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               Annual Report
                                                Transforming Lives
                                                The following letter was written by one of the girls in Hackett House who has made tremendous
                                                changes in her year at the Home. She clearly recognizes that she is different, expresses her desire
                                                to maintain the new attitude she has developed and to be successful. She is nervous about leaving
                                                the environment that has allowed her to deal with tough issues in a loving, nurturing way,
                                                and become a better person. This is one example of a life transformed. We wish her well on her
                                                continuing journey of self-discovery and appreciation.

                                                         n my room I think of my time being at the Children’s Home. It has been 11
                                                         months and it seems crazy. I miss my mom and my girlfriend and other friends.
                                                         But I have changed so much while being up here. My court date is February
                                                23—so soon. I can’t believe how fast it’s been. I’m going to miss everyone here so much.
                                                Since coming to the Home, I’m doing better in school, got a job, and I run track. I know
                                                in Newburgh it will be hard to be good, but I’m going to try. Hopefully, I’ll keep up my
                                                progress and never end up somewhere worse! I love you, Hackett, and leaving will be a
Girl Scouts from Troop 10606 and members        great loss.”
of the Ridin’ Free Motorcycle Club joined
other donors, friends and staff at the annual   Katrisha
Holiday Open House at the Home.
                                                The philosophy of the Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie
       The quotes throughout                    begins with the belief that all children have the right to a
                                                                                                                           “It is with
     this issue are taken from                  protective, nurturing environment, and that society has an               great respect
   children’s essays nominating
                                                obligation to assure that right.                                        and admiration
    their favorite teacher for                  Knowing that childhood is a critical time in which to                   that I nominate
    the Gold Star Award at
                                                develop the skills necessary to become competent, self-                  Ms. Bida for
                                                reliant and productive citizens, we strive to provide an
    the annual Teachers Open                    optimum setting for this development. We do this for each               the Gold Star
    House. They reflect what
                                                child by creating a corrective living experience supervised             Award. I thank
                                                by caring adults.
    a significant impact their                                                                                          her for her time
     teachers have on helping
                                                We are committed to the fact that children who have                      and patience
                                                experienced neglect, abuse or disruption of parental
         children transform                     relationships will benefit from therapeutic services
                                                                                                                        in dealing with
             their lives.                       including temporary residential care.                                   me during some
                                                Consistent with our goal of returning a child to the
                                                                                                                        of my difficult
                                                community, extensive use of community activities and                       moments.”
                                                organizations, including public education, is emphasized.
                                                We are also aware that these children and their families                     Sean
                                                benefit from parenting education and counseling. Family
                                                services are an integral factor in accomplishing our goal.

                                                It is essential that our professional and financial resources
                                                are directed toward reuniting a child with his family,
                                                community family or independent living. It is also
                                                essential that we help each child develop a sense of self-
                                                reliance, order and fulfillment.
                        PresidenT’s message

         ransformation happens in many       With today’s volunteers leading such busy
         ways and for many reasons. It       lives, people are stretched. And yet they
         can begin as an idea of desire to   still want to do good, to serve. Thus it is
change, or it can be forced by external      our job to find ways to be more efficient to
circumstances, or sometimes both. The        continue to be effective and therefore to be
Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie has          relevant.
embraced many changes over its long
history. To remain relevant in a changing    Over this next fiscal year, as we grapple
world, one must be open to change. It is     with the financial and programmatic
how we grow. And as you read through         challenges facing agencies such as the
this, you will see how we help children      Children’s Home, we are also looking at
transform their lives.                       how we can govern more effectively, using
                                             technology, streamlining volunteer jobs,       Students at Myers Corners Elementary
Recently, the Home’s Board of Managers       even re-structuring to reflect modern          School raffled a gingerbread house
began looking at how we also must change.    governance models. The Home’s amazing          replica of the Children’s Home of
                                             legacy sometimes makes the idea of change      Poughkeepsie made by Terry Perri to
                                             a bit daunting, but when we look at the        benefit the Home. Not only did the Home
                                             Board minutes of decades past, we realize      receive the $700 in raffle proceeds, but the
                                             that those who governed before also faced      winner, 6th grader Kristen Chery, donated
       “To remain relevant                   the issues of modernizing and instituting      the totally edible gingerbread creation to the
                                             new programs and processes to remain           Home’s children as well. L to R. Board
      in a changing world,                   effective and relevant. They changed, and      member Nancy Blose, Terry Perri,
                                                                                            Wappingers Central School District
       one must be open to                   so can we. However, our core mission
                                             remains the same. With your continued          Superintendent James Parla, Walter Joseph,
        change. It is how                    support, as the Home looks to fill unmet       and Board members Beth Devine, Carol
                                                                                            Weber, and Janet Powers.
                                             needs in a changing environment, we will
            we grow.”                        continue to serve those most vulnerable in
                                             society, our children.
                                             Sandra Kegan
                                                                                                     “Mrs. Rice was the
                                                                                                 best teacher a girl could
                                                                                                  ask for. I feel coming
                                                                                                     into my senior year
                                                                                                  Mrs. Rice is one of my
                                                                                                  inspirations to graduate
                                                                                                    and succeed in life.”

    Leah Sager from Enterprise Holdings        Members of Business Network
    presents grant for Young Mothers           International donated a tree for the
    Program to Walt Joseph                     Home’s campus in honor of Arbor Day.

                                               execuTive direcTor
                                                    am pleased to be able to provide all     This was also a year of programmatic
                                                    our friends and supporters with this     change for us. In late winter we began
                                                    annual report for fiscal year 2010. We   a readjustment of the capacities of the
                                               continue to be challenged by the fiscal       programs on our campus reducing the
                                               and political climate and expect that the     long term beds from 40 to 29. This change
                                               next few years will test our ingenuity and    reflects and anticipates changes going
                                               resilience.                                   on in the state and nationally, aimed at
                                                                                             reducing the number of children and
                                               The programs we operate are all designed      youth in out of home care.
                                               to provide youngsters in our care and their
                                               families with intensive services targeted     At the same time we increased the
                                               to address the issues that resulted in        capacity of the emergency program to
Assistant Resident Director Kassondra
                                               placements - to help them transform their     23 from 16. This program meets the
DelPozzo and two residents look at the
                                               lives. The goal of each program is to send    immediate needs for children who are
$21,250 check Walter Joseph is holding. The
                                               these children home as soon as possible.      removed from their families by Child
check represents the proceeds from Bridgeway
                                               If we can’t send them home, we try to         Protective Services. The program was very
Federal Credit Union's Charity Golf
                                               find a foster or adoptive home for them.      heavily utilized during the year.
Tournament to benefit recreation facilities
and programs for the Home's children.
