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									The Newsletter For Holy Cross Alumni, Parents & Friends                                                                      SPRING 2009

      night to
                                                                                    2008 Hall of Fame
   AK                                                                               Honors Outstanding
   R emember                                                                        Alumni and Friends
                                                                                            On the evening of November 22, 2008
                                                                                            the Holy Cross gymnasium was trans-
                                                                                            formed into a lavish banquet hall in cele-
                                                                                            bration of the school’s 2008 Hall of Fame
                                                                                            Gala. More than 400 people attended this
                                                                                            year’s event which honored three alumni,
                                                                                            three members of the faculty and staff, two
                                                                                            members of the Queens community, and
                                                                                            one loyal friend. As in past years, the event
                                                                                            featured the Hall of Fame Journal, a 180-
                                                                                            page publication filled with advertise-
                                                                                            ments, which raised $75,000 for the
                                                                                            school’s Generation to Generation Cam-
                                                                                            paign. The evening began with Mass, fol-
                                                                                            lowed by an extended cocktail hour in the
                                                                                            school café and the main event in the gym-
                                                                                            nasium. Delicious food, an open bar, as
                                                                       (l- r) Standing:     well as music provided by “Deuces Wild”
                  John Buran; Paul LeClerc, Ph.D ‘59; Mark Gibney; John Wheelen;            made for an unforgettable evening of
         Kevin Brady, Esq. ’74. Sitting: Br. Joseph McDonnell, csc; Dolly DeThomas;         camaraderie and fun where honories and
                                       Br. Ralph Edmiston, csc; Thomas Schettino ’66.
                                                                                            their guests stayed late into the evening.

                             Hall of Fame Inductees                                                  CROSS AND ANCHOR
    Kevin F. Brady, Esq. ‘74                       Brother Joseph McDonnell, csc                     HONOREES
    Senior Vice President and Chief Counsel,       Faculty member and former
    Wyeth Pharmaceuticals                          Holy Cross Principal                              John Buran
    Brother Ralph Edmiston, csc                    Thomas W. Schettino ‘66                           President and CEO,
    Holy Cross Advancement Associate               Former President,                                 Flushing Savings Bank
                                                   City and Suburban Federal
    Mark Gibney                                                                                      Dolly DeThomas
                                                   Savings Bank
    Holy Cross Faculty                                                                               Public Relations Manager,
                                                   John Wheelen                                      Crowne Plaza/LaGuardia
    Paul O. LeClerc, Ph.D. ‘59
                                                   Outstanding Friend
    President and Chief Executive Officer,
                                                   Fathers’ Club Member
    New York Public Library                                                                                            See centerfold for more.

                                                               I N S I D E

                                                                                          Notes from                                   2009
       2      Service
              Learning                       4 Highlights                           8     the Holy
                                                                                          Cross Family                       12        Golf
      FROM THE
                                                                       Knights Shine
                                                                       their Light in
Dear Friends of Holy Cross:
There is no better place than a school
                                                                       the Community
to make one fully aware of the ongo-                                   Because Holy Cross was founded with the
ing cycle of life. Each spring as we                                   mission of educating both the “minds and hearts”
prepare to welcome a new class of                                      of its students, it is no surprise that the school’s
freshmen, we are also planning for                                     nationally recognized Service Learning Program
graduation where we will bid farewell to the members of the            is the central pillar of its mission. Students are
senior class. It is certainly a time of mixed emotions!                prepared in their freshman, sophomore, and jun-
                                                                       ior years for the “hands on”experience they will
This edition of Crossroads is intended to provide its readers with a
                                                                       embark upon as seniors when they choose year-
sense of the many experiences Holy Cross provides to its
                                                                       long service commitments in not-for-profits
students—as well as the outstanding achievements of its alumni of
                                                                       throughout NewYork City. Service opportunities,
all ages. As always, it is our goal to prepare our young men to
                                                                       which are usually two hours per week, include
meet the challenges that life will present them—academically,
                                                                       working with the elderly, homeless, and disabled,
professionally, and personally. In the feature on Service Learning
                                                                       volunteering with Habitat-for-Humanity, taking
you will note that we at Holy Cross understand the importance of
                                                                       on environmental projects, or cleaning up graffiti
experiential learning, and provide numerous opportunities for our
                                                                       in local neighborhoods. For over four decades,
students to interact and engage with the larger community. Our
                                                                       Mike Genovese, Director and Founder of the pro-
philosophy of education, based on the ideals of the founder of the
                                                                       gram, has been responsible for growing its size
Congregation of Holy Cross, Blessed Father Basil Moreau, csc,
                                                                       and scope. “The formal service contract these
continues to permeate and influence all that we do.
                                                                       young men enter into is taken very seriously as
It goes without saying that the Holy Cross that was founded            the people and agencies they are serving will be
almost fifty-five years ago could not have been maintained and         depending on them,”Mike explains.
enhanced over all these years without the support of so many of
its loyal alumni, parents, and friends. The honorees of the 2008
                                                                       These are just a few stories of how
Hall of Fame exemplify the Holy Cross spirit in action. When we
                                                                       Holy Cross Men are making a
hear of Catholic school closings and reconfigurations, I am enor-
                                                                       special contribution to the world
mously grateful for the support provided by our constituents to
                                                                       “one person at a time.”
the Annual Fund, major events, as well as plant and endowment
needs. This generosity allows Holy Cross to continue to “educate       Holy Cross Men learn
the hearts and minds” of our young men now and in the future.          that Silence is Golden!
For those who have not yet made a gift to the Annual Fund, a           When Georgio Klidonas, along with thirteen
contribution envelope is included in the centerfold of this publi-     Holy Cross seniors, agreed to work with fifteen
cation. Please remember that no gift is too small!                     8th graders at the St. Joseph School for the Deaf,
If you are in the area, please know that you are welcome to stop by    he found himself both excited and apprehensive.
for a visit. It’s one thing to read about the exciting events taking   Neither Georgio or his fellow classmates fully en-
place, but it’s even more enjoyable to watch another generation of     visioned what was in store for them. During their
students racing through the hallways!                                  first visit to this formidable facility in the Bronx,
                                                                       students were amazed at the size of the school
May St. Joseph, whose feast we celebrate in March, continue to         which serves deaf children from birth to fourteen
intercede on our behalf.                                               years old. “I was really impressed with the stu-
                                                                       dents that were assigned to us,”explains Georgio.
                                                                        “They were smart, funny, and outgoing as they
Sincerely in Holy Cross,
                                                                       spent the first session teaching us ‘signing’ which
                                                                       is their major tool for communicating.”
                                                                       Of course, this was only preparation for the com-
                                                                       ing months where Holy Cross students worked
Brother Stephen LaMendola, csc ‘67
                                                                       with deaf students on an environmental service

