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									                                                                                          Nov. 16, 2009

                                                                                 Submitted/Lisa Markley
Lisa Markley hosts a demonstration in the Healing Foods Kitchen. The kitchen, part of the Department of
Integrative Medicine at the KU Medical Center, shares healthy methods of cooking and food selection with
faculty, staff, students and the community.

Healing foods
KU Medical Center kitchen demonstrates healthy home
It’s been said that          “Our message at the          diets in response to a
certain foods are good       kitchen is translating       recently diagnosed
for the soul. Lisa           healthy cooking into         health condition. Some
Markley can show you         practical, hands-on          are just learning to cook,
how to cook a whole          applications,” Markley       and others are
host of foods that are       said. “We try to focus on    professionals. Markley
good for the heart, can      particular health            said a recent class was
help fight diabetes,         conditions and how           attended by a pair of
boost the immune             foods relate to that.”       professional vegetarian
system and combat                                         chefs who wanted a
cancer.                      This month, Markley is       better understanding of
                             offering classes such as     the nutrition of their
Markley is the nutrition     “Healing Foods for           foods.
educator and outpatient      Cancer: Vitamin A Rich
dietitian at KU Medical      Superfoods,” “Fighting       Students also get in on
Center’s Program in          the Flu with the Right       the action. Markley
Integrative Medicine. As     Foods” and “Fish             enlists student
part of her job, she         Frenzy.” The classes         volunteers in each class
oversees the Healing         offer educational tidbits    who help with the
Foods Kitchen, a             such as the value of         preparation and
demonstration kitchen        carotenoids found in         demonstration. For their
that helps faculty, staff,   winter squash in fighting    efforts, they not only
students, patients and       cancer, as well as           learn how to cook
community members            recipes participants can     healthy, they get to
learn about all aspects of   use at home. But those       share the meal at the end
healthy cooking, from        aren’t the only benefits.    of class.
selecting the right foods
to choosing recipes that     “Of course, we get to eat    Markley designs many
make cancer-fighting         everything we make,”         of the classes and asks
cruciferous vegetables       Markley said.                participants to evaluate
taste delicious.                                          each upon completion.
                             The classes are open to      Several have been
The kitchen began its        the public and attract a     offered multiple times
first series of classes in   wide cross section of the    by popular demand.
July. Each class focuses     community. Many              “Fish Frenzy,” a class
on a specific topic and      participants are KU          that teaches the
brings about a half-         Medical Center               nutritional value of
dozen students into the      employees stopping by        Omega-3, some of the
kitchen where Markley        for a class on their lunch   best fish to prepare and
demonstrates how             hour. Others are patients    cooking techniques such
anyone can prepare           at the KU Hospital           as marinating, pan
healthy meals.               learning to alter their      searing and baking, is
among the most popular.      participants how food       Though the Healing
Others are developed at      grown in their own          Foods Kitchen is
the suggestion of            gardens can be prepared     relatively new, the
participants. One student    in healthy ways. Local      Program in Integrative
wanted tips for a healthy    growers donate much of      Medicine has been part
stir-fry. Another wanted     the food used in the        of the KU Medical
to know how to make          demonstrations.             Center for 11 years.
gluten-free pizza dough.                                 Markley credits Jeanne
                             A licensed dietitian,       Drisko, Riordan
The kitchen goes             Markley also offers         Endowed Professor of
beyond food and              nutritional counseling in   Orthomolecular
nutrition in its classes,    an outpatient setting.      Medicine program
also showing the value       Few dietitians in the       director.
of sustainability. The       area have clinics in
facility was built with      which they can do           “It was because of her
bamboo cabinets, low-        demonstrations, a real      vision that we have the
energy lights and            benefit in a fast food      clinic, and I’m able to
Energy Star-certified        culture.                    do this. She’s a very
appliances. It uses                                      nutrition-oriented
reusable dishes and          “It’s a unique feature of   physician,” Markley
Markley and her student      our clinic,” Markley        said. “I feel blessed to
assistants compost all       said. “We want to make      be able to do what I’m
food waste. She also         nutrition accessible to     passionate about, and
addresses the benefits of    people, and we’re trying    that’s teaching people
using locally grown          to get people back to the   about the healing power
food and works to show       kitchen table.”             of food.”

