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									                     desert southwest chapter
the compassion to care, the leadership to conquer                                                                            Summer 2009

        Alzheimer’s Advocates Go to Washington
      A Delegation of Staff and Volunteers Seek to Educate Lawmakers and Help Suffering Families
 In April, a delegation of staff and       the well-being and financial security of
 volunteers journeyed to Washington
 D.C. for the Alzheimer’s Association
                                           American families by:
                                                                                         How Can We Help?
 Public Policy Forum. The Desert           Issue 1                                      24 Hour Helpline
 Southwest Chapter sent eight staff and    Increasing fiscal year 2010 Alzheimer        Trained staff and volunteers are
 volunteers from Arizona and Nevada.       research funding at the National             available to provide information,
                                           Institute of Health (NIH) by $250 million    referrals and support.
 The need for Congressional action is with a goal of reaching $1 billion in
 imperative. Over 5 million Americans funding by fiscal year 2011.                      Family Care Consultation
 currently have Alzheimer’s, costing our                                                Individualized assistance by social
 system over $148 billion a year.          Issue 2                                      service professionals helps persons with
                                           Establishing the Alzheimer’s Solutions       dementia and their families better
 Our delegation secured appointments Project Office within the federal                  understand, cope and plan for the future.
 with eight of the ten Arizona members of government backed by an appropriate
 Congress and their staff, and four out of scale of investment.                         Support Groups
 five    Congressional members from                                                     Regularly scheduled group sessions,
 Nevada. We were unable to meet with Issue 3                                            facilitated by experienced volunteers,
 Sens. McCain and Ensign and Rep. Phasing out Medicare’s two–year                       offer education and support to persons
 Kirkpatrick.                              waiting period so individuals with           with dementia and/or their caregivers.
                                           Alzheimer’s are eligible for Medicare
 The Chapter’s call on Congress this immediately after they receive their               Education Programs
 year is as critical as ever. Our elected determination of disability.                  Programs      teach    families   and
 leaders need to address the grave                                                      professionals the skills necessary to
 threat that Alzheimer’s disease poses to Inside, on page 4, is a chart that shows      provide quality care to persons with
                                           where Arizona and Nevada legislators         dementia, and educate everyone about
                                           currently stand on these three critical      the disease.
                                           issues after our visits. While we have
                                           made tremendous strides, there is still      MedicAlert + Safe Return
                                           work to be done to advance these             A national identification and medical
                                           issues.                                      record program that assists in the
                                                               (continued on page 4)    location and timely return of persons
                                                                                        who wander and become lost.

                                                                                                In This Issue...
                                                                                        Director’s Message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Delegation members attend the Annual                                                    Alzheimer’s in the Media . . . . . . . . . . 3
Candlelight Vigil at the steps of the                                                   Public Policy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.                                                     Special Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
(L to R): Mary McDonald, Sylvia                                                         Education Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-7
Stevens, Ernie Otto, Jami Goldman,
Cindy Vargo, Gus Farias                                                                 Support Groups . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-9
and Luis Carrillo                                                                       MED-SAC (Research) . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
                                               (L to R) Angie Pratt, Sen. Harry Reid,   Volunteer Opportunities . . . . . . . . . . 12
                                                        Luis Carrillo and Gus Farias.

                We are grateful to Harrah’s Entertainment for helping to underwrite this newsletter issue

        Board of Directors                     Letter from the Executive Director
                                               Dear Friends,
              Robbie Nicol, Chair
                 Prescott, AZ
                                               As I write this letter, the Desert Southwest Chapter has
       Maureen Esparza, First Vice Chair
                 Phoenix, AZ
                                               just approved its new three-year strategic plan. This
                                               plan, created through the hardwork and input of
          Sam Lieberman, Vice Chair
               Las Vegas, NV
                                               hundreds of staff and volunteers, sets out the course for
                                               our Chapter to fullfill it’s purpose:
           Robert Dowd, Vice Chair
                  Tempe, AZ
                                               “to empower and support individuals, families, care
         Sue Ann Perkinson, Treasurer
                 Phoenix, AZ                   partners and communities affected by dementia in
                                               Arizona and southern Nevada.”
           Michael Beatty, Secretary
                 Prescott, AZ                                                                                        Deborah Schaus
             David Pile, Past Chair
                                               Over the past five years, I have been proud to be a part
                  Tucson, AZ                   of the Desert Southwest Chapter. Together, we have seen the Chapter grow to
                                               meet the needs that arise in our communities. We have seen our staff and
                  Members                      volunteers find solutions to challenges others thought impossible to overcome.
         Randy Clawson – Phoenix AZ

        David Coon, PhD – Phoenix, AZ
                                               Our new Strategic Plan respresents this vision to strive ever higher, working to
                                               provide programs and services to the families struggling with Alzheimer’s
         Brenda Foraker – Phoenix, AZ          throughout Arizona and Southern Nevada. We will continue to seek to improve
         Larry Gentry – Scottsdale, AZ         the quality of life for people in all stages of Alzheimer’s, their families and care
          Robert Harris – Tucson, AZ

