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Season 1 and 2

Season 1
Episode #1 -Water Works

With over 70% of the world covered in oceans, lakes and rivers, it’s natural that
some of the most unique and potentially dangerous jobs out there are found near

River Raft Guide
He’s not your ordinary tour guide. A self –titled “adventure entrepreneur”, he
gives white water rafting tours down the Kicking Horse River.

Glass Bottom Boat
An underwater tour guide in an odd shaped submarine. His days are filled with
fish and corals just off the Island of Martinique.

Shark Tours
He spends his days hanging out with the sharks. A job where loving danger is
essential, and patience is definitely a virtue.

Maid of the Mist
He’s a captain who is required to get his passengers soaked. The ship he
commandeers is the Maid of the Mist, one of Niagara Falls’ longest running
tourist industries.

Jet Boat Driver
He gives locals and tourists hair rising rides thorough the New Zealand
countryside on one of the fastest boats around. It’s not hard to understand how
someone could lose their cool, or their lunch.

Episode #2 - Careers in Motion

It’s no surprise that some of the most fascinating jobs involve vehicles. These
people are constantly moving in their careers, literally!
NASA Crawler
The crawler transporter is NASA’s answer to your average tow truck. Without
this vehicle the space shuttle would have no way of getting to the launch pad.

Wood Glider
His company has been around for nearly 70 years filling toy store shelves with
balsam wood airplanes. He runs the whole show and still holds on to a childlike
sense of humor.

Olympia Driver
He makes ice smooth as silk. By driving an Olympia for a living he is always part
of the action on Canada’s largest stage.

He drives a crane that’s twelve million pounds and stands two hundred feet high.
He truly “digs” his job, because this machine is putty in his hands.

Blimp Pilot
Foregoing his need for speed, this man joined an even more exclusive club –
those who fly Blimps.

Episode #3 - People in Science

Mankind is constantly working towards understanding Mother Nature. Thanks to
those who choose careers in science, we continuously gain new insight about the
planet’s past, it’s present, and how to ensure its future.

He lives in Hawaii and studies volcanoes for a living. As fascinating as this can
be, however, danger is never more than a few steps away.

Working at the La Brea Tar Pits is a Paleontologist’s dream. He digs up the
history of our planet for a living and never knows what he’s going to uncover.

Sperm Bank
Science helps this man create life. He pairs donor sperm with mothers-to-be.

RCMP Forensics
She is on the leading edge of forensic technology. Her days are spent following
the trails left by countless criminals and her tool is the science of DNA analysis.

In the field of earthquake seismology, he is in the thick of the action. He’s
located in southern California, a hotbed of seismic activity.
Episode #4 - Animal Kingdom

Working with animals is never an easy task. For those who choose to take the
challenge, however, the rewards are often huge and always fun.

Zoo Keeper
Her best friends are hippos, giraffes, wart hogs and pandas. She is the large
mammal keeper at the Calgary Zoo, the second largest zoo in Canada.

Studio Animals
She works in Hollywood California, the home of the stars. The stars she trains,
however, have four paws and a tail!

Aquatic Friends
These guys don’t have to take holidays to go to the beach. One studies
penguins and one gets to swim with the dolphins.

Whale Crier
In South Africa, the town of Hermanus is known for its abundant whale
population, and for the man who watches them. Thanks to him, tourists have an
inside advantage to the art of whale spotting.

Safari Guide
South Africa is inhabited by a rich diversity of wildlife. If you’re looking for a face-
to-face encounter with the animals, this man can navigate you through the bush.

Episode #5 - Performers

Those who perform for a living often finds their trades in unusual locations. From
dining halls and buses, to the historical streets of Great Britain, all the worlds a

Medieval Banquet
They seat one hundred thousand people a year at their restaurant. It’s a
medieval banquet and everyone’s invited.

Snowbird Pilot
They are the most prestigious aerobatic demonstration team in Canada. With
their tactical tricks and highflying acrobatics, they’re recognized as one of the
most spectacular air shows in the world.
Town Crier
He’s more than a big voice and a bell. His trade dates back to the year 1066,
which makes him a piece of living history.

Bull Fighter
Everyday on the job he looks danger in the face. Working with bulls for a living,
he’s bound to get a “buck” or two more then he bargained for.

Nash Trash Tours
They’re the beauties behind Nashville’s only musical comedy tour. Take a ride
with the Jugg sisters and you’re guaranteed a ride like no other.

