United States Regions

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					•A region is an area in which many features are
•Landforms are physical features such as plains,
mountains, plateaus, hills, and valleys
•Climate is the kind of weather a place has over a
long time.
The United States Regions
Which region do you live in?
What region do you think this
      picture is from?
      Did you guess the Western
• This important landmark is Old faithful.
• Old Faithful is found in Yellowstone National
• Old Faithful is a geyser which is a type of hot
  spring that erupts periodically, ejecting a
  column of hot water and steam into the air.
• Yellowstone National Park is in the great state
  of Wyoming, which is located in the Western
  region of the United States.
Where are we? West, Southwest, Midwest,
        Southeast, or Northeast
   If you guessed Midwest, you’re
• The great plains are in the Midwest.

• A plain is a landform that is a nearly level
  area of land usually of considerable size.

• Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa are
  considered to be part of the great plains.
What is this landform called and
      what region is it in?
     Did you guess the Florida

• The Florida Peninsula is in the
Southeast region of the United States.

• A peninsula is a landform that is nearly
surrounded by water and attached to a
larger area of land.
What region is this landform from?
Do you know what type of landform
             this is?
If you guessed the Southwest
     region you’re correct!!

•This picture is of the West Texas Desert.

•Fast fact – What movie was filmed in the
West Texas Desert?

• A desert is a large area of land with little
or no moisture or vegetation.
What region do you think this
      landform is in?
Did you guess the Northeast? If
       so, you’re correct!

•This landform is called Niagra Falls.
•Niagra Falls is located in New York, which
is in the Northeast region
•A waterfall is a stream of water dropping
over a dam or precipice (a cliff).

•Different regions have different climate.

•What regions do you think are more likely to
have warm weather? Cold weather?

•What is your regions climate like? What is
like in the spring, summer, winter, & fall?
   What is this climate? What
region’s have this type of climate?
              It’s Winter time!!

The following regions tend to have a winter:

• Northeast

•West; excluding parts of California

What’s the weather like in this
          It’s summer time!

•Many region’s have warm weather during
the summer.
•Some are hot and humid others are hot and
•For example: The Midwest tends to have
hot summers, Southeast tends to be hot,
rainy, and humid.
•You are going to choose a region that you would
enjoy researching.
•You will identify the states in that region, the
landforms (3-5), and the climate.
•You will draw a picture of the region, pictures of the
landforms (3-5), and climate.
•You will write descriptive paragraphs about the
landforms and climate.
•You will choose to present this using poster board or
power point.

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