                                               We realize the important role of our
                                               staff in transforming the lives of children
                                               and families who come to us. This                    “It’s our young adults
     “Mr. Bauer always kept                    transformation may be as dramatic as                     who show us the
                                               finding a loving and permanent home
       me in a positive mind                   for a child who's lost a parent to the
                                                                                                     transformative work,
      because negative would                   small transformations of attitude and              years after they’ve left.”
                                               understanding that might only hit their
    never get you to where you                 mark many years in the future. Sometimes
    want to be, but would get                  it's difficult to know just what impact
      you to where you never                   we’re having in the moment.
                                                                                             While the campus was getting a little
      knew you would end up:                   It’s our young adults who show us the         smaller, we added an eight bed group
     prison, homeless or in a                  transformative work, years after they’ve      home for pregnant and parenting teens,
                                               left. Three young adults, two women and       providing a needed service previously not
      box. That is why I’m a                   one man, who were in our program keep         available in the Mid-Hudson valley.
    drudge and not a lazy or                   in regular touch. All three were long
        silly student when it                  term residents and reflect a continuum of     Transforming lives may seem like a very
                                               personal challenges. We help where we         bold assertion to make but we can back it
         comes to school.”                     can with money and advice. All of them        up.
                                               have faced the challenges of independence
                Jess                           without family support systems but they       Sincerely,
                                               have told us how the lessons, caring and      Walter J. Joseph
                                               attachment of staff have carried them
                                               forward. The transformation they started
                                               at Children’s Home continues to work for

2010 uPdaTe
a generaL overview                               The campus program never closes. About
We provided a range of services to               15% of the children and youth are freed
children, youth and their families in one or     for adoption and consequently have
more of the six programs we operate that         no family involvement. This is a sharp
comprise our continuum of care:                  decrease from prior years. Most of the
Group Emergency Foster Care, Campus              residents are special education students
Residential, Agency Boarding Homes,              and have an Individualized Education
   Supervised Independent Living,                Plan (IEP) developed by a school district
Transitional Living and Foster Homes             Committee on Special Education.
We continue to send all our children             Ninety-five children and youth were
into community schools, a practice               served in the campus program during
adopted by the agency in 1914. This daily        the year, 15 more than the prior year,
community involvement is very beneficial         an increase of 18%. There were 43
to our children and supports efforts to          admissions and 41 discharges. Ten
return children to their communities and         children were discharged to a parent or
families. The agency employs a full time         relative, one child was discharged to a       Employee of the Year Daisy McLean (second
community school coordinator, typically          pre-adoptive home, 10 were discharged         from right) accepts her award from Walt
a special education teacher, who is              to other agencies. Three children were        Joseph, Board President Sandra Kegan and
responsible for the day to day interaction       discharged to foster homes. Two youth         First Vice President Carol Weber.
with the school districts.                       were discharged as independent to join
                                                 Job Corps. One youth aged out at 21 and
The Main Campus and two of the three             was discharged to independent life. Seven
Boarding Homes are located in the Hyde           youth signed themselves out of care. Two
Park Central School District. One home is        youth went AWOL and never returned                 “She will not give up on
located in the Arlington School District.
Both districts are able to bill tuition to the
                                                 to care. Five youth were moved to more              me or cut me some slack
                                                 restrictive settings including psychiatric
home district of children placed through         hospitals or juvenile justice programs.           until she knows that I have
the Children’s Home. Meeting the
educational needs of our children does not
                                                                                                  graduated from high school
                                                 The average length of stay for all children
place a financial burden on the districts or     in the Campus Residential program has
                                                                                                    with honors. She is also
the property tax payers of Hyde Park or          dropped to 12 months and is significantly           making sure that I go to
LaGrange.                                        lower than prior years. The average age          college to follow my hopes
                                                 was 15.75 years compared to 15.3 last year.
camPus residenTiaL                                                                                  and dreams of becoming
The Children’s Home operated 29 beds             agency                                                  a pediatrician.”
on our main campus, 21 for boys and 8
for girls. This reflects a midyear change        Boarding homes                                               Patrice
in capacity reducing from 40 beds the            The Agency Boarding Home Program
prior year. Program staff include child          operates 18 beds for children and youth
care workers, social workers, caseworkers,       in three community-based homes. The
art therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists     children and youth living there are fully
and nurses. Support staff meet all               integrated into their neighborhoods and
dietary, housekeeping and maintenance            schools.
requirements. 24 hour awake coverage is
provided.                                        Each Boarding Home is under the
supervision of a house parent or parents       resident in the program receive full          Specialist works intensively with youth to
who live with the children and youth           medical, psychological and social services.   meet this goal. The SILP served five youth
twenty four hours a day. Live-in staff         Staff gently teach and guide the young        in 2010.
are supplemented by child care workers         women as they learn how to care for their
on a shift basis. House parents provide        newborns and themselves.                      The Transitional Living program provides
daily guidance and supervision in a very                                                     ongoing support in the form of rent
close relationship with youth, becoming        In six months of operation the program        support and small cash stipends as well
almost surrogate parents. House parents        served eight girls and three babies. There    as counseling and other advisory services
routinely interact with school personnel,      were 10 admissions and 4 discharges. The      to young adults who were in Children's
transport youth to family visits, and teach    average length of stay was 2.25 months        Home’s programs and have aged out of
independent living skills. Probably the        and the average age was 17.                   foster care at age 21. Two young women
most intense and demanding part of the                                                       participated in the Transitional Living
job is providing emotional support on a                                                      program in 2010.
daily basis for six damaged children.
                                               grouP emergency
                                               fosTer care                                   fosTer homes
The program served 30 children during          The emergency program provides a safe,
the year. There were 7 admissions and                                                        We did not operate any foster homes
                                               supportive, nurturing environment for
10 discharges. Ten children or youth                                                         in the 2010 fiscal year. The Children’s
                                               abused and neglected children removed
transferred into the program and 6                                                           Home submitted an application to license
                                               from their homes by Child Protective
transferred out. The average length of stay                                                  Theraputic Foster Boarding Homes and
                                               Services 24 hours a day. The capacity
was 15 months and the average age in the                                                     began to recruit foster families for that
                                               of the program was increased this year
program was 17.5 years.                                                                      program.
                                               from 16 to 23 beds in response to heavy
young moThers                                                                                voLunTeer services
                                               One hundred sixty-four children were
Program                                        served in the program during the year.