He used to be a combat soldier in the Royal Marines. Now he’s a professional
gun handler who has earned the respect of movie makers and directors across
the country.

Episode #6 Extreme Jobs

There will always be those in this world who like things just a little bit different.
Enter the world of thrill seekers and dare devils who take their jobs to the

Bungee Jumping
These guys would love to throw you off a bridge. They own The Bungee Zone, a
thrilling getaway for those who need a little out of the ordinary entertainment.

Tank Rentals
This isn’t your ordinary vehicle rental establishment. He’s the Tank Guy and the
vehicles he rents out can carry up to five tones.

Blind Waiter
His job doesn’t seem that unique at first, but take a second look and you won’t
believe your eyes! He waits on tables with the greatest of ease, but has yet to
see a customer.

Chuck wagon Drivers
Part John Wayne, part daredevil, this father and son team compete with a
passion that runs deep in their blood. Their wagon takes them around the “Half
Mile of Hell” hoping to out race disaster for a $50,000 jackpot.

He gets a kick out of throwing people down a hill. He’ll take you on one of the
wildest rides of your life, inside an inflatable plastic ball.
Episode #7 - Artists Touch

Art has long been held as the signature of civilization. From Picasso to Andy
Warhol, artists have always had some of the most fascinating and unique jobs

He’s been called the Master of Clay photography. But he’s just one part of a
creative team that makes clay come alive right before your eyes!

Dino’s for Sale
This artist’s Jurassic imagination breathes life into pre-historic creatures. Piece
by piece, her job is to make exact replicas of dinosaur bones.

Murano Glass
He’s been creating glass sculptures since he was eleven. Operating from a tiny
shop in the heart of Venice, Italy, he has become a master craftsman in his field.

Neon Artist
He’s a bright new artist working in a medium still relatively young. A fascination
with neon lights has drawn this man to a career that is truly psychedelic.

Tiki Sculptor
Whether it’s rock or wood, this man has the magic touch. He’s a sculptor in Tiki
carvings and he’s known for his creations all over Hawaii.

Episode #8 - All About Sports

In the fast paced world of sports there are many who work hard to enable others
to play. Whether it’s working behind the scenes, or taking part on the playing
field, this world offers many jobs that seem very out of the ordinary.

Monster Trucks
This monster athlete has a never ending appetite for destruction. Where he
works the rules of driving are thrown out the window and the biggest rush is the

Bull Rider
He’s a modern day gladiator who always takes life by the horns. He rides for the
rush but ultimately strives for 8 seconds of glory.
Louisville Slugger
This all star team produces 200,000 to 300,000 bats each year. The greatest
baseball players in the world use their products and it’s a constant job to make
sure they get the best.

Toronto Blue Jays Mascots
It takes a certain kind of person to fill a mascot’s shoes. These two have traded
in their business suits for something a bit less conventional.

Saddledome Lady
Her place of work is an oversized saddle. She runs the show at the Calgary
Saddledome, home of the NHL Calgary Flames.

Episode #9 - Europe’s Jobs

Europe with it’s history, beauty, and various cultures is a wonderful and
fascinating place. From London to Venice, each job has ties to its own little piece
of history.

London Cabbies
London is one of the busiest tourist destinations in the world. He is one of the
most of the most skilled drivers in the world and its his job to make sure people
get where they want to go.

Butler Training School
He works deep in the heart of London, England right next to Buckingham Palace.
He has built his empire by helping people help others.

Gondola Maker
Venice Italy is world renowned for the beauty of its architecture and it’s famous
streets of water. He works on these streets running a mode of transportation that
has changed very little since it was first created.

Whitechapel Bell Foundry
He works at one of the most famous bell making companies in the world. This
family business is known for casting such famous bells as those in Big Ben and
Westminster Abbey and also produced the well known cracked Liberty Bell.

Shakespeare And Company
These bookstore employees know that their workplace is anything but ordinary.
This popular Paris destination is the temporary home of a multitude of creative
people from around the globe.
Episode #10 - Jobs from A to Z

The world is a big place full of many different people who have very unique jobs.
There are those who work at sea, those who work in the skies, and those who
work in their minds, capturing our imagination with their creativity.

Window Washer
It’s their job to keep the skyscrapers shining. They’ve been washing windows
for 20 years and always work hard, regardless of the weather.

