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How To Unlock A Blackberry 9650


									Blackberry 9650 Unlock Instructions

                      Unlock Instructions For Blackberry 9650

How To Unlock A Blackberry 9650:

   1. Insert any SIM card on the phone.

   2. Go to manage connections and turn all connections off

   3. Go to Options

   4. Go to Advanced Options

   5. Go to SIM Card (It should show: No Valid SIM Card at the top)

   6. Type MEPD (If No screen pops up, press and hold on the Shift button then type MEPD (Personalization
      Screen should pop-out)

   7. Type MEP [Alt + 2]

   8. Ente Network MEP Code

   9. Code Accepted. Phone is now unlocked.

*** Once Unlocked:
   1. Go to Options

   2. Go to Mobile Network

   3. Network Technology choose GSM/UMTS

   4. Network Mode choose 2G

   5. Go to Manage Connections and turn all connections ON

                      Get Blackberry 9650 Unlock Code
                           Click Here To Get Blackberry 9650 Unlock Code

      Model – Blackberry 9650
      Network – any GSM Carrier
      Country – Worldwide

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