                                                                                             As in past years we remain grateful to
                                                                                             the many volunteers whose time and
In January we opened an eight bed group        There were 147 admissions and 128             effort continue to play a crucial role in
home to serve young women in foster            discharges. The average length of stay was    the success of the Children's Home. The
care who are pregnant or are new parents.      31 days. Fifty-eight children returned to     Board of Managers, 40 women, accepts
The program was developed in response          their parent or relative, 67 children were    the responsibility for oversight of the
to requests from commissioners of social       placed in foster homes. 7 children were       Home’s mission, programs and finances.
services in our region, as services for this   placed in CHP programs, 4 children were       A Board of Counselors, 12 men, all
group of foster children were not available    discharged to other child care agencies.      volunteers, provide specialized consultative
in the mid-Hudson valley.                      One child AWOLed and did not return.          service to the Managers. This model was
                                                                                             established in 1852 when the Home was
The program serves up to eight women
and babies at any given time. Shortly
                                               TransiTionaL Living                           incorporated and has served the Home
                                                                                             and the community well.
after opening, the program filled to 100%      and suPervised
of capacity. These youngsters would            indePendenT Living                            We also cannot express how appreciative
otherwise have been transferred from their                                                   we are for the volunteer hours provided by
homes and communities in Dutchess,             Supervised Independent Living Program
                                               (SILP) provides services to youth between     individuals, community groups, businesses,
Ulster and Orange Counties to programs                                                       schools and organizations. We extend our
located in Albany, Rochester or Long           18 and 21 years of age in apartments
                                               leased by the Children's Home in the          thanks to all those who volunteer time to
Island or in other parts of the state.                                                       tutor our children, read to them, visit with
                                               community. Youth in this program are
                                               either employed in the community, or          them, and bring gifts for every holiday of
The group home provides around-                                                              the year.
the-clock awake coverage. We have              are attending vocational or academic
programmatic alliances with Vassar             programs such as Dutchess Community
                                               College. The goal of the program is to        Individuals and families also function as
Brothers Hospital, Vassar Clinic, the Teen                                                   “visiting resources”, opening their homes
Parent Program at Family Services,             fully prepare youth to live on their own
                                               and be productive members of their            to children for overnight and extended
Astor’s Early Head Start program and                                                         visiting. This important role can provide
Grace Smith House. Young mothers               community. An Independent Living Skills
                                                                                             lifetime connections for children.

2009/2010 donors
The Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie is deeply grateful for the contributions                             Mary Ellen Kondysar
                                                                                                         Robert and Lynne Kopac
                                                                                                                                           William and Anita Ness
                                                                                                                                           Mark and Stephanie Newman
of the individuals, businesses, foundations and organizations listed here                                Ernest and Arlene Kovari          Jeff Noel
                                                                                                         Janet Kraft                       Elizabeth Nolan
whose support makes it possible to achieve our mission. This report reflects                             Sheldon and Marjorie Krems        John and Mary Nolan
gifts received between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010. Every effort has                                  Vincent* and Regina Krocinski     Carole Nugent
                                                                                                                                           Arch and Kathryn Nuttall
                                                                                                         Daniel Kuffner
been made to ensure accuracy.                                                                            Albert and Arianne Kurz           Robert and Bridget O`Doherty
                                                                                                         Frank and Gail LaMantia           John and Nancy O`Shea
                                                                                                         Gloria Lane                       Ellenora Oberhofer
Community                         Arne and Cheryl Christensen        Nicholas and Caroline Francese      Frank and Gail LaRose             Regis Obijiski
                                  John and Kathryn Christopher       Louis and Maria Fratto              Barbara Leahey                    Ellen Olson
members                           Diane Chung                        Kenneth and Carolyn Fredericks      Theodore Lechner                  Miriam Oppenheimer
Robert and Marianne Abrams        Andrea Ciminello                   Stephen and Anne Friedland          Alan and Barbara Lemberger        Ardith Orr
Donald and Dale Adams             Robert Clark                       Bessie Friedman                     Paul and Christine Lent           Stephen and Gail Oscarlece
Ralph and Doris Adams             Richard and Rosemary Clifford      Sal and Joyce Fusaro                Edwin and Anita Lester            Ron and Jeanne Paino
Ronald and Andrea Adams           John and Patricia Cole             Susan Garrity                       John and Johann Lettieri          Paul and Joan Palmateer
Randolph and Laura Aldrich        John and Patricia Coleman          Michael and Pam Gartland            Leslie Leventhal                  Geoffrey and Sue Palmer
Geraldine Allan                   John and Judy Connolly             Shannon Garvey                      Jessie Layfield Lewis             Barbara Panagopoulos
Rose Allen-Clark                  Robert and Dorothy Consadine       Russell Gasking                     Roderick and Ruth Link            Mrs. Kenneth Parady
Edgar and Angelina Alvarez        James and Evelyn Constantino       John and Anne Gaughan               Eugene and Ellen Lois             Kenneth and Alice Parchinski
Peter and Kathryn Anagnos         Christine Contelmo                 Timothy Gay                         Fred Long                         Helen Parsons
Anonymous                         Owen and Elizabeth Cottle          Thomas and Yvonne Gaynor            Judson and Shirley Long           William and Andrea Raphael Paskey
Mohammed and Jolie Ansari         Norah Coutant                      John and Pamela Gerardi             Kevin and Erika Long              Kamlesh Patel
Avery and Linda Arzu              Michael and Reva Cowan             Barry and Kris Glassman             Richard and Faye Lotze            Robert and Marilyn Patrick
G. Vincent and Bonnie Asher       Mary Cross                         Dave and Karla Goddard              Jeffrey and Pamela Lovinger       Jean Patrick
John and Anne Atherton            Elizabeth Cunningham               Margaret Goodall                    William and Dorothy Lowe          Duane and Jeanne Pearson
Crystal Attanasio                 James Dankelman                    Eli and Sylvia Gorin                Mary Waterman Lunt                William Peckham
Cary Phillips Auerbach and Paul   Geraldine Daughton                 Franklin and Sally Goth             George and Claire Luse            Thomas and Charlotte Pedersen