                                                    An 8th grader at      Serving and Learning
                                                    St. Joseph School     with the Elderly and Disabled.
                                                    for the Deaf
                                                     teaches              Jonathan Palmiotti devotes his time for two hours every
                                                     Georgio Klidonas,    Saturday at Ozanam Hall Nursing Home transporting residents
                                                      a Holy Cross
                                                      Senior, the         and coordinating activities such as arts and crafts. Having a
                                                      fundamentals        grandmother with Alzeheimers makes this a
                                                       of “signing”.      very meaningful ex-
                                                                          perience for Jonathan.
                                                                          “I knew it would be a
                                                                          lot of work, but making
                                                                          another person feel
project, sharing and experiencing dance and music, working
                                                                          cared for is the greatest
on art and design projects, and using word games and bingo as
                                                                          gift you can give.” Dur-
a means of practicing “signing”. While the Knights helped the
                                                                          ing one activity where
8th graders with socialization skills, St. Joseph students taught
                                                                          residents were served
their “hearing” counterparts that communication can take
                                                                          pretzels      and    juice,
place through a smile, a handshake, works of music and art, a
                                                                          Jonathan was required to
note of thanks, or an act of generosity!
                                                                          be mindful of certain di-
                                                                          etary restrictions. “It was
                                                                          hard because some of the
A Musical Show goes                                                       residents who couldn’t
“On the Road”!                                                            have certain foods wanted
A few years ago seniors Nick Tromboukis and Chris Vitale,                 them anyway,”he explains.
both acoustic guitarists, along with Matt Valle, cajon drum-              “I had to take responsibil-
mer and composer, formed their own band and quickly found                 ity for another person, and                    Jonathan Palmiotti
                                                                                                                     with Gail O’Donovan,
themselves performing at local clubs and events. “One day we              that’s really hard sometimes.”           Director of Volunteers at
were considering how great it would be to perform this show                                                      Ozanam Hall Nursing Home.
for people who might never have listened to a live band,” ex-
plains Nick. Once the idea took shape, they shared it with Mike           Twice a week Joseph Morales supports the recreation and
Genovese and a new service project was born! It didn’t take               socialization of patients who are developmentally disabled at
long before the trio was performing—at hospitals, senior cen-             the Bernard M. Fineson Developmental Disabilities Center in
ters, nursing homes, and after-school programs. The band                  Queens Village. “We work with people in their 30s or 40s who
teaches the audience about rhythm, beat, lyrics as well as the            have the minds of a 12 or 15 year old,” Joseph explains.“They
components of composing and playing music including an                    ‘think young’, so we can connect with them. They really enjoy
opportunity for young musicians to learn how to play the cajon            video games and sports!” he adds. “The people I work with
drum.                                                                     sometimes have different moods, and some days they just want
                                                                          to be left alone.” Overall, Joseph finds the environment to be
                                                                          positive. “We play basketball and joke around,” he smiles. “I
                                                                          like to go there because I can talk to them about things that are
                                                                          important to me, too!”

                                                                           outside the
                                                                           Bernard M.
                                                                     Center in Queens
                                                                      Village where he
          Nick Tromboukis teaches a student at the                   volunteers with the
          St. Fidelis after-school program how to hold                 developmentally
          his hands correctly to play the guitar.                              disabled.

2008 Walkathon Raises                                                     Parents Mix and Mingle at the
$102,172 for New Lockers                                                  Annual Wine and Cheese Party
Friday, October 10                                                        Thursday evening, October 23
                                                                          in the Holy Cross Cafeteria

                                                                          parents Kathy
                                                                              Boccia and
                                                                          Benita Pagan
                                                                         take the opportu-
                                                                          nity to get better
                                                                           acquainted with
Students huddle and ham it up for the camera along
the route. (l-r) Back: Justin Tableman ’09, Marc Loughlin ’10,
Tyler LaPlace ’10, George Vattes ’09; Front: Tim Stypulkowski ’09,
Andrew Silvestri ’09, Jonathan Strelnick ’09, Louis Tomeo ’09,
John Voigt ’09, Tariq Tongue ’09, Nick Tromboukis ’09,
Stanley Willard ’09, Vincent Vaccaro.

                                                                            Board members Thomas Girard ’80 and William Poppe, Jr. ’60
                                                                            with Susan Fields, Advancement Director.

Br. Ralph Edmiston, csc, hosts a “thank you” lunch
for Walkathon parent volunteers in the Brothers residence on
Thursday, October 16, 2008. (l-r) Lizzette Conigliaro,
Mary Kern, Edna Fitzgerald, Vincent Loccisano, Karen Dolan,
Br. Ralph Edmiston, csc, and Jan Graham.

                                                                               Holy Cross freshman parents Sally Sasso, Bill and Liz Lauria,
                                                                               and Ann Lavelle pause for refreshments with alumnus Dave
                                                                               Zablocki ’92 of Wine Cellar Sorbets.
       Faculty member, Joe Walz and Al Forte,
       Guidance Dept. Chair, enjoy the beautiful day!

 Knights visit the Hallowed Halls
 of the New York Public Library
 Monday, November 10, 2008

Knights meet with Dr. LeClerc. (l-r, standing)                  Students in front of the famous stone sculpted lions
Alex DeMolina, Dan Murphy, Jeremy Mejia, Peter Forgione,        outside the library. (l-r) Kyle Robb, Kevin Campbell,
Alexis Sershen, Steven Engelmann, Jeffrey Bonowicz,             Terrence O’Reilly, Alex Sershen, Steven Engelmann, Jeffrey Bonowicz,
Kyle Robb and Kevin Campbell. (l-r, seated) Sam Rowen,          Sam Rowen, Dan Murphy, Ryan Giryluk, Peter Forgione, Alexis DeMolina,
Ryan Giryluk, Terrence O’ Reilly, and Anthony Colangeli.        Jeremy Mejia, and Anthony Colangeli

Other Shining Moments                                           Wheelchair Charities dedicates a new motorized wheelchair,
from the Fall of 2008                                           valued at approximately $85,000, in honor of Holy Cross High
                                                                School in recognition of its long-time community service to their
Students learn about HIV/AIDS in Africa                         patients. Students representing Holy Cross High School with
from Dr. Susanna Grannis, Executive Director of CHABHA          Alanzo George at the Wheechair Charities Dedication
(Children Affected by HIV/AIDS).

   (l-r) Seniors William Rennie, David Marsala, Chris Vitale,
   and Nico Cusumano with
   Dr. Susanna Grannis.

                                                                                               (l-r) Dane Pierre, Thiery Vaval, Khalmall
        Brother Stephen                                                                                Dunkley, Coach Lloyd Desvigne,
             LaMendola                                                                               Marcus Hopper, Jason Boyd, James
        receives Tribute                                                                                     Murphy, Joey Depperman,
            from Italian                                                                                 Joseph Monahan, Sharif Mair.
           as Queens Borough
               President Helen
                 Marshall and
          Joseph Sciame, Vice
         President of St. John’s
            University, look on.