     Theressa (Terri) Jackson – Phoenix, AZ    Our new Strategic Plan is a good start, but it is just a start. Like any plan, it requires
                                               the dedication and committment of volunteers and staff to bring it to reality. And I
       Gary Martin, PhD – Scottsdale, AZ
                                               know that together, we have the strength necessary to achieve our goals.
      Marisa Menchola, PhD – Tucson, AZ

         Bridget O’Gara – Phoenix, AZ          We have a lot of work ahead of us. It's work that will take time, and it will take effort.
                                               But because of your committment, I believe we indeed can advance our mission.
          Glen Reeves – Phoenix, AZ

      Marwan Sabbagh, MD – Sun City, AZ        Thank you for all that you do,
      Upinder Singh, MD – Las Vegas, NV

     Dutton Teague, MSW – Sun Lakes, AZ

          Keith West – Las Vegas, NV
                                               Deborah B. Schaus, MSW
                                               Executive Director
        Richard White, Esq – Mesa, AZ

                 Our Vision
                                                        Desert Southwest Regional Offices
     A World Without Alzheimer’s Disease               Please feel free to contact the regional office in your area for help.

                Our Mission                                 Chapter Office                             Northern Arizona Region
                                                          1028 E McDowell Rd                              225 Grove Ave, #B
 To eliminate Alzheimer's disease through
                                                           Phoenix, AZ 85006                             Prescott, AZ 86301
 the advancement of research; to provide                     602.528.0545                                   928.771.9257
    and enhance care and support for all
affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia            Central Arizona Region                        Southern Arizona Region
   through the promotion of brain health.                1028 E McDowell Rd                          3003 S Country Club Rd, #209
                                                          Phoenix, AZ 85006                               Tucson, AZ 85713
                  Our Purpose                                602.528.0545                                   520.322.6601
      To empower and support individuals,
    families, care partners and communities          West Valley Resource Center                      Southern Nevada Region
        affected by dementia in Arizona                 13050 N 103rd Ave #B                         5190 S Valley View Blvd, #101
              and southern Nevada.                        Sun City, AZ 85351                            Las Vegas, NV 89118
                                                            623.815.2494                                    702.248.2770

                                           desert southwest chapter

       Now Showing: Alzheimer’s                                                         HBO Alzheimer’s
     More People Talking as Alzheimer’s Disease Enters Pop Culture                          Project Sheds
When you think of an evening               several seasons Uncle Junior slowly           Light on Disease
watching television or going to see a      slips into the fog of dementia,
movie on the weekend, you typically        eventually shooting his son, Tony,           This past May, HBO Documentary
think of them as ways to entertain and     thinking he was a stranger.                  Films unveiled a series of films: "The
not ways to raise awareness. Over the                                                   Alzheimer's Project". This 4-part
past decade, television shows and          In 2005, “Grey’s Anatomy” debuted            documentary takes a close look at
movies have helped bring the issue of                       with a story involving      groundbreaking discoveries made by
Alzheimer’s disease into the lives of                         Dr. Meredith Grey,        the country’s leading scientists, as well
millions while raising awareness about                           and her mother, Dr.    as the effects of this disease on those
this heart- breaking disease.                                    Ellis Grey, who        with Alzheimer’s and their families.
                                                                 was suffering from
Here are a few examples of when                                  Alzheimer’s and        Recognizing the outstanding quality of
Alzheimer’s disease has been                                    resided at a care       the program, The “Alzheimer’s Project”
incorporated into television or movies                         facility. Over several   was nominated for four Emmy Awards
and how the disease was presented.                                                      this year. The nominations include
                                            Grey’s Anatomy seasons, Ellis often
                                                              thought she was still     Outstanding      Nonfiction   Special
In 1999, on “ER”, Dr. Gabriel              completing her residency and as a            ("Momentum in Science"), Exceptional
Lawrence was hired as an Attending         result, seldom recognized her daughter.      Merit in Nonfiction Filmmaking ("The
Physician. It quickly became apparent                                                   Memory Loss Tapes") and Outstanding
that Dr. Lawrence was in the beginning     “Away From Her” is a 2006 film that           Children's     Nonfiction    Program
stages of Alzheimer’s. At first, Dr.        tells the story of Fiona and Grant who       ("Grandpa, Do You Know Who I Am?
Lawrence did not want to admit to          have to face the fact that Fiona has         with Maria Shriver").
what was happening, but he later           Alzheimer’s. After Fiona wanders
realized he had no choice but to retire.   away, they agree she must go into a          The Desert Southwest Chapter will be
                                                                 nursing home – a       hosting screenings of the individual
“Iris”, a 2001 film,                                              decision that tests    episodes throughout the year. In
tells the story of                                               their deep love.       addition, we have copies of the
Irish novelist, Iris                                                                    program on DVD available through our
Murdoch and her                                                   In    2008,     on    local office libraries.
husband,       John                                               “Boston Legal”
Bayley. The film                                                   Denny Crane is        Please, check our education calendar
contrasts the start                                               diagnosed      with   for screenings, or call the Regional
of             their                                             Alzheimer’s.           Office nearest to you for more
relationship, when                                               Looking for any        information.
Iris     was     an                                              hope, he uses his
                     Kate Winslet and Judi Dench both portray
outgoing, dominant Iris Murdoch at different ages in “Iris.”     legal expertise to     These are just a few examples over the
individual to the                                                try and gain access    past 10 years of television and movies
later years when Iris was suffering to a Russian drug           in Phase III clinical   have helping bring awareness to
from Alzheimer’s and tended to by a trials in the US.                                   Alzheimer’s. More and more media
frustrated John.                                                                        outlets are making an effort to bring
                                                                                        social causes, such as Alzheimer’s
The 2005 film “The Notebook” traces                                                      disease, into the homes of millions. All
the everlasting love of Noah and Allie.                                                 of these examples are currently
As an elderly man, Noah, reads their                                                    available on DVD.
love story to a fellow nursing-home
patient, Allie, who is suffering from                                                   Some of these portrayals are accurate
Alzheimer’s.                                                                            while others take liberties and may
                                                                                        reinforce certain stereotypes of
In 2004, “The Soprano’s” introduced                                                     Alzheimer’s. However, they all help to
the story line of Uncle Junior, a mob                                                   show the many facets of this complex
boss, showing signs of dementia. Over      Kate Winslet and Judi Dench both portray     disease.
                                           Iris Murdoch at different ages in “Iris.”