   Auerbach                       James and Mary Davidson            Wendell Grapentine*                 Ann Lynch                         James and Geraldine Pettit
Rosalind Austin                   George Davis                       Nancy Greenwood                     W. Judson and Jessie Mackey       William and Rose Piazza
Gabriel Baez                      Natalie Davis                      Jeffrey and Susan Greer             Barbara MacMullen                 Ernest and Mary Pilon
Barbara Baker                     Susan Davis                        Timothy Grimont                     Gina Madsen                       Christine Pineiro
Loretta Banyard                   Sandra de Roulet                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gunther        Anker and Edeltraud Madsen        Goldie Pizzuti
Richard and Carleen Baright       Guy and Linda Dearing              Carl Gutowski                       Thomas Jr. and Nancy Mahar        Henry and Teresita Pletcher
Anthony and Elaine Barilli        Vincent and Sheila DeBiase         Agnes Gyscek                        Henry and Catherine Mallardi      William and Virginia* Polgrean
Carol and Peter Barmann           JoAnn Decker                       William and Brenda Haase            Steven and Laura Mance            Joseph and Mary Porpora
John and Kathleen Barrett         Lula Del Boccio                    Joseph and Janet Hafemann           Alan Mandel                       Barbara Post
Doris Ann Barton                  Albert and Carmela DeMarco         David and Ashley Haley              Alphonse Marcotte                 Gary and Chris Post
Margaret Barton                   Beverly Demott                     Scott and Caryn Halle               Margaret Marino                   Gary and Debby Powers
Gerald* and Margie Becker         Michael Denick                     Samuel and Matilda Hamill           John and Barbara Marmillo         John and Susan Pretak
James Becker                      Art and Alice Depasqua             Roger and Virginia Hanson           Joseph and Marie Marsh            John and Patricia Punton
Lori Beer                         Thomas and Joan Derito             Jilda and Vahram Haroutunian        Charles II and Dorothy Marshall   Dart Purdy
Marianne Begemann                 Larry and Barbara Dickinson        Bruce and Ruth Hawkins              Robert Martinez                   Karl and Dianne Puttlitz
Patricia Berberich                Frank and Mary Doherty             Patricia Hawkins-Anderson           Marguerite Masella                Anthony Quartararo
Timothy Bermingham                Paul and Maureen Doherty           Gerald and Sheila Hayes             Lila Matlin                       Joan Quick
Joyce Betros                      John and Carol Doss                John Hedberg                        Amy Matts                         Emma Rachko
Mary Black                        Warren and Marie Dow               Pat Hefferon                        Stephen and Geraldine Mazzei      Raymond and Theresa Radzivila
Victor and Perline Blair          Joseph and Joan Drop               Art and Yolanda Henry               Alice McAdams                     Henry Raiche
Ira Blecker                       Francis X. Dwyer                   Pauline Herr                        Jack and Susan McCarthy           Vasant Rao
Michael Boeckman                  Gerald and Sharon Eagan            Marilyn Herrmann                    Charles McCloskey                 Joanne Rathbun
Joel and Karen Bogart             Birte Nielsen-Hantez               Caroline Hershey and Reina Werner   Brother John McHale               James and Carol Regan
Walter and Genevieve Boron        Paul Edlund                        Pamela Hewson                       Robert and Grace McKee            Bradley and Ashley Reifler
Ron and Bea Bove                  Ruth Ehlers                        Margaret Hicklin                    Beverly McKinstry                 Residents of Interfaith Towers
Robert and Alma Bowman            Ralph and Patti Ellis              John and Sue Hoctor                 Susan McKuhen                     Kenneth Rhodes
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Ronald and Suzanne Brand          Dr. and Mrs. Walter Engel          John* and Bertha Howe               Frazier and Susan Meade           Robert and Carol Rippstein
George and Dorothy Brill          Tom Espie                          Stuart and Linda Hubbard            James and Joan Meade              Lorraine Roberts
Donald and Judith Brown           James and Denise Eve               Gerald and Mimi Husted              Olena Melnychenko                 Janet Roe
Robert and Cynthia Brown          Barbara Eylers                     Thomas Ignaffo                      Carol Menken                      John and Susan Roger
William and Barbara Brunsvold     Mary Ellen Fagan                   Albert Ingoglia                     Dennis and Kathy Merget           Linda Ronayne
Christopher and Renee Buckey      Maureen Fagan and Allan Abrams     Krishna Iyer                        Eunice Merte                      John and Phyllis Ronner
Michael and Emily Burdis          Robert Farbman                     Edwin Joba                          Melinda Miller                    Robert Ross
Gerard and Sheila Burke           Nicole Farmer                      Harry Joberg                        Ruth Ann Miller                   Ronald and Hilda Rothkranz
George and Elvira Buttler         L. R. and Pat Farrell              Charles and Jane Johnson            Susan Miller                      Wilson Rothman and Jennifer Laird
Linda Byrne                       Stephen and Jill Feron             Charles and Patricia Jones          William and Karen Miller          David and Catherine Roush
Albert Calabrese                  Tim Feron                          Daniel Jr. and Anita Jones          Leonard and Linda Mirabella       Frank and Jean Rozich
Salvatore and Risa Calta          Robert and Amy Ferrell             Walter and Josephine Joseph         Myra Morales                      David and Patricia Ruff
John and Sue Campanella           Marian Ferris                      Patricia Kanaras                    Dennis and Nancy Morano           Sabina Ruh
Robert and Mildred Campbell       Sue Fil                            John Kelly                          Harriett Mortoly                  John Russo
Shepherd and Jennifer Campbell    James and Alice Filippini          Theresa Kerin                       Robert Morton                     Charles Ryan
Anthony and Virginia Campilii     Edwin Fitchett                     Edith Ketcham                       Michael and Beth Mostransky       Bernice Sackett
Elissa Canino                     William Fitchett                   Ardis Ketterer                      Robert and Henrietta Mountz       Rami Sahawneh
Tami Cannizzaro                   Frank III and Kersten Fitzgerald   Henry and Patricia Killian          Leslie and Ann Muldorf            Stephen and Linda Saland
Frank and Mary Ann Carione        Frances and Margaret Fitzgerald    Nancy Kinnally                      Michael and Rita Mullaney         Azzam and Donna Salem
Alfred Jr. and Ann Carlo          Patrick and Mary Flanigan          Edward Kirby                        Albert and Edith Mullen           Angelo Sangiovanni
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Louis Caviglia                    Francis Flynn                      Ruth Klein                          Jeffrey and Erin Mulligan         Ronald and Arline Scheinzeit
Carol Cecchini                    Cliff and Cathy Foley              Tommy and Mary Jean Knickerbocker   James Mulvey                      Rodman and Sandra Schools
Catherine Celtruda                H. Anton and Beatrice Fonatsch     Cynthia Koch                        Joan Murnin                       Maura Schoonmaker
Richard and Joanne Charles        Sharon Forbes                      Cello Students of Nanette Koch      Valerie Murphy                    William and Anne Schultz
Steven and Denise Chickery        Richard Fowler                     Elizabeth Kon                       James and Margaret Nelson         Geraldine Schwartz

Christopher and Meghan Scott       Russ and Edna Winters                   Enterprise Holdings Foundation           Rosemarie and Robert Giammatteo    Mildred* and William Knauss
Duane and Teresa Scribner          Benjamin and Karen Wood                 Fanny V.W. Boos Fund of the              Judith Handman                     Stephanie Krom
Linda Seekamp                      Jean Mosca Woods                          Community Foundation of                Elizabeth and William Harrel       Muriel Lampell
George and Susan Sergeant          Michael and Ellen Woods                   Dutchess County                        Gwendolyn Higgins                  Sandra and Edwin LaPerche
Ashok and Nila Shah                Donald Woodside                         Fitzgerald Family Foundation             Roberta Holden                     Lila and Phillip Lynch Jr.