          Family and Friends Celebrate at Presid
                           PRESIDENT’S “KICK-OFF” COCKTAIL PARTY

                                                                                                                                Hall of Famer,
                                                                                                                                Chris Zimmer ‘77 (left)
                                                                                                                                provides a few “pointers”
                                                                                                                                to Br. Ralph Edmiston, csc,
                                                                                                                                and Br. Joe McDonnell,
                                                                                                                                csc, for receiving their
                                                                                                                                award on the big night!

                     Mark Gibney and wife Terry flanked by
             Kathy Genovese and Loreen McCarthy (left) and
           Mike Genovese and Kay Zick (right). Both Kay and
              Mike are already members of the Hall of Fame!

                                                                                 Gloria D’Amico, Queens County Clerk and Greg Lasak ’74, New York
                                                                                 State Supreme Court Judge with friend Dolly DeThomas joined by Mike
                                                                                 Sapraicone ’74 (right), Holy Cross Board Vice Chair and Hall of Famer.

                                                                                                                                 Enjoying the evening!
                                                                                                                                 (l-r) Michael
                                                                                                                                 Casciato ’74,
                                                                                                                                 Board Chair Emeritus;
                                                                                                                                 Gail Sicoli, Associate
                                                                                                                                 Advancement Director;
                                                                                                                                 Br. Stephen
Looking forward to the big event! (l-r) John Buran, President                                                                    LaMendola, csc,
of Flushing Savings Bank, joined by Helen Sears, Council                                                                         President; and
Member, Frank Korzekwinski ’80, Susan Fields,                                                                                    Board member,
Advancement Director, and Grace and Tom Schettino ‘66.                                                                           Chuck Merritt ’80.

                                                          Vicki Schneps-Yunis
                                                          and husband
                                                          Dr. Stuart Yunis with
                                                          John Buran (right center)
                                                          and Debra Markell,
                                                          District Manager,
                                                          Community Board #2.

                                                                 Dolly DeThomas (far
                                                                       right) with (l-r)
                                                                         Ray Benatti,
                                                                   Georgiana Reese,
                                                                  and Debra Markel.

dent’s Reception and Hall of Fame Gala
                                    CELEBRATING AT THE “BIG EVENT”

                                                                                          Kevin Brady (far left) with friends (l-r)
                                                                                          Durant and Marie Rizzuto (parents of Rick Rizzuto ’74)
        Cross and
                                                                                          and Kevin Cavanaugh ‘74 with wife Mary.
 Anchor Honoree,
  Dolly DeThomas
  celebrating with

                                          Mark Gibney celebrating
                                          with friends Michael DeFabio,
                                          Michael Wach, and Gary Testa.

                                                                                                        John and Elizabeth Wheelen (center) surrounded by
                                                                                                            presenter Deacon James Noble and wife Mary.

  Susan Fields, presents plaque to
  Tom Schettino ’66 for his sponsorship            Br. Ed Boyer, csc with Br. Joe McDonnell, csc,
  of the event.                                           as he receives his Hall of Fame award.

  Br. Ralph Edmiston, csc, receives plaque from
  Br. Stephen LaMendola, csc, as presenter,
  Joe Giannuzzi, Holy Cross principal, looks on.

                                                                                                                           It’s a proud moment for Holy
                                                                                                                           Cross as Dr. Paul LeClerc ’59
                                                                                                                           is inducted into the Hall of
                                                                                                                           Fame. Paul is flanked by
                                                                                                                           Janene White, French teacher
                                                                                                                           at Holy Cross, and Br. Stephen
                                                                                                                           LaMendola, csc.

                                                                 After receiving his award, John Buran poses (far right)
                                                                 with Board Chair, Dan Bartolomeo ’73 (left) and
                                                                 Br. Thomas Dziekan, csc, Provincial.

