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                      2011            Brochure

            Jagannath International Management School
                                         Kalkaji, New Delhi
                                         vEk`ra rq fo|k
                               Knowledge is Immortal

                                          Sh. Jagan Nath Gupta
                                               (1950 - 1980)

                                    The DIvINe SpIrIT

                                  Ranking Par Excellence !
    •	 25th Best B-school in India and 13th Best in North India (Outlook, 2010)
    •	 “Best	Management	Institute”	in	Delhi	(Big Brands Research, May 2011)
    •	 Best	B-school	Award	for	“Industry	Related	Curriculum	in	International	Business”	
      (Star News, Feb 2011)

    •	 17th in	India	for	“Best	Institute-Industry	Interface”	(Business World 2011)
    •	 A+++	All	India	Ranking	(Just Careers 2010)
    •	 5th	amongst	B-schools	in	Delhi	and	NCR	(Business World, 2011)
    •	 3rd	Best	B-school	in	Delhi	&	NCR	for	“Best	Pedagogy”	(Synovate-Bus World 2010)
    •	 5th	Best	B-school	in	Delhi	&	NCR	for	“Best	Intellectual	Capital”	(Synovate-Bus World

                                                                           We visualize that JIMS will evolve
                                                                           in the future as an institute of high
                                                                           academic learning, known for its
                                                                           total commitment to excellence
                                                                           in management education and
                                                                           research with a holistic concern for
                                                                           quality of life, environment, society
                                                                           and ethics.

                                     To serve society and improve the quality of life by imparting high
                                     quality education in management and information technology,
                                     providing training and development services, fostering research,
                                     giving consultancy services to industry and disseminating information
                                     through publication of books, journals and magazines.


Message	from	the	Chairman	                            03      Workshops,	MDPs	and	FDPs		                       18
Director’s	Message	                                   04      Corporate	Speak	                                 21
JIMS,	Kalkaji	-	“The	Premier	Management	Institute”	   05      Co-Curricular	Activities	                        22
PGDM	Programme	                                       06      Foreign	University	Collaboration	                23
Course	Curriculum	                                    07      Foreign	Guests	/	International	Speakers	         24
PGDM		(International	Business)	Programme	             08      Placement	Programme	                             25
Pedagogy	                                             09      Our	Recruiters	                                  26
Our	Resources	                                        10      JIMS	Alumni	Association	                         27
Core	Faculty	-	The	Knowledge	Pool	                    12      Alumni	Speak	                                    28
Visiting	Faculty	                                     13      Extra	Curricular	Activities	                     29
Institute-Industry	-	Academia	Interface	              14      Cultural	Extravaganza	                           30
Industrial Visit                                      15      JIMS	Publications		                              31
Guest	Lecture	                                        16      Honouring	the	Past	                              32
National	and	International	Seminars	&	Conferences	    17      Celebrating	the	Present	                         32

    GoverNING boDy

    Mr. anil K. agarwal
    Cosmos	Group

    Dr. T. N. Kapoor
    Former	Vice-Chancellor
    Punjab	University

    Mr. amit Gupta

    Dr. Devi Singh
    Director                                    aCaDeMIC aDvISory boarD
    IIM	Lucknow

    Mr. Deepak Maheshwari
    Corporate	Affairs	Microsoft                 ChaIrMaN
                                                Mr. Nitish Sengupta
    prof. D.K. banwet
                                                Chairman,	Board	for	Reconstruction	of	Public	Sector	Enterprises	
                                                Ex	-Member	of	Parliament
    Department	of	Management	Studies,
    IIT	Delhi                                   INTerNaTIoNal MeMber
    Mr. vijay rai                               prof. valter lazzari
    Group	President                             Director,	SDA	Bocconi	School	of	Management	
    LE Group                                    Bocconi	University,	Italy

    Mr. G. p rao
            .                                   MeMberS
    Vice	President	(HR)                         Dr. ajay pandit
    Reliance	Industries
                                                Former	Dean,	University	School	of	Management,	GGS	IP	University,	
    Mr. v. J. prakash                           FMS,	University	of	Delhi
    Partner                                              .
                                                prof. C.p Gupta
    Interman	Partners                           Professor	(Finance),	Management	Development	Institute
    Mr. C. M. Krishna                           Mr. Deepak Kapoor
    Hony.	Advisor                               Executive	Director,	Pricewaterhouse	Cooper	Pvt.	Ltd.
                                                Mr. G.K. agarwal
    Dr. r. K. Mittal                            Executive	Director	(HRD),	NTPC
    Vice	Chancellor
    Teerthanker	Mahaveer	University,	                .
                                                Dr. p C. Jain
    Moradabad	(U.P   .)                         Principal,	Shri	Ram	College	of	Commerce,	University	of	Delhi
                                                prof. ramesh behl
    Dr. (Cdr.) Satish Seth
                                                Professor,	International	Management	Institute
    Jagannath	International	Management	School   Dr. Sanjay Sehgal
                                                Faculty	of	Finance	&	Control,	South	Campus,	Department	of	Financial	
    Dr. K. K. Sinha
                                                Studies,	University	of	Delhi
    Jagannath	International	Management	School   Dr. S.K. Chaudhari
                                                Director,	Infrastructure	Professionals	Enterprise	(P)	Ltd.
    prof. v. p arora
    Professor                                   Dr. (Cdr) Satish Seth
    Jagannath	International	Management	School   Director,	Jagannath	International	Management	School

                 ChaIrMaN’S MeSSaGe

                 The	Institute	was	founded	in	1997	with	a	clear	vision	and	purpose.	It	was	envisioned	
                 that	 in	 the	 foreseeable	 future	 it	 would	 evolve	 into	 a	 world	 class	 business	 school	
                 recognized	 for	 its	 commitment	 to	 high	 powered	 quality	 education	 and	 research.	
                 The	 Institute	 is	 also	 committed	 to	 developing	 outstanding	 professionals	 and	
                 entrepreneurs	who	exemplify	humanistic	values,	are	socially	responsible	and	create	
                 and	disseminate	practitioner-oriented	knowledge.
                 The	 global	 economic	 slowdown	 experienced	 during	 the	 last	 two	 years	 has	 led	
                 India	 Inc.	 to	 rethink	 strategy,	 reassess	 agendas	 and	 revisit	 several	 of	 the	 long-
                 standing	rules	of	the	game.	Leadership	is	being	stretched	for	direction	and	results;	
                 management	is	being	tested	for	fortitude	and	having	a	balanced	head-on-shoulders	
                 approach	to	keep	the	momentum	going.	As	the	business	world	gets	more	complex	
                 B-School	recruits	will	need	to	be	equipped	with	new	skill-sets,	innovative	ideas	and	
                 a	heightened	mental	toughness	to	sail	through	the	current	corporate	turbulence.
                 In	 order	 to	 keep	 pace	 with	 the	 velocity	 of	 change	 and	 thrive	 in	 an	 uncertain	
                 environment	 our	 Institute	 has	 already	 shifted	 gears	 to	 a	 mode	 of	 mastering	
Dr.	Amit	Gupta
                 change.	 It	 has	 launched	 several	 strategic	 initiatives	 both	 at	 the	 macro	 and	 micro	
                 levels	 to	 ensure	 that	 students	 overall	 development	 is	 in	 tune	 with	 the	 present	
                 demands	 and	 expectations	 of	 industry.	 Our	 strategic	 focus	 in	 future	 will	 address	
                 areas	 of	 curriculum	 design,	 mentoring	 and	 live	 projects,	 advanced	 statistical	
                 software	 training,	 international	 summer	 internships,	 soft	 skills,	 stress	 coping	 and	
                 E-learning.	These	initiatives	will	focus	on	developing	student	competencies	in	dealing	
                 with	global	complexity,	emerging	technologies,	change	and	cultural	diversity.
                 I	 am	 confident	 that	 our	 “high	 value	 adding”	 initiatives	 will	 help	 create	 tomorrow’s	
                 skilled	leaders	as	value	is	all	about	upskilling	individuals	and	contributing	to	business.

                                                                                         DIreCTor’S MeSSaGe
                                                                   The	creation	of	an	educational	institution	is	often	an	act	of	faith	and	in	
                                                                   the	expression	of	that	faith	lies	a	tremendous	philosophy	that	guides	
                                                                   the	actions	of	those	who	fashion	and	manage	such	institutions.	The	
                                                                   purpose	behind	inception	of	JIMS,	as	envisioned	by	its	Chairman,	Dr.	
                                                                   Amit	Gupta,	was	to	create	a	high	priority	national	asset	fully	equipped	
                                                                   to	 develop	 our	 young	 human	 resources	 to	 meet	 the	 needs	 of	 our	
                                                                   wealth-creating	business	organizations.
                                                              At	 JIMS	 we	 truly	 believe	 that	 learning	 is	 a	 life-long	 adventure	 that	
    begins	with	discovery.	We	are	fully	cognizant	of	our	responsibility	to	transform	what	we	know	into	useful	practice.	We	strive	to	
    integrate	and	share	what	we	know	with	our	students,	academic	peers,	and	others.	Our	passion	for	learning	is	sustained	by	
    intellectual	curiosity	and	scholarship,	and	we	endeavor	to	instill	this	same	passion	in	our	students	by	actively	engaging	them	in	
    their	own	learning	by	setting	high	expectations	for	academic	achievement	and	by	mentoring.
    We	 place	 special	 emphasis	 on	 the	 holistic	 development	 of	 our	 students.	 Our	 focus	 lies	 not	 only	 in	 imparting	 knowledge,	
    attitudes	 and	 skills	 of	 management	 relevant	 to	 business	 but	 also	 in	 developing	 the	 overall	 personality	 of	 our	 students.	 By	
    providing	a	rich	and	vibrant	learning	environment	we	encourage	them	to	embrace	change	and	experiment	with	new	ideas.	
    Our	innovative	pedagogy,	the	cornerstone	of	which	is	the	case	method	of	learning,	not	only	stimulates	free	interaction	but	also	
    kindles	a	spirit	of	deep	enquiry	in	the	young	minds	and	helps	to	enhance	their	problem-solving	and	decision-making	skills.

        Dr.	(Cdr)	Satish	Seth

    aCaDeMIC aDvISor’S MeSSaGe
    Management	Education	in	India	has	not	evolved	in	an	evolutionary	manner.	
    American	experience	was	adapted	by	the	existing	Indian	educational	system,	
    whereas	it	should	have	emerged	from	the	native	educational	and	business	
    context	and	culture.	Its	development	has	been	random	and	its	objectives,	
    content,	pedagogy	and	other	aspects	need	re-examination	in	relation	to	the	
    Indian	 needs,	 in	 an	 increasingly	 globalizing	 economy.	 Organizations	 are	
    becoming	more	complex	and	businesses	more	competitive.	The	demands	
    on	the	skills	of	Indian	managers	are	changing.	Intense	global	competition	
    has	catapulted	management	education	into	an	increasingly	central	role	in	
    the	success	of	individuals,	business	and	corporations.
    The	 major	 change	 one	 can	 observe	 is	 that	 learning	 is	 becoming	 student	
    centric.	 Top	 schools	 are	 continuously	 changing	 the	 content	 and	 delivery	
    modes.	Whereas,	in	the	Indian	context,	it	is	imperative	that	B-schools	strive	
    continuously	to	make	management	education	context	specific.
    At	JIMS,	in	view	of	these	rapid	and	dynamic	changes	in	business	environment,	
    courses	 have	 been	 structured	 which	 are	 delivered	 using	 judicious	 mix	
    of	 	 pedagogical	 tools	 like	 traditional	 lecture	 method,	 case	 discussions,	
    seminars,	role	plays	and	business	games	etc.	This	should	go	a	long	way	in	
    preparing	our	graduates	to	play	an	important	role	in	the	corporate	sector.	

                 Prof.	A.S.	Narag
       ex-Dean	FMS,	University	of	Delhi

  JIMS,	Kalkaji	was	established	in	the	year	1997	for	imparting	high	quality	education	in	the	field	of	
  Management	and	IT.	It	has	since	made	rapid	strides	and	emerged	as	an	Institute	of	eminence	in	
  providing	academic	excellence	and	leadership	in	management	education.	It	has	also	emerged	as	a	
  premier	centre	for	conduct	of	training,	research	and	consultancy	services	for	both	the	Government	
  and	Corporate	Sectors.	

“The	Premier	Management	Institute”

    pGDM proGraMMe (aICTe approveD)

                                                      Our	 flagship	 programme	 Postgraduate	 Diploma	 in	 Management	
                                                      (PGDM),	duly	approved	by	AICTE,	Ministry	of	HRD,	Government	
                                                      of	 India	 is	 being	 conducted	 since	 	 2006.	 The	 Programme	 is	 at	
                                                      par	with	that	of	other	reputed	management	institutes	in	India	and	
                                                      abroad.	Under	this	two	year	Programme,	the	students	will	undergo	
                                                      teaching	and	training	in	32	core	subjects,	5	software	labs	and	12	
                                                      specialization	papers	in	areas	such	as	Marketing,	Finance,	Human	
                                                      Resource.	 The	 programme	 is	 divided	 into	 seven	 trimesters.	
                                                      The	 first	 three	 trimesters	 will	 provide	 strong	 foundation	 in	 basic	
                                                      disciplines.	The	fourth	trimester	is	for	Summer	Training	&	Project	
                                                      Report.	In	the	remaining	three	trimesters	students	will	specialize	in	
                                                      their	areas	of	interest.	

                                                      The	 institute	 has	 kept	 in	 focus	 the	 trend	 of	 liberalization	 and	
                                                      consequent	globalization	of	the	Indian	economy	and	is	constantly	
                                                      endeavouring	to	have	these	trends	reflected	in	all	its	activities	in	
                                                      order	to	make	the	programme	different	from	others.

