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APM reports 2012 by cuiliqing


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               TO THE


            17th April 2012

            PARISH CLERK)

                            Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                 Tuesday 17th April 2012
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                            ANNUAL REPORT
         By Cllr Mrs Dorothy Reed, Chairman, Marden Parish Council

                      AMENITIES COMMITTEE REPORT
  By Cllrs Paula Spain & Kate Tippen, Chairman & Vice-Chairman of Amenities

                       By Cllr Rodd Nelson-Gracie

                         KENT COUNTY COUNCIL
                           By Cllr Paulina Stockell

                            PCSO Nicola Morris


                        MARDEN PARISH CHURCH


     Blue House Cricket Club                Parish Magazine
            Bowls Club                         Pre-School
             Brownies                        Primary School
         Business Forum                   Royal British Legion
      Cricket & Hockey Club                       Scouts
  Friends of Marden’s Heritage              Short Mat Bowls
          History Group                    Tennis & Badminton
      Horticultural Society              The Allens Coffee Shop
              Library                        Thursday Club
        Marden Minors FC                       Village Club
         Marden Society                      Walking Group
          Medical Centre                            WI
          Memorial Hall                        Youth Club
           Motor Club

                                                 Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                      Tuesday 17th April 2012
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                      CHAIRMAN’S ANNUAL REPORT
                          By Cllr Dorothy Reed

Welcome to our Annual Parish Meeting and I give below a brief report for the last


This time last year, I told you that the newsletters would be available for collection
from village shops and on our website, or a copy would be sent to you if requested by
E:mail. This did not save any costs and we felt householders were not collecting a
copy to take home to read, so we have reverted back to delivering the newsletters by
hand in the village centre and built-up areas and by post to the more scattered
properties. Should any one wish to deliver some in their road or close, please do
not hesitate to contact the office and we would be grateful for this assistance.


All the normal discussions regarding the state of our roads and pot holes have
continued, although we were pleased to see that the white lining has been done on
the roads through the village.

It is hoped that the BT payphone will be replaced at Chantry Road junction within the
next few weeks.

We recently had a meeting with South Eastern to discuss points raised for those who
regularly use our Station.

Affordable Housing.

The survey confirmed a need for affordable housing in the village and a report from
Golding Homes with the current position will be available this evening. Sites are
currently being explored.


Unfortunately, we did raise our precept by approximately 5%, to cover our costs,
although we have pruned our expenditure in line with all levels of local Government.
However, we had to put in our precept figure before MBC had confirmed if they were
cutting our money again this year. Although this was not the case, we feel sure that
there will be less grants available, i.e. play scheme.

Parish Plan

Once the elections are over, it will be heads down and proceed with our Parish Plan.

                                                     Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                          Tuesday 17th April 2012
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Our thanks to Ian Jones for his continual hard work at the cemetery, which he has
been doing for the last 25years. We shall be giving him a small remuneration
together with a plaque to commemorate this.

As a council we welcome the Rev. Alison Duguid as our new vicar and hope she will
be happy here in our community.


To the councillors who are not standing for re-election, i.e.
Anne Cox,
Fiona Baird,
Paula Spain,
Mike Lutener,
a big thank you to you all for all your hard work and commitment during your term or
terms of office.

I am pleased to add that Fiona Baird is continuing to assist us with regards to the
Play Scheme.

Mike has been with us all from our first appearance as a councillor, so I am not sure
he is going to know what to do with all this space time, but we all wish him a happy
retirement after 42 years service to us all.

Thank you to all the rest of the councillors and we will see some new faces after 3 rd

Finally, thanks to all our staff, Alison and Amanda in the office and our handyman
Colin, who seems to be able to turn his hand to anything we ask. What did we do
before he joined us?

                      AMENITIES COMMITTEE
           By Cllr Kate Tippen (Vice-Chairman of Amenities)

The Amenities Committee looks after the open space in the village owned by the
Parish Council, the Cemetery, the annual village Christmas celebrations, the summer
play scheme and the public toilets.

The playing field is an important area of open space in the village and we aim to
maintain it to a high standard. Our village caretaker, Colin Judge, undertakes all the
maintenance at the field, including the mowing and landscape management. We are
currently tidying up the trees on Rookery Path. The Changing Rooms, owned by the
Parish Council and used by the Football Club are causing a great deal of concern as
large cracks have appeared in the rear walls. Over the forthcoming months we are
going to have to very seriously consider what action we need to take and the long-
term prospects for the changing rooms.

                                                     Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                          Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
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We continue to maintain the play equipment, regular safety checks are carried out
and remedial action taken where necessary. We are conscious that the play
equipment is looking tired and out of date. We have started some preliminary
discussions with a play consultant, but imagine that this will be a long term project as
funding will be a key issue.

In September 2010 we submitted an application to Kent County Council to register
the Playing Field as a Village Green. This was finally approved by KCC on 11
November 2011. This means that local people are guaranteed a right to use the
Playing Field for informal recreational purposes in perpetuity. It cannot be removed
from the Formal Register of Towns and Village Greens, other than by statutory
process and must be kept free of developments. Grateful thanks to Councillor Adam
and our Assistant Clerk Amanda Causer for putting together the application.

The other area of open space we own in the village is Southons Field. The field is
open for the use of anyone in the village between 7.00am and 7.00pm; the hours
vary slightly depending on the season. The field is also available for hire by any
organisation in the village. Colin is also maintaining the field and I am sure anyone
who has recently visited will agree that it is looking magnificent. I would like to record
our thanks to Colin for the sterling work he is putting in as the Village Caretaker.

The Parish Council has been in discussion with Maidstone Borough Council for some
time about the Lucks Way play area. We have now decided not to pursue this at the
present time for two reasons. Firstly MBC has shown little enthusiasm for this and
secondly following a drains survey we commissioned we were concerned about any
long term liability the Parish would be taking on in view of the number of drains under
the site and any potential future problem. Should MBC show interest in the future
then we will of course talk to them about it.

The Cemetery is attractive and well maintained and I would like to record our thanks
to our groundsman, Ian Jones, for the all the hard work and effort he puts in to
maintaining it to a high standard. Those of you who visit the Cemetery will know that
we still have one area that has been not been taken into use yet. We expect that in
the next few years that area will come into use and we have started to think about the
layout. In preparation we have planted a rose bush hedge between the cremated
remains section and the new section.

We had another successful village Christmas celebration. The well tested formula
seemed to work again with carols and Morris dancing at the Allens and a Christmas
Fair at the Hall, complete with Father Christmas in his grotto, followed by mince pies,
mulled wine and carols led by Pastor Bill Harrow. We are now planning this year’s
celebrations to be held on 8 December. As usual we also put up Christmas trees
around the village, and I am sure you will all agree that Marden looked very festive.
Our grateful thanks go to our Assistant Clerk, Amanda, whose hard work and
planning ensured the day went off without a hitch.

                                                        Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                             Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                  Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
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The annual summer children’s play scheme took place as usual last year and was
thoroughly enjoyed by all the children who participated. On average 43 children
attended each day for the 3 weeks of the scheme. The team led by Vikkie Lynes and
Jen Hindley provided a wonderful assortment of activities. This year’s play scheme
will run for 3 weeks from 23 July and bookings will be taken on a first come first
served basis. Registration forms will be available from 11 June from the Parish Office
or Primary School. To qualify to join the scheme children must have reached their 5th
birthday by 1st September 2011.

As you know the Parish Council has responsibility for the public toilets. We have a
cleaner who services them daily and Colin also checks them every day and deals
with the maintenance and graffiti. We continue to have ongoing challenges and
expense maintaining the toilets. Problems range from water leaks, door locks,
lighting, vandalism and graffiti. However we remain committed to providing this
facility and Parish Councillors undertake regular inspections to ensure we are
satisfied with the standard of maintenance and cleanliness.

                                                     Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                          Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
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     By Chris Blundell – Director of Development and Regeneration
                             Golding Homes

We are pleased to be making progress, although as always exception sites take
longer than conventional sites and would like to be further ahead. Most
importantly however, we have identified and are progressing what we believe will
be suitable sites, and we have secured the necessary grant funding from the
Homes and Communities Agency.
Following discussion with the Affordable Housing Sub-Committee of the PC the
Brief was agreed in late summer 2011 based on an updated Local Housing
Needs survey carried out in early summer 2011. The agreed brief is to provide up
to 25 new homes with a mix of Affordable Rented and Low Cost Home
Ownership. The design would follow the Marden Village Design Statement with a
high level of environmental sustainability. The homes can be produced across
more than one site if necessary
We commenced with a review of all the sites previously identified by the PC in
conjunction with MBC planning and housing teams. In practice two different sites
have come forward. Both are outside the village envelope and so would be
exception sites. MBC Planners have confirmed in writing that the sites would, in
principle, be considered suitable to be brought forward as exception sites.
Terms have been agreed with the current owners of the two sites, subject to
Planning. One site would be able to provide 9 new homes and the other six new
The necessary pre-planning Surveys have been instructed. Topographical
surveys (to establish boundaries, site levels and above ground features that need
to be considered in design) and services traces (to establish the presence and
precise location of gas, electricity, water etc services) have been undertaken.
Following initial desktop studies it was necessary to undertake fieldwork
monitoring surveys for specific ecology (great crested newts, slow worms and
bats) and also an arboricultural survey to establish the significance of trees as bat
roosts. There have been some issues gaining permissions for access onto
adjoining land (where great crested newts are present) but this is now resolved
and the surveys are now being undertaken, with results expected in late May.
Slow worms are present on one of the sites and therefore we need to find a local
habitat that they can be moved to.
The same architects have been appointed for each site. Initial design proposals
have been produced for consultation with the Parish Council and MBC Planners
prior to a planned public consultation exercise expected to be undertaken in the
early summer.
The public consultation would be undertaken in conjunction with the Parish
Council both to seek local views and input into the design proposals, and also to
establish local interest in both rented and affordable home ownership homes.