5.3 million people in the United States are living with Alzheimer’s                                    use your VOICE
      Volunteer                                    Advocates in Washington
      Leaders Needed                               Desert Southwest Chapter Seeks Changes to Benefit Families
Have you ever wanted to help plan an       (continued from page 1)                       made additional visits to local
event? To give you input into how new      As you can see from the chart, there is       congressional offices in May and June.
programs are developed? To give your       reasonable support for the increase in
time to help thousands of individuals?     funding to NIH. However, that support         In addition to lobbying on these issues,
                                           is less certain for supporting the project    the Chapter also provides information
Then you should be a Desert Southwest      office and even ending the two-year           on the local programs and services we
Chapter leadership volunteer.              wait period for Medicare.                     provide. This helps ensure that
                                                                                         constituents      who       call    their
Last year, over 900 individuals            Your help is needed!                          Congressional leader for information,
volunteered for the Desert Southwest                                                     receive an informed referral.
Chapter, providing more than 14,000        Contact your Representative and
hours of service.                          Senators and ask them to support, or
                                           even co-sponsor, the legislation that
“Volunteers are truly the life-blood of    removes this two-year waiting period.
our organization,” says Deborah            The bill’s title is the Ending the
Schaus, Executive Director. “They give     Medicare Disability Waiting Period Act
us crucial feedback and direction for      of 2009 (S. 700/H. R. 1708) and can be
our events and programs.”                  found at:
Currently, volunteer committees are
planning each of the six Memory Walks      This bill allows people to receive much
throuhgout the Chapter. As well, we        needed support when first diagnosed.
have a group that is planning our new      This speeds the assistance of (b) Rep Shelley Berkley and Gus Farias.
signature Gala for February 13, 2010.      Medicare, helping the person with the (f) Luis Carrillo and Angie Pratt.
                                           disease as well as their families and If you wish to help in our advocacy
To find out more information about the     friends at a critical time of need.      efforts or to hear more about what is
volunteer leadership opportunities
                                                                                    going on locally with our efforts, please
available in your area, please contact     The Chapter’s Public Policy Committee contact Jami Goldman, Director of
your Regional Office today!                and volunteer advocates will continue Program           and     Advocacy        at
                                           to push our legislators to support these                   or
                                           critical issues. Our advocacy group      602-528-0545.
      New Medical &                        State     District   Name                       Issue 1        Issue 2       Issue 3
      Research Website                      AZ        AZ JR     Sen Jon Kyl                    N         Not Sure       Not Sure
                                            AZ       AZ SR      Sen John McCain                -             -             -
The Desert Southwest Chapter’s
Medical Scientific Advisory Committee       AZ        AZ01      Rep Ann Kirkpatrick            -             -             -
has a new website:                          AZ        AZ02      Rep Trent Franks           Not Sure      Not Sure          Y
                                            AZ        AZ03      Rep John Shadegg               N         Not Sure       Not Sure                       AZ        AZ04      Rep Ed Pastor                  N         Not Sure       Not Sure
                                            AZ        AZ05      Rep Harry Mitchell             Y         Not Sure          Y
The Chapter’s main website moved in
January to, and the         AZ        AZ06      Rep Jeff Flake             Not Sure      Not Sure       Not Sure
Med-SAC     site  took   over   the         AZ        AZ07      Rep Raul Grijalva              Y         Not Sure          Y address.                     AZ        AZ08      Rep Gabrielle Giffords         N         Not Sure       Not Sure
                                            NV       NV JR      Sen John Ensign                -             -             -
This     site   features      up-to-date    NV       NV SR      Sen Harry Reid                 Y         Not Sure          Y
information for medical professional,
                                            NV        NV01      Rep Shelley Berkley            Y         Not Sure          Y
caregivers and persons diagnosed with
the disease. Go check it out!               NV        NV02      Rep Dean Heller                Y         Not Sure       Not Sure
                                            NV        NV03      Rep Dina Titus                 Y         Not Sure          Y

MOVE our cause forward                                                     Every 70 seconds, someone develops Alzheimer’s