                                                      Quality	 standards	 as	 certified	 in	 ISO	 9001:2008	 have	 been	
                                                      incorporated in all our educational courses.

    Selection procedure
    •	 To	become	a	part	of	JIMS,	the	students	
       have	to	undergo	a	rigorous,	and	
       comprehensive	selection	procedure.	
       Only	those	with	exceptional	management	
       potential are selected and groomed
       through	the	scientifically	designed	
       academic programmes.
    •	 The	students	are	shortlisted	based	on	their	
       performance	in	CAT/MAT	examinations.
    •	 The	shortlisted	candidates	are	invited	to	
       participate in the selection process which
       involves,	Group	Discussion	and	rounds	of	
       Personal	Interviews.
    •	 Applicants	are	judged	on	parameters	
       such	as	knowledge,	aptitude,	qualification	
       etc.	Team	and	leadership	skills	also	carry	

CourSe CurrICuluM*
Trimester-First                                            C	503   Logistics	and	Supply	Chain	Management
C	101   Managerial	Economics                               C	504   Software	Lab-IV	(Project	&	Systat)
        Quantitative	Techniques	for	Management	            *	Elective	Groups	(any	two)	Dual	Specialization
C	102
        Decisions-I	(Business	Statistics)                  Elective	 -	 EM-Elective	 (Marketing)	 –EM	 5101	 to	 EM	
        Accounting	for	Managers-I	(Financial	              5104:	Sales	and	Distribution	Management	.	Marketing	of	
C	103                                                      Services	.	Advertising	Management	.	Strategic	Marketing	
                                                           (Competitive	Marketing)
C	104   Marketing	Management-I
                                                           EF-Elective	(Finance)-EF	5101	to	EF	5104	:	Indian	Financial	
C	105   Legal	Aspects	of	Business-I	(Business	Laws)        System.	 Security	 Analysis	 and	 Portfolio	 Management	 .	
        Managing	Organization	&	Human	Behaviour	at	        Risk	 Management	 &	 Insurance.	 Non-Banking	 Financial	
C	106                                                      Institutions.
C	107   Managerial	Communication-I                         EHR	Elective	(Human	Resource)	–	EHR	5101	to	EHR	5104:	
                                                           Industrial	 Relations	 and	 Labour	 Legislation.	 Managing	
C	108   Information	Technology	for	Management              Group	Dynamics.	Team	Building	and	Leadership	.	Training	
        Software	Lab-I	(Word,	Excel,	Powerpoint	&	         and	Development
C	109
Trimester-Second                                           C	601   Strategic	Applications	of	IT-II	(CRM	&	SCM)
C	201   Marketing	Management-II                                    Global	Business	Management	(International	
                                                           C	602
        Quantitative	Techniques	for	Management	                    Business	Environment)
C	202
        Decisions-II	(Operations	Research)                 C	603   Total	Quality	Management	(TQM	&	Six	Sigma)
        Accounting	for	Managers-II	(Cost	and	              C	604   Software	Lab-V	(Tally)
C	203
        Management	Accounting)
                                                           *	Elective	Groups	(any	two)	Dual	Specialization
C	204   Financial	Management-I	(Theory	&	Practice)
                                                           Elective	-	EM-Elective	(Marketing)	–	EM	6101	to	EM	
        Legal	Aspects	of	Business-II	(Company	Law	&	       6104	:	Marketing	of	Banking	and	Insurance	Services.	
C	205
        Competition	Law)                                   Retail	Management	.	Marketing	of	Health	Care	Services.	
        Managing	Organization	&	Human	Behaviour	at	        International	Marketing	Management
C	206
        Work-II                                            EF-Elective	(Finance)	–	EF	6101	to	EF	6104	:	
C	207   Managerial	Communication-II                        Management	of	Financial	Services	.	International	
                                                           Financial	Management.	Mergers,	Acquisitions	and	
C	208   E-Business	and	Web	Designing                       Corporate	Restructurings.	Financial	Derivatives	(Futures	
C	209   Software	Lab-II	(HTML	&	Prowess)                   and Options)

Trimester-Three                                            EHR	Elective	(Human	Resource)	–	EHR	6101	to	EHR	
                                                           6104	:	Organizational	Change	and	Development.	
C	301   Macro	Economics	&	Business	Environment             Strategic	HRM.	Performance	and	Compensation	
C	302   Marketing	Research                                 Management	.	Cross	Cultural	Management
C	303   Operations	Management                              *Three	courses	(subjects)	to	be	studied	from	the	
                                                           Four	courses	to	be	offered	in	each	of	the	electives	in	
        Financial	Management-II	(Financial	Analysis	&	
C	304                                                      Trimester	V	and	VI	respectively.	(Any	two	of	the	three	
        Decision	Making)
                                                           specialisations	offered	can	be	studied.)
C	305   Human	Resource	Management
C	306   Consumer	Behaviour
                                                                   Entrepreneurship	Development	&	Management	
C	307   Corporate	Tax	Management                           C	701
                                                                   of	SMEs
C	308   Management	Information	and	Control	System          C	702   Project	Management
C	309   Software	Lab-III	(Advanced	Statistical	Software)           Corporate	Governance,	Social	Responsibility	
                                                           C	703
Trimester-Four                                                     and Business Ethics

Summer	Training	(8	weeks)                                          Import	&	Export	Management	(Policy	&	
                                                           C	704
                                                           PR	705 Project	Report
C	501   Business	Policy	and	Strategic	Management
                                                           PR	706 Seminar/Viva-Voce
        Strategic	Application	of	IT-I	(Knowledge	
C	502
        Management	&	ERP)

    pGDM (International business)
    A	2	year	full	time	PGDM	course	in	International	Business.	approved	by	AICTE,	Ministry	of	HRD,	Govt	of	India,	has	been	introduced	
    last	year.	This	programme	is	at	par	with	similar	programmes	being	conducted	by	reputed	management	institutes	in	India	and	
    abroad.	Under	this	programme	students	will	study	27	fundamental	subjects	in	first	3	trimesters,	08	core	and	08	specialization	
    subjects	in	areas	of	Marketing.	Finance	&	International	Business	in	5th	&	6th	trimesters	along	with	a	course	in	foreign	language.
    During	this	programme	a	visit	to	Singapore	will	be	organised	by	the	institute.	In	Singapore	students	will	undergo	a	one	week	
    certificate	 course	 in	 “Understanding	 Asian	 Business	 Environment”.	 The	 course	 will	 be	 conducted	 by	 faculty	 of	 Nottingham	
    University,	Malaysia	in	premises	of	NUS	(National	University	of	Singapore).
    As	an	integral	part	of	curriculum,	eight	weeks	of	summer	placement	for	company	training	will	be	provided	to	expose	the	students	
    to	practical	business	situations.	At	the	end	of	the	summer	training	period	each	student	will	be	required	to	submit	a	report	which	
    will	be	jointly	evaluated	by	the	company	project	guide	and	the	institute’s	faculty	through	presentation	&	viva-voce	examination.

    CourSe CurrICuluM*
     Trimester-First                                                                     Trimester-Five
     C	101      Managerial	Economics	–	I                                                 C	501   Strategic	Management	–	I
     C	102      Quantitative	Techniques	–	I                                              C	502   International	Business	Strategy	–	I
     C	103      Management	Accounting	–	I	
                                                                                                 Strategic	Applications	of	IT	–	Knowledge	
     C	104      Marketing	Management                                                     C	503
                                                                                                 Management	&	Enterprise	Resource	Planning
     C	105      Legal	Environment	for	Business-I                                                 International	Business	Communication	in	
     C	106      Organisational	Analysis	&	Human	Behaviour                                C	504   Foreign	Languages	(French/Spanish/German/
     C	107      Managerial	Communication
     C	108      Information	Technology	for	Management                                    C	505   Legal	Environment	for	International	Business

                Software	Lab-I	(Word,	Excel,	Powerpoint(2)	&	                                    International	Logistics	and	Supply	Chain	
     C	109                                                                               C	506
                SPSS(2))	Workshop	Course                                                         Management

     Trimester-Second                                                                    C	507   International	Product	&	Brand	Management
     C	201      Managerial	Economics	–	II                                                        Foreign	Trade	Financing	&	Exchange	Risk	
                                                                                         C	508
     C	202      Quantitative	Techniques	–	II                                                     Management

     C	203      Management	Accounting	–	II                                               C	509   Global	Banking	&	Monetary	Systems
     C	204      International	Marketing	Management                                       Trimester-Six
     C	205      Legal	Environment	for	Business-II                                        C	601   Strategic	Management	–	II
     C	206      Inter-personal	Dynamics	&	Group	Behaviour                                C	602   International	Business	Strategy	–	II
     C	207      Financial	Management
                                                                                         C	603   International	Quality	Management
     C	208      Business	Research	Methodology	
                                                                                                 International	Business	Communication	in	
                Software	Lab-II	(HTML(2)	&	Prowess(1))	                                  C	604   Foreign	Languages	(French/Spanish/German/
     C	209
                Workshop                                                                         Chinese/Russian)
     Trimester-Three                                                                     C	605   WTO	issues	&	Trade	Bloc	&	Policies
     C	301      Business	Environment
                                                                                         C	606   Foreign	Trade	Management
     C	302      International	Marketing		Research
                                                                                         C	607   Marketing	Products	Abroad
     C	303      Operations	Management
                                                                                         C	608   International	Project	Management	&	Financing
     C	304      Financial	Analysis	&	Decision	Making
                                                                                         C	609   Portfolio	Management	-	International	Perspective
     C	305      International	Business	Management
     C	306      Human	Resource	&	Cross-Cultural	Management                               Trimester-Seven
     C	307      International	Financial	Management                                       C	701   International	Accounting
                Management	Information	&	Control	System	&	                               C	702   Marketing	Services	Abroad
     C	308
                                                                                         C	703   Export	Costing	&	Pricing
                Software	Lab-III	(Project	&	Advanced	SPSS)	
     C	309                                                                               C	704   Corporate	Social	Responsibility,	Values	and	Ethics
     Trimester-Four                                                                              Dissertation	(in	an	International	Business	
                                                                                         C	705
                                                                                                 Related	Area)
                **Summer	Training	Project	(Report	Evaluation	&	
     PR	401                                                                              PR	706 Comprehensive	Viva
                Viva	Voce)
    *	Programme	structure/course	outlines	may	be	revised	to	accommodate	changing		global	trends	in	International	Business	perspective
    **	Summer	Internship	will	be	in	an	organization	having	International	Business	Operations

Counselling	session	in	progress


                                        Effective	 Management	 requires	 wisdom	 based	 on	
                                        contextual	analysis	and	insights	rather	than	intelligence	
                                      alone.	 At	 JIMS	 the	 pedagogy	 comprises	 of	 a	 balanced	
                                  mix	 of	 case	 studies,	 presentations,	 panel	 discussions,	
                            role	 plays,	 simulation	 exercises	 and	 games	 etc.	 In	 essence,	 it	
               emphasizes	 application	 of	 concepts	 in	 decision	 making	 rather	 than	 mere	
           conceptual	understanding.	Students	also	experience:
           •	 Regular	360o	evaluation	system
           •	 Field	/	Live	projects
           •	 Active	participation	in	national	&	international	level	seminars	and	competitions.

           Field based learning and live research projects
           Field	studies	and	individual	research	projects	are	an	important	and	integral	part	
           of	the	curriculum.	These	are	designed	to	help	students	deepen	their	knowledge	in	
           a	particular	area	of	interest.	Field	based	learning	is	typically	conducted	by	teams	
           of	 three	 or	 more	 students	 who	 work	 in	 close	 association	 with	 the	 sponsoring	
           organization	and	a	internal	faculty	who	acts	as	guide	and	mentor.	Projects	may	
           involve	 a	 product	 launch,	 new	 business	 development	 or	 research	 aimed	 at	
           solving	a	real	life	situation/problem.	Sponsoring	organizations	may	range	from	
           small	 entrepreneurial	 ventures	 to	 large	 corporations	 in	 the	 manufacturing	 and	
           service	sectors.

                                                                                    our reSourCeS

                                                                                    CoMpuTer labS
                                                                                    The	 Institute	 has	 state	 of	 the	 art	 computer	 labs	 in	
                                                                                    terms	of	hardware	and	networking	technologies.	High	
                                                                                    bandwidth	internet	connectivity	of	2	Mbps	is	available	
                                                                                    round	 the	 clock.	 The	 LAN	 connects	 120	 Pentium	
                                                                                    IV machines. Students are exposed to operating
                                                                                    systems	such	as	WINDOWS	2000	professional,	Linux	
                                                                                    7.2	and	Windows	XP     .	Apart	from	application	software	
                                                                                    the students are also exposed to management
                                                                                    softwares	such	as	ERP     ,	Systat,	SPSS,	Prowess	etc.

     The booK baNK FaCIlITy
     The	 library	 offers	 Book	 Bank	 facility.	 Students	 who	 opt	 for	 this	 facility	 are	 provided	 with	 a	 set	 of	 text	 books	 which	 are	
     recommended	by	the	concerned	faculty.	The	book	bank	members	are	allowed	to	retain	books	for	the	entire	semester	and	
     return	them	in	proper	shape	at	the	end	of	it.

                                                                WI-FI eNableD CaMpuS
                                                                Wi-Fi	 facility	 is	 available	 throughout	 the	 campus.	 It	 enables	
                                                                students	 to	 sit	 and	 interact	 on-line	 anywhere	 in	 the	 campus.	
                                                                It	 also	 makes	 Internet	 browsing	 seamless	 and	 convenient.	
                                                                This	 encourages	 the	 students	 and	 faculty	 members	 to	 seek	
                                                                information	from	a	host	of	on-line	databases.	Students	can	take	
                                                                down	notes	on-line	or	instantly	browse	through	Google	or	other	
                                                                websites	for	information.