Mary Rita Sheehy Sternberg         Weonhee Yi and Kwang Chul Lee           Goodrich Danbury                         Walter and Susan Joseph            Maureen and John Mack III
Philip and Frances Shepherd        James Yip                               Hall Family Trust                        Joanne Pinello and Brian Kaley     Leola Mason
Margery Short                      Thomas and Jean Young                   Harvey and Lois Dann Foundation          Sandra and John Kegan                                 .
                                                                                                                                                       Sara Pettes and F Barry McWilliams
W. Raymond and Judith Siegart      James and Linda Zeleznik                Hope for Youth Foundation, Inc.          Virginia Heaton Keller             Lila and Andrew Meade
Gerald and Mildred Siegel          Jennifer Zilempe                                    .
                                                                           Jeannette F Schlobach Charitable Trust   Sheila and James Klingman          Janice and Henry Meagher
Dudley and Wendy Simmons           Louis and Barbara Zuccarello            Kenwood Foundation                       Judith and Robert Linville         Susan and Richard Mitchell
Samuel and Gail Simon                                                      Kozlark Family Trust                     Joanne and Kerry Long              Ellen and Edward Mulvey
Tom Sipos and JoAnn Feigenheimer                                           M&T Charitable Foundation                Marianna and Byron Martin          Ethie Mund
John and Gail Sisti                Businesses                                     .
                                                                           Mary F Clancy Charities, Inc.            Elizabeth and William McGuinness   Suzanne and Donald Murphy
Carl and Marjorie Sitler           Arthur Kaplan, DDS                      Payless Shoesource Foundation            Lorraine and Walter Mendel Jr.     Jane and James Neighbors Jr.
Lorelei Sloan and Joann Graziosi   Avello Brothers Paving                  Stewart`s Shops                          Susann and Luis Mendoza Jr.        Lyn and Douglas Nestler
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Patrice Stabile                    Central Hudson Employee                 Estate of Ethel E. Croft                 Elisa and James Popovich           Rosemarie and Harry Reis Jr.
Wayne and Doris Stahl                   Matching Gift Program              Estate of Michael Spisso                 Janet and Charles Powers           Lois and Peter Rimsa
Donald and Christine Stammer       Conway`s Lawn and Power                                                          Margaret and Larry Prescott        Janet Shaker
Jed Stampleman                     CR Properties Group, LLC                                                         Annie Rapalje                      Ann Carter and Hayden Silver
William and Gwendolyn Stevens      Craig Thomas Pest Control, Inc.         organizaTions                            Linda and James Scott              Holly and Phillips Smith
Jeffrey Stokes                     De`s Jewelers                                                                    Ella and Clairmont Spooner         Evelyn and David Stevenson
                                                                           BNI Leaders Chapter in LaGrange
Harry and Linda Strang             Denise A. Assogna, D. D. S. PLLC                                                 Linda and Steven Taft              Marie Tarver
                                                                           Ladies Auxiliary Chelsea Fire Company
Joan Strangwayes                   EnviroClean Products and Services                                                Carol and Craig Weber              Marjorie Thompson
                                                                           Church of The Holy Trinity
Stanley and Maureen Straub         Essential Power Systems, LLC                                                     Sharon and Frederick Wilhelm       Eleanor and James Weidenhammer
                                                                               of Poughkeepsie
Thomas and Sally Stroh             Ethan Allen Staffing/Dutchess Temps
                                                                           Church Pension Group
                                   FCT Enterprises
Daniel and Martha Sullivan
John and Nancy Supple              Fraleigh and Rakow, Inc.
                                                                           Court Irenita #69 Catholic Daughters     counseLors                         associaTe
                                                                           CSEA Local 909 Retirees
Richard and Mary Swanson           Gross and Flores, DDS, PC
                                                                           Fallkill Grange #882
                                                                                                                    Christopher and Jill Capone        counseLors
Roxanna Synnett                    H & R Block – Beacon                                                             G. Bradford and Minerva Davis
                                                                           First Baptist Church of Poughkeepsie                                        Dennis and Jean Arnold
Peter Szwed                        Herb Redl, LLC                                                                   Fred and Maria DeWald
                                                                           First Presbyterian Church                                                   Daniel and Nancy Aronzon
June Tacinelli                     HHH Construction and HVAC                                                        Darren and Melanie Doherty
                                                                               of Wappingers Falls                                                     William and Edith Cranston
Marc Schiller and Maria Tammik        Servicing, Inc.                                                               Martin and Lucinda Dubinski
                                                                           Hyde Park Lions Club                                                        Robert and Grace Dietz
Richard and Linda Taylan           Hill Top Deli and Market                                                         M. Edward and Betsy Kinkade
                                                                  Holdings, LLC                                                     Christopher and Kim Downey
Diane Tedesco                      Hudson Valley Electrolysis                                                       Michael and Patricia Kranis
                                                                           Independent Order of Odd Fellows                                            John and Mary Heller
Michael and Theresa Temple         Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union                                               Roderick and Karen MacLeod
                                                                           Iota Alpha Omega Chapter of Alpha                                           Jeh and Norma Johnson
John and Rosemary Tether           Hurd`s Family Farm                                                               Richard and Barbara Olson
                                                                             Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.                                                Peter and Elizabeth Lumb
Connie Thomas                      Case Management Staff at Vassar                                                  Stephen and Marcianne Schmitt
                                                                           Knights of Columbus                                                         John III and Maureen Mack
Michael and Diane Thomas              Hospital of Hyde Park Nursing Home                                            David Schwartz
                                                                               Florentine Assembly #695                                                Harold and Marjorie Mangold
Melvin and Barbara Tiger           Idema General Contractors, Inc.
                                                                           Knights of Columbus Council #7875                                           R. Keith and Susan Salisbury
                                   J. C. Penney Co., Inc.
Michael and Donna Tighe
William and June Tjon Pian Gi      James E. Meltzer, M. D.
