  24    Partnerships
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
Arapahoe/Douglas WORKS:                   Larimer: received approximately
partnered with Metro State,               $7,500.00 of in-kind ads in the
Community College of Denver, and          Coloradoan; the paper pledged to be an
Community College of Aurora to            exclusive sponsor for the next three
implement their hospitality careers       years.
project. Industry professionals from
the Convention Center, local hotels       Upper Arkansas sub-region: supplied
and restaurants provided site tours       local radio shows with workforce
and industry expectations to              experts during talk shows to share
prospective job seekers that were         valuable insights into employment
interested in this industry.              and training solutions and talent
                                          development strategies.
Weld County: continues to work
closely with Aims Community               Mesa County sub-region: maintains
College, offering quarterly workshops,    an aggressive print media pace,
job fairs, and resource fairs to          placing multiple ads weekly in local
businesses, job seekers, and service      news papers.
                                          Denver: attracted print news coverage
News Media Partnerships                   from the Rocky Mountain News and
Colorado workforce regions                local news affiliates when they hosted
understand the importance of              a ribbon cutting ceremony for their
conveying the message about their         new training facility
services to the business community
and local communities. Many regions       Cross-Regional Partnerships
are developing successful                 The Council on Competitiveness
relationships with local media outlets.   highlights five key factors to
In addition, regions are becoming         successful regional innovation and
more adept at utilizing press releases    collaboration. These include 1)
and public service announcements to       promotion of regionalism; 2) building
outreach to the community. The            and retaining talent; 3) transitioning to
following are examples of some of the     advanced manufacturing; 4)
great progress made in telling our        networking knowledge assets; and 5)
story.                                    energizing the entrepreneurial
                                          economy. Creating a thriving
Pike’s Peak: received over $7,000.00 in   business climate, utilizing these five
free advertisements in the Colorado       factors, takes collaboration among
Springs Business Journal, providing the   economic and workforce development
necessary funding for a full page ad of   leaders, chambers of commerce,
the Governor’s Proclamation for 2006      education, businesses and
Workforce Development Month.              government. Workforce Centers
Additionally, they placed between 35-     continue to contribute to these five
45 public service announcements           factors forging regional partnerships
quarterly through local talk-radio        and initiatives that support Colorado’s
stations. Pike’s Peak Broadcasting        economic growth.
gave the workforce center $4,000.99 in
job fair advertising targeted towards     The Broomfield Sub-Region
young people who are listeners of         continues to work closely with
“The Beat” radio program.                 Boulder County and Adams County

                                                                              Partnerships              5
                                                                                  Formula For Success
                          regions, blending and braiding            This year we have seen major layoffs
                          resources on shared events and            in the manufacturing sector, with a
                          outreach opportunities to businesses      significant number of non-English
                          and industry, job seekers, and leaders    speaking employees workers affected.

                          in workforce and economic                 In an effort to meet this need, the
           he             development.                              Rapid Response team focused on
           Colorado                                                 translating essential written materials
State Rapid               Weld and Larimer partnered to share       into Spanish and other languages for
                          a booth at the Bixpo event, a large       use in our layoff assistance workshops.
Response Unit has
                          regional Business Industry Expo
expanded its              featuring high-profile keynote            Partnerships
marketing initiatives     speakers.
and developed new                                                   Human Resources (HR)
partnerships in an        Mesa County, on the Western Slope of      Organizations: The Rapid Response
attempt to increase       Colorado, participated in events in       Unit has taken this partnership to a
visibility of the         Denver and Colorado Springs to            new level. By increasing the number
                          attract returning veterans to their       of presentations offered at HR events,
program and its
                          region for current job openings.          we have raised the level of awareness
services. This
                                                                    regarding our services and the benefits
proactive approach        All metro Denver workforce regions        of our workshops by reaching out to
has resulted in a         again shared the planning and             over 100 employers. The most
total of 175              implementation duties to host the         prominent HR organizations that
employers receiving       annual E3 Job Fair in downtown            became Rapid Response partners this
services compared         Denver. The 2006 E3 featured over 125     year were the Society of Hispanic
with 144 last year,       employers and resources, and over         Human Resource Professionals, the
                          3,500 people attended the event. The      Colorado Human Resources
with 10,211 workers
                          local workforce regions, as well as the   Association (CHRA) and the Society
benefiting from the
                          Colorado Department of Labor and          for Human Resource Management
program.                  Employment, and the Office of             (SHRM) Colorado State Council.
                          Workforce Development, provided 70
                          volunteers for the event.                 Colorado Bar Association: The
                                                                    Colorado Bar Association continues to
                          RAPID RESPONSE                            be a successful partnership, which has
                          The Colorado State Rapid Response         allowed us to increase outreach to
                          Unit has expanded its marketing           individual law firms representing the
                          initiatives and developed new             business sector. Through our
                          partnerships in an attempt to increase    presentations at Bar Association
                          visibility of the program and its         meetings, attorneys are informed
                          services. This proactive approach has     about our valuable programs and
                          resulted in a total of 175 employers      services and in turn are able to relay
                          receiving services compared with 144      the information to their clients. As a
                          last year, with 10,211 workers            result, the State Rapid Response Unit
                          benefiting from the program. In           continues to receive referrals from
                          addition to providing services to the     employment attorneys, allowing us to
                          employer, a key component to the          access companies experiencing a
                          Rapid Response program is                 downsizing that otherwise would not
                          responding to the demands of the          have known about our services.
                          employees affected by these layoffs.      Job Fairs: As our partnerships with

  26    Partnerships
         WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
expo.com and jobing.com continue to                    services and educational opportunities
flourish, we continue to develop a                     that are available through the
Speakers bureau which allows us to                     Workforce Centers statewide.
participate in their job fairs. The
Speakers Bureau is made up of people                   Workforce Centers: The State Rapid
within CDLE and the Workforce                          Response Team initiated an onsite
Centers, who conduct workshops on                      dialog with local Workforce Regions
everything from resume writing to                      and the Rapid Response coordinators
labor market Information and job                       within each region to better
search strategies. The job fair                        collaborate and share program ideas
organizers are allowed to select two                   statewide. In January 2007 the State
speakers from our bureau, and in                       Rapid Response Team presented at the
return, provide us a free booth at their               Rural Consortium Director’s Meeting,
functions (valued at $1500). We have                   and subsequently the team attended
participated in approximately 12 job                   the all-staff meetings for Workforce
fairs this year, giving us the                         Centers in Adams, Larimer, Denver,
opportunity to reach more dislocated                   Broomfield, Arapahoe/Douglas,
workers and job seekers. Our booth at                  Boulder and Weld counties. In
these fairs is staffed by the Workforce                addition, Rapid Response initiated a
Centers and our Rapid Response team.                   quarterly conference call with the
                                                       Rapid Response coordinators to
Outplacement Companies: Our                            provide ongoing technical assistance
continued relationships with                           and sharing of best practices.
outplacement companies like Right
Management and Lee Hecht Harrison                      Layoff Services for Non-English
and Associates have evolved, not as                    Speaking Workers
competitors, but as strong mutual                      Rapid Response has seen an increase
partnerships. These partnerships have                  in the number of non-English
given us the opportunity to offer on-                  speaking employees being affected by
site workshops for employees of those                  layoffs. In response, the Dislocated
clients that are nearing the completion                Worker Program information sheet
of their outplacement contracts, and                   and the Helpful Facts About
provide information about on-going                     Unemployment Insurance information

                  Rapid Response Affected Job Seekers

                                          Business     Various
                                          Relocation     588

                            Business Downsize

                                                       Business Closure

                                                                                        Partnerships              5
                                                                                            Formula For Success
                                                    Rapid Response Activity Overview

                                 150                                   144




                                  25                                                                                               20

                                       Layoff Transition Workshops   Serviced Employers   Employers Filing a WARN   TAA Certified Employers

                                                                         PY 05                PY 06

                      sheet, which serve as the backbone for                              Range Community College. The
                      Rapid Response workshops, have been                                 certificate programs consisted of
                      translated into six different languages.                            clerical, Certified Nursing Assistant
                      They have been posted to the Rapid                                  (CNA), automotive maintenance and
                      Response Team Room at www.e-                                        child development associate
                      colorado.org. Also, Rapid Response                                  disciplines. Seventeen of the workers
                      has been involved in the Colorado                                   enrolled in the program, utilizing their
                      Workforce Speaks! Taskforce (formerly                               TAA training benefits.
                      the Limited English Proficiency
                      Taskforce) to explore and address                                   Businesses Outreach
                      issues related to non-English speaking                              As part of ongoing efforts to promote
                      dislocated workers.                                                 CDLE, the Colorado Workforce
                                                                                          Centers and Rapid Response to the
                      Broomfield Initiative: In December                                  Colorado business community, the
                      2006, ninety-five production workers                                State Rapid Response Team, along
                      in Broomfield, Colorado were                                        with various Workforce Center
                      informed that they were being laid off                              Specialists, participated in two major
                      due to a plant closure, the direct result                           events, allowing us to reach out to
                      of the manufacturing line being                                     more than 100 employers statewide.
                      outsourced to Mexico. The company                                   The Rapid Response Team attended
                      was Trade Act Adjustment (TAA)                                      the 2007 Colorado Human Resources
                      certified, and as the Rapid Response                                Association (CHRA) Human
                      workshops were being carried out, it                                Resources Conference and also
                      became apparent that the majority of                                participated in the first of three
                      the employees that were affected did                                Business-to-Business Networking
                      not speak, read, or write English.                                  events sponsored by the Denver Metro
                      Through a Rapid Response                                            Chamber of Commerce. The second
                      coordinated partnership between the                                 and third networking events will take
                      Broomfield Workforce Center and the                                 place on July 19 and Oct. 19th,
                      State TAA coordinator’s office,                                     respectively.
                      interpreters were provided to the
                      effected workers, and they received                                 5th Annual E3 Career and Resource
                      information and assistance to enroll in                             Fair
                      a customized ESL curriculum and                                     Through the combined efforts of the
                      certificate programs provided by Front                              State Rapid Response Team, the

28   Partnerships
     WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
Governor’s Summer Job Hunt                have developed an outline that was
Program, the Metro Marketing Team,        followed at the over 200 workshops

and the Colorado Workforce Centers,       conducted in PY06. The “Layoff
the fifth annual E3 Career and            Transition Workshop Packets,” which                       hrough
Resource took place on October 3,         are used in all the Rapid Response
2006, serving over 2800 job seekers.      workshops statewide, are published
The E3 Career and Resource Fair           and distributed by the State Rapid           combined efforts of
focuses on three critical elements of     Response Unit. All of the materials          the State Rapid
building a world-class economy:           used for the workshops are updated           Response Team, the
Employment, Education and                 frequently as a means to ensure the          Governor’s Summer
Economic Growth. Among the 150            accuracy of information provided to          Job Hunt Program,
booths, 120 of which are specifically     employers and dislocated workers.            the Metro Marketing
for employers, the majority were          Finally, the Rapid Response team is          Team, and the
dedicated to the high-growth energy       collaborating with Colorado Public
                                                                                       Colorado Workforce
industry and to other high-growth         Television – KBDI 12-PBS-Denver to
employers, the remaining booths were      create an updated version of the             Centers, the fifth
reserved for community resources and      unemployment insurance video used            annual E3 Career
educational institutions.                 during the 2-hour Rapid Response lay         and Resource took
                                          off transition workshop.                     place on October 3,
The goal of the E3 Career and                                                          2006, serving over
Resource fair was to provide a venue      LABOR MARKET                                 2800 job seekers.
where jobseekers that were                INFORMATION PRODUCTS                         The E3 Career and
unemployed and/or underemployed           AND SERVICES                                 Resource Fair
could gain access to opportunities in
the high growth industries.                                                            focuses on three
                                          Jobs In Colorado – On-Line
Additionally, Resume critiquing was                                                    critical elements of
                                          Projections Brochures
provided by trained workforce center      LMI has expanded the scope of its            building a world-
specialists, and a “Spanish-Language      brochures to include sub-state regions,      class economy:
Job and Resource Area” was available      each focusing on occupational                Employment,
for monolingual and bilingual             projections for a segment of the             Education and
Spanish-speaking seekers. The             marketplace. For the State, and for          Economic Growth.
Spanish-Language booth was                each MSA, brochures include all top
advertised publically with the help of    jobs, top jobs requiring Higher
1150AM La Buena Onda radio talk           Education, and top jobs requiring On-
show. Our media partnership with          the-Job Training. All projections
KUSA-TV 9 NEWS allowed for a              brochures are easily accessed on the
broader and more extensive outreach       LMI website or can be obtained in
in addition to providing the visibility   printed form.
necessary to promote this event as the
premier job fair event in the Denver      Training and Outreach Unit
Metro area.                               In 2006, LMI added the Training and
                                          Outreach unit (TAO) to analyze and
Layoff Transition Workshops               meet specific customer needs.
The State Rapid Response team             Focusing on customer requests, TAO
continues to promote the consistency      helps translate LMI data into useable
of workshop content statewide.            terms. One method for information
Through the cooperative effort of local   delivery has been to conduct training
Workforce Center and State staff, we

                                                                                      Partnerships 5    29
                                                                                  Formula For Success
                      sessions across the state. A popular      by the discontinuation of the Job
                      session, LMI 101, teaches workforce       Vacancy Surveys. Fourteen regional
                      system staff how to access LMI data       Local Employment Dynamics (LED)
                      via Gateway, what the numbers mean        handouts were created as a step-by-
                      and how the statistics are collected.     step guide on how to use the three
                      Other training sessions have been         LED data tools – Quarterly Workforce
                      customized to meet customer needs.        Indicators, Industry Focus and On the
                      In fiscal year 2006-07, TAO conducted     Map. To help customers navigate the
                      30 training sessions and presentations    new LMI Gateway website, a “Click by
                      to workforce centers, chambers of         Click” guide for the job seeker was
                      commerce, human resource groups,          created. Click by Click takes the job
                      and economic development                  seeker through registration, career
                      professionals. In addition, TAO has       services and job seeker services.
                      developed printed products,               Additionally, an occupation wage
                      customized to meet specific customer      poster comparing wages across
                      needs. In 2006-07, TAO distributed        different OES regions of the state was
                      more than 40,000 of these products.       developed.

                      New Products                              LMI Gateway
                      With the addition of TAO, LMI has         Gateway, LMI’s new website, officially
                      expanded on its already extensive         debuted September 2006. The new
                      product series. The Labor Market          web system makes the process of
                      Snapshot – which provides economic        retrieving labor market data easier,
                      data at the state, MSA and, in            faster and more flexible than before.
                      development, county levels - was          Users are able to customize their data
                      introduced in 2007 to fill the gap left   and information queries in ways not

30   Partnerships
     WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
previously available. LMI Gateway         to facilitate job placement for
received over 100,000 hits in the last    individuals with disabilities.
fiscal year.
                                          Since the inception of the DPN grant,
Project TRAIN (Training, Resources
and Incentive Networks) is a
statewide initiative of the Colorado
Workforce Development Council. The
                                          Colorado has seen a significant
                                          increase in the number of people with
                                          disabilities served in the workforce
                                          centers: from 2.6% in 2002 to 7% in
                                          2006. Because on the proven benefits
                                                                                         G         ateway,
                                                                                                   LMI’s new
                                                                                         website, officially
                                                                                         debuted September
primary goal of Project TRAIN is to       of the DPNs, Colorado was successful
                                                                                         2006. The new web
enhance the capability and capacity of    in sustaining the project with state
Colorado’s Workforce Centers to           funds: on July 1, 2007 the DPN                 system makes the
provide employment services to            initiative was officially taken over by        process of retrieving
people with disabilities.                 the Department of Human                        labor market data
                                          Services/Division of Vocational                easier, faster and
The project was launched in 2002 and      Rehabilitation. The program was                more flexible than
has grown to become an 80 member          transferred over completely in tact            before. Users are
coalition made up of representatives      with the DPNs continuing to be                 able to customize
from federal, state and local             housed in the workforce centers and
                                                                                         their data and
government agencies as well as            maintaining the same basic job duties.
community based organizations,                                                           information queries
employers and people with                 YOUTH TRANSITION GRANT                         in ways not
disabilities. Project TRAIN continues     Through this grant from                        previously available.
to be a nationally recognized role        USDOL/ODEP, Colorado has created               LMI Gateway
model for statewide public and            a cross-system, multi-agency plan to           received over
private sector collaboration as well as   improve State and local services to            100,000 hits in the
being the leader in the implementation    youth with disabilities within the             last fiscal year.
and development of the following          workforce system. The primary
Colorado initiatives:                     objectives of the grant are: increase
                                          access to work-based experience for
DISABILITY PROGRAM                        youth with disabilities; develop
NAVIGATOR (DPN)                           systems to share information with
Colorado completed its 4th year of        providers, employers, parents and
participation in the USDOL/ETA            youth with disabilities; as well as
funded DPN grant. There are               enhance communication and
currently 20 DPNs covering every          coordination among the stakeholders
workforce region and sub-region           serving youth with disabilities within
across the state. The DPN serves as an    the workforce development system.
expert on workforce development
issues and policies impacting             Six regions are participating in the
individuals with disabilities who are     grant, each of which has developed
seeking employment, skill                 and implemented its own strategies to
development, job retention assistance     address the gaps and challenges
or career advancement through the         identified in their local resource
workforce centers. The DPN develops       mapping. To date, over 350 youth
linkages and collaborates with            have been involved and received some
employers, either individually or         type of job readiness service. Based on
through their business relations team,    the success of the local demonstration

                                                                                         Partnerships5    31
                                                                                    Formula For Success
                      projects, several of the regions have       making capacities from the following
                      determined ways to sustain the project      agencies: Office of Workforce
                      after grant funds are no longer             Development, Department of Labor
                      available. Another initiative that has      and Employment, Division of
                      risen from this grant was creation of a     Vocational Rehabilitation, Department
                      framework for recognizing promising         of Education, Colorado Community
                      practices (based on the “Youth              College System, UCHSC/WIN
                      Guidepost for Success”) that                Partners, Department of Public Health
                      effectively address transitioning youth.    and Environment, Governors Office of
                      This was the second year in which the       Policy and Initiatives, Easter Seals
                      State Youth Council and the Office of       Colorado and Cerebral Palsy of
                      Workforce Development have                  Colorado.
                      acknowledged successful projects at
                      the annual youth forum.                     Youthnet
                                                                  One of the major accomplishments of
                      NATIONAL GOVERNOR’S                         the Policy Academy was the
                      ASSOCIATION POLICY ACADEMY:                 development of “Youthnet”
                      IMPROVING OUTCOMES FOR                      (dola.colorado.gov/youthnet), a
                      YOUTH WITH DISABILITIES                     searchable database and website
                      This was the second and final year of       hosted at the Department of Local
                      this project in which Colorado state        Affairs for the Office of Workforce
                      leaders were given the opportunity to       Development. This site was created to
                      identify weaknesses in our current          provide information about services
                      policies and practices and to develop/      available to Colorado’s youth,
                      implement realistic strategies for          especially youth with disabilities who
                      improving the outcomes for youth            are transitioning to adulthood. Youth,
                      with disabilities. Colorado’s goals for     parents, and service providers can
                      the Policy Academy were to: enhance         search for services based on needs,
                      statewide policy, facilitate data sharing   geographic location, the age of the
                      and build collaboration.                    youth, or by several other criteria.
                                                                  Currently over 170 organizations,
                      The core team for this project was          state-wide, have submitted profiles.
                      made up of individuals in decision

32   Partnerships
     WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
Talent Development
CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT                    for the next level award that is

MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CIMS)                  designated Foothills and two others
For the fourth year a key stimulus for    are applying for that classification.                   he focus
economic transformation, deployed by      One region has prepared an
                                                                                                  of CIMS
the Colorado Workforce Development        application to be submitted in the next
Council, is the CIMS system of                                                        is on results, not
                                          program year for the second stage
financial incentives for Local            designation as a Timberline                 procedures, tools, or
Workforce Boards to reach beyond          recognized CPEX performer.                  organizational
defined labor market areas, and           In addition, through CIMS, Colorado         structure. Local
political jurisdictions to foster         recognizes and rewards WIBs for             WIBs are
partnerships and talent development.      achievement in the following areas:         encouraged to
The system utilizes Baldrige-based                                                    develop and
principles to promote continuous                • Performance Incentive (PIA):        demonstrate
improvement and high performance.                 rewards Workforce Center
Measurements for success are clearly                                                  creative, adaptive
                                                  efforts towards meeting or
defined, and impartial Baldridge-                                                     and flexible
                                                  exceeding WIA performance
trained examiners from the Colorado               measures.                           approaches to
Performance Excellence (CPEX)                                                         meeting the basic
organization rate and review the                • Innovation In Leadership            performance
progress of local workforce centers               and Service Delivery (ILSD):        requirements and to
toward the highest levels of                      acknowledges Workforce              continuously
performance excellence.                           Center efforts towards              improve their
                                                  meeting Colorado                    workforce
This exciting and effective program               Performance Excellence
has helped equip the system to meet                                                   investment area
                                                  criteria, strengthening
the challenges that Colorado’s                                                        activities.
                                                  operations and value for tax
changing economy faces in today’s                 payer dollars.
global marketplace. In order to
compete in this international
                                                • Partnerships: annual wards
marketplace, Colorado’s workforce
                                                  are given in recognition of
must improve its competencies and
                                                  outstanding business and
skills development. Therefore, as part
                                                  agency partnerships
of the CIMS, the workforce system is
required to enhance its partnerships
                                          The focus of CIMS is on results, not
with educators and help fulfill the
                                          procedures, tools, or organizational
                                          structure. Local WIBs are encouraged
Colorado Promise, as articulated by
                                          to develop and demonstrate creative,
the state’s new Governor, to ensure
                                          adaptive and flexible approaches to
the state is a powerhouse in the new
                                          meeting the basic performance
economy of the 21st century.
                                          requirements and to continuously
                                          improve their workforce investment
All workforce regions have completed
                                          area activities. Funding for CIMS
the High Plains entry level application
                                          awards is determined by the CWDC
to CPEX and three have been selected
                                          on an annual basis. This year, the

                                                                            Talent Development         5
                                                                                 Formula For Success
                          Council will distribute over $450,000 to    PERFORMANCE INCENTIVE
                          the local regions in recognition of their   GRANTS
                          efforts in the CIMS program and their

                          performance during this program year.       e-Colorado Knowledge Management
          he                                                          Portal (www.e-colorado.org)
                          WORKFORCE ECONOMIC                          Building upon the prototype
                          INFORMATION COALITION                       developed with WIA performance
Economic Information
                          The Skills Development Committee of         incentive funds, Colorado continued
Coalition ( WEIC) will    the CWDC has commissioned a Task            the expansion and enhancement of its
compile a talent          Force of business leaders, educators,       e-Colorado Knowledge Management
development index         workforce development experts and           Portal. e-Colorado is an interactive on-
for the newly-initiated   economic development practitioners to       line portal designed for agencies to
state-of-the-workforce    review workforce and economic               increase and improve service to
report that will be       information. The task force, known as       customers – job seekers and
                          the Workforce Economic Information          employers—and workforce
presented to the
                          Coalition ( WEIC) will compile a talent     professionals, as well as a tool for
Governor during
                          development index for the newly-            initiating communication between
Workforce                 initiated state-of-the-workforce report     agencies. e-Colorado manages
Development Month.        that will be presented to the Governor      resources through a single,
                          during Workforce Development                comprehensive, easy-to-navigate
                          Month. The task force is led by a           electronic interface among all
                          business executive from CH2M Hill,          stakeholders of the workforce
                          the Director of labor Market                development system: individual and
                          Information for CDLE, and the               business customers, workforce system
                          Executive Director of the Colorado          professionals, educational and training
                          Nanotechnology Association.                 institutions, community and faith-
                                                                      based organizations, and government.
                          The WEIC task force has also created
                          an inventory of workforce and               e-Colorado enables our multi-partner
                          economic information and is                 agencies to access information on-line
                          compiling a compendium of essential         regarding cross agency programs and
                          information that will form the              services, exchange client and program
                          backbone of a database. This will be        information, collaboratively develop
                          used for a state-of-the-workforce           tools, and maintain a system-wide
                          policy and practice discussion that will    calendar. Available on e-Colorado are
                          aid in achieving the Governor’s             on-line assessments, team rooms,
                          Colorado Promise and dispelling the         electronic portfolios, resume building,
                          Colorado Paradox.                           job seeking, and a whole host of other
                                                                      opportunities to the workforce
                          Additionally, the Skills Development        professional. It also offers services
                          Committee has instituted a regionally-      specifically designed to help the job
                          based sector strategy that will frame       seeker find employment and
                          the future Talent Development               appropriately match the employer
                          activities supported through                with the job seeker.
                          Discretionary Grants by the workforce       Team Rooms comprise a significant
                          council.                                    use of e-Colorado by groups of people

  34     Talent Development
         WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
who have reason to meet and/or            job seekers reliable and
share information, e.g. TAA               relevant information about
Counselors, Nursing Scholars, the         workplace skill levels.
Workforce and Economic Information
Coalition, and many others. Content      • KeyTrain provides an on-line,
specific to the work of each group can    interactive learning system
be entered into their Team Room.          for common skills required
Through Chat, each e-Colorado Team        by all jobs based on ACT’s
Room offers a collaborative area for      WorkKeys employment
‘real-time’ communication that can        system.
extend to participants statewide and
can reduce the need for frequent         • Tutorline is an online tutoring
meetings and travel. Currently e-         service that allows students
Colorado has 99 active Team Rooms.        to interact with a live tutor,
                                          submit written questions and
Six free tools have been added to e-      receive written replies, and
Colorado during the past year to help     submit writing to an Online
job seekers and workforce                 Writing Lab for review and
professionals prepare for improved        critique.
employment opportunities and better
career and educational decisions.
                                         • Success Profiler provides
They include:
                                          insight into the emotional
                                          intelligence a person needs to
      • WorkKeys assessments give         succeed in the workplace.
        employees, employers and

                                                                       Talent Development        5
                                                                           Formula For Success
                                • WSA Sphere is a career             2003 performance standards. This
                                  advising tool that provides        project is in its infancy; however the
                                  on-line matches for skill sets,    goals of this project are to help special
                                  aptitudes and personal traits      populations achieve self-sufficiency

   e      -Colorado
          enables our
                                  to occupational training
                                  programs in health care.

                                • Dynamic Works Institute
                                                                     through employment, training and

                                                                     The B4 project’s objectives are to:
agencies to access                provides self-paced, real-time,
information on-line               online learning opportunities             • Foster a collaborative
                                  and certification programs to               environment between Adult
regarding cross
                                  professionals and partners in               Education and Family
agency programs                                                               Literacy funded programs,
                                  the workforce system.
and services,                                                                 correctional educational
exchange client and      Assessment tool awareness and                        programs, community
program information,     training has been offered to staff of                colleges and workforce
collaboratively          Colorado Workforce Centers, and a                    centers by actively
develop tools, and       staff member has been added to                       coordinating joint projects
maintain a system-       support access and use of the tools and              and professional development
                         monitor statewide use. Some or all of                opportunities.
wide calendar.
                         the tools may become components of a
Available on e-
                         statewide work readiness credential                • Identify the gaps between the
Colorado are on-line
                         that is currently under discussion.                  Adult Basic Education taught
assessments, team                                                             in the prison and the classes
rooms, electronic        During the past year, increased use of               taught by certified ABE
portfolios, resume       e-Colorado has resulted in                           instructors in our
building, job            development of an enhanced portal                    communities. Once the gaps
seeking, and a whole     design to advance the ease of                        are identified, the community
host of other            navigation and provide each user with                ABE instructors will work
                         improved context for determining                     with the facility instructors to
opportunities for the
                         which content to pursue. The intent is               ensure the levels of education
                         to present a more intuitive clustering               taught are congruent.
professional.            of information, resources, and
                         functions. Although the design                     • Provide ex-offenders with an
                         upgrade is not yet complete, the                     employment and education
                         change in appearance can be viewed in                navigator to help smooth the
                         the Executive Summary of this annual                 transition from correctional
                         report.                                              facilities into community
                                                                              college, workforce, or Adult
                         Breaking Barriers and Building                       Basic Education classes.
                         Bridges (B4) Project-PY03                            Many times when ex-
                         Performance Incentive Funds                          offenders are released, they
                         The Breaking Barriers and Building                   are unable to navigate the
                         Bridges (B4) Project is the third project            educational or workforce
                         to be funded with a WIA Performance                  system and end up back in
                         Incentive award. Colorado was                        prison. This position is
                         awarded $825,000 for exceeding the                   designed to help ex-offenders

  36    Talent Development
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
        succeed in the quest to           workforce through education and
        successfully transition into      training creates the reality of self-
        the community and find            sufficiency.
        employment, which leads to
        self-sufficiency.                 Going the Distance: Achieving
                                          Innovation – PY04 Performance
      • Support a program that            Incentive Grant
        delivers English instruction to   Going the Distance: Achieving
        adult refugees in the Denver      Innovation is the fourth WIA
        metropolitan and Colorado         Performance Incentive Award, which
        Springs areas with the goal of    was granted to Colorado for exceeding
        helping them attain self-         2004 performance standards. The
        sufficiency. The ABE              purpose of this grant is to create an
        instructors have found that       innovative data sharing environment
        non-English speaking              and build relationships with multiple
        workers are relegated to low-     agencies in an effort to share data and
        wage work. Teaching               information, and avoid duplication. A
        English to non-English            comprehensive data warehousing
        speakers increases their          system will help Colorado design and
        chances of attaining and          develop more efficient programs that
        retaining employment that         will enable us to collect more effective
        pays a livable wage.              data and measure outcomes.

      • Sustain a successful and          WORKFORCE INNOVATION IN
                                          REGIONAL ECONOMIC
        innovative project originally
                                          DEVELOPMENT GRANT (WIRED)
        funded with 2002
                                          In early 2006, the US Department of
        Performance Incentive funds.
                                          Labor awarded the State of Colorado
        One project awarded last year
                                          and nine-county regions (Adams,
        will be sustained through this
                                          Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield,
        grant. Many projects are
                                          Denver, Douglas, Jefferson, Larimer,
        innovative, but the one that is
                                          and Weld Counties) a three-year, $15
        the most successful will be
                                          million WIRED grant. The initiative’s
                                          goal is to expand the pipeline of
                                          highly skilled workers in the region’s
      • Support e-Colorado                fasters growing industries: aerospace,
        expansion. The e-Colorado is      bioscience, energy, and IT/Software,
        an ever-changing, ever-           and to implement a
        evolving project. Funds from      “transformational” approach to
        this Performance Incentive        regional workforce development,
        grant will support continued      focusing on the role of talent
        enhancements to e-Colorado.       development in driving economic
                                          competitiveness and increased job
The B4 projects support our mission of    growth.
education, training and employment
as a vehicle for employment in the        The WIRED initiative is tasked with
high-wage/high demand industries          finding new strategies and programs
that pay a livable wage. Preparing the    to combat what’s known as the

                                                                                  Talent Development       5
                                                                                     Formula For Success
                         “Colorado Paradox.” Colorado                     workforce, education, and
                         supports one of the most educated                economic development
                         workforces in the country; yet the               programs to effectively meet
                         pipeline of workers stemming from                the needs of workers and

W Goals:
                         Colorado’s education system does not
                         meet the number or quality demanded
                         by Colorado’s economy. Thus, the
                         WIRED initiative is looking for ways
                         to “grow its own” skilled workforce.

                                                                   Accomplishments To Date

                                                                        • Thus far the WIRED initiative
                         The goals of the WIRED initiative are:           has funded 10 replicable,
• Increase the
                                                                          promising practice programs
  homegrown                    • To increase the homegrown                that demonstrate partnerships
  skilled workforce              skilled workforce for                    between workforce, education
  for aerospace,                 aerospace, bioscience, energy,           and economic development.
  bioscience,                    and information technology
  energy, and                    to ensure our regional                 • To assist with the research
  information                    companies can remain                     and aid in the process of
  technology to                  competitive in the global                reviewing best practice
  ensure our                     economy                                  programs, we’ve convened
  regional                                                                eight panels which represent
                               • To be the best region in the             the four high-demand and
  companies can
                                 country in science,                      high-growth industry
                                 technology, engineering, and             clusters, higher education, K-
  competitive in the             math (STEM) education, by                12 education, small business
  global economy                 funding exemplary programs               and entrepreneurship, and
                                 to raise students’ STEM skills.          workforce development
• Create a regional              The result: Metro Denver will            within the nine-county region.
  system that                    be the “go to” region when
  seamlessly                     companies are deciding to              • The WIRED Initiative
                                 relocate or expand because               completed an assessment of
                                 our workforce has the best               the workforce needs of the
                                 STEM skills.                             four industry clusters, higher
  education, and
                                                                          education, and workforce
  economic                     • Provide an entrepreneurial               development within the nine-
  development                    climate for business creation            county Metro Denver region.
  programs to                    and expansion for companies
  effectively meet               in targeted industries.                • WIRED has also completed an
  the needs of                                                            asset map and business
  workers and                  • Become the region where the              survey that provides us with
  businesses                     minimum acceptable                       a gap analysis that identifies
                                 educational standard for all             skill and talent shortages, and
                                 becomes a postsecondary                  potential solutions to these
                                 certificate or an associate              shortages.
                                                                        • WIRED is working with
                               • Create a regional system that            education, entrepreneurship,
                                 seamlessly integrates                    and workforce panels to

 38    Talent Development
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
        asset-map existing education      continuous improvement and
        and training resources, to        collaboration are thoroughly
        determine which regional          embedded within the Colorado
        programs are already in place     workforce system mode of operation.
        and producing skilled
        workers for companies in the
        industry clusters.

                                          The CWDC tasks its sub-committees
                                          to be responsible for the approval and
                                          oversight of the 10% Discretionary
                                          Fund Grants that are awarded. The
                                                                                                     he Colorado

CERTIFICATE                               State Youth Council (SYC) works to              Council (CWDC)
The State Workforce Credentialing         support local youth projects and                utilizes the WIA 10%
Committee, a coalition of state and       events. The Business Outreach and               Discretionary Funds
local partners, submitted a               Marketing (BOAM) Committee’s                    to encourage
credentialing proposal to the Colorado    primary focus is to help communicate
                                                                                          innovation, the use
Workforce Development Council in          the benefits of the workforce system to
June, 2007. The Council approved the      the business sector and to job seekers.         of technology, and
proposal and asked the Committee to       The Skills Development and                      partnerships to
develop an implementation plan and        Partnership Committee (SDPC) is                 resolve labor market
budget. The proposal recommended          charged with ensuring Colorado’s                issues in the
the initiation of a Colorado Work         business community enjoys easy                  workforce regions in
Readiness Certificate that would be       access to a ready supply of skilled             Colorado.
approved by state authorities, and        labor. Finally, the State Workforce
would verify a job-seeker’s proficiency   Investment System (SWIS) Committee
levels in Applied Math, Locating          has the responsibility of ensuring that
Information and Reading for               the CWDC satisfies the regulatory
Information. In addition to               requirements of the WIA.
certification of basic educational
proficiencies, the Credentialing          The awards are based on a clear set of
Committee recommended that “soft          criteria and local workforce boards are
skills” assessment and portfolio          able to respond to identified critical
development activities be included        labor market issues, by forming strong
with the credentialing initiative. A      local and regional partnerships. Once
statewide Implementation Plan is          a Request for Proposal (RFP) has been
under development.                        issued, each local region may submit
                                          requests for funding to the CWDC. In
DISCRETIONARY GRANTS                      addition, requests may be submitted
                                          as local needs dictate the development
CWDC Grants in Aid to Local               of a local initiative.
The Colorado Workforce                    CWDC members and technical
Development Council (CWDC)                advisors evaluate each request
utilizes the WIA 10% Discretionary        submitted to the CWDC and vote on
Funds to encourage innovation, the        its approval or rejection. Projects that
use of technology, and partnerships to    have been provided funding range
resolve labor market issues in the        from a Process Technology Program
workforce regions in Colorado. The        designed to increase the number of
CWDC dispenses the WIA 10%                workers in the energy field to a
Discretionary Funds to ensure that        program focused on helping workers

                                                                              Talent Development           5
                                                                                     Formula For Success
                         50 and older. Several projects funded       the needs of job seekers and
                         by the CWDC are now reported as             businesses.
                         Best Practices by the local regions.
                         After achieving success through their       Older Worker/Baby Boomer Project –

 A         dams
College and Trinidad
State Junior College
                         award from the CWDC, several have
                         become self-sustaining with support
                         from the local community.

                         Nursing Tuition Assistance Grant –
                                                                     $50,000.00: This Mesa County project
                                                                     seeks to expand services to workers
                                                                     that are 50 and over, providing
                                                                     expanded opportunities to continue
                                                                     their employment needs.
                         $66,000.00: The CWDC awarded a
have teamed
                         discretionary grant to support a            Turning Point: Reentering the
together with the        program to provide tuition assistance       Workforce after Incarceration –
San Luis Valley (SLV)    to LPN and ADN candidates in the            $313,213.00: This is a continuing
Regional Medical         western part of Colorado.                   project, which provides supportive
Center and the SLV                                                   services, training opportunities, and
Area Health              Regional Targeted Industry Grant -          on-the-job work experiences to ex-
Educational Center       $96,000.00: This project taking place in    offenders who are released in the ten-
                         Aurora represents new and innovative        county area of the Eastern sub-region
to develop an RN-to-
                         thinking by proactively targeting           of Colorado. The project was also
BSN program. This        industry clusters, actively building        expanded into the South East and
dynamic program,         long-term relationships with                South Central sub-regions to meet the
funded by the            companies within the selected               needs of the ex-offender populations
Colorado Department      industries, and creating customized         in those areas.
of Labor and             training to engineer relevant
Employment, is           workforce talent development.               Fire and Weed Management Training
focused on                                                           - $87,459.00: This program in
                         Youth Oriented Projects – $485,020.00:      Southwest Colorado provides young
                         The State Youth Council supported           men and women with structured, safe,
systemic change in       several local workforce regions’ efforts.   and challenging work and educational
the delivery of          Among them are providing youth with         opportunities through employment
nursing education        exposure to careers in the hospitality      and training programs in fire
and has been             industry; a teen thrift shop for ex-        management and conservation.
developed to             offenders to gain employment
address the need for     experience and learn positive ways to       E3 Partnership – $200,000.00: This
nurses across the        change their lives; a Summer project        program in the El Paso County region
                         with enrichment activities to provide       seeks to unify the Southeast corridor to
State of Colorado.
                         school credit through life and critical     better provide universal services and
                         skills development; and increasing the      meet industry needs.
                         number of youth receiving
                         employment and training services.           Serious and Violent Offender Grant
                                                                     The Colorado Department of Labor
                         Career Pathways – $180,000.00: This         and Employment (CDLE) is
                         program in the Jefferson County             supporting the Colorado Department
                         region seeks to implement a career          of Corrections (CDOC) on this project
                         pathways model to improve the               and is collaborating with CDOC,
                         economic situation of the citizens of       Colorado Department of Human
                         Jefferson, Gilpin, and Clear Creek          Services, local Workforce Center,
                         Counties by developing a sustainable        Substance Abuse, Mental Health
                         workforce strategy, which addresses

  40    Talent Development
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
Agencies, Community- and Faith-             the delivery of nursing education and
based organizations, Community              has been developed to address the
Corrections, Probation, and Parole to       need for nurses across the State of
help build a successful re-entry            Colorado. Through this project, the
program for serious and violent             ASC is designing, developing and
offenders exiting prison and                managing an accredited Baccalaureate
transitioning into communities. Local       Nursing Program providing 1)
Workforce Centers are providing job         expanded nursing faculty, 2) enhanced
readiness classes, job training, and job    faculty development, 3) program
placement to offenders who are ready        accreditation, and 4) coordination with
to be placed into the workforce.            Clinical Preceptors. Project goals
Workforce has taken an active role in       include increasing the number of BSN
developing successful workforce             Nurses in the SLV, increasing
strategies that help ex-offenders           employment opportunities for BSN
become self-sufficient.                     Nurses, and increasing the number of
                                            minorities entering the nursing
Colorado’s One-Stop for Ex-                 profession in the SLV from local
Offenders: An Ex-Offender Program           nursing programs.
This effective re-entry program is a
partnership between the CDLE and            Mesa State College Nursing Program
the Colorado Department of                  Through this project funded by the
Corrections and workforce centers.          Colorado Department of Labor and
This project provides offenders, who        Employment, Mesa State College, in
are non-custodial parents, a means to       conjunction with the Mesa Workforce
become self-sufficient by providing         Region, is establishing a Licensed-
job reading, job training, supportive       Practical-Nurse-to-Associate-Degree-
services, and employment                    Nurse-program (LPN-to-ADN) as part
opportunities, as well as the               of a career ladder to assist nurses who
opportunity to become accountable to        wish to pursue higher levels of
themselves and their families. The          nursing education and licensure.
goals of this project are to help the ex-   Mesa State has purchased several
offender become self-sufficient, to         high-tech patient simulators for use in
reduce recidivism, to increase public       preparing LPN-to-ADN students for
safety, and to augment family               the clinicals required by the State
integrity.                                  Board of Nursing; Mesa State faculty
                                            is developing the clinical training
Adams State College Nursing                 scenarios that will utilize the patient
Program                                     simulators. In an effort to boost
Adams State College and Trinidad            program enrollments for all
State Junior College have teamed            programmatic levels of nursing, Mesa
together with the San Luis Valley           State has also produced a series of
(SLV) Regional Medical Center and           sophisticated brochures to articulate
the SLV Area Health Educational             this LPN-to-ADN career ladder and its
Center to develop an RN-to-BSN              high-tech training opportunity.
program. This dynamic program,
funded by the Colorado Department           Community College Nursing Grants
of Labor and Employment, is focused         Through two Wagner-Peyser Special
on collaborative, systemic change in        Projects Grants, CDLE has assisted the

                                                                              Talent Development        5
                                                                                  Formula For Success
                      Colorado Community College System          nursing programs by 2010. With
                      to upgrade its nursing programs,           support from the Nursing Program
                      invest in nursing student success, and     Accreditation Project, the CCCS
                      achieve full accreditation of its          Nursing Program Directors have
                      programs by 2010 pursuant to the           redesigned the CCCS RN curriculum
                      Colorado Nurse Practice Act. Both of       to provide consistent academic
                      these projects have taken major strides    requirements for all of its community
                      toward addressing the healthcare           college nursing programs. New core
                      worker shortage in Colorado by             courses have been designed, a uniform
                      improving the quality of education         statewide policy and procedures
                      and training provided to Colorado’s        manual has been developed, and a
                      future healthcare workers.                 system wide admissions process has
                                                                 been initiated.
                      The Student Nurse Achievement
                      Program (SNAP) was successfully
                      launched by the Colorado Community
                      College System (CCCS) during
                      Program Year 2005, enrolling 1367
                      community college nursing students
                      statewide. The CCCS Nursing
                      Program Directors incorporated the
                      use of a comprehensive, on-line
                      tutorial and testing system as part of
                      an overall strategy to reduce student
                      attrition and to increase the students’    Community College of Denver, host of the
                      successful completion of the state’s       Colorado Displaced Homemaker Program.
                      Registered Nurse (RN) licensing exam.
                      The tutorial and testing system is self-
                      paced, testing the students’ academic      COLORADO DISPLACED
                      knowledge and understanding of             HOMEMAKER GRANT
                      nursing practices, and providing           The Colorado Displaced Homemaker
                      feedback to the student about areas        Grant Program provides employment
                      requiring improvement. Remedial            and training services to eligible
                      study assistance and support services      displaced homemakers who, through
                      are also provided to assist each           divorce, separation, widowhood, or
                      student in successfully completing the     ineligibility for other public assistance
                      testing modules.                           have lost their source of economic
                                                                 support. Services provided include
                      The SNAP contributes to the                tuition scholarships, job training,
                      standardization of academic                career assessment, budgeting and
                      requirements among all the Colorado        money management, supportive
                      community college nursing programs         services, personal and vocational
                      and has been implemented in                counseling, and job development and
                      conjunction with CCCS’ efforts to          placement. Benefits provided through
                      standardize its nursing program            this program enable eligible recipients
                      curriculum statewide, with the goal of     to prepare for re-entry into the
                      reaching full accreditation of its         workforce and achieve self sufficiency.

42   Talent Development
     WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
During PY06, the State continued to        During PY06, however, the number of
serve eligible displaced homemakers        eligible applicants increased by about
through an innovative partnership          35% and tuition increased 4%. In
that was established in July 2003 with
the Community College of Denver.
Through this contractual arrangement,
eligible individuals receive essential
services such as assessment and
                                           order to address the serious training
                                           needs of this population, CDLE
                                           identified other funds that could
                                           appropriately be used to supplement
                                           the State appropriation for PY06 and
                                                                                           T        he Colorado
                                                                                         Homemaker Grant
                                                                                         Program provides
counseling from CCD that prepare           PY07. A supplemental request will be          employment and
them for training and education.           made in the CDLE state budget
                                                                                         training services to
Financial support in the form of           request that will make these increases
                                                                                         eligible displaced
JumpStart Scholarships pays the cost       permanent beginning in PY08. As a
of tuition, fees and other direct          result of the additional funding for          homemakers who,
educational expenses enable program        PY06, 86 eligible displaced                   through divorce,
participants to meet the cost of           homemakers received JumpStart                 separation,
attendance at CCD.                         Scholarships to support their                 widowhood, or
                                           educational plan for achieving self-          ineligibility for other
In a typical year, funding is sufficient   sufficiency.                                  public assistance
to award scholarships to all of the
                                                                                         have lost their
approximate 60 eligible applicants.
                                                                                         source of economic
                                                                                         support. For PY06,
                                                                                         86 eligible displaced
                                                                                         received JumpStart
                                                                                         Scholarships to
                                                                                         support their
                                                                                         educational plan for
                                                                                         achieving self-

                                                                              Talent Development5          43
                                                                                    Formula For Success
                         Economic Transformation
                         WELLS CENTER                               Excellence under contract with CDLE

 T        he WELLS
          Center, a
                         The “Work, Education, and Lifelong
                         Learning Simulation Center” (WELLS
                         Center) is a jointly funded public,
                         private High Growth Job Training
                         Initiative that targets Colorado’s
                                                                    in space provided by the University of
                                                                    Colorado Hospital and located on the
                                                                    Fitzsimons Campus of the University
                                                                    of Colorado at Denver and Health
                                                                    Sciences Center. The WELLS Center
                         healthcare worker shortage. This first     operates in a 5,000 square foot space
learning center, is
                         of its kind facility integrates three-     on the Fitzsimons Campus, remodeled
operated by the
                         dimensional computerized anatomy           specifically for the WELLS high-tech
Colorado Center for      tools with computer-controlled             applications and state-of-the-art
Nursing Excellence       mannequins for clinical training and       equipment.
under contract with      faculty development programs
CDLE in space            accessible by schools of nursing and       The WELLS Governance Board is
provided by the          hospitals statewide. The project was       comprised of leadership from the
University of            initiated through a $1.6 million US        public, private and non-profit sectors
                         Department of Labor grant, which was       in healthcare, education and
Colorado Hospital
                         awarded to CDLE in July 2005. This         government. The Board is co-chaired
and located on the
                         “Colorado Workforce Innovation and         by the Executive Director of the
Fitzsimons Campus        Technology Demonstration Grant”            Colorado Department of Labor and
of the University of     seeks solutions to alleviate Colorado’s    Employment and a private-sector
Colorado at Denver       critical shortage of healthcare            member (still to be selected by the
and Health Sciences      professionals and to build capacity for    Board). The WELLS Governance Board
Center.                  professional training using state of the   provides leadership and promotes
                         art technology.                            sustainability of the WELLS Center
                         Operations costs are supplemented
                         with over $2 million in in-kind            During this year of operation the
                         contributions from both the private        Board participated in Strategic
                         and public sectors. Key initiating         Planning and drafted a Business
                         partners include CDLE, Office of           Planning document. The Business
                         Workforce Development, Colorado            Planning document outlines a strategy
                         Workforce Development Council,             for creating a sustainable, enduring
                         Colorado Center for Nursing                organization with multiple funding
                         Excellence, University of Colorado         sources. Through the Business
                         Hospital, University of Colorado           Planning process, no fundamental
                         Denver and Health Sciences Center,         market barriers have been identified
                         Rocky Mountain PBS, Central                that prevent this shift. WELLS
                         Colorado Area Health Education             operations, in the start up phase
                         Center, and Touch of Life                  provided a variety of services to
                         Technologies, Inc.                         customers without charging a fee. In
                                                                    order to support sustainability, fee-for-
                         This state-of-the-art collaborative        service products need to be developed
                         learning center is operated by the         for delivery, refocusing staff time and
                         Colorado Center for Nursing                efforts.