LCD,	 TV,	 VCR,	 Laptops	 and	 OHPs	 are	 available	 in	 all	
classrooms.	These	enabling	facilities	enrich	management	
learning	through	films	and	documentaries.	All	computers	
are	 inter-connected	 through	 the	 modern,	 pedagogical	
‘Cubix’	 hardware	 system,	 which	 enables	 faculty	 to	
conduct	and	monitor	teaching	from	a	central	monitoring	

                                                                CoMpuTerISeD lIbrary
                                                                The	 library	 is	 a	 veritable	 storehouse	 of	 information	 with	 around	
                                                                12,000	 text	 &	 reference	 books	 and	 around	 120	 periodicals	 &	
                                                                journals	 (Indian	 and	 Foreign).	 It	 is	 completely	 computerised	
                                                                through	 ‘LIBSYS’	 software	 and	 also	 has	 a	 barcoding	 issue	
                                                                system.	 The	 library	 is	 equipped	 with	 DELNET	 as	 well	 as	 OPAC	   	

leCTure hallS & oTher FaCIlITIeS
Fully	 air-conditioned	 auditorium,	 spacious	 lecture	
halls	and	a	conference	room	equipped	with	audio-
visual	aids,	provide	an	excellent	infrastructural	back-
up	for	conducting	academic	sessions.

     Core FaCulTy

     Dr.	(Cdr.)	Satish	Seth	   Dr.	J.	K.	Batra          Prof.	A.	S.	Narag     Prof.	V.	P.	Arora      Mr.	A	Gopalakrishnan
     Professor	&	Director      Professor                Professor	            Associate	Professor    Associate	Professor
     PhD,	M.E	(Mech)           CA,	Ph.D                 ex-Dean	(FMS)         B.E,	M.Tech,	MBA       B.Com,	M.Com,	CA,	
     B.E	(Mech)	MBA                                     M.Sc.	Ph.D                                   IIB

     Mr.	Maninder	Singh        Dr.	Neelam	Tandon        Ms.	Aditi	Midha       Mr.	M.R.	Jain          Mr.	Prabal	Chakraborty
     Associate	Professor       Associate	Professor      Associate	Professor   Associate	Professor    Assistant	Professor
     BE,	MBA                   M.A.,	PGDM,	Ph.D         B.A,	MA,	MBA,         B.A.,	M.Sc,	MBA        B.Sc.,	M.Sc.,
                                                        UGC-NET,	M.Phil                              PGDM,	LLB

     Ms.	Sanjeela	Mathur       Ms.	Ahuti	Bhargava       Mr.	Umesh	Kumar       Ms.	Swati	Aggarwal     Dr.	Vandana	Yadav
     Assistant	Professor       Assistant	Professor      Gupta                 Assistant	Professor    Assistant	Professor
     B.A.,	MBA                 BA,	PGDM,	MPhil          Assistant	Professor   B.Com,	CA              PhD,	M.A.(Eco),
                                                        B.Sc.,	M.Sc,	MCA,	                           B.A	(H)

     Ms.	Palak	Gupta           Ms.	Gurmeet	Sodhi        Ms.	Anu	Bhardwaj      Ms.	Barkhaa	Narang     Ms.	Ruchi	Joshi
     Assistant	Professor       Assistant	Professor      Assistant	Professor   Assistant	Professosr   Assistant	Professor
     MCA                       B.Com,	M.A.	             BBA,	MBA,	M.Phil      B.Tech,	M.Tech         BBA,	MBA

     Ms.	Kanika	Suri              Ms.	Shalini	Agarwal               Ms.	Reena	Talwar                 Ms.	Shweta	Khandelwal
     Assistant	Professor          Assistant	Professor               Assistant	Professor              Assistant	Professor
     B.A.	(Maths),	M.A.	          MA,	MPhil,	PGHRM                  B.Com	(Hons),	PGDM               B.Com,	MBA
     (Maths),	B.Ed


S.No.    Name of the Faculty       Qualification               area of Specialization                 experience
                                   B.Com	(Hons.),	MBA	(HR),	
   1.    Mr.	Hari	Parmeshwar                                   Law	&	HR                               20	Years
                                   Masters	in	Business	Law
   2.    Deepak	Tandon             M.Sc.,	LL.B,	MBA,	Ph.D      Finance                                15 Years
   3.    Dr.	Girish	Ahuja	         B.	Com,	M.	Com.,	Ph.D,	     Income	Tax	                            25	Years
   4.	   Prof.	L.	Raghavan	Iyer	   B.	Com.,	MBA,	M.	Ph.D       Sales	&	Distribution	Mgt.	             22	Years
                                   B.Sc.,	PGDPM,		LL.B,	MA	
   5.    Prof.	Sumit	Chaudhury                                 OB	&	HRM                               20	Years
   6.    Dr.	Poonam	Verma	         B.	Com,	M.Com,	Ph.D.        Human	Resource                         20	Years
   7.    Dr.	R.K.	Arora	           M.Phil,	M.Com,	Ph.D         Finance	                               20	Years
                                   MA	(Eco.),	M.Phil,	PGDPM	
   8.    Mr.	Pankaj	Upadhyay                                   Economics,	Marketing                   18 Years
                                   in	Finance	and	Mktg.
   9.    Dr.	R.P.	Rastagi          M.	Com,	M.Phil,	Ph.D        Financial	Mgt.                         30 Years
         Mr.	Raghuvansh	           B.Sc.	(H),	PGDM	
  10.                                                          Strategic	Mktg.                        15 Years
         Mathur                    (Marketing)
                                   BE,	Mech,	D.C.	Engg.,	      International	Marketing,	Finance,	
  11.    Mr.	Maninder	Singh	                                                                          21	Years
                                   MBA                         Production	and	Material	Mgt.	
  12.    Mr.	Satya	Bhushan	        B.Sc.,	M.Sc.,	Ph.D.         Quantitative	Techniques                15 Years
                                   B.	Com,	M.Com,	M.Phil.,	    Law,	Fin.	A/c,	Corporate	Legal	
  13.    Prof.	Bharat	Bhushan	                                                                        22	Years
                                   Ph.D.	                      Env.
         Dr.	Chandra	Shekhar	
  14.                              B.	Com,	M.Com,	Ph.D.	       Financial	Derivatrives,	M&As		         26	Years
  15.    Dr.	Anupam	Verma	         MBA,	Ph.D.                  International Business                 18 Years

vISITING FaCulTy (CorporaTe MaNaGerS)
Mr. pradeep Narula                     Mr. vijay rai                            Mr. rohit bhasin
Group	President                        President	&	CEO                          Executive	Director
Wave	Inc.                              Powercon                                 PriceWaterhouse	Coopers

Mr. v.J.prakash                        Mr. Jaideep anand                        Mr. Julius Samson
Partner                                Vice	President                           Vice	President
Interman	Partners                      UTI	Securities                           UTI	Bank

Mr. Sanjay Sharda                      Mr.Kamal Singh                           Mr. b. ram Mohan
Vice	Presedent                         Director,	CMD                            Vice	President
Kotak	Mahindra	Bank                    AIMA                                     Everest	Industries	Ltd.

Mr. Deepak Maheshwari                  Mr. b.b. bhatia                          Mr. D.K. raina
Director,	Corporate	Affairs            Executive	Director                       Sr.	Vice	President	
Microsoft                              Bony	Polymers                            Wires	&	Fabriks

     INSTITuTe – INDuSTry – aCaDeMIa INTerFaCe

     JIMS	 in	 association	 with	 Rotaract	 Club,	 Delhi	 organized	
     a	 felicitation	 function	 on	 30	 April	 2011	 at	 the	 Le	 Meridien	
     Hotel,	New	Delhi.	The	function	was	held	to	honour	our	former	
     faculty,	 Prof.	 Rajni	 Abbi	 on	 her	 election	 to	 the	 prestigious	
     post	 of	 Mayor	 of	 Delhi.	 Awards	 were	 also	 presented	 to	 our	
     Corporate	 partners	 such	 as	 ITC,	 ICICI	 Bank,	 HDFC	 Bank,	
     Bank	 of	 America,	 OBC	 etc	 for	 the	 ample	 support	 given	 by	
     them	in	our	summer	and	final	placement	as	well	as	mentoring	
     programme,	 Chairman,	 Dr.	 Amit	 Gupta	 presided	 over	 the	
                                                                              Honouring	the	Mayor	of	Delhi,	Prof.	Rajni	Abbi

                                                                              Mou WITh ICICI SeCurITIeS lIMITeD
                                                                              JIMS	 has	 signed	 an	 MOU	 with	 ICICI	 Securities	 Limited	
                                                                              for	 training	 of	 our	 BBA	 and	 PGDM	 students	 in	 the	 field	 of	
                                                                              Financial	 Sales	 and	 Marketing.	 On	 completion	 of	 the	 three	
                                                                              months training (one month classroom and two months
                                                                              on	 the	 job	 training),	 our	 students	 as	 well	 as	 other	 ICICI	
                                                                              trainees	will	be	awarded	a	joint	“Certificate	in	Financial	Sales	
                                                                              and	 Marketing”.	 Further,	 trainees	 who	 perform	 well	 in	 the	
                                                                              internship	will	be	given	a	job	in	ICICI	Securities.	The	stipend	
                                                                              during	internship	of	two	months	will	be	Rs.	10,000/-

     Exchange	of	MOU	with	ICICI	Securities

     TraINING TIe-up WITh pMa
     JIMS	 has	 signed	 an	 MOU	 with	 national	 certification	 body,	
     Project	 Management	 Associate	 (PMA)	 for	 training	 of	 our	
     students	in	the	field	of	Project	Management.	On	completion	
     of	the	35	hour,	on-line	course	the	students	will	be	awarded	
     the	prestigious	CIPM	i.e,	“Certificate	in	Project	Management”	
     which	 is	 an	 IPMA	 4	 Level	 Certification	 (4LL).	 This	 value	
     addition	will	contribute	greatly	to	the	future	prospects	of	our	

                                                                              Dr.	Satish	Seth,	Director	JIMS	and	Mr.	Arvind	Aggarwal	Director,	
                                                                              PMA	at	the	MOU	Signing	Ceremony


TrIp To SINGapore
JIMS	Kalkaji	organized	an	educational	tour	to	
Singapore	 for	 PGDM(IB)	 students	 from	 6	 to	
12	Feb.,	2011.	Dr.	(Cdr.)	Satish	Seth,	Director,	
accompanied	 the	 students.	 The	 students	
participated	 in	 a	 one	 week	 Certificate	 Course	
in	International	Marketing	at	MDIS,	Singapore.	
During	 their	 stay,	 they	 visited	 Singapore	 Land	
Transport	 Authority	 and	 the	 Marina	 Barrage.	
Students	were	extremely	happy	with	the	visit	as	
they	got	excellent	exposure	in	global	marketing	
and cross cultural aspects.                              Travel	cum	Study	Tour	to	Singapore

MaruTI uDyoG
An	Industrial	visit	was	organized	to	Maruti	Udyog	Ltd.	on	27th	November,	2010	for	PGDM	students.	
The	 students	 were	 taken	 around	 the	 various	 sections	 of	 the	 vast	 factory	 which	 is	 technology	
intensive.	 Mr.	 Jagdish	 Khurana	 guided	 the	 students	 and	 explained	 the	 working	 operations	 of	
manufacturing	a	motor	car.	The	visit	was	a	unique	learning	experience	for	the	students.

                                                                                       FolloWING INDuSTry
                                                                                       vISITS Were alSo
                                                                                       •	 Indira Gandhi International
                                                                                       •	 Hero	Honda	Motor	Ltd.
                                                                                       •	 Parle	Biscuits,	Noida(UP)
                                                                                       •	 Neolite,	Noida(UP)
                                                                                       •	 Mother	Dairy,	New	Delhi
                                                                                       •	 Uraston	Metals,	Faridabad	
                                                                                       •	 Dabur	Ltd.	(U.P .)
                                              Industrial	visit	to	Maruti	Udyog		Ltd.

