Blackberry 9700 Unlock Instructions

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					Unlock Instructions for Blackberry 9700

                     Blackberry 9700 Unlock Instructions
How To Unlock A Blackberry 9700:

   1. You must have an original SIM card in your phone to complete these steps (can be active or inactive
      with the network)

   2. Go to Setting Menu

   3. Go to Options Menu

   4. Go to advanced options

   5. Go to SIM card

   6. Type MEPD using your BlackBerry keyboard (NOTE: You will not see any text appear on the screen
      while typing MEPD)

   7. Type MEP[Alt + 2] ( M E P, Then type Alt key, then 2 )

   8. You should be presented with a prompt "Enter Network MEP Code". Type in the 16 or 8 digit unlock
      code and press in the trackball/trackpad to confirm

   9. Your phone is now unlocked

IMPORTANT: If you get a 'Code Error' message DO NOT keep trying, you only have limited attempts. Please
check IMEI #, Network is right then contact us.

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                                      Blackberry 9700 Unlock Code

Model – Blackberry 9700
Network – Any Network
Country - Any Country