                                                   Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                        Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                              Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                                      Page 8

     Subsequent to this there would be a formal Planning Application. We would
     expect this to be submitted in July. Allowing 8 weeks for consideration of the
     Planning application, securing any necessary ecology licences and a reasonable
     period of time for the procurement and pre-commencement detailed design
     phases we would anticipate a start on site in early 2013 and completion of the
     new homes around late 2013 to very early 2014.

                        01622 842508

I have had the privilege to be your county councillor for the last eleven years and have
enjoyed it enormously. As a resident of rural Maidstone myself, for well over forty years, I
am aware of the sheer hard work that our parish councils do for little reward.

At KCC and MBC, I always highlight the issues of concern in our parishes and push for
more funding to be spent on local projects and general improvements in our rural areas.
Over the years I have instigated and supported many improvements to schools; local
clubs; highway schemes; speed reduction and traffic calming measures and, as a member
of the Police Authority, I raise issues concerning our valued PCSOs and neighbourhood
policing - a high priority with the Chief Constable. Like others, Kent Police is undergoing
reorganisation to a new Kent Policing Model (nKPM) shedding considerable personnel –
approx 700, although a number retiring or leaving voluntarily. PCSOs have increased by
13 in our new West Kent Division and there will be NO increase in the precept again this
year, even with having to find large budget and efficiency savings. Joint working with
Essex Police and K&E Joint heads of departments is resulting in significant savings.

It would be an understatement to say that it has been a difficult, challenging year for all in
local government, not just in Kent but across the country - as the Government’s fiscal belt
tightens considerably, to restore the country’s public finances. The priority for us all must
be to get the country back on a sound financial footing. As always, Kent County Council
has responded intelligently and innovatively, delivering a medium term revenue and
capital budget for 2012/13, focussing on continued delivery of good and improved front
line services to our residents, whilst spending less tax payer’s money. KCC had to trim all
budgets after the heavy cuts in Local Government grants to all councils and has been
tasked with having to save £300 million over three years with £95m having to be found in
2011/12 and again in 2012/13, without impacting on front line services and no increase in
the Council Tax again this year. In order to achieve these budget savings, a major
reorganisation has taken place. A full staff restructure, reducing some 1500 staff, from the
top down and streamlining all directorates to a leaner and more efficient authority. The
Corporate Centre & Support being reshaped and streamlined to deliver what was
promised - a smaller percentage of the budget going on back office support and a greater
percentage on front line services!

                                                         Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                              Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                    Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                                      Page 9

Adult Social Care, with an aging population and more call on services, has an equally
ambitious programme continuing to innovate, with ambitious plans to fully utilise the
Government’s health reform agenda, working towards delivering joined up commissioning
with the strong possibility of pooling budgets with GPs through Clinical Commissioning

The transformation of Children’s services has been a top priority at KCC after a poor
Ofsted report last year. They are now well on the way to delivering excellent support to
vulnerable young people and their families. The follow up visit by Ofsted was very positive
and the report has shown no outstanding issues or areas of concern. A very good
achievement in challenging times!

Highways are now delivering first class services to the residents of Kent in very difficult
times - very different to a few years ago when complaints were frequent. This is down to
the excellent work of John Burr and the highways teams, in partnership with the new
contractor Enterprise. The winter service, pothole repairs, road maintenance and snow
clearance was seen to be excellent with a high level of satisfaction and very few
complaints to KCC from the public.

The modernisation of community services continues, focused on delivering improved
youth and library services with substantially less money to spend. Local solutions and
social enterprise are playing a significant part in improving these services. I will continue
to push for more grants for youth activities, sports facilities and improving parks and
conservation areas. Recently we saw the launch of the KCC £5m Big Society Fund,
focussing on encouraging more social enterprises and encouraging the voluntary sector to
play a bigger part in public sector delivery - as well as £2m going towards an employment
scheme for young people that will encourage the business community to take on more
young people through an expanded apprenticeship programme, supporting in excess of
600 young people. Kent leads the way in supporting apprentices and young

I always promote Maidstone to pilot any new initiatives at KCC before rolling out in Kent,
and we have a good track record - among them HGV surveys for freight management,
urban traffic management etc. The Freedom pass, worth over £500 to parents, was issued
to all 11-16yr old Maidstone students in 2009 and since rolled out across Kent. It has been
highly successful in allowing free travel, not only to school but also evenings and
weekends - 365 days of the year! KCC are currently working on extending this to post
16yrs students in the near future and are also trialling 20mph limits outside schools in
parts of Maidstone.

Maidstone still has one of the largest district budgets from KCC in terms of investment and
spending. £197m revenue spending plus the member’s grants from capital spend – as
well as investment in the things like the Town Centre or new History & Library Centre. The
member highway grants remain at £25K each member to commission small highway
projects in their divisions and can be ‘rolled over’ or pooled with others for larger projects.
With 9 KCC Cllrs in Maidstone this equates to a further £225.000 and on top of this the
£90.000 (£10K each member) for Small Community Capital Grants - all directly spent in

                                                          Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                               Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                    Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                                     Page 10

Maidstone. There are also Maidstone small capital and local schemes grants of around
£70.000. I am very pleased that in difficult times our member’s grants have been
protected this year, as I always emphasise that they are directly spent in the wards
benefiting the residents. I have a very high regard for the huge amount of work done by
parish councils for very little reward and have worked closely with those I represent,
highlighting local concerns at all levels. I have given my grants to as many parish projects
as possible and secured other KCC grants to assist local projects. Among them: village
halls, local groups, sports, youth and other clubs. These grants are a great source of
funding and I would urge all to apply to me or the community liaison manager: who will send you a grant form.
All in all it is a very good budget for 2012/13 from KCC and they have even projected an
under spend of around £3m from last year - in very challenging times! Kent is consistently
rated a best performing county, always striving and innovating to provide excellent
services and to promote the Kent economy. Money has been returned to KCC from
Iceland and we should finally receive in excess of the amount owed. The financial crisis is
affecting us all, including councils with far less money to spend. Difficult decisions have
had to be made by all – not least by the Coalition Government, having been left with a
deficit costing us in excess of £125 million a day in interest.

I was elected Chairman of the County Council last May, which is a huge honour and a
privilege. It has been an extremely busy year and a challenging role representing Kent at
all levels, including a number of royal visits, including Her Majesty the Queen and Duke of
Edinburgh. I am delighted that a Maidstone member was elected and also to be only the
third Lady in KCC’s history to hold the position. I finish my term of office on 17th May when
I will be back to normal service! I would like to thank the parishes for their support and
understanding over this very busy year. I will continue to support the hard work that they
do and continue to put their views and those of the residents across at every level. I am
delighted to be able to represent such a lovely part of the borough and I will continue to
champion the protection of our stunning countryside and to preserve the character of our
rural villages here in Maidstone and across the wider areas of Kent.
My best regards


                      By Cllr Rodd Nelson-Gracie

 Maidstone has been required to make savings by central government, amounting
 over the past three years to over £5million. This has resulted in a new process of
 more efficient working, highlighted by the sharing of a number of services with other
 boroughs, saving particularly management time and IT costs. Examples of these
 shared services are Internal Audit with Ashford, Swale and Tunbridge Wells;
 Licensing with Sevenoaks; Revenues and Benefits shared with Tunbridge Wells and
 HR shared with Swale. This joint working arrangement has saved the Council over
 £380k in this year alone.
 Despite the need for these savings the Council has for the third year running, with
 Central Government assistance, been able to avoid an increase in council tax, and
 expects to save £1.6million in this year’s budget.

                                                          Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                               Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                    Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                                   Page 11

The Local Development Framework, which sets out Maidstone Borough’s planning
aspirations until 2026, completed its public consultation phase in October last year
and the Council is working through the almost 2800 responses it received. The Core
Strategy will be amended as appropriate and re-issued before being submitted for
examination by the Planning Inspectorate. Two major issues which affect this parish
are the Transport Strategy and the Gypsy and Traveller accommodation strategy.
The transport strategy is still being worked on and will go to the Cabinet in June.
The Council commissioned Salford University Housing & Urban Studies Unit to
undertake an assessment to measure the need for gypsy pitches in the Borough to
2026. Their findings are that we will need to find 157 pitches between now and 2026.
Up to now about 20 pitches already have permission and a further 43 pitches have
temporary permission. The Council has also received a grant from the HCA for a
further 15 pitches to be put on a new public site or sites, as yet to be identified. This
puts us nearly half way there, but there is a further need to be fulfilled and the
Council has put out a letter to landowners and Parish Councils to see if further sites
can be identified.
So far as housing is concerned, the LDF has designated Marden as one of
Maidstone’s five rural service centres, destined to receive an unspecified number of
housing of mixed types, including local needs affordable housing. Of the total of
10,080 houses planned for Maidstone, around 1500 are expected to be in the RSCs.
In addition around 2ha of mixed use employment development is expected in
The Borough has successfully undertaken three major infrastructure improvement
projects over the past year:
     The East wing extension of Maidstone museum was formally opened on 23-
       Mar and brings to fruition a long awaited improvement to the museum
       facilities. With the help of a £2m Heritage Lottery Fund grant and generous
       donations from a number of other sources, there is now much increased
       education and display space as well as a new cafe and shop. I strongly
       recommend a visit, and would note that entrance remains free
     Mote Park has been given a £2.6m facelift, with new footpaths, refurbished car
       park, sailing area and cafe as well as a new footbridge over the lake. This,
       together with the recent improvements to the leisure centre, makes the area a
       very attractive place to visit
     The High Street improvement project is also nearing the completion of phase
       I, from King Street to Mill Street and this section will be formally opened during
       the Queen’s Jubilee weekend. Phase II from Mill Street to the river was on
       hold, but the Homes and Communities Agency has offered Maidstone a
       substantial grant which would enable the Council to pay for this phase.