                                                                           Ladies Philoptochos Society              associaTe                          Philip and Ginny Swartz
                                                                           LaGrange Lions Club
Mark and Carmen Tomazin            K and D Deli                                                                     Board memBers
Eugene and Edith Tomlins           Kellogg Development Company
                                                                           Lebanon American Daughters
                                                                           Marist College Sheahan Hall Residents    Joan Aldrich                       TriBuTe gifTs
Paul and Maryann Totta
Robert and Nancy Treichler
                                   Kirchhoff-Consigli Construction
                                      Management., LLC
                                                                           Marist Resident Student Council          Mary and David Bagley              gifTs in memory of:
                                                                             Leo Hall                               Shirley Bergmann
Rene Tritschler                    Koval`s Appliance Repair                                                         Jane and George* Bernhard          Arlene Atwood:
                                                                           Medco Health Solutions
Rich and Pat Trusky                Lewis J. Sims, D.P .M., P.C.                                                     Ferne Brownell*                    Bruce and Ruth Hawkins
                                                                               Charitable Match Fund
Gloria Turk                        Marshall and Sterling, Inc.                                                      Mary Brownell                      Guy Barton:
                                                                           New Hackensack Fire Co.
Steven and Shelley Turk            Mary Ann DiStefano, P   .T.                                                      Karmen Buckey                      Margaret Barton
                                                                           New Hackensack Reformed Church
Shirley Van Voorhis                McHoul Funeral Home, Inc.                                                        Margaret and Donald Calista
                                                                           New Windsor Fire Dept.
Lucy Vanstirum                     Michael Torsone Memorial Funeral                                                 Claramarie Colbert and Levester    Andrew Batoes:
                                                                           Parents of New York Academy of Ballet
Raymond and Mary VanVlack             Home, Inc.                                                                      Cannon                           Paul and Joan Palmateer
                                                                           Pleasant Valley Grange #838
Donna Veeder                       Mid Hudson Wendico, Inc.                                                         Mary Ellen* and Robert Chambers    Margaret Bertone:
                                                                           Pleasant Valley Lions Club
Ivette Velez-Butler                New York Communications Co.                                                      Donna and Dennis Connolly          Margaret Goodall
                                                                           Poughkeepsie Friends
James Ventura                      Nizam Jabbour, D. D. S.                                                          Katie and John Coulter
                                                                           Red Oaks Mill Fire Co., Inc.
Lucy Verna                         Orthopedic Specialties HV, LLC                                                   Edith and William Cranston         Christopher M. Bloom:
                                                                           Riverbank Banjo Band
Mario and Donna Verna              Ostertag O`Leary Barrett and Faulkner                                            Anne and L. Wallace Cross          John and Sue Campanella
                                                                           Riverview Homemakers
Ann Viglotti                       Package Pavement Co., Inc.                                                       Sally and Tyler Dann               Dorothy Bono:
                                                                           St. Mary`s Columbiettes
Anthony and Joan Vigliotti         Paggi, Martin and Del Bene, LLP                                                  Minerva and G. Bradford Davis      Gary and Suzanne Davis
                                                                           The Birthday Club
Mario and Roberta Viniello         Paul`s Motors                                                                    Carol and Joseph DeVirgilio Jr.    Frank Reickert
                                                                           Vassar Temple
Charlotte Visentin                 Plass the Plumber, Inc.                                                          Maria and Fred DeWald              Doris VanBenschoten
                                                                           Wednesday Club
Joan Marie Vivalda                 Poughkeepsie Optometry, P    .C.                                                 Barbara Dutton
                                                                           Wednesday Morning Newcomers
Alycia Vivona                      R. Ferris Real Estate                                                            Rita and Jack Effron               Dolores Bryers:
                                                                           Women`s Dutchess County
Ann Volino                         Rainbow Ridge Pet Cemetery and                                                   Shirley and William Emrich         John and Sue Campanella
                                                                               Amateur Golf Tournament
Brenda Vonburg                        Crematory                                                                     Joan Fay                           Richard Buckey:
                                                                           Women`s Missionary Society
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Voss        Recycling Crushing Technology                                                    Monserrate and Tyrone Fisher       Christopher and Renee Buckey
Marcy Wagman                       Route 82 Sand and Gravel                                                         Joan and J. Stuart Fishler
Richard and Pat Walker             Royal Carting Service Co.               Board of                                 JoMarie and S. Dare Fitzpatrick    Harry and Esther Chapman:
                                                                                                                                                       Frank III and Kersten Fitzgerald
Ann Walsh                          S and S Vacuum and Appliance, Inc.                                               Alice and Richard Flint
Frank and Elizabeth Walsh          Schatz Bearing Corporation              managers                                 Pat and Paul Ganci                 Fitzgerald Family Foundation
Michael and Rosemary Warner        Stop and Shop #514                      Judith and James Barba                   Patricia Gant                      Eleanor Coppoc:
Harold and Sharon Warren           Westchester Modular Homes, Inc.         Nancy and Robert Blose                   Clara Lou Gould                    L. Wallace & Anne Cross
Mary Waryasz                       Williams Lumber                         Celestine and Howard Campbell            Bonnie and Malcolm Hammond
Otis and Virginia Waterman         Wm. G. Miller and Son Funeral Home      Mary Lou and David Davis                 John and Ellen Hart                Margaret Cuccia:
Raymond Jr. and Nancy Watroba                                              Beth and John Devine                     Sharon Haugh                       Sal and Joyce Fusaro
Peter and Carol Anne Hooper                                                Shelly and Willard DeWitt                Valere Voorhees Heaton
  Wawrzonek                        foundaTions                             Donna and Stephen Diamond                Mary and John Heller
                                                                                                                                                       Lois Dann:
                                                                                                                                                       Bill Morrison Sales, Inc.
Barbara Weiler                     Avon Products Foundation, Inc.          Grace and Robert Dietz                   Judith Henkel
Barbara Weiss                      Barry G. Jordan Sports Fund of the      Susan Ezrati                             Peggy Howe                         Charles and Helen DeMask:
Francis Werder                       Community Foundation                  M. Kate Fagan                            Gae and Duane Hutton               Philip and Joan Branagan
Robert and Nettie West             Community Foundation of Dutchess        Mary Feron                               Dee and Tore Jakobsen              Diane DeMask Lyons
Jean White                           County                                Patricia and James Fischette             Kathleen Johnson                   Karen Deredita:
Vivian Wible                       Dyson Foundation                        Rosemarie Gardner                        Norma and Jeh Johnson              Azzam and Donna Salem
Alfred* and Grace Willison         Edwin A. Ulrich Charitable Trust        Donna Garvey                             Betsy and M. Edward Kinkade

Jeanette Haight Dixson:             Martin and Agnes Mulligan          Alfred Willison:                    Dr. Erik J. Sims, DPM:                Copake Country Club
Michael and Reva Cowan              Thomas Mulligan                    George and Ruth Hack                Patricia Berberich                    Coppola`s Restaurant
                                                                       Fred and Charlotte Merz             Susan Garrity                         Craig Austin Dermatology, PC
Frank Dolfinger:                    Mary O’Doherty:
                                                                       Patricia Gold and William O`Toole   Patricia Kanaras                      Creative Kids Childcare Center
Margaret Marino                     Christine Pineiro
                                                                                                           Nancy Kinnally                        Cub Scout Pack 127
                                                                       Lewis Wright, Sr.:
Halyna Domkiw:                      Dr. Russell Braun Oppenheimer:                                         Donna Veeder                          CUC Mortgage
                                                                       Brady Palmer Label Corp.