  44    Economic Transformation
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
NATIONAL POLICY                          NASWA, Chair of the
DEVELOPMENT                              Information Technology
Representatives from Colorado’s lead     Committee; and Vice Chair of
agencies served in the following         the Information Technology
National leadership roles:               Support Center (ITSC)
Colorado Workforce Development
Council (CWDC)                          • Director of Workforce
                                         Development Programs was a
      • Chairman of the CWDC was         member of NASWA, was on
        an Executive Committee           NASWA’s Employment and
        member of the National           Training Committee, and a
        Governors Association            member of the National
        (NGA) State Workforce            Governors Association
        Chairs and Chaired the           (NGA) State Liaisons
        Workforce Board Chairs
        Outreach Sub-Committee for      • Director of Workforce
        Metro Denver that was a          Development Program
        partner in the recently          Operations served as the Vice
        awarded WIRED Grant              Chair of the NGA State
                                         Liaisons, a member of the
      • Executive Director of CWDC       NGA State Liaisons Executive
        was a member of the NGA          Committee, and staff to the
        Workforce Chairs, member of      NGA State Workforce Board
        the National Association of      Chairs
        Workforce Boards (NAWB), a
        founding member of the          • Director of Workforce
        Rocky Mountain Energy            Development Programs Field
        Association, and selected to     Operations was a member of
        be a member of the Steering      the NASWA and served on
        Committee for the                the Veterans Committee
        Information Technology
        Association of America’s        • Director of Labor Market
        (ITAA’s) Education and
                                         Information (LMI) was a
        Workforce Committee.
                                         member of NASWA, on the
                                         LMI Committee; member of
Colorado Department of Labor and
                                         the Local Area
Employment (CDLE)
                                         Statistics/Mass Layoff
      • Director was a member of the     Statistics Policy Council; Co-
        National Association of State    Chair of the Workforce and
        Workforce Administrators         Economic Information
        (NASWA)                          Coalition

      • Division Director for           • Director of Unemployment
        Employment and Training          Insurance (UI) was a member
        Programs was a member of         of NASWA, on the UI

                                                              Economic Transformation 5         45
                                                                          Formula For Success
                               Committee Workforce                  initiating innovative services to these
                               Council                              targeted groups.

                             • Chief Information Officer was        Colorado has also asked USDOL to
                               a member of NASWA and on             extend its waiver of the 20% transfer of
                               the IT Committee.                    funds between the WIA Adult and
                                                                    Dislocated Worker programs at the
                             • Budget Director was a                local level. Regions may now transfer
                               member of NASWA and on               up to 100% of their formula funds
                               the Administration and               provided that they have sufficient
                               Finance Committee.                   resources to continue operating their
                                                                    formula programs and meet WIA
                                                                    performance outcomes. Several of the
                             • EO Administrator was a
                                                                    local regions have opted to move
                               member of NASWA and on               funds from the Dislocated Worker
                               the EEO Committee.                   program to the Adult program as local
                                                                    economies have improved and layoffs
                      Statewide                                     decreased.
                      Colorado Project TRAIN leaders
                      continue to assist with the evolution of      As part of its PY07-PY08 State plan,
                      training standards for the National           the State has requested a waiver of the
                      Disability Program Navigator Project.         formula for allocating WIA Adult and
                      Two local Workforce Investment                Youth program funds to the local
                      Board Chairs served on the Board of           workforce boards, allowing the
                      Directors of the National Association
                                                                    flexibility to add formula factors
                      of Workforce Boards (NAWB).
                                                                    related to local needs. The goals and
                                                                    programmatic outcomes to be
                                                                    achieved by the waiver would be:
                      Colorado has requested a two-year
                      extension through PY08 of its “local
                      activity funds waiver,” which allows
                                                                           • Provides for a more equitable
                      local areas to set aside up to 50 percent              distribution of funds to
                      of formula-allocated funds for adults                  address local demand for
                      and dislocated workers, and 25% for                    services and maximize usage
                      youth, to provide statewide                            of resources for talent
                      employment and training activities                     development and cross-
                      identified at WIA Sections 129(b) and                  regional strategies
                      134. The purpose of the waiver request
                      is to gain additional flexibility for local          • Provides for additional
                      workforce boards to design programs                    opportunities to make the
                      for employers, or for underserved                      system more demand-driven,
                      populations (such as employed and                      governed by business-led
                      incumbent workers, disabled youth,                     workforce investment boards.
                      and high income dislocated workers),
                      that might otherwise have negatively                 • Will encourage a higher
                      impacted WIA performance outcomes.                     expenditure rate of Adult and
                      Workforce regions across the state                     Youth funds, which will
                      have implemented this waiver by                        increase the impact of the

46   Economic Transformation
     WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
         workforce system on local           the local regions for their
         economies                           client case files.

Should Colorado receive this waiver,        • Enhanced Connecting
it would be the first of its kind in the     Colorado, our on-line access
nation.                                      to workforce services, with
                                             more a more appealing and
AUTOMATION INITIATIVES                       user-friendly interface and
Colorado implemented several new             the ability to search job
automation initiatives to better utilize     openings before registration
available staff resources and promote        is required. However, job
greater staff efficiency across the          seekers will still have to
statewide workforce system. Some of          register to be referred. This
these new features are listed below:         allows applicants to see what
                                             the site has to offer before
       • Colorado implemented the            going through the
         1st stage of our document           registration process.
         management system this
         year. This allows the WOTC,        • Added web access for
         TAA, and TRA office staff to        workforce staff to all reports
         store and retrieve documents        available through Job Link.
         electronically. The next stage      This allows use of the reports
         will offer similar capability to    through a more user-friendly

                                                                 Economic Transformation           5
                                                                             Formula For Success
                              interface and easy access to     English Proficiency Task Force,”
                              reports from remote locations.   changed its name to Colorado
                                                               Workforce Speaks! to establish a new,
                            • Added a self-service interface   positive image to match its mission for
                              to allow clients to apply for    Colorado’s workforce development
                              and get eligibility              system. Having completed a statewide
                              confirmation for TAA. This       assessment of language assistance
                              allows clients to apply for      services for English language learners,
                              benefits at a rapid response     the task force moved forward to
                              workshop or other off site       provide resources and tools to
                              venue through a convenient       workforce development staff to
                              process.                         support their success in working with
                                                               workforce customers who are English
                      Trade Readjustment Assistance            language learners.
                      (TRA) Automation
                      TRA functions have been further          During program year 2006, the
                      integrated into Colorado’s Job Link      Colorado Workforce Speaks! Task
                      system, currently housing the Trade      Force accomplished the following:
                      Adjustment Assistance (TAA)
                      database, which allows cross edits and         • January 2007 - Announced
                      notifications to occur automatically             Colorado Workforce Speaks!
                      between the programs. This allows a              new image and established a
                      more expeditious response to                     new marketing and work
                      situations where a client is having              plan for the year. New
                      problems, whether the issue is noticed           members joined the task force
                      first in TRA or TAA.                             providing fresh ideas and
                                                                       energy to move the group

                                                                     • April 2007 - The Colorado
                                                                       Workforce Speaks! team room
                                                                       on e-Colorado.org was
                      COLORADO WORKFORCE                               reorganized and documents
                      SPEAKS! Connecting Businesses with               updated. A Language
                      Today’s Workforce                                Assistance Staff Directory was
                      Colorado Workforce Speaks! promotes              published providing a list of
                      Colorado’s economic viability by                 workforce development staff
                      enhancing employment and career                  statewide who speak a variety
                      development opportunities for limited            of languages and are willing
                      English proficient individuals through           to share their translation
                      collaboration with businesses,                   services with other workforce
                      educational institutions,                        regions.
                      community/faith-based organizations,
                      and Colorado’s Workforce                       • April 2007 - The State issued a
                      Development System.
                                                                       “Language Assistance
                                                                       Services” Program Guidance
                      The State task force, originally
                                                                       Letter requiring all workforce
                      established in 2005 as the “Limited

48   Economic Transformation
     WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
 regions to submit a formal       STATE YOUTH COUNCIL
 Language Assistance Plan in      The State Youth Council (SYC)
 conjunction with their Local     subcommittee of the Colorado
 Workforce Development            Workforce Development Council
 Plans for the upcoming           continues to align Colorado’s youth
 program year. The workforce      workforce policies and activities with
 regions took a step forward
 in formalizing their processes
 and determining resources
 for improving access to their
 federally funded workforce
                                  the demand driven/neediest youth
                                  approach of the US Department of

                                  The Colorado Workforce
                                                                                 C         olorado
                                                                                Speaks! promotes
                                                                                Colorado’s economic
 development programs.            Development Council provided the              viability by
                                  State Youth Council with $497,000 in          enhancing
• May 2007 - Laminated            discretionary funds to support
                                                                                employment and
 Language Identification cards    innovative youth projects in
                                  Colorado’s local workforce regions            career development
 showing “I Speak English”
                                  during PY06. The SYC awarded                  opportunities for
 translated into thirty-eight
 (38) languages were              projects that were well planned, had          limited English
 distributed to all Colorado      well-documented, meaningful                   proficient individuals
 workforce centers to assist      partnerships, targeted the hardest to         through
 staff in customer service.       serve populations (out-of-school              collaboration with
 This project was supported       youth, youth exiting the corrections          businesses,
 by the State Workforce           and foster care systems, homeless
 Development Council and          youth, and youth with disabilities)
                                  and met the local demand driven               institutions,
 funded in part with WIA
                                  industries identified by the local            community/faith-
 (10%) Statewide Activities
 Discretionary funds and          workforce boards. These projects              based organizations,
 Colorado Employment              focused on career exploration, work           and Colorado’s
 Support Funds.                   based experiences,                            Workforce
                                  community/service work, leadership            Development
                                  development, independent living               System.
• June 2007 - Formal linkages
                                  skills, and transition to adulthood.
 and communication were
 established with the
                                  The SYC continued to refine its
 “Colorado Refugee Navigator
                                  membership strategy and bylaws to
 Program”, operated through
                                  support the direction that the USDOL
 the Denver workforce region.
                                  is pursuing with regard to The Youth
 Staff of the Refugee
                                  Forum initiative, targeting
 Navigator Program provided
                                  representatives from foster care,
 a formal presentation of their
                                  corrections, health and mental health,
 model program and best
                                  and housing.
 practices. This set the
 groundwork for connecting
                                  The SYC continued its efforts in the
 the Colorado Refugee
                                  following goal categories: Local
 Services Program with
                                  Strategies, Convener/Joint Ventures,
 Colorado’s Workforce
                                  Performance Management &
 Development system.
                                  Measurement, Marketing and

                                                               Economic Transformation5          49
                                                                           Formula For Success
                      Think Big Youth Forum                           • Larimer County – Youth
                      The SYC hosted the 3rd Annual Think               Career Puzzle
                      Big Youth Forum in Breckenridge, CO
                      in May 2007. Over 230 youth service      Two promising practices from 2005
                      providers attended, representing the     continue to be reviewed by ODEP and
                      workforce system, School to Work         their technical assistance providers for
                      Alliance Program, youth                  addition to the Probank site, and the
                      offenders/corrections system, health,    five projects listed above will be
                      mental health, Vocational                reviewed.
                      Rehabilitation, and many others.
                      Thirty five presentations and            GOVERNOR’S SUMMER JOB
                      workshops represented a wide range       HUNT
                      of topics in four tracks: Workforce      The Governor’s Summer Job Hunt
                      Development, Colorado’s Diverse          (GSJH) was established in 1981 as a
                      Youth, Business Pipelines, and           way to help Colorado’s youth make
                      Partnership Pipelines. Several           the transition from school to work by
                      workshops were created or co-            matching their skills and interests with
                      presented by youth. Also, a business-    employment opportunities. It is a
                      led panel was created to discuss the     successful, well-established program
                      energy industry and opportunities in     with a network of service providers
                      Colorado.                                located in all of Colorado’s Workforce
                                                               Regions. Over the life of the program,
                      Once again, the SYC recognized           more than 260,000 young people (ages
                      promising youth practices utilizing a    16-21) have found summer
                      scoring system based on the
                      NCWD/Probank criteria. Each of the
                      winning practices was recognized and
                      was able to present their program in a
                      workshop. Five awards of $1,000 each
                      were provided to the following
                                                               employment. During PY06 employer
                            • Weld County – MYAT (Multi-       involvement with the GSJH program
                              Disciplinary Youth               occurred in many ways: hiring youth,
                              Assessment Team)                 participating in mock interviews, job
                                                               shadowing and holding roundtable
                            • Weld County – TIGHT Corps        discussions on youth employment
                              (Teamwork, Innovation,           topics. Dedication and commitment
                              Growth, Hope, & Training)        from the local Workforce Centers
                                                               resulted in 20,770 young people
                            • Jefferson County –               entering employment.
                              Independent Living Skills
                                                               The Media sponsors of the GSJH are
                                                               9NEWS and the Denver Job Guide,
                            • Eastern Sub-Region – Second      taking our message to Colorado’s
                              Chance Program                   youth and employers efficiently and
                                                               professionally. Numerous local

50   Economic Transformation
     WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
newspaper articles were written this
year giving the public a view on youth
employment issues. Public service
announcements filled the airways on
youth job opportunities. Spanish
speaking media such as Univision and
KNRV La Buena Onda also provided
public service announcements for the
GSJH regarding the recruitment of
youth and employers. The GSJH was
                                                                                                O        ver the life
                                                                                                         of the
                                                                                              Governor’s Summer
                                                                                              Job Hunt, more than
also promoted throughout the state                                                            260,000 young
                                           Colorado & Company is a magazine-style
via onsite presentations, personal         show that airs live on Channel 9, KUSA-TV          people (ages 16-21)
contacts, focus of the month displays,     from 10-11am on weekdays. Celia Harden             have found summer
employer mailings and various              from the Broomfield Workforce Center,
                                           along with a youth participant, were guests        employment. During
network systems with community
agencies and schools.
                                           on the show talking about youth                    PY06 the dedication
                                           employment. From left to right: Brett
                                           Thompson (youth), Celia Hardin, Co&Co
                                                                                              and commitment
Best Practices                             Hosts Denise Plante, and Mark McIntosh.            from the local
                                                                                              Workforce Centers
Larimer County Web Enhancements:           reminder that Workforce Centers are
                                                                                              resulted in 20,770
Larimer County saw an increase in          available to help them.
                                                                                              young people
youth registering for services online                                                         entering
over PY05 (1031 versus 980 as of           Teen Paint Program: This year the
                                           Sterling Workforce Center set up a                 employment.
September 30th). Supporting this
trend of youth accessing services          Teen Paint program in Holyoke,
online, they included extensive job        which is fifty miles away from a full
search information on our website this     service center. To assist with
summer to actively promote the             recruitment of seven youth for the
Governor’s Summer Job Hunt (GSJH).         program, they turned to the area
A youth who was interested in              BOCES and Holyoke High School,
looking for work could access the          who have been good partners over the
tools needed and browse job postings       years. Both of the agencies were vital
without registering in Job Link. Once      to finding youth and a mentor for the
they identified jobs of interested, they   program. The Phillips County Family
would then have to register to receive     Center allowed them to use their
a referral.                                facility as a place to interview and test
                                           youth, plus provide skills building
Summer Biz” e-newsletter to Youth:         exercises. Over the course of the
This year, GSJH staff sent a weekly e-     summer, the youth performed work
newsletter to youth who signed up on       for Phillips County (including clean
the GSJH website. The first edition of     up during the fair) and developed a
the e-newsletter was sent to all youth     strong relationship with county
who provided an email in our system,       employees, the county administrator
with the option of signing up to           and the Sheriff, who spoke in
receive the e-newsletter for the rest of   appreciation of the youth participants
the summer. This communication             at their awards banquet.
allowed a constant flow of information
going to youth in addition to being a

                                                                          Economic Transformation              5
                                                                                         Formula For Success
                         Broomfield Initiatives: The               2006 GSJH Appreciation Ceremony
                         GSJH Coordinator worked                   Recognition was given by the GSJH to
                         closely with Broomfield                   businesses at the Governor’s mansion
                         Workforce Business Services               on August 18, 2006. The award
                         Consultant and together they              recipients were nominated by the
                         posted over 100 job openings for          Workforce Centers for doing

   T         his year
             for the
GSJH was about
giving youth the
                         youth 16 and older. Employer
                         outreach was significant this
                         year, especially with the
                         retail/service industry around
                         the Flatirons Mall. With the
                                                                   outstanding work with young people
                                                                   in their community. Each award was
                                                                   inscribed with the following quote:
                                                                   “Young People can develop into
                                                                   confident, creative, and intelligent
opportunity to           unemployment rate down in the             leaders if the opportunities to succeed
explore future career    Metro Denver area, businesses             are available. By investing in these
                         were more in need of employees            critical years, you have greatly affected
options by listing
                         this year that would work part            the future of our communities.”
high quality job         time and flexible hours. Among            Eighteen employers across the state
orders. And it was       the strategies that proved vital to       received awards for their service to
about teaching youth     meeting program goals were:               youth: StarTek, Amy Peters, North
the skills they need                                               Sterling Reservoir State Park, Rifle
and help them to                • Held youth job/career fair for   Creek Golf Course, Western Sizzler,
obtain the resources              all youth in and around          Englewood Park and Recreation, Fort
and materials that                Broomfield area.                 Morgan Dairy Queen, Six Flags Elitch
                                                                   Gardens, Food Brand, Burlington Coat
would help them
                                • Initiated marketing efforts,     Factory, Educational opportunity
achieve their goals.                                               Center, Cultiva Growing Gardens,
                                  specifically with local
                                  Channel 8. First 30-second       Linda Powers-Nunez, University
                                  public service announcement      Children’s Center, Chik Fil A, and
                                  for youth done by Channel 8      Janice Smith.
                                  staff to publicize youth job
                                  fair.                            Partnerships
                                                                   One of our principle goals of the GSJH
                                                                   is to sustain and grow our business
                                • Participated in Teen Jobline 9   relationships as well as the new
                                  events to help promote GSJH      reputation we had developed with our
                                  program for Metro Denver         youth clients. We found that in order
                                  Workforce Centers.               to serve both sides we needed to keep
                                                                   the community relationships we had
                                • Engaged in end of year           built from previous years strong. The
                                  marketing effort, which          following partnerships proved to be
                                  included visiting all youth      very valuable, and we will continue to
                                  employers and inviting them      a support them.
                                  to Workforce Development
                                  Month business outreach          Construction Days: Construction
                                  breakfast hosted by              Career Days is an industry sponsored
                                  Broomfield and Boulder in        event for high school students, grades
                                  September.                       10 through 12, to explore the various
                                                                   areas of construction – building,
                                                                   highway, engineering and architecture.

  52    Economic Transformation
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
Activities such as operating heavy          by the Associated Governments of
equipment, a nail hammering contest,        Northwest Colorado. The GSJH
designing a traffic circle, testing         provided CD’s for each attendee of the
materials, making a sheet metal tote,       InDemand magazine article on
wiring an electric box, plumbing,           “Careers in Energy, Connecting
                                            Today’s Students with the Careers of

                                            Job Fairs: Hiring Events that are
                                            targeted to youth are held across the
                                            state each year. In particular, the
                                            Pagosa Springs Office felt that having
                                            a successful job fair targeted
                                            specifically towards youth
                                            employment and careers was
                                            valuable. Working closely with local
                                            employers and sponsors in the job fair
                                            proved that. Approximately 50 youth
StarTek was nominated by the Employment
                                            participated in the Pagosa Job and
Services of Weld County. CDLE Executive
Director Rick Grice presents the award to   Career fair that was held in April.
Brenda Laughlin of Star Tek.                Local sponsors and staff made
                                            personal visits to each local business
surveying, troubleshooting                  inviting them to participate in the job
equipment, fastening drywall, and           fair.
safety equipment offer students a
glimpse of the diversity of careers in      Think Big Youth Forum 2007
the industry. Small groups of students      The State Youth Council, in
are escorted by construction industry       partnership with the GSJH, the Office
volunteers who serve as a source of         of Workforce Development, and local
information about the business as well      workforce centers, hosted the 3rd
as guides to the activities. A              Annual Think Big Youth Forum in
Jobs/Exhibit area was also provided.        Breckenridge, CO in May 2007. Over
1500 students throughout the state          230 youth service providers attended,
participated. GSJH and Workforce            from a wide range of disciplines and
Centers helped plan this event.             backgrounds, including workforce
                                            development, juvenile justice, skilled
Energy Career Day: The purpose of           trades, vocational rehabilitation,
Energy Career Day is to increase the        education, and more.
number of young men and women
entering into the energy field. This        A highlight of the conference was the
event gave students of western              second annual promising practice
Colorado the opportunity to explore         recognition ceremony, which was
careers within the energy industry in a     developed in conjunction with the
hands-on, dynamic, educationally            State Alignment Grant for Improving
challenging environment. This event         Transition Outcomes for Youth with
was held at the Rifle Fairgrounds in        Disabilities. Five awards of $1,000
Rifle Colorado, with 300 young people       each were given to local Workforce
attending. The event was presented          regions.

                                                                        Economic Transformation 5          53
                                                                                     Formula For Success
                        Cost Effectiveness Analysis

                         Colorado works to ensure that all its       Youth Programs
                         resources are expended in the most                • Expenditures - $9,686,351.67
                         effective and cost efficient way                  • Cost per client served - $3259
          works to       possible. We have a continuing policy
ensure that all its      of examining the outcomes and cost          Dislocated Worker Program
resources are            effectiveness of all of our programs in
                                                                           • Expenditures - $7,478,223.35
expended in the          order to guide us in this effort. In this
most effective and       analysis we consider both benefits for            • Cost per client served - $3590
cost efficient way       our clients and cost savings/increased
                         revenue for government entities. In         Overall Assessment
possible. We have a                                                  The above discussion on each program
                         many cases, there will be a reduction
continuing policy of                                                 does not include the savings in public
                         in governmental costs due to
examining the            elimination or reduction of                 assistance and increased revenue from
outcomes and cost        dependence on TANF, Food Stamps,            clients moving from being tax
effectiveness of all     Unemployment Insurance benefits,            consumers to being taxpayers. We do
of our programs in       and other forms of public assistance.       know that 22% of our Adult clients
order to guide us in     Studying the increases in taxes paid        and 42% of our youth clients in PY
                         and decrease in reliance on public          2006 were receiving public assistance
this effort.
                         assistance would require coordination       when they came to us. From the wage
                         with several other agencies with            gains seen and anecdotal evidence we
                         privacy rules that make this sort of        know that many, if not most, of these
                         study extremely difficult, if not           clients are no longer receiving or have
                         impossible at this time. Colorado is        much reduced their dependence upon
                         currently studying the possibility of       public assistance. We do not have any
                         implementing a data warehouse that          way to quantify this without
                         will enable a return on investment          information that is not currently
                         approach to our programs. Currently         available to us.
                         we can only look at average cost per
                         participant as a guide to this combined     STATE EVALUATION ACTIVITIES
                         with our results on the performance
                         measures.                                   In accordance with Colorado’s
                                                                     philosophy of local control, each
                         Adult Program                               region designs and conducts its own
                               • Expenditures - $13,372,131.67       evaluation. Additionally, CDLE
                                                                     evaluates each region’s outcomes by
                               • Cost per client served - $2538      utilizing the 17 core indicators of
                                                                     performance for adults, dislocated

  54    Economic Transformation
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
workers, and youth programs, as         monitoring and technical assistance
required by the Federal Workforce
Investment Act (WIA), Section 136.
We also track performance under the
Common Measures as outlined in
                                        process that has built a strong
                                        working relationship between the
                                        State and the Local Workforce
                                        Regions. Quarterly, Workforce System
                                                                                    T      he State’s
                                                                                  monitoring guide,
TEGL 17-05. Tools are provided          Specialists from CDLE meet with the
allowing each region to track its       regions they oversee to review client     recognized as a
performance on these measures as the    service levels, program expenditure       model by the US
year progresses and to let them track   rates, and performance outcome            Department of Labor
the impact on performance of each of    results. Through these reviews, staff     (USDOL), is the end
their clients.                          identifies areas which may require        result of an on-going
                                        additional technical assistance and
                                                                                  monitoring and
CDLE’s comprehensive monitoring         training and rectify any deficiencies
guide, recognized as a model by the     prior to the start of the annual state    technical assistance
US Department of Labor (USDOL), is      compliance monitoring.                    process that has built
the end result of an on-going                                                     a strong working
                                                                                  relationship between
                                                                                  the State and the
                                                                                  Local Workforce

                                                                  Cost Effectiveness Analysis5     55
                                                                             Formula For Success
                    Formula For

Partnership + Talent Development
      = Economic Transformation

                     Adams County Workforce
                     & Business Center

Adams County is one of the five most                the population in 2000 was recorded at
populated counties in Colorado,                     363,857 residents, which represented a
covering 1,182 square miles and nine                37.3% growth rate from the 265,000
municipalities and is projected to be               residents recorded in 1990. The
the fastest growing county in                       following table illustrates the
Colorado over the next two decades.                 demographic characteristics of Adams
According to the U.S. Census Bureau,                County:

              A Comparison of Adams County and Colorado

             Demographic Characteristic                  Adams County   Colorado
        Population                                          414,338     4,753,377
        Population, Percent change 1990-2000                 19.1%        10.5%
        Persons per household                                  2.8          2.5
        Median household income                             $50,229      $50,105
        Per capita income                                   $19,944      $24,049
        Persons under 5 years old                             8.6%         7.3%
        Persons under 18 years old                           29.0%        25.3%
        Persons 65 years and older                            7.2%         10.0%
        White                                                89.8%        90.3%
        Black or African American                             3.2%         4.1%
        Hispanic or Latino                                   35.0%        19.5%
        Language other than English spoken in the home       21.6%        15.1%
        High School Graduate                                 78.8%        86.9%
        Bachelor's degree or higher                          17.4%        32.7%

Households in Adams County tend to                  residents of Asian and Hispanic
be larger than the Colorado average                 heritage reside in the area. According
(2.8 persons per household compared                 to the Job Link 9002 Report, of the
to 2.5 persons per household in                     30,956 estimated residents who
Colorado). The larger family size                   utilized the services of the Workforce
explains why the per capita income in               & Business Center in PY 2006,10,579
Adams County is approximately                       (34.2%) were Hispanic, 804 (2.6%)
$5,000 less than the state average,                 were of Asian decent and 2,648 (8.6%)
while the median household income is                were of mixed ethnicity.
essentially static.
                                                    14,078 or 45.5% of the total visitors to
Residents in Adams County are                       the four Workforce & Business Centers
younger and more ethnically diverse                 were UI claimants, which was down
than Colorado as a whole. More                      slightly from 45.7% (14,565 of 31,898)
children under the age of 18 and more               in PY05. Services, provided to 24,924

                                                               Adams County Workforce & Business Center5
                                                                                           Formula For Success
                                  Household Projections for Adams County 2005 - 2030

 M          ission:

The Adams County

Workforce &
Business Center                                                     504,407
creates opportunities          500,000

for success by                 400,000                                                  2030
connecting                     300,000
businesses to a                200,000
quality workforce.

V          ision:
           To be the
leader in workforce
development that
                          customers, helped to facilitate 17,904
                          entered employments for the program
                          year, according to JobLink’s New
                                                                       veterans served and 1,594 entered
                                                                       employments during the year. The
                                                                       Veterans’ referral ratio was at 82.34%
                          Agent report.                                for the year with the overall customer
maximizes                                                              referral rate at 63.39%, which met, and
opportunities and         The overall labor pool and                   exceeded, our mandate to provide our
partnerships to           unemployment rates went down more            veteran customers with priority of
                          than 1% from 5.8% in PY 2005 to              service.
promote the
                          4.58% during PY 2006. However,
economic growth of        Adams County continues to have the           Service Delivery Strategies
the community and         second highest unemployment rate in          The organizational restructuring in
enhance the quality       the Denver Metro area. The number            late PY05 to strengthen fiscal functions
of life in Adams          of customer visits to the Workforce          proved to be very successful; the
County.                   Center declined by less than 1% and          Annual Fiscal Review/Audit by CDLE
                          the unemployment registrations               found no compliance issues and
                          remained static.                             identified only one minor finding.

                          Also, in PY06, a total of 572 customers      In PY 2006 the WBC implemented
                          were enrolled in the four main WIA           situational leadership and the
                          programs: 238 customers in the Adult         utilization of the “Smart Goals”
                          program, 132 in the Dislocated Worker        system for goal focused performance
                          program, 84 in Older Youth, and 118          management. In addition to
                          in Younger Youth. Of those WIA               introducing goal focused performance
                          enrolled customers, 440 training             management and the use of situational
                          activities were sponsored through            leadership, the WBC staff has been
                          WIA funded scholarships.                     charged with developing a culture of
                                                                       wellness that includes six core values:
                          The Veterans’ program continued to
                          be successful in PY06, with 2,972

  60    Adams County Workforce & Business Center
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
         •   Concern for Peers             Logistics Job Fair
         •   Communication                 On January 30, 2007, Adams County
                                           Workforce & Business Center held its
         •   Respect
                                           1st annual industry specific job fair at
         •   Safety                        the Adams County Regional
         •   Staff Growth                  Fairgrounds Exhibition Hall. Logistics
         •   Team Encouragement            is one of the key industries in Adams
                                           County. Jobs in this industry include
There were also some changes to the
organizational flow to ensure
programmatic, administrative and
capacity building functions were most
effectively streamlined. The three
major areas of operations are now:
Career and Education Services, Fiscal
Operations and Business, and Training
& Employment Services.

Technological Improvements
                                           Job Seekers & Employers Network at the 1st
Adams County Workforce & Business          Annual Logistics Job Fair
Center has made several technological
improvements in PY 06.                     those in warehouse and distribution,
Approximately 50% of all staff and         CDL drivers, material handlers,
Resource Room computers have been          inventory clerks and mechanics. 32
replaced with new state-of-the-art         metro area employers participated in
equipment. Additional technological        the event which drew over 400 job
improvements include point-to-point        seekers. The fair was promoted by 9
wireless WAN connections for the           News with a Job Line 9 call-in
Thornton and Brighton WBC locations.       program during the morning news.
                                           The successful turn out at the fair
Operating Under a Demand-Driven            helped ensure that the Workforce &
System                                     Business Center will make it an annual
The Adams Workforce & Business             event.
Center continues to strive for
excellence in a demand-driven system       Workforce Month 2006 - Employer
environment. The commitment to             Recognition Event
innovative, demand-driven industries       The second annual Workforce &
is evident in the partnerships forged in   Business Center Recognition Event
PY 2006 and the projects that have         was held on September 8, 2006 at the
been developed from those                  Westminster Doubletree Hotel. The
partnerships including the Colorado        Honorable Andrew Romanoff, Speaker
Contractor’s Project and the Denver        of the Colorado House of
Children’s HospitalProject which are       Representatives was the Keynote
described below in the Talent              speaker. The WBC Recognition
Development section.                       Luncheon was held in conjunction

                                                   Adams County Workforce & Business Center5             61
                                                                                   Formula For Success
                                                                    improve and enhance workforce
                                                                    development in Colorado.

                                                                    Adams County Education
                                                                    In June 2005 the Adams County
                                                                    Education Consortium, (ACEC) was
                                                                    formed through an agreement
                                                                    between business, education, social
                                                                    services and the Adams County

 T       he ACEC

• Enable more
                         Manny Herrera and Bill Christopher, RTD,
                         receive an award from Judi Richendifer,
                         Adams County Workforce & Business
                         Center, at the 2006 Employer Recognition
                                                                    Workforce & Business Center.
                                                                    Through the combined efforts of the
                                                                    member entities, the ACEC has
                                                                    developed a countywide partnership
                                                                    to enhance personalized academic
  students               Event.                                     skills development, professional
  to earn post                                                      exploration and relevant work-ready
                         with the Governor’s proclamation of
  secondary level                                                   skills for all learner groups in Adams
                         September as Workforce Development
  credit                                                            County.
• Develop Teacher                                                   Clinical Scholar Grant
                         This year’s honorees were:
  Business                                                          In January 2006 the Adams County
  partnerships                  • WBC Customer:                     Workforce & Business Center was
                                  LuciaArguella                     awarded a $90,000 discretionary grant
• Create academic                                                   in partnership with the University of
  infused learning                                                  Colorado Hospital, the University of
  centers                       • WBC Veteran:
                                                                    Colorado School of Nursing and Regis
  (Academies)                     Robert O’Hair                     University to address the shortage of
                                                                    metro Denver’s shortage of nursing
• Develop ongoing               • WBC Non-Profit                    faculty. In 2003 more than 2170
  professional                    Organization: Adams County        applicants were denied admission into
  development for                 Education Consortium              Colorado nursing schools due to the
  educators                                                         lack of qualified faculty staff. The
                                • WBC Employers:                    Clinical Scholar grant is designed to
• Develop family                  Metal West, RTD                   allow fifteen BSN prepared nurses to
  learning and                                                      attend graduate study while still
  resource                                                          working full-time in their current
                                                                    clinical positions. As of June 30, 2007,
                         As in PY 2005, it was Adams County         1 participant has graduated and 11
• Prepare students to
                         Workforce & Business Center’s              remaining incumbent BSN’s are
  be productive
                         commitment in PY 2006 to continue          scheduled to receive their Masters
                         collaborative efforts on a regional        Degrees in Nursing by September of
                         scale. The following is a summary of       2008.
                         new and existing collaborative
                         initiatives in which the Adams County      Bachelor of Science in Nursing-
                         Workforce & Business Center has            University of Colorado Hospital
                         committed support on a local as well       Worksite Option
                         as on a regional and state level to        Adams County Workforce & Business

 62    Adams County Workforce & Business Center
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
Center in partnership with the                                   TALENT DEVELOPMENT
University of Colorado Hospital, the
University of Colorado School of                                 Innovative Projects
Nursing and Regis University was
awarded a $100,000 25% discretionary                             Colorado Contractor’s Association
grant in October 2005 and $148,000                               The ACWBC is utilizing WIA Adult
10% discretionary grant in January                               Set-Aside funds to work in partnership
2006 for the BSN Worksite Option                                 with the Colorado Contractor’s
program. As a nation, the nursing                                Association (CCA) and it’s nearly 200
shortage stands at 11%. Colorado’s                               members. CCA deals in road
nursing deficit is twice the national                            (Horizontal) construction and heavy
average. By 2010, this shortage will                             equipment operation. The project has
expand to over thirty percent. This                              established one exclusive ACWBC
worksite program allows incumbent                                contact point for CCA members and
workers the opportunity to continue                              any individuals seeking employment
full time employment while obtaining                             with a CCA employer. The ACWBC
their BSN degree, as well as increasing                          process will involve prescreening,
their earning potential. Thirty-eight
                                                                 testing and when appropriate, training
incumbent workers have already
                                                                 for individuals seeking employment
successfully passed the NCLEX and
                                                                 with CCA employers and/or
are now practicing as Bachelor’s
prepared nurses at the University of                             incumbent worker training. The
Colorado Hospital. The goal is to                                project is serving primarily the Denver
prepare 60 worksite students with                                metro regional and has been fully
completion slated for December 31,                               endorsed by the Metro Denver
2007.                                                            Workforce Board. The process, once

                                        WIA Performance PY06

                            ADULT                                                   DISLOCATED WORKER
  Standard                                    Percent of Goal   Standard                                Percent of Goal
  Entered Employment                                   104%     Entered Employment                               107%
  Employment/Credential                                104%     Employment/Credential                              92%
  6 Month Retention                                    103%     6 Month Retention                                  96%
  6 Month Earnings Change                              134%     6 Month Earnings Change                          107%

                       OLDER YOUTH                                                   YOUNGER YOUTH
  Standard                                   Percent of Goal    Standard                                Percent of Goal
  Entered Employment                                    83%     Diploma                                          110%
  Employment/Credential                                 62%     Skill Attainment                                   80%
  6 Month Retention                                     91%     6 Month Retention                                119%
  6 Month Earnings Change                             111%

                                              CUSTOMER SATISFACTION
                            Standard                                       Percent of Goal
                            Satisfaction - Employers                                  92%
                            Satisfaction - Job Seekers                              101%

                                                                              Adams County Workforce & Business Center5                         63
                                                                                                                          Formula For Success
  S       uccess
Story: In March
Joseph came to the
                          fully streamlined, will be easily
                          implemented statewide.

                          Denver Children’s Hospital
                          The ACWBC and Denver Children’s
                                                                    access to the necessary funds to
                                                                    complete a degree program, obtain a
                                                                    license or certification, complete
                                                                    courses for a high school diploma or
                                                                    GED, or enroll in English as a Second
workforce center to       Hospital (DCH) partnership/pilot          Language (ESL) classes. In addition,
                          project focuses on doing all pre-hiring   referrals for supportive services and
receive assistance        activities for the six most-hired         intensive job search support services
with his GED. He          positions (non-professional) at DCH.      will be available.
was 19-years-old and      The six positions are Patient Service
had dropped out in        Coordinators, Unit Secretaries, Staff     ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION
the eleventh grade        Assistants, Admissions Reps,
                          Schedulers, and Sterile Processors.       The Adams County Workforce &
because he was            Evaluation and testing tools being        Business Center is very proud of the
often bored with his      utilized by ACWBC include: TABE,          work that the Youth council has
school assignments.       Medical Terminology Testing, Work         promoted and accomplished during
At the same time          Keys/Key Train, and “Select               PY06. The following are some
                          Assessment”. Once the applicants          examples of projects that were
Joseph was faced
                          successfully pass the required testing    supported by the Adams County
with a life-altering      and assessments, ACWBC staff refers       Youth Council:
event - his girlfriend    the top four candidates for each
became pregnant           opening. Once perfected, the process      Adams County Workforce &
                          will be implemented for all non-          Business Center Youth Job Fair
and he was going to
                          professional positions for DCH and        The Adams County Workforce &
be a teen parent.                                                   Business Center hosted its 7th annual
                          will be transitioned to a “fee-for
Joseph was                service” operation.                       Youth Job Fair on March 9, 2007, at the
determined to finish                                                Adams County’ Fairgrounds. The fair
school and provide a      Ex-Offender Program                       was attended by over 1000 youth
                          March of 2007, the Workforce &            participants, ages 14 to 21, that had an
good life for himself
                          Business Center began a core services     interest in pursuing part-time and full-
and his family.           program designed to assist ex-            time job opportunities. Information
When asked how he         offenders as they re-enter the            about job opportunities was presented
could benefit from        workforce. The program allows ex-
the WIA youth             offenders to move forward by taking
program, he stated,       positive action and to re-establish the
                          relationships necessary to gain and
“It would build           sustain employment. Program
character, make me        participants are provided access to
accept responsibility     computers, email and can receive
and I can build a         assistance in getting a telephone,
foundation for my         driver’s license or State ID and Social
                          Security card.
                          WIA programs can assist ex-offenders
(Continued next page)                                               Youth Job Seeker poses with Colorado Crush
                          by providing eligible participants        mascot, Crusher, at the Youth Job Fair

  64    Adams County Workforce & Business Center
         WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
to youth participants by 41 metro-area        heartily by schools districts,                  (Success story
employers. Resource agencies also             community organizations and Adams               continued)
attended to provide information about         County Social Services. Most of the
services to youth and their families.         opportunities offered to these youth            At the time of
Entertainment was provided by                 involved summer work experience
                                                                                              enrollment he and
Westminster High School and Adams             assignments, a thirty-hour Youth
City High School music groups. The            Leadership Class resulting in a                 his girlfriend were
Colorado Crush participated by giving         leadership certification, and a CPR             struggling to make
away free vouchers to an arena                class, which will also provided a               ends meet.
football game, and a special                  certification for all youth successfully        Coincidentally, the
appearance was made by their mascot,          completing the class.
                                                                                              WBC was looking for
                                              Skills Enhancement Lab at the                   help at the front
Youth-Set-Aside                               Workforce and Business Center                   desk. Although he
During the last six weeks of PY06 the         This lab includes both individualized           was very quiet and
ACWBC created a WIA Youth Set                 and self-paced learning, in addition to
                                                                                              reserved, Joseph
Aside project for the purposes of             formal classes that target specific basic
targeting hard-to-serve youth with            skills. The following are the four              applied and was
multiple or severe barriers to                components that provide skills                  chosen for the
employment including Foster Care              upgrade training for adults who are             position. In the
youth, disabled youth and youth               currently operating with a deficit in           beginning he was
functioning at lower academic levels.         one or more basic skills:
                                                                                              very nervous, but as
The project was received readily and
                                                                                              time went by he
                                                                                              began to develop
              Workforce & Business Center PY06 and PY07                                       into a very
                   $5,169,507.31 Funding Allocations                                          professional worker
                                                                                              and came out of his
                                                                                              shell. Joseph is
                                       1% DOLA MARKETING & CIMS                               currently testing for
                                EF            VETS                                            his GED, and should
                                6%             1%
                       TANF                                                                   complete it within a
                                                                                              month. He and his
                                                                                              girlfriend moved out
                                                                                              into their own
                                                                                              apartment, and have
                                                                                              improved their
                                                                                              financial situation.
                           25%                                                                His customer service
                                                                                              skills improve every
                                                                                              day, and he has been
                                                                                              a great addition to
                                                                                              the workforce center.

                                                         Adams County Workforce & Business Center5             65
                                                                                         Formula For Success
          outh Council
          Public and
Private Business Stake
                                                                    Race Demographics

                                 Race Characteristics              1980       %       1990       %       2000        %
• Adams County Business        Total Population                    245,944     100    265,038     100    363,857     100
  Services                     American Indian, Eskimo, or Aleut     1,694    0.69%     2,396    0.91%     4,321    1.20%
                               Asian or Pacific Islander             3,120    1.30%     6,876    2.60%   12,096     3.20%
• Access Housing               Black                                 6,307    2.60%     8,833    3.30%   10,818     2.00%
                               White                               217,104   88.30%   229,808   86.70%   230,828   77.30%
• Colorado Department of       Hispanic or Latino                   38,470   15.60%    49,179   18.60%    93,101   28.20%
  Labor & Employment

• Friends First

• Adams County Housing               • Basic Education Skills                            • Customer Service
  Authority                             Basic education skills classes                     Customer service workshops
                                        and individualized education                       for Workforce & Business
• Echostar
  Communications                        plans will be designed for                         Center customers are offered
                                        adults (16 years old and                           to provide a key skill set
• SWAP                                  above) with low reading,                           needed by business to
                                        writing and /or math skills.                       achieve success. The
• Pipefitters Local #208
                                        Customer needs will be                             customer service component
• Colorado Contractors                  assessed, individualized                           includes defining customers,
  Association, Inc.
                                        advancement plans will be                          defining excellent service,
                                        developed, and classroom                           dealing with difficult
• Goodwill of Denver-Youth
  Program                               sessions and educational                           customers, phone etiquette,
                                        software will be utilized.                         listening skills, etc. Much of
• Probation Department-                                                                    the customer service
  17th Judicial District
                                                                                           curriculum will be delivered
                                     • Basic Workplace Knowledge                           through role-playing. These
• Division of Vocational
  Rehabilitation-Northglenn             Basic workplace knowledge is                       workshops can be part of the
                                        often lacking in many                              Adams County Workforce &
• Brighton School District              unemployed customers. Mini                         Business Center Certification
                                        workshops about the                                Program.
• Pendulum Foundation
                                        workplace will be offered as
• PATHS Program                         stand alone sessions, or they                    • Career Development
                                        can be combined as part of an                      The computerized Career
• Colorado Laborers
                                        Adams County Workforce &                           Edge System or the E Form of
• Adams Twelve Five Star                Business Center Certification                      the Self Directed Search will
  Schools                               Program. Topics include:                           be utilized to provide more
• District Attorney
                                        What Employers Want,                               career focus for lower
  Diversion Program                     Sexual Harassment,                                 performing customers. In
                                        EEO/Diversity, Conflict                            addition, customers will
• Job Corps                             Resolution, Violence at The                        develop competitive resumes,
• Community College of                  Workplace, Workplace                               gain knowledge about how to
  Aurora                                Communication, Time                                conduct effective job searches
                                        Management, etc.                                   and increase their ability to
• Rite of Passage/Ridge
  View Youth Services                                                                      interview effectively.

   66      Adams County Workforce & Business Center
            WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
The four components will be            Train are also being utilized in this
coordinated with each other but can    learning lab, as interest in these work
also serve as stand-alone programs,    based skill development tools
dependent upon the assessed needs of   increased during the 2006 program
the customers. Work Keys and Key       year.

                                               Adams County Workforce & Business Center5               67
                                                                                 Formula For Success
A          DW! is
invested in the
                         REGIONAL PROFILE

                         In response to both local employer and
                         job seeker demand, Arapahoe /
                                                                    The highest gains were in
                                                                    Government, Professional and
                                                                    Business Services, Education and
                                                                    Health Services and Leisure and
regional economic
                         Douglas Works! is proud to report the      Hospitality. Manufacturing lost 1,500
outlook for the
                         expansion of services at our Lone Tree     jobs, and Retail Trade lost 400 jobs.
regional Denver area                                                The Information Sector has shown a
                         office to include WIA Adult and
through initiatives      Dislocated Worker services, as well as     modest turnaround, adding 500 jobs
such as the Metro-       the opening of a fourth office in Castle   after losing 1,300 jobs in the prior year.
Denver workforce         Rock. Both locations boast the same        The Finance industry is sluggish
board and the            access to both Labor Exchange and          because of speculative mortgage
W.I.R.E.D.               WIA services. Our primary                  lending between 2001 and 2007. The
Leadership Council.      Workforce Centers in Aurora and            3.9% unemployment rate has
                         Littleton continue to serve customers      decreased the available labor
                         residing throughout the Metro-Denver       inventory to employers looking to hire
                         region. An additional satellite office     by over 10,000 workers. High-growth
                         located on the Community College of        industries requiring highly skilled
                         Aurora campus provides job                 workers are facing an increasingly
                         placement assistance for students in       acute labor shortage due to baby
                         anticipation of graduation. In addition    boomers beginning to leave the labor
                         to localized services, ADW! is heavily     force and correspondingly lower
                         invested in the regional economic          unemployment rates.
                         outlook for the regional Denver area
                         through initiatives such as the Metro-     Customer Demographics
                         Denver workforce board and the             There were 23,567 UI claims in the
                         W.I.R.E.D. Leadership Council.             Arapahoe Region during PY06. 42,832
                                                                    job seekers got help through
                         Labor Market and Economic                  Arapahoe/Douglas Works!, and
                         During PY06 the local labor market
                         continued recovery in both the
                         Arapahoe/Douglas and Denver-
                         Aurora Regions. At the end of PY06,
                                                                    View of the Denver Tech Center located in
                         the unemployment rate stood at 3.9%        Arapahoe County.
                         in the Denver-Aurora MSA (down
                         from 4.9% during June 2006 ); 3.9% in      12,724 of these received workforce
                         Arapahoe County (down from 4.8%);          information services. 18,399
                         and 3.2% in Douglas County (slightly       jobseekers were referred to job
                         falling from 3.3%). The Denver-            openings, 678 were referred to WIA
                         Aurora Metro Region added 26,400           programs for talent development and
                         jobs between July 2006 and June 2007.      15,272 people entered employment

  68    Arapahoe/Douglas WORKS!
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
through Arapahoe/Douglas Works! in         However, a very low percentage of
PY06.                                      Colorado students are finding their
                                           way into the high-skill, high-wage jobs
Of the job seekers who came to             that are being created in the region.
Arapahoe/Douglas Works! 9,147
(24.3%) had skills sets in Office and
Administrative Support; 3313 (10.3%)
were in Sales; 2,503 (9.4%) were in
Management. Computer and
                                           Recognition of this issue prompted
                                           Arapahoe/Douglas Works! to enter
                                           into partnership with regional
                                           economic development, education,
                                                                                           K        ey Results:

Mathematical skill sets made up            and workforce development centers in           • 100% Employment
another 4.9% of the job seekers, and       the Metro Denver Regional W.I.R.E.D.             for those that want
Business and Finance Operations            Partnership. This partnership is                 to work
another 6.7%. Only 177 or 0.6% of the      designed to put ‘silo’ thinking and
applicants had skills in the Sciences.     local parochialism aside for the benefit       • Exceed all
                                           of the region’s citizens and businesses.         performance
In PY06, Arapahoe/Douglas Works!           Arapahoe/Douglas Works! is                       measures
served 841 employers with 8070             committed to doing its part to
openings. Of 841 employers, 2,356          restructure relationships to a higher          • 100% Customer
(20.2%) openings were for Office and       state of interdependence in the interest         Service
Administrative Support, and 1,622          of transforming our system to achieve            Satisfaction
(13.9%) were in Sales. Production had      a better balance between market
1,234 (10.6%) of the openings, and         demand and labor supply.                       • Become the
Transportation and Material Moving
had 10.3% (1,198) of the openings.         On-Site and Community Partners
                                                                                            workforce center
                                           Arapahoe/Douglas Works! also
                                                                                            for employers and
Approximately 161 hiring events were       continues to enhance its services via a
                                                                                            job seekers
held at Arapahoe/Douglas Works!            number of partnerships with other
facilities. Metro-Denver area              grant funded programs. With help
employers served included EchoStar,        from CDLE, our partner for Wagner
Fed Ex, Hertz, Kelly Services, Frontier,   Peyser Employment Services, we
Loomis Fargo, Safeway, Sam’s Club          increased employer outreach, and
and TSA.                                   almost 16,000 people were placed in
                                           employment. In addition, the
PARTNERSHIPS                               Consumer Navigator placed at
                                           Arapahoe/Douglas Works! by
WIRED                                      Cerebral Palsy of Colorado served 88
The biggest challenge facing the           customers in PY06 with 64 customers
Denver-Aurora Metro Region today           completing the program and resulting
continues to be the pending shortage       in a 43% Entered Employment Rate, a
of skilled and qualified people for        58% 6-month retention rate, and an
positions in mathematics, scientific,      average wage of $4,471 at placement.
technical and professional positions.
In 2006 the area had a thriving and        Job Corps recruiters successfully
diversified economy propelled by the       referred over 500 youth to Job Corps
growing technology sectors, and a          facilities, with 178 enrolling. The
workforce that had one of the highest      Adult Learning Source has to-date
average education levels in the nation.    served 20 ongoing ESL students
                                           through a work-readiness English

                                                                       Arapahoe/Douglas WORKS!5            69
                                                                                     Formula For Success
                         instruction format now offered at our      to enhance the support and transition
                         Aurora office. Arapahoe/Douglas            services available to male offenders
                         Works! also worked with the                being released into Arapahoe County
                         Arapahoe County Community                  from the Cheyenne Mountain center.