As you have probably read, Maidstone was rated in the top 10 most desirable places
to live in the UK according to the 2011 Halifax Quality of Life Survey. This was based
on residents’ health and life expectancy, employment (where Maidstone came top), a
low crime rate and relatively good weather. So despite the relative doom and gloom
of the continuing recession and the current water shortage, we can feel thankful for
the environment we live in.

                                                       Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                            Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                  Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                                Page 12

As ever your Borough Councillors Annabelle Blackmore, John Verrall and myself
have, we hope, continued to serve your interests and address your problems where
we can. Sadly, John Verrall has decided to stand down in May, and I would like to
take this opportunity to thank him for his support and input and his companionship
over the past four years, as well as all the things he has achieved for our village.

                           By PCSO Nicola Morris
              01622 604392 /

The previous 12 months has seen an increase of 6% in crime across the Marden &
Yalding Ward, following on from a good year last year where there was a large
reduction of 12%.
Theft offences have increased by 31% when compared to last year
Drug offences increase of 12%
Burglary Dwelling offences have seen a reduction of 13% or 4 offences
Burglary other than Dwelling increase of 14% or 6 offences

Numerous operations have been put in place to assist with crime trends in the last
year in Marden with the following results:

There was a spate of Burglary Dwellings: In July 2011, a 21 year old man from
Maidstone was charged following a series of burglaries in Marden. He was charged
with three counts of burglary and took 21 other offences into consideration. He was
sent to prison for 15 months.

There has been a large increase in theft offences within the area: In November a
charity box was reported as stolen from a bank in Marden. A 29 year-old man and a
25 year-old woman – both from Ashford - were charged in relation to the offence.
They failed to appear before Maidstone Magistrates’ Court and a warrant has been
issued for their arrest. These offenders were stopped by local PCSOs in Staplehurst.

There have also been numerous metal thefts over the last couple of months, several
males have been arrested with regards to this and regular checks are being carried
out by me and the team at local scrap yards for further intelligence.

The increase of drug offences can be accounted for through drug warrants that have
been conducted in the area: Three men arrested following a drug warrant in Marden
were all charged and appeared before Maidstone Magistrates’ Court. A 37 year-old
charged with possession of class A and B drugs was given a 12 month conditional
discharge and had his drugs seized and destroyed. A 25 year-old man charged with
possession of cannabis was ordered to pay £55 costs, a £70 fine and had his drugs
seized and destroyed. A 37 year-old man charged with possession of cannabis was
ordered to take part in a six month drug rehabilitation scheme and ordered to pay
£85 costs.

                                                    Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                         Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                               Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                                    Page 13

“Drugs offences cause anti-social behaviour and associated crime, which is why we
continue to target those who we believe, are involved with drugs. Over the coming
year we will continue to work with the residents of Marden, local Housing providers
and the local Parish Council to ensure that we maintain quality of life for residents,
and work with them to deal with any concerns they have.”

I will continue to hold surgeries monthly utilising the Wednesday coffee mornings,
regularly attend Parish Council meetings to present crime figures and link in with
local residents and KCC Community Warden.

Thank you for your continued support in making Marden safe.

                      SIR CHARLES BOOTH CHARITY
                     By Graham Tippen (Hon Treasurer)

The Sir Charles Booth Charity is an educational support charity set up to provide
financial aid to local people with their children’s education. When he made his will, in
1792, he made the bequest that a sum of money be invested for the benefit of the
children of the parish, providing they had attended the village school and met a
number of other requirements.

So how much is available?
The will specifies that the money available shall be the interest earned on his
endowment. What may have been a lot of money over 200 years ago is obviously
worth much less today, in real terms. However, by prudent investments over the
years, the Trustees to the Charity make payments of up to £100 for each individual
applicant; in order to reserve the funds for the future, normally a maximum of 2 or 3
awards are made annually, though each case is considered on its merits by the

So who are the Trustees?
The Will of Sir Charles and subsequent Charity Commission documents specify that
there should be seven Trustees in all. The current trustees are: Dorothy Reed
(Chairman); Robin Judd; Richard Day; Eunice Doswell; Sarah Hill and myself. The
new Vicar will automatically become a trustee once they are officially in the living; this
is a stipulation of the original deed.

So how do I apply for an award from the Trust?
Just contact any one of the Trustees, in writing, given the reasons for your
application. Many of them will be familiar to most people in Marden, or you can find
them in the telephone book. They will then meet to discuss your request.

                                                        Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                             Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                   Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                                  Page 14

                                VICTORY FUND
                                 By Robin Judd

During the course of the year information was made available to Marden History
Group in order for them to investigate the origins of this unique charity. They have
produced a report. The most recent donation was of £200 to Marden Bowls club for
improvements to facilities. Applications to the trustees from village organisations are

                            ALLEN & MAPLESDEN
                              By Mike Lutener

The Allen & Maplesden Charity gave out £625 in 2011. This was in the form of £10
to 40 singles and £15 to 15 couples.

Sadly two of our very long standing Trustees have passed away. Peter Tipples and
Roy Stanley will be sadly missed as they had served the Trust well over many years.
Mrs Anne Cox has been appointed to replace Peter.

                       MARDEN PARISH CHURCH
                          By Brian Woodgate
                  Churchwarden of Marden Parish Church

Vicar, Officers and Interregnum
Rev. James Robertson resigned as Vicar in July 2011 to take up a new post as
Rector of the Benefice of Holwell, Ickleford and Pirton in Hertfordshire. The parish
has, therefore, been in interregnum since that time with the Churchwardens, Diane
Copas and Brian Woodgate, being responsible for the management of the church’s
affairs.  They have been efficiently supported by Judy Noakes, the Parish

Amanda Abbitt, assumed the chair of the PCC as Vice-person.              There were no
changes in other positions.

At the end of November, 2011, the Rev. Alison Duguid, Priest-in-Charge of Ospringe
and Davington, Faversham accepted the offer of the incumbency in Marden. Ali will
be licensed by Bishop Trevor Willmott, and her induction by Archdeacon Stephen
Taylor, will take place at a special service in the Parish Church at 7.00pm on
Tuesday 24th April, 2012. We look forward with excitement to her coming and
sharing her ministry with us.

                                                      Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                           Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                 Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                                    Page 15

The provision of services during the interregnum has been maintained through the
readiness of members of the church family to lead appropriate services. We are
grateful for the assistance given by Clergy from our neighbouring parishes in the
Deanery in presiding over Holy Communion Services on Sundays and alternate
Thursday mornings, plus special services, baptisms, weddings and funerals. We
have been blessed by such fellowship. The Sunday Club continues to cater for the
younger members of the church and they join the main congregation towards the end
of Sunday services. The Ministry Leadership Team has continued in a revised form,
during the interregnum, to maintain an overview of the pattern of worship and other
associated matters.

The parish has been active within the Weald Deanery through its representatives at
Deanery Synod, Jan Collins, Diane Copas (who also sits on the Diocesan Synod)
and Brian Woodgate. There has been no Clerical representation since the departure
of Rev. James Robertson. The Lay Chair, Mrs. Val Wallis, MBE resigned after 10
years in the post and was succeeded by Mr. Russell Anderson from Headcorn. Mrs
Jill Dunstall, Hon. Secretary, also indicated her intention to stand down once a
replacement was found. The Area Dean, Rev. Bill Hornsby, announced his
retirement with effect from Easter Sunday 2012 and was succeeded as Area Dean
from 1st March by Rev. Richard Williams, Vicar of Cranbrook. Michael Walker,
Marden’s Parish Treasurer is also Treasurer to Deanery Synod and has been very
much involved in discussions at Diocesan and Deanery level in determining the
future calculation of the Parish Share, which, in 2012-2013, for Marden is £65,244.

Charitable Giving
The PCC has continued to approve the annual giving to 12 charitable causes, a
mixture of local, national and overseas, Christian and secular. For 2011, the
recipients were Catriona Hargreaves Foundation; The Children’s Society; Nabbongo
School, Uganda; Myitkyina Diocese, Burma; Christian Aid; CRP Bangladesh; St.
Giles Trust, Kent Air Ambulance; Amos Trust; Operation Sunshine; Maidstone
Christian Care, and the charities for Christmas – Demelza House Children’s Hospice
and Heart of Kent Hospice. Each received £360.00 from the church, plus any
additional funds raised through events. The figure for 2012 will be £388.00 each.

Vestry Hall
The Vestry Hall continues to be an asset for the church and village, hosting a range
of activities during the week and, occasionally, at weekends. During the latter half of
2011, a water leak was discovered under the floor that resulted in the Hall being
closed for a number of weeks to allow it to be dried out and the floor in the main part
of the hall to be stripped out and relaid. During this period, we were very grateful for
the assistance given by Alison Hooker, for the Memorial Hall, the Scout Group and
the Village Club for providing facilities to enable the various activities to continue with
minimal disruption.

