How To Unlock Blackberry 7100

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					Unlock Instructions for Blackberry 7100

                      Blackberry 7100 Unlock Instructions
How To Unlock A Blackberry 7100:

   1. Scroll to the Airplane Icon (Turn Wireless Off.)

   2. Press Select.

   3. Wireless Mode will turn off.

   4. REMOVE the SIM card

   5. Power On the Device (Put the Battery back in)

How to SIM Unlock the device:

   1. Go to the "Tools" screen

   2. Select "Settings"

   3. Select the "SIM Card" option

   4. Type MEPPD

   5. It should then display a list "SIM, Network, Network Subset, etc..."

   6. To select "Network" type MEPP Alt-2

   7. It will prompt you for the MEP code

   8. Enter the unlock code

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                                     Blackberry 7100 Unlock Code

Model – Blackberry 7100
Network – Any Network
Country - Any Country

Description: Learn how to unlock now your Blackberry 7100 with this easy and quick steps.