Open access policy
Committee working with researchers to make work
available in journals, online repository
Earlier this year, faculty   Now work is under way       30, says faculty who
elected to make KU the       to implement the policy     publish research in a
first public university in   and let faculty know        peer-reviewed journal,
the United States to         exactly what it means       should attempt to retain
adopt an open access         and how it works.           enough of their
policy regarding faculty                                 copyrights to make the
research published in        The policy, approved by     research available in an
peer-review journals.        Faculty Senate on April     open access platform.
KU ScholarWorks, a         journal subscriptions,       Town Peterson,
service offered through    which cost KU more           professor of ecology and
KU Libraries, is the       than $4 million per          evolutionary biology
designated mechanism.      year.”                       and a member of both
                                                        the development and
A universitywide           The advantage of the         implementation
committee developed        open access policy is the    committees, said he
the policy. A similar      availability to the          previously had been
group of faculty           scholarship it provides      happy to have his work
members,                   to people around the         published at all and
administrators, vice       world and the increased      didn’t pay close enough
provosts, deans, and       opportunity for faculty’s    attention to the
department chairs is       work to be seen and          copyright agreements,
now spearheading the       cited. When an article is    “giving away sizeable
implementation. The        placed in KU                 chunks of my own
group has announced an     ScholarWorks, it can be      rights.”
open meeting to be held    accessed by anyone
for anyone with            worldwide and can be         “The policy says ‘let’s
questions about the        found through Internet       work as a community to
policy at 2 p.m. Dec. 11   keyword searches. The        understand what rights
at the Jayhawk Room in     policy assists and           we have,’” Peterson
the Kansas Union. The      encourages faculty           said.
committee has also met     authors to retain more of
with departments and       the rights to their          The policy, patterned
held brown bag lunches     intellectual property.       after similar plans at
to shed light on the       When an article is           universities such as
policy and answer          accepted for publication,    Harvard and the
questions about it.        authors are usually          Massachusetts Institute
                           required to sign an          of Technology and
“The policy doesn’t at     agreement for                adapted to KU’s needs,
all stop faculty from      publication that gives       allows the university
choosing their own         the publisher complete       and authors to work with
journal and publisher,”    ownership of the work.       publishers to find a
said Ada Emmett,                                        satisfactory balance.
associate librarian for    “The policy is not meant     Faculty members are
scholarly                  to pressure faculty to       encouraged to add
communication and          change their publishing      addenda to their
chair of the               habits but instead to help   publishing agreements
implementation task        them to hold on to more      stating the article will
force. “KU has long had    of their rights so that      also be made available
to buy back access to      they can share the work      through KU
scholarship from           widely, including in         ScholarWorks. The Web
publishers in which its    their teaching work.”        site
own faculty had            Emmett said of the           www.sherpa.ac.uk/rome
published, and at a very   policy.                      o/ lists publishers who
high cost, through                                      are receptive to open
access. If a publisher      transitioned to             bibliographic
refuses to agree to an      simultaneous print and      information to their
addendum, faculty           online publication.         paper, and a link to the
members can opt out of                                  publisher’s site, for
providing KU with           “It maximizes world-        inclusion in KU
permission to serve a       wide readership,”           ScholarWorks. Any
copy of the publication.    Greenberg said of open      faculty members with
                            access. “We’re frankly      questions about the
The policy has several      astounded by the            process can contact Ada
benefits for faculty        readership we’re getting,   Emmett at
authors, committee          it maximizes our impact     aemmett@ku.edu or
members said. KU            exponentially.”             864-8831.
scholarship will be
available to more people    Some have expressed         As the first public
across the world — not      concern that the policy     institution with an open
only to those fortunate     would add to faculty        access policy, KU
enough to be paid           workload. Peterson said     faculty are at the
subscribers. Through        adding his published        forefront of a
KU ScholarWorks,            papers to KU                burgeoning movement.
authors can also track      ScholarWorks has not
how many people access      added more than 15          “We have a lot of
their work and from         minutes of work per         university presidents and
where in the world they     article. A group of         provosts who are
are accessing it.           “early adopters”            watching KU,” said
                            departments has been        Lorraine Haricombe,
Marc L. Greenberg,          formed to test              dean of libraries.
professor and chair of      procedures under            “They’re inquiring about
Slavic languages and        development for             the benefits, the
literatures and a member    implementing the            scholarship and how it
of the implementation       policy, and to suggest      affects the publishing
committee, said he has      ways the process can be     process. We feel
seen the benefits of open   improved.                   expanding the reach of
access. He co-founded a                                 KU research is a great
journal dedicated to the    Faculty are asked to        way to elevate the
study of Slovene            submit their published      university’s research
linguistics in the 1990s.   articles to KU              profile.”
With the agreement of       ScholarWorks or the
the publisher, the          responsible unit within     More information on the
Slovene Academy of          30 days of publication in   open access policy is
Sciences, he began          a refereed journal. If      available at
placing the journal on      they are unable to          http://www.lib.ku.edu/p
KU ScholarWorks to          provide a copy of the       ublic/ScholComm/OAge
archive previous issues.    article for open serving,   ttingstartedshort.shtml.
The journal has recently    they would submit the
Chancellor approves
revised nondiscrimination,
equal opportunity policy
Gender identity, gender expression added
KU has revised its         committed to the full        evaluated promptly and
nondiscrimination and      participation of             acted upon in the
equal opportunity          previously excluded or       manner deemed
policies to include        neglected classes of         necessary by the
gender identity and        people. Thus, it is also     appropriate faculty and
gender expression.         the policy of the            administrators and as
Chancellor Bernadette      university to prohibit       prescribed by the
Gray-Little approved the   discrimination on the        appropriate grievance
change Oct 27.             basis of sexual              procedure.”
                           orientation, marital
The proposed additions     status, parental status,     John Stratton, associate
came about after Student   gender identity, and         librarian and University
Senate introduced a        gender expression. The       Senate president, said
resolution that the        university's                 the added language in
categories be added        nondiscrimination            the policies will help
earlier this year.         policy extends to            explicitly support the
University Senate          employment practices,        rights of transgendered
approved the changes       conditions of                individuals at KU. Then
Oct. 8.                    employment, personnel        Gov. Kathleen Sebelius
                           actions and all other        issued an executive
“It is of utmost           educational programs         order in 2007
importance that KU be      and activities of the        discouraging
an open, welcoming         university and its           discrimination on the
institution for            affiliates. Leaders in the   basis of gender identity
everyone,” Gray-Little     university community         and gender expression in
said. “By updating these   continuously examine         the state.
policies, we are stating   all areas of the
that discrimination of     institution, make policy     “It is also my opinion
any kind will not be       decisions, and               that the proposed
accepted.”                 implement strategies to      amendments will ensure
                           eliminate and prevent        KU is a widely inclusive
The policy now states      discrimination wherever      institution,” Stratton
“The University of         necessary. Reports of        said. “The addition of
Kansas, Lawrence, is       discrimination shall be      gender identity and
gender expression to                and conditions of                    community that provides
these policies will                 employment,                          equal opportunity in
underscore that these are           educational programs                 hiring and all conditions
prohibited forms of                 and activities, regardless           of employment will
discrimination.”                    of race, religion, color,            make significant strides
                                    sex, disability, national            towards the elimination
The equal opportunity               origin, ancestry, age,               of discrimination. Thus,
portion of the policy               veteran status, sexual               the University of Kansas
states “The University              orientation, marital                 applauds every effort to
of Kansas, Lawrence, is             status, parental status,             create a positive
also proud of its goal to           gender identity or                   working and learning
help all individuals                gender expression.                   environment for all
realize their potential.            University leaders and               individuals.”
To this end, the                    supervisory personnel
university is committed             shall recruit, hire, train           The policy is available
to providing an equal               and promote persons in               at
opportunity for all                 all job titles utilizing             https://documents.ku.ed
qualified individuals to            only valid requirements              u/policies/hreo/Nondiscr
be considered for                   related to the position              imination.htm.
employment, benefits                functions. A university

