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									                            Terms of References
         Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) Contract
    for a Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln(Model Brick Kiln) in Tando Allah Yar
                               Sindh Province
ActionAid Pakistan with the support of European Union, intends to create a model brick kiln facility in
Tando Allah yar providing decent work environments for the kiln workers. The national Contractor so
selected, on behalf of the Action aid, shall act as the general contractor for the model kiln construction
project and shall be solely responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction of the Work,
including the oversight, coordination and quality assurance of construction of the Facility as per the
approved design. Contractor shall coordinate the activities of Engineer, site management, subcontractors
and other persons providing materials and labour (local labour in consultation with local partner Bhandar
Sangat) to the project to design, engineer and procure the equipment and materials for and complete the
construction of the Facility and act as the interface between the Action aid and Partner Organization
Bhandar Sangat and such persons all in accordance with applicable Law and Good Engineering
practices. The Terms of Reference are appended below but not limited to:-
      Prepare a report of cost effectiveness, economic and financial vialbiliy, suitability, post completion
       operationalization & sustainability of the kiln technology as the “Model Brick Kiln” for the area.

      Prepare an engineering design of a Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln (as a Model Brick Kiln), having two
       shafts to start with a provision to add more shafts if needed subsequently. The design shall be
       based upon the soil analysis to be done at the site, already selected.

      Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) national standards are to be incorporated in the design and
       construction of VSBK (duly verified from Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) and
       National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK).
      Design so prepared must be elaborated through complete Engineering Drawings, Bill of
       Quantities and Site layout plan of plant & machinery (civil & mechanical), Location plan of
       proposed site other supporting documents like completion reports.
      The work on the facility will includes site development, kiln structure with chimney, supply and
       fixing/ installation of mechanical parts and other equipment forming part of VSBK or which is
       contingent upon the operation of the model brick kiln.

      Construction and provision of ancillary buildings and utilities providing decent environments for
       the kin workers such as clean water supply system, washing and sanitation facilities for twenty
       five low cost quarters (Semi-Kacha) for the kiln workers. It must include office accommodation for
       the kiln supervisory staff.

      Provide and locate an efficient and VSBK experienced EPC management organisation at site.

The contractors having previous experience in VSBK construction will only be short listed for the work.
The regional experience in brick kiln operation is an added qualification to enter into this EPC.

All interested and qualified consultants should send their sealed quotations/application as per
specifications: at the following address before 17th August, 2012. The
proposal should include both technical and financial proposal with CVs of consultant team. Please note
that we will only entertain proposal sealed in envelop.
ActionAid reserves the rights to reject any quotation without explaining the reason.

Coordinator Administration
ActionAid Pakistan
House #. 8, Street #. 31, F7-1, Islamabad.

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