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THE FIFTIES                                                   After ten years as an agent representing writers and        Frank currently lives in Hollywood, FL and enjoys hob-
                                                              directors in television and radio as well as professional   bies in competitive swing dancing, community theatre,
After graduating from Holy Cross, Joseph Michael              and major league baseball players, Vincent Panet-           and kayaking. fpsim444@comcast.net
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University. He has worked in marketing, owned a book          net Financing Illusion. He and wife Penny live in Los       Now retired, Gary Rose ’63 served as ExecutiveVice
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Your Italian Grandma in NewYork City. Michael has also        and live at Robson Ranch, aptly called an“active adult      36 years, have two grown children, and live in
volunteered for Amnesty International and Habitat for         resort community” in Denton, TX. Frank works part-          Kingston, MA. They both recently retired from teach-
Humanity. thecheman@hotmail.com                               time at the Robson Ranch Golf Pro Shop and has              ing careers spanning 37 years. A graduate of Stonehill,
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Brown ’59 plays golf and tennis as often as “the old          ciation. He is also a former US Swimming Official, cur-     local parish where he has recently completed 25 years
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7-Eleven on 162nd Street.Tom and Dorothy plan to re-                                                                      wife Olvie live in Kinderhook, NY.
turn to New York for the 50th reunion in March 2009.          Charlie Zambrano ’60 is a self-employed real                donglennan@gmail.com
tom-brown@nc.rr.com                                           estate broker and lives in Milford, CT.
                                                              zambranocharles@yahoo.com                                   Joseph Heany ’64 works for Northrup Grumman
Dr. Peter John Milazzo ’59 moved to Florida after                                                                         Corporation in El Secundo, CA. He and wife Nancy
working in a private medical practice for twenty years.       Former Principal of Holy Cross High School from 1975        live in Brea, CA. joeheany@roadrunner.com
He is currently a staff physician for the Veterans Ad-        to 1981, John E. McGovern ’61 has held positions in
ministration providing primary care to our vets at            education for the Diocese of Syracuse, the Archdiocese      John Divers ’65 is Chief Financial Officer and Chief
an outpatient clinic in Daytona Beach, Florida. He            of Hartford, and the Congregation of Holy Cross. He is      Operating Officer of The Community Development
and wife Mary live in Ormand Beach, FL.                       currently Director of Education in the Florida State        Trust in New York City. He and wife Ellen have two
eagleeyes2020@gmail.com                                       Courts 15th Judicial Circuit. Johnm555fl@aol.com            children and live in Wayne, NJ. jdivers@cdt.biz
Richard Negretti ’59 and wife Sat Inder reside in             William C. Muskopf ’61 is a retired Lieutenant in           A professor at Loyala Law School in New Orleans, LA,
Kansas City, MO. Richard, now known as Karta Purkh            the FDNY. He has been active in the VFW, is a former        William A. Neilson, Sr. ’65 and wife Kathy live in
Khalsa, works with the Kansas City Interfaith Council,        Captain of the Protection Hook and Ladder Company           Metairie, LA. wneilson@alsfirm.com
the Missouri Bicycle Foundation, the Old Hyde Park            in the Huntington FD, and is a member of the Uni-
Historical District, and is the Director of the 3HO Foun-     formed Fire Officials. A veteran of Vietnam, he was a       James D. Taormina ’65 is the COO of Sound Secu-
dation. kartapurkh.khalso@gmail.com                           Sergeant in the US Marine Corps. Proud parents of           rities, LLC in Jericho, NY. He and wife Marie live in
                                                              four children and six grandchildren, he and wife Ann        Oyster Bay, NY. 52b@hotmail.com
After proudly serving in the US Marine Corps,                 live in Huntington, NY. amuskopf@optonline.net
Thomas J. Ray ’59 returned to Long Island and                                                                             Kenneth F. Tedesco ’66 is President of DeLaSalle
opened a boatyard which he and wife Carol operated            James A. Cummings ’62 resides with wife Mary in             High School in New Orleans, LA and serves as a mem-
until 2006 when they retired to North Carolina to             Canton, GA and works as a communications engineer           ber of Legatus and the Roundtable Club of New Or-
“enjoy their twilight years.”The couple are the proud         with MATC in Atlanta, GA. jjmmc@juno.com                    leans. Ken is also a member of the Board of Directors
parents of three grown children and five grandchildren                                                                    at Willwoods and is theVice Chair for the International
ranging in age from one to twenty-one.                        Retired from the NYS Attorney General’s Office,             Student Leadership Institute. He and wife Janet live in
raybomarine@emparqmail.com                                    Lawrence N. Gray ’62 is a 30-year veteran prose-            Metairie, LA. ktedesco@delasallenola.com
                                                              cutor. With fellow alumni, Richard Manning ‘62, he
                                                              is co-defending, pro bono, a man accused of murder.         Paul Borella ’64 graduated from St. Edwards Uni-
THE SIXTIES                                                   They have collaborated for a year on the appeal which       versity in 1972 and now works in education as a reli-
                                                              Lawrence will argue in court as he is intent on getting     gion department chairperson. Paul also volunteers in
After 38 years in advertising Michael Faulkner ’60            the plaintive a new trial. He and wife Joanne, live in      his local credit union. Major surgery in 2007 has re-
now owns and runs a bed and breakfast for dogs called         Kings Park, NY. lawrencegray2@aol.com                       minded Paul “how sweet life is and what a joy every
GottaGo Home Pet Care in Teaneck, NJ. It’s great fun for                                                                  day brings”. When Paul is not working, he is travelling!
Michael as “dogs are easier to deal with than clients.”       Paul Lesiewicz ’62 retired to Kitty Hawk, NC in 2001        psierra@juno.com
He also offers people-training for dog owners whose           with wife Cathleen and runs the charter fishing boat,
pets“own”them! Michael and wife Marti reside inTea-           STOLAT. After leading the Paul Kenneth Orchestra on         Richard L. Caggiano ’67 has taken the long and
neck, NJ. mfj61lyn@cs.com                                     Long Island for over 30 years, he once again picked up      winding road from Queens to San Francisco and back
                                                              his saxophone and now plays with a Dixieland band           to the east end of Long Island in Southold where he
Anthony Greco ’60 retired in 2004 after working at            on the Outerbanks. Paul sends greetings to his fellow       lives with wife Susan and their three children. He is
Honeywell Information Systems in NY for twenty                Holy Cross band members from the great years of 1959        self-employed as owner of RL Caggiano Company.
years and Pasco County Utilities in Florida for fourteen      to 1962. stolat12@aol.com                                   rcaggio@suffolk.lib.ny.us
years. While in NY, Anthony coached baseball at Holy
Trinity High School in Hicksville as well as at Queens-       A retired NYPD Sergeant, William Micelli ’62                Edward Crager ’67 retired from the USPS after 33
borough Community College and Suffolk Community               started a second career as a private investigator and is    years and lives with wife Kathy at the beach in North
College. In Florida he continued coaching full time at        now fully retired. He lives in Whitestone, NY with wife     Carolina.They have five grown children and six grand-
the Jim Rice Pro Baseball School. Anthony currently           Donna. billgbp@earthlink.net                                children. kcrager@embarqmail.com
coaches his sixteen-year-old grandson’s AAU baseball
team. Since the spring of 2007, he has been making            Frank P. Simonetti ’62 has worked as Director of            With a PhD and Masters in Economics and an MBA in
rosary beads for the missions. He and wife Pat live in        Operations for Restaurant Associates in New York, as        accounting, Robert Mandell ’67 is Managing
New Port Richey, FL. greco30_2000@yahoo.com                   a Detective for NYC Hospital Police, and has spent the      Director at the Bank of NewYork in Manhattan.
                                                              last fifteen years in banking and security operations.      robertwmandell@optonline.net