Submitted/Bill Steele

Felix Zacharias, president of KU's Collegiate Veterans Association, speaks to members of the campus
community at the opening of KU's veterans lounge on Veterans Day, Nov. 11. The new lounge area, 306
Burge Union, is equipped with computer workstations, a widescreen TV and furniture items donated by KU
Memorial Unions and local businesses. An Iraq war veteran, Zacharias is a senior in political science from

New veterans lounge opens
in Burge Union
Thanks to the support of              The 300-square-foot                   veterans attending KU,”
KU Memorial Unions                    room formerly housed                  said Betty Childers,
and local businesses,                 KU’s Trademark and                    adviser to the student
members of the                        Licensing Office. It now              group and certifying
Collegiate Veterans                   features a table and                  official in the Office of
Association and all KU                chairs, a sofa, three                 Veterans Services. “The
student veterans now                  computer work stations,               lounge gives those
have a special place of               a bookshelf and a                     students a place to drop
their own on the KU                   television-DVD unit.                  in, connect with other
campus.                                                                     veterans, and hold
                                      KU Memorial Unions                    meetings.”
The Student Veterans                  provided $8,000 for the
Lounge, located in                    work stations and                     “We’re very grateful to
Room 306 on the upper                 refurbished space. J&J                the unions and the local
level of Burge Union,                 Carpets of Lawrence                   companies for their
was formally opened on                discounted the cost of                support of KU
Veterans Day, Nov. 11,                new carpeting, and Scott              veterans,” said
with a ceremony and                   Rice Office Works                     Zacharias, a senior
reception.                            discounted the cost of                political science major
                                      three task chairs. The                from Wichita who
“We approached the                    makeover cost $9,200.                 joined the Marines right
Union with this idea,                                                       out of high school. The
and they were eager to                “With the new                         lounge will be open
help,” said Felix                     educational benefits                  during Burge Union’s
Zacharias, president of               provided by the Post-                 regular operating hours.
the Collegiate Veterans               9/11 GI Bill, we expect
Association.                          to see more and more
                                                                         Mike Krings/University Relations

Students from the Potter Lake Project and staff from the Kansas Biological Survey and Design and
Construction Management place an aerator in Potter Lake. The project recently was chosen for a
Sustainability Leadership Award. Pictured, from left, are Russell Benke, electrical engingeer, Design and
Construction Management; Jason Hering, student; Matt Nahrstedt, student leader of the Potter Lake
Project; Scott Campbell, research associate, Kansas Biological Survey; and Jerry DeNoyelles, professor
ecology and evolutionary biology.