                         Services Department to distribute food     The Arapahoe Project will provide a
                         commodities to needy participants.         comprehensive hands-off system that
                         The American Association of Retired        incorporates the emphasis on
          Arapahoe /     Persons continued to be a beneficial       returning and retaining work in
Douglas Works!           partnership. AARP provided part-           conjunction with the terms of release.
Youth In the Works       time workers funded by a WIA
program continues        Discretionary Grant to help                TALENT DEVELOPMENT
to excel in both         Arapahoe/Douglas Works! staff with
performance,             increased workload.                        In the WIA Programs,
program design,                                                     Arapahoe/Douglas Works! remains
                         In partnership with CDLE, Arapahoe /       committed to developing talent pools
boosted by
                         Douglas Works!, CDLE completed             that match local employer needs. In
collaborative            another successful performance year        PY06, 158 (28%) WIA customers were
partnerships with        for its Unemployment Insurance Re-         in training for Healthcare and
community agencies       Employment Services Grant. This            Biosciences occupations. 60 (11%)
and the business         program is designed to provide             were training for Computer
sector.                  enhanced core services to UI recipients    occupations. 38 (7%) trained for
                         through case management and other          Healthcare Support. 18 (4%) WIA
                         services. In PY06, CDLE personnel          customers trained for Office and
                         served 305 customers under this grant,     Administrative Support occupations.
                         a slight decrease from the prior year.     Overall ADW! provided 70% of its
                         Reemployment Grant customers had           Adult and Dislocated Worker
                         an 83.73% entered employment rate,         customers with training for demand
                         up from 83.13% in PY05. The 6 month        occupations.
                         retention rate was 82.53%.

                         Ex-Offender Partnerships
                         Arapahoe/Douglas Works! partnered
                         with the Arapahoe County Jail to help
                         ex-offenders transition back into the
                         workforce. One full time staff member
                         saw 2,170 inmates in a workshop            Enhanced Youth Program
                         format, with 218 of those completing       The Arapahoe/Douglas Works! Youth
                         the series with a certificate. Contracts   In the Works program continues to
                         are currently being put in place to        excel in both performance, program
                         increase ADW! staff time at the jail as    design, boosted by collaborative
                         well as to provide technical training to   partnerships with community agencies
                         staff at the Federal Department of         and the business sector. Innovative
                         Corrections. Additionally, ADW! is         programming and services are helping
                         currently working with Colorado            area youth address their barriers to
                         Department of Corrections, Arapahoe        employment, develop the soft skills
                         County 18th Judicial, Cheyenne             they need to compete in today’s
                         Mountain, and community providers          employer-driven labor market, obtain
                                                                    GED or High School Diploma, and

  70    Arapahoe/Douglas WORKS!
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
                                        WIA Performance PY06

                            ADULT                                                   DISLOCATED WORKER
  Standard                                    Percent of Goal   Standard                                Percent of Goal
  Entered Employment                                   100%     Entered Employment                               102%
  Employment/Credential                                  95%    Employment/Credential                              89%
  6 Month Retention                                    105%     6 Month Retention                                101%
  6 Month Earnings Change                              120%     6 Month Earnings Change                          117%

                       OLDER YOUTH                                                   YOUNGER YOUTH
  Standard                                   Percent of Goal    Standard                                Percent of Goal
  Entered Employment                                  101%      Diploma                                          114%
  Employment/Credential                               100%      Skill Attainment                                 108%
  6 Month Retention                                   106%      6 Month Retention                                136%
  6 Month Earnings Change                             167%

                                              CUSTOMER SATISFACTION
                            Standard                                       Percent of Goal
                            Satisfaction - Employers                                  94%
                            Satisfaction - Job Seekers                                98%

enter training that meets regional                               youth participated in an all- county
employer needs.                                                  job fair, bringing in over 1,000 youth.
                                                                 The event was held at the Marriot
The Youth in the Works program                                   Tech Center, with over 80 vendors and
continues to enhance the service                                 contributed to an increased number of
delivery system through activities                               referrals and businesses working with
based in areas of career pathways,                               the Youth in the Works! program.
leadership and independent living.
These initiatives, driven by the local                           Leveraging Funds/Service
youth council, provide for                                       Enhancements
programming to become strategically                              Through a contract with Arapahoe
aligned with the WIRED approach.                                 County Human Services, the Colorado
We are proud that all Youth-related                              Works Rapid Attachment to
performance measures were met for                                Employment (RATE) program assisted
PY06.                                                            customers to become gainfully
                                                                 employed. From October 1, 2006
348 Youth were served under WIA                                  through June 30, 2007 over 700 welfare
programs during PY06. Of the Older                               recipients were placed in
Youth, 109 were served, 66% were                                 unsubsidized employment at an
female. 54% were drop-outs and 79%                               average wage of $10.52 per hour.
were basic literacy deficient. 57%
were minorities; 27% single parents                              Enhanced funding, generated through
and 23% were disabled. Of the                                    the Workforce component of
Younger Youth, 239 were served, 15%                              Employment First, has steadily
were drop-outs. 60% were basic                                   increased from $18,804 during the first
literacy deficient; 51% were minorities                          quarter of PY06, to $28,721 in the third
and 35% were disabled.                                           quarter. Fourth quarter data is still
                                                                 pending. Enhanced funding is
The Youth in the Works! program has                              extremely important as it allows a
expanded services to all youth                                   degree of flexibility not permitted
through the Summer job hunt                                      through grant awarded funding.
initiative. During the PY06 year,

                                                                                                        Arapahoe/Douglas WORKS!5                71
                                                                                                                          Formula For Success
                         Innovative Projects                       and further tie the metro-Denver
                                                                   workforce staff into a regional
                         New Management Team                       mindset.
                         In alignment with its Workforce Board,

 T        he Regional
Industry Academy is
                         the new management team has set
                         forth four key results for all
                                 • 100% employment for all who
                                   want to work
                                                                   Youth Marketing Plan
                                                                   The Arapahoe/Douglas Works! Youth
                                                                   in the Works team has developed a
                                                                   comprehensive marketing plan, which
                                                                   includes an innovative ‘menu of
a replicable,
                                 • Exceeding all performance       services.’ Literally a menu, this
sustainable business               measures                        marketing tool provides the answer to
model for strategic              • Being the preferred             the primary question we hear from
talent development                 Workforce Development           youth – ‘what’s in it for me?’ At a
in the Denver Metro                Center for employers and job    glance, potential youth enrollees can
Area that is based on              seekers                         see what services and incentives are
nationally                       • 100% customer                   available as they progress through the
recognized best                    service/satisfaction            WIA program. This facet of the
                                                                   program has been instrumental in
practices in several
                         Talent Development                        obtaining the information necessary
states. By June 30,      This initiative continues to be a         for on-time program performance
2007, ADW! will have     priority. Arapahoe/Douglas Works! is      management.
provided customized      now requiring all line employees to
training to over 90      undergo Global Career Development         Expanded Veteran Service Officer
people through the       Facilitator training and obtain the       Program
academy.                 GCDF credential. GCDF training is a       This program has been expanded to
                         120-hour college level course,            include a team of volunteer veterans
                         approved by the National Career           who have been training in assisting
                         Development Association, designed to      Veterans and their families in applying
                         help line staff in workforce              for benefits through the Veterans
                         development be more effective in          Administration system.
                         meeting the employer-driven talent
                         development needs in their region. To     CPEx Peak Award Application
                         date, 31 staff members have attended      Arapahoe/Douglas Works! submitted
                         the GCDF training, and in PY07 the        a CPEx Peak Award application in
                         classes will be offered to employees of   June, 2007 with a site visit planned for
                         partner workforce centers and             September 2007. With two staff
                         community partners.                       certified as CPEx examiners, we are
                                                                   very much invested in the application
                         National Business Learning                and review process. This application
                         Partnership                               boasts an extremely collaborative
                         In collaboration with the NBLB, a         internal effort, with all levels of the
                         Workforce Staff Development menu is       agency involved in the submission
                         being developed to further help line      process.
                         staff be more effective at achieving
                         regional goals. This menu is planned      Discretionary Grants
                         to be a one-of-a- kind service offered
                         to both internal and external             Regional Targeted Industry Academy
                         workforce development professionals       As a result of its 2006-2007 WIB

  72    Arapahoe/Douglas WORKS!
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
strategic planning cycle,                  with the Division of Vocational
Arapahoe/Douglas Works! has                Rehabilitation, the School-to-Work
targeted three industries -                Alliance program, employers -
security, and finance - for enhanced
services to address growing labor
shortages of skilled workers. To this
end, a WIA discretionary grant is
helping create the Regional Targeted
Industry Academy, which is a
strategic partnership with industry,
education and regional workforce
centers to develop customized training
programs that address skill sets most      The Hudson Gardens Project has a
                                           graduation for its participants.
in demand in these high-growth
industries. The Academy is a               Hudson Gardens & Denver Health -
replicable, sustainable business model     and Arapahoe/Douglas Works!
for strategic talent development in the
Denver Metro Area that is based on         Oz Principals of Accountability
nationally recognized best practices in    CIMS – ADW!’s goal was to create and
several states. By June 30, 2007, ADW!     maintain a coherent, repeatable,
will have provided customized              measurable, continuous improvement
training to over 90 people through the     plan, systematically deploy it through
academy.                                   the organization, and re-create its
                                           organizational culture to drive
Hudson Gardens Project                     excellence in customer service and
In the Youth Transitions Project for       business results. Through a
disabled youth, Arapahoe/Douglas           partnership with Partners in
Works! staff and the youth council         Leadership, ADW! now subscribes to
continue to design the transitions         the Oz Principles of Accountability
program with the following areas of        and functions with an emphasis on
emphasis: leadership, independent          maintaining above- the- line
living and career pathways. The            behaviors. All internal decisions are
Hudson Gardens project completed its       made in a manner that compliments
second year with great success; of the     our four key results and our program-
ten enrolled, 8 entered full time          based 90-day plans.
employment and 2 went on to post-
secondary training. In tandem with         50+ and Fabulous Program
the Hudson Gardens project, we also        This program was designed as multi-
completed a transition-based work          region collaborative effort designed to
experience with Denver Health and          help workers over 50 years of age
Hospitals. 10 youth competed the           successfully transfer their skills to
twelve-week program with 4 being           areas of maximum employer need.
hired by the work site, and 6              The discretionary grant expired June
continued in school. One youth was         2006, but the demand for specialized
hired in a position that paid $15.00 per   service continues to be addressed
hour. This project is in partnership       through a WIA Adult set aside project.

                                                                        Arapahoe/Douglas WORKS!5       73
                                                                                 Formula For Success
                         The 50+ program initially exceeded all    committed to doing its part to assist in
                         performance goals in the first 6 months   the economic transformation of the
                         of the 18 month project and continues     Denver-Aurora Region. Board
                         into its third year as an extremely       meetings have developed into an
                         successful project, assisting almost      opportunity for occupation/sector

 A         /DW! is
           also very
proud to report that,
                         4,000 job seekers since its

                         Hospitality and Culinary Arts
                                                                   information dissemination for our
                                                                   three targeted industries –
                                                                   Biosciences/Healthcare, Financial/IT,
                                                                   and Aerospace/Defense.
as a result of
USDOL’s recognition      Through the Winning Talent Career         The Workforce Board has defined
of programmatic          and Leadership Development Program        short-term, medium-term and long-
                         (a WIA 10% Youth grant) the Youth in      term tactics around three strategic
excellence, we have
                         the Works! team facilitated a week-       goals that address the economic health
provided ongoing
                         long Hospitality and Culinary Arts        and growth of the region. The first is
technical assistance     Institute in June 2007. 35 youth          for Arapahoe/Douglas Works! to
to both the State of     participated, with 25 of those being      become the Preferred Colorado
New Mexico and the       disabled youth. All youth that            Workforce Center. The second is to
Central Oklahoma         participated successfully were given a    provide Regional Alignment with
Workforce                chef’s outfit to complete the             Education, Economic Development
Investment Board.        experience.                               and Workforce Development to meet
                                                                   the needs of regional Industries with
                         Project Access                            High Growth Potential. The third is to
                         This project provided specialized         provide Employer Demand/Driven
                         services for job seekers who were         Training.
                         either older workers (50+) or had
                         limited English proficiency, and          The Arapahoe/Douglas Works! Youth
                         helped support the AD Works 50+ and       Council has implemented a variety of
                         Fabulous Older Worker Program. The        new opportunities to enhance service
                         grant sponsored monthly workshops         delivery to youth, which are
                         on “10 Steps to Federal Employment”       strategically aligned with an emphasis
                         that had standing room only, and          in career pathways, leadership and
                         developed a Spanish-language ES           independent living. Projects such as
                         registration form and a Spanish-          the Denver Health and Hospitals and
                         language job search workshop.             the Hospitality Institute provided
                                                                   youth with career pathways
                         ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION                   information in the emerging
                                                                   industries, as well as hands-on
                         Workforce Investment Board/Youth          experiences. Youth within projects
                         Council                                   such as these also received leadership
                         The Arapahoe/Douglas Workforce            and independent living skills, which
                         Board, in conjunction with the            help to create self-sufficient youth.
                         Arapahoe/Douglas Works! Pulse
                         Team, has developed its PY06/PY07         Awards and Recognitions
                         plan of action which reflects its         Arapahoe/Douglas Works! was
                         commitment to regional economic           acknowledged by Sam’s Club/Wal-
                         transformation. The Board has revised     Mart as an employer’s image of an
                         its values, vision and mission, and is    ideal Workforce Center. A film crew

  74    Arapahoe/Douglas WORKS!
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
visited the Aurora office in September     and promoting an emphasis
2006 to interview staff and tape           on work/life balance, ADW!
operations for a national training         was awarded the Alfred P.
video for their Human Resource             Sloane award for Workplace
specialists.                               Flexibility from the National
                                           Association of Chambers.
      • Our youth program design
        was honored to have made it       • A/DW! is also very proud to
        to the tier #5 part of the          report that, as a result of
        review process for                  USDOL’s recognition of
        nomination as a best practice       programmatic excellence, we
        for the Workforce                   have provided ongoing
        Innovations conference.             technical assistance to both
                                            the State of New Mexico and
      • As a result of operating            the Central Oklahoma
        flexible time options for staff     Workforce Investment Board.

                                                              Arapahoe/Douglas WORKS!5           75
                                                                           Formula For Success
                        Boulder County           Workforce Boulder
To provide
           ission:       REGIONAL PROFILE

                         Description of Boulder County
                                                                   Boulder County has one of the
                                                                   nation’s largest concentrations of
                                                                   research laboratories and high-tech
                         Boulder County is the 6th most            industry. The Longmont-Boulder MSA
comprehensive and                                                  leads the nation in the concentration of
                         populated in the State, is large and
effective                diverse, encompassing 741 square          software related jobs, according to the
employment, training     miles and featuring everything from       Software and Information Industry
and supportive           the spectacular scenery of Rocky          Association (SIIA). According to the
services.                Mountain National Park to lush            1998 Colorado Office of Budgeting and
                         farmland.                                 Planning, Boulder County represents
                                                                   20% of Colorado’s advanced
                         The population of Boulder County is       technology firms and 25% of its

 V       ision:

As trusted stewards
                         approximately 296,144, with about
                         101,718 in the City of Boulder, another
                         82,798 in the City of Longmont, 24,319
                         in Lafayette, 19,187 in Louisville and
                         the remainder dispersed throughout
                                                                   advanced technology workers.
                                                                   However, over the past two years,
                                                                   there has been significant change in
                                                                   the IT industry and, as a result, while
                                                                   Boulder County has had overall job
of the county's          the smaller towns of Lyons,               growth, many IT-related jobs have
future we provide the    Nederland, Ward, Jamestown,               been lost due to takeovers and
best in public           Superior, and Erie and unincorporated     downsizing. These are relatively high-
                         areas, including the communities of       paying jobs.
                         Niwot, Gunbarrel, and Allenspark.
                                                                   Retail makes up a large portion of
                         Boulder County is home to the state’s     Boulder County’s total employment.
                         largest university, the University of     And with the opening last fall of the
                         Colorado. The enrollment at CU in         new 29th Street Mall in the city of
                         2006 was 28,624. In addition, Front       Boulder, the city gained 1500 new jobs
                         Range Community College has a             at that location alone. The city has also
                         Boulder County campus in Longmont.        begun implementing incentives to
                         FRCC’s Boulder County campus              keep existing businesses from leaving
                         enrollment for 2006 was 6,832.            and attract new businesses to the city.
                                                                   Traditional industries such as
                         Boulder County Economic                   agriculture, food processing, and
                         Conditions                                mining continue to decline in Boulder
                         Boulder County has a vibrant and          County as developers build office
                         diverse economy. The largest              parks and neighborhoods in the plains
                         employers are technology and              surrounding the city of Boulder.
                         healthcare related. Other major
                         industries are research development       Boulder County Labor Market
                         and testing, pharmaceutical               The Boulder County labor force is
                         manufacturing, natural and organic        around 177,225 workers. Of these,
                         products, and several business            171,211 are currently employed.
                         services.                                 According to the Colorado

  76    Workforce Boulder County
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
Department of Labor, the Boulder                  assistance from the
County unemployment rate has                      Employment Advisement
decreased from 4.2% in June of 2006 to            Team. The team provides
3.4% for June of 2007, as compared to             desk-level assessment,
the statewide unemployment rate of                provides labor market
3.8% in June 2007 (down from 4.7% in              information, offers referrals
the same period in 2006). As a result,            for community resources,
12,199 individuals from the Boulder               does file searches for jobs
region requested WfBC services                    through Job Link, and
between July 1, 2006 and June 31,                 manages the resource center,
2007, a 6% decrease in requests from              which contains 22 pieces of
PY05.                                             assistive technology to
                                                  accommodate the disabled.
Because Boulder County has a higher
concentration of employment in the              • Career Assessment
manufacturing, professional, technical,           Workshops
and information sector, the workforce             CAWs are one- to three-hour
must be highly educated and trained.              facilitated workshops in
Boulder County has a strong level of              career assessment, resume
higher education opportunities and a              writing, and Internet job
highly educated work force. 52.4% of              search. Workshops cover a
the Boulder County workforce age 25               variety of topics including
years or older have a bachelor’s                  career exploration, resume
degree or higher. According to the Job            writing, networking, and
Link database, Workforce Boulder                  interviewing skills. Currently,
County’s applicant pool is highly                 WfBC has 4 ongoing
educated: 58% have at least some                  workshops titled Career
college and 32% have a 4-year college             Exploration, Re-Zoom Your
degree or higher.                                 Resume, Not Working? Try
                                                  Networking!, and What’s Your
Services of Workforce Boulder                     Interview IQ?
                                                • Self Directed Labs
      • Services to Job Seekers                   SDLs offer self-directed and
        WfBC provides a                           self-paced Microsoft Word,
        comprehensive and
        integrated one-stop system at
        two convenient locations in
        Boulder County, our new
        office at 2520 55th Street,
        Suite 100 in Boulder and 1500
        Kansas Avenue, Suite 4D in
        Longmont. Job seekers have
        access to resource centers,
        learning labs, job search
        assistance, case management       Job Seekers Utilizing Longmont’s Self
        and occupational training         Directed Lab

                                                                        Workforce Boulder County 5      77
                                                                                  Formula For Success
                                  Excel, Power Point, and                  Workforce Development
                                  Access Database tutorials.               Month and last year had over
                                  Also available are self-paced            one hundred attendees.

V        alues:

• Value and respect
                                  preparation for GED /
                                  Workplace Literacy

                                • Services to Employers
                                                                           WfBC’s ongoing partnership
                                                                           with Broomfield allows both
                                                                           Workforce centers to leverage
                                                                           resources for the business
  diversity and build             WfBC’s Business Services
                                  Team concentrates on the         WfBC Youth Programs
  on the strength of                                                    • Youth WIA:
                                  demand side of labor
  individual                      exchange, the employers. The            Youth ages 14-21 are referred
  employees                       team serves employers                   to Workforce Investment Act
                                  throughout Boulder County,              Program by parents, schools,
• Good stewardship                taking job orders, doing file           social services and
                                  searches for potential                  community based
  of the environment
                                  applicants, and hosting job             organizations. Program
  and our                         fairs. In addition, they have           services are provided by
  stakeholders,                   provided consulting services            Workforce Boulder County
  provide                         on the hiring, accommodation            and through a network of
  opportunities for               and retention of employees              youth service providers in
                                  with disabilities. Team                 Boulder County. Youth must
                                  members focus on one of four            be willing and capable to
                                  sectors: technology,                    participate in the program.
• Seek to                         manufacturing, healthcare,
  continuously                    and retail, and have increased         • Youth Internships:
  challenge and                   job listings significantly on            The purpose of the Youth
                                  PY06. One of the primary                 Internship Program is to:
  improve ourselves
                                  reasons the team has been                Establish partnerships
  thru innovative                 able to successfully serve               between WfBC Youth
  creativity                      businesses in the county, is             Programs and community
                                  through the ability of team              employers
• Provide excellent               members to build one-on-one              Provide work experiences and
                                  relationships with members               career opportunities that are
                                  of the business community.               rewarding and satisfying to
                                                                           both youth and employer
• Work hard and are               In PY06, WfBC co-sponsored               Assist youth in becoming
  proud of our                    business forums with other               independent adults and
  accomplishments.                organizations, leveraging                developing strong
                                  resources and increasing its             connections to caring adults
                                  visibility in the community.
                                  WfBC partners with the                   As part of this program,
                                  Broomfield Workforce Center              WfBC offers summer
                                  to present “The State of the             internships for youth ages 14
                                  Economy” with Richard L.                 – 25 with special needs. These
                                  Wobbekind, from the LEEDS                internships are 20 hours per
                                  School of Business. This                 week for eight weeks. Salary
                                  forum takes place during

  78     Workforce Boulder County
         WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
         and Workmen’s                                                      market. Each participant who
         Compensation are paid for by                                       completed the series received
         WfBC. The employers and                                            a certificate. Individuals age
         youth are matched based on                                         16 and over became eligible
         skills and interests. Job                                          for a S.E.E.D. internship.
         coaching and                                                       Students also received a
         accommodations are                                                 binder with all the handouts
         provided as needed. WfBC                                           and several fun giveaways.
         gives bi-monthly workshops                                         More than 150 youth
         for youth to enhance soft job                                      participated in these
         skills and checks in weekly                                        workshops, which were
         with employers and interns.                                        presented at local schools,
                                                                            libraries, community
       • Workforce Week – “You’ve                                           agencies, and at the
         got the Look: Preparing for                                        workforce center
         Your Role in the
         Workplace”:                                                   • Social Security
         “You’ve Got the Look” is a                                         Administration Grant:
         series of workshops that                                           This is a five year research
         teach 14-21 year olds how to                                       grant to assist youth with
         look for jobs, how to apply                                        disabilities ages 14-25 who
         for jobs, how to interview,                                        are currently receiving SSI,
         and how to succeed on the                                          SSDI, or CDB to maximize
         job. The workshops empower                                         their economic self
         students by equipping them                                         sufficiency and career
         with job readiness skills to                                       advancement. Participants
         help them feel more                                                are selected by the Social
         confident and be more                                              Security Administration. A
         competitive in today’s job                                         three person I-Team

                                  WfBC - All Job Seekers
                             Program Year Service Comparison

16,000                                          15,181

14,000                                                            13,228            12,969

12,000                                                                                                11,594


8,000                                                                                                           7,827
                                                    6,617             6,566
                                                                                        6,198             6,183
               4,435                                                                          4,875

                     1,863              1,727

              PY01               PY02              PY03              PY04              PY05              PY06

            Job Seeker                  Entered Employment                      Job Openings Received

                                                                                                        Workforce Boulder County5             79
                                                                                                                        Formula For Success
                              consisting of a Navigator, a
                              Career Counselor, and a
                              Benefits Planner provide
                              client centered services
                              designed to expose the
                              selected youth to work
                              experiences, enroll students in
                              training or post secondary         View of the Boulder Flatirons
                              education, connect consumers
                              with existing community            Disability Program Navigator (DPN)
                              resources, and place those         The Disability Program Navigator
                              who are job ready into the         (DPN) serves as a reference librarian,
                              work force.                        consultant and problem-solver to staff,
                                                                 partners, jobseekers, employers and
                              The I-TEAM has enrolled 47         community based organizations on
                              (as of August 23, 2007) new        issues surrounding barriers to
                              participants into the full         employment and disability. Advocacy
                              study which began                  is provided, but the preferred goal is
                              recruitment November 1,            to model for the individual how to
                              2006, and has continued to         advocate effectively for one’s self (and
                              work successfully with the 6       to provide peer support) in gaining
                              pilot participants in the study.   access to services and/or employment.
                              The team will continue to          The DPN also works with job
                              enroll participants until the      developers/job coaches from other
                              target number of 90                community based organizations to
                              individuals has been met.          increase awareness of WfBC services
                              This goal is expected to be        and access to those services for their
                              reached by summer of 2009.         clients.
                                                                 The DPN has provided ongoing
                              There have already been a          training to WfBC staff to increase their
                              significant number of positive     capacity to serve customers with a
                              outcomes for youth enrolled        wide range of disabilities. Disability
                              in the study, including 18 in      related topics have included the
                              paid employment, 2 who             Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
                              completed paid internships, 4      & the Workforce Center, Social
                              in volunteer positions, and 3      Security Administration Benefits &
                              in post-secondary education.       Work Incentives, Brain Injury &
                              More positive outcomes have        Employment, Women with Disabilities
                              been achieved in terms of          & Domestic Violence. Additional
                              resolving problems for             training has included reasonable
                              participants with SSA benefits     accommodations, disability-related tax
                              and Medicaid. Referrals to         provisions, disability disclosure and
                              community resources have           interviewing techniques for persons
                              resulted in participants           with disabilities and assistive
                              accessing housing,                 technology to accommodate jobseekers
                              transportation, job coaching,      and/or staff with specific challenges.
                              and other supportive services.

80   Workforce Boulder County
     WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
The DPN provides outreach and             partnerships and projects in PY06
invites partners, community based         were:
organizations and employers in
Boulder County to                               • Need for regional
trainings/presentations on the ADA

                                                  partnerships with employers
and other relevant topics. As a result            Through the Business
educated employers are receptive to                                                              hrough the
                                                  Services Solutions Grant
interview and hire applicants based on                                                           Business
                                                  WfBC was able to provide
their qualifications and are willing to           funds for incumbent worker           Services Solutions
provide accommodations if/when                    training and increase our            Grant WfBC was able
necessary to ensure equal employment              partnerships with local              to provide funds for
opportunities.                                    businesses in the targeted           incumbent worker
                                                  fields of Healthcare,                training and increase
Monolingual and Bilingual Services                Renewable Energy,                    our partnerships with
WfBC currently serves Spanish                     Technology, and
speakers in the Longmont and                                                           local businesses in
                                                  Manufacturing. Workforce
Boulder offices by providing Work                                                      the targeted fields of
                                                  Boulder County is also
Registrations, Resume Writing, and                participating in a Regional          Healthcare,
Unemployment Insurance information                Business Services Consortium         Renewable Energy,
in their own language. WfBC also                  through Larimer County               Technology, and
provides resource information for job             Workforce Center.                    Manufacturing.
seekers who need educational
assistance such as ESL (English as a            • Increase in region for jobs in
Second Language), or GED, which is                emerging markets, such as
provided within the community at St               healthcare - Boulder County,
Vrain Adult School, Front Range                   as is true in many other
Community College, and Intercambio.               regions, has seen a chronic
                                                  shortage of nurses and other
Boulder is an active member of the                healthcare workers. To
statewide LEP (Limited English                    address this, WfBC
Proficiency Task Force, now called                participated in the Northern
Colorado Workforce Speaks), which is              Healthcare Consortium,
assessing LEP client needs and how to             provided Clinical Scholar
assist them. In addition, Boulder’s               training to help RNs mentor
Language Assistance Plan was                      newly trained nurses, and
submitted in June, 2007. The                      provided certification
components of the plan include:                   training for employees at
Assessment, Language Assistance                   Exempla and Longmont
Service, Staff Training, Outreach and             United Hospital. In addition,
Monitoring.                                       training was provided,
                                                  through the WIA Adult
PARTNERSHIPS                                      program, to recruit and
                                                  provide CNA interns for
Challenges in Providing Services                  Longmont United Hospital.
Challenges that were identified by
WfBC and improved with the                      • Increase in region of
development of a variety of                       available jobs coupled with

                                                                      Workforce Boulder County5         81
                                                                                  Formula For Success
                                 a decrease in job seekers -        The number of volunteers involved in
                                 WfBC continued to provide          PWT has increased, as has the number
                                 incumbent worker training          of clients staying in their matches with
                                 through the Business Services      mentors. This year there were 86
                                 Solutions grant to expand the      active volunteers who gave 1,714

                                 skill set and flexibility of the   hours to the program! Overall, this
                                 current workforce.                 program has used the volunteer spirit

  T       he
Corps gave me the
tools and all the
                               • Need for a more prominent
                                 identity in the community -
                                 WfBC has increased its
                                                                    & resources of 423 people to touch the
                                                                    lives of more than 500 clients.
                                                                    Currently, there are 32 active matches
                                                                    and 2 pending. Over half of those 32
                                                                    have been together at least six months.
                                 involvement in community
encouragement to                 events through sponsorships
get my dream career              and co-sponsorships, and           Boulder Bridge Program
                                 hosting job fairs; it has staff    The Boulder Bridge Program serves
as an electrician;
                                 participating in the Statewide     ex-offenders in literacy, skill
they [saw] the                                                      development/training, and job
                                 Marketing Task Force.
potential in me and                                                 placement creating financial
never let me settle                                                 independence and self-sufficiency. The
                               • Lack of employment
for anything else.               opportunities, especially          Bridge ex-offender program has been
The program has                  career oriented                    funded through two sources (1) WIA
helped me in so                  opportunities, for youth of        Discretionary Incentive Grant, which
many ways and I will             Boulder County - WfBC              includes vocational training, and
                                 continued the S.E.E.D.             Wagner Peyser 10% funds.
never forget it.”
                                 Program, Workforce Week:
                                 “You’ve Got the Look:              The positive working relationships we
- Workforce                                                         have developed include partnerships
                                 Preparing for Your Role in the
Community Corps                                                     with Front Range Community College
                                 Workplace” workshop series,
Youth Participant                Youth Transition Grant             and Boulder Probation, as well as
                                 Project, and Community             other community agencies. Together
                                 Corps.                             we have created an atmosphere of
                                                                    commitment, dedication and a sense of
                         Project Work Together (PWT)                common purpose with all partners in
                         WfBC administers a volunteer               this grant. We have learned to
                         mentorship program to assist               understand the procedures and
                         Temporary Assistance for Needy             outcomes that are common to all and
                         Families (TANF) participants through       have learned how to collaborate to
                         the Work First Program. Through            assist the ex-offender rather than
                         evening coaching sessions with dinner      duplicate services.
                         and child care provided, mentors
                         assist families with the challenges of     The project has impacted and
                         day-to-day living, providing               enhanced other related programs in
                         encouragement, motivation, role            several ways. It has provided
                         modeling, and guidance for transition      “incentive” tools for Probation Officers
                         to self-sufficiency. The program also      as opposed to sanctions. There has
                         serves as an additional resource to        been a “blending” and “braiding” of
                         remove employment barriers.                services among the partnering
                                                                    agencies and also with other

  82    Workforce Boulder County
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
community services agencies. The          County creating 25 S.E.E.D internship
project has promoted a collaborative      opportunities. These included
service model and encouraged              Ameriprise Financial, Naropa
thinking “outside the box.” It has also   University, Roche Industries, Empire
increased awareness of employment         Warehouse, Ericsson Wireless
barriers of ex-offenders.                 Communications, HWI Inc., and St.
                                          Vrain Valley School District. The
Summer Employment and Enterprise          Stowe Family Foundation provided
Development (S.E.E.D.)                    partial scholarships for three small
This project seeks to grow the            business partners making it financially
workforce of the future by increasing     possible for them to participate in the
employment opportunities for young        S.E.E.D Internship Program, as well
adults in Boulder County.                 as, funding for a S.E.E.D Intern’s
Opportunities are created by              transportation cost. Seven of these
businesses investing a $1000 work         organizations offered their interns
scholarship to either host an             permanent/part time employment
internship at their work site or to       after the internship period was
provide a gift scholarship for an         completed.
internship to be hosted at a non-profit
that cannot afford the scholarship.       Community Corps
WfBC in turn recruits, screens, and       The Workforce Community Corps is a
delivers specialized work                 work experience for young adults 18-
preparedness training to the young        21. The Work experience provides
adults that apply for a S.E.E.D.          work projects for the community with
internship.                               the Boulder County Housing
                                          Authority and various Boulder
The Boulder County SEED Program           County Agencies. In addition,
has also increased WfBC visibility        workshops are integrated into the
among the business, education and         project to provide support and skills
economic development communities.         for career exploration, job search,
The Longmont Area Economic                conflict resolution, problem solving,
Development Council has help to           interviewing, and resume writing.
promote this program over the past        Giving back to the community projects
three years which has led to business     provide opportunities for a positive
participation and sponsorship and         interaction through helping people
also helped to recruit a business
member to the Workforce Boulder
County Workforce Development

S.E.E.D. continues to build and
increase partnerships with employers
within Boulder County. This year
WFBC partnered with 21 public and
private sector organizations in Boulder
                                          Finished Community Corps Project

                                                                       Workforce Boulder County5      83
                                                                                Formula For Success
                      and community agencies, while                     This group also focuses on learning
                      leading to gainful employment.                    and sharing information and
                                                                        resources, as well as generating
                      In PY06, the Corps collaborated with              strategies for marketing on a
                      the Boulder County Housing                        statewide, regional and local level.
                      Authority on a project to renovate a
                      four-unit, income-eligible apartment              TALENT DEVELOPMENT
                      building. As a result of this project,
                      local families gained safe, income-               Governor’s Summer Job Hunt
                      eligible housing; Boulder County                  The Governor’s Summer Job Hunt
                      saved hundreds of thousands of                    (GSJH) is a program that serves youth
                      dollars worth of construction costs; a            ages 14-21, providing job referrals and
                      huge quantity of materials were kept              building confidence by teaching job
                      out of the landfill by reconstructing,            readiness skills and providing career
                      rather than demolishing the building;             coaching through workshops and
                      and young adults entering the                     computer based labs. Over 800 youth
                      workforce gained key job skills and, in           were served in the program this year.
                      the case of three participants, new               In PY06, the GSJH program completed
                      careers and full-time employment.                 a number successful projects,
                      Statewide Marketing Task Force                    including several job fairs, ‘tabling’ at
                      WfBC is participating on the Statewide            the University of Colorado-Boulder
                      Marketing Task Force, made up of                  and Front Range Community College,
                      representatives from Workforce                    and extensive outreach to the
                      Centers from all regions of the state.            community at large. A major event
                      The group meets monthly to discuss                accomplished through the Governor’s
                      the use of common resources,                      Summer Job Hunt Program this year
                      marketing tactics, events, and more.              was a two-day job fair that took place

                                                WfBC - Funding Breakout
                                            PY 2006 Total Funding = $6,102,810





                            500,000     637,703

                                                                                             Other Programs
                                      Wagner Peyser     WIA       Human Services   County
                                                                                                & Grants

84   Workforce Boulder County
     WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
in March 2007, with the first day held     student success workshops, academic
in Boulder and the second in               skills assessment and career interest
Longmont. Over 600 youth and               inventory, career and academic
around 30 employers participated in
each location, which included an
application area and an interview
practice area. This was a great success
                                           advising, skills remediation, and
                                           health care instruction.

                                           This incumbent worker project was
                                                                                          Community Corps
                                                                                          project truly

for the first ever GSJH job fair!          intended to address the following
                                           needs: to fill healthcare openings that        embodies social and
In PY06, GSJH representatives began a      are facing critical shortages, to provide      economic
targeted business outreach program to      opportunities for employees in low-            sustainability by
generate job openings, including           skilled positions to advance to higher-        providing aid and
researching online job postings,           skilled positions within their
                                                                                          opportunities that
exploring local retail outlets for “Help   organizations, to provide non-native
Wanted” signs, and calling past            speakers of English with opportunities         can lead to self
employer customers. These proved           for advancement within the health              sufficiency . . .
very effective in obtaining more           care field, and to increase access to          Access to affordable
positions for youth this year. At the      education and training for low to              housing not only
same time the program was marketed         moderate wage employees through                helps families and
to youth applicants through flyers         employer-sponsored training.                   individuals meet
posted throughout the county,                                                             their basic needs,
newspaper advertising, and Public          This project represented a partnership
                                                                                          but it also opens up
Service Announcements on local radio       between WfBC, Adams County One
stations, resulting in increased           Stop Career Center, Northern                   so many other doors
exposure and awareness of the              Colorado Home Health Association,              to opportunity by
program.                                   Longmont United Hospital, University           freeing up money for
                                           Hospital, and Front Range                      daycare, education,
WfBC chose to recognize the PY06           Community College. Each health care            etc. Meanwhile,
participants with an Appreciation          facility created an individual career          Workforce Boulder
Ceremony for the business community        ladder and career plan for each                County is helping
and the program youth. While this          employee enrolled in the program.
                                                                                          residents get the
Appreciation Ceremony was designed         WfBC directly monitored activities at
to demonstrate our thanks, it evolved      Longmont United Hospital (LUH).                training and skills
into an effective networking event for     LUH staff participated in                      they need to find
both the business community and the        Professionalism at Work classes, as            viable employment.”
youth participants. WfBC understands       well as training in ESL1, ESL2, Basic
the importance of developing               Skills, and medical certificate                - Frank Alexander
partnerships with GSJH employers           programs. The medical certificate                Director,
and youth friendly organizations so        courses have included CCHN, CNA,                 Boulder County
that the relationships developed this      EMT, phlebotomy, etc.
year would not need to be recreated
next year. These partnerships will         50+ Workshops and Networking
continue to be enriched and will be a      Events
strong focus for the PY07 GSJH.            The goal of this project is to increase
                                           employment opportunities for older
Northern Healthcare Consortium             workers (ages 50 and older) and
This grant was awarded to provide          provide individual and group
health care career awareness and           counseling, to address the needs of

                                                                         Workforce Boulder County5         85
                                                                                     Formula For Success
                          this rapidly increasing population.        applied for and received a $1500.00
                          Twenty-five percent of all WfBC            grant from the Lynn and Helen Clark
                          clients are over 50 years old and have     Fund from Centennial Bank of the

“S          o far 11
out of 15 students
                          had the lowest rate of re-employment.

                          WFBC provides several services
                          exclusively for 50+ workers including:
                                 • Networking Group
                                                                     West. It was used to see additional
                                                                     clients from the Longmont area, both
                                                                     for individual counseling and in the
                                                                     Rebound Group.
have been promoted
                                   Showcases speakers from area      ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION
to LPNs within our 3
                                   employers and organizations.
hospitals. This is                 The presentations offer           Longmont Area Economic Council
phenomenal and has                 information about job search      The Longmont Area Economic Council
turned out to be a                 topics and provide                (LAEC) has provided important
big success                        networking opportunities.         support to WfBC, from providing data
throughout all of our                                                to leadership to important contacts
hospitals. If they              • Transition, Transform,             through the Human Resources
                                  Transcend, Careers After 50        Roundtable. WfBC used the economic
would not have had
                                  Participants explore the           reports provided by John Cody (the
this grant to help                                                   President and CEO of LAEC) for
                                  challenges and benefits of the
them financially, they                                               market evaluations and other business
                                  50+ experience as it relates to
would not have been               attitudes and expectations.        data. LAEC hosts Investor Series
able to succeed this              They learn about the “make         Breakfasts and also sponsors the
quickly. They have                or break attitude” and explore     Cornerstone Awards Luncheon to
all enrolled at                   how to confront difficult job      recognize companies that have taken
different colleges to             situations unique to 50+.          risks by expanding their operations in
                                                                     the Longmont area. This luncheon
finish their Associate
                                • Rebound Group                      celebrates the courage and
Degree as an RN.”                                                    determination of these companies and
                                  Designed to provide a
                                                                     the resulting benefits to the
                                  stabilizing and supportive
- Exempla Healthcare                                                 community. John Cody and the entire
                                  factor in the lives of people 50
                                                                     LAEC has also provided key support
                                  and older dealing with
                                                                     to facilitate SEED interns.
                                  depression and/or anxiety as
                                  a result of unemployment.
                                                                     Business Services Solutions Grant
                                                                     The purpose of this grant was to
                                • Counseling for 50 + clients        provide training to increase the skills
                                  A licensed professional            of incumbent workers of Boulder
                                  counselor, experienced in          County businesses that represent the
                                  employment issues for the          technology, manufacturing, health
                                  older worker, meets with each      care, and renewable energy industries.
                                  client for intake to determine     Continuous training for workers
                                  appropriateness for the            improves efficiency by closing skill
                                  group, other resources             gaps, allows for upward mobility and
                                  needed, or to help in a crisis     retention, and increases the overall
                                  situation. One-on-one job          productivity and competitive position
                                  search support is also offered.    of the business.
                          In order to continue providing quality
                          service to this population, WfBC

  86    Workforce Boulder County
         WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
Front Range Community College’s                                  could enhance the board’s ability to
Institute for Community and                                      stay in tune with labor market needs
Professional Development and other                               specific to the Boulder County

trainers partnered with WfBC to                                  Community.
provide curriculum and instructors for
customized trainings. Trainings were                             In PY06 the Workforce Investment                                          wo
completed at Tyco/Valley Lab, the                                Board developed two new initiatives.
Colorado Community Healthcare                                    The Board joined and was involved
Network, Longmont United Hospital,                               with the Regional Workforce Board of                          Longmont United
Exempla Good Samaritan Medical                                   Metro Denver. Part of the work of this                        and Exempla Good
Center, Lumin Innovative Products,                               board was to provide a Gap Analysis                           Samaritan
Sirenza Microdevices, Sonora Medical                             and develop workforce development                             collaborated on a
Systems, a joint project between                                 panel recommendations for the                                 training in Sterile
Exempla Good Samaritan Medical                                   WIRED project. They also participated                         Processing
Center and Longmont United                                       in asset mapping of the nine-county                           Certification for their
Hospital, and Mayne Pharma.                                      northern Colorado region. The second
                                                                                                                               OR technicians. Of
                                                                 initiative was a partnership with
Workforce Board and Youth Council                                Larimer County’s Regional Business                            the 27 participants,
Achievements                                                     Services Consortium.                                          24 received their
Workforce Boulder County began and                                                                                             certification. The
completed recruitment efforts to                                 The Board chairman is currently                               other 3 have applied
establish board memberships                                      researching possible participation in                         to take the test
representing demand industry                                     two STEM projects: a collaboration                            again. All
clusters, which could provide vital                              between Front Range Community                                 participants received
information regarding the needs of the                           College and Amgen; and supporting a
                                                                                                                               pay increases from 5
those business sectors. New members                              local high school’s interest in
included financial, technical and                                becoming a STEM-focused magnet                                – 10 percent and
renewable energy businesses that                                 school. The Board is also looking at                          their supervisors
                                                                                                                               have said they can
                                                                                                                               see a difference, not
                                        WIA Performance PY06                                                                   only in their work,
                                                                                                                               but in their level of
                            ADULT                                                   DISLOCATED WORKER                          confidence as well.
  Standard                                    Percent of Goal   Standard                                Percent of Goal
  Entered Employment                                   114%     Entered Employment                               107%
  Employment/Credential                                108%     Employment/Credential                            107%
  6 Month Retention                                    105%     6 Month Retention                                101%
  6 Month Earnings Change                              142%     6 Month Earnings Change                          127%

                       OLDER YOUTH                                                   YOUNGER YOUTH
  Standard                                   Percent of Goal    Standard                                Percent of Goal
  Entered Employment                                  113%      Diploma                                          110%
  Employment/Credential                               125%      Skill Attainment                                 110%
  6 Month Retention                                   110%      6 Month Retention                                156%
  6 Month Earnings Change                             121%

                                              CUSTOMER SATISFACTION
                            Standard                                       Percent of Goal
                            Satisfaction - Employers                                  92%
                            Satisfaction - Job Seekers                                98%

                                                                                                          Workforce Boulder County5              87
                                                                                                                          Formula For Success
                      opportunities in the next WIRED grant      and Broomfield co-sponsored a
                      funding cycle.                             business forum as part of Workforce
                      The Youth Council also plans for           Month at the Omni Hotel. Richard
                      expansion of membership and                Wobbekind of the Leeds School of
                      potential projects for PY06. Potential     Business at the University of Colorado,
                      members may include the Boulder            spoke to more than 100 members of
                      Valley YMCA, Teens, Inc., Project YES,     the business community, representing
                      Project Self-Sufficiency, The Longmont     approximately 60 businesses, on the
                      Youth Center, local libraries, Impact, I   state of the Colorado economy and
                      Have a Dream Foundation, Genesis,          how it performed in relation to the
                      Community Action Programs, Center          national economy. Due to the success
                      for People with Disabilities, City of      of this event, it is being repeated as an
                      Boulder Recreation Center, Boulder         annual event, continuing the
                      Area Human Resources Association,          partnership among WfBC, Broomfield
                      Attention Homes and Alternatives for       Workforce Center, and The Leeds
                      Youth.                                     School of Business. This forum has
                                                                 proved to be an effective way to
                      Leeds School of Business                   leverage resources between Boulder
                      As part of WfBC’s ongoing partnership      and Broomfield and improve WfBC’s
                      with the University of Colorado’s          visibility in the community.
                      Leeds School of Business and the
                      Broomfield Workforce Center, WfBC

88   Workforce Boulder County
     WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
                    Denver Division of
                    Workforce Development

Denver is both a city and a county,
and is the nexus of the 7 county
                                            Warehousing & Utilities (+3.2%), and
                                            Professional & Business Services
                                            (+3.1%) sectors.
                                                                                           O         ED/DWD
                                                                                          thousands of job
                                            One-Stop System                               seekers. From July
Denver metropolitan area. According         In Program Year 2006 the City and             1, 2006-June 30,
to the Metro Denver Economic                County of Denver operated a                   2007, over 1,200
Development Corporation, Denver             decentralized workforce delivery
city/county’s population increased                                                        businesses utilized
                                            system through five workforce centers
3.8% from 554,636 in 2000 to 575,927                                                      our workforce
                                            (one-stops) and the Business
in 2006 with a resident labor force of                                                    centers to post more
                                            Assistance Center. OED/DWD
305,104. The Census Bureau’s                workforce centers provide a full menu         than 17,000 job
American Community Survey                   of services to job seekers including,         vacancies, more than
estimates that the City’s household         but not limited to, skills training and       49,000 jobseekers
population in 2005 was 545,198. The         certification, individual training            visited the centers
survey also indicated that Denver has       accounts, job search assistance, access       and obtained various
a very educated workforce with 85%          to wage subsidy programs, and
achieving a high school diploma and                                                       services; and nearly
                                            bonding for ex-offenders. The
nearly 41 percent having a bachelor’s                                                     17,000 customers
                                            Business Development Representative
degree. In addition, Denver’s                                                             obtained
                                            (BDR) Team worked on identifying
workforce has aged. From 2004-2007,         and meeting the workforce needs of            employment through
Denver’s population between “0 to           new and existing business customers           OED/DWD services.
19” years old was estimated to              through numerous job fairs and
increase by 2.4% per year while the         customized recruitment events (70
“60 to 69” age group was expected to        separate events were held involving
grow by 3.6% per year.                      more than 70 different businesses).
Denver County had the most                  This activity led to more than 600 job
vacancies in the Metro Denver Region        orders and more than 3,000 open
(11,737) with the highest number            positions being posted in the JobLink
occurring in retail trade (5,791),          system for Denver job seekers.
accommodation and food services
(4,618) and health care and social          OED/DWD assisted thousands of job
assistance (3,598). In the latest survey,   seekers in the last year. From July 1,
retail services moved from third to         2006-June 30, 2007, over 1,200
first and represented nearly 40% of         businesses utilized OED/DWD’s
the reported vacancies across the           WFCs to post more than 17,000 job
region. Vacancies were up in 2006           vacancies. During the same period,
from 2005 in all but two sectors. In        more than 49,000 jobseekers visited
2006, Metro Denver experienced the          the workforce centers and obtained
strongest annual employment growth          various services; and nearly 17,000
in the Natural Resources, Mining &          customers obtained employment
Construction (+4.6%), Transportation,       through OED/DWD services.