                                                        Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                             Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                   Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                                   Page 16

Numbers on the Church Electoral Roll in 2011 were 166, and although we sadly lost
some members in the year, we have been pleased to welcome new residents to the
village to the church and we hope that they will enrol this year as the Electoral Roll is
being revised. Our regular giving has increased following a TRIO campaign last year
and the generosity of the congregation is demonstrated through the ANGELS
scheme, which, through loans from members, enables the full Parish Share to be
paid in January, thereby attracting a small discount. Loans are repaid monthly to

Church and Churchyard
We are grateful for the funding received from The Friends of Marden’s Heritage
towards the repair, maintenance and improvement of the fabric of the church and its
fittings and ornaments etc. Following on from the Quinquennial Inspection in 2010,
we have had the roof repaired with new tiles to replace those that were damaged or
missing. The contractor has also cleaned the roof and gutters and will do so on a
recurring basis. Quotations have been received for the following:
     (A)   Repair to windows which have buckled, refurbishment of guards and
           ferramenta etc. c.£20,000
     (B)   Repainting/refurbishment of the Tower weatherboarding and clock,
           c. £12,000
     (C)   Remortaring of cracks and joints in tower fabric, walls and ground
           gutters, treatment of doors, c. £1750.

The completion of the above work will depend on available church funds and grants.

Inspection of the bells has identified the need to replace gudgeon bolts in the
framework holding the bells and this is in hand. Work has also been carried out by
Andy Copas to rectify problems with the heating in church and a great improvement
has been achieved.

It was previously reported that a project was underway to provide a toilet and server
facilities in the church. This is progressing and has received initial support from the
Secretary to the Diocesan Advisory Committee, English Heritage and Maidstone
Borough Council. Detailed plans are being drawn up for further consultation and a
fundraising appeal has been launched.

For many years, the churchyard has been regularly maintained by Mr. John Hall and
his ride-on mower with our sincere appreciation, but he has now retired. Although an
offer by a parishioner to continue cutting the grass was received, it has not been
possible to find a mower for him to use. However, discussions have taken place with
the Parish Council and it is anticipated that a regular arrangement will be agreed for
their ‘caretaker’ to undertake the cutting. A small area will still need attention near
the front of the church as the mower cannot manoeuvre around it.

We are a busy church with many active groups and activities for the benefit of the
community, young and old alike. Anyone wishing to take part, churchgoer or not, is
most welcome and we particularly look forward to meeting newcomers to the village.
The Church is Yours. Please come and see us.

                                                       Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                            Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                  Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                                   Page 17


                        BLUE HOUSE CRICKET CLUB
                        By Steven Waite – Secretary

The annual relegation dodge did not go to plan. For the last few seasons, Blue
House has hung on to their division four status by the odd point here or there. But
after a particularly tough season, we were relegated to division 5. It was the first time
since most players could remember that the team have experienced relegation. It
had started so well, with a win in the first league game. It was to remain the sole
league       victory.    The    team      fared    better      in      the    friendlies.
We must thank the teas team who provide such wonderful sustenance, Jan Collins,
Heather White, Kim Spicer, Dorothy Reed and Mary Tremain do us proud. Thanks
also to the players and, of course, Dave Collins, who give up their time to help with

We are very grateful to Colin Day for his continued support and Geoff Maynard for
his mowing.

Thanks also to Bev Reid who is a long-term supporter of the club and who donated
proceeds from a gig in January to Blue House.

Members and friends of the club made the annual trip to Devon, where Dave Collins
and Tony Brooks pulled on their whites again to make up the numbers, showing the
rest how it should be done with one particularly memorable batting performance.
Blue House are always keen to hear from anyone who would like a game of cricket
on a Sunday. Those interested should contact secretary Steve Waite by calling
07810 444231 or send an e-mail to

                            MARDEN BOWLS CLUB
                               By Mick Collins

The members of the Bowls Club are very much looking forward to the new season,
as the green itself looks in good condition and will hopefully open on 19th April. We
do, of course, have the small matter of the ‘Hosepipe’ ban being implemented, and at
the time of writing this report we are not sure if we have any chance of applying any
water throughout the playing season. Our governing bodies, Bowls England and Kent
County Bowling Association, have been in contact with South East Water, and we
have also written to them to seek some clarification of what will be allowed. If we
have a very dry summer with the distinct possibility of a total ban on watering, we
could very well have a very short season as the green will quickly dry out. We will
lose the grass, cracks may appear and we could end up with long term damage to
the green and be faced with an expensive autumn trying to get it back to its former

                                                       Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                            Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                  Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                                  Page 18

We are also looking forward to making use of our improved kitchen facilities and new
bar, which will bring us very much in line with other local clubs. To do this has meant
constructing a ‘Log Cabin’ for our ladies changing room and taking their old room for
the new kitchen and the old kitchen becoming the bar. The majority of the work on
this project has been done voluntarily by our own members and we are indebted to
local authorities, including Marden Parish Council, for the financial help given to us
which has enabled the work to go ahead. We will have a grand opening of the new
facilities on Saturday 28th April.

Finally we are pleased to have one of our own members, Mick Collins, as President
of the Kent County Bowling Association for 2012. This will give us some prestigious
matches during the year as we play three County organisations and host a county
match between Kent and Sussex and also a Kent under 25 match when they face
Sussex in a Home Counties League fixture.

All in all, with fingers crossed that we can actually function during the drought, we
have an exciting and challenging season ahead of us, and we start of with an Open
Day on 28th April when we invite local people to give us a visit, try out the sport and
hopefully join us.

Finally the Bowls Club take this opportunity to thank the Parish Council for their
continued co-operation in allowing us car parking on Southons Field when we have
important games at the club.

                          1ST MARDEN BROWNIES
                              By Carol Fletcher

We currently have 18 girls in the Pack with 3 fully qualified leaders, 1 Unit Helper at
University and another having just joined us. We also have 2 girls currently working
with the Pack as part of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme.

The past 12 months have, as usual, been a busy period for both leaders and girls.
The Summer Term was spent making the most of the light evenings and getting out
and about the village. During the Autumn Term we worked on our Seasons Badge
which involved a variety of challenges from stargazing (very tricky as every Monday
evening seemed to be cloudy) to holding an Autumn party with apple bobbing and
other games. In the run up to Christmas we were busy with Christmas craft,
attending Christmas in Marden and our Christmas party at the end of term.

2012 is a “Diamond” year for us in many ways as one our leader’s celebrated her
“diamond” birthday in February. Obviously it is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and we
shall be joining the village celebrations in June for this and then in the Summer it is
the 60th anniversary of the Pack. So 2012 is going to be the year of parties for
Marden Brownies!! The Spring Term kicked off with us planning the first of these –
Snowy Owl’s birthday which involved the girls making a cake and decorating it and a
very very long and unexpected birthday card which involved almost an entire roll of

                                                      Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                           Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                 Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                                  Page 19

wallpaper and had a section completed by every member of the Pack!! We have
spent a day out in London, watching Changing of the Guard, visiting Guide
Headquarters and the Science Museum. We all wore our hi viz jackets kindly
donated by Marden Business Forum and were frequently approached for directions
to various tourist attractions. However, it did mean we returned to Marden Station
with the same number of children as we had set out with! A great time was had by
girls and leaders alike.

We have gained our Science Investigator badges this term and are currently busy
getting ready for our Brownie Holiday in Benenden Village Hall during the Easter
School Holidays. Our theme this year is a “Woodland Adventure” and we have lots
of exciting and fun activities planned including a mini hike in the woods, a visit from
the Young Farmers with some of their animals.

                        MARDEN BUSINESS FORUM
                         By Elaine Collins, Chairman

The Marden Business Forum has been established for many years now. So long in
point of fact, that many members have forgotten what it was like before the formation
of the Marden Business Forum. At that time nobody really knew how many
businesses were here and what diversity there was.

We grew from only 30 businesses to nearly 90 in the first year and have grown since
to maintain a healthy membership of over 130 business members each year. We are
proudly Marden! And therefore, take a true interest in the survival of our villages
businesses. To this end we have facilitated as many opportunities for them as
possible to meet each other, face to face, in networking events, social events. We
interact daily with them via email and provide information on most any subject.

What we have created is a very tight business community today most businesses
would claim to know over 150 fellow business owners personally, by name, and in
such a way that should they need their services or help could call upon them. Also if
they hear of their services being wanted can instantly recommend, helping each
other, supporting each other and having a united voice has been achieved. Today all
our local businesses can come together with a united voice which is now recognised
and respected as an established organisation and are consulted often by the MBC
and KCC on issues affecting our businesses.

The Forum only facilitates, when members join they, in a way, purchase a licence to
operate and market their business. We place adverts on the internet for them all
year and place them into a printed directory and provide real people in our

                                                      Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                           Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                 Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                                   Page 20

community as members help lines. They receive discounts on a vast array of
services and we provide meetings for them to come together. To really make the
Forum work for our members they have to collaborate, by coming to every meeting
and promoting themselves at all the opportunities we provide. To build relationships
this has to be regular, they may meet people who do not need them then. In the
future they may need them or meet someone who needs their services and of course
they will be then be first to mind. By providing all this for our members we have
continually supported the economy of Marden and the businesses herein. The
Business owners email group has become an all encompassing vehicle to ask a
question, swap services, promote events, advertise for staff, and sell anything,
thereby recycling within Marden employment, knowledge and assets.

                    MARDEN CRICKET & HOCKEY CLUB
                                By Stephen Wickham /

Marden Russets Hockey Club continues to move forward with five regular men’s
sides and one ladies team, all performing admirably so far this season. The Club has
just completed a most successful season on the pitch with all sides finishing in the
top five of their respective leagues. Special mention must go to the 1st XI, playing at a
very high standard and vying for promotion to the Kent/Sussex regional league. The
Club has over 120 senior playing members, and it’s worth noting that at least 9 of the
present 1st XI team started as Juniors at the club over 15 years ago. Again this
season there has been a good progression of school age players integrating into the
senior sides.

In addition, Marden Russets has a thriving junior section incorporating mixed, boys
and girls squads, from U8 to U16. The Juniors practice and play matches on Sunday
mornings, having over 200 members with a host of coaches and organizers.