        GueST leCTureS

     SeleCT lIST oF GueST leCTureS DurING 2010 - 2011
     Company Name                   Speaker                           Topic
                                    Mr.	Aloke	Bhattacharjee	
     Shriram	Pistons	Ltd.                                             Corporate	Expectations
                                    GM	(HR)
                                    Mr.	T.V.	Kumar                    The	Role	of	a	Media	
     Tehelka	Magazine
                                    Sr.	Manager	(Sales)               Marketer	in	Current	Scenario
                                    Ms.	Deepali	Sharma
     HDFC	Life                                                        Techniques	Selling
                                    Ms.	Leshma	Sahay
     EXL	Services	Ltd.                                                Today’s	students,	Tomorrow’s	Manager
                                    Assistant	Vice	President
                                    Niraj	Singh	
     Siemens                                                          Human	Resource	Development
                                    Manager	HR
                                    Mr.	Sushil	Kumar	Sharma	          Emerging	Challenges	for	Managers	in	the	knowledge	
     Ball	State	University
                                    Professor                         Millennium
                                    Mr.	Ankit	Singh	
     Jindal Stainless Ltd.                                            Campus	to	Corporate
                                    Manager	HR	
                                    Mr.	Aftab	Ahmed
     Nokia                                                            Corporate	Makeover
                                    Head	-	Training	Deptt.	
     The	Institute	of	Management	   Mr.	Vijay	Nagrani	
                                                                      New	Product	Development	&	Launch
     Consultant	of	India            Management	Consultant
                                    Mr.	Ashish	Gupta	
     Cox	&	Kings	Ltd.                                                 Business	Environment
                                    Assistant	Manager-Legal
                                    Mr.	Suryakant	Dixit	
     Thomson	Press                                                    Positive	Attitude
                                    Manager	HR
                                    Mr.	Raj	Liberhan
     India	Habitat	Centre                                             Negotiating	Skills	for	Leveraging	Public	Transactions
                                    Manish	Kumar	Srivastava	
     NTPC                                                             Project	Management
                                    Dy.	Manager	(IT-Communication)	
     Institute	of	Management	       Brig	(Retd.)	S.	K.	Gulati	
                                                                      Personality	Development
     Development	(IMD)              HOD	(Academic)
                                    Mr.	Anirudh	Singh	
     Canaan	Partners                                                  Entrepreneurship
                                    Investment	Anaylst
     Harvard	University,	Alumni	    Dr.		Surat	Singh	                 Corporate	Expectations	from	B-School	in	the	Current	
     Club	of	Asia                   President                         Business	Environment
                                    Mr.	Vivek	Mehra                   Penetrating	the	International	Market	of	EU	while	
     Rising	Sun	International
                                    Managing	Partner                  competing	within	the	BRIC	countries
                                    Ms.	Tina	Vij
     Bank	of	America                                                  Corporate	Interface
                                    Manager	HR
     IMI,	New	Delhi                 Prof.	Ajit	Singh                  Corporate	Strategy
                                    Dr.	Sanjay	Kapoor	
     NEN                                                              Entrepreneurship Education
                                    Sr.	Consultant
                                    Dr.	Narinder	Bhasin	
     Axis	Bank	Ltd.                                                   Mergers	and	Acquisitions
                                    Vice	President
                                    Mr.	B.B.	Bhatia
     Bony	Polymers                                                    Leadership	Skills	for	the	21st	Century
                                    Ms.Sonali	Wason
     IMRB                                                             Market	Research
                                    Insight	Director
                                    Ms.Deepika	Kamra
     Yamaha	Motors                                                    Interpersonal	Skills
                                    Manager	HR
     ARC	International	             Mr.	Ajay	Kumar	
                                                                      ISO	9001:2008
     Management	System              CEO
                                    Mr.	Kishore	Chakraborty	
     McCaan	Ericson                                                   Marketing	Skill	for	Young	Executives
                                    Vice	President

 NaTIoNal & INTerNaTIoNal SeMINarS & CoNFereNCeS

                                                                           INTerNaTIoNal CoNFereNCe
                                                                           JIMS	 organized	 6th	 International	 Conference	 on	 March	 17-
                                                                           18,	 2011	 at	 India	 International	 Centre.	 The	 theme	 of	 the	
                                                                           Conference	was	“Post	Recessionary	Economy:	Movers	and	
                                                                           Moulders	of	the	Changing	World”.	Dr.	Amit	Gupta,	Chairman	
                                                                           JIMS,	 introduced	 the	 theme	 of	 the	 Conference.	 Dr.	 Ulrich	
                                                                           Bartsch,	Chief	Economist,	World	Bank	delivered	the	inaugural	
                                                                           address.The	 Conference	 was	 interalia	 addressed	 by	 senior	
                                                                           officers	 working	 in	 DFID,	 Planning	 Commission,	 TCS,	 Ernst	
                                                                           &	 Young,	 Barclays	 Bank,	 KPMG,	 FIEO,	 DGFT,	 etc.	 The	
                                                                           participants	found	the	technical	sessions	highly	illuminating.

Dr.	 Amit	 Gupta,	 Chairman	 addresses	 delegates	at	 the	International	

hr SeMINar oN “aChIevING
orGaNIzaTIoNal exCelleNCe ThrouGh
JIMS	 Kalkaji	 organized	 an	 HR	 Seminar	 on	 “Achieving	
Organizational	 Excellence	 Through	 People”	 on	 14th	 Sep,	
2010.	 The	 seminar	 was	 inaugurated	 by	 Dr.	 J.	 K.	 Mitra,	
Professor	 and	 Ex-Dean,	 FMS,	 University	 of	 Delhi.	 Dr.	 (Cdr.)	
Satish	 Seth,	 Director,	 JIMS	 Kalkaji,	 gave	 welcome	 address.	
The	Chief	Guest	spoke	on	the	topic	“Developing	Excellence	
in	 Interpersonal	 Relationships”.	 The	 second	 session	 was	
taken	by	Mr.	Pradeep	Narula,	Group	President,	Wave	Inc.	on	
“Creating	 High	 Performance	 Teams”	 and	 the	 final	 session	
was	 taken	 by	 Mr.	 Vijay	 Rai,	 Group	 President,	 LG	 Group	 on	
“Building	Talent	To	Holistic	Leadership”.                                  Chief	Guest	Dr.	J.K.	Mitra	addresses	delegates

                                                                           SeMINar oN “reTaIl SCeNarIo IN INDIa”
                                                                           JIMS	 Kalkaji	 organized	 a	 Marketing	 Seminar	 on	 “Retail	
                                                                           Scenario	in	India”	on	29th	Jan,	2011.	Dr.	(Cdr.)	Satish	Seth,	
                                                                           Director,	 JIMS	 Kalkaji,	 gave	 the	 welcome	 address	 and	
                                                                           talked	 about	 the	 importance	 of	 retail	 	 in	 today’s	 business	
                                                                           environment.	The	first	session	was	taken	by	Mr.	Raghuvansh	
                                                                           Mathur,	 Marketing	 operations	 Manager,	 Nestle	 India	 on	 the	
                                                                           topic	 “Retail	 Scenario	 in	 India	 :	 A	 Strategic	 Perspective	 on	
                                                                           Current	 and	 Future	 trends”.	 Mr.	 Kishore	 Chakroborty,	 Vice	
                                                                           President,	 McCann	 Ericsson.	 spoke	 on	 the	 topic	 “Indian	
                                                                           Consumer	 and	 Challenges	 in	 Retail”.	 Mr.	 Anurag	 Sharma,	
                                                                           Brand	 Manager,	 Rock	 Port	 spoke	 on	 “Merchandising	 and	
                                                                           Sales	 Promotion”.	 Whilst	 Mr.	 Satish	 Sapru,	 Vice	 President,	
Mr.	Rajeev	Nagpal,	DGM,	SAIL	presenting	his	views                          Bates	141	spoke	on	the	topic	“CRM	in	Retail”.

     WorKShopS, MDps aND FDps

     WorKShop oN Supply ChaIN
     A	workshop	on	“Supply	Chain	Management”	was	organized	
     by	 JIMS	 Kalkaji	 in	 collaboration	 with	 PHDCCI	 and	 KAF,	
     Germany	on	23Oct,2010.	The	workshop	focused	on	providing	
     “hands	on”	knowledge	to	participants	on	various	SCM	tools	
     for	 cost	 effective	 operations,	 capital	 management	 and	 also	
     special	 performance	 measurement	 techniques	 for	 effective	
     supply	 chain	 network.	 Eminent	 faculty	 who	 conducted	 the	
     sessions	included	Mr.	S.L.Ganapathi,	MD	&	CEO,	Logistics	
     Plus	 India	 Pvt.	 Ltd.,	 Prof.P.K.De,	 Ex-Director	 CMC	 Ltd.	 and	
     Prof.	 A.Gopalalrishnan,	 Ex-Chief	 Manager,	 Indian	 Overseas	
                                                                            Delegates	at	the	Workshop	on	SCM

                                                                            JIMS - MDIS WorKShop INITIaTIve 2010
                                                                            “NoboDy TolD Me”
                                                                            JIMS,	 Kalkaji,	 organised	 ‘VISION	 2011’	 an	 interactive	
                                                                            workshop	for	students	on	30th	December	2010	in	association	
                                                                            with	 Management	 Development	 Institute	 of	 Singapore	
                                                                            (MDIS).	 The	 Workshop	 was	 attended	 by	 over	 150	 students	
                                                                            and	faculty	members	from	over	15	Institutes	from	Delhi	and	
                                                                            NCR.	Dr.	Daniel	Theyagu	a	renowned	corporate	trainer	and	
                                                                            management	consultant	from	MDIS	addressed	the	students	
                                                                            on	 the	 practical	 aspects	 of	 ‘Proactive’	 &	 ‘Reactive’	 thinking	
                                                                            and	how	to	relate	these	to	their	day	to	day	activities.

     MDIS	Workshop	Initiative	2010	“Nobody	Told	Me”

     WorKShop oN “TIMe aND STreSS
     A	 Workshop	 on	 “Time,	 and	 Stress	 Management”	 was	
     organized	by	JIMS	Kalakji	in	collaboration	with	PHDCCI	and	
     KAF,	Germany	on	27th	August	2010.	35	delegates	attended	
     the	 workshop.	 Mr.	 C.M.	 Krishna,	 Hony	 Advisor,	 PHD	 CCI	
     spoke	 on	 the	 aspect	 of	 Time	 management	 whereas	 Dr.	
     (Cdr.)	 Satish	 Seth,	 Director,	 JIMS	 Kalkaji	 spoke	 on	 Stress	
     Management.	Both	the	sessions	were	highly	interactive	and	
     appreciated	by	all	participants

                                                                            PHDCCI	hosts	Workshop	on	‘Time	and	Stress	Management’

                                                                   FDp oN “ChaNGe MaNaGeMeNT”
                                                                   A	 faculty	 development	 program	 on	 “Change	 Management”	
                                                                   was	conducted	by	Dr.	Nitish	Sengupta,	Chairman,	Board	for	
                                                                   Reconstruction	for	Public	Sector	Enterprises	on	18	Jan,	2011.	
                                                                   Dr.	Gupta	from	his	experience	highlighted	the	importance	of	
                                                                   change	 management	 in	 one’s	 personal	 and	 professional	
                                                                   life.	 He	 interpreted	 the	 relation	 of	 knowledge	 and	 teaching	
                                                                   profession.	 He	 gave	 examples	 of	 Margaret	 Thatcher	 and	
                                                                   Dhirubhai	 Ambani	 as	 to	 how	 well	 they	 anticipated	 changes	
                                                                   and	 prepared	 their	 strategies	 to	 tackle	 change	 and	 be	
                                                                   victorious.	It	was	an	enriching	lecture.
Dr.	Nitish	Sengupta	conducting	the	programme	on	Change-Mgt.

FDp oN “CaSe WrITING aND MeThoD oF
A	 two	 week	 AICTE	 sponsored	 FDP	 on	 “Case	 Writing	 and	
Method	 of	 Teaching”	 was	 conducted	 by	 JIMS	 Kalkaji	 from	
14	 Jun	 to	 26	 Jun	 2010.	 Around	 25	 faculty	 members	 from	
AICTE	 approved	 professional	 and	 management	 colleges	
participated	 in	 the	 FDP Distinguished	 academicians	 and	
industry	 managers	 such	 as	 Dr.(Cdr.)	 Satish	 Seth,	 Prof.	
Raghuvansh	Mathur,	Prof.	Ajay	Pandit,	Prof.	K.P Ramakrishnan,	
Ms.	Jyotsana	Rajan,	Dr.	Pooja	Khanna,	Mr.	Sumit	Chaudhary,	
Prof.	Naresh	Gupta	and	Mr.	Hari	Parmeshwar	conducted	the	
various	sessions.
                                                                   Faculty	from	participating	colleges

                                                                   FDp oN reSearCh MeThoDoloGy
                                                                   JIMS	Kalkaji	organized	an	FDP	on	“Research	Methodology”	
                                                                   on	 27	 May	 2011.	 Eminent	 speaker	 Dr.	 K.B.L.	 Mathur,	
                                                                   Ex-Govt.	 Advisor	 conducted	 the	 programme.	 He	 spoke	
                                                                   about	 the	 practitioner’s	 view	 of	 	 research.	 He	 discussed	
                                                                   the	 need	 and	 different	 methods	 of	 research	 in	 different	
                                                                   areas.	 Dr.	 Ravi	 Dhar	 focused	 on	 the	 interrogative	 nature	 of	
                                                                   research.	He	also	discussed	the	tools	and	techniques	used	
                                                                   in	research	in	different	areas.	Prof.	S.	C.	Sharma	shared	his	
                                                                   research	experiences	which	provoked	immense	interest	and	
                                                                   interaction	amongst	faculty	members.		

Dr.	K.B.L.	Mathur	coducting	the	programme	on	“Research	

                                                                           FDp oN “TeaChING MeThoDoloGIeS For
                                                                           MaNaGeMeNT FaCulTy”
                                                                           A	faculty	development	program	on	“Teaching	Methodologies	
                                                                           for	 Management	 faculty”	 was	 conducted	 by	 Prof.	 O.P.	
                                                                           Chopra,	 former	 Dean,	 Faculty	 of	 Management	 studies,	
                                                                           University	 of	 Delhi	 on	 14th	 Aug.,	 2010.	 Prof.	 Chopra	 from	
                                                                           his	 experience	 gave	 many	 illustrations	 which	 enriched	 the	
                                                                           learning	experience	with	regard	to	methodologies	of	lecture	
                                                                           cum	discussion,	case	method,	role	playing,	panel	discussion,	
                                                                           brain	storming,	business	simulation	etc.