                                                      Denver Division of Workforce Development5            89
                                                                                     Formula For Success
                      The Business Assistance Center                  areas with computers, and a regular
                      (BAC) was established to streamline             classroom offer classes and
                      the process of doing business with the          assessments to the job seeking public.
                      city. Services for small businesses             Six different computer classes in both
                      include providing information and               Spanish and English were offered
                      assistance on federal, state, and local         onsite as well as WorkKeys and Key
                      paperwork and licensing; federal,               Train assessments.. The average
                      state, and local tax regulations;               monthly numbers of users to the
                      contracting with the City; financial            centers steadily increased from 230 in
                      assistance such as loans or Enterprise          April 2006 to 300 in June 2006.
                      Zone Credits; planning and public
                      work permits; zoning; real estate; and          Service Delivery Strategies
                      using the workforce center system to            OED/DWD is one of four divisions
                      locate and recruit qualified employees.         within the Office of Economic
                      The BAC served 3,238 businesses in              Development. This is a unique
                      PY06.                                           organizational structure focused on
                                                                      improving the development of
                      Speer Training Center Opened In
                                                                      businesses, individuals and
                      March of 2007 the Training and
                                                                      neighborhoods. Three core concepts
                      Assessment Center at Speer opened to
                                                                      guide OED including asset
                      the public. Two state-of-the-art
                                                                      development, growing our own and
                      computer training rooms, two lab
                                                                      strategic investment. In particular,

                                   PY06 Denver Expenditure Report - CDLE Funds

                                                    WIA Youth

                                 WIA Youth

                                                                 WIA Adult

                            WIA Dislocated Worker
                                Balanced DW
                                                                                     Local Veterans’ Employment
                                                                                     Representative Program
                                                              WIA Admin
                                              Discretionary                          Disabled Veterans’
                                                  Grant                              Outreach Program (DVOP)
                                                  12%                        WIRED   0.5%

90   Denver Division of Workforce Development
     WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
OED/DWD utilizes these concepts in         several metro area workforce regions.
designing strategies to serve the          The BDR team also partnered with
workforce needs of businesses and the      workforce/business services staff from
training/employment needs of job           across Colorado to create the

seekers. Training and educational          Statewide Business Services
services are provided to job seekers       Committee designed to share best
that improve their capacity to become      practices, exchange information, and                    enver has
employed and self sufficient. Human        leverage resources to improve                           been
resource services are provided to          business services delivery. The BDR         focused over the last
businesses that improve their ability to   team also began working with Adams          four years on
retain and grow within the region.         County on an initiative to meet the         developing an
                                           workforce needs of the Construction         organization and
Alignment of Business and Job-             industry.                                   partnerships that
Seeker Services
                                           Individual Training Accounts                support the needs of
Over the last year, the Business
                                           In July of 2006 the Individual Training     businesses for a
Development Representative (BDR)
                                           Accounts (ITA) program was                  skilled workforce
team began working more closely
                                           transitioned from an external contract      and providing
with other staff in the OED Business
                                           provider to an internal operations unit
Assistance Center to find skilled                                                      assessment and
                                           within OED/DWD. Stationed at the
workers to meet business demand.                                                       training services to
                                           Speer Workforce Center, the program
The BDR team participated in multiple                                                  job seekers that will
                                           flourished, as it increased overall
training sessions to develop the skills                                                improve their
                                           training awards by 30% over PY05. In
and knowledge necessary to
                                           both Adult and Dislocated Worker            opportunities for
understand and supply the skilled
                                           programs combined OED/DWD’s                 employment in target
workers needed by businesses. The
                                           efforts nearly doubled the average          industries.
team’s work shifted from simple job
                                           assistance award. Additionally, the
development toward partnership
                                           internalization of the program allowed
development as activities that
                                           for better coordination of resources
included focus groups, industry
                                           throughout Denver. ITA-dedicated
panels, networking events,
                                           staff travels to all the workforce
presentations and speaking
                                           centers providing services to the
engagements (Hospitality
                                           customers in their neighborhoods, as
Networking, Mountain Region Black
                                           opposed to a centralized location. The
Economic Summit, Workforce Gap
                                           ITA program successfully faced
Analysis industry focus groups, etc.).
                                           enormous challenges in being re-
Members of the BDR team worked
                                           stationed, including transitioning over
with Business Development Assistants
                                           300 active cases in the process.
to educate businesses about the
programs available through the
                                           Youth Program Redesign
workforce centers.
                                           In the latter half of PY06 OED/DWD
The BDR Team established and               faced the challenge of designing a
expanded collaborative relationships       coordinated service delivery system
with regional partners. An Energy          for its youth customers, which would
Industry Workgroup was established         integrate case management functions
in cooperation with the Workforce          and educational service delivery.
Board of Metro Denver, WIRED, and          Previously, these two functions had

                                                     Denver Division of Workforce Development5          91
                                                                                  Formula For Success
                      been separated under case               issues that concern the needs of both
                      management partners and the Youth       the job seeker and the service provider.
                      Employment Academy (YEA). The
                      goal by September of 2007 was to        Meetings with Youth Services
                      integrate those two functions and       Providers
                      expand the scope of the YEA program.    As piece of the continuous
                      An initial design was developed         improvement effort within the Youth
                      internally and was presented for        Services unit of OED/DWD, all the
                      review to the Youth Council. The        partner organizations that provided
                      Youth Council provided critical         services to our WIA youth gathered
                      feedback and guidance that led to the   once a month in a “Partner’s Meeting”
                      development of a competitive RFP        throughout PY06. Just a few among
                      process. Youth Council members and      the many successful outcomes this
                      partners contributed to program         meeting produced include: uniform,
                      design and services improvements.       collectively developed, Individual
                                                              Service Strategy tool, standardization
                      Meetings With Community Sub-            enrollment processes of eligibility and
                      Contractors                             intake, and common branding tools for
                      The Contracts Unit held a business      outreach and recruitment of
                      and networking meeting with all OED-    participants.
                      DWD contractors in February 2007 to
                      acquaint them with new Contracts        Rapid Response
                      staff, provide an overview of how to    OED/DWD’s Speer Workforce Center
                      manage a contract with the City, and    works closely with the State Rapid
                      answer contract-related questions.      Response Team and participates in
                      Evaluations and feedback from           planning meetings as well as
                      attendees were so positive that this    workshops with the State for layoffs
                      forum will be repeated twice each       affecting 25 or more workers for
                      program year. Contracts staff also      Denver businesses. In cases where
                      participated in monthly meetings with   there are 25 or fewer workers affected
                      Denver Employment Alliance, an          by a layoff, Workforce Center staff
                      organization composed of DWD            meets with the affected business to set
                      contractors who come together to        up workshops to assist workers.
                      discuss customized services, gaps in
                      service, services to youth and myriad   PARTNERSHIPS
                      other training and employment related
                                                              Safe City
                                                              In PY06 OED/DWD successfully
                                                              incorporated the Denver’s Safe City
                                                              office youth summer employment
                                                              program. Previously, Safe City
                                                              received general funds from the City
                                                              and County of Denver to provide
                                                              employment programming in the
                                                              summer to Denver’s youth.
                                                              Combining OED/DWD’s and Safe
                      View of Denver from City Center Park    City’s programs created an
                                                              opportunity to leverage expertise,

92   Denver Division of Workforce Development
     WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
relationships with businesses, youth,      the project, 36 individuals have
and community. This resulted in a          successfully completed the Basic Skills
more accessible, effective and efficient   portion of the program.
program. Safe City provided points of

contacts and letters of endorsement to     Denver International Airport
all their education, neighborhood, and     Training Program
business relationships in the              The Denver International Airport                      ED/DWD
community. Additional funds from           Workforce Center worked with Spring                   increased
the general fund to OED/DWD                Institute to develop and implement a        services to 95
increased services to 95 additional        workplace English Language training         additional youth in
youth in the intensive, subsidized         class, customer service workshop and        the intensive,
employment program. This program           a cash handling workshop. These             subsidized Safe City
targeted youth that have previously                                                    employment
faced employment barriers. Youth in
                                                                                       program. This
the program received an eight week
employment experience, case                                                            program targeted
management support, job readiness                                                      youth that have
training, interviewing experience, and                                                 previously faced
educational remediation services.                                                      employment barriers.
                                                                                       Youth in the program
CNA to LPN Grant                                                                       received an eight
The primary goal of this project was to                                                week employment
increase the number of Licensed
                                                                                       experience, case
Practical Nurses (LPN) in the Denver
Metro Area by providing on-site
                                           View of Denver International Airport        management
classes at three Nursing Homes for         classes and workshops were tailored         support, job
Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)         to the needs of the businesses at DIA       readiness training,
staff employed at approximately 14         and jobseekers with limited English         interviewing
nursing homes. This training was           skills. The target population included      experience, and
conducted in collaboration with the        new job seekers and incumbent               educational
one of the local community colleges        workers with limited English job skills     remediation
and two long term care health              who required assistance in
provider organizations. Despite the        understanding and leveraging job and
problems associated with this project,     career opportunities. Goals included
much was learned about how to              assisting individuals to obtain entry-
improve similar projects in the future.    level positions at DIA, and then gain
We determined that the partnership         the skills required to take advantage
with all of the entities involved in       of advanced career opportunities. The
similar projects should begin prior to     program served 26 individuals in the
submission of grants applications.         Customer Service and Cash Handling
This allows everyone to be part of         workshops exceeding the goal of 20.
developing role expectations and           Spring Institute also incorporated the
outcomes from the beginning. We            DIA Customer Service CD-ROM
also learned a great deal about the        developed by DIA and Community
characteristics of participants and        College of Denver in PY05 into the
partner organizations that can be used     seminars making it an interactive
to design and implement successful         computer-based course.
projects in the future. Over the life of

                                                       Denver Division of Workforce Development5        93
                                                                                  Formula For Success
                      TANF                                          of federally countable activities, up
                      Although Denver Human Services                from 46% in PY05. In PY06, the
                      (DHS) had historically sub-contracted         percentage of TANF customers who
                      most of the employment focused                returned to TANF was down from
                      services to OED/DWD, Denver                   23% to 16%.
                      County implemented a complete
                      redesign of its TANF Program in July          King Trimble Center and Making
                      2006. OED/DWD assumed primary                 Connections
                      responsibility for assessment, case           The King Trimble Community Center
                      management and all related services           in Northeast Denver is operated by
                      and contracts. DHS retained the               OED/DWD. It houses the offices of
                      eligibility determination and on-going        Making Connections Denver, a
                      financial supports including Medicaid         neighborhood partnership. In PY06
                      and Food Stamps. The goals                    this partnership once again provided
                      established include: a) Increase the          space for Denver Asset Building
                      work participation rate; b) Increase the      Coalition (DABC) to offer free tax
                      percentage of customers involved in           preparation to Denver’s low-income
                      countable work activities; c) Increase        residents in what has become
                      the number of customers in                    Colorado’s largest free tax preparation
                      unsubsidized jobs; d) Increase the            service. DABC also offered free
                      earnings of customers; e) Increase job        financial responsibility and wealth
                      retention; f) Decrease Colorado Works         management classes at this site
                      returns.                                      throughout the year. The training
                                                                    team offered free computer classes,
                      At the point of transition from DHS to        laboratory hours, and job readiness
                      OED/DWD, the Federal Work                     workshops to community residents as
                      Participation Rate (FWPR) was 23%.            well. This project supports
                      The goal of reaching 30% by July, 2007        OWD/DWD efforts to assist job
                      was exceeded, with an actual FWPR of          seekers in asset building.
                      34% for June. In PY06, 58% of TANF
                      customers were involved in some level         The Denver Commission to End
                                                                    The Director of the OED/DWD is a
                                                                    member of the Commission, the entity
                                                                    that has developed and overseen
                                                                    implementation of the Ten Year Plan
                                                                    to End Homelessness that was
                                                                    completed in 2005. OED/DWD has
                                                                    worked in collaboration with several
                                                                    homeless service organizations in
                                                                    achieving the goals of the plan by
                                                                    providing employment assistance.
                      Denver Councilwoman Jeanne Robb, OED          Approximately 700 individuals
                      Deputy Director Cec Ortiz, Denver Workforce
                      Investment Board Member Melissa Camardo,      secured work during the first two
                      & Manager of Training and Assessment          years of the plan. Specific projects
                      Richard de Olivas y Cordova cut the           being undertaken to improve
                      ceremonial ribbon to celebrate the opening    employment rates include; expanding
                      of OED's new flagship workforce training
                                                                    an employment program within the

94   Denver Division of Workforce Development
     WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
hospitality industry; increase the         First Source – In connection with
annual employment goal to 1,000,           Denver Urban Renewal Authority’s
develop employment programs                (DURA) primary goal of undertaking
specifically for homeless youth and        urban renewal projects to revitalize

continue targeted employment               the City and foster sound growth and
outreach for adults who are homeless.      development. DURA developed a
                                           program, in cooperation with                          enver has
Construction Career Development            OED/DWD to improve employment                         expanded
Taskforce of the 21s                       opportunities for Denver residents in      its collaboration with
In Spring 2007, OED/DWD was                projects funded by the City and            construction
invited to participate in this taskforce   County of Denver. Participating            industry employers,
convened by the Regional                   employers gave Denver residents            apprenticeship
Transportation District (RTD) and          (who were referred by OED/DWD) a           programs and
Rocky Mountain Minority Supplier           five day advance hiring period before
                                                                                      training providers, to
Development Council to identify            considering other applicants.
methods of meeting the anticipated         OED/DWD also monitors and reports          include Denver Joint
workforce needs of RTD’s Fastracks         to DURA compliance with this               Electrical
project and the related Transit            requirement on a quarterly basis. The      Apprenticeship and
Oriented Development. The mission          program placed 289 Denver residents        Training and the
of this taskforce is to establish          in jobs between October 2006 and July      Center for
collaborations among several               2007.                                      Transportation
community and government                                                              Safety.
organizations that will result in          TALENT DEVELOPMENT
improved job opportunities for skilled
laborers, and a pipeline of skilled        WIA Adult and Wagner-Peyser
workers for the construction industry.     Accomplishments
Participating organizations include the    Group and On-line Services: During
Associated Builders and Contractors,       PY06 OED/DWD Workforce Centers
Rocky Mountain Chapter; the                continued to offer group activities
Associated General Contractors of          services to its job seeking customers
Colorado; Hispanic Contractors of          with classes ranging from Networking
Colorado; Mi Casa Resource Center;         to Resume Tips to Salary Negotiations.
Mile High United Way; the Piton            Additionally, OED/DWD rolled out
Foundation and Zann & Associates.          its very successful online orientation.
                                           This orientation is a self-paced,
OED/DWD has expanded its                   computer-based application that is
collaboration with construction            automatically voice guided for the
industry employers, apprenticeship         user. This feature allowed for on
programs and training providers, to        demand informational instruction to
include Denver Joint Electrical            the customer about our services while
Apprenticeship and Training and the        increasing operational efficiency and
Center for Transportation Safety. It       staff utilization.
has taken initial steps to increase the
number of job-seeking customers and        Core and Intensive Services: In PY06
youth participating in these programs      OED/DWD, through its 5 workforce
to further address the anticipated 50%     centers, provided core services to over
increase in demand for a construction      49,000 job seeking customers and in
and skilled trade workforce by 2015.       partnership with its community based

                                                     Denver Division of Workforce Development5         95
                                                                                 Formula For Success
                                                  Denver WIA
                          Program Cost Per Participant vs. Training Cost Per Participant




                                                                    $1044.85     $1038.11

                                          PY05        PY05        PY05         PY05         PY06       PY06         PY06
                                           Q1          Q2          Q3           Q4           Q1         Q2           Q3

                                            Program Cost Per Participant         Training Cost Per Participant

                      partners (including Denver Housing                         Industry-Specific Training: Over the
                      Authority, MiCasa, Work Options for                        course of PY06, OED/DWD provided
                      Women, Servicios de la Raza, and                           405 technical and 295 non-technical
                      Urban Peak) served over 1,700 Adult,                       (soft skill) classes to adults in areas
                      Dislocated Worker, and Youth                               including but not limited to
                      customers with intensive services.                         keyboarding, Microsoft Word,
                                                                                 customer service, orientations, cash
                      Customer Outcomes: In PY06
                                                                                 handling, and industry specific
                      OED/DWD enrolled 1,758 customers
                                                                                 customized trainings.
                      into intensive WIA services-a 29%
                      increase over PY05. The Adult
                                                                                 Denver Employment Readiness
                      Program increased participation and
                                                                                 Certification (DERC): The Career
                      enrollment into training programs by
                                                                                 Readiness Certificate (CRC) replaced
                      30%. The Dislocated Worker Programs
                                                                                 DERC (Denver Employment Readiness
                      increased enrollment by 59% and more
                                                                                 Certificate) during PY06. The CRC is
                      than doubled the average training
                                                                                 nationally recognized and has a good
                      program awards to participants. The
                                                                                 reputation among employers. DERC
                      Youth Programs increased enrollment
                                                                                 required classroom instruction and the
                      by 11% and increased training volume
                                                                                 CRC is individualized, completely
                      by more than 200%. For PY06, the
                                                                                 online, and comes with tech support,
                      average wage gains for participants in
                                                                                 consequently it was marketable, more
                      the Adult and Dislocated Worker
                                                                                 flexible, more consistent, and less
                      programs were $10,700 and $15,120
                                                                                 expensive to offer. See further
                                                                                 discussion of this in the “Training and
                                                                                 Assessment” section below.

96   Denver Division of Workforce Development
     WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
WIA Youth Accomplishments                            and improvement
Program Transition: In PY06                          opportunities, and
OED/DWD’s Youth Services Unit                        collaborative program design;
successfully transitioned all of its case
management and educational services
to external partners. Youth Services’
role shifted to that of technical
advisor, quality management control,
                                                   • Developed a system of
                                                     monthly performance
                                                     measure analysis and
                                                                                         Nigussie’s story is
                                                                                         one of many

                                                     communication among
and business engagement operations                   supervisors, as well as             successes among
programming. The results from the                    technical guidance to               those who have
shift included: increased program                    improved outcomes and               attended the
enrollment, five (5) of eight (8)                    remediate cases; and                Customer Service
performance standards over 100%                                                          and Cash Handling
with the remaining three (3) over 80%,             • Improved all data tracking          seminars offered
and work experience placements for                   mechanism for Youth                 through our DIA
over 500 youth over the program year.                Services including but not          office and Spring
Our shift in service delivery to                     limited to monitors of              Institute. Nigussie
specialization of services and                       enrollments, outcomes,              then completed the
outsourcing of case management and                   trainings, educational classes,     DIA ESL 12-week
educational programming with our                     demographics, employment            class with marked
contracted partners has also increased               placements, and employer            improvement in his
the capacity and uniformity of service               relations.                          English skills. After
delivery. Our partner community
                                                                                         taking the classes,
based organizations were able to            YEA Model: In February 2007
                                                                                         he gained self
concentrate on comprehensive service        OED/DWD’s Youth Services Unit
                                                                                         confidence to secure
delivery while, internally, the Youth       transitioned its Youth Employment
                                            Academy (YEA) to an existing case            a better position
Services Unit managed document
control, eligibility verification, and      management partner, Denver Housing           than his low paying
guidance on performance mapping             Authority (DHA). This move allowed           job cleaning
and outcomes to performance for             the housing of case management and           airplanes. He is now
youth. Through PY06 over 700 youth          educational service delivery under one       working as a
from varied funding streams received        roof for the first time for improved         customer service
services through our partners and           efficiency and accountability towards        agent at a car rental
Youth Employment Academies and all          outcomes. This model of delivery             agency at a much
youth were held to a common                 became our pilot for the duration of         better pay rate.
performance expectation.                    PY06. During that time, our existing         Nigussie is also
                                            career academies in growth industries        applying to a
                                            increased in scope and participation.        community college
In PY06, OED/DWD successfully
                                            OED/DWD also increased the volume            in January to his get
implemented its technical assistance
                                            of education remediation services and        his GED, with future
program to external case management
                                            workplace preparation classes we             hopes of earning a
service providers as follows:
                                            offered.                                     degree in
       • Held monthly partner                                                            architectural design
                                            Our YEA model was designed to
         meetings at the supervisor                                                      (AUTOCAD).
                                            provide employment support:
         and case manager level to          including job readiness training, job
         ensure consistency of service,     support, an eight week employment
         continuous communication

                                                      Denver Division of Workforce Development5           97
                                                                                    Formula For Success
                          experience, year round case                         holistic approach to youth
                          management/ job support, educational                services
                          classes, basic skills development

Yemane, an

immigrant from
                          support, career exploration facilitation,
                          exposure and participation in market
                          driven academies with certifications,
                          support to obtain high schools
                                                                            • Increasing participation from
                                                                              grassroots, neighborhood
                                                                              based organizations which in
                                                                              turn should allow for
                          diplomas or GEDs, assistance with                   increased outreach and access
Ethiopia, was             financial aid and post secondary                    for youth to program or
working for Air Serv      education possibilities, leadership                 service participation
at DIA earning $8.50      development and civic engagement
per hour as a             classes. The success of YEA was the               • The increased application of
baggage handler. He       catalyst to move all our partners to a              the Youth Employment
has a college degree      service delivery model that links case              Academy (YEA) design will
from Ethiopia which       management and educational services.                allow DWD to expand
is not recognized in      In all the success of this model will               academies from two to five
the United States.        help OED/DWD and its partners to                    emerging industries
Yemane received           serve over 700 youth in a
intensive one-on-one      comprehensive manner.                       In September of 2007 OED/DWD will
services and                                                          award three grants including one
                          RFP for Collaborative Youth                 partnership formed with Denver
participated in
                          Development Strategy: OED/DWD’s
several workshops                                                     Public Schools.
                          released a request for proposals (RFP),
including Computer        which allowed for a competitive forum
Basics and Internet                                                   Homeless Initiative
                          in which community-based                    OED/DWD entered the second year of
Email. He earned          organizations could provide original
Bronze certificates in                                                collaboration in Denver’s Road Home,
                          and new concepts for youth program          the Mayor’s plan to end homelessness,
Reading, Math and         design involving the integration of         addressing the specific and special
Locating Information      case management and education. The          needs of Denver’s job ready homeless
in WorkKeys. Based        results of the bidders’ proposals           population. The following was
on his certificates,      allowed for several important strategic     accomplished:
Ampco Parking             movements:
Systems, hired him
                                                                            • One Business Development
as an Assistant Lane             • Program recruitment and                    Representative was hired and
Supervisor earning                 outreach will place even                   contracted through the
$10.00 per hour.                   greater focus on all city                  Hispanic Chamber of
After one month as                 neighborhoods                              Commerce to expand and
Assistant Lane                                                                increase the number of jobs in
Supervisor, Yemane               • Operation of a network of                  new industries and employers
was promoted to                    youth services throughout the              committed to hiring homeless
Supervisor and is                  City that increases youth                  job seekers.
now earning                        access to developmental
$35,000.00 annually.               services                                 • Job placements obtained for
                                                                              1,200 homeless individuals
                                 • Leveraging of resources from               from July 1, 2006 – June 30,
                                   multiple partners to improve               2007 exceeding the goal of
                                   efficiencies and provide a                 580.

  98    Denver Division of Workforce Development
         WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
      • Job fairs hosted and targeted                          resulting in improved access
        to homeless jobseeker needs.                           to WIA services

      • Workforce services provided                          • Supportive services
        at Project Homeless Connect                            negotiated and provided by
        Events to connect homeless                             various service agencies to
        job seekers to employers                               assist homeless job seekers
        hiring on-site.                                        meet employment needs.

      • Liaison and service                          Youth Transitions Grant
        integration role provided                    The Youth Transition Grant (YTG) is a
        with other community                         federally funded program, through
        homeless services providers                  the Office of Disability Employment
        for improved service                         Policy (ODEP), intended to improve
        delivery.                                    transition outcomes for youth with
                                                     disabilities. Through resource
                                                     mapping OED/DWD assessed
      • Identified a specific point of
                                                     Denver’s youth service delivery
        contact at each workforce                    infrastructure and then developed,
        center to receive, interview                 implemented, and evaluated a cross-
        and assess homeless                          agency, multi-year plan to improve
        customers for WIA program                    transition outcomes. Employment and

                Denver - WIA - Total Trained (ITA) by Program


                     526 574
400      389

                               PY03 excluding NEG

200                                                                                            197
                               168                                                 157
                                                                             118         126
                                     110                     101 115
100                                        74
                                                56      56

           WIA Adult                 WIA DW                  WIA OY                WIA YY

               PY03 - #731           PY04 - #799          PY05 - #841        PY06 - #970

                                                                 Denver Division of Workforce Development5                 99
                                                                                                     Formula For Success
                          transition to post-secondary education                           intensive subsidized work experience
                          for youth with disabilities was the                              program administered by OED/DWD.
                          targeted outcome.                                                Each of the nine youth was matched
                                                                                           with a WIA case manager and

David was a

participant of the
                          Resource mapping results identified a
                          lack of opportunities for industry
                          specific work experience training that
                          effectively prepares youth with
                          disabilities in Denver for entry level
                                                                                           participated in an 8-week summer
                                                                                           work experience. To improve
                                                                                           communication between the WIA case
                                                                                           manager and the DPS Work Study
                                                                                           Coordinators, OED/DWD and DPS
                          positions and job placement assistance.                          developed protocols and guidelines for
Summer Youth
                          To address this issue, the OED/DWD                               joint case management, as well as
Employment                has worked to increase the                                       provided cross training.
Program (SYEP).           employability of in-school youth (ISY)                           Some initial measures of success for
Initially he chose to     and out-of-school youth (OSY) with                               this project were:
work at ABM               disabilities through supported work
Janitorial because he     experience, short-term industry                                             • Increased the number of
was interested in         specific job training, and job placement                                       youth with disabilities
                          services.                                                                      enrolled into WIA from 9% to
e; however, on his                                                                                       12%.
                          In the spring of 2006 OED/DWD
first day of work he      teamed with Denver Public Schools to                                        • All nine Denver Public School
was tapped to             enroll nine DPS students from the                                              youth with disabilities
perform clerical          Student Transition to Adult Resources                                          successfully completed their
duties. Although          (STAR) program into the Youth                                                  work experiences
David possessed no        Employment Program (YEP) - an
previous clerical
experience and was
                                                                  WIA Performance PY06
apprehensive about
the position; he
                                                      ADULT                                                   DISLOCATED WORKER
accepted the                Standard                                    Percent of Goal   Standard                                Percent of Goal
challenge.                  Entered Employment                                   100%     Entered Employment                               100%
                            Employment/Credential                                  82%    Employment/Credential                              95%
                            6 Month Retention                                      97%    6 Month Retention                                  94%
                            6 Month Earnings Change                              133%     6 Month Earnings Change                          111%
(Continued next page)
                                                 OLDER YOUTH                                                   YOUNGER YOUTH
                            Standard                                   Percent of Goal    Standard                                Percent of Goal
                            Entered Employment                                    95%     Diploma                                          123%
                            Employment/Credential                                 94%     Skill Attainment                                 106%
                            6 Month Retention                                     92%     6 Month Retention                                123%
                            6 Month Earnings Change                             106%

                                                                        CUSTOMER SATISFACTION
                                                      Standard                                       Percent of Goal
                                                      Satisfaction - Employers                                  90%
                                                      Satisfaction - Job Seekers                                96%

  100   Denver Division of Workforce Development
         WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
      • 25 DPS youth with                regional strategies for meeting the
        disabilities were placed in      short term training needs of job
        employment                       seekers. Over the upcoming year the
                                         Metro Board will identify specific
      • 26 of 27 youth with              strategies for leveraging their
        disabilities successfully        resources to provide training and job           (Success Story
        completed the 16-hour job        placements for businesses within                Continued)
        readiness curriculum.            target industries throughout the
                                                                                         ABM Janitorial was
ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION                                                                  so impressed with
                                         Focus on Industry Sectors
                                         The Office of Economic                          David’s ability to
Transitions To A Demand-Driven,
                                         Development/Division of Workforce               learn new skills, they
Cross-Regional System
                                         Development (OED/DWD) has also                  offered him a
OED/DWD has been focused over the
                                         been involved in two major efforts to           permanent position
last four years on developing an
                                         identify target industry sectors. First,
organization and partnerships that                                                       with the company.
                                         a workforce gap analysis for Denver
support the needs of businesses for a                                                    Upon successful
                                         was completed for 2004-07,
skilled workforce and providing                                                          completion of the
                                         identifying the following industries:
assessment and training services to                                                      2006 SYEP program,
                                         business services, energy, health care,
job seekers that will improve their                                                      David accepted a
                                         and hospitality for the focus of
opportunities for employment in
                                         training and collaborative strategies           Crew Leader position
target industries. We are working
                                         during the program year. In addition,           paying him $9.00 per
with the other three divisions under
                                         the construction industry was added             hour. This position
OED to develop and implement
                                         to the list to support the RTD
strategies that will improve economic                                                    provided David
                                         FastTracks project that is currently the
opportunities for businesses,                                                            opportunity to utilize
                                         largest federally funded
neighborhoods and individuals.                                                           his newly learned
                                         transportation project in the country.
                                         Next, the Metro Denver Economic                 clerical skills and
Metro Board
                                         Development Corporation’s report,               also work in his
The OED/DWD Director is a member
                                         Toward a More Competitive Colorado,             desired occupation.
of the Metro Denver Workforce Board
                                         described future and long-term                  He is a strong willed
(Metro Board), composed of members
                                         workforce needs of four high growth             young man with a
from 9 regional Workforce Investment
                                         industries and outlined many of the
Boards around Denver. The Metro                                                          bright future.
                                         challenges Colorado faces in meeting
Board is supported by a grant from
                                         this demand. Based on this report
the Colorado Department of Local
                                         the $15 million WIRED initiative,
Affairs and contributions from each of
                                         which Denver was awarded, chose to
the member WIBs. The Metro Board
                                         focus on aerospace, bioscience, energy
acts as the workforce panel for the
                                         and information technology industry
WIRED initiative and provides
recommendations about regional
workforce solutions to meet the
skilled workforce needs of target
                                         OED/DWD partnered with other
industries including aerospace,
                                         Workforce Investment Boards across
bioscience, energy, and information
                                         the region to apply for and receive a
technology/software. The Metro
                                         Department of Labor, Workforce
Board also develops and implements
                                         Innovation in Regional Economic

                                                    Denver Division of Workforce Development5             101
                                                                                    Formula For Success
                          Development (WIRED) grant in              industry. Each panel has completed a
                          February 2006 for $15 million. The        Jobs Matrix and Asset Map of its
                          Denver WIB members, OED/DWD               industry, which is a snapshot of the
                          Director and staff have been active       industry’s needs at this point in time.
                          participants in the WIRED initiative.     The panels have produced extensive
                          OED/DWD is acting as the fiscal agent     reports describing the current state of
                          for the WIRED grant and staff are also    the industry.

                          providing oversight and monitoring
          n January       on pilot projects being funded by         In January 2007, funds were awarded
          2007, funds     WIRED.                                    through the WIRED JumpStart grant
were awarded                                                        program. This funding supports
through the WIRED         Objectives:                               collaborations among existing
                                • Address skills gaps among         education, training, entrepreneurship,
JumpStart grant
                                  students and incumbent            and other workforce or industry-
program. This
                                  workers through proper            specific career development partners
funding supports                                                    that expand and/or replicate
                                  education and training;
collaborations                                                      successful programs to serve the needs
among existing                  • Increase the number of            of the Metro Denver WIRED
education, training,              incumbent workers enrolled        Initiative’s target industries. Of the 25
entrepreneurship,                 in training;                      applications received for this first
and other workforce                                                 round of funding, ten were funded for
                                                                    a total of $3.7 million.
or industry-specific            • Increase the number of
career development                students taking advanced          Workforce Investment Board Chair
partners that expand              math and science;                 Mark Pingrey, Chairman and CEO, FT
and/or replicate                                                    Bancshares, was voted chair of the
successful programs             • Increase the number of low-       Denver Workforce Investment Board
to serve the needs of             income students who go            (WIB) on October 30, 2006. He has
                                  directly from high school to      been a strong advocate on behalf of a
the Metro Denver
                                  college;                          regional workforce system, at the local,
WIRED Initiative’s
                                  Increase the number of            state or federal level. His contribution
target industries                 business start-ups in tech        to and support of OED/DWD through
                                  sectors;                          this past year of changes has been
                                                                    invaluable, not only to Denver, but to
                                • Create four Tech Industry         the Metro Area. In addition to
                                  Panels that will define the       chairing the Denver WIB, Mr. Pingrey
                                  region’s industrial base,         also serves as chair of the Workforce
                                  identify key employers,           Board of Metro Denver, a consortium
                                  products and services.            of workforce system directors and WIB
                                                                    chairs from Adams, Arapahoe /
                          Accomplishments: The four WIRED           Douglas, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver,
                          targeted industry panels of Aerospace,    Jefferson, Larimer and Weld counties.
                          Bioscience, Energy and IT/Software        As a strong proponent of a regional
                          were formed in late 2006. Each            workforce system, his steadfast
                          industry panels is comprised of high      leadership has guided this group as it
                          ranking leaders from that industry and    investigates expanding its regional
                          has assessed the workforce needs of its   collaboration. Mr. Pingrey also sits on

  102   Denver Division of Workforce Development
         WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
the Workforce Innovation Regional    seven criteria and to make
Economic Development (WIRED)         adjustments as needed. The Agency
Workforce Panel.                     applied for, and received the 2006
                                     CPEx High Plains Certification. The
Colorado Performance Excellence      DWD-focused CIT team led the effort
(CPEX) - High Plains Certification   to earn this certification.
OED/DWD is committed to using the
Malcolm Baldridge criteria to
determine how current management
practices measure up against the

                                              Denver Division of Workforce Development5          103
                                                                           Formula For Success
                                   Pikes Peak Workforce Center
 P       ikes Peak
Center served 44,908
                         REGIONAL PROFILE

                         Economic Conditions
                                                                    PPWFC met its mandate to give
                                                                    priority to Veterans, serving 9,959 or
                                                                    22% of its client base. 8,172 jobseekers
job seekers in PY06,     The Pikes Peak region, including the       were Hispanic/Latino.
and as one of its        city of Colorado Springs and El Paso
many services to         and Teller counties, is home to over       As one of its many services to
                         317,000 civilian workers and a large       employers, PPWFC posted 10,746 jobs
employers, PPWFC
                         military population located at Fort        on behalf of 1,173 employers.
posted nearly 10,750                                                Professional, scientific and personal
                         Carson, the Air Force Academy,
jobs on behalf of        Peterson and Schriever Air Force           services jumped from 2,044 to 2,706, a
over 1,100               Bases. These military facilities include   32% rise, and Public Administration
employers.               more than 30,000 active duty military      more than doubled from 794 to 1,653.
                         personnel, and provide jobs for about      Mirroring the area’s overall decrease
                         16,500 civilian employees. In 2006, the    in manufacturing, PPWFC reported a
                         local economy continued to show            63% decline in posted manufacturing
                         strong improvement, benefiting from a      job openings, from 624 to 393. And
                         statewide recovery in business services    although the construction industry
                         and also from the anticipated BRAC         builds for incoming military families,
                         assignment of over 10,000 new troops       PPWFC posted 37% fewer construction
                         to Fort Carson. Employment of retail       jobs in PY06. Jobs posted in the
                         salespersons and customer service          information industry dropped from
                         representatives continue to lead           581 to 392, a severe fall of 67%. Retail
                         occupations, along with computer           jobs remained steady from PY05 to
                         software engineers; most employment        PY06.
                         remains in the professional business
                         and support services sectors. The          Demand industries in El Paso County
                         continuing decline in manufacturing        targeted by PPWFC for WIA training
                         jobs reflects “a radical shift” in the     funds in PY06 included business
                         local economic base from                   services, the health care industry,
                         manufacturing to the professional          transportation, construction skilled
                         services industry and has been under       trades, and finance. These
                         way since the late 1990s.                  occupational clusters typically justify
                                                                    the training dollars spent on clients in
                         Pikes Peak Workforce Center (PPWFC)        terms of the entry wage they can
                         served 44,908 job seekers in PY06          expect or the career ladder potential
                         representing an 8% increase over           and the availability of jobs upon
                         PY05. Employed workers increasingly        completion of the training.
                         used our jobseeker services, up 8,871
                         from the previous year—perhaps             In addition, the Greater Colorado
                         indicative of a shift toward a             Springs Economic Development
                         jobseekers’ market as workers see an       Corporation has identified six
                         opportunity to improve their lot.          industries to target for growth in the

  104   Pikes Peak Workforce Center
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
                                     2006 Occupational Supersectors
                                  Pikes Peak/Teller Region vs. Colorado

        Pikes Peak/Teller Region                                                             Colorado
                                   Office & Admin
                                                                                                         Office & Admin

   Other                                                                                                            Military
   32.1%                                       Military                 Other
                                                8.2%                    34.6%
                                                       5.9%                                                           Business & Finance
                                               Business & Finance
                                                     5.1%                                                            Transportation
 Education                                                                                                               5.5%
 & Training                                Transportation              Education
                                               4.3%                    & Training
         Construction                                                  4.7%                                 Sales
                                   Sales                                      Construction                  12.7%
            5.9%      Food Prep                                                              Food Prep
                                   11.5%                                          6.5%
                      & Service                                                              & Service
                        7.4%                                                                   7.0%

Pikes Peak region:                                                               • Experience and Tourism
                                                                                 • Finance, Insurance and
              • Homeland Defense &                                                   Customer Service
                  Security                                                       • Information and
              •   Data Storage                                                     Communication Solutions
              •   Life Sciences                                                  • Professional Business and
              •   National Non-Profits                                             Social Services
              •   National Sports                                                • Renewable Energy and
                  Organizations                                                    Value-added Agriculture
              •   Aerospace
                                                                    As this study progresses, PPWFC will
On behalf of the Southeast Colorado                                 focus its resources on the clusters and
                                                                    obtain input from the respective
E3 (Education, Employment, Economic
                                                                    businesses, economic development
Vitality), Partnership, PPWFC has
                                                                    and education partners to plan for a
begun work with ICF Inc, a consultant
                                                                    talent pipeline of education and
contracted to conduct an industry
                                                                    training programs to meet the
cluster study encompassing the 12-
                                                                    workforce needs of these industries.
county southeast region of Colorado.
This study has identified eight
                                                                    One-Stop System
                                                                    During PY 06, Pikes Peak Workforce
                                                                    Center maintained a large main office
              • Advanced Materials and                              in central Colorado Springs, and three
                 Precision Manufacturing                            satellite offices: a Teller County office
              • Aerospace, Microelectronics                         in Cripple Creek, an office near Fort
                and Defense                                         Carson in Fountain and the Youth
              • Biotechnology and Bio                               Work Zone office in downtown
                medical Devices                                     Colorado Springs. Because of

                                                                                                               Pikes Peak Workforce Center                   5
                                                                                                                                       Formula For Success
                         population increases in northern El         Huerfano. This region was initially
                         Paso County, PPWFC partnered with           identified for partnership around the
                         the non-profit Tri-Lakes Cares to open      idea of integration of resources -

                         another satellite office in the town of     human and financial capital - within
                         Monument. Although the grand                these interdependent economies into a
              ith the    opening of this office will take place in   thriving innovative economic
Monument area of         early PY 07, the establishment of the       ecosystem. SCE3P envisions an
the Pikes Peak           office was completed in PY 06 with          alliance that bridges the entire region
                         PPWFC providing installation of             with shared assets and a system of
region growing and
                         computers and training for volunteer        supply chains that build upon existing
changing at a fast
                         staff.                                      and emerging industries that are
pace, the PPWFC
                                                                     economic drivers for the entire region.
responded to an          PPWFC uses a swipe card system to           Participants include PPWFC, Pueblo
invitation from Tri-     track customer usage of its resource        Workforce Center, SE/SC Workforce,
Lakes Cares to open      room at the main office. In PY06,           Upper Arkansas Region Workforce,
a satellite resource     18,548 new keytags were issued; over        Pikes Peak Community College,
room in a new            26,000 job seekers received direct          Pueblo Community College, Otero
                         services in the form of assessment, job     Junior College, Trinidad State Junior
community center
                         readiness and job search workshops,         College, Lamar Community College,
built almost entirely
                         networking groups, training, support        Colorado State University-Pueblo,
with local volunteer     services, work experience and/or job        University of Colorado at Colorado
labor!                   referrals.                                  Springs, economic development
                                                                     corporations, businesses, K-12
                         PPWFC took advantage of waivers             education, and chambers of commerce.
                         offered by the State of Colorado to
                         combine its adult and dislocated            Health Care Initiatives
                         worker programs in order to                 In response to the extremely high
                         streamline and simplify eligibility         demand for nurses, PPWFC worked
                         determination and performance               closely with the University of
                         outcomes. In addition, PPWFC                Colorado at Colorado Springs, Pikes
                         utilized a 25% formula fund set aside       Peak Community College, Colorado
                         waiver to target literacy issues with       State University- Pueblo, and Pueblo
                         both adult and youth clients in the         Community College to support RN
                         Pikes Peak region.                          candidates from El Paso and Teller
                                                                     counties with training and licensure.
                         PARTNERSHIPS                                The Business Relations Group also
                                                                     facilitated the Community
                         Southeast Colorado E3 Partnership           Collaboration of Healthcare Providers
                         (SCE3P)                                     and Educators (CCHPE) monthly
                         Realizing the need to gain a regional       meetings to work on capacity building
                         perspective for economic growth in the      for nurse training. With the support of
                         southeast quadrant of Colorado, the         that group, PPWFC used grant
                         Pikes Peak Workforce Center                 funding to purchase equipment that
                         encouraged discussion among 12              simulates actual conditions, enabling
                         counties: El Paso, Teller, Pueblo,          nurse training in remote or rural areas.
                         Fremont, Otero, Kiowa, Prowers,             Hospital staff and emergency
                         Crowley, Baca, Bent, Las Animas, and        personnel throughout the region are

  106   Pikes Peak Workforce Center
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
also using the simulation equipment       Military Personnel
in their trainings.                       We developed strong connections
                                          with the Army Career Alumni
Construction Industry Partnerships        Program (ACAP) at Ft. Carson and the
In response to the high-demand            Family Support Centers at Peterson
construction industry of the Pikes
Peak region, PPWFC continues its
relationships with representatives
from both union and non-union
                                          AFB, Schriever AFB, and the Air Force
                                          Academy to provide support and
                                          training to military personnel exiting
                                          their service and to spouses of those
                                                                                           R        esponding
                                                                                                    to the high-
                                                                                          demand construction
skilled trades, including the Joint       serving in the military.                        industry of the Pikes
Apprenticeship Training Committee,                                                        Peak region,
International Brotherhood of Electrical   Hurricane Katrina Evacuee Services              Pikes Peak
Workers #113 (IBEW), Plumbers/Pipe-       When Colorado Springs became a                  Workforce Center
fitters #58 and the Independent           destination for many evacuees
                                                                                          partnered with the
Electrical Contractors (IEC).             following Hurricane Katrina, PPWFC
Successful completion of                  worked with the Pikes Peak Support              Joint Apprenticeship
apprenticeships in the skilled trades     Alliance, Lutheran Family Services,             Training Committee
guarantees a job with a high entry        the United Way and others at the                (JATC) and the
level wage. In PY06 we provided           Colorado Springs Disaster Recovery              Independent
support to 76 first-year electrical       Center from its opening until its close.        Electrical
apprentices and 7                         As a result of these strong                     Contractors (IEC) for
plumber/pipefitters. In addition,         partnerships, Lutheran Family                   electrical,
PPWFC initiated a construction            Services contracted with PPWFC to
laborer apprenticeship program            provide housing for a grant funded
through the Colorado Laborers’ and        Katrina employment specialist,                  and construction
Contractors’ Education Fund.              integrating her into the staff of               trades
However, because of seasonal labor        PPWFC as part of its Career Advisor             apprenticeships.
issues and logistical problems            Group in PY06.
supporting classes held in Pueblo, the
program was discontinued. Despite
this disappointment, success in our
other apprenticeships has motivated
one other region to implement a
similar apprenticeship program based
on our model, and we are considering
expansion of these programs to target
local demand for skilled trades such as
machining, carpentry, law
enforcement, and sheet metal workers.
                                          Pikes Peak Workforce Center in Colorado
Services to Special Populations           Springs, CO.
In addition to developing partnerships
around high demand occupations,           Low Income Populations
PPWFC also worked with local              Services to low income populations
agencies to serve special populations     were many and varied in PY 06.
in our region as follows:                 PPWFC provided information on its
                                          services to Department of Human
                                          Services’ case managers for use with

                                                                    Pikes Peak Workforce Center 5          107
                                                                                     Formula For Success
                       TANF and Goodwill clients. PPWFC                                 we continued our partnerships and co-
                       staff served on the Department of                                location with Adult Education,
                       Human Services 60-month review                                   Vocational Rehabilitation, Senior
                       board for TANF participants and                                  Community Service Employment
                       participated in the development of the                           Program, Veterans Services and
                       Colorado Springs job access                                      Lutheran Family Services.
                       transportation plan. Co-located with
                       PPWFC’s Fountain office in the                                   TALENT DEVELOPMENT
                       Lorraine Community Center was the
                       WIC program, Food Stamps /                                       WIA Adult Training and Dislocated
                       Medicaid, Pikes Peak Mental Health,                              Worker Retraining
                       Lorraine (Alternative) High School,                              In PY06, PPWFC assisted 730 residents
                       Peak Vista Community Health Center,                              with intensive and training services in
                       YMCA (Before/After Program, Child                                the Adult program. PPWFC met its
                       Watch, Child Find, Gym), Head Start,                             performance standards on two of the
                       and D.A.R.E. Similarly, the PPWFC                                four Adult Program measures at the
                       Teller County office in the Aspen                                80% level and exceeded the 100% level
                       Center in Cripple Creek is co-located                            on the other two measures -
                       with a host of community agencies                                Credential Rates and Average Wages.
                       that serve low income residents such                             PPWFC assisted 349 dislocated
                       as Senior Center, CASA, Food Pantry,                             workers with intensive and retraining
                       Community Partnership Family                                     services. Performance for the program
                       Resource Center, Pikes Peak Mental                               was within the 80% level for all
                       Health, Community of Caring, Teller                              Dislocated Worker measures. An
                       County Department of Social Services                             additional 261 adults received
                       and Teller County Salvation Army.                                intensive services in the Career
                       Community Partnerships                                           Foundations program, which, under
                       At the main office in Colorado Springs,                          the State Set Aside policy, were not

                                                               WIA Performance PY06

                                                   ADULT                                                   DISLOCATED WORKER
                         Standard                                    Percent of Goal   Standard                                Percent of Goal
                         Entered Employment                                     92%    Entered Employment                                 94%
                         Employment/Credential                                106%     Employment/Credential                              93%
                         6 Month Retention                                      98%    6 Month Retention                                  93%
                         6 Month Earnings Change                              125%     6 Month Earnings Change                          101%

                                              OLDER YOUTH                                                   YOUNGER YOUTH
                         Standard                                   Percent of Goal    Standard                                Percent of Goal
                         Entered Employment                                    80%     Diploma                                            80%
                         Employment/Credential                                 82%     Skill Attainment                                 101%
                         6 Month Retention                                     92%     6 Month Retention                                  84%
                         6 Month Earnings Change                             101%

                                                                     CUSTOMER SATISFACTION
                                                   Standard                                       Percent of Goal
                                                   Satisfaction - Employers                                  88%
                                                   Satisfaction - Job Seekers                                95%

108   Pikes Peak Workforce Center
      WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
included in performance measures.                  • Tutoring, studying skills
As in the previous program year, a                   training and instruction
large percentage of WIA training                     leading to secondary school
concentrated on high demand                          completion
healthcare related occupations.
Between Dislocated Workers and                     • Alternative secondary school
Adults, 106 participants received                    offerings
training services for registered nurses
(RN); 23 trained for the radiology
                                                   • Paid and unpaid work
technician field; 31 trained to become
certified nursing assistants (CNA); 15               experience
trained as dental assistants; 12 trained
in the dental hygienist field; 15 trained          • Summer employment
for Medical Assisting; and 8 trained in              opportunities
medical records and health
information technology.                            • Occupational skills training

Other high demand occupation                       • Leadership development
training included: commercial truck
driving (71 trainees); network and                 • Supportive Services
computer systems administrator (10
trainees); heating and air conditioning
                                                   • Adult mentoring
(10 trainees); architectural drafting (7
trainees); accounting (3 trainees); and
computer security specialists (3                   • Follow up services
trainees). In addition, our customized
apprenticeship training programs for               • Comprehensive guidance and
electricians and plumber/pipefitters                 counseling
(described above) accounted for an
additional 83 residents receiving           The Youth Work Zone was within the
training in preparation for high            required 80% of all performance goals.
demand jobs in skilled trades.              The Youth Work Zone Summer Work
                                            Program also served 3,880 young
In total, PPWFC provided intensive          people as they registered for job
services to over 1300 adults and            matching services; 1,450 received
training services to 1075 adults during     individualized services in the form of
the course of the year.                     resume and job application assistance,
                                            mock interviewing and job referrals.
WIA Youth
PPWFC ran a satellite office in
downtown Colorado Springs called
the Youth Work Zone. The center
served 183 younger youth and 112
older youth in WIA, in addition to 220
younger youth and 83 older youth in
the set aside discretionary program.
The 10 elements required components
of our successful program included:
                                            Pikes Peak Youth Job Fair

