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					                                                                                                     SEPTEMBER 2009

Featured Project
Metal-Tech Industries Inc., Winnipeg, Manitoba

Since 1984 Metal-Tech Industries Inc. has been    rated wall. This was accomplished by using 24
a leader in the metal fabrication business.       gauge Storm Seal liner panels. The finishing
This summer, Metal-Tech will be moving into       touches including the front and side facade,
their new location in Winnipeg’s St. Boniface     gables and eave trims were finished in Heron
Industrial Park, their third location in the      Blue QC8330, wall trims and door openings in
company’s 25 year history.                        Bone White QC8273 and liner trims in White/
                                                  White QC8317.
Construction on the new 30,000 square foot
facility began in early 2009, during one of       North Perimeter Construction Ltd. was the
“Winter-peg’s” coldest months, January.           design/build contractor on the project. This
                                                  Winnipeg based company was established in
For 34 days in March, the site was heated
                                                  1986. As a full service construction company,
with Herman Nelson portable heaters to get
                                                  North Perimeter offers their customers a wide
the frost out of the ground. Originally, glycol
                                                  range of services, including 3D renderings.
was used but crews quickly realized there was
                                                  Below is an Autodesk® Revit® rendering of
simply too much snow and ice, 7’ to be exact,
                                                  the Metal-Tech building. North Perimeter
for the glycol to work. Once the ground was
                                                  uses this architectural software to help clients
thawed, the slab was poured. The thaw time
                                                  explore design concepts during the early
allowed for finishing touches in the offices.
                                                  stages of a project. They find the software
Steelway provided the structural steel framing    helps maintain a client’s vision from design
for this build. The 150’ long x 200’ wide         to construction.
x 24’ high building features a Galvalume
                                                  North Perimeter Construction Ltd.
24 gauge RTL-24 standing seam roof with
26 gauge Bone White QC8273 Storm Seal             North Perimeter is one of Steelway’s newest
narrow rib wall panels. The inside of the         authorized builders in western Canada. We
building is finished with 26 gauge Bone            welcome them to the Steelway family.
White QC8273 Storm Seal narrow rib liner
panel. The building required a one hour fire
2009 Steelway Golf Tournament
The tournament was held on Saturday, June 20 at the Kettle
Creek Golf and Country Club in Port Stanley. There were 99
golfers in attendance: 59 Steelway employees, 28 suppliers and
12 authorized Steelway builders.
Due to the overwhelming support of our suppliers and builders,
every golfer left with a prize. Some of the prizes included a
20” wide screen flat panel monitor, a desktop printer, a food
processor, golf bags, iPods, tool sets, X-Box games, cooler bags,
gift cards, golf balls, T-shirts and hats.

Golfers had the chance to “double their money” at hole #17,
the tournament’s charity wagering hole. Participants wagered
$2 or $5 to put and keep their ball on the green. Only four
golfers were successful in keeping their balls on the green
and generously donated their winnings back to the event. The
charity hole raised almost $500 in support of the St. Thomas                                                         Special Thanks
Elgin General Hospital.                                                                                              Thank you to the Golf
                                                                                                                     Tournament organizing
Congratulations to the winning foursome from Reid & DeLeye                                                           committee and event
                                                                                                                     volunteers Brian Bohnert,
Contractors Ltd.!                                                                                                    Nicole Debackere, Diane
                                                                                                                     Oostrom, Lisa Rivers and
Thank you to everyone FORE making this year’s tournament a
                                                       t                                                             Brandy Verbruggen.
huge success!

                                                                    Despite a bit of rain, the Steelway Golf
                                                                    Tournament was a huge success. Each golfer enjoyed a
                                                                    delicious steak dinner and went home with a fabulous prize.