Sustainability awards recognize
individuals, groups for green efforts
Faculty, staff, joint projects among honorees
The Center for                        and creativity in                      honoring individuals and
Sustainability recently               addressing issues of                   campus projects.
presented its annual                  environmental,
Sustainability                        economic and social
Leadership Awards,                    responsibility on the KU
recognizing faculty,                  campus and beyond.
staff and students who                Awards were presented
have exhibited                        in five categories,
outstanding leadership
                                                       The Student Initiative
                                                       Award was presented to
                                                       students involved with
                                                       the Potter Lake Project.
                                                       The project started as a
                                                       report outlining the
                                                       conditions of Potter
                                                       Lake and providing a list
                                                       of the most cost-
                                                       effective, sustainable
                                                       and historically
                                                       compatible restorative
                                                       solutions to improve the
                                                       campus icon. With
Chris Depcik               Simran Sethi                funding support from
                                                       KU alumni, volunteers
Easan Selvan, systems      Simran Sethi, associate     have installed aerators to
specialist with Student    professor of journalism,    improve oxygen levels
Success Technology         received the faculty        and removed several
Services, was presented    award. Sethi was            tons of vegetation. A
with the Staff Award.      recognized for her          surface skimmer has
Selvan played a key role   efforts to raise            also been purchased to
in creating and            awareness and inspire       aid the process. The
implementing the SSTS      action both in the          Potter Lake Project is a
conservation policy,       classroom and the           strong example of a
which makes duplexing,     broader community. Her      student-initiated project
or using both sides of a   commitment to               that has garnered
sheet of paper, the        sustainability and          support from multiple
default for printers and   service learning help       departments throughout
sets computers to          students make real          campus, including
hibernate after a period   world connections to        Design and Construction
of inactivity. If fully    environmental issues        Management, Facilities
implemented, the project   and support the local       Operations and the
could save more            community. Outside of       Kansas Biological
$29,000 in energy costs    the classroom, Sethi is a   Survey, as well as
and reduced carbon         member of Lawrence's        volunteer assistance
dioxide emissions, an      Sustainability Advisory     from faculty, staff and
amount equivalent to       Board, is writing a book    students.
removing more than 51      on contemporary
cars from the road.        environmentalism and        The award recognizing
                           blogs for the Huffington    an academic project was
                           Post and Alternet,          presented to KU
                           stimulating a national      EcoHawks. The KU
                           dialogue about              EcoHawks are applying
                           sustainability.             engineering principles to
                                                       solve real-world
problems, focusing on        battery and even            to raise awareness about
the interconnectedness       superconductor              issues of sustainability,
of the environment,          technology to explore       Tran is a coordinator for
energy, economy,             new possibilities.          EARTH, a program of
education and ethics.                                    the Center for
Last year, the senior        EcoHawks is led by          Community Outreach
design project converted     Chris Depcik, assistant     that oversees the campus
a 1974 Volkswagen into       professor of mechanical     garden. Over the past
a series hybrid vehicle      engineering. Since          few years, she has
that can run on 100          coming to KU in 2008,       coordinated a volunteer
percent biodiesel.           Depcik has maintained       effort to tend a vegetable
Theoretical                  successful research on      garden on campus and
computations indicate        reducing vehicle            donate produce to feed
the vehicle should           emissions and has been      those in need.
achieve more than 50         involved in a number
miles per gallon, which      collaborative projects      Award winners were
is an 80 percent increase    with faculty from           surprised with award
over the original design.    chemical engineering,       presentations throughout
The car has also been        business and                the week and recognized
designed to accept other     environmental               along with all the
power generation units       engineering. He also        nominees during a
so it could operate using    participated in a Center    Campus Sustainability
different fuels, such as     for Sustainability          Day event Oct. 23. The
ethanol or compressed        working group that          event was co-sponsored
natural gas. This year,      focused on developing       by the Commons, Center
the class is                 concepts for a multi-       for Sustainability and
implementing small-          disciplinary course in      KU Environs and
scale radio control car      sustainability.             featured presentations
testing into the program.                                from some of the
Teams of EcoHawks            Margaret Tran, senior in    nominees, an overview
will design and build        environmental studies       of the campus
1/8th scale vehicles in      and economics, received     greenhouse gas
order to explore battery,    the Student Award. In       inventory developing
motor and material           addition to her             climate action plan and a
technology. This will        involvement in student      round-table discussion
allow students to test the   organizations and efforts   about advancing
limits of advanced                                       sustainability at KU.

Wheat State Whirlwind
Tour to hit the road again
Five-day trip returns after one-year hiatus
The Wheat State             members on a five-day,       2009 iteration before the
Whirlwind Tour will hit     roughly 1,500-mile trip      decision was made to
the road again in 2010,     around Kansas. Along         cancel the tour. Steeples
following a one-year        the way, participants        said participants who
hiatus. Officials decided   learn more about Kansas      were chosen will be
recently to reinstate the   history, landscape and       given the opportunity to
five-day tour of Kansas,    culture and gain             take part in the next
after the 2009 tour was     familiarity with the         tour. Spots made
cancelled because of        hometowns of many KU         available by those who
budget constraints.         students. The tour is also   will be unable to take
                            a way for KU employees       part will be re-opened,
Don Steeples, senior        to meet colleagues they      with priority given to
vice provost, said the      might not otherwise          new faculty.
tour will be similar to     have the chance to
those held in previous      collaborate with and to      Steeples consulted
years.                      share their expertise        Chancellor Bernadette
                            with residents of            Gray-Little, who
“Since last year’s tour     Kansas.                      decided to reinstate the
got cancelled, we’re                                     tour. It has not been
planning at this moment     The tour annually hits       determined whether the
to resurrect what we        the road on the Monday       tour will continue after
were going to do last       after commencement           2010. Private funds will
year,” Steeples said.       and returns to Lawrence      pay for this year’s trip.
                            five days later. In 2010,
The annual tour takes       the dates will be May 17
approximately 50 new        through 21. Participants
faculty and staff           were chosen for the

