Digital signal processors market, global forecast & analysis (2011 2016) – focus on customizable, embedded, programmable (fpga & pld), application specific (asic) based dsp chips, dsp system-on-chips by aarkstore


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									Digital Signal Processors Market, Global Forecast & Analysis
(2011-2016) – Focus on Customizable, Embedded, Programmable
(FPGA & PLD), Application Specific (ASIC) based DSP Chips, DSP
System-on-Chips & Intellectual Property (IP) Markets
The global DSP market has returned to the growing phase after the global economic recession
and is expected to grow steadily over the next 5 years. Large scale adoption of digital signal
processing in the latest range of consumer electronics has lead to increased consumption of
DSP chips, which are penetrating into several applications which use advanced state-of-the art
digital signal processing.

The report analyzes the entire DSP industry’s value chain, giving a bird’s eye-view of all the
major allied industry segments to the DSP industry. It discusses the markets of various allied
industry segments such as EDA vendors, foundry players, fabless players, fab players, IP
vendors and assembly testing and packaging vendors related to the global DSP market. The
global DSP intellectual property market is given special focus and also classified and discussed
in detail with market estimates & forecasts and landscapes for each of the DSP IP segments.
Extensively detailed analysis of the landscape of each of the individual market segments is done
in this report to cover the global DSP market from an in-depth point of view. The market
estimates and forecasts of the individual market segments and sub-segments are also analyzed
in detail.

Since the report mainly covers the DSP market whose parent market is the global
semiconductor market, the report also includes various aspects related to the overall
semiconductor industry in several instances throughout the report in various chapters. A
comparison of various aspects, of each market segment with its parent market (for example,
DSP IP market with overall Semiconductor IP market) is done at every possible level to give an
idea about the total addressable markets for each market segment and the market

The leading players of this industry have also been profiled along with their recent
developments and other strategic industry activities. The report includes a complete
competitive landscape, along with key growth strategies and market share analysis of the key
industry players.

Scope of the report

The scope of this research study includes the market for DSP semiconductor chips (ICs and DSP
SoCs) only; electronic systems, modules, packages are not included.
In this report, the global DSP market is fully covered and segmented into/by the following
categories and aspects:

Allied Industry Segments & Value Chain: DSP Industry Value Chain Analysis, Dynamics of EDA &
Design Tool, IP, Foundry, Fabless, Fab (Fabrication) and Assembly, Testing & Packaging (ATP)
vendors and their impact on the DSP market

Intellectual Property Markets: DSP Core IP, Standard DSP Core IP (Non-Customizable),
Customizable DSP Core IP, DSP Application Specific (ASIC) Core IP, DSP Programmable (FPGA &
PLD) Core IP markets

Design Architecture Markets: Product Segment Markets, IC Design Segment markets, DSP
System-On-Chips market

Product Segment Markets: General Purpose DSP ICs, Application Specific DSP ICs, and
Programmable DSP IC markets

IC Design Segment Markets: Standard DSP (Non-Embedded), Embedded DSP, Single-Core DSP
Processors, Multi-Core DSP Processors markets

End-User Application Markets: “Computers” Sector (Super Computers, Mainframe Computers
and Computer Servers, Personal Computers, Computer Peripherals), “ICT” Sector (Wireless
Communication Applications, Mobile Telecommunication Applications, Surveillance
Applications, VoIP Applications), “Consumer Electronics” Sector (Smart Phones, Cameras and
Projectors, Portable Media Players, Set-top Boxes and Digital TVs, DVD, Blu-Ray Players & Home
Audio-Systems, Printer and Xerox Machines, White Goods), “Automotive” Sector (Automotive
Body Electronics, Automotive Infotainment Applications, Automotive Control Systems,
Automotive Sensors), “Industrial” Sector (Solid State & Electro-Mechanical Systems, Industrial
Automation Applications, Industrial Control Systems, Industrial DSP Sensors), “Medical” Sector
(Telemetry Devices, High Voltage Medical Devices, Implantable Medical Devices, Biometric
Applications), “RF and Others” Sector (RF Digital Signal Processing Applications, SiGe & BiCMOS
based DSP Products, Radar Communication Applications, Oscilloscope and Analyzer
Applications, Nanotechnology Applications)

Geographical Markets: Global Market Perspective, North America, Europe, Japan, APAC
(excluding Japan) and Rest of the World (ROW) markets.

Competitive Landscape & Company Profiles: Global competitive landscape, market shares and
analysis, market share rankings, recent industry activities such as agreements, technology
licenses, partnerships, collaborations, JVs, mergers & acquisitions and new product launches;
company profiles of the industry’s key players.


Estimated total DSP market sizes in 2010 and 2011 and forecasts till 2016
Classification of the global DSP market with detailed segmentation by intellectual property,
form factor, design architecture, product segments and IC design segments with estimates and
forecasts of revenue and volume of all the sub-markets
The future of the DSP technologies from both - technical and market-oriented perspectives
Identification of the major driving factors and inhibitors for the global DSP market and their
impact analysis
Analytical growth trends of the DSP market and its individual market segments and the
potential revenue bases
The dynamics of the industry segments in the value chain, effect of changes in landscapes of
value chain segments such as IP, EDA & Design Tools, Foundry, Fab, Fabless, IDM, ODM, OEM
and ATP on the DSP market
The global consumption of DSPs in several end-user verticals and their application segments
The major stakeholders in the market and complete competitive landscape of the market
leaders, key player market shares, and rankings added with detailed analysis
Analytical trends and forecasts of the DSP market specific to various geographical regions
across the globe
Special focus on the DSP IP market segment, with dynamics and influential factors of the DSP IP
market and its sub-market segments

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