                                         desert southwest chapter

         5th Annual Cameo Ball Shines                                                       Golfers in Full
           The 2009 Cameo Ball Raised Fun and Funds for Alzheimer’s                          Swing for AD
          JEWEL SPONSORS                     Friday March 20th, 2009 was an affair of   The Alzheimer’s Association Desert
                                             sophisticated elegance at the Fifth        Southwest Chapter hosted its 12th
                                             Annual Cameo Ball. Thank you to all of     Annual Golf Tournament on April 20,
                                             the wonderful ladies of the Ms. Senior     2009 at the Ancala Country Club in
                                             Arizona Pageant and the Cameo Club for     Scottsdale.
                                             helping the Desert Southwest Chapter
                                             through such an amazing evening.           Over 60 participants enjoyed a beautiful
                                                                                        spring day while playing 18 holes of golf
                                             Mr. Danny Davis of KOY radio was the       at one of Scottsdale’s most prestigious
                                             emcee of this year’s ball. Over 200              private country clubs.
                                             people enjoyed a night filled with
                                             fine dining, exciting live and silent                   After tournament play was
                                             auctions and the wonderful                               complete, guests enjoyed
                                             sounds of the Bob Messinger                              a      delicious    lunch
          PEARL SPONSORS                     Band. Everyone had a truly                                provided by Outback
                                             magnificent night knowing that                            Steakhouse.
             Dr. Pete Mellas
                                             all proceeds raised directly
                                             benefit the programs and                                 The     afternoon      also
                                             services     of     the Alzheimer’s                   included a live and silent
         Pillar Communications               Association Desert Southwest Chapter.             auction with all proceeds going
               Wells Fargo                                                              directly to the critical programs and
                                             Also, a big thank you to all of the        services provided to individuals, families
                                             sponsors who made this night possible.     and caregivers affected by this
                                             These companies, listed to the left, are   devastating disease.
                                             truly committed to helping people
                                             affected by Alzheimer’s disease.           Thank you to all of our Sponsors,
                                                                                        Participants and Volunteers for making
                                             Pictures from the 2009 Cameo Ball can      this year’s Golf Tournament a
                                             be viewed at            tremendous success!

                                                                                        Be sure and save the date for next
                                                                                        year’s Golf Classic in May of 2010! For
                                                                                        more information about playing or being
                                                                                        a sponsor, please contact Jennifer
                                                                                        Hanson at 602-528-0545.

                                                                                               DIAMOND SPONSORS

        Cameo Ball Co-Chairs,
Marilyn Joyce & Herme Sherry.

                                                                                               PLATINUM SPONSORS
                                                 Bob Dowd, Alzheimer’s
                                                 Association Board member,
                                                 enjoys the Cameo Ball.

                                                                                                 SILVER SPONSORS
                                                                                             Bridgeway Health Solutions
                                                                                                 Hospice of Arizona
                                                                                                Sunrise Senior Living
  People dine and dance at the Cameo Ball.

 Out of every dollar donated to our Chapter, 86 cents goes directly to programs and services!          use your VOICE
                                  Education Program Calendar
                   Monday               Tuesday                 Wednesday                Thursday                   Friday         Saturday
                                                           1                       2                           3             4
                                                          Planning for Placement
                                                          Tucson - 10:00 am

              6                   7                        8                       9                           10            11
                                                          Tucson - 10:00 am
July 2009

              13                  14                       15                      16                          17            18
                                                          Caregiver Stress
                                                          Tucson - 1:00 pm

              20                  21                       22                      23                          24            25
                                  Dementia & the Clergy   Compassionate
                                  Prescott - TBD          Communication
                                                          Tucson - 10:00 am

              27                  28                       29                      30                          31            30
                                                          Challenging Behaviors
                                                          Tucson - 10:00 am
                                                          Gilbert - 9:00 am

                   Monday               Tuesday                 Wednesday                Thursday                   Friday         Saturday
                                                                                                                             Activities & Planning
                              Check with your Regional Office or visit for regular updates                   for the Future
                            to the Education Program Calendar, and for the remainder of the year’s schedule.                 Tucson - 9:00 am

              3                   4                        5                       6                           7             8
                                                          Challenging Behaviors
                                                          Tucson - 1:00 pm
August 2009

              10                  11                       12                      13                          14            15
                                                          Maintain Your Brain
                                                          Tucson - 10:00 am

              17                  18                       19                      20                          21            22
                                                          Alzheimer’s & Saftey
                                                          Tucson - 1:00 pm

              24                  25                       26                      27                          28            29
                                                          Tucson - 10:00 am

OPEN people’s minds                                                                     One out of two people 85 years or older has Alzheimer’s

                                           desert southwest chapter

                               Education Program Calendar
       Monday                  Tuesday          Wednesday                Thursday           Friday              Saturday
                          1                2                        3                 4                    5

7                         8                9                        10                11                   12

                                                                                                                               September 2009
                                           Tucson - 10:30 am

14                        15               16                       17                18                   19
Safety Issues                              Alzheimer’s & Safety
Green Valley - 10:30 am                    Tucson - 1:00 pm

21                        22               23                       24                25                   26
                                           Green Valley
                                           Mini Conference
                                           Green Valley - 9:00 am
                                           RSVP 322-6601

28                        29               30
                                           Tucson - 1:00 pm

                 “Alzheimer’s: Forgetting Piece                                             Kool & the Gang
                      by Piece” Quilt Show                                                 The Commodores
The Alzheimer’s Association is proud to                                                    Mark your calendars for Saturday,
announce the the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt                                                     October 17th, as we host the 9th
Initiative presented by Mountain Top                                                       Annual "Beauty of a Bonzer" concert
Quilters of Prescott.                                                                      and party.