Cricket too is thriving with two sides playing in the Invicta Cricket League every
Saturday. There are midweek fixtures as well and for the last three years a
successful tour has been organised with three games against friendly opposition in
the Okehampton area of Devon. The first XI finished mid table last season and the
second XI a close second in the league with one of their veteran members scoring
more runs in the league than anyone else and another senior playing scoring three
centuries during the season, which is very possibly a club record. In addition to all of
this the first XI once again won the league spirit of cricket award.

Goudhurst Cricket Club continued to use our facilities as a base for their home
matches on Sunday and their junior section is thriving with the under 13 side.
Undefeated in the league last season and reaching the Kent Cup semi-finals.

As far as the future plans for the relocation of the Clubhouse and sporting facilities
are concerned, the Parish Council are fully aware of progress and have been kept in
the picture as the outline application for the new facilities has been dealt with at
Borough Council level. Planning is a painfully slow and very often emotive issue and
the Club has no illusions about the task ahead.

                                                       Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                            Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                  Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                                 Page 21

                       By Steve McArragher - Chairman

The Friends have had another good year in 2011 and raised nearly £8000 before
expenses in the financial year. From this we have given £1500 to the History Group
and £3500 to the Church, as set out in our constitution. The History Group has used
our funds to contribute to the rent and heating for the Heritage Centre. The money
donated to the Church is “ringfenced” and will be used for work already identified by
the Quinquennial inspection plus any other work identified since, and includes:

      Making good fractures on the south-east corner of the tower.
      Repairs to glass and leaded panels in the windows.
      Repair of south aisle and nave pew platforms
      Investigation of beetle infestation in nave pews.
      Redecorating cast iron down pipes on the north side
      Redecorating the Tower weatherboarding and clock face
      Treating doors with a beeswax/turpentine mixture and improving their

Repairs and replacement of roof tiles and subsequent maintenance has already
taken place but other work will be arranged according to available funds. It is hoped
that the redecoration of the Tower will take place in this, the Queen’s Diamond
Jubilee year, to commemorate the restoration of the Church in Queen Victoria’s
Golden Jubilee year, 1887. The total cost then was £1062 for major works on the
church; it will be rather more than that now just for the tower, about £10 –11,000!
Complete repair and restoration of the glass and windows is estimated at about

The Swinging Picnic on 11th June was another success, despite the heavy shower
just as people were coming in to the field. Anyway the sun shone most of the time,
we had singing and dancing, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. This was
our major fundraiser of the year and raised an amazing £2770.

The concert by the Kent Police Choir in the Church in October was enjoyed by
some 85 people. The choir sang a very varied programme, including a few guest
singers and some from the audience who proved conclusively that a Policeman’s Lot
is NOT a Happy One! This event raised £476.

                                                     Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                          Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                                  Page 22

Our “Burns Night Ceilidh” on Saturday 28th January was a great evening and
raised a total of £740. The Memorial Hall was packed with 110 guests and dancers,
and there was still room to dance! The dancing was led by the Cobtree Scottish
Country Dancers who ensured we all went in the right direction. The Haggis was
paraded and addressed, and Rabbie Burns was toasted and praised.

Our “Wine and Wisdom” quiz on 24th March was enjoyed by some 55 contestants
and raised £242.

We decided not to run a “Swinging Picnic in the Park” this year, to avoid a clash with
the Village Fete on the Jubilee weekend. However we plan to hold a “Theatre in the
Park” event together with Marden Theatre Group on 14th July, this will have an “Old
Time Music Hall” theme.

Then we have two concerts in the autumn. On 13th October the Kent Youth Jazz
Orchestra (or KYJO) will entertain us in the Memorial Hall. They are a very talented
group of young musicians, so if you like Big Band Jazz, don’t miss this. Finally we will
have a concert by the Kent Chamber Choir in the Church on 8th December.

 By David McFarland (Chairman) – 832295 /

   Law & Order
   Local Folk
   Showtime
   Making Tracks

   Some Farm Implements
   Frank Wood’s “Memories of Marden”
   A detailed on-going record of the graves in Marden cemetery with
      photographs, histories and locations

Joint research between the Parliamentary Archives, Centre for Kentish Studies and
Marden History Group concerning the coming of the railway in 1842.

This evolved into our present exhibition “Making Tracks” which will be making tracks
to Staplehurst and Paddock Wood libraries in due course.

The Marden Hoard discovered in 1858 was the subject of 3 years research and
exploration, culminating in a talk about the Bronze Age in the area, and the first
public appearance of “The Hoard” in the Vestry Hall in November 2011.

                                                       Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                            Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                 Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                                    Page 23

The two artists who have been commissioned to design the History Tree at the
entrance to the new Kent History and Library Centre met members and other
villagers to share thoughts and memories about local and county history, to help
them with their design.

The annual visit from year 6 pupils at our primary school for workshops with Library,
CKS, Museum and Heritage Centre staff.

A prospectus has been produced to help those who are interested in our work to
assist them in discovering if their interests meet our needs.

Visits from various other history groups to see how we have set up our heritage

We continue to staff the Heritage Centre throughout the 18 hours per week the
Library is open. We would welcome more volunteers.

Finally, our thanks to the Friends of Marden’s Heritage for their vital financial support.

                     By Zubeida Roberts (Chairman)

We have had another good year with the membership now up to 92 people. With
membership and our Plant Sale being a success we have been able to invite Tom
Hart Dyke back to speak to us this year and have two other headline speakers,
Matthew Biggs from Gardener’s Question Time and Gardener’s World Magazine and
also Andy Garland from BBC Radio Kent. Our meetings still cover a variety of
garden related topics hopefully enjoyed by all members.

We manage to fill the Vestry Hall at most meetings held on the second Tuesday of
each month (not July and August). We were grateful for the use of the John Banks
Hall while the floor was being replaced earlier in the year.

We welcome non-members to our meeting (unless we need to implement a ticket
system for some speakers). We hope to hold Cream Teas in the Garden on
Sundays during the summer and raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer UK in memory of
Dr. Minett. Our Plant Sale this year will be on 19th May at the Vestry Hall with
support from the W.I and History Group. We will be joining in with the Village Jubilee
Fete and getting the children of Marden involved with producing a ‘Garden on a

Our Coach trip will be to RH Hyde Hall and Beth Chatto’s Garden in Essex.

We are in the process of creating the Marden Horticultural Website which should be
available soon. We have also set up an annual photographic competition in memory
of a past committee member.

                                                        Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                             Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                   Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                                    Page 24

   Marden Library, High Street, Marden TN12 9DP 01622 831619 Fax 01622 831619
               Email: Contact Name: Craig Fox
   Opening Hours: Monday closed; Tuesday 1.15 - 6; Wednesday closed; Thursday 1.15 – 6;
                      Friday 9 – 1.30; Saturday 10 – 2; Sunday closed
Events and activities held throughout the past year:
We continue our partnership with the Marden History Group who provide volunteers
at the Heritage Centre and produce regular exhibitions.
The Marden Children’s Centre provide a popular weekly story time for pre-school
children every Friday morning.
There are regular coffee and chat sessions and a monthly book group for those who
enjoy talking about books.
Links with the local school continue with an introductory visit from the reception
classes when they received their Booktime Bookbag and a heritage morning for the
Year 6 classes.

Forthcoming Plans:
Continue to work in partnership with the Marden Heritage Centre and Marden
Children’s Centre.
Services Provided:
Lend books, fiction and non-fiction, suitable for all ages and interests- a free service
Free computers with internet
Support for local reading groups
Volunteering opportunities as computer buddies or Home Library Service couriers
Provision of information, including use of a large and comprehensive on-line
reference library, available through our website with a Kent library card
Home Library Service, where books are delivered to people who cannot access the
Concluding remarks:
I would like to thank the local staff for their hard work and enthusiasm. We welcome
any comments that you may have about the service. KCC is looking at new ways to
deliver the library service in the future, discussed on the KCC website following:
e_district.aspx. We would welcome a conversation with the parish council about this.

                                                        Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                             Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                   Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                                        Page 25

                        Affiliated to the Kent County Football Association
                   President: Mr Ian Ballard Chairman: Mr D.Errey
                Treasurer: Mr Les Stracey Secretary: Mrs Hayley Crabb
                          By David Errey, Chairman

During 2011 Marden Minors have run 2 junior teams at U9s and U10s, playing in the
Invicta Primary League and 2 senior teams playing in the Maidstone & District
Football League and the Raja of Kent Maidstone Sunday League respectively. All
have enjoyed successful seasons with the Saturday mens side reaching 2 cup semi

For the last few years we have found it difficult to keep teams running both through
lack of adult help and players. It is frustrating that we are now down to just 2 junior
teams, especially when a fair proportion of our players do not live in Marden but
come from nearby villages. It is perhaps even more perplexing that in the U10s only
2 players attend Marden Primary School out of the 12 in the squad. We are sure that
there are youngsters in Marden who would like to play football and will be doing what
we can to give them every opportunity to play.

To try and address this problem we applied for and were successful in our application
for a Grow the Game grant from the FA which could potentially be worth £5000 to the
club. The grant is dependant though on the club being able to recruit 2 new junior
teams and enter them in local leagues within 2 years. The funds are not available for
equipment but can go towards pitch hire, league fees, publicity, coaching courses

In 2012 it is our intention to focus our efforts on recruiting volunteers to run teams
and players aged 6 to 10 to be able to take full advantage of this opportunity and try
and get back to past times when we had up to 7 junior teams.

We would like to thank all those who have continued to support us, in particular Bill
Ballard who kindly allows us to use the pitch at Pattenden Lane and Jeff Streetly who
referees our matches.