                                                                        Pikes Peak Workforce Center 5     109
                                                                                    Formula For Success
                       A unique and popular offering to              Veterans Services
                       youth was the opportunity to attend a         PPWFC provided services to 350
                       3-day computer camp during which              disabled, economically and
                       participants learned to set up, operate       educationally disadvantaged veterans
                       and troubleshoot a laptop computer.           and those with other barriers to
                       Three separate camps, two in El Paso          employment through its State
                       County and one in Teller County,              veteran’s staff. The Vets staff reached
                       enabled 53 youth to cross the “digital        out to some of the hardest to serve,
                       divide” as they took possession of the        including the homeless and ex-
                       laptop computer to help them continue         offenders. An example of a veteran
                       to become computer literate, support          that was a success story is that of a
                       their school work and to access the           homeless veteran named Don. Don
                       world-wide web.                               had been unemployed since January
                                                                     2006 and was dependant on public
                       Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)             transportation because he did not have
                       TAA assists individuals who have              a driver’s license. Veteran staff
                       become unemployed as a result of              provided job search, resume
                       increased imports from, or shifts in          preparation, labor market information,
                       production to, foreign countries. The         vocational guidance and counseling.
                       goal of the “Trade Act” program is to         Don became employed as a floor
                       help eligible jobseekers return to            technician earning $11.50 per hour,
                       suitable employment as quickly as             moved into transitional housing and
                       possible. To facilitate this goal,            now has a valid driver’s license.
                       enrollees may access a menu of
                                                                     Business and Education Talent
                                                                     Readiness Project (BETR)
                                                                     The primary goal of BETR is to
                                                                     significantly reduce the leaks in the
                                                                     education pipeline and strengthen the
                                                                     output of skillful workers in the
                                                                     region, joining together the input,
                                                                     resources and guidance of business,
                                                                     education, government, and families.
                                                                     Originally planned as a forum for
                                                                     business and education to begin
                                                                     dialogue regarding workforce and skill
                       Customers take advantage of services in the
                       Pikes Peak Workforce Center’s Resource        set needs, this project will eventually
                       Room                                          initiate strategies that better prepare
                       services that include income support,         students for the transition from
                       relocation allowances job search              secondary and post-secondary
                       allowances, and a health coverage tax         education to career.
                       credit. TAA participants that require
                       retraining in order to obtain suitable
                       employment may receive occupational           Industry Cluster Study
                       training. PPWFC assisted 229                  Initiated as a project on behalf of the
                       individuals in PY06 with services to          Southeast Colorado E3 Partnership
                       get them back to work as soon as              (SCE3P), the cluster study began
                       possible.                                     analyzing regional and sub-regional

110   Pikes Peak Workforce Center
      WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
data with the goal for the 12 southeast    needed to obtain a job. As might be
counties to collaboratively work           expected, 93% of program participants
toward tightening the economic             were female. Earnings increased for
prosperity of their region. This will      successful completers exceeded goals;
become a business plan for the             participants were earning between $7
southeast economy and sustainable          and $20/hr, for an average of nearly
                                           $13/hr in high growth/high demand
                                           industries such as healthcare, retail
                                           sales, computer technology,
                                           government and education. A large
                                                                                        A         n Air Force
                                                                                       with three small
                                                                                       children needed
                                           number of spouses needed to upgrade         assistance to pursue
                                           business skills prior to seeking            college education
                                           employment in our area. In response         and training for a job
                                           to this need, Pikes Peak Community
                                                                                       as a sign language
                                           College (PPCC) created an online,
                                           non-degree program for program              interpreter. In the
                                           participants. The program includes          meantime her
                                           Basic Business, Business Writing and        husband was also
                                           Business Etiquette courses. 125             working towards an
                                           military spouses were enrolled by the       engineering degree.
                                           end of the grant period June 30, 2007.      The Military Spouse
The Air Force Academy is located in                                                    Program was able to
north Colorado Springs, CO.                Limited English Proficiency
                                                                                       help her with
economic growth.                           The Pikes Peak region enjoys a diverse
                                           community, due to the military              daycare, certification
Continuing into PY07, this project will    presence, and to the large hospitality      courses, testing and
provide a better understanding of          industry that attracts immigrant            books. With this
regional supply chains as well as a        workers. PPWFC and the Colorado             support she was able
platform from which to identify            Springs School District 11 Adult            to successfully
common skills sets for the workforce       Education and Family Education saw          complete online
and to see how they transfer to the        a need to offer a program to serve a        training from the
industries. In the process of the study,   special needs group— English
                                                                                       University of
partnerships with education and            Language Learners. Using a proven
businesses will help develop pipelines     job readiness workshop format called        Colorado, achieving
to make sure our students are well-        “Work Styles”, a job-readiness              a teacher’s
prepared for the workforce needs.          workshop developed last year through        certificate that
                                           a 10% WIA grant was offered this year       allowed her to enter
Military Spouse Program                    as part of the 25% Set Aside grant          the interpreting field.
The military spouse program began in       called “Career Foundations.” Four
2003 with National Emergency Grant         sessions were held from September to
funds to assist spouses of enlisted        June with 23 students in attendance
military personnel with the education      from 16 countries. The participants
and training they need to help support     came from all over the world with
their families and contribute to the       educational levels ranging from basic
local economy. In its fourth year, 382     literacy deficient to college graduates,
participants were assisted with career     and this program helped them take
exploration, vocational training,          the next steps in their journey toward
support services and job search as         employment. PPWFC also used

                                                                    Pikes Peak Workforce Center 5       111
                                                                                  Formula For Success
                       Career Edge, a computer based              workshops and networking groups
                       assessment program geared toward           each week as a part of its core services
                       those with language barriers, to help      to jobseekers. At least 2,089
                       participants explore careers and assess    individuals took advantage of Job
                       their abilities and interests. At the      Shop, On-line Job Search, 10 Steps to
                       completion of the classes, at least 12     Federal Jobs, Resume “Righting”,
                       were hired, and others began ESL and       Mock Interviewing, networking
                       GED classes, computer-based training,      groups and, other offerings at PPWFC.
                       and/or coursework at Pikes Peak            In addition, our “Computer Café,”
                       Community College.                         offers an “a la carte” menu of on
                                                                  demand career exploration programs.
                       Serving the Disabled                       Success Profiler, CareerScope,
                       Disability Program Navigator PPWFC         SkillCheck® and WorkKeys® software
                       also houses the Disability Program         are some of the comprehensive battery
                       Navigator (DPN), funded by state of
                       Colorado. In PY06, the role of the
                       DPN changed from individualized
                       services within a case management
                       model to a systems resource and
                       improvement agent at the
                       organizational and community levels.
                       This has enabled PPWFC to assist
                       employers, educational institutions
                       and community agencies to increase
                       their awareness of services for
                       disabled clients and of the benefits of
                                                                  WorkKeys Class at the Pikes Peak
                       employing individuals with
                                                                  Workforce Center
                       disabilities. Additionally, the DPN has
                       held optional beginning sign language      of skills tests, career exploration and
                       courses for all interested PPWFC           behavioral assessments that measure
                       employees.                                 job knowledge, interests, skills and
                                                                  abilities and are part of core services
                       Disabled Youth Waivers                     for all eligible job seekers. For WIA-
                       Funded through the Social Security         enrolled customers, two cutting edge
                       Administration, PPWFC is one of four       computer labs are available for self-
                       Colorado sites to study the impact of      directed education and training,
                       team intervention and social security      including PLATO, KeyTrain and
                       waivers to assist disabled youth. A        Teknimedia training programs.
                       team of four caseworkers implemented
                       this project under exacting conditions     Colorado Performance Excellence
                       to meet project research specifications.   (CPEx)
                       Begun as a pilot program, this is now      The Pikes Peak Workforce Center is
                       in full implementation.                    committed to the talent development
                                                                  of its own staff, and to performance
                       Specialized Workshops and On-Line          excellence as exemplified by Colorado
                       Resources                                  Performance Excellence (CPEx). Every
                       PPWFC runs an impressive array of          new staff member attends a CPEx

112   Pikes Peak Workforce Center
      WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
orientation and as part of this            Relations Group (BRG) contracted for
commitment to staff development,           the second year with leading
PPWFC encourages all case managers         transportation companies and major

to become certified as National            insurance and finance companies for
Workforce Professionals.                   customized hiring assistance and
                                           background checks. In addition to
                                           customized hiring activities, the BRG                n PY05,
                                           also provided employee training to           PPWFC delivered
Pikes Peak Workforce Investment            locally-based health care providers,         WorkKeys certificate
Board                                      medium-sized manufacturing firms             testing to 1700
As a service to employers throughout       and leading hospitality companies.           individuals. 627
the region, the Pikes Peak Workforce       Local government and school districts        received the Gold
Investment Board promotes the              took advantage of employee                   certificate and 681
Workforce Skills Certificate, based on     assessments, WorkKeys® testing and
                                                                                        received the Silver
the ACT WorkKeys ® assessments.            job analysis services.
                                                                                        certificate. PPWFC
The certificate measures an
individual’s work skills in three core     Employers increasingly turned to             also has a trained
areas: Reading for Information,            PPWFC for company specific hiring            WorkKeys job
Locating Information and Applied           events. Each month in PY06 saw an            profiler on staff to
Mathematics. All assessments are           average of 5 hiring events for a total of    address special
based on real-world work applications      60 hiring events over the course of the      employer requests
and help employers know the skill          year. At least eleven hundred                for customized hiring
levels of their current and potential      jobseekers had the opportunity to
                                                                                        and training.
workforce. The Workforce Skills            meet and interview with employers
Certificate is endorsed by the Pikes       that were actively hiring in almost
Peak Workforce Center, Greater             every industry.
Colorado Springs Economic
Development Corporation, the Greater       PPWFC hosted 4 job fairs during
Colorado Springs Chamber of                PY06. The Annual PPWFC Career
Commerce and Pikes Peak                    Fair was attended by 52 employers
Community College.                         who met with over 600 jobseekers.
                                           Our Summer Youth Job Fair had 40
In PY06, PPWFC delivered WorkKeys          companies in attendance and they met
certificate testing to 1700 individuals:   with over 600 of our service areas
627 received the Gold certificate and      youth. The Military Career Fair had
681 received the Silver certificate. Of    32 employers and over 400 Veteran
those, 9 employers worked with             jobseekers in attendance. Our First
PPWFC to assess 1,130 employees or         Annual Mature Workers job fair was
potential employees. Jobseekers            attended by 13 companies and over
seeking the Workforce Skills               200 job seekers. The Southern
Certificate via the website accounted      Colorado Career Expo hosted 31
for 556 assessments.                       employers and over 250 job seekers.

Services to Employers                      Rapid Response
One of the primary strategic goals for     PPWFC provides Rapid Response
PPWFC is to decrease dependency on         Services for eligible employers in El
federal funding by expanding fee-for-      Paso and Teller Counties. In PY06
service options. In PY06, the Business     Rapid Response Services were

                                                                    Pikes Peak Workforce Center          5
                                                                                   Formula For Success
                         provided to 1,461 employees of            Economic Development Corporation,
                         companies that were laying off or         the Colorado Springs Manufacturing
                         closing. The majority of companies        Taskforce and the Education Alliance
                         served were semi-conductor                Taskforce of the Colorado Springs

    I     n PY06,
          demand for
Business Relations
Group consulting
                         manufacturers, construction, and retail

                         Economic Development
                         PPWFC participates in the Business
                                                                   Chamber of Commerce.
                                                                   The PPWFC maintains a key role in
                                                                   the economic vitality of our local
                                                                   community. Studies show that
                                                                   employers consider a qualified
                         Retention & Expansion Visitation          workforce to be the primary
services increased a     (BREV) Program which exists to meet       consideration in choosing to relocate.
dramatic 23-fold over    the needs of primary employers in         In PY06 the PPWFC played an integral
PY05. New and            Colorado Springs. The purpose of this     part in the community’s efforts to
expanded services        program is to build and foster positive   attract new business. Companies that
included employee        relationships with local executives and   ultimately chose to relocate to
training, job            those at corporate parent                 Colorado Springs were impressed not
profiling,               headquarters of businesses that have      only with the quality of the workforce,
                         operations in Colorado Springs. BREV      but also with PPWFC’s expertise and
background checks
                         visitors call on existing companies to    determination to identify and resolve
and customized           proactively and systematically identify   their respective workforce issues. The
hiring.                  and address company needs, with the       PPWFC is on the leading edge in
                         end goal being new job creation and       providing workforce development
                         local investment.                         solutions, which positively impact the
                         Staff members are also involved with      economic vitality of the Pikes Peak
                         the Greater Colorado Springs              region.

  114   Pikes Peak Workforce Center
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
                             Larimer County
                             Workforce Center

Although the combination of a Front
Range location along with the
                                           Manufacturing activity related to
                                           computer and electronic equipment
                                           continues to remain flat when
                                           examined over the Boulder/Larimer
                                                                                            L     arimer
                                                                                          Workforce Center
proximity to the Denver metropolitan       County area and represents an
area provides many influences to the       increase of less than ½ of 1% per year.
Larimer County economy, Larimer                                                           To Provide the
County maintains its own unique            The number of employees carried on             quality of life for
character and employment base,             the employment roles of                        individuals, families,
blending the traditions of an              manufacturers continues to decrease,           and communities
agricultural society with the qualities    resulting in an estimated loss of 3000         through employment
of modern urban life.                      jobs since 2004 with over 750 job              and workforce
                                           losses last year (second Quarter 2005
The populations of Larimer County          to 2nd Quarter 2006). However, the
                                           increase in related jobs in Services has       activities.
and neighboring communities
continue to grow at a relatively rapid     grown roughly 1.2% of the sector.
pace. Colorado’s State Demographer         This indicates a dramatic decrease of
estimates that the northern Front          about 500 jobs - about 2.5% of all the
Range’s population will grow at 3.9%       jobs in these related sectors. This may
over the next few years and grow at a      create a significant surplus and a
similar pace through 2030, making it       related drop in incomes.
the fastest growing region in the state.
It was predicted that sometime in late     However, we believe this has been
2006, the region would have more           absorbed by a significant increase in
than 500,000 people living in the area.    the commuting patterns of our labor
National publications continue to rank     force. The Boulder County demand
communities in northern Colorado           across these three industries has
highly with regard to various              increased 3.4% (2nd Quarter 2005 to
“livability” measures. The most            2nd Quarter 2006). In addition, the
recent example was Money                   number of individuals in the labor
magazine’s designation that Fort           market has increased by 7200, about
Collins was the “Best Place to Live” in    4%, while local private employment
the United States.                         has increased by about 1800 or less
                                           than 2%. (This is April-to-April
The general economic perspective           comparisons because of the need to
from last year has remained                get the university students’ summer
unchanged, with very low                   employment out of the equation.)
unemployment, a significant
commuter based employment,                 We continue to see growth in Retail
technical employment impacts from          (approximately 5%). The healthcare
Boulder County and construction            activity has tracked as anticipated,
employment from Weld County.               now representing 95% of our

                                                                Larimer County Workforce Center 5          115
                                                                                     Formula For Success
                         proportionate employment. However,         productivity and competitiveness of
                         a few surprises have emerged. The          the nation’s economy. To maximize
                         Natural Resources, Mining, and             and complement the goals of the WIA,
                         Construction Supersector have posted       the Larimer County Workforce Center

N          ational
                         the biggest growth in terms of
                         projected headcount in our area, with
                         an additional 7.3% (or 700) jobs added
                         from April 2005 to April 2006 in the
                         Fort Collins-Loveland MSA. While
                                                                    (LCWC) is a fully operational one-stop
                                                                    system, which supports three Centers
                                                                    as follows:

                                                                    The WIA Center:
continue to rank
                         there has been growth in these sectors          • WIA Adult, Youth, and
communities in
                         in Colorado, the enormous growth in               Dislocated Worker
northern Colorado        construction in Larimer County has              • Trade Adjustment Assistance
highly with regard to    ended and the types of expansion in               (TAA)
various “livability”     Natural Resources are not consistent
                                                                         • Larimer County Youth
measures. The most       with the types of employment hired in
                         Larimer County.                                   Conservation Corps (LCYCC)
recent example was
                                                                         • Colorado Youth WINS
Money magazine’s
                         The increase in wages from 709 to 741             Program
designation that Fort
                         is only 5% and the Weld County                  • WIA Discretionary Grant
Collins was the                                                            (Summer Count$ Program)
                         increase from 700 to 731 is even less.
“Best Place to Live”     Overall, average weekly wages of less
in the United States.    than the State average still indicates a   The Employment Center:
                         significantly lower wage than would              • Wagner-Peyser (Job Seeker
                         be anticipated from the demand as                  and Business Services)
                         indicated by the growth in the recent            • Veterans Services
                         past. Employment in Construction in
                                                                          • Employment First
                         Larimer and Weld has increased 12.5%
                         since 2004, but the wages have                   • Disability Program Navigator
                         increased only 3-4.5%. While this is               (DPN)
                         consistent with the State of Colorado            • Governor’s Summer Job Hunt
                         (12.5% employment growth and 3.1%                  (GSJH)
                         wage growth), it indicates factors other         • WIA Discretionary Grant
                         than increased demand influencing                  (Regional Business Services
                         upward wages in the industry. In the               Consortium)
                         industry, it appears that a specialized          • CDLE Unemployment
                         source of supply is affecting the                  Insurance Auditors / Hearing
                         reduced increase in wages (perhaps                 Officer
                         undocumented workers).
                                                                    The Works Center:
                         One-Stop System
                                                                         • Larimer County Works
                         The Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
                         is designed to provide workforce
                         investment activities that increase the         • Larimer Center for Mental
                         employment, retention, earnings, and              Health – an on-site
                         occupational skill attainment of                  partnership providing mental
                         participants, which will improve the              health services to participants
                         quality of the workforce, reduce                  throughout agency programs
                         welfare dependency, and enhance the

  116   Larimer County Workforce Center
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
The LCWC offered two offices for the        took advantage of the internet-based
15,039 customers served within              self-registration system introduced in
Larimer County during program year          Colorado in August 2002. Typically,
2006, which provide the full-array of       about two-thirds of all Employment
services to customers. The Fort Collins     Center services are provided through
office houses approximately 63 team         the Fort Collins office; the Loveland
members and the Loveland office             Center provides approximately the
houses an additional 19 team                remaining one-third of all
members. In all, the LCWC has 82            Employment Center services. Our
team members and on-site partners to        Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
meet the employment-related needs of        programs served 548 participants
Larimer County.                             during this program year: 296
                                            dislocated workers, 59 adults, 143
Service Levels                              younger youth, and 50 older youth.
Approximately 13,787 job seeking
customers accessed the Employment           The Loveland and Fort Collins offices
Center labor exchange services during       maintain generally an equal number
Program Year 2006. Approximately            of participants receiving services
38% of the Employment Center labor          through the Works Center.
exchange customers were receiving           Approximately 550 families receive
Unemployment Insurance (UI). Sixty-         services each month through the
nine percent (69%) of the customers         Temporary Aid to Needy Families

                             WIA Programs
               Populations Serviced - 548 Individuals Total


                       Dislocated Workers         Younger Youth
                               296                    143

                                             Older Youth

                                                                  Larimer County Workforce Center 5        117
                                                                                     Formula For Success
                         (TANF) Program, resulting in              employment related. This is not to
                         approximately 1200 families receiving     take away from the quality, quantity,
                         services throughout the year. The         or value of our one-on-one contacts.
                         Works Center continues to receive a       Rather, this is a way to convey

                         consistent number of families who         information in a fast, consistent
          he Career      receive TANF assistance.                  manner and allows staff time to have
          Transition                                               meaningful interactions with
Team is an               Loveland Center Expansion                 customers.
                         The Loveland office was significantly
integrated team that
                         overcrowded, lacked space to provide      Career Transition Team (CTT)
provides services to     proper staffing patterns and negatively   The CTT is an integrated team that
WIA Adult, WIA           impacted customer service. The new        provides services to WIA Adult, WIA
Dislocated Worker,       landlord remodeled back office space      Dislocated Worker, and Trade
and Trade                to meet County standards. Once the        Adjustment Assistance (TAA)
Adjustment               remodeling was completed, the             customers. The CTT realigned its
Assistance (TAA)         Loveland Center realigned its staffing    service delivery model, staffing
customers. The CTT       pattern to better meet the customer       pattern, program access structure, and
                         and program needs and expectations.       program services to serve the high-
realigned its service
                         Although the immediate space needs        volume of participants expected to
delivery model,          were met, the Larimer County              seek services as a result of local
staffing pattern,        Workforce Center continues to search      layoffs/business closures.
program access           for adequate space in the Loveland
structure, and           (southern Larimer County) area in         The CTT continues to deliver services
program services to      order to meet the growing demand for      by fusing a variety of program services
serve the high-          additional services.                      and systems that were previously
volume of                                                          separate, including WIA orientations,
                         Technological Improvements                file management and reporting, form
participants expected
                         In this program year, we committed        consistency, training and supportive
to seek services as a    considerable time and resources to        service authorization, and internal
result of local          improve our website and make it           meeting structure. The goal of this
layoffs/business         informative and useful to both            merger has been to streamline all adult
closures.                employers and job seekers. For each       training services into one team,
                         customer group, we created a “tool        providing better consistency among
                         box” with resources, printed materials,   assessments and information sharing,
                         and links that can be printed and/or      and a seamless approach for customers
                         downloaded. In addition, we created       to access training programs. This
                         a calendar of events on which             change in service delivery supports a
                         workshops, regional job fairs, hiring     talented team to be able to better
                         events, and special events are posted,    respond to the needs of these
                         and have a feedback system on the         customers as they enter the system.
                         website for questions and comments.
                         Newsletters are posted on the website
                         as is other current information on        Economic Development Partners
                         labor market, wages, and trends in        The Larimer County Workforce Center
                         employment. Our goal is to have the       continues to build and strengthen
                         website become the central                partnerships with the Northern
                         information source for all things         Colorado Economic Development

  118   Larimer County Workforce Center
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
                  Partner Agencies Contributing to WIA
                  Adult and Dislocated Worker Training

         Partner Agency                         Financial Contribution
        Trade Adjustment Assistance                       $1,363,803
        Pell Grants                                          $65,000
        Other Education Grants                               $13,000
        Scholarships                                         $10,000
        Work Study                                           $18,000
        Unsubsidized/Subsidized Student Loans                $30,500
        College Opportunity Fund                           $390,000
        Division of Vocational Rehabilitation                 $5,000
        Total Partner Agency Contribution                 $1,895,303

Corporation and other economic              outreach effort: the Rural Residents of
development entities in our                 Larimer County, Larimer County
community to identify industry              Departments, Larimer County
clusters critical to our local economy      Businesses, and Partners in Business
and its growth. Larimer County              and Enterprise support. The outreach
Commissioners funded an 18-month            effort began in June.
Economic Development Pilot Project
to develop recommendations to               Rural Residents:
maintain the rural landscape, diversify     The Workforce Center partnered with
the local economy, develop and              the Planning Department and co-
maintain a viable workforce,                hosted a group event in Waverly,
encourage compatible entrepreneurial        Colorado. The purpose of the
activities, and coordinate with other       outreach and focus group was to
regional economic development               educate residents and solicit feedback.
activities and programs.                    Additional rural events will take place
                                            in late fall.
The Workforce Development Liaison
position, supported by project              County Departments:
funding, is housed in the Workforce         The Workforce Development Liaison
Center and the steering committee for       has performed five internal county
this Project consists of the Director       surveys to date (Planning, Building,
and Assistant Director of the               Solid Waste, Clerk and Recorder, and
Workforce Center, the Larimer County        Financial Services). The resulting
Planning Department Division                surveys highlighted areas to share
Director, and the County Manager.           information, cross link websites,
The main elements of Workforce              develop better education materials for
Development Liaison position include:       businesses, and better assist
                                            businesses in navigating the various
Public Outreach and Focus Groups:           county departments.
The program has defined and
implemented four approaches for the

                                                                Larimer County Workforce Center 5           119
                                                                                      Formula For Success
                         Larimer County Businesses and              diploma program based on achieved
                         Partners:                                  competency as the determining criteria
                         The Workforce Development Liaison          for completion versus credit hours.
                         attends events specifically for business   Their program was presented to

A          ims
Community College
                         owners to educate the groups on the
                         work being completed through the
                         Project and how the Workforce Center
                         supports businesses. The Workforce
                         Development Liaison also meets with
                                                                    Centennial Board of Cooperative
                                                                    Educational Services (BOCES) for
                                                                    accreditation and became state
                                                                    certified. They collaborated with both
                                                                    Weld County Schools and the
created an
                         partners to discuss new and                Thompson R-2J School District to
alternative, self-       innovative ways for public and private     create opportunities for youth to gain
paced high school        sector to work together for successful     their diplomas, and for the schools to
diploma program,         economic development activities.           receive credit for their graduation
based on achieved                                                   rates. The school districts and Aims
competency as the        The website, www.LCBE.org, is in           share the per-pupil funding in
determining criteria     development and will go live for           administering the program.
for completion           public access in mid-October.
                         LCBE.org provides a forum for sharing      Poudre School District has not yet
versus credit hours,
                         materials for businesses (Regional         developed the collaboration with
which is now state       Business Resource Guide, How to Do         Aims, so the same opportunity was
certified.               Business in Larimer County), provides      not available for youth in Fort Collins.
                         a much needed Business Community           While that collaboration is still being
                         Calendar for county agencies to post       pursued, it was the hope of Larimer
                         events, and supports entrepreneurs.        County Workforce youth staff that the
                                                                    services would be offered sooner;
                         The Entrepreneur workshop is in            however, this did not occur. Instead,
                         development with our partners, the         the Director of the Aims Alternative
                         Small Business Development Center          Diploma Program worked with WIA
                         and the Loveland Center for Business       staff to offer the program to Poudre
                         Development, to assure our training        School District youth on a fee-for-
                         will compliment the workshops they         service basis.
                         currently offer. Additionally, a
                         Business Services Event will be hosted,    The diploma requires students to pass
                         in conjunction with the September          specific levels of the WorkKeys tests
                         Symposium in 2007.                         developed by ACT. It also requires the
                                                                    completion of seven portfolio projects
                         Aims Alternative Diploma Program           and a final evaluation interview.
                         The Larimer County Workforce               Participants in Fort Collins utilize the
                         Center’s WIA YouthLINK Program             Workforce Center’s learning lab,
                         continues to build partnerships with       “Potential Central,” as a key resource
                         alternative education opportunities.       for completing the diploma program.
                         The Aims Alternative Diploma               A software program is utilized for the
                         Program is one alternative option that     initial placement tests to determine
                         eight (8) WIA youth successfully           whether a participant is ready to test,
                         completed during Program Year 2006.        or requires additional preparation.
                                                                    The same software provides tutoring
                         Aims Community College created an          on all the subject areas, as well as
                         alternative, self-paced high school        practice post-tests.

  120   Larimer County Workforce Center
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
Internet access is used to research       business sectors including retail,
most subject areas for the portfolios.    manufacturing and high tech.
Microsoft PowerPoint and Word             Approximately 676 affected
programs are used in the creation of      employees were invited to participate
many projects. Instructors in the         in Rapid Response activities.
Loveland and Greeley sites are
available by phone or in-person to        Larimer County Youth Conservation
assist the youth, evaluate portfolios,    Corps (LCYCC)
administer the official tests and/or      As the one of two revenue-
supervise the lab work. Once              generating/self-sustaining programs
completed, the youth are eligible to      within the LCWC, the Larimer County
attend a graduation ceremony, either      Youth Conservation Corps (LCYCC)
at Aims Community College or with         functions as a ten-week summer youth
the Workforce Center.                     employment program which
                                          empowers youth, ages 16-19, from
Upcoming changes to the                   diverse backgrounds to become
administration of the Aims Alternative    engaged citizens by completing
Diploma Program may affect future         service projects for the environment
partnerships with the WIA                 and community while promoting skill
YouthLINK in Program Year 2007.           development for personal and
However, the WIA YouthLINK staff          professional growth.
remains optimistic that this service
will continue to be available to future   As a fully functioning “Fee-For
WIA YouthLINK participants.               Service” program, the LCYCC was
                                          able to hire 32 corpsmembers and four
Rapid Response Services                   (4) youth mentor assistants for
The Career Transition Team (CTT)          Summer 2007. This was the third
continues to partner with the             summer operating completely as a
Colorado Department of Labor and          Fee-For-Service entity, and with much
Employment’s (CDLE) Rapid                 success. These successes were made
Response Team by providing partner-       possible through public/private
driven rapid response service to          funding partnerships including
existing employees who are facing         government, businesses, and private
imminent layoffs. Half-day                foundations. The LCYCC received
workshops are provided in                 full-accreditation for the seventh
conjunction with CDLE staff to inform     consecutive year, sponsored by the
and educate community members on
services provided: Unemployment
information, overview of dislocated
worker and TAA training services,
overall Workforce Center services,
along with a variety of other services
the employee may need as future
employment and career directions are
determined. Rapid Response (RR)
services were offered to 16 employers
during the Program Year 2006
                                          LCYCC Crew Leader and Corpsmembers
representing a cross-section of           stack slash at Bobcat Ridge.

                                                              Larimer County Workforce Center 5         121
                                                                                  Formula For Success
                          Colorado Youth Corps Association.         workshop or certificate training they
                          The number of corpsmembers was set        attended. Many of the youth earned

 S      uccess Story:

         Back in May
of this year, I made an
                          at no more than eight (8) per crew.
                          Fourteen (14) corpsmembers received
                          a $1000 AmeriCorps Education
                                                                    the maximum $200 incentive for
                                                                    attending eight (8) workshops.

                                                                    Youth also attended the Dare to be
                                                                    Different (DTBD) event at Front Range
appointment to talk to    Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)         Community College on June 22, 2007.
a TAA counselor and       Partnership                               This event educated youth on the
met with Christa for      During Program Year 2006, TAA             advantages of considering non-
the first time to         services continued to increase in         traditional occupations. The DTBD
                          Larimer County and northern               event hosted 25 Summer Count$ and
investigate if I could
                          Colorado. Companies including             three (3) WIA YouthLINK participants.
get on any of the
                          Agilent Technologies, Benchmark, LSI,     Additionally, Summer Count$ youth
Agilent Technologies      Longs Drug, and WaterPik, have            were able to participate in a Health
TAA petitions. I had      driven a significant increase in TAA      Camp offered through Aims
been an HP/Agilent        services in Larimer County due to
employee for 35 years     carry-in customers and new customers
and a single father of    accessing services. Since PY02,
two, and on July 31,      enrollments have increased from 38 to
                          a high of 479 in PY05. The Career
2006, my job went to
                          Transition Team (CTT) works directly
                          with the local TAA customers,
                          providing counseling services while
Christa investigated      navigating participants through a
the Agilent TAA           myriad of services offered through
petitions and also        their certification. The CTT has given
provided me               valuable front-line input on a new
information on WIA        TAA vocational plan that was piloted
                                                                    Summer Count$ Youth attended the Summer
                          in Program Year 2006.                     Count$ Celebration.
as an alternative.
Armed with all this
                          TALENT DEVELOPMENT                        Community College from June 19-21.
knowledge, I was                                                    The three-day event was attended by
miraculously able to      Summer Count$                             four (4) Summer Count$ participants
convince Agilent to       Summer Count$ was supported               and created a hands-on awareness of
file a new petition on    through a WIA Youth Discretionary         occupations within the medical field.
my behalf, and less       Grant from the Colorado Office of         The Summer Count$ Celebration was
than a week later the     Workforce Development. It provided        held on August 10, 2007, and attended
                          an opportunity for 142 Larimer            by 250-300 youth and family members.
DOL certified me
                          County youth between the ages of 14       During this celebration LCWC staff
under a new petition.
                          and 17 to increase their employability    received very positive feedback on the
                          through job search workshops and          program from the attendees.
(Continued on next        certificate trainings such as CPR,
page)                     Babysitting, and Food Handlers. The       Colorado Youth WINS Program
                          costs associated with certificate         In partnership with Colorado WIN
                          training were paid for through            Partners of the University of Colorado
                          Summer Count$ funding, and the            Health Sciences Center, the Larimer
                          youth received a $25 incentive for each   County Workforce Center was selected

  122   Larimer County Workforce Center
         WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
as one of three initial statewide sites to   with the City of Fort Collins, City of
participate in a random-selection            Loveland, and the Senior Advisory
research project that is designed to         Committee ensure a countywide event                (Success Story
provide benefit planning, disability         that brings employers and job seekers
program navigation, and career               together in a professionally formatted
exploration services to youth receiving      job fair.
SSA benefits (SSI or SSDI). The                                                                 Christa then worked
project has been designed to test four       The Program Year 2006 Job Fair was                 diligently with the
SSA waivers and the role of an               held at the Loveland Chilson Center                state to get my
Independence Team (“I” Team),                and had over 800 attendees (a 47%                  Training Plan
operating in a workforce center’s            increase in attendance) and                        approved. I now
environment, with regards to their           approximately 26 employers. Over                   have full benefits,
effectiveness in providing                   77% of job seekers evaluated stated
                                                                                                including TRA which
employment-related interventions to          the job fair was “very worthwhile” or
assist youth with disabilities in order      “worthwhile.” Sixty-one percent                    extends my
to maximize their independence.              (61%) of those surveyed left the Older             unemployment while
Through September 30, 2008, the              Adult Job Fair with “employment                    I go to school to
Colorado Youth WINS Project in               prospects” and 18 out of 19 employers              become a nurse.
Larimer County will serve 90 youth           (those who returned surveys) stated
with disabilities who receive SSA            that they would be interested in                   I can not believe my
benefits. Youth are referred through         attending the Fair next year.                      good fortune to have
random assignment, conducted by a            Additionally, 13 out of 19 employers
                                                                                                Christa as my TAA
national evaluator, who then refers the      stated that the Job Fair was at the
youth to the program in Larimer              “same” or “better” quality as other job            counselor. Her
County.                                      fairs they have participated in.                   knowledge, her
                                                                                                willingness to help
At the conclusion of Program Year                                                               me, and her attention
2006, 38 youth had been enrolled into                                                           to detail are
the Colorado Youth WINS program in                                                              incredible. I guess I
Larimer County. Full implementation                                                             did not expect a
of the program continues and the
                                                                                                person so dedicated
Colorado Youth WINS program has
successfully recruited 73% of the                                                               to helping me get
youth who were referred by the                                                                  through the
national evaluator. Further                                                                     bureaucracy we
integration within the Workforce                                                                often have in our
Center continues to evolve and                                                                  system. Christa was
solidify. Two-thirds of the youth            An employer and job seeker chat about
                                             employment possibilities at the Older Adult        there to make it so
participating in the Colorado Youth          Job Fair held in April 2007.                       incredibly painless.
WINS program are working within
the community.
                                             GED/Basic Skills Remediation                       - Dave Herder
Older Adult Job Fair                         Improvements                                         TAA Customer
The LCWC continues to take a lead            The WIA Youth Program continues to
partnership role in organizing and           serve youth who meet the eligibility
implementing the annual Older Adult          criteria for the out-of-school youth
Job Fair for customers 50 years of age       category. Partnerships to increase
and older. The continued partnership         basic literacy and numeracy skills

                                                                    Larimer County Workforce Center 5            123
                                                                                           Formula For Success
                       continue to improve in our local youth                           employers, youth council members,
                       program in preparation for Common                                education providers, youth families,
                       Performance Measures. The WIA                                    LCWC staff, and friends celebrate this
                       Youth program has recruited                                      event. Former WIA graduates present
                       additional paid tutors for youth who                             keynote speeches describing their
                       learn best in a one-on-one setting and                           success while encouraging current
                       is presently exploring the possibility of                        graduates to continue their
                       contracting with a vendor to provide                             momentum toward additional
                       remediation services on location. In                             education and employment gains.
                       addition, the WIA Youth program
                       offers individualized computerized                               October 26, 2006, marked the fall
                       remediation in the Potential Central                             ceremony where 12 youth were
                       Skills Lab and through outside                                   eligible to attend the ceremony.
                       classroom partnerships including The                             Graduation speakers included a WIA
                       Center for Adult Learning (CAL), The                             youth graduate. The spring ceremony,
                       Tutor Center, and The Mind Center.                               held on May 18, 2007, had five youth
                       During Program Year 2006, 31 youth                               attend the ceremony. Graduation
                       accessed individualized tutoring                                 speakers also included a WIA youth
                       services, and 132 youth accessed                                 graduate.
                       services related to improving their
                       basic skills needs.                                              Business Services
                                                                                        The Larimer County Workforce
                       GED/Alternative Diploma                                          Center’s Business Services team spent
                       Completion Ceremonies                                            PY06 building an increased awareness
                       LCWC continues to celebrate                                      of our services within the county as
                       secondary school completion through                              well as developing relationships with
                       a fall and spring graduation ceremony                            Boulder County Workforce Center,
                       at the City Hall in Fort Collins. Local                          Workforce Services of Weld County,

                                                               WIA Performance PY06

                                                   ADULT                                                   DISLOCATED WORKER
                         Standard                                    Percent of Goal   Standard                                Percent of Goal
                         Entered Employment                                     95%    Entered Employment                                 98%
                         Employment/Credential                                  93%    Employment/Credential                              89%
                         6 Month Retention                                      95%    6 Month Retention                                  94%
                         6 Month Earnings Change                              116%     6 Month Earnings Change                          130%

                                              OLDER YOUTH                                                   YOUNGER YOUTH
                         Standard                                   Percent of Goal    Standard                                Percent of Goal
                         Entered Employment                                    95%     Diploma                                            99%
                         Employment/Credential                                 83%     Skill Attainment                                   85%
                         6 Month Retention                                   109%      6 Month Retention                                  86%
                         6 Month Earnings Change                               95%

                                                                     CUSTOMER SATISFACTION
                                                   Standard                                       Percent of Goal
                                                   Satisfaction - Employers                                  94%
                                                   Satisfaction - Job Seekers                                99%

124   Larimer County Workforce Center
      WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
and Southern Wyoming Workforce             Job Seeker Services with the following
Services. In PY06 we posted 6,379 job      changes in paradigm:
openings, a 41% increase over PY05.
This increase in job orders is                    • Movement toward customer-

attributed to several factors, including            assisted, self-directed services
new marketing programs and                          including staff-assisted                       he WIA
materials, an enhanced website,                     services in the computer lab
increasing Business Services staff, and                                                            Youth
                                                    and utilization of on-line self
expanding our vision from employer                                                       program offers
to business services.                                                                    individualized
                                                  • Movement to an                       computerized
During the year, we implemented new                 appointment-based system             remediation in the
marketing programs and materials. In                for individualized service           Potential Central
August and September 2006, we sent a                                                     Skills Lab and
series of direct mail postcards
                                                  • Enhanced workshops/action            through outside
promoting the Business Services team.
Approximately 117 employers                         labs for job search and              classroom
responded to the postcards and                      employment related services          partnerships
registered in Job Link. This was a 10%              including the Resume and             including The Center
increase in employer registrations. The             Video Interview Action Labs
                                                                                         for Adult Learning
new marketing brochure for Business                                                      (CAL), The Tutor
Services has been developed and we                • Further Development of the
                                                                                         Center, and The Mind
were able to distribute it at Bixpo,                website as a primary resource
                                                    for job seekers                      Center.
regional trade show for businesses.
We also devoted considerable
resources to improving the website                • Commitment to developing
and making it more useful and                       “follow-up” services to job
informative to all customers.                       seekers through the job
Employers can post a job through the                seeker blog, job seeker
website, link to multiple community                 newsletter
resources and information sites, find
answers to employment and business         In the past year, the LCWC registered
related questions. We continue to          13,787 job seekers. Approximately
send a monthly e-newsletter to             1,200 customers access the public
employers and subscriptions have           computer labs and resource centers in
increased from 560 employers in PY05       the Fort Collins and Loveland offices
to 1160 in PY06. The Business Services     on a monthly basis. While web-
team also hosted numerous job fairs        registrations have increased
for employers who were new to the          dramatically, the level of staff
area or expanding their current            delivered services has not dropped
workforce.                                 significantly, indicating that job
                                           seekers are continuing to seek
Job Seeker Services                        guidance and support from staff on
In an effort to position Employment        specific aspects of their job search.
Center functions and staffing to be
responsive to changing financial           Veterans Services
resources, the LCWC implemented a          This past year, the highlight of area
new service delivery system for core       veteran services was the Northern

                                                                Larimer County Workforce Center5          125
                                                                                    Formula For Success
                         Colorado Veterans and Family Job Fair     have a severe effect on the program
                         and Benefits Seminar on October 5,        and we have been working with DHS
                         2006. Two hundred-fifty veterans          to find the trouble spots in our
                         and/or their dependants attended the      processes. By having staff work to

 T        he
Summer Job Hunt
                         event. Twenty-five employers and
                         eight service providers were there to
                         discuss employment and benefits.

                         The LCWC veteran staff continues to
                                                                   understand each other’s processes, we
                                                                   were able to find the missing links on
                                                                   each side and correct the problem.

                                                                   Governor’s Summer Job Hunt (GSJH)
also participated in
                         be a vital part of our agency. Our area   To address a decrease in youth
developing and
                         LVER is one of the facilitators of “How   registrations we opened access to most
implementing a           to Apply for a Federal Job,” a popular    of our services through our website.
series of “Open          offering on our workshop menu. One        Youth could register, check the
House” events for        of the DVOP’s works in our Loveland       workshop schedule, review job
youth which              office each Monday and has become a       openings, prepare for interviews, link
provided a venue for     welcome part of that team. Veterans       to other youth friendly websites, and
youth to learn about     staff also takes part in Operation        exchange e-mail with staff.
the menu of youth-
                                                                   In addition, staff sent “e-blasts” to
related services
                         Employment First                          young job seekers to inform them of
available through the    In PY06, Larimer County’s                 upcoming events, keep them informed
Workforce Center.        Employment First program received         on job seeking skills and available jobs.
                         three awards from the State for our       In addition, staff personally contacted
                         growth in enhanced funding and            all county high school career
                         employment. Among similarly sized         counselors and presentations were
                         counties, Larimer posted the highest      made in all high schools. Staff also
                         percentage of post-CBMS enhanced          compiled an email list, which was
                         funding compared to pre-CBMS              utilized to send out e-newsletters,
                         amounts. Larimer County also had          updates, workshop reminders, etc.
                         the highest number of participants        GSJH staff also responded to requests
                         gain employment among counties our        to make presentations to agencies in
                         size, and staff member, Katrina Daniel    the community. Those included a
                         was the staff member with the highest     youth detention center and a group for
                         employment rate for her caseload. In      youthful ex-offenders through the
                         fact, Katrina had the highest number      Department of Human Services. Youth
                         of participants finding employment in     were also referred to the Workforce
                         the state of Colorado.                    Center individually by social workers
                                                                   and others in the community who
                         These awards are a direct result of our   heard of the Governor’s Summer Job
                         close work with the Larimer County        Hunt program.
                         Department of Human Services to
                         refine the sanction process and to find   The GSJH also participated in
                         the appropriate means of increasing       developing and implementing a series
                         our enhanced funding allotment for        of “Open House” events for youth
                         the program. Since the introduction of    which provided a venue for youth to
                         CBMS, Colorado has seen a significant     learn about the menu of youth-related
                         decrease in enhanced funding from the     services available through the
                         federal government. This decrease can     Workforce Center. An estimated 80

  126   Larimer County Workforce Center
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
youth and their families attended the       of training needed by staff in both
Loveland event, and approximately           agencies and to assess the
200 youth and their families attended       benefits/appropriateness of the
the Fort Collins event. Youth who           services presently offered through the
attended were given access to the           LCWC as they relate to job seekers
computer lab and, with the assistance
of workforce staff, registered in
Connecting Colorado. Each of the
following programs had an
information booth – Governor’s
                                            with disabilities.

                                            Education and Life Training Center
                                            During this year, the LCWC continued
                                                                                            T      he LCWC
                                                                                          to work with the
                                                                                          Education and Life
Summer Job Hunt, Summer Count$,             to work with the Education and Life           Training Center
Larimer County Youth Conservation           Training Center (ELTC), the Adult             (ELTC), the Adult
Corps, and WIA YouthLINK. During            Basic Education/Family Literacy
the course of both events,                  Center in Larimer County, to provide
                                            basic computer education to job               Education/Family
approximately 100 youth registered in
Connecting Colorado.                        seekers through a Wagner-Peyser 10%           Literacy Center in
                                            grant. The ELTC works with                    Larimer County, to
Disability Program Navigator (DPN)          individuals who have limited to no            provide basic
Disability Program Navigators guide         computer skills, teaching them how to         computer education
Workforce Center staff assist people        effectively use computers to job              to job seekers
with disabilities to access and navigate    search. Through this grant, ELTC and          through a Wagner-
the complex provisions of various           LCWC are able to bring employment
                                                                                          Peyser 10% grant.
programs that impact their ability to       opportunities closer for those most in
gain/retain employment. The                 need.
Navigators also work directly with job
seekers to support them in their search     The “Computer Basics for Job
for employment. In the past year, the       Seekers” workshop is designed to
DPN has provided training on                teach the basic computer skills needed
assistive technology and has                to complete on-line applications, set-
developed a series of on-site               up an e-mail account, and type a
presentations by community service          resume. In this program we enrolled
providers who support those with            159 job seekers, 117% above our target
disabilities.                               goal of 136. Sixty-seven individuals
                                            have gained employment - this is
The DPN continues a close                   223% above our goal of 30 participants
relationship with the local office of the   finding employment. Because of the
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation       success of this grant, LCWC has
(DVR), and the two agencies use a           committed to continuing to offer two
universal referral form that                classes each month for the remainder
streamlines the process for customers       of the program year.
and staff. The DPN insures that
customers referred from DVR are able        ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION
to maximize the services offered
through the LCWC by guiding /               Economic Development
directing them to the services that best    Several new economic development
meet their needs. The creation of this      efforts in the area that were launched
central point of contact (i.e., the DPN)    last year are continuing. Larimer
allows both systems to identify areas       County began an Economic

                                                                Larimer County Workforce Center 5          127
                                                                                     Formula For Success
                         Development Pilot Project that is                 • Systemically analyze the
                         housed in the Workforce Center. This                characteristics of job seekers
                         pilot has been exploring collaborative              registering for Workforce
                         regional efforts in which to participate            Center services in Larimer
                         or lead, and integrating workforce                  County and develop Business
                         development efforts into economic                   Services’ action plans to target

                         development activities, while                       and build relationships with
                         exploring barriers to suitable economic             employers, including small
          ince 1994,
                         development.                                        businesses, who may
          the LCWC
                                                                             want/need the skills of these
has administered the     Another notable effort was the launch               job seekers;
Larimer County           of the Clean Energy Cluster. This
Enterprise Zone          cluster recognizes the value of                   • Build a communication
which promotes           Colorado State University and the                   system within the Larimer
economic                 potential for technology transfer in our            County Workforce Center to
development in           area. The cluster is supported by the               provide current labor market
                         Colorado Office of Economic                         information to frontline staff
qualifying areas
                         Development and International Trade,                who serve job seekers.
around the state         the Governor’s Office of Energy
through tax              Management and Conversation,               To address the first goal of a Regional
incentives to            Larimer County, the City of Fort           Business Services Consortium, the
businesses that          Collins, the Northern Colorado             LCWC held a meeting of agency
invest in the zones      Economic Development Corporation,          directors and staff to solicit buy-in and
and to businesses or     the Fort Collins Chamber of                set some direction. Business Services
individuals who          Commerce, and many private                 staff from all four regions have been
                         companies.                                 meeting monthly to work on join
contribute to
projects in the                                                     activities and educate each other about
                         WY-CO Regional Business Services           their respective regions. In the coming
zones.                   Consortium                                 year, the group will be developing
                         Larimer County Workforce Center            some joint marketing and hosting
                         received funding for this initiative in    some regional events, such as job fairs,
                         February 2007. The goals of the grant      a Bixpo booth, and employer
                         are to:                                    education events.

                                • Strategically develop a           Employers’ Roundtables
                                  Regional Business Services        Each year, since 1982, the Larimer
                                  Consortium among Business         County Workforce Center has
                                  Services Teams within             presented monthly (October-May)
                                  Workforce Boulder County,         informational seminars designed for
                                  Employment Services of Weld       small business, called Employers’
                                  County, Wyoming                   Roundtables. The organization also
                                  Department of Workforce           presents an annual September
                                  Services (Cheyenne Office)        Symposium, a half-day series of
                                  and the Larimer County            workshops that includes a keynote
                                  Workforce Center.                 speaker. Thanks to sponsorships from
                                                                    the public and private sectors,
                                                                    Employers’ Roundtables and the

  128   Larimer County Workforce Center
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
September Symposium are presented          Implementation Plan to be eligible for
free of charge. Attendance at the          CIMS Innovation in Leadership and
monthly Employers’ Roundtables             Service Delivery (ILSD) discretionary
averages 50 to 200 people. In addition     dollars. The Implementation Plan for
to small business, Roundtable              Larimer County was submitted to the
attendees represent large business,        Office of Workforce Development in
private non-profit, and government         July ’07. A year-end report outlining
agencies.                                  goals achieved, successes, challenges,
                                           and lessons learned was also
September Symposium                        submitted in July. In addition, LCWC
The 21st Annual September                  has decided to follow the 24 month
Symposium (September 2006)                 track to the Foothills award.
attracted approximately 600
registrants. Eight breakout sessions       State Youth Council Voting Member
and an endnote address highlighted         The LCWC has been fortunate to have
this half-day event. The Fort Collins      WIA Center Manager Mark Johnston
Coloradoan and First National Bank of      participate on the State of Colorado
Fort Collins provided sponsorship for      Youth Council. As a voting member,
the Symposium. An Enterprise Zone          Mark represents the Larimer County
marketing grant from the Colorado          Workforce Center and the interests
Office of Economic Development, and        and ideas from his colleagues who
grants from the Colorado Workforce         participate on the WIA State
Development Council and the                Operators Committee. Bringing this
Colorado Department of Labor and           network of information to our local
Employment were also used to               Workforce Center has been a benefit
underwrite some of the Symposium           for our youth programs.