Helicopter Stunt Pilots
These guys work from offices in the sky. From fighting fires to working in the
movies, both make a living doing exactly what they love.

The Bubble Man
This man entertains kids and adults alike. He’s called the Bubble Man and he
spends his days in a magical world full of soapy laughter.

Robot Man
This man lives out his childhood dream by making his one of a kind robots. He
makes his living filling orders for accountants, doctors, lawyers and famous

Ferry Boat Captain
In many places around the world, Ferry travel is a way of life. To this man, it’s
more than a way of life, it’s a living, and he’s the captain of The Spirit of British

Episode #11 - Big Projects

The world is a large and magnificent place and it’s filled with many human made
wonders. For that reason, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are quite a few
jobs that are on the larger side of life.

Lion’s Gate Bridge
Built in 1938, this fifteen hundred foot long suspension bridge towers as high as
five hundred feet and suspends the bridge’s deck two hundred feet above the
water. He is the director for the “Lion’s Gate Project”, an extensive rehabilitation
plan intended to bring the bridge up to code, in a unique way.

Stone Carvers
This team of mountain carvers is trying to finish a project that was started in
1939! They’re blasting out a monument for the Sioux Indian leaders, honoring
their fallen hero Chief Crazy Horse.
Eiffel Tower Painter
The Eiffel Tower in Paris is visited by thousands of excited tourists every year.
To keep it looking shiny and new, it takes the combined efforts of several
talented craftsmen.

New York Artisans
Attracting tourists and instilling pride in its citizens are the rolls of the awe
inspiring structures that loom over New York City. From the Statue of Liberty to
the Statue of Justice, these monuments owe some of their glory to this company.

Cemetery Curator
Washington D.C. is home to the policy makers and the political elite of the United
States of America. It is also home to the Congressional Cemetery and this man,
who takes care of its famous and important inhabitants.

Episode #12 - Saving the Species

North America is home to many different people with many different interests.
It’s no wonder that from these interests come a collection of jobs that are as
remarkable and exciting as the people who work them.

Reptile Gardens
He makes his living breeding and preserving the world’s deadliest snakes. His
co-worker’s job description includes leading a thirteen-foot, seven hundred pound
salt-water crocodile named “Bottomless” in aerobics.

Amazon Curator
Taking care of snakes and bugs all day isn’t an easy task. He brings the
Amazon to Canada and is responsible for making sure its assortment of
creatures live a long, healthy and happy life.

Urban Search and Rescue
He is a military engineer, providing maintenance, welfare and support for the
troops over seas. His team’s most important task is accomplished during
emergency situations when they risk great danger to perform search and rescue

Marine Mammal Trainer
To some, hers sounds like the coolest job around. She agrees, but while training
Dolphins is fun, it also takes a lot of hard work to get them to point where they
can perform in front of a live audience.
Clearance Diver
He’s been diving since he was 12 years old. Now he dives with a team who face
danger on a daily basis.

Episode #13 - Local Customs

Our world is filled with a diversity of interests. Ordinary jobs turn into those that
are extraordinary when looked at through a different pair of eyes.

Ice Hotel
Through out the world, there are many exotic hotels to visit, but how many of
these hotels last for only five months out of the year? The staff of this hotel is
definitely the “coolest” staff on the planet.

Tall Ships
They work on the world’s oldest commissioned naval ship. Enjoyable as their
work is, it’s a far cry from a typical Navy assignment.

Ukulele Maker
He has a Masters and a PHD in Oceanography but spends his days making the
musical instruments that Hawaii is famous for. His ukuleles have been sold to far
off places all over the world, but many of them find their way home for some
tender loving care.

Musical Ride
They are one of the most recognized symbols in the world today. When this
Canadian Mountie goes to work every day, he’s not just horsing around.

Clock Tower
Bern Switzerland is home to the world’s oldest clock. It’s this mans job to make
sure things are always running on time.

Season 2

Episode #14 – “It’s In The Hole”
When you think of “holes” many things probably come to mind - black holes, a
hole in one. But have you ever thought about the people who spend their days
working in holes?

Jobs Profiled: Meteor Crater Tour Guide, Crop Circle Investigator, Lake
Deepener, Chimney Sweep, Underground Cave Tour Guide.
Episode #15 – “Viva Las Vegas”
Once known mostly for its casinos, Las Vegas is now one of the most exciting
and rapidly growing cities in the world. The jobs found in Las Vegas are not only
unique; they’re a lot of fun!