Annual university ombuds
report shows more contact
Office assisted more than 90 campus units
The University Ombuds       coming to the office to      Kellie Harmon,
Office has released its     resolve conflicts and        university ombuds, sent
annual report, showing      detailing trends in office   a copy of the report to
an increase in the          visits.                      faculty and staff on Nov.
number of visitors                                       2. A copy of the report
is also available online    evaluations and/or          Unique to this year’s
at                          discipline issues. Notice   report is an observation
http://www2.ku.edu/~o       of nonreappointment         of stress-related
mbuds/fy09.pdf. It          and dismissal issues, job   problems in the
shows that from March       duties, conflict with co-   workplace because of
1, 2008, to June 30,        workers, consultation       ongoing budget cuts,
2009, the office made       regarding student           limited resources and
490 contacts and worked     matters and harassment      organizational changes.
with at least 90            and discrimination
university units and        issues were also            “A systemic approach to
departments.                reported.                   addressing these
                                                        concerns might include
Students were the most      Faculty most commonly       a meeting with an
frequent visitors to the    reported conflict with      ombuds or utilizing the
office, with 90 contacts    colleagues, chairs or       resources at the Human
coming from                 deans. They also            Resources and Equal
undergraduates and 54       reported issues with        Opportunity office,” the
from graduate students.     university policy           report states. “Also, an
                            consultation,               awareness of supervisors
Unclassified                consultation regarding      and department heads
Professional Staff was      student matters,            that this is a stressful
the biggest group of        promotion, tenure and       time for some
contacts among              merit salary increases;     employees and being
employees, accounting       teaching load; and          open to answering
for 113 of the cases.       harassment and              questions and initiating
There were 63 faculty       discrimination.             dialogue, will go a long
contacts and 47                                         way in easing some of
University Support Staff    In the recommendation       this uncertainty and
contacts. Some of the       section, the report notes   stress.”
contacts from faculty       that the issue of
and staff are               performance reviews has     Maria Orive, associate
consultations related to    been addressed by an        professor of ecology and
other cases. The rest       update of the policy on     evolutionary biology,
were made from              annual reviews. The         and Stephen Grabow,
administrators; graduate    office also recommends      professor of
teaching assistants;        speaking with an            architecture, are faculty
graduate research           ombuds, Human               ombuds. Anyone
assistants or lecturers;    Resources and Equal         interested in contacting
parents; former students;   Opportunity, dean or        the University Ombuds
and others.                 associate dean or           Office about a dispute
                            department chair to help    can call 864-7261 or
The topic most              resolve conflict among      visit in person at 34
commonly raised by          personnel.                  Carruth-O’Leary.
staff was performance
Task forces assembled to
address increasing
retention, graduation rates
Chancellor Bernadette        professor of ecology and    Achievement and
Gray-Little has              evolutionary biology,       Access Center; Fred
announced the formation      will chair the group.       Rodriguez, associate
of three task forces as                                  vice provost for
part of a strategic          Members are: Ashley         diversity and equity and
planning process called      Anguiano, social            associate professor of
“Charting the Future”        welfare major; Stuart       curriculum and teaching;
that has the goal of         Bell, professor and dean,   Barbara Romzek,
increasing retention and     School of Engineering;      interim vice provost for
graduation rates and         Ann Brill, associate        academic affairs and
boosting KU’s research       professor and dean,         professor of public
profile. The three groups    William Allen White         administration; Marlesa
will begin gathering         School of Journalism        Roney, vice provost for
information and report       and Mass                    Student Success;
findings to the              Communications; Ruben       Madison Shipley,
chancellor in early          Flores, assistant           mathematics major;
spring.                      professor of American       Kathryn Nemeth Tuttle,
                             studies; Bruce Frey,        associate vice provost
Gray-Little said the task    associate professor of      for Student Success;
forces address the three     psychology and research     Kevin Boatright,
initial goals she set upon   in education; Andrea        director of
being named chancellor:      Greenhoot, associate        communications, Office
increasing retention and     professor of psychology;    of Research and
graduation rates,            Toni Johnson, assistant     Graduate Studies; and
elevating KU’s scholarly     professor of social         Deb Teeter, director of
and research profile and     welfare; Dongbin Kim,       Institutional Research
ensuring the university      assistant professor of      and Planning.
has the necessary            educational leadership
resources to accomplish      and policy studies; Kim     A second task force will
these goals.                 McNeeley, assistant         look at admissions
                             dean, College of Liberal    standards, since the
The first task force will    Arts and Sciences;          Kansas Board of
examine how KU can           Laura Mielke, assistant     Regents was recently
improve retention and        professor of English;       given authority to set
graduation rates. Chris      Mary Ann Rasnak,            admission standards at
Haufler, chair and           director, Academic          KU and other regents
institutions. Gray-Little   Ernest Shepard Jr.,        Learning, and professor
said the task force will    communications studies     of special education;
identify standards that     major; Kent                Adam Duerfeldt,
reflect what is necessary   Spreckelmeyer,             doctoral student,
to succeed as a student     professor of               medicinal chemistry;
at KU. Marlesa Roney,       architecture; and Linda    Bob Goldstein, Merril
vice provost for Student    Luckey, assistant to the   W. HaasDistinguished
Success, will chair the     provost.                   Professor of Geology;
task force.                                            Susan Harris, Joyce and
                            A final task force will    Elizabeth Hall
Members are: Arvin          investigate ways to        Distinguished Professor
Agah, professor of          enhance levels of          of English; Leslie
electrical engineering      research engagement        Heckert, professor of
and computer science;       and suggest ways to        molecular and
Sarah Crawford-Parker,      promote, increase and      integrative physiology;
associate director,         recognize research,        Christian Schoeneich,
University Honors           scholarly and creative     chair and professor of
Program; Lee Furbeck,       endeavors at KU. Steve     pharmaceutical
associate director,         Warren, vice provost for   chemistry; Ariel
Office of Admissions        research and graduate      Tazkagy, English and
and Scholarships; Juliet    studies, will chair the    global and international
Kaarbo, associate           task force.                studies major; Paul
professor of political                                 Terranova, vice
science; Lisa Pinamonti-    Members are: Kristin       chancellor for research
Kress, director, Office     Bowman-James,              and senior associate
of Admissions and           University                 dean, KU Medical
Scholarships; Joy           Distinguished Professor    Center; Joy Ward,
Maxwell, assistant          of Chemistry; Craig        associate professor of
director of Kansas City     Adams, chair and JL        ecology and
programs, KU Alumni         Constant Distinguished     evolutionary biology;
Association; Hannah         Professor of Civil,        Susan Williams,
Nusz, social welfare        Environmental and          associate professor of
maor; Lori Reesor,          Architectural              chemical and petroleum
associate vice provost      Engineering; Jim Calvet,   engineering; Bob
for Student Success;        professor of               Collins, planning
Fred Rodriguez,             biochemistry and           information and
associate vice provosot     molecular biology; John    analysis, Office of
for diversity and equity    Colombo, director, Life    Research and Graduate
and associate professor     Span Institute, and        Studies; John Schott,
of curriculum and           professor of psychology;   assistant director,
teaching; Barbara           Derrick Darby, associate   Institutional Research
Romzek, interim vice        professor of philosophy;   and Planning; and Terry
provost for academic        Don Deshler, director,     Turner, director,
affairs and professor of    Center for Research on     planning and analysis,
public administration;                                 KU Medical Center.
Sprague awarded first Baur
Joey Sprague, professor      Methodologies for           full professor in the
of sociology, is the first   Critical Researchers.”      Department of
recipient of the E.          She is a member of the      Sociology who has
Jackson Baur                 KU Women’s Hall of          demonstrated a
Professorship in             Fame, past president of     commitment to KU and
Sociology. Sprague will      the Sociologists for        excellence in teaching
hold the title for one       Women in Society and        and social research. The
year and will receive a      recipient of Archie and     award may be used for
one-course reduction in      Nancy Dykes Award for       salary support, travel
her teaching                 Excellence in Teaching      and other costs
responsibilities and a       and the J. Michael          associated with the
$5,000 stipend to            Young Academic              advancement of the
support her research.        Advisor Award.              recipient’s research.