Robert Piazza ’67 is aVice President at Equity Res-         where he is currently an Operations Specialist. Don-       After graduation from Holy Cross, Gerard Sheridan
idential in New York. He has three sons, Chris, Matt        ald, Terri, and family have lived in East Meadow, NY       ’77 moved to Arizona where he became Deputy Sher-
and Jamie. Robertpiazza1@aol.com                            for over 25 years. donbuckley713@hotmail.com               iff at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. He has
                                                                                                                       been there ever since and currently holds the rank of
Gerald Convy ’68 and wife Mary retired to the               Ralph Gemilli ’71 is a Senior Criminal Investigator        Executive Chief. Gerard also teaches Administration
beaches of North Carolina in 2002. tsijerry@yahoo.com       for the NewYork State Petroleum, Alcohol andTobacco        of Justice classes as an adjunct faculty member for the
                                                            Bureau located in Manhattan. He and wife Janet live        Scottsdale and Mesa Community Colleges. He has
Having served in management for the New York City           in Glendale, NY. rgemelli@nyc.rr.com                       been married for 18 years to wife Stacie and has two
Transit Authority, Michael Gyarnathy ’69 is now                                                                        daughters, Alison and Kathryn. Gerard stays busy as
retired. He and wife Anne live in Farmingdale, NY.          George Irving ’72 lives in Chicago, IL with wife           an amateur large-format fine-art photographer, owns
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                                                            Nicole, who have recently graduated college. George is     three whenever possible! gasheridan@msn.com
Joseph E. Sanchez ’69 spent twenty-five years as a          currently Vice President of Business Support Services
radio announcer in Mississippi, NewYork, New Jersey,        for U.S. Cellular. georgeirving@sbcglobal.net              After four years in the U.S. Marines, and five years in
and Florida. He and wife Pamela now live in Vero                                                                       law enforcement, Lawrence Marc Vellucci ’76 now
Beach, FL where he works as a Sales Administrator for       Bill Lomuscio ’72 is an attorney in private practice       owns two martial arts schools in Oregon.
Dyer Chevrolet. Joseph is still active in baseball, works   in Clinton, NJ where he and wife Mary reside.              He and wife Cassondra live in Redmond, OR.
as a public-address announcer at Holman Stadium,            blomuscio@aol.com                                          craneman6@hotmail.com
writes a weekly sports-related column in the local
paper, and is a member of the Society for American          A retired New York State Police Investigator, Tom          Raymond D. Sessa ’77 is Battalion Chief in the
Baseball Research. setoneaton@hotmail.com                   Perry ’72 is now employed as Director of Security by       FDNY. He and wife Carolyn Fay live in Carmel, NY.
                                                            Congregation Rodeph Shalom, the third largest Syna-        cfsrds@aol.com
                                                            gogue and private Jewish Day School in the U.S.
                                                            tcperry@optonline.net                                      Thomas Shine ’77 has been teaching social studies
THE SEVENTIES                                                                                                          at Brentwood High School for sixteen years as well as
Retired from his job as Security Director at Freehold       Scott Masterson ’72 is Senior Vice President and           working at the school’s various sporting events. He
Raceway in New Jersey, Charles Mazzarella ’70               General Manager of Forbes, Inc. He and wife Donna          and wife Nancy and have three daughters—Jacque-
now volunteers at the National Center for Missing and       live in Garden City, NY. smasterson@forbes.com             line, Danielle, and Patricia. tshine7212@verizon.net
Exploited Children. He and wife Jeannette live in
Highlands, NJ. chiefmazz@comcast.net                        Robert Ernst ’74 is Manager at GabrielliTruck Sales,       Chris Vasilis ‘77 is Director of ELKA Ship Brokerage
                                                            Ltd. in Jamaica, NY. He and wife Rosemary live in New      and Trading, Inc. in Manhattan. He and wife Kather-
After working in the healthcare field for the last 27       Hyde Park. rernst@gabriellitruck.com                       ine have two children and live in Bayside, NY.
years, Salvatore V. Bastardi ’71 currently holds the                                                                   chrisv@elkaship.com
position of COO for Metro-Star, a home healthcare           After ten years in residence at Stonehill College in
company located in Brooklyn. Recently widowed, John         North Easton, MA, six years as Director of Vocations       An avidYankee fan, William W. Seitz ’78 enjoys col-
lives inValley Stream, NY and has two grown children,       for the Congregation of Holy Cross, and four years as      lecting baseball memorabilia. He currently works for
Christopher and Lauren. Slcl4@aol.com                       Director of Campus Ministry, Rev. James E.                 J.P. Morgan Chase as a Branch Manager, having been
                                                            Fenstermaker, csc ’74 was assigned in July 2008 as         with the company for 22 years. His fondest memory of
Richard A. Brown ’71 is Senior Vice President at            Pastor of Holy Cross Parish in South Easton.               Holy Cross was being part of the 1978 CHSAA city
Wells Fargo Bank in Ft. Worth, TX. He and wife              jfenstermaker@holycrosseaston.org                          championship baseball team. dc10bill@aol.com
Kimberly live in North Richland Hills, TX.
Rbrown1253@aol.com                                          Frank Kestler ’74, aka LTC Kestler, sends a message        Thomas Taggart ’78 is President and Owner of
                                                            that he wishes he could be with everyone on the 35th       T-Squared Graphics located in Monmouth Junction,
Currently living in Costa Rica, Thomas Farrell ’71          Graduation Anniversary for the Class of 1974, but he       NJ. ttsquared@verizon.net
invested in a grassroots 5-star hotel located in Manuel     left on October 4, 2008 for a seven month deployment
Antonio on the Pacific. He gets back to NewYork sev-        in Iraq. “God bless and keep all the service men and       Ronald Occhiogrosso ’79, or“Dr. O”as his students
eral times a year and is offering a 10% discount to Holy    women in your prayers.” fkestler@hotmail.com               have called him for twenty years, worked as a Ph.D.
Cross alumni! Thomas also sits on the Board of Direc-                                                                  Chemical Engineer at Union Carbide and Kraft Gen-
tors of LI Leukemia Society and is a benefactor to Fam-     A Financial Planner for individuals, corporations and      eral Foods before entering the teaching profession.
ily Pride and Bailey House. tom_farrell2001@yahoo.com       small business owners, Richard Rizzuto ’74 cur-            Ronald taught for twenty years as a high school sci-
                                                            rently works for Strategies for Wealth in Manhattan.       ence teacher and three years as a Professor of Chemi-
James Fitzpatrick ’71 is an Audit Consultant for            He also volunteers at Bridge toYouth, a non-profit or-     cal Engineering at Manhattan College. Ron and his
CAN Insurance. He and wife Peggy live in Glen Falls,        ganization that develops programs for special needs        family relocated to beautiful Front Royal, VA in 2005
NY. fitzy2000@msn.com                                       children and their families. Richard and wife Nancy        where he now teaches at Notre Dame Academy and is
                                                            have four children and have lived in Dyker Heights,        “thrilled to be there to share his love of science and his
Kevin Harkens ’71 is Vice Principal for Afterschool         Brooklyn for 24 years. richrizzuto@stat4wealth.com         love of the Lord”. rocchiog@juno.com
Programs in the Lodi Unified School District in CA.
He and wife Toni live in Stockton, CA and                   Joseph A. Franco ’75 resides in Lynn Haven, FL and
have two children—Elizabeth, attending CSU                  is self-employed as the owner of “Mr. Tax Systems”.
Fullerton and James, attending Fresno State.                Joefranco8857@bellsouth.net                                THE EIGHTIES
kharkin@comcast.net                                                                                                    Kevin Connolly ’80 is an attorney for Marks,
                                                            Louis A. Macchiarulo ’75 is a teacher of literary clas-    O’Neill, O’Brien, and Courtney in Elmsford, NY. He
Richard Horan ’71 has a B.S. in Finance from SUNY           sics at Regis High School in Manhattan. He had occa-       and wife Alexandria have four children and live in Eas-
Empire State College and is the owner of FlexOars. He       sion to have a “Holy Cross Encounter” with classmate       ton, CT. kwconn007@optonline.net
and wife Kathy live in Belle Harbor.                        Frank Barker ’75 who is moving back to New York
rickhoran@flexoars.com                                      from Florida so that his son may attend Regis with the     After graduating from Queens College with a B.A. in
                                                            expectation that he will study classic literature!         creative writing, Louis P. Ferrante ’80 began writing
David Ingersoll ’71 lives in Glendale and is a Lead                                                                    for radio syndicators including ProMedia, American
Computer Systems Engineer for Keyspan. He and wife          After twelve years as Project Manager at Swanke Hay-       Comedy Network, Dorsey and Donnelly, and ABC
Lori have four children, Christine, Dave Jr., Helena and    den Connell Architects, Robert F. Zingale ’75 took         Radio. In 1987 he formed his production company,
Michael, a junior at Holy Cross. David coaches CYO          a position working in real estate consulting at LaSalle    Attic Witt, with his work airing on stations in some of
baseball and basketball and volunteers in his parish        Partners. He was later transferred to California in 1994   the top ten markets in the U.S. He went on as a writer
homeless shelter. dingersoll@yahoo.com                      and is now running his own project management prac-        for Joan Rivers, as a feature writer with articles ap-
                                                            tice specializing in corporate tenant improvement          pearing in Writer’s Digest and Newsday, and as a
Thomas Martin ’71 is a retired NYPD Sergeant. He            projects. He and wife Cristina live in San Rafael, CA,     scriptwriter for Columbia Tri-Star Productions, writ-
enjoys participating in Living History Organizations        and Robert’s stepson is attending Evergreen State Col-     ing episodes of the highly-rated German comedy
re-enacting American Revolution and American Civil          lege in Olympia, WA. Robert.zingale@mac.com                “Rita’s Welt”. In 2006, Louis re-launched his company
War time periods. hooleyhse@aol.com                                                                                    as a marketing firm and offers an invitation to drop by
                                                            Gary J. Kelly ’75 is owner and CEO of KelCar. He           his website www.AtticWitt.com where“the light is al-
Richard Rawald ’71 is Vice President of Marketing           and wife Nilufer live in Mt. Sinai, NY.                    ways on because inspiration happens 24 hours a day.”
at SYSCO. He and wife Robin live in Harmony, FL.            pharmasea@optonline.net                                    louis.ferrante@gmail.com
                                                            With a B.A. from Colgate University and a JD fromThe       With a degree in Management Information Systems
Married 29 years to wife Terri, Donald Buckley ’72          College of William and Mary, Donald T. Kiley, Jr.          from Pace University, Peter Vitrano ’81 has been
has five children and one grandchild. Don received his      ’76 is a partner in the law firm Kiley, Kiley, Kiley lo-   working in the brokerage industry for
BS from St. Francis College in Brooklyn and worked          cated in Great Neck, NY. He and wife Maria live in         twenty-two years utilizing his knowledge of
for the Social Security Administration for 28 years         Huntington, NY. donmaria@optonline.net                     systems analysis, design, and development.