Enterprise Zone
Since 1994, the LCWC has
administered the Larimer County
Enterprise Zone which promotes
economic development in qualifying
areas around the state through tax
incentives to businesses that invest in
the zones and to businesses or             Employment First (EF) Awards
individuals who contribute to projects     This quarter, the Larimer County
in the zones. The Workforce Center         Employment First team received three
has been able to channel dollars to        awards at the state wide conference in
Enterprise Zone projects for               May. The Best Enhanced Funding
community development, economic            Award (Large County) is the result of
development, and health and human          a dedicated partnership between DHS
service activities within the Enterprise   and the Workforce Center. Enhanced
Zone areas of Larimer County.              funding goes hand in hand with the
                                           second award, Highest Number of EF
Continuous Improvement                     Customers Obtaining Employment
Management System (CIMS)                   (Large County). The third award
Regions must complete an                   received was Staff Person with the

                                                               Larimer County Workforce Center 5          129
                                                                                    Formula For Success
                       Highest Number of EF Customers             rapport with youth, greater retention,
                       Obtaining Employment (Large                a better understanding of their future,
                       County) for Katrina Daniel who had         and ultimately more successful
                       the highest number of EF customers         enrollments.
                       obtaining employment in the state.
                                                                  Colorado Youth WINS
                       THINK BIG Award – Your Career              Adam Crowe, Career Counselor, and
                       Puzzle Workshop & WIA Youth                Josh DeWitt, Disability Program
                       Comprehensive Assessment                   Navigator, for the Colorado Youth
                       The Larimer County Workforce               WINS I-Team presented at the Social
                       Center's YouthLINK team presented          Security Administration (SSA)
                       the comprehensive assessment service,      National Conference in Colorado. Josh
                       Your Career Puzzle, which invites          presented information on successful
                       youth to ask "what if...?" as a powerful   techniques for recruiting youth and
                       approach to problem solving and            Adam presented on building effective
                       career possibility. The approach was       and beneficial relationships with
                       awarded for building a comprehensive       employers.
                       assessment that could lead to better

130   Larimer County Workforce Center
      WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
                            Colorado Rural
                     Workforce Consortium

The Colorado Rural Workforce
Consortium is one of the nine
                                           Each of the Rural Consortium sub-
                                           regions is managed locally. Rural
                                           Consortium staff administers and
                                           contracts out grants, formulates
                                                                                          regions are

                                                                                          challenged by their
federally designated workforce             policy, monitors for quality and for
                                           compliance with regulation and                 geographic size, and
regions in the state of Colorado.
Consortium staff performs                  policy, manages and operates state-            as a result, they
administrative, policy direction, and      run sub-regions, make participant              bring services to as
quality assurance functions. The           payments, and operates a Consortium-           many of their remote
Consortium includes eleven distinct        wide management information                    customers as they
geographic and economic sub-regions,       system. In about half of the sub-              can by establishing
each governed by its own local             regions: Southeast, South Central,             satellite offices,
Workforce Board, Local Elected             Upper Arkansas, Southwest, Mesa,
                                                                                          partnering with
Officials Board, and Youth Council.        and Broomfield, WIA funds are
                                           contracted with a local community              community agencies,
The Consortium’s web site and local
office links can be seen at                based organization or county. In the           publishing
www.yourworkforcecenter.com.               rest: Eastern, Pueblo, Western,                newsletters and web
                                           Northwest, and Rural Resort, state             sites, and offering
Job Vacancy Surveys conducted by the       staff operate programs. All of these           on-line services.
Colorado Department of Labor &             regions run one or more Workforce
Employment show that, on the whole,        Centers and partner with other
the economies of the rural sub-regions     community programs to provide
are comprised primarily of                 services for workers, students, and
government, services and retail,           employers.
construction, and agriculture industry
sectors. Most of the sub-regions are       Rural workforce regions are
dominated by small businesses with         challenged by their geographic size,
fewer than five employees and with         and as a result, they bring services to
wages low in comparison to the urban       as many of their remote customers as
areas of the state. Construction           they can by establishing satellite
industry presence in the Western           offices, partnering with community
slope regions is a positive aspect. The    agencies, publishing newsletters and
Rural Resort and Upper Arkansas sub-       web sites, and offering on-line
regions show a high percentage of          services.
seasonal employment created by
tourist industries. The Mesa, Rural        Rural job seekers have more difficulty
Resort and Northwest Regions are           finding employment offering a living
also experiencing a growth in the          wage than urban job seekers.
energy industry that is creating a large   According to LMI data seasonally
need for a new kind of workforce.          unadjusted jobless rates fell in 49
                                           counties, rose in 3, and were

                                                          Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium              5
                                                                                     Formula For Success
                          unchanged in 1. Rates varied between                             PARTNERSHIPS
                          8.2 percent in Costilla County and 2.6
                          percent in Rio Blanco County.                                    The majority of rural Workforce

  C        onsortium
                          Ironically, employers who seek
                          applicants with specific skills and
                          experience have difficulty finding
                          them. There are relatively few rural
                                                                                           Centers have co-located partners. The
                                                                                           Broomfield sub-region does not have
                                                                                           co-located partners in their Workforce
                                                                                           Center. In addition to the co-located
                                                                                           partners, the sub-regions work closely
                          population centers well supplied with                            with their local Chambers, Economic
• Focus on business
                          skilled workers and vocational or                                Development organizations and other
  as the primary
                          higher education facilities. The                                 agencies and community based
  customer of             Colorado Community College and                                   organizations in their area. Each
  workforce               Higher Education systems do their                                individual regional report goes into
  development             best to train rural residents to suit                            further detail regarding these
                          employer needs, but their resources                              partnerships.
• Expand local            are thinly spread.
                                                                    Rural Consortium Partners
• Target resources
  on high-demand                              Partners                  EA   NW   Pueblo    RR   SC / SE   SW   UA   West   Mesa
  occupations and               Colorado Department of Labor and
                                                                        X    X      X        X     X       X    X     X      X
                                Employment (CDLE)
                                Rocky Mountain SER                                  X              X                  X      X

                                DOC Adult Parole                        X
• Use new
  technology to                 The Training Advantage                                                     X          X

                                Upper Arkansas Area Council Of
  deliver services for          Governments (UAACOG)

  less                          Resource Consultants, Inc.                          X                      X                 X

                                Division of Vocational Rehabilitation   X    X      X        X      X      X          X

                                Pueblo County Division of Social
                                Moffat County School District

                                Montrose School District (SWAP)                                                       X

                                Southern Colorado Educational
                                                                                    X               X
                                Opportunity Center
                                Mesa County Department of Human

                                Hilltop Community Resources                                                                  X

                                Grand Junction Housing Authority

                                Cerebral Palsy of Colorado                                                 X

                                San Juan Board of Cooperative
                                Education (SWAP)                                                           X

                                South Central Board of
                                Cooperative Education (SWAP)                        X

                                In addition to the collocated partners, the sub-regions work closely with their local
                                Chambers, Economic Development organizations and other agencies and community
                                based organizations in their area. Each individual regional report goes into further detail.

  132    Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium
         WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
                      Consortium WIA Funding Breakout

      WIA Dislocated Wkr.           WIA Youth
                 $671,286           $3,228,452

                                                             Discretionary Funds

                                    WIA Adult

TALENT DEVELOPMENT                               • Target resources on high-
                                                   demand occupations and
The Rural Consortium received over                 industries
$9.5 million in WIA dollars for PY06.
These funds were received as Adult,              • Use new technology to
Dislocated Worker, Youth and                       deliver services for less
Discretionary funding of several types.
The Rural Consortium served a total        Based on this vision, sub-region
of 3,019 individuals in the WIA Adult,     projects are highlighted below. More
Dislocated Worker and Youth                detailed information on each of these
programs during PY06.                      can be found in the regional reports.

The Rural Consortium supports the                • The Mesa County Workforce
economic success of individuals,
                                                   Center (MCWFC) is working
businesses, and communities by
                                                   closely with employers in
improving opportunities for growth
                                                   their booming economy to
throughout its eleven sub-regions and
                                                   address the critical shortage
workforce communities. As a whole,
                                                   of skilled and unskilled
the Consortium’s vision of workforce
                                                   workers. Through the efforts
development is critical to the success
                                                   of the MCWFC, in part, new
of this effort. The emphasis for PY06
                                                   high-growth high-demand
was to:
                                                   training sites have been
                                                   added. In the past year, the
      • Focus on business as the                   MCWFC has assisted one
        primary customer of                        new truck-driving company
        workforce development                      in their start up, a heavy
                                                   equipment training school,
      • Expand local control                       and one new Certified Nurse
                                                   Aide training site.

                                                         Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium             5
                                                                                   Formula For Success
                                              Consortium Client Breakout

 T        o meet the
          needs of a
shortage of
                                                  WIA Dislocated
                                                                       WIA Youth

electricians, the
Pueblo WFC’s WIA
program, in
partnership with the
                                                                   WIA Adult
Joint Apprenticeship                                                 1,819
Training Committee
(JATC), established a
customized training
program to assist
with retention of                Throughout the past year, the                      by the Community Colleges
apprentices in the               Mesa County Workforce                              to students wanting to enter
first year of their              Center played a key                                the energy industry field. The
apprenticeship                   leadership role in partnering                      theme, “Connecting today’s
program.                         with public agencies and                           youth with the energy careers
                                 energy companies in the                            of tomorrow,” will ensure
                                 development of western slope                       workers for the industries
                                 regional safety training site                      into the future. The need for
                                 scheduled for development in                       this skilled workforce is
                                 the fall/spring of 2007/2008.                      growing and our role is vital
                                                                                    to meeting the workforce
                               • The Rural Resort and                               demand.
                                 Northwest Regions partnered
                                 with Associated Governments                       • To meet the needs of a
                                 of Northern Colorado                               shortage of electricians, the
                                 (AGNC), Colorado Mountain                          Pueblo WFC’s WIA program,
                                 College (CMC), and Colorado                        in partnership with the Joint
                                 Northwestern Community                             Apprenticeship Training
                                 College (CNCC) to produce a                        Committee (JATC),
                                 hands-on energy expo held in                       established a customized
                                 September at the Rifle                             training program to assist
                                 Fairgrounds for juniors and                        with retention of apprentices
                                 seniors from Garfield, Mesa,                       in the first year of their
                                 and Rio Blanco and Moffat                          apprenticeship program.
                                 Counties. Twenty-five energy                       Through this partnership,
                                 employers and 275 students                         WIA was able to assist
                                 attended, hard hats and lunch                      thirteen eligible participants
                                 was provided along with                            by providing tuition
                                 several scholarships donated                       assistance and textbooks.

  134   Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
          Other support included tools,                                      Pueblo Community College
          work clothing and                                                  to provide customer service
          transportation subsidies to                                        training to local business
          those individuals who                                              throughout the four counties.
          demonstrated a financial                                           Forty-six participants took
          need to continue the on-the-                                       part in a multi-faceted
          job training assignments that                                      training that covered all
          are integral to their five-year                                    aspects of how to treat a
          commitment to the                                                  customer. The project was
          apprenticeship program. For                                        entitled, “Priority One –
          many trainees, the                                                 Making the Customers First
          collaboration assured that                                         So They Will Last”.
          they would be able to pursue
          their occupational goals.                             ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION
          Twelve of the thirteen
          participants successfully                             The CRWC Board acknowledges that
          completed the first year of                           its work must bring the highest value
          their apprenticeship program.                         and most effective use of resources for
          Upon finishing the                                    customers and local communities
          apprenticeship program and                            within the sub-regions. The Board
          achieving Journeyman status,                          provides leadership in achieving the
          electricians can expect to earn                       success of the overall workforce
          wages that lead to self-                              development system, for the benefit of
          sufficiency in a career path                          all of Rural Colorado. The following
          with growing labor market                             are some examples of local workforce
          vacancies.                                            board initiatives and achievements:

       • The Upper Arkansas Region                                        • As a result of Mesa County
          partnered with Economic                                            WFC’s business marketing
          Development, local                                                 effort, job order listings have
          Chambers of Commerce,                                              increased dramatically.
          County Commissioners, and

                                       WIA Performance PY06

                          ADULT                                                   DISLOCATED WORKER
Standard                                    Percent of Goal   Standard                                Percent of Goal
Entered Employment                                   102%     Entered Employment                               101%
Employment/Credential                                100%     Employment/Credential                            109%
6 Month Retention                                      98%    6 Month Retention                                  99%
6 Month Earnings Change                              114%     6 Month Earnings Change                            86%

                     OLDER YOUTH                                                   YOUNGER YOUTH
Standard                                   Percent of Goal    Standard                                Percent of Goal
Entered Employment                                  102%      Diploma                                            90%
Employment/Credential                                 86%     Skill Attainment                                   92%
6 Month Retention                                     97%     6 Month Retention                                  94%
6 Month Earnings Change                               99%

                                            CUSTOMER SATISFACTION
                          Standard                                       Percent of Goal
                          Satisfaction - Employers                                  96%
                          Satisfaction - Job Seekers                              103%

                                                                                        Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium                   5
                                                                                                                        Formula For Success
                               Businesses registered with the            competitors—to learn how to
                               Mesa County Workforce                     use existing resources in new
                               Center have grown from 38%                ways to enhance each of the
                               in 2004 to a 64.6% penetration            key industries and to reach
                               share of the local market in              agreement on strategic
                               June of 2007 due in large part            improvements for the overall
                               to the marketing plan, efforts            region.
                               put forth by the Workforce
                               Center staff and the quality of         • The Rural Resort and
                               customer service given to                 Northwest Workforce Regions
                               employers and job seekers.                continue to address economic
                               The Workforce Center added                growth spurred by several
                               167 new business customers                new energy industry projects,
                               to their base in the months of            as well as ongoing mining
                               January through June of 2007.             activity in the region. The
                                                                         regional staff has been
                             • The Broomfield Region                     working with the energy
                               implemented the Work                      industry employers to obtain
                               Academy (WA). The WA is                   specific information on their
                               an in-house 5 week program                workforce needs; a survey
                               for Temporary Assistance to               was conducted to over 500
                               Needy Families (TANF) and                 employers requesting
                               WIA Youth. The Work                       information on job
                               Academy promotes                          descriptions, educational
                               employment and self-                      needs, license requirements,
                               sufficiency by using                      how many employees each
                               techniques and strategies                 one typically hires, etc. The
                               developed by the Workforce                information is being compiled
                               System                                    and will be used to put
                                                                         together a tool kit for staff as
                             • The Pueblo Workforce                      well as a WEB link for clients.
                               Center’s involvement in the
                               Southeast E3 Partnership is       BROOMFIELD SUB-REGION
                               planned to result in an
                               economic transformation for       Sub-Regional Profile
                               the Region. Across the globe,     The City & County of Broomfield is
                               regional business leaders,        located in the North Metro Denver
                               their suppliers, and key          area and is well known for being
                               economic input providers are      conveniently located between Denver
                               getting together to make their    and Boulder. Broomfield is 33.5
                               industries (clusters) more        square miles and borders several
                               competitive and their             metro Denver counties. The labor force
                               surrounding regions a             in Broomfield is a highly skilled and
                               stronger platform for growth.     educated workforce and includes
                               Southeast Colorado partner        approximately 24,986 people. The total
                               organizations have realized       civilian labor force in Broomfield
                               the need to do the same as        County for July, 2007 was 25,976 of

136   Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium
      WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
which 24,963 were employed and                   Broomfield Sub-Region
1,013 were unemployed. The                           Clients Served
unemployment rate was 3.9 percent.
                                              Program                Number Served
In Program Year 2006, Broomfield

                                             Wagner-Peyser                6,060
Workforce Center (BWC) served 6,059
job seekers, including 777 Veterans.
                                             Veterans Program             777                       roomfield
                                             UI Claimants                 3,421                     partnered
BWC’s current Entered Employment             WIA Adult                     51
rate is 70.71% and the Employment                                                         with Workforce
                                             WIA Dislocated Worker         16
Retention Rate for Broomfield is             WIA Youth                     22             Boulder County to
87.76%.                                                                                   hold its second
                                                                                          Business Continental
Some of the largest regional                event was held at the Omni                    Breakfast in honor of
employers in the Broomfield area            Interlocken Hotel and featured
include Ball Corporation, Level 3           Richard Wobbekind, Ph.D. from the
Communications, Hunter Douglas, Sill                                                      Development Month.
                                            University Of Colorado LEEDS School
Ter-Har Motors, Exempla Good                Of Business. Dr. Wobbekind gave a             The event featured
Samaritan Medical Center and Sandoz         current assessment of the state of the        Richard Wobbekind,
Inc. Broomfield also has a large retail     economy with a local viewpoint. Over          Ph.D. from the
industry with its beautiful 1,500,000       120 people from the Boulder/                  University Of
square foot FlatIron Crossing Mall that     Broomfield area attended the event            Colorado LEEDS
offers over 200 stores and restaurants.     including business owners and                 School Of Business,
                                            representatives from educational,
                                                                                          speaking on the
New development in Broomfield               economic development, and other
includes the highly anticipated and                                                       state of the
                                            partner agencies. The BWC in PY 06
much talked about Broomfield Event          also hosted 56 hiring events for the          economy.
Center, which opened in November of         business sector.
2006. The center is an 80,000 square
foot, $45 million dollar state-of the art   In May of 2006 BWC also partnered
entertainment facility and hosts up to      with Hunter Douglas and the law
130 events per year including the           Firm of Cooley Godward Kronish LLP
Rocky Mountain Rage Hockey team             to hold a Breakfast Business Forum at
and the Colorado 14ers Basketball           Hunter Douglas. Amy Hartman, an
team. Arista Place is a new                 employment attorney from Cooley
development under construction              Godward Kronish LLP, presented
surrounds the Broomfield Event              on "Top Ten Employer Mistakes under
Center and will be a 200 acre site with     the Family Medical Leave Act. 60 HR
up to 800,000 square feet of retail         representatives from the business
space, 400,000 square feet of office        sector attended.
space and approximately 1,200
residential units.                          In June a Set-Aside Incumbent
                                            Training Grant was completed. BWC,
Partnerships                                Sandoz (a bioscience company in
In September of 2006 BWC partnered          Broomfield) and Front Range
with Workforce Boulder County to            Community College partnered to
hold its second Business Continental        provide to 20 employees recently
Breakfast for businesses in honor of        promoted to positions of supervision,
Workforce Development Month. The            supervisory training.

                                                             Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium           5
                                                                                     Formula For Success
                         In PY06 BWC participated in the           Program by hosting its second region-
                         newly formed Workforce Board of           wide youth fair at the new Broomfield
                         Metro Denver (or Metro WIB) with 8        Event Center. The job fair was open to
                         other metro workforce regions             youth in and around the Broomfield

O          n February
           21, 2006
BWC kicked off its
                         designed to explore Workforce
                         Development on a regional scale.
                         From this partnership evolved the
                         award of the Workforce Innovation in
                         Regional Economic Development
                                                                   area between the ages of 15 to 21. Over
                                                                   800 youth attended the fair and
                                                                   registered for Broomfield’s GSJH
                                                                   Program. Employers such as Dave &
                                                                   Busters, Hunter Douglas, AMC
Governor’s Summer
                         (WIRED) grant that will help to           Theaters, Colorado BioScience
Job Hunt Program
                         produce a long term plan to train         association and Chipotle were
by hosting its           Coloradans for high tech jobs. The        represented at the event.
second region-wide       WIRED grant is a 3 year, $15 million
youth fair at the new    dollar grant that will focus on           Economic Transformation
Broomfield Event         providing a pipeline of educated          BWC is proud of the delivery of
Center. Over 800         works in four high tech industries        services it offers to both job seekers
youth attended the       including Aerospace, Bioscience,          and businesses and is excited to
                         Energy and IT/Software.                   continuously improve its scope of
fair and registered
                                                                   services. Some examples over Program
for Broomfield’s                                                   Year 2006 of BWC initiatives,
                         Talent Development
GSJH Program.            In PY06 BWC once again focused on         strategies, practices and economic
                         marketing Business Services to            growth include:
                         employers. Marketing efforts
                         continue to increase. In PY03, BWC              • BWC Board and Staff
                         posted 1,337 job openings. In PY04,               participation in Workforce
                         BWC more then doubled that number                 Board of Metro Denver
                         by posting 3,133 job openings. In PY05
                         the number continued to grow for a              • BWC Board and Staff
                         total of 4,801 job openings posted. In            participation in Metro Denver
                         PY06 the openings totaled 9,828.                  Regional Partnership WIRED
                         Broomfield’s WIA Youth program                    Initiative
                         continues to be successfully integrated
                         with Broomfield Health and Human
                                                                         • Implementation of the Work
                         Services. The WIA Youth program
                                                                           Academy (WA). The WA is
                         staff person also administers the
                                                                           an in-house 5 week program
                         Chafee Foster Care Independence
                                                                           for Temporary Assistance to
                         Program (youth 16 to 18 who are
                                                                           Needy Families (TANF) and
                         expected to emancipate from foster
                                                                           WIA Youth. The Work
                         care system.) This position,
                                                                           Academy promotes
                         demonstrating collaboration between
                                                                           employment and self-
                         Workforce and Human Services was
                                                                           sufficiency by using
                         highlighted in Tampa Florida, at the
                                                                           techniques and strategies
                         National Workforce Association
                                                                           developed by the Workforce
                         Conference in December of 2006.
                         On February 21, 2006 BWC kicked off
                         its Governor’s Summer Job Hunt                  • Job Club –Weekly Job Club
                                                                           focuses on networking and a

  138   Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
         variety of job search                    Eastern Sub-Region
         techniques and issues                      Clients Served

For Program Year 2007 Broomfield
Workforce will continue to focus on        Program                 Number Served
improving performance                      Wagner-Peyser               11,390
measurements and building business         Veterans Program             805
partnerships and community                 UI Claimants                 2,444
relationships.                             WIA Adult                    131
                                           WIA Dislocated Worker         43
                                           WIA Youth                     74

Sub-Regional Profile                      held in Elizabeth, Fort Morgan and
The Eastern Workforce Region              Sterling. The theme chosen for the
encompasses 10 counties and covers        fairs was “Oceans of Opportunity.”
over 17,000 square miles, one of the      Employer turnout for the fairs was
largest regions in the State of           impressive as over 150 employers
Colorado. In Program Year 2006 the        attended the three fairs combined.
region served 11,390 job seekers and
worked with over 800 employers            Partners for these job fairs were many
across the 10 counties. There are six     and included Morgan Community
full-time offices within the region       College, Northeastern Junior College,
including Burlington, Elizabeth, Fort     Fort Morgan High school, Frontier
Morgan, Limon, Sterling and Yuma.         High School in Elizabeth, Morgan
Part-time offices are located in Akron,   County Economic Development
Holyoke, Julesburg and Wray.              Corporation, Logan County Economic
                                          Development Corporation, Elizabeth
The US Census Bureau shows a 2006         Chamber of Commerce and the Logan
population of 108,551 for the Eastern     County Chamber of Commerce. The
Region, which indicates a 10.3%           Sterling Journal Advocate, Fort
increase over the last ten years. The     Morgan Times, KFTM Radio and
labor force in the region includes        KPMX in Sterling donated advertising
approximately 61,000 people with the      for the job fairs.
average unemployment rate towards
the end of the program year just above    For area business owners Eastern
3%. As a whole, the unemployment          worked in conjunction with partners
rate for each of the ten counties is      in Sterling and the Wray/Yuma area
consistently under the state average.     to bring nationally recognized
                                          marketing speaker Adriene Zoble to
The Eastern Workforce Region offers       the region. Adriene made a
complete one-stop center services         presentation in Sterling at
including Wagner-Peyser and               Northeastern Junior College and one
Workforce Investment Act services in      in Eckley at the community center.
all of the six full-service offices.      Partners in the presentations included
                                          Yuma Economic Development
Partnerships                              Corporation, Wray and Yuma
The region held three job fairs during    Chambers, Morgan Community
the past program year. The fairs were     College, Rural Resources Center,

                                                           Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium           5
                                                                                   Formula For Success
                         Northeastern Junior College and            This project is an excellent example of
                         Logan County Chamber. Over 100             integrated services and partnerships
                         people attended the event and              both internally and externally, as these

                         business owners agreed it was a            relationships with partner agencies
                         particularly interesting and useful        including Social Services, Probation
         een Paint in    presentation.                              and Parole, are what help make the
         Yuma this                                                  program the success that it is. In fact
year had several         The Limon Workforce Center in              this program has been so successful; a
                         conjunction with several business and      similar grant was awarded in the
businesses and
                         community partners held a Youth            Southeast Sub-Region to assist
partners within the
                         Career Fair in October of 2006 at          offenders in that area in making the
community                Limon High School. Over 300 students       transition from prison to the outside
contribute to the        from twelve area schools attended the      world.
program by donating      event that included approximately 48
supplies to help the     presenters, 16 sessions, and several       The third discretionary project is the
program achieve          volunteers that helped with the fair.      Second Chance Animal Shelter that
success.                                                            pairs youth offenders with animals
                         Talent Development                         and provides work experiences for the
                         The Eastern Region currently has three     youth in the Fort Morgan and Sterling
                         innovative discretionary grants to         animal shelters.
                         serve special populations in the Fort
                         Morgan and Sterling areas. One of          Another successful program that the
                         these grants includes the Second           Eastern Workforce rotates within the
                         Chance Thrift Store, which held its        region every summer is the Teen Paint
                         grand opening on June 29, 2007 with a      Program. This year the Yuma
                         ribbon cutting celebration with the        Workforce Center hosted the program
                         Fort Morgan Chamber of Commerce.           that strives to instill valuable work
                         The thrift store is a unique idea to       skills and work ethics in teens while
                         promote work and entrepreneurial           also providing a much needed service
                         skills in teen parents and at-risk youth   to the community. Teens, along with
                         and provide them with a valuable           the guidance of a youth mentor, paint
                         work experience. The thrift store is       homes for low income, elderly and
                         operated by the Women’s Clinic of the      disabled households within the
                         Plains and all profits from the store go
                         to the Baby Foundation. The Baby
                         Foundation is a non-profit
                         organization that helps families in
                         need of financial help when their
                         children face various medical

                         The Turning Point Program, another
                         discretionary grant, assists offenders
                         when they are released from prison or
                         jail and guides them towards
                         education and/or employment and
                         offers them an opportunity for a more
                         stable work and life environment.          Completed Teen Paint Program home.

  140   Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
county. The program promotes youth        and service related employment.
leadership, teamwork and priceless        Mesa County is a single-county sub
work lessons for youth that are in the    region within the Colorado Rural
program. Teen Paint in Yuma this          Consortium with a rapidly growing
year had several businesses and           population of 134,189, a labor force of
partners within the community
contribute to the program by donating
supplies to help the program achieve
                                          78,745 and an unemployment rate of
                                          3.2%. Mesa County’s labor force grew
                                          by over 4% and the unemployment
                                          rate dropped from 4.2% to 3.2% over
                                                                                        M          esa
                                                                                       County is the largest
                                          the past year. The total number of           community between
Economic Transformation                   registered job seekers is 12,108 of          Denver and Salt Lake
Across the Eastern Region staff           which 7,162 registered via the web.          City and serves as
continues to work closely with the        The primary growth industries are            the regional hub for
different economic development            health care, construction, retail
                                                                                       health care, retail
partners, chambers, community             services, and very high growth in the
colleges, community agencies and          energy extraction and related                trade, services and
town governments to address local         occupations. The industry sectors of         transportation for
and region wide workforce                 Trade, Transportation and Utilities          Western Colorado
development needs.                        along with Leisure and Hospitality           and Eastern Utah.
                                          have the highest number of estimated
The staff within the Eastern Workforce    job vacancies.
Region truly makes the region the
success that it is. To be spread across   The Mesa County Workforce Center
10 counties and serve such a large area   (MCWFC) is a full service one-stop
is a unique challenge. The Eastern        partnership with many community
Workforce Region is committed to a        agencies/services and the State of
high quality of customer service across   Colorado. These community agencies
the region and to have workforce          include the Hilltop’s Workforce
center services an important and          Investment Act programs, Wagner-
integral piece of each county and         Peyser, Veterans services, TANF,
community.                                Child Care Assistance, Hilltop’s
                                          Domestic Violence assistance,
MESA COUNTY SUB-REGION                    Colorado West Mental Health, Rocky
                                          Mountain SER migrant services and
Sub-Regional Profile                      Headstart, CP of Colorado, and
Mesa County is the largest community      Assistive Technology.
between Denver and Salt Lake City
and serves as the regional hub for        Partnerships
health care, retail trade, services and   Over the past several years the Mesa
transportation for Western Colorado       County Workforce Center has worked
and Eastern Utah. Six of the top ten      closely with the health care
employers are government services         community to develop a career ladder
and 12 of the top 24 employers are        in Mesa County that allowed a
government services/non-profit            Certified Nurse Aid to continue their
organizations. Consequently, most of      education, if desired, to become an
the community is comprised of small       LPN, ADN, or BSN. In the past year
businesses and predominantly retail       our goal of establishing this career

                                                        Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium             5
                                                                                  Formula For Success
                         ladder in the health care field has been       Mesa County Sub-Region
                         realized with graduates at all levels.             Clients Served

                         Mesa County’s WIA Youth satellite

 T                       office located at the Transitional          Program                 Number Served
          hroughout      Opportunity Center is a key partner in      Wagner-Peyser               14,728
          the past       the development of a one-stop-shop          Veterans Program             1,774

year, the Mesa           for at-risk youth. The Transitional         UI Claimants                 3,641
                         Opportunity Center houses an                WIA Adult                    399
County Workforce                                                     WIA Dislocated Worker         39
                         alternative school, which in addition to
Center played a key                                                  WIA Youth                     79
                         providing traditional and non-
leadership role in       traditional curriculum, utilizes
partnering with          WorkKeys and KeyTrain to provide
                                                                    SWAP and the division of Vocational
public agencies and      the option of obtaining a “Key
                                                                    Rehabilitation, the development of a
energy companies in      Performance Diploma” (competency
                                                                    full service Youth Shelter, the
the development of       based high school diploma) to
                                                                    refinement of training and
western slope            students. Co-located in partnership at
                                                                    employment services for a highly
                         the satellite office are the Mesa County
regional safety                                                     transient population of Homeless
                         Valley School District, Mesa County
training site                                                       Youth and their families, and the
                         Department of Human Services, 21st
scheduled to open in                                                implementation of the “Key
                         Judicial Probation, Division of Youth
the spring of 2008.                                                 Performance” Diploma Program.
                         Corrections, Western Colorado Parole
                         Operations, Senate Bill 94, Colorado
                                                                    Talent Development
                         West Mental Health, SWAP and Mesa
                                                                    The MCWFC is working closely with
                         County Partners. This facility
                                                                    employers in our booming economy to
                         provides a full range of intervention
                                                                    address the critical shortage of skilled
                         (triage) assessments, client staffing,
                                                                    and unskilled workers. Through the
                         wrap around services, drug and
                                                                    efforts of the MCWFC in part, new
                         alcohol counseling, mental health
                                                                    high-growth high-demand training
                         counseling, education services (Middle
                                                                    sites have been added. In the past
                         School, High School and GED
                                                                    year, the MCWFC has assisted one
                         Preparation), career counseling, pre-
                                                                    new truck-driving company in their
                         employment training, occupational
                                                                    start up, a heavy equipment training
                         skills training, and job search
                                                                    school, and one new Certified Nurse
                         assistance tailored to the youth’s
                                                                    Aide training site. Throughout the
                         abilities, restrictions, and goals.
                                                                    past year, the Mesa County Workforce
                                                                    Center played a key leadership role in
                         The WIA Youth Program has played a
                                                                    partnering with public agencies and
                         key role in generating and growing
                                                                    energy companies in the development
                         collaborative relationships between
                                                                    of western slope regional safety
                         youth service providers within the
                                                                    training site scheduled to open in the
                         community. Ongoing relationships,
                                                                    spring of 2008.
                         which have resulted from collaborative
                         efforts originating with the Youth
                                                                    Three years ago Mesa County
                         Council include: extensive
                                                                    developed a developed a unique
                         collaborative training with The
                                                                    “Queue” system that alerts staff when
                         Western Colorado Conservation
                                                                    an applicant has completed
                         Corps, co-enrollment services with

  142   Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
registration or needs assistance for a      The marketing strategy was based on
selected a job referral. In addition, the   three major components: Consultative
MCWFC created a room for client self        meetings with individual employers, a
registration and promoted on-line           marketing communications-pacing

registration which substantially            schedule, and a special events
reduced staff computer input and now        schedule. Workforce Center publicity
allows staff greater quality time with      now appears in selected articles in all                 s a result
job seekers. This new system also           print media and in the local electronic                 of our
allows staff the time to devote extra       media on a regular basis as a result of      business marketing
attention to the increased volume of        networking efforts. Business Services        effort, job order
job orders, marketing, and business         Team members also host job fairs,            listings have
services. The success of the “Queue”        seminars, symposiums, and facilitate         increased
system has reduced the waiting time         workshops at employer sites.                 dramatically.
for applicants to less then four
minutes and increased the amount of         In January of 2007, the Mesa County
time staff can devote to business           Workforce Center started its first           registered with the
services, higher quality of customer        annual job fair called “Jump Start           Mesa County
service, and ensures veterans of            2007” for over 40 employers that were        Workforce Center
priority of service.                        actively recruiting. Jump Start 2007         have grown from
                                            was very successful with over 1,100          38% in 2004 to a
Economic Transformation                     job seekers attending. In June of 2007,      64.6% penetration
In PY04/PY05, Mesa County                   the Mesa County Workforce Center             share of the local
Workforce Center (WFC) developed a          sponsored a best hiring practice for
                                                                                         market in June of
comprehensive marketing strategy            well over 100 employers. Topics of
that has served us well into 2007. Prior    the seminar ranged from legal issues         2007.
to the planning and implementation of       in the application and interview
the strategy, Workforce Center staff        process to the new Colorado law
conducted, summarized, and                  regarding hiring illegal aliens.
interpreted an internal survey of all
employees, followed by the employer         As a result of our business marketing
outreach study completed with over          effort, job order listings have increased
one hundred local businesses in Mesa        dramatically. Businesses registered
County. The results of the surveys, as      with the Mesa County Workforce
well as previously collected research       Center have grown from 38% in 2004
data, allowed staff members to focus        to a 64.6% penetration share of the
the strategy on the priorities of           local market in June of 2007 due in
promoting recruiting, assessments,          large part to the marketing plan,
testing, training, and quality assurance    efforts put forth by the Workforce
services to the business community          Center staff and the quality of
and job seekers. A business services        customer service given to employers
team was formed, and a marketing            and job seekers. The Workforce
pacing schedule was developed. A list       Center added 167 new business
of targeted employers was created.          customers to our base in the months of
This list ranked local employers based      January through June of 2007.
on their levels of recruiting activities
coordinated through the Workforce           Several years ago Mesa County
Center, and their specific needs.           Workforce Center’s Youth Council
                                            started an initiative to develop a

                                                           Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium            5
                                                                                    Formula For Success
                         WorkKeys assessment plan for the          needs of this region continue to be
                         workforce; businesses and work            closely tied to the tourism industry,
                         bound high school youth. Since            the growth of the Oil and Gas Industry
                         initiating the WorkKeys process, 4,654    in western Colorado is creating a large

 W           orkforce
partnered with
                         youth and adults have taken at least
                         one or more of the assessments. Of the
                         1,615 certificates awarded to youth,
                         70% have been assessed at the Silver or
                         Gold level that shows our emerging
                                                                   need for a new kind of workforce.

                                                                   Local partnerships with Chambers of
                                                                   Commerce, Economic Development
AGNC, Colorado
                         work force has a high potential to meet   groups and Local Community Colleges
Mountain College
                         the quickly changing needs of             have enabled us to share resources to
(CMC), and Colorado      tomorrow’s workforce demands. At          provide workshops, roundtables, and
Northwestern             the end of July 2007, the MCWFC has       job fairs to the community. These
Community College        133 businesses that recognize the         special projects continue to be a
(CNCC) to produce a      WorkKeys Certificate. In addition, the    valuable service to the local employers
hands-on energy          Mesa County Valley School District        who often do not have vast resources
expo held in             #51 in collaboration with the MCWFC       for recruiting and training employees.
                         has developed a performance-based         This year’s events included workshops
September at the
                         diploma using KeyTrain as one of the      on hiring people with disabilities,
Rifle Fairgrounds for
                         primary academic components and           Customer Service, and Generational
high school junior       WorkKeys scores as benchmarks for         differences in the work place.
and seniors from         progress.                                 Roundtables were conducted through
Garfield, Mesa, and                                                out the region such as Labor Laws and
Rio Blanco and           NORTHWEST SUB-REGION                      EEO, Unemployment Insurance and
Moffat Counties.                                                   Worker Compensation. Additionally a
                         Sub-Regional Profile                      hands-on energy expo in Rifle was the
                         The Northwest Region covers 13,826        collaborative effort between
                         square miles and consists of five         Associated Government of Northwest
                         counties: Grand, Jackson, Moffat, Rio     Colorado (AGNC) and the Workforce
                         Blanco, and Routt. The Colorado           Centers in the Northwest and Rural
                         Department of Labor and Employment        Resort Regions.
                         is the operator of the Workforce Center
                         system in the Northwest Region. Full-     The Northwest Regional office in Craig
                         service Workforce Centers are located     is co-located with the Division of
                         in Granby, Steamboat Springs, Craig,      Vocational Rehabilitation and a new
                         Meeker and Rangely. While the labor       DVR Counselor was hired in
                                                                   Steamboat; the Disability Program
                                Northwest Sub-Region
                                                                   Navigator (DPN) program is now
                                    Clients Served                 funded and operated by DVR in
                                                                   collaboration with the Workforce
                           Program                Number Served    system through the region; this has
                           Wagner-Peyser               6,095
                                                                   allowed us to share resources and to
                           Veterans Program            517
                                                                   better serve people with disabilities.
                           UI Claimants                1,277
                           WIA Adult                    64         Talent Development
                          WIA Dislocated Worker         16         Northwest Regions continue to
                           WIA Youth                    24         address economic growth in this
                                                                   region spurred by several new energy

  144   Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
industry projects, as well as ongoing        governments and other community
mining activity in the region. The           agencies to develop relationships and
regional staff has been working with         collaborative efforts, which will allow
the energy industry employers to             us to pursue additional resources
obtain specific information on their         through various grant opportunities
workforce needs; a survey was
conducted to over 500 employers
requesting information on job
descriptions, educational needs,
license requirements, how many
                                             and industry resources. We are
                                             participating in the American
                                             Petroleum Institute’s five-state
                                             coalition of industry, workforce
                                             professionals and both private and
                                                                                                       T       he
                                                                                                     sub-region is
                                                                                                     participating in the
employees each one typically hires,          public educational entities to                          American Petroleum
etc. The information is being                accomplish a broad scope of initiatives                 Institute’s five-state
compiled and will be used to put             including: developing tools to better                   coalition of industry,
together a tool kit for staff as well as a   educate the public on careers in the
                                                                                                     workforce, and
WEB link for clients.                        energy industries; designing an
                                             interactive website which illustrates                   education to
Additionally the Workforce Centers           where jobs and training opportunities                   accomplish a broad
partnered with AGNC, Colorado                exist; and providing information to                     scope of initiatives
Mountain College (CMC), and                  industry that details the services                      to educate the public
Colorado Northwestern Community              available through the workforce.                        on careers in the
College (CNCC) to produce a hands                                                                    energy field.
on energy expo held in September at
the Rifle Fairgrounds for junior and
seniors from Garfield, Mesa, and Rio                           force
Blanco and Moffat Counties; 25 energy                                 Center
employers and 275 students attended,                             Where the connection happens
hard hats and lunch was provided
along with several scholarships              PUEBLO SUB-REGION
donated by the Community Colleges
to students wanting to enter the             Sub-Regional Profile
energy industry field. The theme             Pueblo is a single-county, single
“Connecting Today’s Youth with the           Workforce Center Region. The Pueblo
Energy Careers of Tomorrow” will             Region has an average unemployment
ensure workers for the industries into       rate of 5.6% compared to the State
the future. The need for this skilled        average of 4.3%. Although the
workforce is growing and our role is         unemployment rate is higher than the
vital to meeting the workforce               State average, it has dropped 1.30% in
demand.                                      this program year. The median
                                             household income average continues
Economic Transformation                      to be lower than the State average due
Power plants, mining, drillers for           to a high number of job openings in
natural gas, oil shale extraction, and a     retail sales and hospitality. These
myriad of businesses are supporting          positions pay between minimum wage
the effort to address the challenge of       and max out close to $9.00 hourly.
developing a skilled workforce. In           Individuals with lower paying jobs
addition, the Workforce Center is            often do not pursue training to
working with economic development            develop new skills because they do
partners, community colleges, town

                                                           Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium                        5
                                                                                                Formula For Success
                         not possess the financial resources and   customers as well as existing
                         time to pursue training. New              employees of local businesses who are
                         business in call center industries        seeking skills upgrades or are
                         continues to locate to Pueblo, because    candidates for promotion.

Center has
          he Pueblo
                         of an availability of workers. As
                         employers who are seeking other
                         resources available in Pueblo coupled
                         with incentives from the city and
                         economic development, the Pueblo
                                                                   The Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
                                                                   training programs at the Pueblo
                                                                   Workforce Center developed a survey
                                                                   tool to move applicants from the
continued to develop
                         Workforce Center projects that more       Wagner Peyser labor exchange
and implement a
                         jobs and increased wages will occur       program to Workforce Investment Act
local demand-driven      and planned new industry will change      training.
Workforce                the economy of the community to the
Investment System,       benefit of all who live there.            Partnerships
which emphasizes                                                   Demand-Driven System:
the formation of         The Pueblo Workforce Center includes      The Pueblo Workforce Center has
strategic                the Wagner Peyser programs, the           continued to develop and implement a
                         Workforce Investment Act (WIA)            local demand-driven Workforce
partnerships with
                         programs, Veterans, UI referee and        Investment System. This system
business, education                                                places the emphasis on the formation
                         Tax auditors, along with several
and other community      programs for individuals with             of strategic partnerships with business,
organizations to         disabilities, the Senior Employment       education and other community
better prepare and       Program, and financial assistance         organizations to better prepare and
train the workforce      programs. In July, 2006, the Pueblo       train the workforce for the jobs of the
for the jobs of the      Workforce Center moved into new           future, develop solutions for business,
future, develop          permanent office space at 212 West        and ultimately foster economic
                         Third Street. Employment-related          development for the community. We
solutions for
                         operations such as the Business           have started a series of E3 Business
business, and            Services Unit, the Employment             Forums that provide opportunities for
ultimately foster        Services Unit, the Resource Center, the   employers to hear from subject matter
economic                 Mature Workers Unit, and the              experts available through the State of
development for the      Disabilities Program Navigator moved      Colorado about EEOC, Wage and
community.               into street-level offices in this         Hour Law, and among other topics,
                         downtown Pueblo building to better        legislative changes that effect human
                         serve business and the job-seeking        resource management policies.
                                                                   As part of the new business model, the
                         Self-registration as well as guided       Business Services Unit (BSU) was
                         registrations in group settings for       reorganized to deliver enhanced
                         employment services has been              services focused on specific industry
                         developed to enhance registration         groups. The unique needs of
                         quality and reduce waiting time.          employers have been met by
                         There have been over 119 sessions         providing customized job fairs,
                         conducted to date. Additionally, a        customized training and collaborating
                         new dedicated skills assessment center    with training providers to design
                         was established to evaluate the           specialized curriculum. The Pueblo
                         selected skill sets of job-seeking        Workforce Center also identified the

  146   Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
need for a large-scale job fair. A fair             Pueblo Sub-Region
held resulted in greater than 50                      Clients Served
employers participating; all who were
actively seeking to fill open positions.    Program                 Number Served
The event was a huge success with
                                            Wagner-Peyser               14,818
greater than 1500 job seekers in
                                            Veterans Program             1,640
attendance. The Pueblo Workforce            UI Claimants                 5,064
Center received great press coverage        WIA Adult                    518
in addition to the accolades given by       WIA Dislocated Worker         37
employers who participated and the          WIA Youth                    210
Pueblo Convention Center who stated
it was "one of the biggest events held
at their facility with great success”.     will focus on potential growth in
                                           Advanced Manufacturing and
In partnership with the Pueblo             fabricated materials, Aerospace
Community College and employers,           Microelectronics and Defense,
the Business / Office Automation /         Experience and Tourism, Finance,
Technology / Data Entry AAS degree         Insurance and Customer Service Next
program was streamlined to make            Generation Agriculture and
certificate programs available. The        Renewable Energy and Professional
revised program offers an Office           Business and Social Services.
Professional certificate program that
could be completed within two              Data Sharing Initiative:
semesters (24 credit hours), similar to    The Pueblo Workforce Center initiated
Fast-track programs at technical           a New Job Listing System to provide
private schools without the higher         relevant information about new
costs and contractual obligations. This    Workforce Center job listings to
program provides options to job            partners and the community. The
seekers who are interested in working      Pueblo Business Services Unit sends
in an office environment but do not        out job listing information to over
have the financial resources or time to    ninety individuals and agencies.
pursue an AAS degree.                      Additionally Job openings are
                                           publicized at no cost on the
Southeast E3 Partnership:                  community access cable station and
Another challenge was how to               reaches over 28,000 Comcast cable
compete for State and Federal grants       subscribers in the Pueblo and
with a Regional Perspective. With this     surrounding Pueblo county areas. Job
need in mind Pueblo participated in        opportunities are televised providing
several meetings with South                pertinent information about position
Central/Southeast, Upper Arkansas          requirements and methods for
and Pikes Peak Workforce Centers to        applying for these jobs positions. In
discuss forming a partnership. As a        addition, announcements of scheduled
result of this combined effort a           events taking place at the Workforce
partnership called Southeast E3 was        Center are highlighted.
formed. One accomplishment is that
the Region applied for and received a      Work-Readiness Assessment and
discretionary grant to conduct             Remediation:
industry cluster analysis. This study      Another major initiative undertaken

                                                            Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium           5
                                                                                    Formula For Success
                       by the Pueblo Workforce Board and         enrolled in the WIA program
                       the Pueblo Workforce Center is in the     completed their training and are now
                       area of work readiness. Employers         licensed healthcare professionals. The
                       identified that more interventions        Pueblo Workforce Center staff is
                       were needed to address a lack of work     proud to be part of this very important
                       readiness by many job seekers. A          effort to ensure that community
                       cross-functional committee of             healthcare needs are a priority focus.
                       workforce professionals and
                       management was formed to identify         In addition to the ongoing shortage of
                       the work readiness of the job-seeking     healthcare professionals, the job
                       clientele and to identify and deliver     market has changed such that a higher
                       appropriate interventions. An exciting
                       new assessment tool recently
                       integrated at the Pueblo Workforce
                       Center measures work readiness in
                       job-seeking customers in order to
                       identify those customers lacking skills
                       in job seeking, job retention, self-
                       efficacy, or problem solving.
                       Remediation strategies are then
                       utilized to assist with overcoming
                       work readiness barriers and
                       empowering the job seeker by
                       ensuring they have the necessary skills
                       to find and keep employment.

                       Talent Development
                       The Pueblo Workforce Region
                       registered 11,240 individuals in          Pueblo Youth Participants receives hands-
                       employment programs. Over 1,648 job       on experience with electronics.
                       orders were written and filled for        skilled workforce in the areas of
                       employers. The job orders resulted in     construction, trades, and
                       over 4,405 job openings filled by the     manufacturing has created new
                       workforce center. Over 37,220 staff       challenges in meeting the hiring needs
                       assisted employment services were         of employers. To address this, job
                       provided to job seekers through the       openings are publicized at no cost on
                       Pueblo Workforce Center. The              the community access cable station
                       Workforce Investment Act programs         and reach over 28,000 Comcast cable
                       assisted over 772 Individuals.            subscribers in the Pueblo and
                                                                 surrounding Pueblo county areas. Job
                       Recruitment Strategies:                   opportunities are televised providing
                       A continued shortage of health care       pertinent information about position
                       workers both locally and nationally       requirements and methods for
                       resulted in an ongoing recruitment        applying for these jobs positions.
                       effort of students in health sciences
                       with the Pueblo Community College         Customized Training for Electricians:
                       and the Colorado State University of      To address the shortage of electricians
                       Pueblo. 142 participants that were        the WIA program, in partnership with

148   Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium
      WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
the Joint Apprenticeship Training           awareness of educational and job skill
Committee (JATC), established a             requirements and to have them
customized training program to assist       connect with an adult who could help
with retention of apprentices in the        them experience what it would be like
first year of their apprenticeship          to be successfully employed in their
program. Through this partnership,
WIA was able to assist thirteen eligible
participants by providing tuition
assistance, textbooks, and supportive
                                            field of interest.

