Robert Wyland: Miniaturizing marine world on canvas

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					Robert Wyland - Artist rendering ocean life with great perfection

                                                         Robert Wyland is without question the pre-
                                                         eminent modern marine artist, and he may
                                                         very well be the most famous and
                                                         recognized marine artist of all time. But
                                                         beyond just creating beautiful works of art,
                                                         Wyland is famous for his environmental
                                                         awareness and ability to raise awareness
                                                         among others that his artwork touches.

                                                         Robert Wyland grew up painting from an
                                                         early age. While his young obsession was
                                                         dinosaurs, he soon became heavily
                                                         influenced by Jaques Coustea, a scientist
                                                         who studied, researched, and photographer
                                                         marine life. These interests lead him to
                                                         begin painting marine life himself.
                                                         Wyland majored in sculpting and painting
                                                         in school.

Wyland is a master of many mediums. While his paintings are certainly his most famous works of
art, Wyland’s sculptures and photography are equally impressive. His art delivers a direct and very
lift like quality. All of his art has a tranquil, serene quality. His most famous work of all are his
large scale outdoor murals of whales and other marine life. The largest of these covers the entire
Long Beach Convention Center and is 1280 feet long and 105 feet tall. It took over 7000 gallons of
paint and each marine creature showcased was painted to actual size. Wyland has painted 100
“Whaling Walls” in over 70 cities in 12 countries and 4 continents around the world. The walls
feature life sized whales and are extremely impressive in their detailed life like quality as well as
their enormous scale. Wyland painted the final whaling wall in 2008 in front of the Great Wall of
China. Impressively, Wyland does not accept compensation for any of his whaling walls. He paints
them to get others to appreciate and respect marine life and focus attention on his cause. An
experienced SCUBA driver, Wyland draws inspiration for his lifelike work for the up close personal
experiences he has had with marine life.

Wyland’s personal passion has been water conservation. The Wyland Foundation helps individuals
recognize the importance of keeping our oceans and waterways healthy and safe. It also emphasizes
protection watersheds and the preservation and access to healthy water for living. He communicates
his foundations efforts primarily through his art, but also through educational outreach and live
events. There is a special emphasis placed on the involvement of children and beginning the
education of water preservation early. Robert Wyland paintings are seen not only as beautiful art,
but they also serve as a symbol of what he is trying to preserve and protect. Wyland tours the
world for this mission today, testing water and given presentations to draw more attention to his
mission. He has found a way to use his exceptional talent to promote and further his passion.
Robert Wyland is an exception painter and an exceptional humanitarian. His ability to use his talent
to draw attention and promote a cause he is passionate about is what sets him apart from
contemporary artists. He produces art in many mediums and many scales. His is unique as an artist
because his work is at the same time highly sought after and all around us. With over 100 life sized
murals painted for free and readily available to the public at any time, art collectors still value his
work for their private collections and museums still compete to have his work.

Description: Robert Wyland is without question the pre-eminent modern marine artist, and he may very well be the most famous and recognized marine artist of all time.