     FDP	on	“Teaching	Methodologies	for	Management	Faculty”

     FaCulTy DevelopMeNT proGraMMe oN
     “leaDING aND MaNaGING SelF”
     An	FDP	on	“Leading	and	Managing	Self”	was	conducted	by	
     eminent	 corporate	 trainer,	 Dr.	 Rakesh	 Suri,	 Vice	 President,	
     Techdrive	 on	 29th	 Dec,	 2010.	 During	 the	 session	 Dr.	 Suri	
     stressed	on	the	need	and	importance	of	managing	the	“Self”.
     He	 also	 discussed	 the	 “Pygmalion	 Approach”	 to	 manage	
     Self	and	Team.	His	talk	was	very	informative	and	was	deeply	
     appreciated	by	all	faculty	members.

                                                                           Eminent	Corporate	Trainer	Dr.	Rakesh	Suri	conducting	programme	
                                                                           on	Self-	Mgt.	

                                                                           FDp oN “INTerperSoNal CoMMuNICaTIoN”
                                                                           Dr.	 Kavita	 Singh,	 FMS,	 University	 of	 Delhi	 conducted	
                                                                           a	 Faculty	 Development	 Programme	 on	 “Interpersonal	
                                                                           Communication”	on	8th	June	2011	at	JIMS	Kalkaji	Campus.	
                                                                           The	programme	was	based	on	the	“Transactional	Analysis”	
                                                                           model	 which	 is	 an	 important	 tool	 for	 assessing	 quality	 of	
                                                                           interpersonal	 communication	 in	 an	 organization.	 The	 FDP	
                                                                           was	most	interactive	and	generated	considerable	interest	an	
                                                                           enthusiasm	amongst	the	participating	faculty.

     Dr.	Kavita	Singh	engages	faculty	during	FDP

CorporaTe SpeaK

                     JIMS	 has	 a	 special	 place	 in	 my	                Dedication,	 discipline	 &	 intelligence	 is	
                     professional	 life,	 since	 it	 is	 the	 first	      what	 today’s	 corporate	 world	 needs	
                     management institute I intreracted with.             from	 its	 future	 managers.	 The	 search	
                     Participating	 in	 activities	 at	 JIMS	 is	 like	   came	 to	 an	 end	 when	 I	 visited	 JIMS	
                     participating	 in	 a	 family	 function,	 thanks	     and	 found	 students	 oozing	 with	 energy	
                     to	the	atmosphere	created	by	the	faculty	            &	 enthusiasm,	 ready	 to	 take	 on	 the	
                     and	 the	 students.	 The	 students	 at	 JIMS	        challenges	of	the	corporate	world”
                     are	 full	 of	 energy	 and	 eager	 to	 learn.	 I	                                        .
                                                                                                           G.p rao
wish	all	the	very	best	to	them	for	the	future.	                                                  Vice	President	-	HR
                                             Subhash bhaskar                                     Reliance	Industries
                                                   DGM	(HRD)
                                        MMTC	Limited,	New	Delhi

                      Jims	 has	 proactive,	 receptive	 group.	 In	       “I	have	been	associated	with	JIMS	from	
                      a	 short	 span	 of	 time	 it	 is	 able	 to	 work	   a	very	early	stage	and	have	witnessed	it	
                      towards	 the	 requirement	 of	 industry,	           grow	&	evolve	in	the	field	of	management.	
                      to	 satisfy	 the	 need	 of	 the	 employer/	         JIMS	 is	 dedicated	 towards	 nurturing	
                      recruiter.	 Students	 collectively	 represent	      budding	talent	with	prime	focus	towards	
                      a	 wide	 range	 of	 experience	 levels.	 It	        holistic	 development	 of	 students	 by	
                      was a good experience to interact with              imparting	quality	education.
                      student/Faculty.                                                                rajan Dutta
                                                 rajneesh bawa                          Group	President	-	Corp.	HR
                                                      Head	-	HR                           Reliance	Communication
                                             New	Holland	Tractors

                    “Scenario	 today	 has	 changed,	 business	            In	 my	 experience,	 I	 have	 seen	 JIMS	
                    schools	 are	 no	 longer	 providing	 only	            truly	 developing	 as	 an	 institution	
                    functional	 education.	 They	 are	 infusing	          which	 has	 a	 Great	 Vision	 backed	 by	
                    drive	 in	 their	 students	 to	 contribute	 and	      expert	 faculty,	 cutting	 edge	 and	 multi-
                    add	value	to	business.	The	empowerment	               faceted	 curriculum,	 all	 geared	 with	
                    has	 been	 done	 through	 newly	 designed	            professional	 commitment	 in	 developing	
                    curriculum	 that	 meets	 the	 challenges	 of	         knowledgeable	 and	 competent	 pool	 of	
                    new	 economy.	 JIMS	 sites	 through	 their	           talented	managers	with	a	difference.
dedication	 &	 discipline	 have	 the	 potential	 to	 become	 the	                                           vijay rai
change	agents	of	our	country.”                                                                      President	&	CEO
                                                aloke bhattacharji                                         Powercon
                                                    Vice	President
                                                  Bharat Seats Ltd.

     Co-CurrICular aCTIvITIeS

                                                                         Convocation	 of	 PGDM	 (2008-10)	 batch	 was	 held	 on	 25th	
                                                                         Sep,	2010	in	the	Auditorium	of		JIMS	Kalkaji.		The	Chief	Guest	
                                                                         on	the	occasion	was	Mr.Nitish	Sen	Gupta,	Chairman,	BPRSE.	
                                                                         Director,	 JIMS	 Kalkaji,	 Dr.	 (Cdr.)	 Satish	 Seth	 and	 Director,	
                                                                         Greater	 Noida,	 Dr.	 Ramesh	 Agarwal	 were	 present	 on	 the	
                                                                         occasion	Dr.	Amit	Gupta,	Chairman	presented	Diplomas	to	
                                                                         all	 the	 students	 and	 the	 Chief	 Guest	 awarded	 book	 prizes	
                                                                         and	medals	to	three	students	who	topped	overall	in	merit.

     Chief	Guest	Dr.	Nitish	Sen	Gupta	presides	over	convocation

     MarKaThoN - 2011
     The	 annual	 marketing	 festival	 “Markathon	 2011”	 was	 held	
     on	 28th	 Jan	 2011	 in	 Kalkaji	 Campus.	 	 Dr.	 (Cdr.)	 Satish	
     Seth,	Director	inaugurated	the	event	amongst	great	fanfare	
     and	 enthusiasm.	 	 Students	 from	 17	 colleges	 such	 as	 Sri	
     Venkateshwara	 College,	 NDIM,	 Gargi,Miranda	 house,	 LSR,	
     Amity,IIPM,	 Jesus	 &	 Mary,	 Shri	 Ram	 College	 of	 Commerce	
     etc.	participated	in	a	variety	of	events.		This	event	which	is	
     organized	with	combined	efforts	of	both	faculty	and	students	
     has	become	one	of	the	most	popular	and	memorable	events	
     in	the	festival	calendar	of	JIMS.
                                                                         Prize	Distribution	Ceremony

                                                                         paNel DISCuSSIoN oN uNIoN buDGeT
                                                                         JIMS	Kalkaji		organized	a	panel	discussion	on	Union	Budget	
                                                                         2010-11	on	9th		March,	2011.	The	Panel	consisted	of	highly	
                                                                         eminent	 and	 practicing	 professionals	 including	 Ms.	 Mythili	
                                                                         Bhusnur	 Math,	 Consulting	 Editor,	 Economic	 times,	 Dr.	
                                                                         Mathew	Joseph,	Professor	ICRIER,	Dr.	K.B.L	Mathur,	Former	
                                                                         Senior	Economic	Advisor,	Ministry	of	Finance,	Dr.	N.Dhamija,	
                                                                         Former	 Professor,	 IIM(Ahmedabad),	 	 and	 Prof.S.C.Sharma,	
                                                                         Professor,	JIMS.	The	panelists	made	an	incisive	analysis	of	
                                                                         current	 fiscal	 situation	 and	 imbalances,	 impact	 of	 fresh	 tax	
                                                                         proposals,	 changes	 in	 expenditure	 	 pattern	 and	 its	 impact	
     Panelists	interact	during	‘Q’	&	‘A’	session
                                                                         on	different	segments	of	the	society.	The	students	found	the	
                                                                         discussions	highly	illuminating.

ForeIGN uNIverSITy CollaboraTIoN

DIreCTor vISITS SDa, boCCoNI, ITaly
JIMS	 was	 recently	 honoured	 as	 Dr.	 Valter	 Lazzari,	 Director,	
School	of	Management,	SDA	Bocconi	University,	Italy	agreed	
to	 be	 member	 of	 the	 Academic	 Advisory	 Board	 of	 JIMS,	
Kalkaji.	 	 During	 a	 meeting	 held	 in	 Milan,	 Italy	 with	 Director,	
Dr.	 Satish	 Seth,	 Dr.	 Lazzari	 also	 agreed	 to	 explore	 the	
possibility	of	student	and	faculty	exchange	programmes	with	
JIMS.		The	Bocconi	School	of	Management	is	one	of	the	most	
prestigious	 business	 schools	 in	 the	 world.	 	 It	 was	 recently	
ranked	 8th	 in	 Europe	 and	 15th	 in	 the	 world	 by	 Wall	 Street	
                                                                            Dr.	Valter	Lazzari,	Director,	School	of	Management,	SDA	Bocconi	
                                                                            University	with	Dr.	Satish	Seth,	Director	JIMS

                                                                            vISIT oF ForeIGN STuDeNTS
                                                                            Under	 the	 Students	 Exchange	 Programme	 a	 group	
                                                                            of	 3	 students	 from	 Faculty	 of	 Economics	 &	 Business	
                                                                            Administration,	 Cologne	 University	 of	 Applied	 Sciences,	
                                                                            Germany	pursued	their	PGDM	programme	from	Oct,	2010	to	
                                                                            March	2011	at	our	Kalkaji	Campus.	The	students	participated	
                                                                            in	the	institute’s	activities	including	the	quiz,	debate	seminar,	
                                                                            conferences	and	cultural	competitions.	Their	performance	in	
                                                                            the	academic	examinations	was	also	highly	commendable.

Dr.	Amit	Gupta,	Chairman	with	Students	from	Cologne	University,	

CollaboraTIoN WITh DeaKIN uNIverSITy
JIMS	 signed	 an	 MOU	 with	 Deakin	 University	 recently	
to	 promote	 academic,	 student	 and	 faculty	 exchange	
Programmes.	The	agreement	was	signed	by	Dr.	Satish	Seth,	
Director	 and	 Ms.	 Robin	 Buckham,	 Deputy	 Vice	 Chancellor	
(International	 and	 Development).	 Also	 present	 on	 the	
occasion	 were	 Prof.	 Gael	 McDonald,	 Prof.	 Brian	 McGaw	
and	Mr.	Richard	Fogarty	from	Deakin	University.	Ms.	Marcia	
Macgugan	 recently	 visited	 our	 institute	 to	 interact	 with	 the	
students	as	a	part	of	the	faculty	exchange	programme.

                                                                            Signing	of	MOU	between	JIIMS	&	Deakin	University

     ForeIGN GueSTS / INTerNaTIoNal SpeaKerS

     Dr.	Susan	Kowalski,	Faculty	CUAS,	Germany	visits	JIMS	on	teaching	   Prof.	A.K.	Sengupta	with	CUAS	students	in	Cologne,	Germany

     •	 Prof.	Mike	Mannion,	Pro	Vice-	Chancellor	International,	Glasgow	Caledonian	University,	U.K.

     •	 Ms.	Gill	Troup,	Deputy	Principal	and	Vice-	Principal	Strategy,	University	of	the	West	of	Scotland	(UWS),	U.K.

     •	 Mr.	Grant	Chapman,	Associate	Vice	President	for	Academic	Affairs	&	Director	for	International	Programs,	Webster	University,	USA

     •	 Mr.	Robert	F.	Markley,	Director,	Corporate	Relations	&	Co-Regional	Director,	India	,	Duke	University,	USA	

     •	 Mr.	Ruth	Gee,	Minister	(Cultural	Affairs),	British	Council,	New	Delhi,	India

     •	 Mr.	Ian	Gibbons	,	Deputy	Director,	British	High	Commission,	New	Delhi,	India

     •	 Mr.	Brock	Dykeman,	Acting	Dean,	International	Education,	Malaspina	University,	Canada

     •	 Ms.	Marcia	Macgugan,	Careers	Consultant-	Graduate	Outcomes,	Deakin	University,	Australia

     •	 Mr.	Nirmal	Pal,	Regional	Director	for	India,	Smeal	College	of	Business,	The	Pennsylvania	State	University,	USA

     •	 Dr.	Victoria	Wise,	MBA	Director,	Deakin	Business	School,	Australia.

     •	 Ms.	Robin	Buckham,	Dy.	Vice-Chancellor,	Deakin	University,	Australia.