This special event will be held August                                                     Join us at US Airways Center for an
14-15, 2009 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at                                                     Aussie-style Outback Steakhouse
the First Lutheran Church, 231 West                                                        dinner followed by an extraordinary
Smoke Tree Lane in Prescott.                                                               live auction. You'll then enjoy a Night
                                                                                           of 100 Hits with Kool & The Gang and
There will be a Saturday lecture at 10                                                     the Commodores.
am, titled “Quilting and Caring: The
Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative.” The Whether you’re a quilter, art-lover, or have        The Desert Southwest Chapter has
lecture is by Ami Simms, founder of been touched by Alzheimer’s, please join               general admission tickets, tables on
AAQI and nationally known quilter.      us in seeing this beautiful 52-quilt exhibit.      the arena floor, and Paseo tickets,
                                        The quilts will touch your soul and the            which get you into the catered
Admission is free to the quilt show and stories will stir your heart. This is the first    pre-party at US Airways Center.
lecture. However, donations made will showing in Arizona.
benefit the Alzheimer’s Association,                                                       For more information, or to purchase
Desert Southwest Chapter, Northern For more information, please call                       tickets,   contact    Jennifer    at
Arizona Region.                         928-771-9257.                                      602-528-0545 today!

The Desert Southwest Chapter has a lending library of free books and videos for your use                 use your VOICE
                                                  Support Groups
         There is no cost for attending and no commitment to come back – just a family of friends who care.
       This listing is subject to change. Please call your regional office or visit our website for more information.

                Central Arizona
                                                  Mesa Senior Center East – Classroom 5       Weekly Coffee Klatch - a "drop-in group"
    Ahwatukee                                     1st & 3rd Friday - 2:00 pm                  Alzheimer's Association Sun Cities Center
    Mountain View Lutheran Church                                                             Every Thursday - 9:30 am
    1st Saturday - 10:00 am                       Peoria
                                                  Peoria Adult Day Center                     Mary’s Place – Memory Care Day Program
    Anthem                                        3rd Wednesday - 9:30 am                     Every Tuesday - 10:00 am
    REMAX, First American Title Office
    4th Saturday - 10:00 am                       Phoenix                                     Male Caregivers
                                                  AZ State Veterans Home                      St Clements of Rome Church
    Apache Junction                               2nd Wednesday - 10:00 am                    3rd Thursday - 10:00 am
    Epiphany Lutheran Church
    4th Friday - 10:00 am                         Banner Alzheimer’s Institute                Sun City Grand
                                                  1st Thursday - 12:30 pm                     Sun City Grand Rec Center - Cimarron Ctr
    Buckeye                                                                                   2nd Thursday - 10:00 am
    Buckeye Community Center                      Spanish Speakers Support Group
    3rd Thursday - 1:00 pm                        Alzheimer’s Association Office              Sun City West
                                                  3rd Wednesday - 3:30 pm                     Ongoing Early Stage Group
    Casa Grande                                                                               Shepherd of the Hills Methodist Church
    Dorothy Powell Senior Center                  African-American Support Group              1st Tuesday - 6:30 pm
    Last Wednesday - 1:00 pm                      Tanner Chapel AME Church
                                                  4th Wednesday - 10:00 am                    Chez Nous Senior Center
    Chandler                                                                                  1st Friday - 9:00 am
    Chandler Regional Hospital – Morrison Bldg    Beatitudes Center DOAR
    2nd Thursday - 5:30 pm                        1st & 3rd Tuesday - 12:30 pm                Male Caregivers
                                                                                              Desert Garden United Church
    Fountain Hills                                St Theresa's Catholic Church                1st Thursday - 10:00 am
    Fountain Hills Senior Center                  Last Tuesday - 4:00 pm
    1st Tuesday - 2:30 pm                                                                     Sun Lakes
                                                  Deer Valley Community Center Room #1        Sun Lakes Country Club - Phase I Clubhouse
    Gilbert                                       1st & 3rd Wednesday - 4:00 pm               2nd Friday - 10:00 am
    Gilbert United Methodist Church
    3rd Thursday - 3:30 pm                        Paradise Valley Community Center            Surprise
                                                  2nd Tuesday - 6:00 pm                       Sun City Grand Recreation Center
    Glendale                                                                                  2nd Thursday - 10:00 am
    Glencroft Retirement Community                Rio Verde
    Every Tuesday - 3:00 pm                       Founders' Hall, Rio Verde Comm Church       The Catholic Center
                                                  1st Tuesday - 2:00 pm                       2nd & 4th Monday - 10:30 am
    Trinity United Methodist Church
    2nd Saturday - 10:00 am                       Scottsdale                                  Tempe
                                                  Ongoing Early-Moderate Stage Group          Escalante Community Center
    Younger Caregivers - (under 60)               Via Linda Senior Center, Room 2             2nd Saturday - 2:00 pm
    Glendale Public Library                       1st & 3rd Wednesday - 11:30 am
    4th Saturday - 10:00 am                                                                   Wickenburg
                                                  Via Linda Senior Center, Room 2             R&R Respite Care
    Goodyear / Avondale                           2nd & 4th Wednesday - 11:30 am              1st Thursday - 10:00 am
    Banner Estrella Hospital, Conference Center
    1st & 3rd Monday - 5:30 pm                    Living Water Lutheran Church                          Northern Arizona
                                                  Last Tuesday - 2:00 pm
    Mesa                                                                                      Bullhead City
    Borders Bookstore “Coffee Klatch”             1:00 pm every 1st Monday each month         Western AZ Regional Medical Center
    1st & 3rd Thursday - 7:00 pm                  Granite Reef Senior Center                  1st Monday - 10:00 am