Who Wants to Pay Income Tax…No one!
Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)
The TFSA is a registered savings account that allows taxpayers      Within the TFSA you can hold just about anything including
to earn investment income, tax free. It is available for people     term deposits, mutual funds and segregated funds or stocks.
age 18 and over. The maximum contribution per year is $5,000
                                                                    A TFSA is very different from an RRSP. If you’re eligible to make
and any interest or growth is tax free. Although the maximum
                                                                    RRSP contributions, it will generally be to your advantage to
contribution is $5,000 per year, you can contribute monthly with
                                                                    contribute to both but every situation is different.
as little as $25/month. This can be set up with your Financial
Advisor, bank or credit union.                                      It’s a good idea to see your financial advisor to help figure out
                                                                    which solution is best for you.
If you don’t use all of the $5,000 contribution room, any unused
room can be carried forward and added to the next year                                        This article was written by Tammy J Buss, a Certified
                                                                                              Financial Planner with Buss Financial Group, and is
(similar to your RRSP). For example, if you open an account this
                                                                                              for information purposes only. The views (including
year and deposit $1,000, you still have $4,000 that gets added                                any recommendations) expressed in this article are
to next year’s room. That would leave you a total of $9,000                                   those of Tammy J. Buss alone. For more information
of contribution room for the next year. There is no limit on                                  on any of the above, please call Tammy Buss or Jaime
the carry forward amount. This works great for long term                                      Scidmore at Buss Financial Group at 519 672-6060 or
financial planning.
                                                                    Buss is Steelway’s new financial advisor on behalf of Desjardins.
Coming Soon RTL-24 Generation II Panel
                             Watch for these bright green           installer a more accurate, easier to lock seam providing a more
                             stickers. They let you know that       secure engagement when locked together. The complete panel
                             you have received the newest           was redone to improve the angles and radii providing improved
                             investment by Steelway. Steelway       modularity. A completely new set of tooling was purchased
                             is the exclusive manufacturer of       for our rollformer from Metform International of Mississuaga,
                             the RTL-24 standing seam roof          Ontario. The new Metform design decreases the wear on
                             in Canada. As a licensee of this       the material eliminating scuff marks on painted products. It
                             product, we have access to all         also allows better adjustments for our operators and is more
research and development that improves the quality of this          efficient to operate. This significant investment ensures Steelway
industry leading roof. The new Generation II seam provides the      continues to provide the best products on the market.

Peter Flewelling Receives 2008 MBCEA Award of Merit
Peter Flewelling, Steelway’s U.S. representative, from New          Steelway provided the structural steel framing and cladding for
Castle, New Hampshire has been elected to the Board of              this build. The 72’ long x 70’ wide x 23’ high building features
Directors of the Metal Building Contractors and Erectors            a Heron Blue QC8330 24 gauge RTL-24 standing seam roof with
Association (MBCEA) - New England chapter for 2009.                 26 gauge Bone White QC8273 Storm Seal wide rib wall panels.
                                                                    The gables and eave trims were finished in Heron Blue QC8330
MBCEA is a trade association that was formed in 1968 to provide
                                                                    with the opening, corner and base trims finished in Bone White
programs and services, as well as to support the interests of
metal building contractors and erectors. The MBCEA proudly
boasts membership from virtually every segment of the metal         Unique to this building is a 35’ x 72’ mezzanine and full height
buildings systems industry.                                         glass entrance. The front entrance canopy is 7’-6” wide with
                                                                    cantilevered columns and full soffit. The building also includes
Last fall, Peter received a MBCEA Award of Merit at their
                                                                    support and runway for a 10 ton monorail crane.
40th annual conference in Biloxi, Mississippi. The award was
in recognition of the recently completed Advanced Concrete          Ricci Construction Company Inc. was the design/build contractor
Technology Building in Greenland, New Hampshire.                    on the project. This family owned construction firm based out
                                                                    of Portsmouth, New Hampshire has been in business since 1935.
Located just 45 minutes north of Boston, Advanced Concrete
                                                                    They provide a full range of construction services including,
Technologies, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of
                                                                    general contracting, construction management and engineering
custom batching and mixing plants. Their new North American
                                                                    and architectural design. Their commitment to quality and
headquarters includes a state-of-the-art training center, and
                                                                    customer service is the foundation upon which their business
serves as the hub for customer service, training, technical
                                                                    is built today.
support, parts warehousing, sales and administration.