Sal and Joyce Fusaro                Miriam Oppenheimer                                                                                           Culinary Institute of America
                                                                       Kathleen Golden                     Dr. Lewis J. Sims, DPM:
                                                                                                                                                 Culinary Institute of America Eta Sigma
Eleanor Downes:                     Sgt. Mark Palmateer:               Penny B. Lowe, CPA, PC              Patricia Berberich
Bernard & Carlalisa Kistner         Dennis and Kathy Merget            W. Patrick & Catherine Reilly       Susan Garrity
                                                                                                                                                 Charles Cupano
Patrick & Agnes Murphy                                                 William & Ann Reilly                Patricia Kanaras
                                    Parents:                                                                                                     Peter Curdy
Theresa Stark                                                          Troy Construction Company, Inc.     Nancy Kinnally
                                    Vincent and Sheila DeBiase                                                                                   D. Silvestri Sons, Inc.
                                                                       Christine Whalley                   Donna Veeder
David G. Dutton, Jr.:                                                                                                                            Yaslyn Daniels
                                    William Parsons:
Barbara Dutton                                                         Dr. Robert J. Young:                Juliet Harvey Stampleman:             Mary Lou Davis
                                    New Hackensack Fire Co.
                                                                       Thomas and Jean Young               Jed Stampleman                        Davis Furniture
Richard Ehlers:
                                    Charles Patrick:                                                                                             Richard and Madeline DeFeo
Ruth Ehlers                                                                                                Lawrence Tremper:
                                    Jean Patrick                                                                                                 DEI
Charles Embry, Sr.:                                                    gifTs in honor of:                  Donna and Dennis Connolly
                                                                                                                                                 Bob Deik
                                    Gilbert Pearson:                   James and Judith Barba
Andrew Embry                                                                                                                                     Kathy DeMarco
                                    Rolland & Patricia Champlin
Charles Embry
                                    George Davis
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Alan Lemberger
                                                                                                           inkind                                Carole Derby
                                                                                                                                                 Joseph Jr. and Carol DeVirgilio
Richard Eylers:                     Jacqueline Freeman                 Emmilee Brent:
                                                                                                           44 Plaza Wines and Liquors            Dick`s Sporting Goods
Barbara Eylers                      Marguerite Masella                 Ada Tonkinson
                                                                                                           87 Motel of New Paltz                 Dennis Dickey
                                    Jean Mulpeter                                                          Michelle Abreu
Nan Firth:                                                             Children and Staff:                                                       Carl DiLorenzo
                                    Barbara Pearson                                                        Aeropostale
Charles II and Dorothy Marshall                                        Barbara Panagopoulos                                                      Jaclyn DiMicco
                                    Eric & Joan Quasnitschka                                               AFLAC                                 Nicholas Dono
Elmelita R. Gasking:                Salt Point Fire Co., Inc.          Mr. and Mrs. Richard Corbally:
                                                                                                           John and Jean Marie Alfano            Dora Dooling
Russell Gasking                     Janet Simonson                     Michael and Pam Gartland
                                                                                                           Marilyn Aman                          Dover High School
                                    Marianne Weaver                                                        American Association of University
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Gleason:                                          Rev. Christopher H. Daly:                                                 Christopher and Kim Downey
                                    Mark & Mary Ann Williams                                                  Women
Rose Allen-Clark                                                       Michael and Pam Gartland                                                  Joanne Drivas
                                    Dorothy Perkins:                                                       American Heating and Cooling          DSL Financial Services
Anna L. Graham:                                                        Dr. James DeLorenzo, DPM:
                                    Henry & Janice Graham                                                  Anchor Pub                            Dutchess Beer Distributors, Inc.
Dudley and Wendy Simmons                                               Patricia Berberich
                                                                                                           Heather Andros                        Dutchess County Home Bureau
                                    Richard Pilon:                     Susan Garrity
Earl Ellis Graham, Jr.:                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anson, Sr.          Timberline Chapter
                                    Ernest and Mary Pilon              Patricia Kanaras
Susan Ezrati                                                                                               Antique Study Club of Dutchess        Dutchess County Probation
                                                                       Nancy Kinnally
                                    Alfred Piscitello, III:                                                   County                               Department
Beatrice Gross:                                                        Donna Veeder
                                    Kevin Daly                                                             Antonella`s                           Dutchess Medical, P   .C.
Joan Fay                                                                                                   Apple Pie Bakery and Café
                                    Charles and Patricia Jones         Beth Devine:                                                              Dutchess-Fairview Professional
Selden H. Hall:                     Fred and Charlotte Merz            Leslie Leventhal                    Ark and Dove Pre-School and             Firefighters
Virginia Hall – Hall Family Trust                                                                             Kindergarten                       Eva Eberhard
                                    Rhoda M. Post:                     Edith DiDomizio:
                                                                                                           Arlington Fire District               Edible Arrangements of Poughkeepsie
Anna M. Harding:                    Gary and Chris Post                Christine Contelmo
                                                                                                           Arnoff Moving and Storage             ENERGY Committee of Marist College
Charles and Patricia Jones                                             Charlotte Visentin
                                    Nell Prenting:                                                         AXA Advisors, LLC                     Estate of Helen J. Whiteley
Judy Harford:                       Sal and Joyce Fusaro               M. Kate Fagan:                      Baby Mine                             James and Denise Eve
Brother John McHale                                                    Maureen Fagan and Allan Abrams      Balloon Designs by M&S                Exchange Club of Southern Dutchess,
                                    Sara S. Quartararo:                                                    Carol Barone                            Inc.