                         MARDEN SOCIETY
          By Mo Clayton (Chairman) /
                           01622 831529
Mrs Peggy Skelton has kindly agreed to become our Honorary President, having
decided to stand down from the committee.

                                                               Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                                    Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                        Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                               Page 26
Peggy was one of the founder members of the Society some 30 years ago, when a
plan for siting a small aerodrome in Plain Road for crop spraying aircraft was stopped
by a group of protestors and concerned villagers. The Society was formed after this
to preserve the character of the village, while supporting development and change.

We hold 7 meetings a year on various topics on the 4 th Wednesday of the month in
the Old School Room of the Memorial Hall, starting at 8pm. The talks usually last for
an hour, followed by refreshments and a raffle.

We also have an outing in the summer. This year it is to a local farm on June 27 th.

Membership is £5 per person each year and a magazine is circulated bi-monthly.

During the last year we have funded the installation of the hearing loop in the
Memorial Hall. Also we made a donation to the restoration of the Walker Organ,
which is being organised by the History Society.

New members are also welcome so please feel free to contact me on the
email/phone number above.

                       MARDEN MEDICAL CENTRE
                     By David Shaw, Practice Manager
                    Church Green, Marden, Tonbridge, Kent TN12 9HP
                        Tel: 01622 831257 Fax: 01622 832840

The highlight of the last year at the Medical Centre has to be the opening of our long
awaited extension in July. The building was completed within schedule and without
too many hiccups. It has provided us with three much needed new consulting rooms
and a meeting room which we are already putting to good use.

We were very pleased to welcome a doctor in training on a four month rotation from
the hospital. She gained valuable insight and experience in the world of general
practice. We are hoping to be accredited a Training Practice from the summer and
receive general practice registrars who will be with us for a longer period of time.

Phase two of our building work is now almost completed with a new reception desk
having been installed and the waiting room being decorated. The waiting room
carpet will soon be replaced.

We have been overwhelmed with the generosity of the donations that we have
received through The Friends of Marden Medical Centre. This year we have been
able to purchase a new ECG monitor, automated blood pressure machines and extra
equipment for the new consulting rooms. We are extremely grateful for these
donations and for the work of the Friends’ Committee in managing them and
supporting us.

                                                      Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                           Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                 Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                             Page 27
In November we had our inaugural meeting of Marden Medical Centre Patient
Reference Group. They assisted and supported us in developing our Patient Survey,
the results of which are available on the Practice website. We believe, as the
Group’s role develops, that they will be a huge asset to us and our patients. We are
extremely grateful for the enthusiasm of the Group’s members and welcome new

We are part of West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group and have taken on board
many of the new initiatives that have been promoted to improve patient care but we
also very much hope that in the face of a rapidly changing Health Service we shall be
able to maintain our ethos which is to provide high quality family centred care.

                        MARDEN MEMORIAL HALL
                         By Geoff Burr (Chairman)
The completion of the Hall development, almost there at the time of the last
Annual Parish Meeting, was finalised in spring 2011 with the extension and
resurfacing of the car park.
Since then, a number of further more minor improvements have taken place.
These include the installation of a hearing loop, funded by the Marden Society, to
whom our grateful thanks, and new internal doors and window blinds to improve
both energy efficiency and security.
Following last year’s risk assessment, the items stored above the lavatories have
been removed. A large shed has been erected between the Parish Office and the
School for the Theatre Group (MTG) to store equipment previously stored in the
lavatory area and elsewhere and a self-contained cupboard erected for storage of
Parish Council items. MTG are paying for the shed, reimbursing the Trustees over
a 5 year period.
Looking to the next 2-3 years, the Trustees accept that a complete renovation of
the roof is now a matter of some urgency. This will be a major undertaking
costing possibly in the region of £80 - £100,000; something we could not afford
without external grant or long-term funding that may be difficult to obtain with
current public sector expenditure constraints.        We are currently awaiting
quotations for this work before endeavouring to identify funding sources.
As with any building of this size, especially one used by the public, there is,
however, always more minor work required. Mark Williams has taken on this role
and has been invaluable over the past year in undertaking small repair tasks, as
and when needed, as well as carrying out regular routine maintenance jobs. The
most important of these was the replacement of the flooring in the gent’s lavatory and
surrounding area. The old floor was rotten and on the point of collapse.
A maintenance schedule has also been drawn up that will enable us to plan for on-
going work, such as painting and decorating, both in terms of finance and
logistics. The Main Hall was painted last summer.
We are pleased to report that the cleanliness of the premises is now much improved
and our contractors are reliable, efficient and flexible. Windows are cleaned both
internally and externally on a regular basis...

                                                     Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                          Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                        Page 28
The Halls continue to be used extensively during the year. The Pre School Group
continues to be our main user using the Main Hall and Old School Room every
morning during term time.
 MTG also use the Main Hall during the year for their productions. We also appreciate
the support from the many other organisations that support the Hall - these include
Short Mat Bowls, Badminton, Brownies, Ballet classes, Women's Institute, Thursday
Club, Marden Society, Blood Service and Parish Council.
During the past year there have not been any problems with licensing, any user
requiring a licence for the serving of alcohol making their own arrangements.
However, we did experience some problems on two successive weekends following
private parties, unrelated to licensing issues. On the second occasion, the Main Hall
was left completely uncleared and some minor damage was caused to neighbouring
properties. As a result, we have revised our hiring policies, especially those relating
to Sunday hire.
Our hiring agreement has also been revised following advice from Action with
Communities in Rural Kent and others and now runs to 9 pages. Whilst this may
appear excessive, it is in the best interest of the Hall, the hirers and the Trustees,
that it is as comprehensive and unambiguous as possible.
To conform to the public entertainment and theatre licences two separate licences
are held. In addition, the Secretary undertakes a regular review of official notices to
consider what additional requirements may be needed.
The Trustees would like to thank Graham Tippen, who stood down in February as
Chairman, John Elphick the Treasurer and Alison Hooker, Honorary Secretary, for all
the hard work they have undertaken towards the smooth running of the Hall.

                           MARDEN MOTOR CLUB

Regular events held in conjunction with the regular monthly meetings were:

Night Rallies: February to April
GEM Series: May to July
Quiz:           September to December

Our breakdown truck attended the following events during the year.
HCVS London to Brighton Run, 1st May Bank Holiday.

Marden Swinging Picnic in the Park, June.
The Club attended with the truck and a small display of classic cars. The afternoon
started very slowly but from 5.30pm a large number of teams competed to set the
fastest time for pulling the truck about 50 yards. This event will not be held in 2012.

Great Tong, July
The annual rally marked my first ever outing in the truck. We were again lucky with
the weather and the day was a great success, including an unexpected flypast by a
Spitfire. This year we prepared and sold food from gazebos in the field instead of in
the garage. This was considered to have been a success.

                                                      Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                           Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                 Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                                 Page 29
Hawkenbury Classic Meeting, September
Organised by the Hawkenbury public house. The truck won the award for best
commercial vehicle but the venue was a muddy field.

Goodwood Revival, September
 For the 2nd consecutive year the truck formed part of the lunchtime parades at this
high profile event. This year the parade celebrated the 100th anniversary of Ford
Motor Company.

HCVS Sprat & Winkle Run. October
This late season event started in Sevenoaks and finished in Hastings. Once again
the truck ran without problems and the day was enjoyed by those attending.

Other Events

Drive It Day, April
Janet and Clive once again organised an outing on Drive It Day. This year's
expedition started at the terminus of the Spa Valley Railway in Tunbridge Wells and
ended at Herstmonceux Castle, former home of the Royal Observatory. The weather
was kind and the day was enjoyed by all who attended. Thanks to Janet & Clive for
organising this and producing an excellent road book.

In August the annual Chairman's run was attended by 13 people

Orchard View Classics Breakfast, September
This garage, in Yalding, held 2 gatherings for classic cars during 2011. The truck was
in attendance at the 2nd of these. A few members also attended with classic cars.
Quiz Night, September
Phil and Denise once again put on a quiz night, this time held in the Scout Hall. About
60 people attended and all seemed to enjoy themselves. Thank you to Phil and
Denise for organising the quiz and Janet & Graham for the catering.

                   MARDEN PARISH MAGAZINE
           By Sarah Davies (Parish Magazine Co-ordinator)
The Marden Parish Magazine is produced for Marden by St Michael and All Angels
Church. It is available to purchase from the Library, Post Office, Marden Primary
School and the Church. Most of our readers receive their copy delivered to the door
by an indispensable band of volunteers. The print run at present is 550. The annual
subscription rate is £5.50, with individual copies costing 50p.

The magazine includes details of monthly events occurring in and around Marden as
well as details of Church services and events. The editors would happily welcome
articles on Marden’s village news from the leaders of village clubs or individuals. You
can e-mail them details on the church’s web site (, where

                                                      Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                           Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                 Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                            Page 30
you can also find the current month’s issue of the magazine, as well as an archive of
past issues.

We are well supported by local businesses who advertise on an annual basis in the
Magazine. Details for advertising are available on the Church Website.

This year we lost the services of long time editor Diana Babb, as she left the village,
luckily Jenny Mallion has come forward to replace her on the editorial team.

           By Julie Warner & Denise Pantrey – Supervisors

At present we have 51 children who attend. We have continued to have fun whilst
learning through play.

As usual our Christmas production was a hugh hit, and all monies raised enabled us
to buy some new play mats and a storage trolley for the children’s art work.

Our thanks to our families who continually fund raise for us.

From this term any monies we raise will be paid to the Hall Committee to help
towards the much needed hall roof.

We will have our own Diamond Jubilee party, where each child will receive a
commemorative gift. Also, in line with our “keep fit theme” we will be celebrating the
2012 London Olympics.