“I am very pleased that      “Joey Sprague has           Support for the
we can honor Professor       demonstrated a              professorship came from
Sprague’s long time          commitment to               the estate of former KU
commitment to KU             excellence in teaching to   professor E. Jackson
sociology and to help        which all faculty can       “Jack” Baur and his
advance her research         aspire,” said Gregory B.    wife, Lillian Jacoby
agenda,” said Bill           Simpson, interim dean       Baur. Jack Baur joined
Staples, chair of the        for the College of          the faculty of KU in
department. “This            Liberal Arts and            1947, reaching the rank
recognition is very          Sciences. “Her teaching     of full professor in 1959.
fitting.”                    is an inspiration to        He retired in 1987 and
                             faculty in the College of   died in 2001, at the age
Sprague has been a           Liberal Arts and            of 87. His wife died in
faculty member at KU         Sciences, and indeed,       1991. Baur’s estate
since 1985. She received     across the entire           plans to establish the
her doctorate in             university. The College     professorship through
sociology from the           congratulates her on this   KU Endowment took
University of Wisconsin      well-deserved               effect in 2007 after the
in Madison. Sprague          recognition.”               death of his son, John C.
teaches classes in                                       Baur.
feminist theory, research    As part of a faculty
methods, sociology of        development initiative,     “I was fortunate to have
knowledge and social         the Baur Professorship      known Jack Baur for a
psychology and is the        in Sociology will be        brief time, and I can say
author of “Feminist          awarded annually to a       that he was a very
decent and generous         his legacy of dedicated      gift to the department of
man,” Staples said. “His    teaching and scholarship     sociology.”
commitment to KU and        lives on in this generous

KU Cancer Center's
Johnson County facility
nears opening
One year after voters       In addition to Stoltz’s      that will include the
passed the Johnson          hire, the KU Cancer          Phase I unit, which
County Education and        Center has worked with       consists of overnight
Research Triangle, the      several programs across      accommodations, space
KU Cancer Center            the country, most            for accessible outpatient
continues to make           notably the NCI-             rooms, specimen
progress toward             designated Karmanos          collection, biostatistical
renovating and opening      Cancer Institute at          support and metabolic
the Fairway Clinical        Wayne State University,      nutrition studies.
Research Facility, most     to learn best practices of
notably with the recent     other Phase I clinical       In August, the KU
hire of Maxine Stoltz.      trial operations.            Medical Center selected
                                                         Overland Park
Stoltz is senior            “What we found from          architecture firm HMN
executive director of the   talking with other cancer    to manage the project.
Fairway Clinical            programs is we are           Demolition of the
Research Facility and is    creating a Phase I           interior of the building,
responsible for the         clinical trials program      donated by the Hall
strategic planning of the   unlike any other in the      Family Foundation, will
facility and ultimately     country,” said Roy A.        begin by the end of
managing the operations     Jensen, director of the      March 2010.
of the building. She has    KU Cancer Center. “Our
an extensive background     program will serve as a      “The Johnson County
in early clinical drug      ‘one-stop shop’ for          Education and Research
development and             Phase I clinical trials,     Triangle was a novel
applied clinical            which translates into a      and vitally important
pharmacology, most          more efficient and easier    idea that has translated
recently working at         process for patients.”       into something that will
Celgene Corp.                                            make a real difference in
                            The facility will house      the lives of those
                            77,000 gross square feet     fighting cancer,” Jensen
said. “We are incredibly     completion scheduled in        to translate drugs into
grateful to the Kansas       late 2011, just after the      clinical trials.
legislature, the voters of   KU Cancer Center
Johnson County, the          applies for National           “The continued funding
Johnson County               Cancer Institute               support we receive from
Education and Research       designation.                   this tax is crucial to
Triangle Authority                                          expanding our Phase I
Board and all those who      In 2010, the cancer            program, fostering
worked diligently to         center will focus on           innovative discoveries
bring this initiative to     recruiting a Phase I           that will directly
fruition.”                   clinical trial specialist to   improve the health of
                             oversee the program and        our community,” Jensen
Construction will take       work closely with the          said.
place beginning in the       drug discovery, delivery
summer of 2010, with         and development team