     •	 Dr.	Sushil	Sharma,	Professor	(Information	Technology)	Ball	State	University,	Indiana,	USA

                                                                          Mou WITh ITb, bruNeI
                                                                          Mr.	 Omar	 Haji	 Khalid,	 Vice	 Chancellor,	 and	 Mr.	 HJ	 Awang	
                                                                          Yussof	 HJ	 AWG	 Mohamad,	 Dean,	 IT	 of	 Institut	 Teknologi	
                                                                          Brunei,	 Brunei	 visited	 JIMS	 Kalkaji	 Campus	 on	 21	 Nov,	
                                                                          2010.	 They	 were	 shown	 the	 Computer	 Labs,	 Class	 rooms,	
                                                                          Auditorium	 and	 Conference	 hall.	 They	 appreciated	 our	
                                                                          campus	 and	 its	 facilities	 and	 agreed	 to	 sign	 an	 MOU	 for	
                                                                          academic,	 student	 and	 faculty	 exchange	 programs.	 It	 was	
                                                                          mutually	agreed	that	the	exchange	visits	would	be	of	mutual	
                                                                          benefit	to	both	organizations	as	they	would	provide	valuable	
                                                                          exposure	to	our	students	and	faculty	on	international	business	
     Singing	of	MOU	with	ITB,	Brunei	
                                                                          trends,	strategies,	governance	and	culture.

plaCeMeNT proGraMMe

Placement	Process	in	Progress

SuMMer aND FINal plaCeMeNT
The	 industry	 as	 in	 the	 past	 has	 eagerly	 sought	 the	 intellectual	 capital	 of	 JIMS	 by	 participating	 in	 the	 final	 placement	
Each	year	our	placement	process	starts	with	characteristic	zeal	and	gusto.	Our	enterprising	and	proactive	placement	
cell	which	is	engaged	in	organising	seminars,	guest	lectures,	conferences,	industrial	visits,	summer	placement	and	other	
corporate	events	throughout	the	year	begins	inviting	top	corporates	for	final	placement	from	September	onwards.
During	 the	 year,	 2009-10,	 we	 have	 accomplished	 almost	 100	 percent	 final	 placement	 of	 our	 PGDM	 students,	 despite	
the	sluggish	economic	situation.	The	highest	salary	package	awarded	was	Rs.	6.5	lakhs.	Our	students	were	placed	in	
most	 reputed	 companies	 such	 as	 Oracle,	 Citibank,	 ICI	 Dulux,	 HCL,	 Standard	 Chartered	 Bank,	 Reliance,	 HDFC,	 ICICI	
Prudential,	Capital	IQ,	American	Express,	Deutsche	Bank	etc.

     our reCruITerS

     •	 ABN	AMRO                          •	 Gujarat	Heavy	Chemicals	Ltd.   •	 Nuchem
     •	 Airtel                            •	 HCL	Technologies               •	 Oberoi	Intercontinental
     •	 American	Express                  •	 HDFC	Life	                     •	 Onida
     •	 Apollo	Tyres                      •	 Hewlett	Packard                •	 Oswal
     •	 Axis	Bank                         •	 Hindustan	Petroleum	           •	 Panasonic
     •	 Bajaj	Capital                                                       •	 Pepsi
                                          •	 Hindustan	Times
     •	 Bajaj	Electricals                                                   •	 Philips
                                          •	 Hindustan	Unilever
     •	 Bata	India	Ltd.                                                     •	 Power	Finance	Corporation
                                          •	 HUDCO
     •	 Bausch	&	Lomb                                                       •	 Power	Grid	Corporation	of	India
                                          •	 Hughes	Escorts	Communication
     •	 Bax	Global                                                          •	 Procter	and	Gamble
                                          •	 Hughes	Software	Systems
     •	 Bharat	Heavy	Electricals	Ltd.                                       •	 Punj	Lloyd
                                          •	 Hutch
     •	 Birla	Telecom                                                       •	 Radisson
                                          •	 ICICI
     •	 Birla	VXL                                                           •	 Ranbaxy	Laboratories
                                          •	 ICICI	Prudential
     •	 Capital	IQ                                                          •	 Reliance	Energy
                                          •	 ICRA
     •	 Centurion	Bank                                                      •	 Reliance	Life	Insurance
                                          •	 IDBI	Bank
     •	 CISCO	Systems                                                       •	 Reliance	Money
                                          •	 India	Bulls
     •	 Citibank                                                            •	 Sahara	Airlines
                                          •	 Indian	Airlines
     •	 Citi	Financial                                                      •	 SBI	Mutual	Fund
                                          •	 Indian	Express
     •	 Crompton	Greaves                                                    •	 Shalimar	Paints
                                          •	 Indian	Oil	Corporation
     •	 Dabur	India                                                         •	 Sharp	Business	Systems
                                          •	 Indo	Rama	Synthetics	
     •	 Daksh                                                               •	 Siemens
                                          •	 ITC	Hotels
     •	 Deutsche	Bank                                                       •	 Standard	Chartered	Bank
                                          •	 J.K.	Industries
     •	 DLF                                                                 •	 Star	T.V.
                                          •	 Jai	Bharat	Maruti
     •	 Eicher                                                              •	 State	Bank	of	India
                                          •	 Jubilant	Organsys
     •	 Electrolux	Kelvinator	Ltd.                                          •	 Taj	Palace	Hotel
                                          •	 Kotak	Mahindra
     •	 Eli	Lilly	Company	(India)	Pvt.	                                     •	 Tata	Indicom
        Ltd.                              •	 L.G.	Electronics
                                                                            •	 Tata	Infotech
     •	 Elixir	Web                        •	 Luxor
                                                                            •	 Tata	Teleservices
     •	 ESTER	Industries                  •	 Marriott	Welcome	Hotel
                                                                            •	 TCS
     •	 Evalue	Serve                      •	 Maruti	Udyog	Ltd.
                                                                            •	 Telco
     •	 FICCI                             •	 Max	New	York	Life
                                                                            •	 The	Park	Hotel
     •	 Flex	Industries                   •	 MMTC
                                                                            •	 Unicon
     •	 GE	Motors                         •	 Modi	Revlon
                                                                            •	 Unitel	India
     •	 Gestetner	India                   •	 Modi	Rubber	Ltd.
                                                                            •	 Usha	Shriram
     •	 Gillette                          •	 Moser	Baer
                                                                            •	 Wipro
     •	 Godfrey	Phillips                  •	 Mother	Dairy
                                                                            •	 Yamaha
     •	 Goetze	(India)                    •	 Nestle
                                                                            •	 Yes	Bank
     •	 Grasim                            •	 NTPC


Alumni	Meet	2010

aluMNI MeeT
JIMS	 Alumni	 Meet	 was	 held	 on	 15th	 January,	 2010	 at	
Gymkhana	 Club,	 New	 Delhi.	 	 A	 large	 number	 of	 alumni	
participated	in	the	event.	Present	and	past	faculty	members	
also	attended	the	function.	The	ensuing	interaction	between	
faculty,	alumni	and	our	current	student	batches	was	marked	
by	lively	cheer	and	warmth.		JIMS	Chairman	Dr.	Amit	Gupta	
graced	 the	 occasion	 and	 distributed	 prizes	 to	 the	 winners	
of	various	competitions.		He	also	appreciated	the	students’	
performance	in	the	corporate	sector.		At	the	end	a	sumptuous	
dinner	was	served	to	the	Alumni.

JIMS	 organized	 Alumni	 Meet	 2010	 of	 all	 Campuses	 was	
held	at	Chemsford	Club	on	11th	Dec	2010.	Approximate	380	
Alumni	participated	in	the	meet.	There	was	good	interaction	
amongst	 them	 and	 faculty	 members.	 Mr.	 Dhannajay	 Kher,	
an	 upcoming	 Singer	 entertained	 all	 with	 popular	 songs.	 A	
newly	introduced	award	of	the	“Most	Outstanding	Alumi”	was	
awarded	to	Mr.	Saurabh	Jhamb.                                        JIMS	Alumni

     aluMNI SpeaK oN TheIr experIeNCeS

                     Classroom	learning	                        My	two	years	in	JIMS	                     JIMS	has	acquired	
                     is enhanced with                           have	helped	me	grow	                      a	strong	identity	and	
                     student presentations                      both	professionally	                      has	evolved	into	a	
                     and through case-                          and	personally.	My	                       prestigious Business
                     study	approach.	A	                         knowledge	has	                            School with its own
                     questioning	mind	along	                    widened	immensely	                        distinct culture and
                     with an attitude that                      due	to	the	valuable	                      tradition.	It	provides	
     “searches	for	answers”	is	encouraged.		   insights	provided	by	our	professors.      an	arena	for	intellectual	and	cultural	
     Through	literature	reviews	and	           These	have	acted	as	a	guiding	force	      expressions,	and	prepares	students	
     projects,	students	learn	the	art	of	      enabling	me	to	take	decisions	in	my	      for	careers	in	management	,business	
     thinking	independently	as	well	as	        life	and	career.                          communication	skills,	business	ethics	
     working	in	groups.                        vikas Tandon                              and	social	responsibility.	I	wish	and	
     vijay ranjan Singh                        Dalmia	Cement                             dream	it	attains	the	dignity	and	status	
     LG Electronics                                                                      at	par	with	the	IIMs.

                      “To	survive	in	the	                     “Just	like	a	mother	                     “To	achieve	great	
                      corporate world one                     teaches a child to                       heights	you	need	
                      needs	to	be	smart,	                     walk	and	talk	through	                   powerful	wings...
                      competent and a good                    love	and	care,	JIMS	                     JIMS	has	provided	me	
                      decision	maker.	JIMS	                   has	all	along	held	my	                   with	just	that....	great	
                      has	transformed	my	                     hand and nurtured                        confidence	&	superior	
                      personality	from	a	                     my	development	                          skills	to	fly	high	and	
     shy,	introvert	person	to	a	confident	     both	in	academics	and	personality	        prove	my	mettle	in	the	outside	world”
     outgoing	person”                          development.	Thanks	to	JIMS	today	        Sajin Thomas
     Gaurav Chowdhury                          I	have	made	a	mark	for	myself	in	the	     Citibank,	NA
     Capital-IQ                                corporate	world.”
                                               pankaj bhutani
                                               Reliance	Money

                    “JIMS	with	its	strong	                     “Excellent	ambience,	                     “Success	is	only	a	
                    faculty	and	excellent	                     supportive	faculty	&	                     journey,	and	not	the	
                    infrastructure	                            abundant	opportunities	                   destination.	This	
                    has	provided	me	                           is what distinguishes                     sums	up	my	learning	
                    with numerous                              JIMS	from	the	others.	                    during	my	stay	at	
                    opportunities to gain                      The	learning	at	JIMS	                     JIMS,	where	I	picked	
                    knowledge	&	practical	                     was	enjoyable.	                           up great insights and
     exposure	and	also	nurtured	my	career	     Today	I	am	well	prepared	to	face	the	     knowledge	through	the	invaluable	
     by	showing	me	the	enlightened	path	       challenges	of	the	Industry.	I	am	proud	   guidance	and	teachings	of	my	faculty,	
     to	success.	Proud	to	be	a	JIMSite”        to	be	a	JIMSite	!!!”	                     friends	&	peers.	Hope	to	reach	my	
     Saurabh Malhan                            Ginny Sharma                              Destination!!!”
     HDFC	Bank                                 American	Express                          Somik banerjee

exTra CurrICular aCTIvITIeS

aNNual SporTS Day
JIMS	inter-campus	Annual	sports	meet	was	organized	at	Sri	
Fort	Stadium	on	12th	November,	2010.	Students	from	other	
JIMS	campuses	participated	enthusiastically	in	events	such	
as	 Table	 Tennis,	 Badminton,	 Basket	 Ball	 and	 Volley	 Ball.	 In	
Badminton	the	female	event	and	in	volleyball	the	team	event	
was	 won	 by	 Kalkaji	 students.	 Trophies	 and	 Medals	 were	
presented	 to	 the	 winners	 by	 our	 Honourable	 Chairman	 Dr.	
Amit	Gupta.	All	the	students	cheered	the	winners	with	great	            Annual	Sports	Day	at	NSSC	Complex

                                                                        KuDoS For JIMS!
                                                                        The	 students	 of	 PGDM	 first	 year	 won	 the	 Ist	 runner	 trophy	
                                                                        in	 “Erabration”,	 Annual	 Fest	 of	 Era	 Business	 School,	 Delhi	
                                                                        on	 25-26	 Feb,	 2011.	 They	 participated	 in	 different	 events	
                                                                        like	 Calligraphy,	 Admad	 Show,	 Saaz,	 Solo	 Dance,	 Chess,	
                                                                        Gubbins(Instrumental),	 Nukad	 Natak	 	 and	 Case	 study	
                                                                        and	 won	 a	 cash	 prize	 of	 Rs.	 50000/-.	 The	 success	 was	
                                                                        made	 possible	 as	 each	 team	 member	 displayed	 excellent	
Students	with	1st	runner-up	trophy                                      coordination,	application	of	mind,	intelligence	and	team	spirit.

CaSh prIzeS FroM DeaKIN uNIverSITy
As	 a	 part	 of	 implementation	 of	 the	 academic	 collaboration	
signed	 in	 2009,	 Deakin	 University	 decided	 to	 recognize	
excellence	 of	 our	 students	 	 who	 were	 academic	 toppers	
and	award	them	with	cash	prizes	of	Rs.	10,000/-	each.	Ms.	
Ankita	Thukral	of	PGDM	batch	was	awarded	the	cash	prize	
for	standing	first	overall	in	the	annual	examination.

                                                                        JIMS	Academic	Topper	being	facilited	by	Ms.	Ravneet	Pahwa,	
                                                                        Country	Head,	Deakin	University

                                                                        blooD DoNaTIoN CaMp
                                                                        A	 Blood	 Donation	 camp	 was	 organised	 at	 our	 Kalkaji	
                                                                        Campus	 in	 association	 with	 Rotary	 Blood	 Bank	 on	 24th	
                                                                        November,	2010.	The	camp	was	a	great	success	as	around	
                                                                        150 students participated in it and each donated 500 ml
                                                                        of	 blood.	 On	 completion	 of	 the	 event,	 students	 were	 given	
                                                                        refreshment	 and	 were	 awarded	 certificates	 by	 the	 Rotary	
                                                                        Club	management.