                                                                                                             P     Flewelling and
                                                                                                             Peter Fl    lli    d
                                                                                                             the recently completed
                                                                                                             Advanced Concrete
                                                                                                             Technology building
                                                                                                             in Greenland,
                                                                                                             New Hampshire
Building a Safety Net for the Internet - Tips for Parents
For children, personal technology devices such as computers,              every opportunity to meet and get to know those friends AND
cell phones and Blackberries, provide a wealth of positive                their parents.
information and connection to a greater community. In many            •   Remind your child that the Internet is public space and anyone
families, these are also providing convenient new ways for                including college admissions offices, potential employers, and
children and grown-ups to keep in touch throughout the day                even predators, can see what they’re posting online.
and to consult with one another as plans and schedules change.        •   Make sure your child knows that everything “on the web”
However, unsupervised technology use can also open a world                is not necessarily legal. Talk to them about letting you know
of temptation and misinformation on topics such as drugs, sex,            if they receive personal messages encouraging them to engage
and other risky behaviours.                                               in illegal behaviours so that you can notify the authorities.
                                                                      •   Use technology to help monitor your child. See for yourself
Children want and need the kind of trust between themselves and
                                                                          what’s posted on social networking sites (i.e. Facebook or
their parents and other care-giving adults that only a continuous
                                                                 your child visits by setting up your own account.
pattern or regular, healthy give-and-take communication can
                                                                          If your child has a camera phone, have him/her send a picture
establish. But parents also need to know that their trust isn’t
                                                                          of where he/she is and who he/she is with.
being violated. Children cannot always be counted on to use
                                                                      •   Talk to other parents about how they monitor their children.
digital technologies appropriately. Sometimes they stumble
                                                                          Ask what has worked for them and what has not. Help each
into danger unknowingly. They need guidance and rules. Don’t
                                                                          other to keep your children safe.
be uncomfortable with these tactics. Think of the online world
as a real neighbourhood.                                                  Adapted from: – June 2009

Here are some tips to keep your child on the right track:

• Limit your child’s time spent online. Put computers in a common
  area of the house so you can more easily monitor use.                        Different People, Different Needs.
• Be clear and consistent about what is off limits – and how
  to handle information promoting drugs or sex. Discuss the
  consequences for breaking the rules.
                                                                                       UNIQUE Solutions.
• Enforce the consequences. Children are less likely to break the
  rules if the consequences are more meaningful to them.
• Learn about the digital devices your child uses. Know the
  people who are listed in your child’s electronic phone book and
  learn how to review recent calls and test messages. If a strange
  number appears, ask about it.
• Visit your child’s website or personal blog. Review your child’s
  profile, pictures, video and music uploads. Check out the links
  that your child includes on his/her page.
• Monitor your child’s e-mails, instant messaging and texts.
  Know whom your child is communicating with online and use

                                                                                            Employee Assistance
                                        Kids who are old enough
                                        to punch in a few letters
                                                                                              Program (EAP)
                                           on the keyboard can                               Confidential Counselling for
                                        literally access the world.                           Employees & Their Families

                                                                               Your EAP provides you with confident access to a qualified
                                                                               counselling professional who can help you resolve personal
                                                                               and work-related problems - before they affect your health,
                                                                                                family, or ability to work.

                                                                                 Fees for EAP Services are fully paid by Steelway.
                                                                                    There is no financial cost to the employee.