    Sunland Village East – Saguaro Room           Sun City                                    Cottonwood
    3rd Thursday - 1:30 pm                        Sun Health Community Education Center       Cottonwood Library
                                                  Last Monday - 1:30 pm                       Call for dates and times

   The Alzheimer’s Association does not permit service providers, product representatives or research students to attend
Support Groups without express written permission beforehand. Solicitations are never conducted at support group meetings.

MOVE our cause forward                                                              Alzheimer's is the seventh-leading cause of death

                                         desert southwest chapter

                                         Support Groups (continued)
       There is no cost for attending and no commitment to come back – just a family of friends who care.
     This listing is subject to change. Please call your regional office or visit our website for more information.
Eager                                              Southern Arizona                  Yuma
White Mt. Ambulance Barn                                                             Copper Hills House
3rd Tuesday - 6:00 pm                    Tucson                                      1st & 3rd Fridays - 10:30 am
                                         Encore Senior Village
Flagstaff                                3rd Wednesday - 4:00 pm                     Emerald Springs
The Peaks                                                                            3rd Saturday - 10:00 am
1st & 3rd Thursday - 12:00 pm            Grace Health & Healing Clinic
                                         1st Saturday - 9:00 am
Loyalton of Flagstaff                                                                           Southern Nevada
3rd Wednesday - 6:00 pm                  Pima Council on Aging
                                         2nd & 4th Wednesday - 2:30 pm               Henderson
Kingman                                                                              Barbara Greenspun Women's Care Center
Kingman Regional Medical Center          The Place at Tanque Verde                   4th Tuesday - 4:30 pm
3rd Wednesday - 10:00 am                 2nd Tuesday - 5:00 pm
                                                                                     Henderson Senior Center
Lingenfelter Center, Chapel              Santa Catalina Villas/La Rosa Health Care   2nd & 4th Thursdays - 10:00 am
Every Wednesday - 10:00 am               2nd Monday - 4:00 pm
                                                                                     Las Vegas
Lake Havasu City                         Clare Bridge of Oro Valley                  Lied Senior Center
Prestige Assisted Living                 2nd Tuesday - 10:00 am                      2nd Wednesday - 10:00 am
3rd Wednesday - 10:00 am
                                         Rancho Vistoso Desert Oasis Building        Desert Vista Community Center
Overgaard                                Last Tuesday - 4:00 pm                      1st & 3rd Wednesday - 10:00 am
United Methodist Church
1st & 3rd Thursday - 9:30 am             Northwest Oro Valley Hospital               Centennial Hills Active Adult Center
                                         1st & 3rd Tuesday - 3:00 pm                 1st Tuesday - 6:00 pm
Early Stage Support Group                Bilingual Support Group                     Whitney Senior Center
Please call 928-771-9257 for interview   Alzheimer's Association                     3rd Saturday - 11:00 am
                                         1st Thursday - 3:00 pm
Trinity Presbyterian Church              Last Thursday - 4:00 pm                     H2U Office
Every Monday - 9:45 am                                                               3rd Tuesday - 10:00 am
Every Tuesday - 9:45 am                  Recently Diagnosed & Their Family
                                         Grace Health & Healing Clinic               Pahrump
Prescott VAMC, ECRC Room A-205           1st Saturday - 9:00 am                      University of Nevada - Co-op Extension
Every Friday - 1:30 pm                                                               2nd & 4th Wednesdays - 10:00 am
                                         Green Valley
Prescott Valley                          Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Group
Prescott Valley Methodist Church         Prestige Assisted Living
Every Monday - 10:00 am                  4th Tuesday - 12:00 pm                       Save the Date
Sedona                                   Casa de Esperanza                                      Memory Walks
Sedona Winds Retirement Facility         2nd Tuesday - 2:00 pm
3rd Monday - 2:30 pm                                                                       Prescott – October 3, 2009
                                         Prestige Assisted Living                          Sedona – October 17, 2009
Show Low                                 2nd Tuesday - 12:00 pm                            Tucson – October 17, 2009
White Mountain United Methodist Church                                                    Sun City – October 24, 2009
2nd & 4th Monday - 1:30 pm               Oracle / San Manuel / Mammoth                   Las Vegas – November 7, 2009
                                         St. Helen’s Catholic Church
Window Rock                              1st Wednesday - 10:00 am                        Phoenix – November 14, 2009
Window Rock United Methodist Church
Call 928-871-2228 for dates and times    First Baptist Church                                Beauty of a Bonzer
                                         3rd Wednesday - 10:00 am
                                                                                                October 17, 2009
                                         Safford                                                US Airways Center
                                         Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center                       Phoenix, AZ
                                         4th Thursday - 1:30 pm

   The Alzheimer’s Association does not permit service providers, product representatives or research students to attend
Support Groups without express written permission beforehand. Solicitations are never conducted at support group meetings.