Our thanks, as always, to our hardworking staff who help make learning fun; our
Committee and the Hall Committee for their continued support; together with Dorothy
Reed, Alison Hooker and our Playgroup supporters.

                        MARDEN PRIMARY SCHOOL
                       By Rowena Lynn (Headteacher)

As other local schools have found, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a
“good” grading with the demands of Ofsted getting ever more rigorous so we were
pleased that Ofsted found Marden Primary School to be a “good and improving”
school when we underwent an inspection in the summer. We know we have a school
to be proud of and we are glad that has been recognised.
Other highlights from the Ofsted report include:
     Parents universally comment on and appreciate the strong community values
       created by the school’s caring and supportive ethos.
     These values were seen in good conduct and courtesy of the children
     Pupils were observed playing exceptionally well together

                                                      Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                           Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                 Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                             Page 31
      Highly effective leadership and management by the Headteacher with
       excellent support of the Governing Body and involvement of staff at all levels
       has ensured an upward trend in pupil attainment throughout a challenging
      Parents describe the school as “Well led with approachable and supportive
      There is a very comprehensive quality improvement plan
      There has been a continued upward trend over 3 years
      The school has a good capacity for sustained improvement
      There are outstanding examples of children assessing their own and others’
      Assessment is used well by leaders and managers
      Pupils are enthusiastic, work well together, have good work related skills and
       collaborate well
      Behaviour was good and sometimes outstanding, with clear procedures to
       deal with concerns
      Some marking is outstanding giving clear guidance on how to make the next
       steps in learning
      Care, guidance and support are strengths
      The range of provision for children with special needs is outstanding
      The concerted drive of the new leadership team has brought about notable
       improvements in teaching and learning
      Outstanding practice is developing
      New leadership in EYs has been effective in developing learning

You can access the full report and other information about the school on our website

                      THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION
                       By Nigel Hammond, Chairman

Last year our Branch gained six new members but sadly lost two long serving loyal

In July our Poppy Appeal organiser, Tracy Fry and her husband Collin, generously
laid on a garden party in aid of the 90th anniversary of the Royal British Legion. The
spit roast lamb and accompanying spread was out of this world, with over £400
raised due to Colin’s enthusiasm providing alcoholic beverages and a continuous
supply of punch and champagne.

Last year’s Poppy Appeal, once again under Tracy’s control, broke previous years
with £3,000 plus being raised. Tracy has a number of areas in Marden that are not
covered or covered well enough so more collectors would be appreciated.

                                                     Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                          Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                       Page 32
We held our annual dinner in the Star and Eagle at Goudhurst where Commodore
Chris Childs gave an extremely interesting after dinner talk to a well attended

During the last year or so Peter Rolington from the Goudhurst branch and I have
organised trips to France and Belgium, visiting World War I battlefields and
cemeteries where appropriately I’ve placed crosses on the local fallen graves or
memorials. These trips have proved very popular and even over subscribed at two.
Vimy Ridge on September is the next one with a possibility next year of a two night
trip to the Normandy Landing areas (more information to come).

We are always looking for active members as we do not want the Marden Branch to
fold like so many other branches. You do not have to be an ex-service person to join
and give support to these who have given or are giving so much.

                         MARDEN SCOUT GROUP
                      By Ian Grimes (Group Chairman)

The Group comprises 72 full members (at the end of January) with 5 members
awaiting investiture.

We have participated in 2 services during the year; the Maidstone St George’s Day
Parade and the Remembrance Service in the village and have had fantastic support
for both with the vast majority of members attending both.

The last year has seen us come together as a Group for our “Marathon Funday” in
May on Southons Field. We ran a combined distance of 26 miles & 385 yards to
raise important funds for a much needed Cook tent as well as have a lot of family fun.
We would once again like to thank everybody who helped us, including The Paddock
Wood Lions and the Congregational Church for very generous donations & Marden
Bowls Club for the use of their toilet facilities on the day. We also had a stall at the
'Marden at Christmas' fair selling home made shortbread and mince pies.

Several of us have received an “Award for Merit” from the Chief Scout convincingly
impersonated by our District Commissioner, Pam Mead and one of our Leaders has
received an award for over 25 years service as a Scout Leader.

Current Cubs membership is a strong 28 boys and five leaders with a varied
programme of activities. Our outdoor programme has included camping at Hamlet
Wood, and evenings of Archery and Mountain Biking at Bedgebury. We have made
the most of our village location with wide games in the orchards and games on
Southons Field using the equipment in the Community Chest. The Cubs have been
challenged to grow the tallest sunflower and to test their fitness with rugby coaching.

                                                       Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                            Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                 Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                           Page 33
On winter nights we have cooked and served dinner to parents and half the Pack had
a surprise bonus of meeting some of the BBC Top Gear stars whilst the Cubs were
touring the professional kitchens at the Mercure Hotel Maidstone. The older Cubs
now have a good armful of badges having earned Activity badges including Physical
Recreation, Astronomer, Chef and First Aid. Challenge badges have included the
Outdoors, Fitness, Community and Global Challenges.

The Scout Section has enjoyed a great attendance during the last year with an
average of around 20 Scouts at all meetings and this has meant that we have been
able to increase the number of Patrols from 3 to 4.

This has also been the first full year for the 4 “new” leaders who have gained their
warrants and continued with their training. They have each brought much-needed
fresh ideas and initiatives and have been invaluable in helping out the 2 “old timers”!

The Troop programmes during the last year have seen the Scouts enjoy and
participate in a challenging and varied programme with many new and exciting
activities including Scoututeo (Scout-made Subbuteo), Photography Competition,
Camp skills, Climbing, Dragon’s Den and becoming pen pals with an Australian

We have also participated in a District “HAVOC” camp where Scouts from Maidstone
South all got together to have fun and do activities such as car driving, backwoods
cooking, pioneering and climbing. We have recently been represented by 2 teams at
the Kent County Hike where they did exceptionally well and were a credit to the

Perhaps the highlight of the year was the return of our week-long Summer Camp
after a rest in 2010. We went to Downe Campsite near Biggin Hill where we did
archery, high ropes, climbing, abseiling, swimming, hiking and rifle shooting. For the
majority of campers this was their first experience of camping for this long and it was
a fantastic week enjoyed by everyone - we can’t wait to do it all again this Summer!

                    By Dorothy Reed (Chairman)

Marden Short Mat Bowls meets here in the Memorial Hall on a Monday and Friday
evening from 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Membership is £5.00 per annum plus a nightly match fee of £2.00. Tea and biscuits
are provided during the evening.

We play friendly matches against other clubs in the surrounding villages – these turn
into very sociable evenings, with supper being provided.

Anyone interested in joining us, or would like to know more, please come along on
one of our evenings – all you need is a pair of flat bottom shoes - we can provide the
woods to play with.

                                                      Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                           Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                 Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                                      Page 34

                           By Jane Frankel

It has been a very exciting year for the club following resurfacing of the courts in spring last
year which are now playing very well indeed. There has been much tennis played
over the year with regular sessions on a Saturday, Sunday and Thursday morning
and club evenings on a Wednesday during the summer months – from Wednesday
2nd may in 2012.         The club has two men’s teams and one ladies team in the
Maidstone league and a mixed team in the Wealden league. The men’s first team
won promotion to division II in 2011, which will result in some very strong matches
next season. There are also friendly ladies matches played amongst a group of
local clubs.

The resurfacing was co-ordinated by Andy Puncher, who has also been instrumental
in the expansion of the Marden Tennis club website, which has been very well used.
The site now has a past roll call of champions as well as club news, dates,
photographs and an active chat room.                 The website address is

Volunteer coaches among the members run an annual course of junior coaching for
ten weeks which will start with a family open day on Saturday 21 April. There will be
a special fancy dress coaching session on the day of the Marden Jubilee fete –
Saturday 2nd June. Coaching for older juniors and adults takes place on a Thursday
evening throughout May and June – for further details please refer to the board
outside the Marden Post Office.

There are social internal tournaments held at the club throughout the year – two
American tournaments will be held on Sunday 29 th April and Sunday 9th September –
all welcome and both starting at 10.30 a.m.

There have been some changes in the way the LTA register club memberships so
that each club can now choose whether to remain associated with the LTA, whereas
in the past the affiliation process has been compulsory rather than voluntary. The
Marden Tennis Club has chosen to remain with the LTA for the benefits this confers
– eg: access to County Tournaments and League matches as well as automatic
inclusion into the Wimbledon ticket ballots

Membership levels continue to be high, currently standing at 127 (the second highest
since 2003). This increase is largely due to a net rise of 10 in the number of adult
members over last year’s figure – perhaps attracted by the new courts. The current
adult membership subscription is £65 or £32.50 for new members. Juniors pay
£10/17/24, depending on age. Family membership is available with the juniors of the
family paying just £6.00. Subscription rates have been at this level since 2005.
For any queries on the tennis club or membership please contact Jane Frankel
(secretary) on 831870 or Carole Ennis (membership secretary) on 831406.

                                                            Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                                 Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                      Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                                  Page 35
The badminton club runs on a Wednesday evening from 7.30 – 9.30 between
October and the end of April. Membership is not necessary and the cost for an
evening’s play is £4.00. This has risen since last year due to the increasing cost of
hall hire but remains good value with a good competitive standard of friendly play.
Most evenings there are 10-12 players, allowing for an enjoyable mix of matches.
For further information please contact Sheila Wright on 01622 831618.

The junior badminton group is thriving on a Thursday evening with between 12 – 15
children playing between 6.00 – 7.45p.m.. Badminton is a game that children can
pick up quickly and soon get to a good standard – which is enjoyable and a good
boost to fitness as well as being a social activity.