         continued from previous page
                                                           past President of the Arizona Association of Defense       comprehensive three-volume set published by John
He is Assistant Vice President of Corporate Technol-       Counsel. He is also Chair of the City of Phoenix Board     Wiley and Sons. Dr. Frank J. Fabozzi of Yale University
ogy for Nomura Securities International. He and wife       of Adjustment, and Chair of the State Bar of Arizona       is the editor of this book series which covers various
Francine have three children and live in Flushing, NY.     Environmental Section. Patrick lives in Phoenix with       topics and developments in finance and investing.
pfvitrano@verizon.net                                      wife Amy and their two young sons.                         Victor_ricciardi@ssm.com
Richard A. Widmaier ’81 is a veteran of the US                                                                        A Sergeant in the NYPD, Martin P. Browne, ’88 has
Navy spending five years aboard the USS WS Sims            Frank Santoro ’84 works for WellCare of NewYork            eleven years in the New York Police Department. He
stationed out of Mayport, FL and doing numerous            as Director of LTC Operations.                             lives in Glendale, NY with wife Jeanette and their two
tours of duty in the Mediterranean. After his dis-         fhsantoro@hotmail.com.                                     children, Joseph and Emily. Mbrowne1@nyc.rr.com
charge, he went back to college, received a degree in
Mechanical Engineering, and is now GIS Technician          For over twenty years, Michael F. Cesaro ’85 has           Anthony LaRosa ’89 is Chief of Survey for Tully
for Freedom Group USA in Charlotte, NC. For he and         been both an actor and director. He is currently a         Construction Company. He and wife Angela live
wife Bridget, their “newest adventure” is their five-      member of the Theatre Faculty of Queensborough             in Farmingdale with their son Anthony.
year old twins who just entered kindergarten.              Community College and remains active in various            team1larosa@optonline.net
twinpop@carolina.rr.com                                    forms of media. Recent credits include Associate Pro-
                                                           ducer on the film “Playball”, and in 2004 Michael          Frank L. Marchesini ’89 lives in Hermosa Beach,
Retired from the US Air Force after 23 years of service,   hosted the Long Island Music Festival sponsored by         CA with wife Melissa and works as Vice President of
George C. Sims ’82 is a Planner/Noise Abatement            Good Times Magazine. Michael is also a member of the       Entertainment Public Relations for Showtime Net-
Officer for the Clark County Aviation Department in        Society for American Baseball Research and is known        works in Los Angeles. frankm25@earthlink.net
Las Vegas, NV, where he and wife Kathleen reside.          among memorabilia collectors as a leading historian
Simsg63@yahoo.com                                          regarding uniform design and history. Having studied       Michael J. Ware ’89 is a Art Teacher at Holy Trinity
                                                           major league baseball uniform designs for over 25          High School in Hicksville, NY and lives in Whitestone
Robert Werner ’82 lives in Brandon, FL and is Vice         years, Michael has written an article on the history of    with wife Jennifer and their two children, Alexa and
President ofTraining for Citigroup. robertjw@aol.com       the NY Mets uniform which can be found online at the       Michael. mikebeware@msn.com
                                                           Ultimate Mets Database website,
For many years, John Ficarra ’83 worked as a Wall          www.ultimatemets.com. mcesarano@verizon.net
Street broker where he was involved in many initial
public offerings. He has received many awards for          Peter J. Koester ’85 is a Submarine Engineering            THE NINETIES
work in his field and as a leader in the office for pro-   Technician for Perot Systems Government Services in        Michael Ryan Kearney ’91 is a Fixed Income Port-
duction. Currently, John is self employed in the bank-     Dover, NH. He served ten years in the U.S. Naval Sub-      folio Manager at Western Asset in NewYork City. He
ing profession and lives in Southampton, NY with wife      marine Force, with two tours in the Navigation Divi-       and wife Jeanine have been married for ten years and
Mara. Juliene8j@aol.com                                    sion and three overseas deployments and in Operation       live in Highland Mills, NY with their two children,
                                                           Iraqi Freedom. Peter lives in Rowley, MA with wife         Michael and Maryella. jerryrigged@optonline.net
Frederic J. Salchli ’83 is Chief Technical Officer for     Michele and daughter Gem. subguys@comcast.net
DuoConsulting in Chicago, IL where he resides.                                                                        Currently attending the University of South Florida,
fjs@salchli.com                                            As Senior Production Manager, Donald LaSala ’85            Jerome M. Laruccia, Jr. ’91 is working towards his
                                                           works for Robert Allen Group in Manhattan. He and          Masters Degree in Elementary Education. He volun-
Gary Sgroi ’83 became a chiropractor in 1989 and           wife Sherri live in Mt.Vernon, NY.                         teers at WSLR, Sarasota’s community radio. Jerome is
has practiced in Seaford, NY for 16 years. He lives in     dlasala@robertallenmail.com                                on the transplant list awaiting a new kidney.
Bethpage with wife Rosemarie, son Joey, and daugh-                                                                    jeromelaruccia@hotmail.com
ter Jessica. gsgroi@optonline.net                          Nicholas Rodriguez ’85 has joined Jones Day, an
                                                           international law firm, where he works as counsel in       Working for Mercedes Benz Financial Services in
Self-employed, Thomas Artinian ’84 is a chiroprac-         the Mergers and Acquisitions Group. Nicholas will be       Farmington Hills, MI, Julien Lataillade ’91 is a Risk-
tor at Country Place Chiropractic located in Pearland,     celebrating his two-year wedding anniversary to wife       Based Collections Manager. He and wife Theresa wel-
TX where he and wife Kathleen reside.                      Jacqueline in October 2008.                                comed their son Caleb Julien on June 8, 2008. Julien
kctal@sbglobal.net                                         nicholaserodriguez@gmail.com                               also volunteers at Leaders of Tomorrow working with
                                                                                                                      high school students in the Detroit area.
Luigi Beccarelli ’84 is Senior National Director of        Eugene Wick ’85 is Purchasing Director for Parts           jvaugh73@hotmail.com
Operations for Dunkin Brands.com. He and wife Elaine       Authority, Inc. He volunteers as a Cub Master for
live in Williston Park, NY. centurian14@yahoo.com          Scout Pack 172, is Membership Director in the Knights      Omar Medina ’91 is Vice President at Goldman
                                                           of Columbus Council 5960, and Youth Group Coordi-          Sachs and Company in Manhattan. He and wife
Robert Cavagna ’84 is a Lieutenant Colonel in the          nator of Blessed Trinity Middle School. He and wife        Michele live in River Edge, NJ. Omar.medina@gs.com
U.S. Army stationed in Germany. He is married to wife      Cristina live in Ocala, FL. gino717@aol.com
Karola. Robert.cavagna@us.army.mil                                                                                    A SeniorTax Manager, David Poillucci ’91 works for
                                                           Andrew Alacca ’86 is employed by the government            Withum, Smith and Brown, PC. He and wife Susan live
As a construction contractor, Peter Francis Forgione       as a Radar Maintainer for the FAA. He lives in Bayville,   in Chatham, NJ. suedavep@optonlin.net
’84 is the owner of Forgione Construction Corpora-         NY with wife Elizabeth and their twin sons, Anthony
tion. He and wife Christine live in Whitestone, NY.        and Andrew. rew22rew@yahoo.com                             Sean Michael Gorman ’92 is a Senior Program
Nyhouse4sale@gmail.com                                                                                                Manager for Verizon and lives in Flower Mound, TX
                                                           Self-employed, Daniel Crespo ’86 is President of           with wife Bella and their children David and Sara.
After living in Colorado, New Hampshire, and around        Elite Process Servers, Inc. in Floral Park, NY. He and     Seanmgorman2000@yahoo.com
New York, Mark Forseth ’84 returned to Long                wife Patti live in Smithtown with their three sons.
Island and works as an Appraisal Manager for Es-           dcr19@ao.com                                               With a BS in Criminal Justice from St. John’s Univer-
urance. He has been married to wife Liana for five                                                                    sity, Michael Canale ’93 is a Firefighter with the
years and has a 3 year old son. Mark rides a Harley and    Sammy Miocic ’86 is living in Westbury, NY with            FDNY. He and wife Jeanette live in Farmingdale, NY.
tries to stay in shape to keep up with his boy!            wifeTami and works as an investment manager with JP        canalemichael@hotmail.com
motion66@msn.com                                           Morgan Chase. gosam12@gmail.com
                                                                                                                      Jose C. DelaCuesta ’93 works as Information Tech-
Larry Frankini ’84 is a doctor in private practice. He     Tofloko Nasara Gargonnu ’87 has held many po-              nology and Human Resource Manager for Precision
and wife Gita live in Muttontown, NY.                      sitions in the field of health including Physical Educa-   Limousine International in College Point, NY.
laf3596@optonline.net                                      tion teacher, fitness instructor, personal trainer, and    josedelacuesta@precisiononlimo.com
                                                           Founder of Sirius Health Network.Tofloko is currently
Director of Litigation Technology Services, Salvatore      a distributor of nutritional products as an independ-      Director and Producer Joseph G. Eckardt ’93 is
A. Mancuso ’84 works for Willkie, Farr and                 ent member of SiriusJuice.com. He and wife Makena          President and owner ofThe Film Emporium: A Motion
Gallagher, LLP in Manhattan. He and wife Lisa live in      live in San Diego, CA with their three boys.               Picture Company. Joe is married and lives in Los An-
Manhasset, NY. hamlet000@msn.com                           nasara.gargonnu@gmail.com                                  geles, CA. jeckardt@thefilmemporium.com
John G. Messemer ’84 is President of North Shore           A professional magician, Dennis Kyriakos ’87 lives         Richard J. Iavarone ’93 is a proud member of
Citrus, Inc. He and wife Karen live in Rockville Centre,   in Astoria, NY. dennis@miraclemagic.com                    FDNY as well as the owner of Blue Diamond Limou-
NY. kjmessemer@optonline.net                                                                                          sines located in Valley Stream, NY. Rji2004@aol.com
                                                           Victor Ricciardi ’87 had two chapters published in         Robert Muir ’93 is a sales representative for Cater-
Patrick Joseph Paul ’84 is an attorney with Snell          the Handbook of Finance in August 2008. The titles of      pillar Power Generation. He and wife Dawn live in
and Willmar in Phoenix, AZ. He is a member of the          his book chapters are“The Psychology of Risk:The Be-       Smithtown, NY and have two daughters and one more
Board of Directors for Upward Foundation, serves as        havioral Finance Perspective”and “Risk:Traditional Fi-     on the way! bmuir@hopenmachinery.com
President of the Arizona Celtic Bar Association, and is    nance versus Behavioral Finance”. The handbook is a