Researchers land nearly $7
million grant to boost
effectiveness, safety of
Boosting the                 country for similar            — called adjuvants —
effectiveness and safety     research.                      that trigger responses in
of vaccines that treat                                      the human immune
infectious diseases is the   Researcher Sunil David         system when added to a
goal of a new, five-year,    is leading the project at      vaccine.
$6.85 million research       KU, along with Apurba
contract awarded             Dutta. Both are associate      The U.S. Food and Drug
recently to KU.              professors of medicinal        Administration restricts
                             chemistry. Their team          the use of adjuvants in
The contract is with the     hopes to find ways of          vaccines because
National Institutes of       making existing and            researchers don’t fully
Health’s National            future vaccines more           understand why they
Institute for Allergy and    potent but with fewer          work and what side
Infectious Disease and is    side effects. To do that,      effects could result. The
one of six awarded to        they are looking for           immune system can
universities around the      specific chemical agents       overreact, for example,
and cause inflammation      gives more people            The new NIH contract
or an autoimmune            greater access to            builds on work David
disease. Only one           potentially lifesaving       and others at KU are
vaccine adjuvant is now     vaccines.”                   already doing. Much of
approved for use by the                                  the work is being done
FDA.                        The KU research team         at KU’s
                            will synthesize libraries    Multidisciplinary
“The search for             of molecules that target     Research Building, but
additional effective        specific receptors. These    team members with
adjuvants is important      molecules will then be       specific skills are drawn
and timely,” said David.    examined carefully to        from departments across
“Taking smaller doses       see how they affect the      campus. Successful new
of a vaccine allows         immune system and            adjuvants could be
patients to develop         whether they cause           marketed in the future,
immunity to a pathogen      inflammation. Finally,       benefiting KU and
more effectively while      selected molecules will      patients around the
stretching the vaccine      be tested in                 world.
supply further. That        experimental vaccines.

Kansas Geological Survey
granted nearly $5 million to
investigate underground
CO2 storage
The Kansas Geological       received by the Kansas       cement, ethanol and
Survey has received a       Geological Survey. It        fertilizer plants.
nearly $5 million grant     will be used to
from the U.S.               determine whether a          A collaborative effort
Department of Energy to     largely depleted oil and     between government
study the feasibility of    gas field in south-central   and industry, the three-
storing carbon dioxide      Kansas and an                year project will include
underground.                underlying saline aquifer    scientists from the
                            can permanently and          Kansas Geological
Awarded as part of the      safely sequester carbon      Survey, KU and Kansas
American Recovery and       dioxide from stationary      State University
Reinvestment Act, the       sources such as electric,    departments of geology
grant is the largest ever                                and two Wichita-based
firms — BEREXCO              not include any             17-county area. The
Inc. and Bittersweet         sequestration of CO2.       highly saline water in
Energy Inc. Kansas                                       the aquifer, which is
Geological Survey            “A lot of technical         about 4,000 feet beneath
geologists Lynn Watney       questions associated        the surface in south-
and Saibal Bhattacharya      with the physical           central Kansas, is not
are leading the              process of storing CO2      usable for other
investigation.               underground have yet to     purposes and is isolated
                             be answered, and studies    from shallower
“CO2 sequestration is in     such as this are            freshwater aquifers by
the early phase of           necessary for us to         impermeable rock units.
implementation               develop an
globally,” Watney said.      understanding of the        “This study will help us
“We will be evaluating       detailed fluid-rock         understand the different
the sequestration            interactions that will      mechanisms that result
capacity of depleted oil     occur over long periods     in subsurface CO2
fields and deep saline       of time,” said Kansas       sequestration and
aquifers and are aiming      Geological Survey           evaluate risks associated
to develop an effective      Director William            with leakage of injected
carbon-sequestration         Harrison. “These studies    CO2,” Bhattacharya
model that is tailored to    will yield information      said.
the Kansas industry and      that could be valuable as
economy.”                    rules and regulations are   Second only to China
                             formulated for              for the highest CO2
Research will be done        underground                 emissions from human
on the Wellington oil        sequestration               activities, the United
and gas field in Sumner      applications.”              States generates more
County south of                                          than 5.7 billion metric
Wichita, which has           In addition to              tons annually, or nearly
produced 20 million          investigating the           20 percent of the 33
barrels of oil since 1927.   possibilities for CO2       billion metric tons
                             sequestration in oil and    emitted worldwide.
Subsurface rock units in     gas fields, the
the Wellington field,        researchers will model      Besides reducing the
which once held the          the use of industry-        amount of CO2
large quantities of oil      emitted CO2 to squeeze      discharged into the air,
and gas, will be             out trapped oil and gas     successful geologic
evaluated through            unreachable by              sequestration of CO2
drilling and other           traditional methods.        could lead to the
geophysical methods to                                   development of a new
determine their capacity     They will also study the    industry in the state. The
to securely contain CO2      suitability of the Ozark    Ozark Plateau Aquifer
in the future. The project   Plateau Aquifer System      System and the
is a subsurface              — mainly composed of        Wellington field, as well
characterization             Arbuckle Group rocks        as other oil and gas
investigation and will       — for sequestration in a    fields that produce from
the same rock units, are    capture and storage that    The Kansas Geological
centrally located near      would be needed to          Survey also will be
multiple sources of         establish a commercial-     collaborating on another
emissions that could be     scale CO2-sequestration     Department of Energy-
captured and stored.        industry in the             funded, Kansas-based
                            Midwest,” Watney said.      CO2 sequestration
“The findings in this       “Potential for enhanced     project with the
study will be used to       oil recovery also could     Southwest Partnership
evaluate the feasibility    generate interest in the    on Carbon Sequestration
of a regional               Kansas oil and gas          and the Wichita-based
infrastructure for carbon   industry.”                  firm, CAP CO2, LLC.