Over 1,200 people develop Alzheimer’s disease every day                                              use your VOICE
          Chapter’s New                                 Join the MOVEment Today!
          Strategic Plan                                  Memory Walk is a Chance to Honor Your Loved Ones!
                                                Grab a friend, family member or
 The Desert Southwest Chapter’s                 co-worker and get on the MOVE to end
 board of directors recently approved a         Alzheimer’s!    Participate  in    the
 new Chapter-wide Strategic Plan. This                                                                  Las Vegas
                                                Alzheimer’s     Association     Desert
 plan, created with the help and input of       Southwest Chapter’s Memory Walk
 hundreds of volunteers, will help guide        and join the nationwide fight against                               Sedona
 the Chapter’s efforts over the next            this devastating disease.                             Prescott
 several years.
                                                                                                      Sun City
                                                Alzheimer’s is an escalating epidemic:                           Phoenix
 Presented here are the over-arching            left unchecked, by 2050 16 million
 results and goals set forth for the            Americans will develop the disease,
 Chapter.                                                                                                  Tucson
                                                including 10 million baby boomers.
 Overarching Results                            But there is something we can do. We
 We are committed to positively                                                              The Desert Southwest Chapter is home
                                                can walk with a purpose to end                to six Memory Walks. Please, join the
 impacting the lives of individuals,            Alzheimer’s                                           one in your local community!
 families and care partners who are
 affected by or at risk for Alzheimer’s         The Memory Walk is truly a                  children to great-grandparents walking
 disease and related disorders. The             family-friendly event, celebrating the      to support our mission. You can feel the
 specific results in terms of changed           lives of those we love! Each of our six     love and joy people bring!”
 lives for the people we serve include:         Memory Walks is truly unique to the
     ● Building useable skills to increase      community, creating a wonderful             When you walk, you raise critical funds
       awareness and knowledge of               experience for people of all ages.          that benefit the care, support and
       Alzheimer’s disease and related                                                      research efforts of the Alzheimer’s
       disorders and the resources              At the Walks, you may find live             Association. Your steps move us closer
       available to them.                       entertainment, free food, kid’s zones       to better treatments and a cure.
     ● Empowering to plan for and better        with fun games, a dog Memory Walk
                                                park, and Tibetian tribute flags to honor   As well, your participation helps raise
       cope with memory loss and
                                                our loved ones!                             awareness that encourages people to
       disease progression.
                                                                                            seek an accurate and early diagnosis.
     ● Experiencing enhanced quality of life.   “Memory Walk is one of the best
     ● Experiencing reduced isolation           events I have ever been a part of,”         You can register for any of our Memory
       and increased social support             shared     Dan     Lawler,    Chapter       Walks online at
       throughout the course of disease         Development Director. “It is wonderful      _in_my_community_memorywalk.asp.
       progression.                             to see everyone, from the smallest          Sign up today to make a difference!
     ● Becoming more aware of and
       involved in research activities.               4 Easy Steps to Starting Your Team!
     ● Becoming more aware of personal            Signing up as a team with your friends, family, organization, or as an
       choices to promote healthy aging.          individual participant is as easy as ever. In just a few minutes you can make
                                                  a real difference in the life of someone affected by this disease.
     ● Enhance Programs, Services and                    Go to,
       Resources                                         register for the 2009 Memory Walk, and create a team and goal!
     ● Build Awareness                                   Invite friends, family members and co-workers to join your team
     ● Advance Advocacy                                  – the more the merrier!
     ● Promote Research                                  Take advantage of the many online tools and tips to help your
     ● Expand Diversity and Inclusiveness                team achieve your fundraising goal!
     ● Strengthen Organizational Capacity                Show up on Walk Day to walk and have fun!

MOVE our cause forward                                            10 million baby boomers will develop Alzheimer's in their lifetime
                       medical-scientific advisory committee (med-sac)