Rene Benito ’94, a former Marine, works at Kramer           Marc Lashley ’01 is a Logistics Analyst for Canon         IN MEMORIAM
and Pollack, LLP in Mineola, NY. rbenito@nyc.rr.com         USA. Confess00@aol.com
                                                                                                                      James Amato ‘75 (Feb. 23, 2009)
Stefan Charles-Pierre ’94 is a faculty member and           With a B.S. in Business Administration from the Uni-
administrator at Northern Virginia Community                versity of Southern California, Gene N. Yraola ’01        William Bearer ‘59 (July 17, 2008)
College. He lives in Hyattsville, MD.                       is a Recording Executive for Sony BMG in New York         Gerald C. Begley,
Stfan1914@hotmail.com                                       City. geneyraola@yahoo.com                                Former Holy Cross Coach
Jason Michael Diaz ’95 is a Sergeant in the 442nd                                                                     (December 15, 2008)
Military Police Company, NY Army National Guard.                                                                      Along with Bill Stetter, Gerry Begley started the football
He graduated from U.S. Field Artillery School as Fire                                                                 program at Holy Cross in 1955 and continued as coach
Support Specialist and from the U.S. Military Police                                                                  until the school’s administration through 1960. During
School. He also served in Iraq Campaign 2003-2004. He                                                                 his time at Holy Cross, Begley tirelessly obtained 15-20
and wife Nisha live in Hicksville, NY with their two                                                                  part or full football scholarships for his players. Begley
sons and daughter. Jason.Diaz@us.army.mil                                                                             was an “All-City” Quarterback at Mount St. Michael’s
                                                                                                                      under legendary Coach Howie Smith, and was backup
Albert Maimone ’95 is President of Forcina and                                                                        Quarterback to Hiesman Award Recipient, John Lujack,
Maimone, P.C. located in Whitestone, NY.                                                                              on three National Championship teams at Notre Dame
almaimone@aol.com                                                                                                     University under Coach Leahy. A football coach for 45
                                                                                                                      years as well as a scout for the Jersey City Giants, Beg-
A Financial Specialist, Kristoffer E. Rivera ’95                                                                      ley’s professional life included working as a manufac-
works for Wachovia in Financial Planning. He and wife       Brian C. Ching, csc ’03 professed his first vows as a     turer’s representative and owner of a long-term care
Melissa live in Bellerose, NY.                              member of the Congregation of Holy Cross on August        facility. Gerry also served as a volunteer fundraiser for
Kristoffer.rivera@wachovia.com                              2, 2009. The ceremony took place at Sacred Heart          Pope John XXIII High School in Sparta, New Jersey. In
                                                            Church in Colorado Springs. In attendance were            the Spring of 1993 Coach Begley was inducted into the
Living in Briarwood, Queens, Steve Valjato ’95 and          Brian’s parents and Br. Stephen LaMendola, csc.           Holy Cross Hall of Fame in honor of his work as a coach
wife Elaine celebrated the birth of their first child De-   Shortly after the ceremony, Brian returned to Moreau      at the school. Tom Costello ‘59, Dennis Golden ‘59, and
cember 2007. Steven is self-employed as a Structural        Seminary on the campus of Notre Dame University           Patrick Keneally ’60 attended the funeral held in Ocean
Engineer. S_valjato@hotmail.com                             where he will continue his studies for the priesthood.    Pines, Maryland.
                                                                                                                      Robert Colon ‘79 (February 21, 2008)
Chef Michael Harris ’96 started as a line cook and          Justin M. DeIeso ’03 has completed boot camp and
with extensive culinary training and experience and         is stationed at USMC Base 29 in Palms, CA where is is     Joseph Hudson, Jr.
has“has taken the culinary world by storm”combining         awaiting deployment.                                      Father of Joseph Hudson III ‘10
strong pastry skills with fine dining preparation. After
firmly establishing himself in the Washington D.C.          Joseph Matelsky ’04 is President of Matelsky              Martin Lenehan ‘59 (Thanksgiving, Nov. 27, 2008)
hotel scene, Chef Michael started Red Roze Catering,        Building and Design Group, Inc.
making professional cakes for special occasions such        joe@matelskybuilding.com                                  Sean McDonough ‘00
as weddings, birthday, and anniversaries as well as                                                                   George Monsen
preparing fine dining cuisines for intimate and private     Michael R. Rappold ’05 is a Cosmetics and Fra-            Husband of Renee Monsen,
dining parties. mikecharris21@aol.com                       grance Marketing major at FIT, and hopes to either        former faculty member.
                                                            earn a Masters Degree in Fragrance Creation and De-
Christopher J. Vassallo ’96 works for the NFL in            velopment in France or work toward a Masters in           Philip Pascale ‘70 (October 5, 2008)
Broadcasting and Media Operations in Manhattan.             Chemistry in the USA. Michael’s goal is to devise and
He and wife Claudia live in Beechurst, NY.                                                                            Valentine V. Reisig (January 25, 2009)
                                                            create fine fragrances for top cosmetics companies like   Father of Val Reisg ’78 and member of the first
Chris.vassallo@nfl.com                                      Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, and L’Oreal Paris.         “Executive Committee”which preceeded the first
                                                            michaelrappold@aol.com                                    Holy Cross Board of Directors.
Nicholas Augello ’98 lives in Brooklyn and is a Sen-
ior Network Technologist for the NYS Unified Court          Randolph Espinosa ’06 is a Loan Administration            Timothy Smith ‘05
system. naugello@gmail.com                                  Assistant for the New York Community Bank in Jeri-
                                                            cho, NY. Randolph1988@yahoo.com                           Robert Yorio (Dec. 4, 2008)
James Gensler ’98 works as a Skills Enhancement                                                                       Father of SteveYorio ‘00
Manager for the Lincoln Technical Institute located in      Charles V. Pilotti ’06 is a junior at Quinnipiac
Whitestone, NY where he also resides.                       University in CT where he is studying Finance.
jamesgensler@gmail.com                                      charles.pilotti@quinnipiac.edu