'The Informant' inspiration to give
Chandler lecture Dec. 1; former
independent counsel Starr to speak at law
school Nov. 19
Herndon was key player in price-fixing case
Robert Herndon, Federal     University of Kansas        corporate executive ever
Bureau of Investigation     School of Law. Starr        to turn whistleblower in
agent and KU School of      will speak at 12:30 p.m.    U.S. history.
Business graduate, will     Nov. 19, at the Stinson
deliver the Anderson        Morrison Hecker             After graduating from
Chandler Lecture,           Lecture Hall in 104         the School of Business
“Clues from the             Green Hall. The event is    with degrees in business
Convicts: Life Lessons      free and open to the        administration and
on Character,               public, and lunch will be   accounting, Herndon
Leadership, and Ethics      provided.                   joined the Federal
from the files of the                                   Bureau of Investigation
FBI,” at 7 p.m. Dec. 1 at   Herndon was a key           as a special agent in
the Lied Center of          officer in the              1986. In addition to his
Kansas. The lecture is      investigation that is now   investigation of the case
open to the public. Ken     the basis for the movie     that would become a
Starr, the former           "The Informant,"            major motion picture,
independent counsel         starring Matt Damon.        Herndon also played a
whose investigations led    The case, an                large role in the
to the impeachment of       investigation of price-     investigation and
President Bill Clinton,     fixing at Archer Daniels    conviction of a Kansas
will give a public talk     Midland Co., involved       City-area pharmacist
next week at the            the highest ranking         who diluted
chemotherapy drugs          Although Starr is            investigation then
intended for cancer         perhaps best known for       expanded to include a
patients.                   his work as the              variety of claims against
                            independent counsel          the president and his
Herndon has received        who investigated             staff, including the firing
numerous citations and      President Clinton during     of employees in the
awards in recognition of    the 1990s, he has led a      White House Travel
his outstanding work        notable legal career.        Office, potential misuse
with the FBI, including     After graduating from        of confidential FBI files,
the U.S. Attorney           the Duke University          Paula Jones’ sexual
General’s Distinguished     School of Law, he            harassment allegations,
Service Award, the          served as a clerk to         the death of White
National Intelligence       Judge David W. Dyer on       House Deputy Counsel
Meritorious Unit            the U.S. Court of            Vince Foster and, most
Citation and FBI Agent      Appeals for the Fifth        importantly, possible
of the Year for the         Circuit and then to Chief    perjury by the president
Kansas City Division.       Justice Warren Burger        to cover up a sexual
Currently, Herndon is       of the U.S. Supreme          relationship with
assigned to the White       Court. He then worked        Monica Lewinsky. This
Collar Crime Squad in       for a private law firm       last investigation led to
the Kansas City FBI         and, later, as a counselor   the first impeachment of
Field Office.               to U.S. Attorney             an elected president in
                            General William French       U.S. history. Ironically,
The Anderson Chandler       Smith before President       Starr shared Time
Lecture Series is offered   Ronald Regan appointed       magazine’s Man of the
each year by the KU         him as a judge on the        Year accolade with
School of Business. It      U.S. Court of Appeals        President Clinton in
began in 1997 and is        for the District of          1998, the year the
made possible by School     Columbia Circuit, where      president was
of Business alumnus         he served for six years.     impeached.
Anderson Chandler.          Starr was then appointed
                            to be U.S. solicitor         Starr now is dean of the
Chandler is CEO,            general by President         Pepperdine University
president and director of   George H.W. Bush, a          School of Law, a
Fidelity State Bank and     position he held until       position he has held
Trust Co. of Topeka and     1993.                        since 2004. He also
vice president and                                       remains active in high-
director of First Bank of   Starr’s most publicized      profile litigation,
Newton. He has              work centered on his         including defending
received the school's       investigations of            against the lawsuit to
Distinguished Alumni        President Clinton,           overturn California’s
Award and has remained      beginning with the           Proposition 8, launching
actively involved at the    continuation of an           a legal challenge against
university and the          investigation of the         the McCain-Feingold
School of Business.         president’s real estate      Act, representing
                            dealings. Starr’s            Blackwater Security
Consulting in a case
involving deaths of its
employees in Fallujah,
Iraq, and defending the
Juneau, Alaska, school
district in a First
Amendment case that
centered on the right of
a student to display a
banner that declared
“Bong Hits 4 Jesus”
near a school event.

“The Federalist Society
is very excited and
proud to have brought
someone as well-known
and accomplished as Mr.
Starr to KU,” said
Brandon Smith,
president of KU’s
chapter of the Federalist
Society, which is co-
sponsoring the event
with the law school.
“I’m sure that Mr.
Starr’s talk will be
exciting because
students and faculty
have strong opinions
about him and will take
a real interest in what he
has to say.”

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