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How To Unlock A Blackberry 9630


									Unlock Instructions for Blackberry 9630

                      Blackberry 9630 Unlock Instructions
How To Unlock A Blackberry 9630:

   1. Insert non-original SIM

   2. Go to Manage Connections and turn off all connections

   3. Go to Options

   4. Advanced Options

   5. SIM Card

   6. Type MEPD

   7. MEP Alt 2

   8. Enter Network MEP Code at the prompt

   9. Code Accepted

Note: If you get Code Error message, please do not try again and contact Global Unlock Support

Once Unlocked:

   1. Go to Manage Connections

   2. Mobile Network

   3. Go to Network Technology and select – GSM/UMTS

   4. Go to Network Mode and select - 2G

            Click Link To Get Blackberry 9630 Unlock Code
                                      Blackberry 9630 Unlock Code

Model – Blackberry 9630
Network – Any Network
Country - Any Country

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