                         THE ALLENS COFFEE SHOP
                             By Dorothy Reed

Did you know, that between 10am to noon, Monday to Thursdays when you are out
shopping, that there is a coffee/tea shop at The Allens Community Centre.

Call in for a welcome break, have a drink and a chat. We may even tempt you to
purchase a book or jigsaw to take home with you.

                     MARDEN WRVS THURSDAY CLUB
                           By Dorothy Reed

This club is for all residents over the age of 55 and we hold fortnightly meetings in the
Memorial Hall and also have an outing approximately once a month. Meetings are
between 2-4 pm on alternate Thursday with time for a chat with friends, then the
themed part of the afternoon, ranging from speakers, bingo, entertainment or a quiz,
followed by tea and cakes. The average attendance is between 25-35.

Four times a year, we are visited by Hi Kent – who provide batteries, check and
adjust hearing aids. This service is open to the whole village. The dates for their
visits for this year are:-

       May 10th, July 19th , September 13th and November 22nd
             at 1.30 pm at the Memorial hall.

The following trips have been arranged:-

       April 25th           Tunbridge Wells
       May 30th             Folkestone
       July 25th            Dover
       September 19th       Barnsgate Vineyard
       October 31st         Savacentre

                                                       Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                            Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                  Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                             Page 36
Please come along to any meetings and see if you wish to join in with us, either as a
member or a helper.

Membership is £6.00 per annum with £1.00 charged for each meeting to help cover
the cost of the hall.

At this point, I would like to thank my faithful band of helpers and cake makers,
without whom, meetings would not run so smoothly.

                                 VILLAGE CLUB
                                 By Mick Collins

The Village Club continues to survive, although as all pubs and clubs are
experiencing, the number of customers in each night continues to fall. Having
survived 107 years I am certain that with good management we will be here for the
village for some years yet.

We have about 500 members and the Club facilities include Darts, Pool, two Snooker
tables and regular Saturday evening entertainment. We also offer SKY TV and an in
house entertainment system. The large function room at the back of the club is
available for hire to members for private functions and some local businesses use the
room for day time meetings and training.

During the last few months we have had a sign erected on the exterior of the property
so that we can be seen more easily by village residents who really do not know
where we are. To help those who still do not know, we are on the junction of Howland
Road and Albion Road, so why not call in and see what we are all about, and
hopefully apply to join us.

Our claim to fame over the last few months has been one of our members, Fee
Foreman who scored a maximum 170 check out whilst playing for his darts team in
the MIKEN League, and the report and photograph made the front page of the Kent

Although we no longer have a Steward working at the club, we still have regular bar
staff all of whom offer a friendly welcome to members, and being a members club we
can of course offer drinks at slightly lower prices than other establishments. The day
to day running of the club is done by our committee and we offer a good range of
drinks. We normally have the choice of three Real Ales, three draught Lagers, two
draught Bitters, a good range of Cider and Wine.

                                                     Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                          Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                                 Page 37
                         MARDEN WALKING GROUP
                           By Catherine Alderson

The sun has been shining kindly on Saturdays in the past twelve months.          The
Saturday strolls have seen people turning up for fresh air, exercise, company and
conversation. We cover various routes around Marden depending on conditions
under foot and capability of the attendees to cope with stiles. The walks start at
2.00pm at the Library and finish no later than 3.30pm and are taken at a gentle pace.
We have also helped with checking some routes for the Children’s Centre for them to
able to do short walks with their pushchairs.

Our longer walks this year have ventured further afield with visits to Hemsted Forest,
Linton and the Scotney Estate, and there is a forthcoming one to Frittenden on 29 th
April.    These start at the village car park at 10.00am on the last Sunday of the
month and cover approximately five to six miles. Last year we also invited the
Horticultural Society on a walk to Marden Meadow and the WI to a midsummer
evening walk. This year we plan to walk with the Marden Society on their summer
outing to Horlands Farm.

Our two trained KCC footpath wardens take us on monthly maintenance walks on
Tuesdays to cut back some undergrowth, make sure paths are marked and labelled
correctly and inspect stiles and report back on repair work needed. The aim is to
walk all the footpaths in the parish at least once a year.

Do join us for more details of any of the above events.    We do put posters up in the
village as well.

Forthcoming Events.          We shall do our traditional walk from Linton Church to
Boughton Church on Easter Saturday.           On this occasion Boughton will have the
Church open to show us inside and to demonstrate the Millennium Window to us.
Although this will have happened by the time of the Parish Meeting, I have been
informed they have decided to open it every Saturday afternoon during the summer
for visitors and to demonstrate the window. So do try the walk between the two
churches. It is all on the level, no stiles and lovely views.

We have devised a “Jubilee Walk” which we shall be leading on Sunday 3 rd June and
Sunday 24th June at 10.00 from the village car park.         Do please join in and also
come and visit our stand at the Jubilee Fete on 2 nd June with two competitions and
copies of our walk leaflets for sale including the new Jubilee Walk.

                     MARDEN WOMEN’S INSTITUTE
                     By Jan Turner, Minute Secretary

Marden WI is a thriving and friendly institute. We enjoy many activities. Over the past
year we have had talks by a pearl stringer to the crown jewellers, the story of olive
oil, the Army Benevolent Fund and health products from bees with lots of samples to
try and goods to buy.

                                                      Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                           Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                 Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                            Page 38
In April we had a hanging basket demonstration and in June we had an evening
playing bowls courtesy of the Marden Bowls club, who made us very welcome, for
the energetic there was an evening walk around Marden, finishing at the local pub.

In July we met with our link institute Hastingleigh for a tour of Lenham with a local
guide from the history society, followed by lunch at Chilston Park. There was a trip to
Great Dixter in July and a garden party held in a members garden on a rather chilly
evening, but the strawberries and cream with Pimms made up for it.
There have been trips to both local and London theatres, and craft and home
economic days at Ditton. We have a very popular luncheon club which are always
well attended.

We held a members food tasting evening in October with members each bringing a
dish to sample, delicious food enjoyed by all. In December we had an excellent
Christmas lunch at the Half Way House, Brenchley and an evening of entertainment
by Antipony.

We have provided tea and cakes for other village organisations, the Horticultural
Society, the Kent Air Ambulance, Marden at Christmas Fair and a visiting WI.

We have many outings and events already booked for the coming year, and I am
sure that under the enthusiastic leadership of our two presidents this year will be as
full and exciting as the last.

                          MARDEN YOUTH GROUP
                             By Sam Blackden

Maidstone Rural Youth Project 2011 - 2012
July 2011
Mondays afternoons - The Arts Award every week, focusing on the Bronze Award for
Wednesday evenings – Youth activities for 11 – 19 years, 630 – 830pm

August 2011
Wednesdays evenings - Regular youth activities in the evening 630 – 830pm
Art Competitions , cooking nights, Movie Night, Talent Competitions, Drop in Sexual
Health Clinic

Thurs 11th August - We took an all day trip to the bowling alleys in Maidstone
Sat 13th August - We held a Jumble Sale fundraiser at the John Banks Hall, a
fundraiser for our projectall organised by the young people of Marden. £90 was
raised for the project
Sat 20th August - We took the young people to Mote Park and had a picnic, played
sports such as rounder's, Cricket and football.
Wednesday 31st August - Trip to Thorpe Park! 33 seats were filled with young
people from Marden and Langley

                                                      Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                           Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                                 Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012
                                                                               Page 39
September 2011
Monday evenings 4 – 6pm - Dance and Arts Award sessions
Wednesday evenings - Regular youth activities in the evening 630 – 830pm
Literacy Night, Organic Food night, Girls Only Pamper night and Boys Only night,
Black History night

Wed 28th     - We took a trip to Lenham Youth Club with young people from Marden
Wed 12th      - We took a trip to the YAG Meeting @ Lenham YC
Wed 26th     - We held a Zumba & Musical Theatre Workshop at the John Banks
Fri 28th     - We took a trip bowling and to the cinema – young people from Marden

November 2011
Wednesday evenings - Regular youth activities in the evening 630 – 830pm
Drugs & Alcohol Awareness, Road Safety Week 2011, Arts Award sessions, Learn
sign language

Wed 2nd -     We held a Halloween Party at the John Banks Hall
Wed 9th –    specialist dance session in evening

December 2011
Wednesday evenings - Regular youth activities in the evening 630 – 830pm
Arts Award sessions, Drugs & Alcohol Awareness @ Xmas

Wed 14th     We held a Christmas party and cooked a meal from scratch with young
people in Marden, held at the Vestry Hall

January 2012
Wednesdays Arts Award Only 630—7pm, open club from 7 – 830pm
Quiz Night & New Years Resolutions, Pool Competitions, Chinese New Year—Taste
food and Facts, Army Night with Martin ( youth worker), Switch Café complimented
our sessions with activities and the tuck shop

February 2012
Wednesdays Arts Award Only 630—7pm, open club from 7 – 830pm
LGBT History Month 2012 - Awareness, Detective Night with Jennie, Valentines card
making      , Cooking Pancakes,     Healthy Eating night—Juice and smoothies

Mon 13th        - We took a Boys only trip to Lenham Youth Centre—3G Football pitch
and activities, 14 young people from Marden and Headcorn.
Wed 15th - We took a trip to the theatre trip to see Lion King. 20 young people

March 2012
Wednesdays Arts Award Only 630—7pm, open club from 7 – 830pm

No Smoking Day—Our Campaign / Design Poster, Cards for Mothering Sunday,
Sexual Health Clinic,
Sunday 11th March – the dance group performed at the Medway Youth Dance
Platform in Gillingham, performing to over 200 audiences.
                                                    Marden Annual Parish Meeting
                                                         Tuesday 17th April 2012
                                               Shared Documents\APM\2012\APM reports 2012

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