                                            There is an established alliance
                                            between the Pueblo Workforce Center
                                                                                            T       o
                                                                                                    address the
                                                                                          shortage of
services subsidies to those individuals     staff and the Pueblo Community                electricians, the
who demonstrated a financial need.          College staff that remains dedicated to       Pueblo WIA program,
For many trainees, the collaboration        the perpetuation of programs for              in partnership with
assured that they would be able to          serving the needs of “at risk” youth.
                                                                                          the Joint
pursue their occupational goals.            Both agencies actively communicate to
Twelve of the thirteen participants         share resources, and partner to
successfully completed the first year of    leverage financial capital. There is also     Training Committee
their apprenticeship program. Upon          a partnership with the school districts       (JATC), established a
finishing the apprenticeship program        in Pueblo to refer students to the            customized training
and achieving Journeyman status,            programs as well as award high                program to assist
electricians can expect to earn wages       school credit for attending and               with retention of
that lead to self-sufficiency in a career   participation in the program.                 apprentices in the
path with growing labor market
                                                                                          first year of their
vacancies.                                  Economic Transformation
                                            Pueblo Retention and Expansion
Youth Self-Esteem Project:                  Program (PREP):                               program. With tuition
A second successful project was aimed       This project was initiated by the             and supportive
at WIA youth, who do not have career        Pueblo Workforce Center and Pueblo            service assistance,
goals and lack the opportunity to have      Community College as a result of              12 of 13 participants
mentors or family members that help         outreach to employers. Business               successfully
them develop a vision of being              identified needs that we could not            completed the first
successful. The Pueblo WIA youth            address. Community models were
                                                                                          year of their 5-year
team identified areas for career            explored with agencies, government,
                                                                                          program leading to
exposure to inform youth about career       Economic Development, educational
information opportunities and chances       leaders and utilities to assess if a          journeyman status.
to elevate their self-esteem. The WIA       Business Retention and Expansion
youth team designed a program to            project were needed. Consensus was
expose youth to career opportunities        reached that the PREP program would
in the areas of technology, healthcare,     be initiated to develop a unified
electronics and broadcasting &              approach for determining primary
production. Youth interest was              employer needs and a system for
assessed and then the youth were            addressing them.
placed into a “hands on” experience in
one of the career areas. Additionally       Career Center Project:
educational opportunities were              The Pueblo Youth Council undertook
designed and implemented to develop         a project to create a Career Center at
their educational skills. The youth         the Keating Alternative High School.
were exposed to many community              Through the Youth Council meetings
resources in order to raise their           it was determined that the youth that

                                                           Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium             5
                                                                                     Formula For Success
                          attended the alternative high school     RURAL RESORT SUB-REGION
                          program were struggling with career
                          development. Staff from several youth    Sub-Regional Profile
                          agencies and the WIA youth team          The Rural Resort Region consists of

 W            hile the
needs of the Rural
                          joined forces to identify resources to
                          equip the Career Center. Several
                          workshops have been conducted that
                          ranged from skills needed to find
                          employment; retain employment; and
                                                                   five counties: Lake, Summit, Eagle,
                                                                   Pitkin, and Garfield. The Colorado
                                                                   Department of Labor and Employment
                                                                   is the operator of the Workforce Center
                                                                   system in the Rural Resort Region.
Resort Sub-region
                          training resources available to pursue   Full-service offices are located in
continue to be
                          occupational skills training.            Leadville, Frisco, Edwards, Glenwood
closely tied to the                                                Springs and Rifle. While the labor
tourism industry, the     CIMS:                                    needs of this region continue to be
growth of the Oil and     The Pueblo Workforce Center              closely tied to the tourism industry,
Gas Industry in           continues its efforts towards a          the growth of the Oil and Gas Industry
western Colorado is       Continuous Improvement                   in western Colorado is creating a large
creating a large need     Management System (CIMS). A              need for a new kind of workforce. Our
                          financial award was provided by the      staff is our greatest resource.
for a new kind of
                          Office of Workforce to the Center to     Equipped with the newest technology
workforce.                initiate this effort. The Pueblo         and years of professional experience,
                          Workforce Center has formulated a        they provide guidance to the
                          writing team to explore creating a       Workforce Center clients. In addition
                          submission for the Foothills award       to our highly skilled staff, we have a
                          through Malcolm Baldridge award          wide array of technical resources
                          system.                                  available to our clients. One such
                                                                   resource is Connecting Colorado,
                          Southeast E3 Partnership:                which is our online registration
                          The Pueblo Workforce Center’s            system. We have started directing
                          involvement in the Southeast E3          clients to take advantage of
                          Partnership is planned to result in an   Connecting Colorado’s multiple
                          economic transformation for the          benefits. Clients have more control
                          Region. Across the globe, regional       over their job search; staff members
                          business leaders, their suppliers, and   have more time to work one-on-one
                          key economic input providers are         with clients needing more intensive
                          getting together to make their           services.
                          industries (clusters) more competitive
                          and their surrounding regions a
                          stronger platform for growth. Here in        Rural Resort Sub-Region
                          Southeast Colorado, partner
                                                                            Clients Served
                          organizations have realized that we
                          need to do the same as our                Program                 Number Served
                          competitors—we need to learn how to
                                                                    Wagner-Peyser                6,741
                          use our existing resources in new ways
                                                                    Veterans Program             586
                          to enhance each of our industries and     UI Claimants                 2,579
                          to reach agreement on strategic           WIA Adult                     51
                          improvements for the overall region.      WIA Dislocated Worker         59
                                                                    WIA Youth                     78

  150   Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium
         WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
Local partnerships with Chambers of
Commerce, Economic Development
groups and Colorado Mountain
College have enabled us to share
resources to provide workshops,
roundtables and job fairs to the
community. These special projects
continue to be a valuable service to the   teen moms and other high-risk
                                           students. The program enrolled
                                                                                          T       he success
                                                                                                  of the Door
                                                                                        Program, an
local employers who often do not                                                        alternative high
have vast resources for recruiting and     fourteen youth in its first year and         school diploma
training employees. This year’s events     proved very successful for these
                                                                                        curriculum, can be
included workshops on hiring people        students. During the second year, the
                                           DOOR program enrolled twenty                 attributed to the
with disabilities, Customer Service,
                                           students and graduated its first youth.      youth and the joint
and generational differences in the
work place. Roundtables were               By December of 2007, another four            efforts of key
conducted throughout the region such       students, who most likely would not          business and
as Labor Laws and EEO, UI and              have attended or completed a                 community
Workers Compensation. Additionally         traditional high school program, will        organizations. These
a hands-on energy expo in Rifle was        earn their diplomas. The success of          partnerships are the
the collaborative effort between           this project can be attributed to the
                                                                                        foundation of the
Associated Government of Northwest         youth and the joint effort of key
                                           organizations including Mountain             DOOR Program.
Colorado (AGNC) and the Workforce
                                           BOCES, Colorado Mountain College,            They have, and will
Centers in the Rural Resort and
Northwest Regions.                         local businesses, Even Start, and the        continue to benefit
                                           Lake County School District. These           the students, the
The Rural Resort Region offices in         partnerships are the foundation of the       partners, and the
Glenwood Springs, Frisco and               DOOR Program. They have, and will            community at large.
Edwards are now co-located with            continue to benefit the students, local
Vocational Rehabilitation; this has        organizations, and employers, as well
allowed us to share resources              as the community at large.
throughout the region and to better
serve people with disabilities.            Economic Transformation
                                           The Rural Resort Region continues to
Talent Development                         address economic growth in this
The DOOR Program: The Rural                region spurred by several new energy
Resort Region received a discretionary     industry projects, as well as ongoing
grant two years ago to fund the start-     mining activity in the region. The
up of an innovative high school            regional staff has been working with
diploma program in Lake County. The        the energy industry employers to
program focuses on students who            obtain specific information on their
have dropped out of school, but still      workforce needs; a survey was
want the opportunity to earn a high        conducted to over 500 employers
school diploma. The program is unlike      requesting information on job
traditional high school programs in        descriptions, educational needs,
that it is competency based and self-      license requirements, how many
paced. Such a format allows for far        employees each one typically hires,
more flexibility for working teens,        etc. The information is being

                                                         Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium             5
                                                                                   Formula For Success
                       compiled and will be used to put
                                                                        South Central Sub-Region
                       together a tool kit for staff as well as a
                                                                             Clients Served
                       WEB link for clients.

                       Additionally the Workforce Center             Program                 Number Served
                       partnered with AGNC, Colorado
                       Mountain College (CMC), and                   Wagner-Peyser               11,184
                                                                     Veterans Program             577
                       Colorado Northwestern Community
                                                                     UI Claimants                 2,322
                       College (CNCC) to produce a hands-
                                                                     WIA Adult                    228
                       on energy expo held in September at           WIA Dislocated Worker         28
                       the Rifle Fairgrounds for juniors and         WIA Youth                    131
                       seniors from Garfield, Mesa, and Rio
                       Blanco Counties. Hard hats and lunch
                       were provided along with several
                                                                    production contribute to the regional
                       scholarships donated by the
                                                                    economy. The region produces
                       Community Colleges to students
                                                                    roughly 45% of the state’s coal.
                       wanting to enter the energy industry
                                                                    Government, however, has the highest
                       field. The theme, “Connecting Today’s
                                                                    level of employment.
                       Youth with the Energy Careers of
                       Tomorrow,” will ensure workers for
                       the industries into the future. The
                                                                    E3 Southeastern Initiative:
                       need for this skilled workforce is
                                                                    The South Central region is a partner
                       growing, and the role of the workforce
                                                                    in the E3 Southeastern Initiative with
                       system is vital to meeting the
                                                                    the Pikes Peak Workforce Center along
                       workforce demand.
                                                                    with twelve additional Southeast
                                                                    Colorado counties. Most recently the
                       SOUTH CENTRAL SUB-REGION                     South Central region has been
                                                                    involved with the WIRED initiative
                       Sub-Regional Profile                         and has met with Economic
                       The South Central Region continues to        Developers from across the Region
                       provide services throughout its 14,558       including South Central, Southeast,
                       square mile area encompassing eight          Pueblo and the Pikes Peak Region.
                       counties: Alamosa, Conejos, Costilla,        The group is working with a
                       Huerfano, Las Animas, Mineral, Rio           consulting firm to work on identifying
                       Grande and Saguache. The San Luis            the current and emerging industries of
                       Valley Region is considered one of the       the regional economy and analyze
                       largest high desert valleys in the world     how well they compete and create
                       at an average elevation of over 7,500        opportunities.
                                                                    ABES Partnership:
                       The economy of the South Central             The South Central region continues
                       region is driven primarily by                providing office space for the Adult
                       agriculture. The region’s labor force        Basic Education Services (ABES)
                       focuses on the education and health          representatives from Southern
                       services industry employing more             Colorado Educational Opportunity
                       people than any other industry.              Center and Trinidad State Junior
                       Mining, oil and gas, and coal                College (TSJC) on a part time basis.

152   Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium
      WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
This joint collaboration serves             workforce center provides a room for
Workforce Center customers requiring        interviewing, distributed applications
a GED or educational enhancement by         and scheduled interviews.
maximizing services at the local

workforce centers.                          Talent Development
                                            During 2006, the region participated in
Move-Up Grant:                              the following marketing events and                       he Trinidad
The Trinidad and Alamosa WFCs and           activities:                                              and
Trinidad State Junior College have                                                         Alamosa WFCs and
collaborated in a program that is                 • Alamosa / Monte Vista                  Trinidad State Junior
designed to identify, educate, train                Workforce Centers co-                  College have
and employ those who are most in                    sponsored a Job Expo in                collaborated in a
need through a grant called the Move-               Alamosa                                program that is
up Grant. This group may have been
                                                                                           designed to identify,
ignored because they are the hardest              • Trinidad Workforce Center
to serve and the least likely to be able                                                   educate, train and
                                                    sponsored several Employer             employ those who
to be counted as successes in the                   Specific Job Fairs
overall employment picture. The                                                            are most in need
clients for this program will come                                                         through a grant
from three primary groups:
                                                  • Santa Fe Trail Festival held in
                                                                                           called the Move-up
       • Individuals who have not
         completed high school,
                                                  • Summer Youth Banquet held
                                                    in August
       • Individuals who have
         completed high school but do
                                                  • The Chamber of Commerce
         not have a basic skills level of           makes use of an ambassador
         at least 11th grade                        from the Trinidad WFC who
                                                    attends ribbon cuttings for
                                                    new businesses and
       • Individuals who have
                                                    participates in local functions
         graduated from high school                 and who is a board member.
         and are ready to go into
         training programs
                                                  • Economic Development has a
In addition, the Colorado Department                board member from the
of Vocational Rehabilitation also has a             Trinidad WFC
representative at the Trinidad
Workforce Center twice per week to                • Movers and Shakers meet on
provide much needed resources job                   a monthly basis in Trinidad.
seekers with disabilities.                          The group consists of
                                                    business people from the
Another unique partnership in South                 community who share
Central is between the Trinidad                     information about the
Workforce Center and Department of                  respective agencies.
Transportation. This partnership was
formed to recruit a large qualified               • Presentations were given to
workforce needed to complete the I-25               area high schools and colleges
construction project in Trinidad. The               in the San Luis Valley

                                                           Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium              5
                                                                                      Formula For Success
                         The South Central and Southeast           Partnerships
                         Region received a grant to work with      The Southeast Region provides office
                         ex-offender population. The program       space for Colorado Department of
                         is designed to assist this targeted       Vocational Rehabilitation

                         population to either re-enter or          representative at the Rocky Ford
           he            reintegrate into the local workforce.     Workforce Center four times per week
           Southeast     The grant allows for providing            to provide much needed resources for
Region provides          supportive services assistance as         job seekers with disabilities.
office space for
Colorado Department                                                      Southeast Sub-Region
                         Economic Transformation
of Vocational            The Trinidad Workforce center, in                  Clients Served
Rehabilitation           conjunction with the Governor’s
representative at the    Summer Job Hunt, and WIA, in               Program                 Number Served
Rocky Ford               partnership with the Trinidad
                                                                    Wagner-Peyser                7,464
Workforce Center         Chronicle News, recognized local
                                                                    Veterans Program             377
four times per week      youth nominated by employers as
                                                                    UI Claimants                 1,619
                         outstanding employees. The Chronicle
to provide much                                                     WIA Adult                     89
                         News in Trinidad published feature         WIA Dislocated Worker         35
needed resources for
                         articles about the youth. The season       WIA Youth                     55
job seekers with         culminated in August with an awards
disabilities.            banquet honoring both employers and
                         youth.                                    The Southeast region is a partner in
                                                                   the E3 Southeastern Initiative with the
                         SOUTHEAST SUB-REGION                      Pikes Peak Workforce Center along
                                                                   with twelve additional Southeast
                         Sub-Regional Profile                      Colorado counties. Most recently, the
                         Southeast, a region with a large          Southeast region has been involved
                         agricultural presence, borders New        with the WIRED initiative and has met
                         Mexico, Oklahoma and Kansas, and          with Economic Developers from across
                         includes Baca, Bent, Crowley, Otero       the Region including South Central,
                         and Prowers Counties. Population is       Southeast, Pueblo and the Pikes Peak
                         concentrated in two counties, Prowers     Region. The group is working with a
                         and Otero.                                consulting firm to work on identifying
                                                                   the current and emerging engines of
                         The economy on the Southeast region       the regional economy and analyze
                         is driven primarily by agriculture and    how well they compete and create
                         tourism. The region’s labor force         opportunities.
                         focuses on the education and health
                         services industry employing more          Workforce Centers continue
                         people than any other industry.           partnerships with the following
                         Leisure and hospitality showed the        agencies WIA, Rocky Mountain SER
                         highest number of vacancies followed      and BOCES. Local Workforce Centers
                         by trade, transportation, utilities and   administer the following programs,
                         other services which include              Migrant Seasonal Farm Worker
                         construction and manufacturing.           services, Wagner Peyser, Veteran

  154   Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
programs, Social Services in La Junta
and Job Corps in all offices on an              • Adult Job Skills Workshop in
itinerant basis. All other Workforce              La Junta
Partners provide services at their own
locations as specified in the Southeast         • Presentations were given to
Board’s Memorandum of                             area high schools and
Understanding.                                    colleges in the Arkansas
Talent Development
During 2006, the region participated in
the following marketing events and
                                                • Pre-employment Job Skills
activities:                                       workshops given at private
                                                  prison in Olney Springs
       • Summer Youth Appreciation
                                          The Southeast and South Central
         Banquet                          Regions received a grant to work with
                                          ex-offender population. The program
       • Arkansas Valley Fair Parade      is designed to assist a targeted
         and Fair Booth                   population to either re-enter the
                                          workforce or re-integrate into the
       • La Junta Football Game           workforce.
         “supporting youth”,
                                          Economic Transformation
       • Early Settler’s Day Parade       The Rocky Ford Workforce center in
                                          conjunction with the Governor’s
       • Migrant Seasonal Farm            Summer Job Hunt and WIA in
         Worker Appreciation Picnic       partnership with the La Junta Tribune
                                          Democrat recognized local youth
                                          nominated by employers as
       • Rocky Ford Football Game
                                          outstanding employees. The season
         “supporting youth”
                                          culminated in August with an awards
                                          banquet honoring both employers and
       • Lamar Customer                   youth.
                                          SOUTHWEST SUB-REGION
       • Rocky Ford Customer
         Appreciation                     Sub-Regional Profile
                                          The Southwest Workforce Region in
       • La Junta High School “Back       made up of 5 counties and 11
         to School” night                 communities situated in the Four
                                          Corners. It includes the Southern Ute
       • Lamar Veteran’s Appreciation     and Ute Mountain Ute reservations,
                                          and altogether makes up 6.3% of the
       • Rocky Ford Veteran’s             land area in the state. The population
                                          continues to grow and is estimated at
                                          over 86,000. Much of this growth can
                                          be attributed to what is being termed
       • Lamar Community College          amenity migration, i.e. newcomers are
         Sponsored Job Fair

                                                        Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium             5
                                                                                  Formula For Success
                       moving in to take advantage of the
                       area’s unique natural beauty and                 Southwest Sub-Region
                       quality of life. Many of these                      Clients Served
                       newcomers are retirees or 2nd
                       homeowners who bring along their
                                                                   Program                 Number Served
                       retirement incomes, which affects the
                       local economy as it is spent on new         Wagner-Peyser                7,898
                       homes, goods and services. The region       Veterans Program             611
                       boasts a wide range of geographical         UI Claimants                 1,831
                                                                   WIA Adult                    116
                       vistas typical of the Four Corners area,
                                                                   WIA Dislocated Worker         35
                       as well as Mesa Verde, an international
                                                                   WIA Youth                     39
                       tourist destination.

                       The percent of the total labor market in
                       the Southwest Region has changed           contribution to the regional economy
                       little in the past year when comparing     and job market via their own
                       job sectors. Construction and oil & gas    construction, oil and gas, agricultural
                       extraction continue to be strong           and casino operations. The Southern
                       growth industries (14% and 2%              Utes are currently building a very
                       respectively) with the highest sectors     large new casino and conference
                       comprising retail trade (23%) and          campus, which is not only adding 400
                       services, the latter of which includes     - 600 construction jobs at present but
                       leisure/hospitality (21%) and reflects     will add a similar number of
                       the primary “industry”, tourism. The       permanent jobs upon completion.
                       extractive industries are among the        While the Tribes utilize Native
                       highest paying in aggregate,               American preference in hiring, non-
                       representing over 300% of the region-      natives hold many jobs with both
                       wide average wage. While not a             entities.
                       significant percentage of the total
                       regional economy, the fire mitigation      The education/health sector continues
                       industry rose in the area following the    to be strong (13% of job market) and
                       2002 fires in La Plata County, and         government maintains a noticeable
                       continues to thrive. Both the Ute          presence in the region, largely due to
                       Mountain Ute Tribe (Montezuma              Fort Lewis College, BLM and the U.S.
                       County) and the Southern Ute Tribe         Forest Service. Small businesses still
                       (La Plata County) continue a strong        make up over 90% of the local
                                                                  employers, with the majority found in
                                                                  the service sector and tied to the
                                                                  tourist industry. The trend of stagnant
                                                                  wages and rising housing costs has not
                                                                  changed noticeably in the past year.

                                                                  The labor pool has grown only slightly
                                                                  (2%) in the past year across the region,
                                                                  with variations across counties. This
                                                                  slow growth in the labor pool may in
                                                                  part reflect in-migration of retirees.
                                                                  Unemployment is low so far in 2007, at
                       Downtown Durango, CO

156   Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium
      WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
4.22% region-wide. The difference          workforce development issues, as is
across counties is notable, with La        the Youth Council.
Plata lowest at 2.5% and San Juan
highest at 6.3% (as of April 2007, not     Youth Recruitment:
seasonally adjusted).                      Recruitment of participants for the

There are no marked changes in the
demographics of the labor pool. All
counties are addressing issues related
to desired diversification of the
                                           Youth program continues to be
                                           difficult, primarily due to the low
                                           income criteria required by WIA. In
                                           an attempt to address this issue, the
                                           SW region’s Youth Council developed
                                                                                             S     ervice
                                                                                                   delivery has
                                                                                          undergone a
economy, and all are interested in         a project model that was funded                transformation in the
more technical industry and an             through a Youth discretionary grant.           Southwest Sub-
appropriately trained workforce for        The Council, made up of workforce              region during PY05
new industry. Due to the proximity         center staff and representatives from
                                                                                          and PY06, with
of Montezuma and La Plata Counties
to the other Four Corners states,                                                         change in the
especially New Mexico (including the                                                      region’s leadership
Navajo Nation), the state “border” is                                                     and a renewed
porous for both labor and business.                                                       commitment to
                                                                                          seamless service
The primary challenge faced in the                                                        delivery in each of
region continues to be living wage                                                        the three workforce
employment for job seekers, made
worse by the high cost of housing,
especially in LaPlata and Archuleta
Counties. The only mitigation of this
issue has been a slight softening of the
housing market. Businesses continue
to resist paying living wages,
especially in the employee-intense
service sectors related to tourism         The Southwest Community Corps gives
throughout the region.                     youth an opportunity to participate in
                                           conservation projects such as this one.
Partnerships                               Southwest Conservation Corps,
Service delivery has undergone a           SWAP, the local regular and
significant transformation during          alternative high schools, and the SW
PY05 and PY06, with change in the          Board of Cooperative Services,
region’s leadership and a renewed          identified youth cultural competency
commitment to seamless service             and social/emotional learning as
delivery in each of the three workforce    components to integrate to help make
centers in the region. More                WIA Youth services more appealing
collaboration between the Wegner-          and more relevant to youth. Those
Peyser (state-run) and WIA (The            elements, in addition to engaging
Training Advantage) programs               youth themselves in helping develop
continues to improve customer              new recruitment strategies by using
service. The local Workforce               their own social networks, will be
Investment Board is very actively          evaluated for effectiveness during
involved in staying current on local       PY07.

                                                           Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium             5
                                                                                     Formula For Success
                         Training Initiatives:                      and Parole utilize our offices on a
                         WIA programs continue to partner           regular basis to meet with their
                         with the San Juan Technical College in     customers and share resources to
                         Montezuma County, to provide               increase job possibilities for these

N          ew
awarded in PY06
                         training in nursing and mechanics. A
                         partnership with the Regional Energy
                         Training Center makes training
                         available in the oil and gas industries,
                         so prevalent in La Plata County and
                                                                    individuals. Department of Local
                                                                    Affairs has housed the Disability
                                                                    Program Navigator in the WFC as a
                                                                    resource for disability related
                                                                    questions/topics/concerns and to help
included the Fire &
                         northern New Mexico, as well as            individuals with disabilities who are
Weed Mitigation
                         supplying CDL training to meet the         seeking employment find the different
Training program         high local demand across industry          supports and services in the area to
and the Youth            sectors. Pueblo Community College -        help them obtain and/or maintain
Leadership &             SW campus is another nursing training      employment.
Employment League        partner.
(YELL) for out-of-                                                  Talent Development
school, WIA-eligible     Community Partnerships:                    The region has successfully
                         Partnerships with the Region 9             implemented 4 discretionary projects
youth. The fire and
                         Economic Development District and          that reflect a direct response to
weed mitigation
                         the Southwest Colorado Small               employer and job seeker needs.
training is an           Business Administration have been
enhanced version of      productive in preserving and                     • The “SmallBizWorks” project
the Fire Careers         “growing” jobs in the region,                      was completed during PY06,
Training conducted       specifically through the                           and met the needs of 30 small
in PY04 and PY05,        SmallBizWorks project described                    businesses that were
which was given a                                                           struggling, helping them to
“Best Practice”                                                             stabilize and preserve their
award by CDLE.                                                              employee base.

                                                                          • The WorkKeys/Qwiz
                                                                            initiative has introduced
                                                                            testing and assessment
                                                                            products to assist employers
                                                                            in evaluating candidates for
                                                                            open positions and to give job
                                                                            seekers additional tools with
                                                                            which to demonstrate their
                         Southwest Subregion: Cortez Workforce              skills and skill levels.
                         Center Staff.
                         below. Coordinated efforts with the
                                                                          • The Community Corps
                         Cortez Unlimited Learning Center
                         have improved relations with the local             project has given 14 and 15
                         courts system and have allowed some                year-old youth the
                         individuals who have struggled with                opportunity to get work
                         their education to improve their                   experience and participate in
                         academic skill level and build their               leadership activities through
                         self-esteem.                                       conservation service projects
                         Job Corps, Vocational Rehabilitation               in their communities.

  158   Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
       • The Independent Learning
         Project provides pre-GED
         instruction and workplace
         ethics training. GED lessons
         and instruction is provided to
         adult offenders utilizing

New projects awarded in PY06
include the Fire & Weed Mitigation
Training program and the Youth
Leadership & Employment League
                                          Southwest Subregion: Durango Workforce
(YELL) for out-of-school, WIA-eligible    Center Staff.
youth. An enhanced version of the
                                          resources to address those needs.
Fire Careers Training conducted in
PY04 and PY05, which was given a
                                          Workforce Investment Board:
“Best Practice” award by CDLE.
                                               • Conducted Board
The region’s regular services continue           orientations/discussions in
to guide job seekers toward                      each community housing a
employment and training in the high              workforce center
demand industries of the region, such
as oil and gas extraction, health care           • Implemented industry reports
and hospitality, along with high                   at Board meetings to keep
demand auxiliary services such as                  abreast of changes across the
truck driving.                                     region’s diverse economic
Economic Transformation
The Southwest Region’s workforce                 • Continued active
staff, WIB and Youth Council                       involvement with resource
continued strong and collaborative                 development through its
efforts in PY06, identifying areas of              Proposal Review Committee
need and working together to access                for discretionary spending

                                                 • Provided support in
                                                   marketing and use of the
                                                   WorkKeys/QWIZ project

                                          Youth Council:
                                                • Continued advisory status for
                                                  implementation of the
                                                  Community Corps project to
                                                  address the work experience
                                                  needs of 14 and 15 year olds

Southwest Subregion: Pagosa Springs
Workforce Center Staff.
                                                 • Developed and implemented

                                                        Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium              5
                                                                                   Formula For Success
                                   the Youth Employment &              Hotels and Suites. We have also seen
                                   Leadership League (YELL)            growth in the mining industry with
                                   project to address the on-          coal and gypsum. We continue to have
                                   going difficulties recruiting       strong manufacturing, retail and the
                                   eligible youth for the Youth        possibilities of growth from the

  T       he Upper
Region partnered

                          In PY06, the Rocky Mountain
                          Workforce Development Association
                                                                       expansion of soldiers at Fort Carson
                                                                       Mountain Post.

                                                                       The Canon City office is relocated in a
with Economic
                          recognized Cortez Employment                 new facility built by the Upper
Development, local        Service Staff for their commitment to        Arkansas Area Council of
Chambers of               serving clients in the SW Region. The        Governments, the WIA subcontractor
Commerce, County          Public Employment Service Award for          for this region. The collocation makes a
Commissioners, and        2006 & 2007 was awarded to the Sub-          variety of services more readily
Pueblo Community          region for extraordinary performance         available to clients served by both
College to provide        in Advancement of Meaningful                 organizations.
                          Employment for Veterans.
customer service
                                                                       The Workforce Centers sponsor a
training to local
                          UPPER ARKANSAS                               series of Employer Roundtables
business throughout                                                    through out the year. The topics for
the four counties.                                                     the roundtable presentations are
Forty-six participants    Sub-Regional Profile                         driven by employer requests and
took part in a multi-     The Upper Arkansas Region covers the         informed presenters from various
faceted training that     counties of Fremont, Chaffee, Custer         agencies provide the presentations.
covered all aspects       and Park. The Workforce Center
                          system for the Upper Arkansas Region         The Upper Arkansas Workforce Sub-
of how to treat a
                          is operated by the Colorado                  Region continues to be involved in
customer.                                                              community events such as local
                          Department of Labor and
                          Employment. The Upper Arkansas               chamber meetings, business after
                          Area Council of Governments                  hours, Fremont Economic
                          (UAACOG) is the subcontractor for            Development Corp and various
                          WIA training services. The Canon City        community organizations and events
                          and Salida offices are full service          encompassing Fremont, Custer,
                          offices with full time hours. Satellite      Chaffee and Park Counties.
                          offices have been established in Buena
                          Vista and Fairplay. Staff coverage is
                          provided on a weekly basis to the
                          Buena Vista office. The Fairplay office
                          has a Resource Center with PC access
                          to the internet for self registrations and
                          referrals. While the Upper Arkansas
                          Region continues to rely on tourism
                          throughout all four counties, the
                          region is realizing a more stable year
                          round economy. The region continues
                          to grow with more chains stores such
                          as Office Depot and Hampton Inn              Upper Arkansas Workforce Center Staff

  160   Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium
         WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
   Upper Arkansas Sub-Region              Veterans’ Program Distinguished
         Clients Served                   Accomplishment Award, for the
                                          outstanding service they provided to
                                          the veteran job seekers in the Upper
  Program                 Number Served   Arkansas Region.
  Wagner-Peyser                7,992
                                          Economic Transformation
  Veterans Program             922
                                          Our Employer Relations Program
  UI Claimants                 1,950
  WIA Adult                    110
                                          focuses on providing services to
  WIA Dislocated Worker         30        targeted employers in our regions,
  WIA Youth                     44        and allows our staff to advance their
                                          knowledge in matters relating to the
                                          economic health of our region.
 Additionally, the Canon City             Leadership is provided by the
Workforce Center partnered with           Employer Relations Program Manager
Pueblo Community College to host a        who supports staff in achieving their
spring job fair in their community,       Employer Relations production goals,
held at PCC Fremont Campus, serving       improving effectiveness of time spent
440 job seekers and 35 employers. The     and aiding with the identification of
Salida Workforce Center hosted the        local skill gaps and the forecasting of
Chaffee County Job Fair at the            regional employment trends.
Masonic Hall on Saturday, April 21,
2007 in Salida, a great location in the   The Workforce Centers are a valuable
center of the county. There were 26       resource to the community and play a
employers and 100 job seekers. The        key role in the economic health and
Salida Workforce Center received          growth of the region. In order to
many favorable comments about the         reach clients, we continually market
location, employers represented and       our services through the Chamber of
the employers were very satisfied with    Commerce and Public Service
the job seeker attendance.                Announcements.

Talent Development                        WESTERN SUB-REGION
The Upper Arkansas Region partnered
with Economic Development, local          Sub-Regional Profile
Chambers of Commerce, County              The region is comprised of historic
Commissioners, and Pueblo                 resort communities, world-recognized
Community College to provide              ski areas, and high producing mining
customer service training to local        and agricultural areas, and is made up
business throughout the four counties.    of the six counties of Delta, Gunnison,
Forty-six participants took part in a     Hinsdale, Montrose, San Miguel and
multi-faceted training that covered all   Ouray. This region encompasses 9,569
aspects of how to treat a customer.       square miles in the southwest part of
The project was entitled, “Priority One   Colorado and has an estimated
– Making the Customers First So They      population of 93,440 people.
Will Last”.                               The Western Region population
                                          increased 1.8 % in 2004 which was
The staff of the Upper Arkansas           higher than the statewide average of
Region received the Colorado              1.4%. Montrose County, the largest

                                                        Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium            5
                                                                                 Formula For Success
                       county in the region, accounted for          training services to both employers
                       39.5% of the total region’s population.      and job-seekers. The workforce centers
                       Montrose County was the fastest              work in collaboration with community
                       growing area in 2003 with a                  and partnering agencies to serve the
                       population growth of 1.9 %. The Delta        needs of employers, adults, and young
                       County population increased 1.6%,            people. Western Workforce Centers
                       while Gunnison and Hinsdale                  offer universal access to “core”
                       Counties lost population from 2002 to        services and intensive and training
                       2003. The population of Ouray County         services to those individuals who need
                       increased 1.3% while San Miguel grew         additional help finding a job or to
                       at a .5% rate.                               upgrade skills for better employment.

                       Tourism, agriculture, and coal               Partnerships
                       production are among the most                The Western Colorado Workforce
                       important driving forces in the overall      Centers continue to work on
                       economy. According to the Colorado           establishing relationships with local
                       Department of Labor and                      partnering agencies. Colorado
                       Employment’s Winter 2004 Job                 Department of Labor and Employment
                       Vacancy Survey, the labor force in the       is the operator and administrating
                       Western and Southwest region grew at         agency for the Western Region and
                       an average rate of 2% from 1998 to           partners with The Training Advantage
                       2004, but the unemployment rate              and Rocky Mountain SER to deliver
                       dropped from 6.9% to 5.7% for the            Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
                       same period. The seasonal nature of          Youth and Migrant Worker Job
                       the Western Regional economy is              Training programs. These agencies are
                       evidenced by the increase in                 community based and are co-located
                       employment levels and labor force            in the Montrose and Delta Workforce
                       which historically peaks in the middle       Centers. The relationship between
                       of the summer and declines before            agencies has been very beneficial and
                       bottoming out in early winter.               has resulted in improved services for
                                                                    customers. Additional partners co-
                                Western Sub-Region                  located in the workforce centers
                                  Clients Served                    include Colorado Vocational
                                                                    Rehabilitation and Montrose School
                         Program                Number Served       District’s SWAP Program.
                         Wagner-Peyser               8,167
                                                                    Service delivery in the region is
                         Veterans Program            888
                                                                    focused on meeting the employment
                         UI Claimants                2,304
                         WIA Adult                    63
                                                                    and training needs of both job-seekers
                        WIA Dislocated Worker         28
                                                                    and employers. The Western Region
                         WIA Youth                    70            Workforce Centers experienced a
                                                                    significant increase in the number of
                                                                    job orders during the last program
                       The Western Region Workforce system          year. While there have been more jobs
                       consists of 3 full service centers located   listed at the centers, the number of job-
                       in Montrose, Delta, and Gunnison with        seekers has declined in each center
                       a satellite office in Telluride. Offering    primarily due to the availability of
                       comprehensive employment and                 employment in the region. Employers

162   Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium
      WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
are starting to experience difficulty in          • Work Readiness skills
filling their job openings. The Western             training
Region Workforce Centers have                     • 80 hr. internship in an
started working with area employers                 occupational field of their

to recruit and screen applicants                    interest
utilizing web-based resources and in-
house assessments like QWIZ and                                                                    he Western
                                                  • Journaling and presentation                    Region’s
                                                    at end of learning                   Discretionary Grant
Talent Development                                                                       project for Teen
The Western Region’s Discretionary         Through the program 79% of all who
                                                                                         Mothers and Dads
Grant project for Teen Mothers and         participated in the Career Quest class
                                           completed their coursework                    targeted ‘at risk’
Dads targeted ‘at risk’ populations in                                                   populations in two of
two of the local charter schools. The      successfully.
                                                                                         the local charter
purpose of the grant was to assist
students in achieving educational and      Economic Transformation                       schools. The
                                           The Western Sub- Region was                   purpose of the grant
employment success through a
                                           awarded the Colorado Performance              was to assist
discovery process including:
                                           Excellence (CPEX) High Plains Award           students in
                                           for Continuous Improvement. The
       • Career exploration and Key        CPEX is a statewide non-profit
         Train remediation                 dedicated to creating a culture of            educational and
                                           excellence through continuous                 employment success
       • Work Keys skills levels           improvement utilizing the Baldridge           through Career
         specific to career focus          program principles.                           Quest, a curriculum
                                                                                         including KeyTrain,
                                                                                         an 80-hour
                                                                                         internship, and
                                                                                         leadership activities.
                                                                                         79% of participants
                                                                                         completed their

                                                         Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium              5
                                                                                    Formula For Success
                                                 Jefferson County
                                                 Workforce Center

 T        he
County Workforce
Center (JCWC),
                         REGIONAL PROFILE

                         Jefferson County is one of Colorado’s
                         most populous counties, located just
                                                                   combined the Delta and Atlas rocket
                                                                   programs each company. The alliance
                                                                   provides world-class space-launch
                                                                   services for the U.S. government at a
                                                                   lower cost by combining the two
                         minutes from downtown Denver. It is
formerly Tri-County      where the Great Plains meets the          companies’ assets, including mission
Workforce Center,        Rocky Mountains with some of the          management and support,
serves a diverse and     most magnificent scenery in the           engineering, vehicle production, test
                         country. Situated on the western edge     and launch operations, and the
unique workforce
                         of metropolitan Denver, the Jefferson     expertise of the alliance’s 4,000
ranging from urban
                         County Workforce Center (JCWC),           employees.
and rural
                         formerly Tri-County Workforce
municipalities to        Center, serves a diverse and unique
thriving mountain        workforce ranging from urban and
communities.             rural municipalities to thriving
                         mountain communities. Jefferson
                         County is the largest of the three
                         counties in the Tri-County Region,        In addition, Lockheed Martin won a
                         with a population of 535,837. Gilpin      bid for the Crew Exploration Vehicle
                         County supports a thriving gaming         (CEV) project with NASA that is
                         industry and has a population of 5,042.   bringing 600 new engineering jobs to
                         Clear Creek County, with a population     Jefferson County. To meet the
                         of 9,130, is located only 40 minutes      aggressive timeline for building the
                         from downtown Denver and is a             CEV, Lockheed Martin is using
                         historical and recreational area.         discretionary funds provided from the
                                                                   Colorado Department of Labor and
                         Jefferson County                          Employment through the Workforce
                         Jefferson County is one of the primary    Center to train up to 90 employees in
                         population centers in the State giving    various software applications. The
                         businesses the advantage of a large       training is expected to be complete by
                         and highly skilled workforce. The         December 2007.
                         county is home to a number of
                         prominent industries, including           Jefferson County has also experienced
                         bioscience, aerospace, and energy.        an explosion in energy employment in
                         Colorado ranks third in the nation for    the last five years, making it home to
                         aerospace companies and Jefferson         one-third of the energy-related
                         County is home to Lockheed Martin,        workforce in the Denver metro area.
                         the County’s third largest employer. In   The Jefferson Board of County
                         December 2006, Lockheed Martin and        Commissioners and the Jefferson
                         the Boeing Company of Chicago             Economic Council created the
                         established the United Launch             Energizing Tomorrow Task Force
                         Alliance of Denver, Colorado, that        comprised of numerous locally based

  164   Jefferson County Workforce Center
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
renewable energy companies,                Workforce Center, respectively.
traditional energy company                 Following the name change was the
representatives, and business and          debut of a new website,
political leaders. The task force's goal   www.jeffcoworkforce.org, which
is to foster economic growth in the        provides more tools and information
energy sector.

Clear Creek County
For more than one year, the
                                           to better serve job seekers and
                                           employers alike. JCWC also adopted a
                                           theme of “Moving in a New
                                           Direction” which showcases not only
                                                                                              T       o meet the
                                                                                            timeline for building
Henderson Mine in Empire (Clear            that the Center’s services are being             the CEV, Lockheed
Creek County) had been one of two          moved to a new location, but also to             Martin is using
finalists to be the site of the Deep       demonstrate the innovative techniques            discretionary funds
Underground Science and Engineering        used to drive the workforce system in            provided from the
Laboratory to be funded by the             a new direction.
                                                                                            Colorado Department
National Science Foundation. In July
2007, the project was awarded to the                                                        of Labor &
Homestake Mine in Lead, South                                                               Employment through
Dakota. Most jobs in Clear Creek                                                            the Workforce Center
County are with the tourism sector                                                          to train up to 90
and the towns of Georgetown and                                                             employees in various
Silver Plume combine to form a                                                              software
National Historic Landmark District,                                                        applications.
                                           Jefferson County Workforce Center located
the highest classification bestowed on     at the base of the Rocky Mountains in
a historic community.                      Golden, Colorado

Gilpin County                              In mid August, the Jefferson County
By early 2008, the Ameristar Casino        Workforce Center relocated to the new
will have one of the largest hotels in     Laramie Building in Golden on the
Colorado, a 33-story, 536-room facility    Jefferson County campus, an 85,000
in Black Hawk. This hotel is expected      square foot structure that also houses
to bring more tourists to the area and     Colorado Works Career and Family
was the impetus for the adjacent           Services, Vocational Rehabilitation,
towns of Black Hawk and Central            Long Term Care, Justice Services,
City, once fierce rivals for gaming        Child Support Enforcement, and
businesses, to pool their economic         Human Resources, allowing
development funds to create more           customers to access a wide variety of
tourism interest.                          services in one convenient location.
                                           The new facility includes three
Moving in a New Direction                  training rooms and an assessment lab
On July 1, 2006, the workforce region      that is used for computer literacy
underwent a name change to better          training, incumbent worker training,
reflect the populations served. Tri-       customized training, ABE, GED,
County Workforce Center became the         tutorials, as well as assessments for
Jefferson County Workforce Center          career decision making. The
(JCWC) serving the Tri-County              assessment lab hosts twelve
Region. The mountain center names          computers, complete with WorkKeys,
changed to Gilpin County Workforce         KeyTrain, QWIZ, Choices and other
Center and Clear Creek County              training or assessment programs.

                                                               Jefferson County Workforce Center5            165
                                                                                       Formula For Success
                         Career Pathways Model                     training to staff and partners at all
                         The one-stop career system in the Tri-    levels resulting in greater efficiency
                         County Region has largely depended        and economy. In 2007, twenty

                         upon job seekers being self-directed in   designated workforce center staff and
                         their job search efforts. In 2007,        4 community partners received GCDF
          he new         Jefferson County Workforce Center         training.
Golden facility          initiated a demonstration project to
includes three           develop and implement a sustainable       PARTNERSHIPS
                         model ensuring all citizens have access
training rooms and
                         to career pathways activities.            The Tri-County Workforce Region has
an assessment lab
                         The project’s three components,           as its vision to be the leader in
that is used for         worker and partner career                 developing and promoting strategic
computer literacy        development credentialing,                partnerships so as to contribute to a
training, incumbent      performance measurement and               model workforce and a vital
worker training,         continuous improvement, and an            community. Jefferson County
customized training,     enhanced level of services, are being     Workforce Center staff work diligently
ABE, GED, tutorials,     delivered through the Region’s three      to strengthen the economic
                         workforce centers, a network of           development of the community
as well as
                         community-based organizations             through expanded partnerships with
assessments for
                         specializing in services to special       other organizations, major employers,
career decision          populations, and four Community           and educational institutions. The
making.                  Learning Centers provided by Red          ultimate benefit of these efforts is to
                         Rocks Community College.                  keep the community economically
                                                                   competitive with any place in the

                                                                   Exemplary Initiative: Process
                                                                   Now in its third year, the Process
                         Customers are able to access the web-     Technology Program at Red Rocks
                         based, community based and on-site        Community College (RRCC) is
                         workplace literacy and remediation        training students to monitor and
                         systems. In addition, the Region          control mechanical, physical, and/or
                         increased the number and range of on-     chemical changes through many
                         site classes focused on computer          processes to produce a final product
                         proficiency, literacy and numeracy        made from raw materials. The
                         skills for targeted industries.           Workforce Center designated a staff
                         Another innovation of this project is     person to work directly with RRCC
                         the establishment of an internal          instructors to target customers for
                         certification program that combines       referral into the Process Tech program.
                         the Global Career Development             The staff visited participating high
                         Facilitation (GCDF) certification and     schools’ process tech programs to
                         National Association of Workforce         distribute information to seniors and
                         Development Professionals (NAWDP)         to encourage high school graduation.
                         certification. The Workforce Center       Four high schools are now offering
                         Training Administrator is a certified     Process Technology courses and 238
                         GCDF trainer, thus enabling the region    students enrolled for the spring 2007
                         to provide consistent, high quality       semester.

  166   Jefferson County Workforce Center
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
                                        WIA Performance PY06

                            ADULT                                                   DISLOCATED WORKER
  Standard                                    Percent of Goal   Standard                                Percent of Goal
  Entered Employment                                   101%     Entered Employment                               102%
  Employment/Credential                                  86%    Employment/Credential                              88%

  6 Month Retention                                    103%     6 Month Retention                                  96%
  6 Month Earnings Change                              123%     6 Month Earnings Change                          119%

                       OLDER YOUTH                                                   YOUNGER YOUTH
  Standard                                   Percent of Goal    Standard                                Percent of Goal
  Entered Employment                                    95%     Diploma                                          109%                Independent
  Employment/Credential                                 83%     Skill Attainment                                 102%
  6 Month Retention                                   104%      6 Month Retention                                103%          Living Skills project
  6 Month Earnings Change                               93%
                                                                                                                               received the 2007
                                              CUSTOMER SATISFACTION
                            Standard                                       Percent of Goal
                                                                                                                               Promising Workforce
                            Satisfaction - Employers                                  89%                                      Development
                            Satisfaction - Job Seekers                                99%
                                                                                                                               Practice for Youth
                                                                                                                               award from the State
                                                                 Coors Brewing Company -                                       Youth Council at the
Red Rocks Community College                                      Incumbent Worker Training                                     2007 Statewide Think
successfully raised $150,000, of which                           In 2006, WIA 25% Enhanced                                     Big Youth Forum.
$10,000 was provided by Jefferson                                Dislocated Worker funds and WIA
County Workforce Center, to purchase                             10% Adult funds were leveraged to
a mobile recruitment center that is                              support a partnership with Coors
outfitted with equipment replicas                                Brewing Company and RRCC in the
from industry and to display                                     creation of several process technology
streaming video describing process                               courses. The Multi-Craft Technician
technology careers in oil and gas,                               course provides technicians with the
power, water treatment and food and                              ability to identify and resolve both
beverage. The mobile recruitment                                 mechanical and electrical problems.
center will be used at career fairs, high                        With the success of this pilot project,
schools and workforce centers to                                 Coors wants to replicate this endeavor
promote career options.                                          at its Shenandoah plant in Virginia.
In addition, Red Rocks Community
College was among 10                                             Independent Living Skills for Youth
organizations/agencies that received                             The Jefferson County Workforce
JumpStart funds in January 2007 from                             Center’s YouthWorks program,
the Denver Metro Workforce                                       Jefferson County Human Services
Innovations for Economic                                         Division of Children, Youth, and
Development (WIRED) grant for the                                Families, and The ROAD Youth Drop-
purpose of assisting industry and                                In Center collaborated to conduct
education partners in building and                               formal life skills assessments and
sustaining a pipeline of job-ready                               teach independent living classes for
process and maintenance technicians                              youth, train facilitators, and create an
for the energy sector. The Workforce                             instructional Toolkit. Jeffco’s
Center is one of the many partners                               Independent Living Skills project
supporting the College in meeting the                            received the 2007 Promising
goals of the grant.                                              Workforce Development Practice for
                                                                 Youth award from the State Youth

                                                                                             Jefferson County Workforce Center5                 167
                                                                                                                          Formula For Success
                                                                   County Detention Facility. This
                                                                   person was also responsible for
                                                                   developing the curriculum and project
                                                                   plan. This initiative, called Gateway,
                                                                   is a seven-week series of courses
                                                                   designed to reduce recidivism and
                                                                   provide positive outcomes for
                                                                   individuals involved with the criminal
                                                                   justice system in Jefferson County.
                       Jefferson County Workforce Center’s
                                                                   This program addresses professional,
                       new building located in Golden, Colorado.
                                                                   educational and social goals in an
                                                                   innovative and structured academic
                       Job Safari                                  environment. This self-sustaining
                       Jeffco YouthWorks, Jeffco Schools,          program is now serving customers
                       Youth Council members, and the              from throughout the metro area.
                       Explorers “Learning For Life” program
                       collaborated to host the “Job Safari”       Literacy Project dollars provided
                       career summer camp. This eight-week         tuition assistance for 32 teaching
                       summer camp provides opportunities          professionals to receive the required
                       for youth with disabilities to learn        certification to meet the No Child Left
                       about, explore and experience first         Behind legislation mandate.
                       hand seven targeted career industries       Instructors who received the
                       through interactive site visits and         ABE/GED certification were able to
                       company tours. Based on the success         refer their students to career services
                       of this first year, this camp is now an     and training services available at the
                       annual event.                               Workforce Center. Many of these same
                                                                   teachers are providing GED
                       Literacy Project                            preparation services to students at
                       For more than two years, Jefferson          various sites, including McLain
                       County Workforce Center has been            Community High School and Jefferson
                       collaborating with the Literacy             Hills Residential Treatment Center.
                       Coalition of Jefferson County on
                       developing a comprehensive strategy         TALENT DEVELOPMENT
                       to help low-skill, low-literacy, and
                       low-wage workers transition into            Jefferson County Workforce Center
                       education, training, or employment          Jefferson County Workforce Center
                       through assessments and intensive job       continues to target a universal
                       search assistance. With universal           population of job seekers as well as
                       access as a goal, several initiatives or    serve the needs of special populations
                       activities emerged from the Literacy        including veterans, both short and
                       Project and have evolved into               long-term unemployed workers, those
                       sustainable programs within Jefferson       who are under-employed, job seekers
                       County Workforce Center or its              with criminal backgrounds, and job
                       partner agencies.                           seekers with disabilities. The Region
                       The Literacy Project provided funding       served nearly 28,000 job seekers in the
                       for a part-time employee at Red Rocks       last year, a decrease from 2005 that can
                       Community College assigned to               be attributed to the growing economy
                       coordinate literacy initiatives with the    and a decrease in the unemployment
                       First Judicial District and the Jefferson

168   Jefferson County Workforce Center
      WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
rate from 4.4% to 3.8%. Additionally,
the Center helped nearly 12,000 job
seekers find employment and referred
more than 3,200 veterans to
employment opportunities within the
past year.