                                                                                     London/Middlesex 519-433-0700
                                                                                      Outside London 1-877-433-0701
                                                                                After Hours and Weekends 1-800-668-9920
Announcements and Captured Moments at Steelway
Birth Announcements                                                   Steelway Supports MADD
Jamie Barber is the proud father of a baby boy named Anderson         Every Tuesday in July, Steelway sold ice cream sundaes for $3
Barber. Anderson was born on July 10 and weighed 8 lbs 6oz.           each in our lunchroom to support MADD (Mothers Against
A little brother to Clayton!                                          Drunk Driving). All money raised will be used for a R.I.D.E.
                                                                      program during the 2009 holiday season. Each program costs
Lucas Dawson is the proud father                                      approximately $800.
of a baby boy named Ethan.                                            Even with the unseasonably
Ethan was born on July 27 and                                         low temperatures this July,
weighed 8 lbs 7oz. A little brother                                   the Steelway employees still
to Julianna and Kiersten!                                             treated their sweet tooths,
                                             Ethan Dawson             raising $240.00 for MADD.
Karen Reid is the proud grandmother of a baby girl named
                                                                      Steelway also hosted a barbecue lunch in support of MADD on
Emilie Esther Woodman. Emilie was born on August 14 and
                                                                      Wednesday, August 19th. For $6, staff enjoyed a hamburger,
weighed 7 lbs 5oz. A little sister to Nathan and Brooke.
                                                                      fresh cut fries, a drink and ice cream sandwich. 58 people took
                                                                      part in the barbecue, raising an additional $348 for MADD.
Our Sympathy                                                          The company has decided to donate the remaining money
Our thoughts go out to Darcey Westbrook, Brandy Verbruggen            required to completely cover the cost of the ride program.
and their families for the loss of their loved ones.
                                                                      2009 Photography Contest
Relay for Life - Memories of Glen White                               To further develop Steelway’s photo library and to celebrate
Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back — the motto for the 2009              the success of our builders, we are encouraging our builders
Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay For Life. Aylmer held its very        to submit photos of projects during construction and as newly
first Relay on June 26 and 27 at Saxonia Hall. A Steelway              completed buildings. This contest is open to all authorized
team participated in this inspirational 12-hour overnight             Steelway Builders and runs until December 31, 2009.
relay in memory of Glen White.
                                                                      Submissions per building or project will receive:
Team captain Menno Hildebrand, would like to thank                    • a $10 gift card
everyone on the Steelway team and Jason and Bryan White               • one ballot for the chance to WIN a new digital camera (the
for donating the team’s t-shirts, the Steelway tent and for             winner will be drawn at random on December 31, 2009)
making a generous corporate donation.                                 • the possibility of being featured in an upcoming issue of
Of the 13 corporate teams that participated in the event, the           Steelway Connection
Steelway team was awarded “Best Costume Award” for their              For additional information please contact: Veronica Lincoln,
“M*A*S*H” inspired team shirts and “Best Luminary Bag.”               Marketing & Communications Coordinator at 519-765-2244,
This year’s event raised over $37,000. All the proceeds go to         ext. 123 or
fund leading-edge cancer research in Canada and to support
community services that help people living with cancer and            Cooperative Advertising Program
their families.                                                       Steelway Building Systems has developed a Cooperative
Help make cancer history by participating in next year’s relay        Advertising Policy for all of our authorized Steelway Builders.
on June 25, 2010.                                                     This program includes, but is not limited to, newspaper,
                                                                      magazine, Yellow Pages and internet advertising, printing
                                                                      costs of promotional literature and logo decals on vehicles.
                                                                      This program runs until December 31, 2009.
                                                                      Projects submitted for approval may receive cost coverage of
                                                                      up to 50%, to a maximum of $1,250 a year.

                                                                      For additional information please contact: Veronica Lincoln,
                                                                      Marketing & Communications Coordinator at 519-765-2244,
                                                                      ext. 123 or

                                                                      Upcoming Events
                                                                      Halloween BBQ - October 29th & 30th
                                                                      Adult Christmas Party - Saturday, November 21
                   Memories of Glen White Team                        Kids Christmas Party - Saturday, December 19
 Don Huse, Rachel Huse, Karen Reid, Josh Vanrooy, Menno Hildebrand,   Christmas BBQ - Monday, December 21
    Joel Grace, Diane Oostrom, Bryanna Oostrom and Amie Mazak
2009 Steelway Family Picnic
Over 180 people enjoyed the Steelway Family Picnic held at Springwater
Conservation Area on the evening of Friday, July 24th.

Children and adults alike were entertained by a face painter, balloon
artist, paddle boats and canoes. The buffet dinner catered by the
Belmont Restaurant included delicious barbecued chicken, sausage,
salads, potatoes, hot dogs for the kids and dessert.

Thank you to the picnic organizers for all their hard work.

                                                Patrick G
                                                and daug
                                                 Payton e
                                                 dinner pro nt
                                                  by the Belm

                                                                                                                     Jake Giesbrec
                                                                                                                                  ht’s daughter
                                                                                                                   Haylee makes
                                                                                                                                the purrr-fec
                                                                                                                  thanks to Ca               t cat,
                                                                                                          loe                 ndy the face
                                                                                                 ghter Ch                                  painter.
                                                                                       ugh’s dau        mera.
                                                                              Steve Ho       for the ca
                                                                              says CHE

                                                                     Lisa Rivers an
                                                                     family narrow
                                                                    miss a collisio
                                                                    with Eldon Pe
                                                                    and his child

                                                                                           flight with
                                                                       Madison White takes
                                                                       wings made by Balloonist Gayle.
                                         orts                                                                   Batboy -
                           ’s son Nick sp                                                                                a.k.a.
             Tanya Kracko          on hat .
                                                                                                                                  Sheri We
                                                                                                                                          esjes’ son
               a silly green                                                                                                                         Ben.

                                                                                               t. 519-765-2244            7825 Springwater Road
                                                                                               f. 519-773-7398            Aylmer, Ontario N5H 2R4

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