A Research Analyst, William Radie ’99 works in              Joseph N. Rello, Jr. ’06 is a Photo Lab Supervisor.                         Brothers of
marketing and sales for Katz Media Continental Tele-        Falloutboy1988@aol.com                                                      Holy Cross
vision. bill.radie@gmail.com
                                                            Harold Brizard ’08 is a freshman attending St.                              Educators in the Faith
                                                            Edward’s College
2000 – 2008                                                                                                                             Making God Known,
Matthew Como ’00 is a Sales analyst working for             Matthew Morris ’08 was congratulated by NewYork
                                                            State Senator Frank Padavan for earning the rank of                         Loved, and Served
Lifetime Brands in Garden City, NY.
Mgc611@gmail.com                                            Eagle Scout in August 2008 along with four other
                                                            scouts in Boy Scout Troop 18 of St. Fidelis in College                      For information contact:

Rashad J. Ladson ’01 is a Software Engineer at              Point. Matthew earned 21 merit badges and conducted                         Bro. Jonathan Beebe, CSC

IBM. While attending North Carolina A&T State Uni-          projects such as blood and food drives.                                     Director of Vocations
versity, he received his B.S. in Computer Science and                                                                                   www.holycrossbrothers.org

his Masters in Information Technology.                      Steven Russel Tucker ’08 is an Instructor at
rjladsonW@gmail.com                                         Progressive Gymnastics. sunnydoodles69@yahoo.com

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                        Br. Ralph Edmiston, csc – Advancement Associate – (718) 886-7250, Ext. 508 - alumni@holycrosshs.org
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