          International Conferece on AD                                                         MED-SAC
       Conference in Vienna Showcases Latest in Alzheimer’s Research                          Membership
On July 13th, more than 3,000 leading       decline.” This trial showed a positive       Marwan Sabbagh - MD, FAAN - Co-Chair
scientists convened to report and           result on one test of memory and
discuss the latest advances in research     learning.     The      results  need          Zaven Khachaturian - PhD - Co-Chair
on treatments, risk factors, diagnosis      confirmation. Both studies used
and causes for the health epidemic of       Martek's algal DHA.                               Geoffrey L Ahern - MD, PhD
the 21st century – Alzheimer's disease                                                            Leslie Baxter - PhD
– at the Alzheimer's Association 2009       News Cases of Alzheimer's and
International       Conference       on     Dementia Continue to Rise, Even                     Charles B Bernick - MD
Alzheimer's Disease (ICAD 2009) in          Past Age 90
Vienna, Austria.                                                                                Larry Cohen - PhD, JD
                                            The number of people with Alzheimer's
                                            and dementia – both new cases and                Donald J. Connor - PhD, PhD
“The cost of caring for people who have     total numbers with the disease –
Alzheimer's, and those who will get it,     continues to rise among the very oldest              David W Coon - PhD
will bankrupt the healthcare system and     segments of the population, according
devastate Medicare and Medicaid,”                                                              Stephen S Flitman - MD
                                            to research reported at the Alzheimer's
said William Thies, PhD, Chief Medical      Association International Conference.               Ana T Fuenterilla - MD
and Scientific Officer at the Alzheimer's   This age group is the fastest growing
Association. “Fortunately, the field is     segment of the population in western                Gary Grove - MD, FAPA
progressing and we may soon see             countries. This is different from past
changes in the landscape of                 research results. Previous studies have           Matthew Huentelman - PhD
Alzheimer's diagnosis, care, treatment,     suggested that the number of people
and prevention. How fast we get there                                                         Sandra Ann Jacobson - MD
                                            with Alzheimer's and dementia begins
depends completely on investment in         to level off and perhaps even go down               Alfred Kaszniak - PhD
research. We must capitalize on the         a bit in people age 90 and above.
advances made in the last decade.”                                                                Louis C Kirby - MD
                                            Heart Healthy Diet and Ongoing
Highlights from ICAD 2009 include:                                                                  Marc Lato - MD
                                            Moderate Exercise May Reduce Risk
                                            of Cognitive Decline                                  Gary Martin - PhD
DHA Drug Trials
                                            Scientists at ICAD 2009 reported that
Results from two large studies using        following the Dietary Approaches to                 Steven Rapcsak - MD
DHA, an omega 3 fatty acid, were            Stop Hypertension diet – or DASH diet
reported at ICAD 2009. DHA                                                                        Wallace Reed - MD
                                            – was associated with higher scores for
(docosahexaenoic acid) is the most          cognitive functioning. The researchers                 Eric Reiman - MD
abundant omega 3 fatty acid in the          found that four food categories from the
brain. An 18-month study in people with     diet plan – whole grains, vegetables,               Patricio F Reyes - MD
mild to moderate Alzheimer's by the         low-fat dairy foods, and nuts and beans
Alzheimer's    Disease     Cooperative                                                           Joseph Rogers - PhD
                                            – may offer benefits for cognition in late
Study (ADCS) supported by the U.S.          life. We need more research before we                 Gary Salzman - MD
National Institute on Aging (NIA)           can confidently say how much of these
showed no evidence for benefit in the       foods to include in your diet to                      Jiong Shi - MD, PhD
studied population. The results do not      experience some benefit.
support the routine use of DHA for                                                       Upinder Singh - MD, CMD, AGSF, FACP
people with Alzheimer's.                    For more information about ICAD and                    Pierre Tariot - MD
                                            the latest in research, visit our
A six month study was conducted by          med-SAC website at                    Bryan Woodruff - MD
Martek Biosciences Corporation in           or      the    ICAD     website   at
healthy older people to see DHA's                                  Roy Yaari - MD
effect on “age related cognitive

   Disclaimer: This newsletter is being provided as a source of information courtesy of the Desert Southwest Chapter.
        Information contained herein is neither an implicit or explicit endorsement of treatments or care providers.

                         Give of Yourself – Volunteer.
               Volunteer Opportunities are Available throughout Arizona and Southern Nevada
 Every volunteer makes a difference as we strive to support the more than 100,000 individuals with Alzheimer’s
     disease and their families, who live in Arizona and Southern Nevada. We offer a variety of volunteer
  opportunities to highlight your skills and talent. Training and support are provided for all volunteer positions.
                           Please, contact one of our local offices for more information.

Helpline Volunteer                         Community Education                      Speaker’s Bureau
Lend a sympathetic ear and provide         Attend community events and speak        Speak to community groups and
information and referrals to individuals   one-on-one with people and distribute    organizations     about     Alzheimer’s
and families affected by Alzheimer's       materials    regarding   Alzheimer’s     disease and related topics.
disease. Professionals are available to    disease and the Chapter.
help you with the more complex                                                      Clerical and Office
situations and occasional crisis.          Memory Walk Team Captain                 Answer phones, file and copy materials,
                                           Organize a team of walkers for Memory    with light computer and data entry work
Support Group Facilitator                  Walk 2009! Encourage your friends,       during office hours only.
Facilitate a monthly caregiver group       family and coworkers in supporting the
that provides participants with a place    largest fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s   Advocacy
to discuss problems, share concerns,       Association in Arizona and Southern      Work with legislators and public
learn caregiving skills, exchange          Nevada.                                  officials to advance the causes of those
information and lend emotional                                                      affected by Alzheimer's disease.
    Prescott, AZ               Phoenix, AZ            Sun City, AZ            Tucson, AZ              Las Vegas, NV
    928.771.9257               602.528.0545           623.815.2494           520.322.6601              702.248.2770

MOVE our cause forward                                              Volunteers truly make our Association run – Thank You!

                                                                                          800.392.0022 En Espańol
                                                                                          800.272.3900 24 Hour Helpline
PERMIT #4909
PHOENIX , AZ                                                                                       Phoenix, AZ 85006
PAID                                                                                               1028 E McDowell Road


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