     CulTural exTravaGaNza

     zeST & DaNDIya NITe
     The	annual	cultural	extravaganza	of	“Zest	and	Dandiya	
     Night	2010”	was	held	on	19th	October,	2010	at	Air	Force	
     Auditorium,	Delhi.		The	Program	began	with	Saraswati	
     Vandana	 and	 lighting	 of	 lamp	 followed	 by	 the	 events	
     –	 solo	 and	 group	 instrumental	 competition,	 RJ	 hunt,	
     group	 dance,	 antakshari,	 Ad-Mad	 Show,	 JAM	 –	 just	 a	
     minute,	theme	play	and	fashion	show.		The	participants	
     enthralled	 the	 audience	 with	 their	 performances.	 	 The	
     honorable	 Chief	 Guest	 on	 the	 occasion,	 Mr.Vijender,	
     Member	of	Parliament,	BJP	was	felicitated	by	Dr.	Amit	
     Gupta,	 Chairman,	 JIMS.	 	 The	 “Garbha	 Dance”	 at	 the	
     end	provided	a	fitting	finale	to	the	celebrations.
                                                                     Zest	and	Dandiya	Night	2010

     KShITIJ – The horIzoN 2011
     JIMS	organized	the	Inter-College	festival	“KSHITIJ”	–	the	horizon	on	February	18th,19th	Febraury	2011,	at	the	beautiful,	
     newly	constructed	auditorium	of	Kalkaji.	The	festival	had	participation	from	over	30	Delhi	college.	The	programme	began	
     with	 the	 ceremonial	 lighting	 of	 the	 lamp	 by	 Prof.Dr.	 Cdr.	 	 Seth	 ,	 	 Director	 -	 Kalkaji	 campus.	 The	 competition	 was	 an	
     exquisite	amalgam	of	various	events	like	Solo	song	contest-Sur	aur	Taal,	Antakshri	–(Jugal	Bandi),	Theme	paly	(Darpan),	
     Ad	Mad	(Hard	Sell),	Face	Painting	(Picassa),	Collage	Making	,	Solo	Dance	(Fusion),	Mr.	and	Ms.	Kshitij,	and	the	Fashion	
     The	jury	comprised	of	prof.	P.	K.	Dc,	Dr.	A.K.	Sengupta,	Dr.	Satish	Seth	and	Maj.	Gen.	M.	P.	Singh.	The	colleges	which	
     participated	 included	 Asia	 Pacific	 Management	 Institute,	 NCHM	 Noida,	 Bhagat	 Singh	 College,	 Rai	 Business	 School,	
     Gittaraltan	International,	Kirorimal	College,IILM,BCHIMT’s,NDIM,	Manav	Rachna	and	all	campuses	of	JIMS.

     Dr.	Amit	Gupta,	Chairman	with	winners	of	Kshitij	2011                 Student	Pop	singer	regales	students	at	celebrity	Nite	2011


8M JourNal                          JIMS NeWS                                booKS &
8M	is	a	quarterly	management	       The	Institute	publishes	a	               publICaTIoNS
journal,	Eminent	academicians,	     students’	magazine	‘JIMS	                Based	on	the	prize	winning	
consultants and management          NEWS’.	The	main	objective	               papers	received	in	the	
practitioners	contribute	           is	to	develop	the	writing	skills	        Research	Paper	Contests,	
to	the	Journal	by	writing	          and	creativity	of	students	who	          the	Institute	has	published	
research-based	papers	              contribute	articles,	poems	etc.	         various	books	such	as:	
covering	the	various	aspects	       to	the	magazine.	‘JIMS	NEWS’	            “New	Dimensions	in	Global	
of	management	i.e,	Men,	            covers	important	events	of	the	          Business:	Perspectives”,	
Machines,	Money,	Markets,	          institute,	such	as	seminars,	            “Creating	Corporate	
Methods,	Modernization,	            workshops,	guest	lectures,	              Advantage”,	“Managing	in	the	
Maintenance	&	Materials.	           industrial	visits,	culture	activities	   Era	of	Change:	Challenges	&	
A	fully	refereed	journal,	8M,	      etc.	The	publication	also	covers	        Perspectives”	and	“Managing	
explores the latest research        information	on	current	topics	           Global	Competitiveness:	What	
and	innovative	thinking	in	         in	the	area	of	management,	              Indian	Companies	Must	Do”.
management.	The	journal	has	        information	technology,	
an	international	focus	and	         economics,	etc.
offers	a	variety	of	perspectives	
from	around	the	world	to	help	
students gain greater insight
into current management
theory	and	practice.

     hoNourING The paST

     The 5Th aNNual JaGaNNaTh GupTa
     CoMMeMoraTIve leCTure 2011
     The	 5th	 Annual	 Jagannath	 Gupta	 Commemorative	
     Lecture	 was	 held	 on	 24th	 January,	 2011	 at	 Sri	 Sathya	
     Sai	 International	 Auditorium,	 Lodhi	 Road,	 New	 Delhi.	
     The	 lecture	 was	 delivered	 by	 Prof.	 B.B.	 Bhattacharya,	
     Hon’ble	 Vice-	 Chancellor,	 Jawaharlal	 Nehru	 University,	
     New	 Delhi,	 on	 the	 topic	 “India	 in	 the	 21st	 Century”.	 Dr.	
     Amit	 Gupta,	 Chairman,	 JIMS	 and	 	 Directors	 of	 JIMS	
     campuses	 attended	 this	 special	 event.	 Dr.	 P     .L.Sanjeev	
     Reddy,	 ex-Director,	 IIPA	 was	 the	 Guest	 of	 Honour.	 The	
     Commemorative	 lecture	 was	 attended	 by	 the	 students,	
     faculty	and	Staff	members	of	Kalkaji,	Lajpat	Nagar,	Vasant	
     Kunj-I&II	and	Greater	Noida	campuses.
     Prof	 Bhattacharya	 surveyed	 the	 entire	 economic	 history	
     of	 the	 country	 and	 exhorted	 all	 to	 work	 in	 a	 disciplined	
     way	for	the	betterment	of	the	country,	keeping	the	goals	
     of	inclusive	development	always	in	mind.The	Lecture	was	
     most	 stimulating	 and	 though-provoking	 and	 attracted	
     repeated	 rounds	 of	 applause	 from	 the	 distinguished	
                                                                           Prof.	B.	B.	Bhattacharya	addresses	JIMS	family
     guests,	faculty	and		students	present	on	the	occasion.

     CelebraTING The preSeNT
     beST MaNaGeMeNT SChool aWarD
     JIMS	 has	 been	 adjudged	 by	 Big	 Brands	 Academy,	 an	
     affiliate	 of	 Times	 Research,	 as	 the	 “Best	 Management	
     Institute	in	Delhi”.	This	prestigious	award	was	presented	
     to	 JIMS	 Director,	 Dr.(Cdr)	 Satish	 Seth,	 by	 India’s	 most	
     revered	 author	 Mr.	 Chetan	 Bhagat	 at	 a	 star	 studded	
     ceremony	organized	at	Hotel	Crowne	Plaza,	Gurgaon	on	
     28	May	2011.

                                                                           Noted	Novelist	Mr.	Chetan	Bhagat	presents	award	to	JIMS

     STar NeWS aWarD
     The	 year	 2011	 has	 been	 a	 defining	 year	 in	 the	 history	
     of	 JIMS	 as	 along	 with	 the	 prestigious	 Indian	 Institute	 of	
     Foreign	 trade,	 New	 Delhi	 it	 was	 jointly	 awarded	 by	 Star	
     News	 the	 Best	 B-School	 Award	 2011	 for	 “Best	 Industry	
     Related	 Curriculum	 in	 International	 Business”.	 The	
     Award	was	presented	to	the	institute	at	a	glittering	award	
                                                                                                                     Star News Best
     ceremony	held	at	Taj	Land’s	End,	Mumbai	in	Feb	2011.                                                            B-School	Award	2011	
                                                                                                                     for	“Best	Industry	
                                                                                                                     Related	Curriculum	in	
                                                                                                                     International	Business”

Students Profile - PGDM (2010-12)


                                    Mkt. + HR
                                    HR + Fin.

                                    Fin. + Mkt.

       Educational Background


           11% 11%
     17%             38%

      4% 5%

  Overall Marks Percentage of Students

                                      70% & Above
                                      60% - 69.9%
                                      50% - 59.9%
Anjana Yadav                             Shilpa A. Kumar                          Ashish Sarna
B. Com                                   B.A. (P)                                 B. Com (H)
Finance & HR                             Finance & HR                             Finance & HR
Company: National Small Industries       Company: DCM Shriram Company             Company: Oriental Bank of Commerce
Corporation (NSIC)        Project                                 Project
                                         Project: Payroll of Corporate            Project: Estimation of credit
Project: Financial assistance provided   Office of DCM Shriram Industries         concentration Risk in Bank's portfolio
to MSME's by different financial                                                  using HHI
institutions with special reference to

Geetanjali Kapoor                        S. Nithya Kalyani                        Anu Gupta
BBA                                      BBA                                      B. Com
Finance & HR                             Finance & HR                             Finance & HR
Company: Nirmal Bang Securities          Company: Nirmal Bang Securities          Company: Sharekhan Ltd.
Pvt. Ltd.                                Pvt. Ltd.                                Project: Stock Market Volatility in India
Project: Dynamics of Commodity           Project: Feature & Future of Commodity
Market with special reference of gold

Priya Gupta                              Mitali Awasthi                           Shreya Pandey
BBA                                      B. Com                                   BBA
Finance & HR                             Finance & HR                             HR & Finance
Company: Intercontinental Hotel Group    Company: Mahindra & Mahindra             Company: Uflex Ltd.
Project: Analysis and Forecasting of     Project: Mahindra & Mahindra and         Project: Recruitment and selection
cash flow                                Accounting Manual Company                process of a company
Shivani Gupta                         Ritu Sharma                           Garima Srivastava
B.A. (H)                              BBA                                   B. Com (P)
HR & Finance                          HR & Finance                          HR & Finance
Company: Uflex                        Company: Cetana Solutions Pvt. Ltd.   Company: Powergrid Corporation of
Project: Quality among employees of   Project: Training & Development in    India Ltd.
Uflex                                 Cetana Solutions Pvt. Ltd.            Project: CSR : An overview regarding
                                                                            Public Sector Enterprises
Sakshi Aneja                           Gautam Sharma                               Ashwani Agarwal
B. Com (H)                             B. Com (P)                                  B. Com
Finance & Marketing                    Finance & Marketing                         Finance & Marketing
Company: SPA Capital Services          Company: Religare Asset Management Co.      Company: Religare Asset Management Co.
Ltd.                                   Project: Indian Mutual Fund Industry        Project: Channels of Distribution in
Project: Risk Profiling of Investors   Current Status and top 5 saleable schemes   Mutual Fund Industry

Lokesh Chawla                          Karan Bangia                                Chhaya Motwani
BBA                                    BBA                                         BBA
Finance & Marketing                    Finance & Marketing                         Finance & Marketing
Company: Steel Authority of India      Company: Mother Diary Fruits &              Company: J.K. Sugars
Project: Analysis of investment        Vegetables Pvt. Ltd.                        Project: Project on working capital Mgmt.
decisions at SAIL – Modernization      Project: Project on Pull Mechanism of E-
of Bokaro Steel Plant                  Banking

Aishwarya Parthasarathy                Tapan Yadav                                 Abhishek Somal
B. Com (H)                             BBA                                         B.E. (Mech.)
Finance & Marketing                    Finance & Marketing                         Finance & Marketing
Company: ITC Maurya                    Company: Minda Corporation Ltd.             Company: Genpact Analytics
Project: Income and Credit             Project: Project on working capital Mgmt.   Project: Assessing Strategic move for
Management                                                                         “RSC Equipment Rentals” in North America
in Hotel Industry
Vikas Sood                                 Narottam Kumar                         Naveen Kumar Rana
B. Com (H)                                 BBA                                    B. Com (P)
Finance & Marketing                        Finance & Marketing                    Finance & Marketing
Company: Ludhiana Stock Exchange           Company: Everest Industries Ltd.       Company: Grasim Industries Ltd.
Ltd.                                       Project: A Project Report on Channel   Project: Promotional measures to be
Project: Study on Investors opinion on      Development and Financial Analysis    taken for KARA keeping Retailers and
Indian Stock Market and Working of                                                consumers in mind
Ludhiana Stock Exchange Ltd.

