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Vacation Rental Statistics


									             Vacation rental statistics survey*

                              Lake Tahoe, California
                                   Distinctive Homes Sotheby’s International Realty
                         Compliments of George and Linda Szendrey, Realtors®

                                                            OCCUPANCY DATA
                                                                  15 to 20% Approximate Yearly Occupancy Rate
    Location, Location, Location:
                                                                  40 to 110 to 180 Average Nights Per Year
        o Where?
                  Action                                         Low Season (depending on winter conditions)
                  Boating
                  Casinos                                              o September, October, November
                  Skiing                                               o March, April, May
                  Shopping                                       High Season (depending on winter conditions)
        o Why?                                                          o December, January, February
                  Convenience
                                                                        o June, July, August
                  Gas Prices
                                                                  Helpful if Owner advertises too
    More Popular Areas:
                                                                  Everything depends on the house and location
        o Al Tahoe – Close to Reagan Beach
                  Great all year long
                  Closer to the Lake the better            FAVORABLE HOUSING DATA

        o Heavenly Valley – Close to Heavenly                     Tahoe-Cabin Feel
          Ski Resort                                              Nicely Furnished
                  Great winter rental                            Open Floor Plan
        o Tahoe Keys – Close to Everything                        Cleanliness
                  Great summer rental
                                                                  3+ Bedrooms
                  Fair in the winter
                                                                  2+ Bathrooms
    Less Popular Areas:
        o Christmas Valley                                        Outdoor Decks

        o Meyers                                                  Great Views

        o Sierra Tract                                            Game Room
        o Tahoe Paradise                                          Pool Table
        o Upper Kingsbury                                         Hot Tub
        o Upper & Lower Truckee                                   Parking

     These statistics and comments are based on the opinion of an employee of a rental agency and not on the
     opinion of the Agent asking the questions. The answers are general and do not constitute endorsement or
     recommendation of any-mentioned area, location, occupancy or description, but is posted as a courtesy
     measure only.                                                            Survey Completed 07/06/2006

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