Jobs Profiled: Wine Angel, Shark Reef Curator, Indoor Skydiving Instructor,
Freemont Lights Display Maintenance, Artificial Snow Maker, Sword Swallower.

Episode #16 – “On With The Show”
In today’s fast-paced world, everyone loves a chance to sit back, relax and enjoy
a good show. No matter where you go, quality entertainment is never hard to
find, thanks to the many men and women whose life’s work is to entertain others.

Jobs Profiled: Balloon Man, Circus Performer, Jack The Ripper Tour Guide, Paris
Busker, Puppet Maker, High Diver.

Episode #17 – “Not As They Seem”
In the world of Very Odd Jobs, things aren’t always as they seem. There are
many men and women who make a living doing things that seem ordinary at first
glance, but are very unique when you take a closer look.

Jobs Profiled: Professional Bag Lady, Artificial Eye Maker, Wax Museum Artist,
Carnivorous Plant Breeder, Graffiti Maintenance, Zippo Lighter Car Driver.

Episode #18 – “Creative Minds”
Whether it’s a work of art or a popular invention, creativity is often the foundation
of any success. Many talented and imaginative people have built their careers
by using their creative minds.

Jobs Profiled: Art Car Society, Wooden Shoe Maker, Limoncello Maker, Carousel
Restorers, Emmy Maker.

Episode #19 – “Animal Crackers”
If animals could talk, what kind of stories would they tell? Fortunately, it’s easy to
see inside their minds. You just have to talk to the people who work with them
every day.
Jobs Profiled: Siberi Inn Owner, Llama Farmer, Hawk Trainer, Sydney Aquarist,
Alligator Wrangler.

Episode #20 – “On The Move”
Whether it’s in the air or on the ground, many people have jobs that keep them
constantly on the move. Some provide necessary transportation while others join
in the excitement of competitive sport.

Jobs Profiled: Carriage Driver, Crop Duster, San Francisco Cable Car Driver,
Moto Cross Racer, Locomotive Driver.

Episode #21 – “Splash!”
There are 326 million cubic miles of water on earth. Without water, there could be
no life. Many people all over the world make their living on, or in the water.

Jobs Profiled: ROV Operator, Submarine Maker, Water Taxi Driver, Hull Tech,
Jumping Crocodile Tour Guide.

Episode #22 – “Fun With Science”
You don’t have to be an Einstein to have fun with Science. Science is
everywhere! It’s a part of who we are and it can be applied to almost everything
we do. Whoever thought working with Science could be this cool?!

Jobs Profiled: Science Center Curator, DNA Tester, Theremin Maker, Barbicide
Maker, Dinosaur Dropping Collector.

Episode #23 – “On The Mend”
It is often underestimated how many people all over the world devote their lives
to helping others. Whether it’s making us feel better or fixing what’s broken,
there are countless individuals who have made a career out of lending a hand.

Jobs Profiled: Zippo Lighter Repair Person, Doll Doctor, Bamboo Organ
Repairman, Witch Doctor, Equine Therapist.

Episode #24 – “Oh Canada!”
Even though it is the second largest country in the world, there are many people
who know very little about Canada. Despite its reputation for being one of the
coldest places on earth, Canada is much more then wind and snow. It’s also
home to many fascinating people who, in turn, hold some very interesting jobs.

Jobs Profiled: Paintball Referee, Bobsled Fun Run Operator, Ship Pilot, Tattoo
Artist, Butterfly Gardens Curator.

Episode #25 – “Some Assembly Required”
It is said that if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. This is especially true
for the people who have made a career out of building things for others to enjoy.
From building clocks to restoring cars, these people prove that hard work and
dedication produce very impressive results.

Jobs profiled: Ski Maker, Restoration Team, Cuckoo Clock Maker, Ice Sculptor,
Miniature World Creator.

Episode #26 – “Behind the Scenes”
Have you ever wondered how things explode in the movies? Or who creates the
pictures you see in magazines? People who work behind the scenes are rarely
seen themselves, but a good sign of a job well done is never even knowing they
were there.

Jobs Profiled: Photo Stylist, Bell Ringer, Magician, Fossil Cleaner, Special
Effects Maker.

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