Amit Gupta                                 Ashish Sabbarwal                       Navneet Kaur
B. Sc. (Bio)                               B. Com (P)                             B. Com (P)
Finance & Marketing                        Finance & Marketing                    Finance & Marketing
Company: Karvy Stock Broking Ltd.          Company: Sharekhan Ltd.                Company: Sharekhan Ltd.
Project: Systematic Investments Plan       Project: Comparative Study between     Project: Comparative Study on consumer
(Better way to make investment in mutual   Investment and Trading in Stocks and   perception in Investment in Equity
funds)                                     Commodities                            Market and Mutual Funds

Pankhuri Agarwal                           Vaibhav Mittal                         Khyati Bhardwaj
B. Com (H)                                 B. Com (P)                             B. Com (P)
Finance & Marketing                        Finance & Marketing                    Finance & Marketing
Company: Nirmal Bang Securities            Company: Nirmal Bang Securities        Company: Idea Cellular
Pvt. Ltd.                                  Pvt. Ltd.                              Project: Impact of Thematic and
Project: Comparative Analysis of Nirmal    Project: Margin and Trading in         Technical campaign in Urban and Rural
Bang Commodities with other Broking        Commodity Market in India              Bareilly in terms of TOMA and ITP
Neha Narang                                  Deepti Rekha Talukdar                     Manish Badlia
B. Com (P)                                   B. Com (P)                                BBA
Finance & Marketing                          Finance & Marketing                       Finance & Marketing
Company: Ludhiana Stock Exchange Ltd         Company: North Eastern Electric Power     Company: Nirmal Bang Securities
Project: To determine Investing Pattern      Corporation Ltd.                          Pvt. Ltd.
of Investor with respect to Indian Capital   Project: Comparative analysis of          Project: Strategies of Derivatives Trading
Market                                       Financial statement of NEEPCO Ltd.
                                             through ratio analysis

Ashish Kumar Yadav                           Sachin Narang                             Shailja Suman
B.E. (Mech)                                  BCA                                       B.Sc. (Maths)
Finance & Marketing                          Finance & Marketing                       Finance & Marketing
Company: Outlook India Pvt. Ltd.             Company: Sharekhan Ltd.                   Company: Edelweiss Broking
Project: Market Survey and Promotion of      Project: Derivatives Market : Futures &   Project: Macro Economic factors and
Outlook magazine                             Option                                    stock market volatility

Ankur Kumar Srivastava                       Ankit Dua                                 Manvendra Anupam
B. Com (P)                                   B. Com (P)                                B. Sc. (Statistics) Hon.
Finance & Marketing                          Finance & Marketing                       Finance & Marketing
Company: Earth Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.     Company: Nirmal Bang Securities Pvt.      Company: Sharekhan Ltd.
Project: Comparative analysis of Earth       Ltd.                                      Project: Perception of investors and
Infra with other builders in Greater Noida   Project: Investors perception in          brokerage house towards derivatives in
                                             commodity market                          India with special reference to Sharekhan
Neha                                      Nancy Nagpal                             Saurabh Pandey
B.Sc. (Maths)                             B.Com                                    B. Sc. (Maths)
Finance & Marketing                       Finance & Marketing                      Finance & Marketing
Company: Sharekhan Ltd.                   Company: HSBC                            Company: Reliance Capital Asset
Project: Investment Vs. Trading           Project: Investor perception towards     Management Ltd.
                                          systematic Investment Plan               Project: Analysis of buying behaviour
                                                                                   of PMS investors towards various profile

Vivek Ranjan Pandey                       Sanghamitra Chakraborty                  Ritika Bahl
B.A (Eco Hons)                            BA (Eco)                                 BBA
Finance & Marketing                       Finance & Marketing                      Finance & Marketing
Company: Globe Capital Market Ltd.        Company: Sharekhan Ltd.                  Company: HUL
Project: Portfolio Management in Equity   Project: Spot Vs Future Market in        Project: Analyse market potential for hot
                                          Commodities Market Segment               beverages in Education Sector

Prasun Narayan Basu                       Sumit Menon                              Robin Manglani
BBA                                       BBA                                      BBA
Finance & Marketing                       Finance & Marketing                      Finance & Marketing
Company: HDFC                             Project: Comparative study between LIC   Company: JM Financial Services
Project: A comparative study between      Life Insurance and Max New York Life     Pvt. Ltd.
HDFC standard Life & ICICI Prudential     Insurance                                Project: Analysis of Merchant Banker
Life Insurance                                                                     Services provided by JM Financial with
                                                                                   respect of IPOs,FPOs, Retail funding
                                                                                   and FDs
Amardeep Kaur Bhogal                       Himanshu Pachori                            Jatin Ahuja
BBA                                        B. Com (P)                                  B. Com (P)
Finance & Marketing                        Finance & Marketing                         Finance & Marketing
Company: JM Financial Services             Company: Religare Asset Mgmt. Co.           Company: Sharekhan Ltd.
Pvt. Ltd.                                  Project: Positioning of Religare MEP plus   Project: Equity market in India and
Project: Analysis of Advisory Services     in distribution mind                        comparative analysis of stock brokerage
Provided by JM Fin.Services Pvt. Ltd.                                                  firm with special reference to Sharekhan

Sorabh Gupta                               Vivek Sinha                                 Nayeem Amzad Saikia
BBA                                        BA (H) Economics                            BBM
Finance & Marketing                        Finance & Marketing                         Finance & Marketing
Company: Sharekhan Ltd.                    Company: Edelweiss Broking Ltd.             Company: SBI Mutual Fund
Project: IPO & their Assessment            Project: Performance and Evaluation of      Project: Study on Performance analysis
                                           Indian Equity Market : An Introspection     of SBI Mutual Fund

Robin Barua                                Ashish Jain                                 Vivek Singh
B. Sc.(Comp. Sc.)                          BBA                                         B. Com (P)
Finance & Marketing                        Finance & Marketing                         Finance & Marketing
Company: Aditya Birla Group (Grasim        Company: Uflex Ltd.                         Company: Aditya Birla Group
Industries)                                Project: An analysis of Uflex Export        Project: How to place Kara in Varanasi
Project: To Study consumer behaviour       Division                                    Market Keeping in Mind Retailor and
of puretta, a product of Birla Cellulose                                               Customer
with a report on Sales of Kara
Neelima Singh                            Mukesh Kumar Mishra                       Ankit Jain
BBM                                      B. Sc. (Comp.)                            BCA
Finance & Marketing                      Finance & Marketing                       Finance & Marketing
Company: Tata Motors                     Company: Tata Motors                      Company: Everest Industries
Project: Journey of Tata Nano            Project: Consumer Perception about        Project: Market analysis of dry
                                         Nano Car                                  Construction Product in Residential as
                                                                                   well as Commercial Area

Anisha Sanghi                            Vivek Katara                              Ratika Nagpal
B. Sc. (Physical Sc.)                    B. Sc. (Maths)                            BBA
Finance & Marketing                      Finance & Marketing                       Finance & Marketing
Company: Outlook Group                   Company: Benara Bearing & Pistons Ltd.    Company: Outlook India
Project: A study of readers perception   Project: Study of Bajaj Bikes             Project: Survey of new markets before
towards outlook magazines in Delhi/NCR                                             launching of Outlook business and news

Gaurav Mahajan                           Abhishek Bhatnagar                        Anil Saini
BCA                                      B. Sc. (Life Sc.)                         B. Com (Professional)
Finance & Marketing                      Finance & Marketing                       Finance & Marketing
Company: Stadipack Pvt Ltd.              Company: Indorama Syn (I) Ltd.            Company: Pepsico
Project: Impact of Packaging on          Project: Marketing of Polyester/Yams in   Project: Every Dealer Survey & Market
consumer buying behavior Emergence of    India and the World                       Penetration
standup poucha in packaging
Amandeep Singh                           Abhinav Malhotra                         Vikash Singh
B. Com (Professional)                    B. Com (P)                               BBA
Finance & Marketing                      Finance & Marketing                      Finance & Marketing
Company: Standipack Pvt. Ltd.            Company: Aviva Life Insurance            Company: Coca Cola
Project: The Relevance of Packaging on   Project: Channel distribution in Aviva   Project: Horizontal Expansion in the
the marketing performance of                                                      luster and monitoring of purity
Manufacturing firm

Roshan Kumar                             Pallab Jyoti Rajguru                     Sumit Chawla
B. Com (H)                               B. Com                                   B. Com (P)
Finance & Marketing                      Finance & Marketing                      Finance & Marketing
Company: Perfecti Van melle India        Company: Aircel           Company        Company: Varun Beverages Pvt. Ltd.
Project: Van Operation in upcountries    Project: A study on Aircel 3G            (Pepsi)
is beneficial or not                                                              Project: Role of advertisement & sales
                                                                                  promotion of soft-drinks of Pepsi with

Mudassir Mirza                           Pramod Kumar Mahto                       Manish Kumar Singh
B. Tech (Comp. Sc.)                      B. Com (H)                               BBA
Finance & Marketing                      Finance & Marketing                      Finance & Marketing
Company: BMW                             Company: Usha Martin Ltd.                Company: Everest Industries Ltd.
Project: Customer Loyalty                Project: Sales Procedure and System      Project: Study on Retailors of Everest
                                                                                  Cement Sheet
Udit Kumar Singh                           Amit Prakash                              Sachin Dhiman
BBA                                        B. Com                                    BBA
Finance & Marketing                        Finance & Marketing                       Finance & Marketing
Company: Hindustan Coca-Cola               Company: Hindustan Coca-Cola              Company: Earth Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.
Beverages Pvt. Ltd.                        Beverages Pvt. Ltd.                       Project: Analysis of Real Estate
Project: Horizontal Expansion to check     Project: R.A.M.P. (Rural Activation and   investment
purity in the Cluster                      Market Penetration)

Babar Khan Chauhan
B. Sc. (Maths)
Finance & Marketing
Company: Earth Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.
Project: Analysis of the Reasons for
Transition of Buyers from Delhi to NCR
Eti Jain                                      Diana Bernard                            Sonam Kaushal
B.A. (Hons.)                                  B.A. (P)                                 B.A. (H)
HR & Marketing                                HR & Marketing                           HR & Marketing
Company: Business Standard Pvt. Ltd.          Company: Unitell India                   Company: Future Generali
Project: An Analysis of Performance           Project: Recruitment Process & its       Project: Training and Induction at Future
Appraisal                                     present scenario in companies (Retail    Generali

Himanshree Kohli                              Swati Singh                              Priyanka Yadav
B. Com (P)                                    B. Com (P)                               B. Tech (Electronics & Communication)
HR & Marketing                                HR & Marketing                           HR & Marketing
Company: Matrix Cellular International        Company: Pioneer Urban Land and          Company: Thomson Press
Services Pvt. Ltd.                            Infrastructure Ltd.                      Project: Manpower Study Compensation
Project: Recruitment and Selection in         Project: To benchmark HR practices and   & Benefits
Matrix Cellular International Services Pvt.   policies for various construction
Ltd.                                          companies and to propose HR practices
                                              and policies for pioneer Urban’s new
                                              construction company

Rashi Shahi                                   Snehal                                   Richha Goel
BBA                                           BBA                                      B. Com (P) HR & Marketing
HR & Marketing                                HR & Marketing                           Company: LeewayHertz Technologies
Company: The Claridges Hotels &               Company: MMTC Ltd.                       Pvt. Ltd.
Resorts                                       Project: Training and Development for    Projec: Performance Appraisal in
Project: Training & Development in the        New Recruiters                           LeewayHertz Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Claridges, New Delhi
Hina Srivastava                             Kumari Richa                             Kanika Jain
B. Com (P)                                  BBA                                      B. Sc. (Comp. Sc.)
HR & Marketing                              HR & Marketing                           HR & Marketing
Company: Taj Safaris Ltd.                   Company: Future Generali                 Company: Genpact
Project: Institutionalizing and revamping   Project: Recruitment, Selection and HR   Project: Diversity - Rekindling at
of human resource policies in Taj Safaris   policies                                 Genpact

Shefali Bhagat                              Ankita Asthana                           Anjali Mishra
BBA                                         B. Sc. (Bio Tech)                        BBA
HR & Marketing                              HR & Marketing                           HR & Marketing
Company: IGT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.            Company: Powergrid Corporation of        Company: Thomson Press India Ltd.
Project: A study on leveraging social       India Ltd.                               Project: Comparative study of Manpower
media for recruitment                       Project: Study of Effectiveness of       in Printing Industry & Performance
                                            Performance Appraisal System at          Appraisal of Thomson Press

Shipra Pathania                             Akanksha Verma                           Aditi Nagta
BBA                                         B. Sc. (Biotech)                         B. Com (P)
HR & Marketing                              HR & Marketing                           HR & Marketing
Company: Harvel Aqua Pvt. Ltd.              Company: Thomson Press                   Company: Thomson Press
Project: Performance Appraisal              Project: Manpower study in Printing      Project: Manpower study on Printing
                                            Industry Study of Employee Management    Industry and Training analysis
Vandana Bhalla                            Supriya Goyal                            Anuj Sharma
B. Com (P)                                BBA                                      BBA
HR & Marketing                            HR & Marketing                           HR & Marketing
Company: Halcrow Consulting India         Company: NET4 India Ltd.                 Company: Media Redefined
Pvt. Ltd.                                 Project: VOIP Growing sector in todays   Project: Online reputation and Digital
Project: Training & Development in        business                                 crisis Management for Samsung Mobiles
Halcrow Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.                                                 India

Gaurav Verma                              Ritika Mahajan                           Gaurav Sharma
BBA                                       Economics (H)                            B.Sc. (Maths)
HR & Marketing                            HR & Marketing                           HR & Marketing
Company: Hyundai Motors  Company          Company: Mudra Communication             Company: Reliance Communication
Project: Sales Promotion & Marketing in   Project: Brand Communication Strategy    Project: A Spectrum of Reliance
Hyundai Motors                            Design for Leonardo Olive Oil            Communication and its competitors

Pintu Kumar                               Amir Ahmad                               Venkatesh Kumar
B.Sc.                                     BCA                                      BBM
HR & Marketing                            HR & Marketing                           HR & Marketing
Company: Grasim Industries Ltd.                                       Company
                                          Company: Enrich Agro Good Products       Company: Hyundai Motors
Project: Study of Kara & Puretta          Pvt. Ltd. (Bottlers of Coca Cola)        Project: Sales Promotion & Marketing
                                          Project: War of Coke & Pepsico           in Hyundai Motors
                                          Parameter - Taste, Availability,
Irin Pallavi Chetia                        Haider Faraz                       Mansi Shukla
BA (H)                                     BBA                                B. Com (P)
HR & Marketing                             HR & Marketing                     HR & Marketing
Company: Aircel                            Company: Motherson Sumi Ltd.       Company: Earth Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.
Project: A study on the customer           Project: Analysis of Manager's     Project: Analysis of the consumers
perception about Aircel 3G in Assam        contribution in project planning   perception and expectation while buying
                                                                              a house

Sriram Krishn Murti
HR & Marketing
Company: Earth Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.
Project: The study of consumer
perception regarding Real Estate
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