50+ Program
Jefferson County was one of three
                                                                                          J    efferson
                                                                                       Workforce Center’s
partners of the 50+ and Fabulous                                                       50+ and Fabulous
grant awarded by the Colorado Office                                                   Job Fair, held March
of Workforce Development. The other        Jeffco's 50+ and Fabulous Job Fair          14, 2007, was the
two partners were Adams Workforce                                                      last and largest of
                                           Workforce Investment Act program,
Center and Arapahoe Douglas Works!
                                           and 68 of these received skills upgrade     the fairs with more
The primary objectives of this grant
                                           training to enhance their                   than 90 employers
were to assist mature workers in the
                                           employability.                              participating and
Denver metro area in obtaining
gainful employment by identifying                                                      approximately 2,200
                                           Job Club/UI Reemployment Services
age-related barriers, develop strategies                                               mature job seekers
                                           For more than three years, Jefferson
to address those issues, provide                                                       in attendance.
                                           County Workforce Center utilized an
training opportunities for skills
                                           Unemployment Insurance (UI) Re-
currently needed by employers, and
                                           employment grant to provide
provide access to a wider range of
                                           individualized and small group
existing resources to assist in meeting
                                           assistance to targeted unemployment
their needs.
                                           insurance claimants that were facing a
                                           more difficult time in finding re-
Funds from the grant were used for a
                                           employment. The major activity for
variety of activities, including three
                                           this grant was the formation of a Job
individual hiring events hosted by
                                           Club that served as a networking
each partner. Jefferson County
                                           group to provide emotional support,
Workforce Center’s 50+ and Fabulous
                                           job leads, speakers, and job search
Job Fair, held March 14, 2007, was the
                                           guidance at weekly meetings. Of the
last and largest of the fairs with more
                                           people participating in the program,
than 90 employers participating and
                                           seventy percent had found
approximately 2,200 mature job
                                           employment before the grant ended in
seekers in attendance. Employers
                                           June 2007.
conducted on-site interviews and job
seekers could choose to attend any of
the four employment workshops.
                                           Services to Ex-Offenders
                                           When ex-offenders are employed, they
To further support the mature job
                                           are 66% less likely to return to prison.
seeker, Jefferson County Workforce
                                           With that fact in mind, JCWC staff
Center established a special
                                           conducted numerous outreach
orientation program and designated a
                                           activities to more than 300 inmates to
resource area and computer in the
                                           provide an overview of workforce
Career Center for this population. As a
                                           center services and intensive services
result, more than 200 people aged 50
                                           for ex-offenders. Information
and over were enrolled in the

                                                               Jefferson County Workforce Center5       169
                                                                                  Formula For Success
                          materials created specifically for the       funding initiatives, the Career Start
                          ex-offender include a brochure               grant and the Literacy Project, to
                          outlining vital records and resources,       provide services for Gilpin and Clear

“W            hen
                          an orientation video, website pages,
                          and two different workshops, “Get a
                          Job” and “Overcoming Employment
                          Barriers” that are delivered at the
                          Jefferson County Jail, through the
                                                                       Creek counties related to career
                                                                       exploration, GED preparation and
                                                                       experiential learning. Funds from the
                                                                       Career Start grant were used to
                                                                       purchase computers at the Gilpin
offenders are
                          Gateway program, and at the                  County Cooperative Extension Office
employed, they are
                          Workforce Center. Other outreach sites       to increase accessibility to the
66% less likely to
                          are probation centers, a federal prison,     CHOICES program and other career
return to prison.         and the John Enman Center.                   development resources. The local high
With that fact in         Workforce center staff received              school now offers a set of career
mind, JCWC staff          training regarding the special needs of      courses for 9th through 11th grade
conducted numerous        ex-offenders and coaching was                students and is taught by the director
outreach activities to    provided to case managers and                for the Extension Office. The Literacy
more than 300             counselors.                                  Project provided funding for the
                                                                       purchase of two laptop computers and
inmates to provide
                          WorkKeys Certification                       various software programs to enable
an overview of
                          Jefferson County Workforce Center            the Gilpin County Library to offer
workforce center          has taken strides to create a skilled        GED preparation. A career resource
services and              workforce to meet current and future         center is now fully operational at the
intensive services        business needs. The Workforce Center         library and designated staff has been
for ex-offenders.-        established a WorkKeys certificate           trained on the educational resources.
                          program that certifies for job seekers       In response to local need, Career Start
                          their level of competency in three of        funds sponsored lifeguard and swim
                          the nine skills areas. These gold, silver,   instructor training for recreation
                          and bronze certificates aid business in      centers in both counties.
                          identifying those recruits who most
                          match the skill level needed for a           Jeffco YouthWorks and the Youth
                          particular job.                              Council
                                                                       Jefferson County Workforce Center’s
                          Among those benefiting from the              youth program, Jeffco YouthWorks,
                          Workkeys program were participants           along with the Youth Council, has
                          in the Life Skills class for the Colorado    created a performance-driven system
                          Works enrollees. The class offered           that meets the demands of high-risk
                          instruction and assistance with job          youth and the universal population.
                          readiness, career assessment and             Their strategy is to increase
                          literacy skills, including KeyTrain and      accessibility to workforce development
                          WorkKeys. Participants were awarded          services and to improve coordination
                          WorkKeys certificates for job seeker         between organizations serving the
                          certification for the successful             target population.
                          completion of the program.
                                                                       Jeffco YouthWorks and the Youth
                          Clear Creek And Gilpin County                Council focused on transition planning
                          Workforce Centers                            related to helping youth successfully
                          The Mountain Centers leveraged two           transition to independent living, post-

  170   Jefferson County Workforce Center
         WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
                                              College), Exempla Lutheran Medical
                                              Center, City of Golden Fire and
                                              Rescue, Rocky Mountain Asphalt
                                              Education Center and National

                                              Renewable Energy Laboratory
                                              (NREL). Standley Lake High School
                                              DECA initiated a partnership with                        ore than
                                              Jeffco YouthWorks to plan, organize,                     1200
                                              implement and evaluate the annual             youth, 67 employers,
                                              Youth Job Fair for Jefferson County           and 36 community
                                              youth and young adults. With                  partners and
Kevin Ashcraft, Career Center Coordinator,    funding from the Governor’s Summer            educational agencies
provides job seekers with assistance in the   Job Hunt program, Workforce Center            participated in the
Jefferson County Resource Center.             staff collaborated with Youth Council
                                                                                            annual Jefferson
secondary education and career                members, Colorado Department of
                                              Labor & Employment, First Judicial            County Youth Job
pathways. In addition, the region is
                                              District Juvenile Probation, Jefferson        Fair held March 7,
developing sustainable approaches to
                                              School District and six youth to help         2007.
address the unique needs of youth
transitioning from the foster care            plan, organize, recruit, and work the
system, Jefferson Hills Residential           event.
Treatment Center, Rite of Passage and
Collbran Job Corps Center. Similar            Youth Budgeting Class
efforts are being established with            In conjunction with the Young
Lookout Mountain Youth Services               Americans Center for Financial
Center, Jeffco Transition Services, and       Education and Jeffco Transition
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.        Services, the Jefferson County
Strategies include staff certification        Workforce Center sponsored and
training, on-site services, and activities    piloted a “Budgeting 101” class for
supported with leveraged funding.             students with moderate to severe
                                              developmental disabilities. Twelve
Youth Job Fair                                students successfully completed the
More than 1200 youth, 67 employers,           class. This curriculum was developed
and 36 community partners and                 in response to community need and
educational agencies participated in          will continue to be offered.
the annual Jefferson County Youth Job
Fair held March 7, 2007.The event is          Venturing Program
one of the largest youth fairs in the         The Youth Council and Boy Scouts of
State and attracts several television         America have implemented a
news affiliates that conduct interviews       Venturing Program for Chafee and
and live shots in their morning and           other interested youth. A local
afternoon broadcasts. The Career              Kiwanis Club and The ROAD Youth
Expo, held in conjunction with the job        Drop In Center were instrumental in
fair, featured several apprenticeship         the development of this pilot project
programs, employers and educational           and Jeffco YouthWorks participated.
partners including the United States          Thirteen youth engaged in challenging
Geological Survey (USGS), Process             team-building activities that teach
Technology (Red Rocks Community               communication and responsibility.
                                              One youth was recruited by the Boy

                                                                Jefferson County Workforce Center5           171
                                                                                       Formula For Success
                         Scouts to return in 2007 as an            business needs assessment and
                         instructor.                               delivery of various recruitment tools
                                                                   and other human resource services as
                         Electrician Workshops                     the need is identified. This model
                         Workforce funds were used to develop      requires revenue, and businesses have

H          MSHost at
Mills held a
                         curriculum for a short-term intensive
                         electrician workshop conducted at
                         Marvin Foote Youth Services Center
                         (MFYSC), operated by the Colorado
                         Division of Youth Corrections (DYC).
                                                                   readily responded with more than
                                                                   twelve customized hiring events,
                                                                   including Exempla Lutheran Medical
                                                                   Center, Aggregate Industries, Home
                                                                   Depot, and King Soopers.
customized hiring
                         Developing safety procedures for
event at their
                         using tools and electrical hardware in    Relationships with businesses within
location. Amanda
                         a correctional facility was a major       the Tri-County Region’s four targeted
Miller, a payroll        focus of this effort. The training        industries (Bio-Science,
specialist for           materials, curriculum and safety          Manufacturing, Hospitality and
HMSHost said,            procedures are easily portable so the     Energy) are steadily growing and
“Jeffco Workforce        workshop can be conducted at other        expanding in scope. Focus groups with
Center provided us       DYC facilities. The project was a         representatives from each of the
with several good        collaborative effort between Red Rocks    industries were conducted in
                         Community College, Jefferson County       December 2006 and January 2007. The
candidates for our
                         Workforce Center and DYC.                 goals of the meetings were to learn
food and beverage
                                                                   more about each industry, uncover
openings. The ladies     ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION                   any gaps and needs, and understand
who came out to                                                    how Jefferson County Workforce
assist with the fair     Dedication To A Demand-Driven             Center can better serve business
were very friendly,      System                                    customers. Many of the industry
helpful, and provided    Over the past year, the Business          representatives have agreed to serve
us with the pre-         Services team worked with nearly 700      on advisory groups to further guide
                         businesses in the Jefferson County        the work of the Business Services
screening that we
                         area. Among those are LaFarge,            team.
needed to avoid
                         Coors, Coors-Tek, Exempla Lutheran
becoming                 Medical Center, Jefferson County,         Nine of the largest casinos in Gilpin
overwhelmed with         Sundyne, Aggregate Industries,            County agreed to participate in the
candidates who           Ameristar Casino, Isle of Capri Casino,   second annual Casino Job Fair in May
would not qualify for    Xcel Energy, Black Hills Corporation,     2007 with more than 350 job seekers
our open positions.      First Bank, City of Arvada, City of       attending. On the morning of the
This service was         Golden. New and existing business         event, 9News, a NBC affiliate,
                         customers in many industries have         conducted a live interview with the
greatly appreciated
                         increased the numbers of job orders,      Workforce Center director regarding
                         and the search for talent has become      available careers in the gaming
                         more aggressive. More than 6100 job       industry. Various ads and news
                         openings were listed with Jefferson       articles were published in local and
                         County Workforce Center.                  regional newspapers as well.

                         The Business Services team responded      To further support business services,
                         to this need by developing a more         negotiations took place with staffing
                         consultative service model to include a   agencies about seamless delivery of

  172   Jefferson County Workforce Center
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
services to career transitioners and      positions that we offer. Thanks.”
businesses. To date, Memorandums of       Michel Jenning, Recruiting
Understanding have been signed with       Coordinator, The Warranty Group
AeroTek, which is currently on site
two days per week, and with
Manpower which plans to be onsite
fall 2007. With other agencies
interested in this collaborative model,
the program is likely to expand in the
                                          Partnership with Jefferson Economic
                                          Committed to the economic vitality of
                                          Jefferson County, the Business
                                          Services team formed numerous
                                                                                              T       he
                                                                                        Workforce Center
                                                                                        has partnered with
next year.                                alliances with community economic             JEC on a number of
                                          development organizations. For more           outreach efforts
Testimonials                              than fifty years Jefferson Economic           including the
Alison Bodor, Human Resources             Council (JEC) has concentrated on             publication of the
Generalist for Aggregate Industries,      creating, expanding, and retaining
has this to say about Jefferson County    high-paying primary jobs that fuel the
Workforce Center’s business services:     economic health and vitality of the           Development
“We recently partnered with the Jeffco    community. The Workforce Center               Resource Guide,
Workforce center to fill several key      has partnered with JEC on a number            participation in the
positions. We found the center to be      of outreach efforts including the             Energizing
responsive, creative and timely with      publication of the Workforce                  Tomorrow Task
their approach to helping us. Not         Development Resource Guide,                   Force, and
only did we fill multiple key roles       participation in the Energizing               sponsorships of
through the interview day at the          Tomorrow Task Force, and
                                                                                        several JEC
workforce center, those candidates        sponsorships of several JEC business
have proved to be quality employees       events, including the Economic                business events,
interested in growing with our            Forecast Breakfast, the Industry              including the
company. We look forward to               Appreciation Awards, and the Broker           Economic Forecast
partnering with the workforce center      Real Estate Crawl.                            Breakfast, the
on staffing initiatives in the future.”                                                 Industry
Another employer had this to say                                                        Awards, and the
about the services provided to their
                                                                                        Broker Real Estate
company. “Jefferson County
Workforce has contributed to the                                                        Crawl.
TWG Innovative Solutions'                 Small Business Development
recruitment efforts with unparalleled     The Jefferson County Business
results. The business services            Resource Center (JCBRC), now in its
coordinator, Larry Brown and his          second year of operation, provides
team in February 2007 helped us           access to resources and comprehensive
organize a job fair. This job fair        services at no cost or low cost for
helped the company to fill many of        start-up businesses and established
the openings in our Home Warranty         businesses in the county. As one of the
department. Jefferson County              founding partner organizations, the
Workforce is one of the first             Workforce Center continues to
organizations we call when we need        support JCBRC through sponsorship
help with recruitment. We know that       of their education luncheon series.
they will do whatever it takes to get
the most qualified candidates for the

                                                            Jefferson County Workforce Center 5          173
                                                                                   Formula For Success
                       Workforce Development Month          commerce luncheons; and co-hosting a
                       Jefferson County Workforce Center    small business forum with the
                       participated in Workforce            Jefferson County Business Resource
                       Development Month through a series   Center. In addition, Jeffco helped staff
                       of events in September 2006. These   the annual Colorado Department of
                       events included an open house        Labor and Employment E3 Job Fair
                       celebration at their new location;   held October 3.
                       sponsorship of two chamber of

174   Jefferson County Workforce Center
      WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
                               Employment Services of
                               Weld County
REGIONAL PROFILE                                             experience growth throughout 2007
                                                             and 2008. The unemployment rate in
Located in the north-central portion of                      the county experienced a high of 5.5%
Colorado, Weld County encompasses                            in January 2006 with varying
3,999 square miles, making it the third                      fluctuations throughout the year
largest county in the state, and in 2006                     ending in a 4.1% rate in June 2007.
it had an estimated population of                            The number of individuals employed
236,857. The county has continued to                         in the county continued to improve
see a steady growth in its population                        and showed a 4.1% increase from
and in the ten year period from 1996                         December 2005 to June 2007, and job
to 2006 Weld County experienced a                            growth is anticipated to continue to be
51.7% increase. The county’s economy                         steady.
continues to be a diverse mix of
agriculture, advanced technology,                            The following chart identifies the
manufacturing and service firms.                             demographics of the customers served
Weld County continues to be the                              in the workforce center during the
leading producer of cattle, grains and                       period of July 1, 2006 – June 30, 2007.
sugar beets in the state, the leading                        A review of data captured for this
agricultural products seller in the                          twelve month period shows there has
state, and the fifth largest producing                       been a 4.8% increase in the total
county nationally. Weld County also                          number of active job seekers
ranks as the second leading producer                         compared to the similar period last
of oil and gas in the state.                                 year. On average, the percentage of
                                                             increase in individuals was seen
The county’s economy continued to                            across all segments of customers
perform well in 2006 and it is                               served.
anticipated that we will continue to

                                    Demographics of Clients Served

                                      Total Job                           UI Eligible
          Total Job Seekers                       Employed   Unemployed                 Hispanic   Non-Hispanic
                                       Seekers                            Claimant

 Total Active Job Seekers              19,339      3,834       15,505       5,856        9,096        10,243

 Veterans & Eligible Persons           1,316        290        1,026         653          232         1,084

 Male                                  10,639      2,155       8,484        3,191        5,000        5,639

 Female                                8,700        1,679      7,021        2,665        4,096        4,604

 Youth                                 1,560        91         1,469          7           834          726

 Adult 18 and over                     17,779      3,743       14,036       5,849        8,262        9,517

 18-44                                 13,004      2,826       10,178       3,522        6,742        6,262

 45-54                                 3,278        643        2,635        1,528         1,109       2,169

 55 and over                            1,497       274         1,223        799          411          1086

 Received Staff Assisted Services      19,339      3,834       15,505       5,856        9,096        10,243

                                                                                    Employment Services of Weld County5                 175
                                                                                                                  Formula For Success
                         One-Stop System                                  • TANF Summer Youth
                         The Weld County Board of                           Program
                         Commissioners administers all
                         employment and training programs                 • Return Unemployment

 E        mployment
continues to be a
                         through the Weld County Division of
                         Human Services. These programs are
                         then delivered through Employment
                         Services of Weld County, a
                         department of the Weld County
                                                                            Insurance to Employment

                                                                          • TIGHT Youth Corps
                         Division of Human Services.
system providing                                                          • Youth Transitions Grant
customer choice and      The Weld County Workforce
a place where            Development Board (WFB) shares                   • Pillars for Successful
customers are able       oversight and planning responsibilities            Independence Program
to choose how and        for the delivery of all services through
where to get the         Employment Services. In this capacity,     Employment Services continues to be a
information,             the Weld County WFB joins with the         customer-focused system providing
                         Board of Weld County Commissioners         customer choice and a place where
                         in the development of the goals and        customers are able to choose how and
education, and           objectives, system design, monitoring      where to get the information,
training to best meet    and evaluation of program activities.      assessments, education, and training to
their needs.                                                        best meet their needs. Through the
                         Employment Services is an integrated       operation of the basic labor exchange,
                         system offering the widest variety of      job seekers and employers are able to
                         employment and training programs           obtain information regarding regional
                         and services to meet the needs of our      and statewide job placement services.
                         customers. The major integrated            Customers are also able to access
                         programs administered under the            national job placement and labor
                         Workforce Center for PY 2006 were:         market information through the use of
                                • WIA/Wagner Peyser                 internet access available either at the
                                  programs and discretionary        Workforce center or at remote
                                  grants                            locations that have the necessary
                                • Weld County Youth
                                  Conservation                      The population growth in the southern
                                  Corps/AmeriCorps                  part of Weld County requires
                                                                    additional emphasis and resources
                                                                    devoted to serving this population
                                • Colorado Works (TANF)
                                                                    needs. Employment Services moved
                                                                    into a new building in Ft. Lupton in
                                • Employment First                  the fall of 2006 and this has increased
                                                                    the access to services for customers in
                                • Disability Program Navigator      this area. Staff presence was increased
                                                                    in the Ft. Lupton area to better serve
                                • Governor’s Summer Job Hunt        the TANF population.
                                                                    Private sector involvement continues
                                                                    to be a major emphasis in the design

  176   Employment Services of Weld County
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
                                   Program Year 2006 Funding


 $600,000                                                                       $670,370
 $500,000              $464,830                                                                                                            he
 $400,000                                                                                                                                  population
                                                                                                                                  growth in the
                                                                                                                                  southern part of
 $200,000                                               $147,598                           $148,800
                                                                                                                                  Weld County
 $100,000                                                                                               $70,000
                                                                                                                                  requires additional
      0                                                                                                                           emphasis and
            Wagner       WIA        WIA        WIA        WIA      Employment                            TANF
                                                                                  TANF     AmeriCorps               TIGHT
            Peyser       Adult      Disl.
                                              Youth      Admin.       First                               SY                      resources devoted to
                                                                                                                                  serving this
                                                                                                                                  population needs.
and delivery of employment and                                    Department of Social Services. In                               Employment
training services available through                               addition to operating the TANF work                             Services moved into
Employment Services of Weld County.                               component and Employment First                                  a new building in Ft.
The Workforce Development Board,                                  programs for Social Service, we have                            Lupton in the fall of
through its various planning                                      also collaborated on a variety of very                          2006 and this has
committees, and Employment                                        innovative and successful projects and
                                                                                                                                  increased the access
Services, continues to emphasize                                  programs to provide services to youth.
                                                                                                                                  to services for
quality in employment and training                                These include the Multidisciplinary
activities and programs.                                          Youth Assessment Team (MYAT)                                    customers in this
                                                                  Program, the Teamwork, Innovation,                              area.
A goal of the Weld County Workforce                               Growth, Hope, and Training (TIGHT)
Development Board and Employment                                  Youth Corps, the TANF Summer
Services is to deliver quality services,                          Youth Program, and the Pillars for
which assist individuals in gaining the                           Successful Independence (PSI)
skills necessary to obtain and maintain                           Program. Two of these programs,
a job that will lead them to economic                             MYAT and TIGHT, were recognized
self-sufficiency. Areas designed to                               as Promising Practices at the PY 2006
meet this goal include: the structure of                          Think Big Youth Conference and
Employment Services, our linkages                                 received monetary awards.
and coordination efforts with other
agencies and community resources,                                 Transportation Initiatives
and the ongoing design, development                               To address transportation needs, the
and delivery of innovative service                                recruitment for individuals to be
models.                                                           trained in truck driving has continued
                                                                  to be a priority, and the task-force
PARTNERSHIPS                                                      developed by the Weld County
                                                                  Workforce Development Board has
Human Services Collaborations                                     continued to meet to discus means to
Employment Services of Weld County                                identify additional strategies to meet
has developed a close collaborative                               the needs of employers. The Weld
relationship with the Weld County                                 County Workforce Development

                                                                                             Employment Services of Weld County5                   177
                                                                                                                             Formula For Success
                                                                 WIA Performance PY06

                                                     ADULT                                                   DISLOCATED WORKER
                           Standard                                    Percent of Goal   Standard                                Percent of Goal
                           Entered Employment                                     99%    Entered Employment                               102%

                           Employment/Credential                                104%     Employment/Credential                            101%
                           6 Month Retention                                    101%     6 Month Retention                                100%
          upporting        6 Month Earnings Change                              107%     6 Month Earnings Change                            88%

                                                OLDER YOUTH                                                   YOUNGER YOUTH
                           Standard                                   Percent of Goal    Standard                                Percent of Goal
businesses                 Entered Employment                                  119%      Diploma                                          105%
                           Employment/Credential                               105%      Skill Attainment                                 106%
continues to be a          6 Month Retention                                   100%      6 Month Retention                                112%
                           6 Month Earnings Change                             178%
priority for Weld
                                                                       CUSTOMER SATISFACTION
                                                     Standard                                       Percent of Goal
Employment                                           Satisfaction - Employers                                  93%
                                                     Satisfaction - Job Seekers                              102%
Services continues
to coordinate with
Upstate Colorado         Board’s Transportation Taskforce                                 partner with the Rockies Workforce
Economic                 initiative continues to meet to develop                          Energy Coalition. This coalition
Development to           and implement strategies for 2007-                               represents key energy employers like
provide labor market     2008. A link for Professional Drivers                            Shell, Halliburton, Encana, Key
                         has been added to the Employment                                 Energy, and Suncor, as well as
information and
                         Services web site and will be actively                           education and workforce development
other services as
                         marketed in the upcoming year to                                 officials representing Colorado,
businesses identify a    encourage professional drivers to                                Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota,
workforce need.          apply for positions with listing                                 and Utah. Through the efforts of this
                         employers. This site will also be used                           coalition, an Energy Employer Service
                         to provide occupation and resource                               Guide for the five-state region was
                         information for future truck drivers.                            updated to assist employers in using
                                                                                          the workforce system to meet their
                         Training for limited English speakers                            employment needs. Addressing the
                         to become CDL certified was                                      energy workforce shortages through
                         developed over two years ago and                                 this five-state regional collaboration
                         continues to be offered as an                                    effort will result in increased training
                         alternative for employers. The second                            and employment opportunities for job
                         Professional Drivers Expo is planned                             seekers, as well as increase access to
                         for September 2007 to provide a venue                            the labor force for employers.
                         to encourage individuals to look into
                         truck driving as a viable career and                             Health Care
                         then link them to training providers.                            Employment Services has continued to
                         Additionally, current drivers will have                          work with Aims Community College
                         the opportunity to interview with                                to address health care shortages and
                         employers. Employers needing truck                               Aims shares our commitment in this
                         drivers have been, and will continue to                          area. Their dedication is demonstrated
                         be, invited to participate in our job                            by expanding their capacity for
                         fairs to promote employment in this                              training by building a new Allied
                         occupational area.                                               Health Care building at the Greeley
                         Rockies Workforce Energy Coalition
                         Employment Services continues to

  178   Employment Services of Weld County
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
Support of Small Businesses               for customers and to develop the
Supporting small businesses continues     talent needed by local employers.
to be a priority for Weld County.
Employment Services of Weld County        Pillar for Successful Independence
continues to coordinate with Upstate      Program (PSI)
Colorado Economic Development to          Through collaboration with, and
provide labor market information and      funded through, the Weld County
other services as businesses identify a   Department of Social Services
workforce need.                           Employment Services developed the
                                          PSI Program to serve 14 and 15 year
In addition to the collaborative          old youth who are in foster care. The
partnerships with agencies providing      first two years of this program will
services to small businesses, we have     focus on increasing the developmental
developed marketing efforts               assets of the youth, which includes
specifically designed to reach the        such things as refusal skills training,
small business owner. This includes a     sexual abstinence, increasing social
quarterly newsletter made available to    skills, increasing skills in reading and
business owners though the various        math, basic career exploration, initial
Chambers of Commerce throughout           work experiences, etc. As youth
the county. This newsletter addresses     progress and turn sixteen, they will be
workforce information that may be of      involved with the CHAFEE program
interest to the employers. Strategic      through the Department of Social
linkages were formed with the City of     Services and will also be considered
Greeley Economic Development office       for participation in WIA youth
as well as the Greeley Area Chamber       programs and associated activities.
of Commerce.
                                          Gee Whiz Health Camp
Employment Services is in the process     For PY 2006, Employment Services of
of revising our business services plan    Weld County and Aims Community
which will outline our services and       College, in collaboration with North
outreach to businesses as well as         Colorado Medical Center (NCMC), the
identify our workforce development        University of Northern Colorado
partners and their roles. Employment      (UNC), Bonell Good Samaritan Center
Services and Upstate Colorado             and Medline continue to offer the Gee
Economic Development are members          Whiz Health Camps. These camps
of the Metro WIB and part of the          introduce younger youth to various
WIRED grant and will incorporate
appropriate strategies from this
collaboration for the small business
sector as they are identified.


The following outlines a few of
Employment Services of Weld
County’s innovative projects designed
to increase the training opportunities
                                          Gee Whiz Health Camp youth participants.

                                                           Employment Services of Weld County5             179
                                                                                     Formula For Success
                         health occupations. Through the           welfare and juvenile justice system.
                         operation of a variety of camps, the      Interventions focus on reducing family
                         program is designed to familiarize        conflict, truancy, oppositional/defiant
                         youth ages 14-15 and older youth ages     behavior, polysubstance abuse and

and Aims
                         16-21 with health care occupations and
                         the types of working environments
                         utilizing a “see, touch, experience and
                         share” format. Each camp is operated
                         for four days and offers a variety of
                                                                   unemployment. A primary focus is the
                                                                   safety of the child and family in both
                                                                   the home and community
                                                                   environments. Pertinent outcomes
Community College,
                         experiences related to the medical
in collaboration with
                         field. Camp opportunities were                  • MYAT exceeded its service
North Colorado           expanded and are now offered in the               goal of 940 by providing
Medical Center           Greeley and Ft Lupton areas. The Gee              referrals, support and follow-
(NCMC), the              Whiz Health Camp was recognized as                up services to 968 families
University of            a Promising Practice at the 2006 Think
Northern Colorado        Big Youth Conference.                           • 98% of youth receiving case
(UNC), Bonell Good                                                         management services have
                         Partners in this project include:                 continued to reside at home
Samaritan Center
                         Employment Services of Weld County;               or in kinship care, exceeding
and Medline
                         Weld County Department of Social                  the target goal of 91%
continue to offer the    Services; Aims Community College;
Gee Whiz Health          North Colorado Medical Center;
Camps, which are
                                                                         • 8% of cases were terminated
                         University of Northern Colorado;
                         Bonell Good Samaritan Center; and                 due to youth penetrating the
designed to
                         Medline. Funding for the project came             juvenile justice system by the
familiarize youth                                                          end of the 2006-2007 fiscal
ages 14-15 and older     from Temporary Assistance for Needy
                         Families (TANF) and Aims                          year, lower than the
youth ages 16-21                                                           anticipated number of 14%
                         Community College funds. Each
with health care         entity covered various costs of the
occupations and the      Camp.                                           • 76% of families who
types of working                                                           successfully completed the
environments             Multi-disciplinary Youth Assessment               program and responded to
utilizing a “see,        Team (MYAT)                                       follow-up data collection
                         MYAT is a collaborative effort                    efforts report they continue to
touch, experience
                         involving Weld County Department of               utilize recommended
and share” format.
                         Social Services, Island Grove Regional            community services
The Gee Whiz Health
                         Treatment Center, North Range
Camp was                 Behavioral Health, Weld County            Weld County Youth Conservation
recognized as a          Employment Services, Weld County          Corps/AmeriCorps Program
Promising Practice       Health Department, Weld County            Employment Services submitted for
at the 2006 Think Big    Juvenile Probation, Greeley/Evans         and was awarded a continuation grant
Youth Conference.        School District 6, Centennial BOCES,      for our AmeriCorps Program.
                         St. Vrain School District and Life        Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
                         Bridge Church.                            Youth, Weld County Youth
                                                                   Conservation Corps (WCYCC) Junior
                         The MYAT program strives to reduce        Corps youth, and other community
                         the number of youth entering the child    youth, have the opportunity to
                                                                   participate in the WCYCC AmeriCorps

  180   Employment Services of Weld County
        WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
Program to learn a variety of skills       need of remedial education in math
and earn money for college.                and reading.

TANF Summer Youth Employment               During the summer of 2006, 58 youth
The TANF Summer Youth                      were placed at employment sites
Employment Program targets
economically disadvantaged youth,
14-15 years of age, from Temporary
                                           throughout the county. Of the total
                                           participants in Summer Youth
                                           Employment, 47 youth participated in
                                           remedial or enrichment activities and
                                                                                        T        he MYAT
                                                                                      strives to reduce the
                                                                                      number of youth
                                           eight attended summer school.
                                           Achievement results included grade         entering the child
                                           level gain and school credit through       welfare and juvenile
                                           School District 6. One hundred             justice system.
                                           percent (100%) of the youth                Interventions focus
                                           maintained their functioning grade
                                                                                      on reducing family
                                           level and 74% (40) increased their
                                           functioning grade level in reading or      conflict, truancy,
                                           math by a grade level or more. Bonus       oppositional/defiant
                                           monies were awarded to youth who           behavior,
                                           participated in life skills enhancement    polysubstance abuse
TANF Summer Youth Employment Program       workshops each week. Eight life skills     and unemployment.
participants.                              workshops were offered and included        MYAT exceeded its
Assistance for Needy Family                topics such as Money Management,           service goal of 940
participants, families on Medicaid,        Rethink Anger Management/Conflict
                                                                                      by providing
families receiving food stamps, and        Resolution, Abstinence
foster children. It allows younger         Training/Pregnancy Prevention,             referrals, support
youth to participate in positive           Dropout Prevention, Drug & Alcohol         and follow-up
activities throughout the summer to        Prevention, and STD Awareness.             services to 968
gain work and, life skills, earn money     There was a total of 36 youth who          families
and receive remedial or academic           attended at least one workshop.
enrichment while encouraging them to
remain in, or return to, school. An        Partners in this project include:
Individual Service Strategy is             Employment Services of Weld County;
developed for each youth participant       Weld County Department of Social
to determine individual training in        Services (TANF); the Weld County
employment and education as well as        Health Department; and numerous
the support needed in setting and          public locations throughout the
reaching goals. Youth work 4 to 8          County.
hours per day, 3 to 5 days per week,
for a total of 20 hours per week for 8     Improving Transition Outcomes for
weeks depending on individual              Youth with Disabilities
circumstances and preferences. The         The goal of Youth Transitions grant is
Employment Services Learning Lab           to improve the transition outcomes for
and CCC Destinations Learning              youth with disabilities ages 14-25
System are used for youth in need of       through the use of intermediaries and
remediation/academic enrichment            improve transition services through
activities. Coordination also occurs       the workforce development system.
with local school districts for those in   Prior to the development of the local

                                                          Employment Services of Weld County5          181
                                                                                 Formula For Success
                          plan, a resource mapping was                with subsequent release to a
                          completed with partner agencies,            Residential Treatment Center for drug
                          school districts, BOCES, Aims               rehabilitation services. Youth are
                          Community College, and UNC.                 engaged in a variety of positive

  T       he goal of
          the TIGHT
Program is to
                          Additionally, youth with disabilities,
                          and their parents, participated in focus
                          groups and provided input regarding
                          improving the access to the workforce
                          development system to reduce the
                                                                      activities for approximately 8 hours a
                                                                      day, five days a week, which include:
                                                                      community service activities;
                                                                      educational components; life skill
                                                                      development activities; and in home
delay/eliminate the
                          barriers for the youth.                     mental health counseling.
need for out-of-home
placement by              The information gathered illustrated        The goal of the TIGHT Program is to
exposing                  that there were opportunities that          delay/eliminate the need for out-of-
participating youth to    could be explored to better align           home placement by exposing
a variety of              services. These included the need for       participating youth to a variety of
worthwhile projects       developing cross training                   worthwhile projects within their
within their              opportunities throughout the various        communities. Additionally, by being
                          agencies, developing uniform                engaged in activities that promote
                          interagency and community practices,        growth in self esteem and sense of
                          improving collaboration with other          community, corps members realize
                          school’s programs, and providing for        that there are positive alternatives
                          staff development programs/activities       available to them. They learn that
                          for all transition programs.                when they make positive choices, the
                                                                      service they perform has value and
                          E-Colorado is being used as a tool to       that they can and do make a difference
                          help in this area as a means to identify,   in their communities. Successful
                          maintain and distribute information         outcomes include:
                          regarding the various transition
                          components and their related goals.
                          We are continuing to explore the
                          potential for all parties involved with
                          youth in transition services to register,
                          communicate on-line, and update
                          information through this portal.
                          Additionally, establishing a link for
                          definitions, youth portfolios, and
                          program/service newsletters is being

                          TIGHT Youth Corps                           TIGHT Youth Corp Rafting Trip.
                          The Teamwork, Innovation, Growth,
                          Hope, and Training (TIGHT) Youth
                          Corps Program is designed to engage         Partners in this project include:
                          youth who are involved in out-of-           Employment Services of Weld County;
                          home placement situations through the       Weld County Department of Social
                          Department of Social Services Youth in      Services Youth in Conflict Program;
                          Conflict program. This includes youth       Probation, 19th Judicial District; Island
                          who have been remanded to detention         Grove Regional Treatment Center; and

  182   Employment Services of Weld County
         WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
                                 TIGHT Corps Highlights

        70% successfully completed/graduated from the TIGHT Program and did not require entry
        into a TRCCF out of the home placement at time of graduation.

        30% of the youth did not successfully complete/graduate from the TIGHT Program and
        required more restrictive placements, however, as a result of their involvement with the
        TIGHT Program placement was delayed by an average of approximately 3 months and
        therefore saved the County approximately $180,000.

        79% of those completing the program and not eligible to obtain their GED or diploma,
        either returned to school, were continuing their expulsion status, or continued with their
        probation and did not require more restrictive placement at time of their
        completion/graduation of the TIGHT program.

        100% of the youth involved in the program demonstrated significant grade level
        improvement and participated in community projects, allowing them to make reparations
        to the community and allowing them to develop pro-social relationships

        24% of youth successfully terminated probation.

        84% of the youth have not had their probation revoked. (a 10% decrease in revocations
        when compared to the general population of Weld County youth who are on probation
        and who have been revoked.)

Individual and Group Therapy                           participants. Recruitment, Intake,
Services (IGTS).                                       Services and Follow-up were the 4
                                                       stages of design that made up the
Return Unemployment Insurance to                       program’s delivery system. A variety
Employment (RUITE)                                     of recruitment practices allowed staff
This project continued to be geared                    to identify potential customers for
towards providing focused labor                        enrollment. The program identified
exchange and intensive marketing                       goals for a variety of services. The
skills services to Unemployment                        program met and exceeded the goals
Insurance claimants. Unemployment                      for providing customers with
Insurance (UI) participants/recipients                 marketing skills classes, file search
seeking assistance through Weld                        services, follow-up services as well as
County Employment Services are                         other staff assisted services.
provided job readiness services to
accelerate their return to the labor                   Placements were tracked through
force. Additional time and resources                   various means which included: phone
are made available to staff assisting UI               contact, mail correspondence, wage
claimants who are not enrolled in                      screen verification, and automated
WIA, or other subsidized programs, to                  reporting through wage records. This
ensure they receive core and intensive                 year staff exceeded planned placement
services offered through typical                       goals for the program; 49.8% of the
subsidized programs. Partners in this                  participants that terminated found
project include: Employment Services                   employment within the first quarter
of Weld County; the Workforce                          after exiting.
Investment Act; and Weld community
based agencies.                                        Disability Program Navigator
                                                       The Colorado Disability Program
In its 3rd year of implementation,                     Navigator position is designed as a
RUITE served a total of 244                            referral resource for customers of the

                                                                             Employment Services of Weld County5           183
                                                                                                     Formula For Success
                          workforce system who have a                 • Began planning the 2nd
                          disability to ensure universal access to     annual Job Fair for people
                          all programs and services.                   with disabilities.
                          Additionally, the Disability Program

  E        mployment
           Services is
in partnership with
Upstate Colorado
                          Navigator evaluates the accessibility of
                          the workforce center and system
                          services. Services provided by the
                          Navigator include: working directly
                          with individuals with disabilities to
                                                                      • Continued working with the
                                                                       Community Transition Team,
                                                                       a committee of community
                                                                       disability agency
                                                                       representatives, to define
Economic                  assist them in obtaining needed              necessary projects to provide
Development,              services; advocacy on their behalf           more integrated services for
                          regarding workforce needs; case              youth with disabilities,
Northern Colorado
                          management; client centered
Economic                  counseling; and being a resource for
Development, the                                                      • Worked on a committee
                          employers and workforce center staff.
cities of Ft Collins,     A wide variety of partnerships have          through the Community
Loveland, and             been developed under this initiative.        Transition Team to design
                                                                       and begin implementation of
Greeley, the Colorado
                          During 2006, the Disability Program          an addition to IEPs beginning
Office of Workforce                                                    in 8th grade. The addition
Development, and          Navigator Project accomplished the
                          following:                                   will assist teachers, students,
Wyoming’s Laramie                                                      and family members in
County Workforce                                                       making sure a student has the
                                 • Continued to work with the          necessary documentation,
Center. The intent of
                                   Employment Services’                experience, and information
the project is to                  Employer Relations unit to
identify areas of                                                      to achieve their post high
                                   provide disability information      school goals.
under-employment,                  to employers.
labor skill sets that
                                                                      • Participated on a committee
are under utilized,              • Continued and refined the           working to design and
and the underlying                 new employee disability             implement a local job
factors that influence             awareness training policy.          developers network.
                                 • Provided training to local         • Assisted with implementation
                                   disability agencies regarding       of a plan determined by
                                   programs and services               outcomes of the resource
                                   available at the workforce          mapping, focus groups, and
                                   center.                             planning for the Youth
                                                                       Transitions Grant awarded to
                                 • Worked with the City of             the workforce center through
                                   Greeley’s Commission on             the Colorado Workforce
                                   Disability to conduct a job fair    Development Council and the
                                   for individuals with                Office of Workforce
                                   disabilities in October of 2006.    Development.
                                   Sixteen employers and
                                   approximately 150 job seekers      • Continued working with
                                   participated in the event.          disability agencies and local

  184   Employment Services of Weld County
         WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
            programs to increase                                         enable participants to fully
            knowledge of and referrals to                                understand and utilize the core and
            the workforce center.                                        intensive services that are offered by
                                                                         Wagner-Peyser as well as gain access
        • Continued working with                                         to partner programs as needed. The
            Workforce Investment Act,                                    target groups served experience many
            School to Work Alliance                                      forms of employment barriers that
            Program, and Department of                                   make job search difficult to organize
            Vocational Rehabilitation                                    and structure. The following chart
            staff to increase the                                        identifies the barriers/obstacles this
            collaboration and support                                    customer group faces.
            between the programs
                                                                         A total of 77 participants were served
Triage Targeted Populations (TTP)                                        during the program year. The most
Program                                                                  significant barriers encountered with
The Triage Targeted Populations                                          the participants were lack of high
program was funded through a WIA                                         school diploma/GED and low income.
Adult Set Aside during PY 2006 and                                       Nevertheless, Weld County’s TTP
allowed Employment Services to                                           program achieved a 78.9% entered
continue to provide enhanced Wagner                                      employment rate based on the 25% of
Peyser services to selected target                                       the caseload that has terminated the
populations. The program design                                          program. Much of the program’s
provides enhanced and focused labor                                      success is attributed to staff’s
market services to offenders and non-                                    commitment to identifying client need
English speaking customers seeking                                       and providing quality services.
assistance through Employment
Services of Weld County. It also                                         The participants received a number of
provides for bilingual staff to devote                                   services which included
more intensive one-on-one time to                                        comprehensive assessments,
these target populations to address the                                  counseling, file searches, job
specific needs of the individual and to                                  development, labor market
                                                                         information, referrals to supportive

                                              TTP Program Statistics

  Age Characteristics                                      Barriers                                         Education

                                                                                                                College Graduate
                                                          Public Assistance
                     45-54 YRS                                            Food Assistance
                        18%                                                     9%
                                                                                                            Post High
                                  55+                                                                        School
                                  12%                                                                         13%
     30-44 YRS
        34%                                                                27%
                                  19-21 YRS                                                 Homeless
                                      6%                                                      2%
                                                 Low Income
                                                                                                                          11th Grade & Below
                                                    81%                                                                          43%
                                                                                                         High School
                                                                         Offender                        Diploma/GED
                 22-29 YRS                                                 36%                               33%

             16-17 YRS & 18 YRS

                                                                                                       Employment Services of Weld County5                           185
                                                                                                                                               Formula For Success
                          services and referrals to WIA Training.    future strategic planning
                          Overall, 100% of the individuals           opportunities.
                          received core services and 72%
                          received intensive services as a result    Economic Development

  T       he
          president of
Upstate Colorado
                          of participating in the program.

                          Incumbent Worker Project
                          During PY 2006, Employment Services
                          utilized a Dislocated Worker Set Aside
                                                                     A variety of initiatives with economic
                                                                     development allowed us to move
                                                                     forward and respond to the following
                                                                     opportunities during PY 2006. Among
                                                                     them is a workforce mapping project
                          to develop a project to serve              initiated in collaboration with the City
Development and the
                          incumbent workers. The purpose of          of Greely Economic Development who
director of               this local discretionary project is to     is taking the lead in the project. The
Employment                provide services to assist a local         University of Northern Colorado is
Services of Weld          company in upgrading the skills of         working with the City of Greeley to
County are members        their current employees using the          complete this study.
of the Metro              WorkKeys assessments. Increasing the
Workforce                 skills of their current workforce will     Employment Services is in partnership
                          allow the company to upgrade their         with a variety of agencies to identify
Development Board.
                          resources, and equipment to work           areas of under-employment in the
This will help
                          with new manufacturing processes           Northern Colorado area. This
provide the               and technology to maintain a               partnership includes Upstate Colorado
necessary linkage to      competitive edge in the global arena.      Economic Development, Northern
address the               According to the company general           Colorado Economic Development, the
economic                  manager, “if we do not upgrade the         cities of Ft Collins, Loveland, and
development and           current manufacturing facility,            Greeley, the Colorado Office of
workforce issues in       including the upgrade of equipment         Workforce Development, and
                          and employee skills, they will not         Wyoming’s Laramie County
Weld County.
                          remain competitive and the Weld            Workforce Center. The intent of the
                          County workforce could potentially         project is to identify areas of under-
                          suffer a loss of 70 area jobs”.            employment, labor skill sets that are
                          Additionally, this project was designed    under utilized, and the underlying
                          to assist the employer in establishing a   factors that influence under-
                          screening process for future hires by      employment. In addition to contacting
                          assessing applicants’ skills utilizing     residents for their input concerning the
                          WorkKeys.                                  under-employment status, the project
                                                                     also intends to contact thirty-six to
                          ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION                    forty-eight primary sector and
                                                                     institutional employers to obtain their
                          Employment Services of Weld County         input concerning the under-supply
                          has a very solid and strong                and under utilized skill sets as well as
                          relationship with Upstate Colorado         their perception concerning the
                          Economic Development. Regional             Northern Colorado labor pool.
                          collaboration efforts between
                          Employment Services of Weld County,        A partnership was formed with the
                          Larimer County Workforce Center,           Greeley Chamber of Commerce to co-
                          and the State of Wyoming Workforce         host seminars that could benefit small
                          Development Services have helped           businesses. The first two seminars
                          provide direction for current as well as   conducted under this partnership

  186   Employment Services of Weld County
         WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
included Labor Market Information          new training for emerging
and Wage and Hiring Practices.             technologies was identified as a high
                                           priority to address workforce needs.
Transportation Task Forces                 Employment Services continues to be
A task force was formed to address         an active partner in the Metro
the issues of a shortage of qualified      Workforce Development Board (WIB)
truck drivers in relation to the           and it is expected this partnership will
growing number of job openings.            provide the opportunity to increase
Taskforce members in this initiative       training opportunities in demand
include Aims Community College,            occupations.
Leed Energy Services, Meadow Gold,
Norfolk Iron & Metal, Plastic Arts,        As a member of the Metro WIB we
Rocky Mountain Recruiting, United          will also be an active partner in the
States Trucking, and Calfrac Well          strategies developed through the
Services Corp. A Professional Driving      WIRED grant. The president of
Opportunity Expo is scheduled for          Upstate Colorado Economic
September 30, 2006, and includes           Development and the director of
prospective employers as well as           Employment Services of Weld County
training providers. Marketing for this     are members of the Metro WIB and
event has included radio PSA’s, press      this will help provide the necessary
releases, and video interviews with        linkage to connect the economic
local employers which are aired on         development and workforce issues in
Aims Community College’s cable             Weld County.
                                           As a member of the Metro Workforce
A second task force was formed to          Investment Board (WIB) and a partner
identify transportation alternatives for   in the WIRED grant, Employment
low-income individuals and                 Services will be actively involved in
Temporary Assistance for Needy             the development and implementation
Families recipients. This taskforce        of the goals and objectives established
explored a variety of transportation       through the grant and will participate
options including: connecting with         in the various panels convened.
local school districts to identify the     Planning was the primary activity that
potential for using school buses to        took place in 2006, and for 2007 as
provide transportation to individuals      information becomes available, we
in rural areas; identifying mentors to     will share the information obtained
provide transportation assistance;         from the higher education panel of the
creating a car donation program; and       grant with the thirteen K-12 school
creating a partnership with local auto     districts in Weld County as well as
dealers to facilitate the purchase of      with Aims Community College and
used automobiles at a greatly reduced      the University of Northern Colorado.
price.                                     As potential programs and initiatives
                                           are explored, the Weld County
Regional WIB/WIRED Grant                   Workforce Board will convene the
The Weld County Workforce                  appropriate partners to determine
Development Board has been                 next steps.
promoting and encouraging
discussions around regional workforce      Marketing Initiatives
collaboration. The development of          An aggressive marketing initiative

                                                           Employment Services of Weld County5          187
                                                                                  Formula For Success
                       was completed in PY 06. The Office of     Continuous Improvement
                       Workforce Development provided            A Continuous Improvement Plan was
                       funds to assist in sponsoring events,     submitted for PY 07, and in addition to
                       increase awareness at job fairs which     towards the Colorado Performance
                       includes marketing giveaways to “get      Excellence (CPEx) recognition levels of
                       our name out in the community”,           Foothills and Timberline, we will also
                       advertising, as well as other marketing   work towards the CIMS Advanced
                       efforts.                                  Marketing Certificate. We submitted a
                                                                 Foothills Recognition application to
                       In addition, a marketing plan for 2008    CPEx in June of 2007 and are awaiting
                       was completed. The region will focus      results of our site visit.
                       on job/career fairs, appreciation and
                       community events, marketing items,
                       advertisements, training staff in
                       marketing efforts, and research.

188   Employment Services of Weld County
      WIA Program Year 2006 Annual Report
     Colorado Workforce Development Council
                   Roger Smith, PhD, Council Vice Chair
                       Booker Graves, Executive Director
                       Office of Workforce Development
                               1313 Sherman, Room 521
                                     Denver, CO 80203
                                   Phone 303.866.4937
                                      Fax 303.866.2551

Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
         Division of Employment and Training Programs
                      Donald J. Mares, Executive Director
               Gary Estenson, Deputy Executive Director
                         Don Peitersen, Division Director
   Tom Looft, Director, Workforce Development Programs
                 Elise Lowe-Vaughn, Operations Director,
                        Workforce Development Programs
            Nina Holland, Workforce Systems Supervisor
                        Workforce Development Programs

                               633 17th Street, Suite 700
                                     Denver, CO 80202
                                   Phone 303.318.8800
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