Martha Turner Hasbrouck:            Anthony Quartararo                 Herbert Hoffman:
                                                                                                           Basso and Associates                  Experian
Donald and Judith Brown                                                Friends in Donor Relations
                                    Elena Raiche:                                                          Beacon Pilates                        Fairview Fire District
Jill Hildebrand:                    Henry Raiche                       Walter Joseph:                      Beekman Athletic Club-Little League   Faith Christian Academy
Joan Marie Vivalda                                                     Regis Obijiski                      Beekman Country Club                  Karen Feo
                                    Rolando Rivas:                                                         Berger Engineering and Surveying      Steve Ferese
Roy Hornbeck:                       Mark and Carmen Tomazin            Aviva Kafka:
                                                                                                           Beulah Baptist Church                 Jenna Filor
John and Sue Campanella                                                Michael and Ellen Woods
                                    Mary Alice and Richard Robinson:                                       Robert Blanke                         First Presbyterian Church of
Jonathan Ives:                      Marilyn Hermann                    Nanette Koch:                       BNI Leaders Chapter in LaGrange         Wappingers Falls
Maria & Fred DeWald                                                    Elizabeth Kon                       Bone Fish Grill                       Michael Fisher
                                    Kathleen Rogers:                                                       Lisa Books
Edward & Susan Roeser                                                                                                                            Fishtopia
                                    Randi Petrovits                    Sandra LaPerche:
                                                                                                           Alyssa Bowers                         FitzPatrick Engineering, LLC
Rafik Jabbour:                                                         George and Elvira Buttler
                                    Robert Rowe:                                                           Boy Scout Troop 2609                  John Flowers and Friends
Nizam Jabbour, D.D.S.                                                                                      Rebecca Brennan
                                    John and Sue Campanella            Joanne Long:                                                              Cynthia Flynn
Patricia Kelly:                                                        Kevin and Erika Long                Bridgeway Federal Credit Union        Mary Foglietta
                                    Leonard H. Rugman, Jr.:                                                Ms. DiGregorio`s 4th Grade Class at
John Kelly                                                                                                                                       Foster Flooring and Carpeting
                                    Yolanda Henry                      Britney Mason:
                                                                                                              Brinckerhoff Elementary School     Freedom Ford
Evelyn Kilfoyle:                                                       Leola Mason
                                    Frank Ruh:                                                             Brown`s Auto Driving School           Gabriela and Elizabeth Fryer
Randi & David Petrovits                                                                                    Brownie Troop #10221
                                    Sabina Ruh                         Wesley Mason:                                                             Gastroenterology Associates
Mildred Kral Knauss:                                                   Leola Mason                         Brownie Troop #10396                  Gentleman Jim`s
                                    Dylan Schmitt:                                                         Anthony Buccieri
Nancy Bishop                                                                                                                                     Girl Scout Troop #8
                                    George & Christine Schmitt         Kristen Parady:
Paul & Barbara Franke                                                                                      Business Network International        Girl Scout Troop #15
                                                                       Suzanne Hodson
Theresa Johnson                     Christopher Page Snowden:                                              C`S Restaurant                        Girl Scout Troop #56
                                                                       Charles and Jane Johnson
                                    Sal and Joyce Fusaro                                                   Melissa Calabro                       Girl Scout Troop #2663
Ella and Arnold Kopser:                                                                                    Madeline Calhoun
                                                                       Janet Powers:                                                             Girl Scout Troop #10076
Susan McKuhen                       Melodie Ann Smith:                                                     Camo Pollution Control
                                                                       Leslie Leventhal                                                          Girl Scout Troop #10244
                                    Dennis and Nancy Morano                                                Sue Campanella
Mary Kozlowski:                                                                                                                                  Girl Scout Troop #10439
                                                                       Florence Rakow:
Jack and Susan McCarthy             Rose Marie Smith:                                                      Cappuccino`s                          Girl Scout Troop #10496
                                                                       Robert and Judith Linville
                                    Dennis and Nancy Morano                                                Carter-MGM Insurance                  Girl Scout Troop #10503
Tyler Andrew Kyles:                                                                                        Laurie Cawley
                                                                       David Schwartz:                                                           Girl Scout Troop #10606
Sal and Joyce Fusaro                John Stanton:                                                          Joe Celeste
                                                                       Geraldine Schwartz                                                        Marcia Gleason
                                    Margaret Ann Mead                                                      Leonard and Noreen Centonze
Mark Milano:                                                                                                                                     Glory (USA) Inc.
                                    Cyrus & Sandra Tompkins            Linda Scott:
Russell Gasking                                                                                            Nancy Cervone                         GNS Group
                                                                       Phil and Susan Hurd
                                    Rosemarie Stokes:                                                      CH Energy Group, Inc.                 Goldstein and Metzger, LLP
Maureen and John Mitchell:                                                                                 Lisa Chanowsky
                                    Karmen Buckey                      Dr. Dana Seigel, DPM:                                                     HAKS Engineers
Ann Lynch                                                                                                  Chiropractic Group of Hudson Valley
                                    Therese Gendron                    Patricia Berberich                                                        Kevin and Barbara Halloway
Paul L. Mollica:                    Ramzi & Lisa Karim                 Susan Garrity                       Christo`s Restaurant                  Judith Handman
Joan Mc Fadden                      Muriel Lampell                     Patricia Kanaras                    Christopher Kruger, M. D.             Hannaford #334
                                                                       Nancy Kinnally                      Lisa Christophides                    Shannon Hansen
Jean Marie Morabito:                Elizabeth Tritschler:                                                  Circle of Friends
                                                                       Donna Veeder                                                              Harland Clarke
Randart Realty                      Rene Tritschler                                                        Clear Channel Radio of the Hudson     Herb Redl, LLC
John Mulligan:                      Wilbur Whitman:                                                           Valley                             Hicksey`s Auto Repair
Deidre Cross and Family             Lewis & Greer, P.C.                                                    Susanna and Anne Cohen                Chris and Melissa Hietanen
Thomas Jr. & Nancy Mahar            Richard & Barbara Marx                                                 Tammy Cohen                           Aimee Hilaire
Gabriel Mulligan                                                                                           John and Patricia Cole                Suzanne Hilaire

Jim Hogan
Hollywood Nail and Spa
Holy Trinity School Caring Ministry
                                           Mid Hudson Road Runners Club
                                           Mike Arteaga`s Health and Fitness
                                                                                   Lori Silvestri
                                                                                   Jim Sisung
                                                                                   Jacqueline Smith
                                                                                                                            noTe from The
Hopewell E-Z Storage, Inc.
Christopher Howley
Angeline Hudson
                                           Sadie Miller
                                           Sharon Milnikiewicz
                                           Mohonk Mountain House
                                                                                   Smith Street Pharmacy
                                                                                   Melissa Snowden
                                                                                   Victoria Soman
                                                                                                                            camPaign chair
Hudson Plaza Wines and Spirits
Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union
                                           Moms and More Play Group
                                           Mt. Beacon Amateur Radio Club
                                                                                   St. Francis Home Care
                                                                                   Diana St. John
                                                                                                                            For fiscal 2010, our friends in the community
Hudson Valley Magazine                     Kevin and Jacqueline Mullen             St. John`s Reformed Church of            again demonstrated their faith in the
Hudson Valley Office Furniture
Hudson Valley Renegades
                                           Murphy Wealth Management Group
                                           Laurie Myint
                                                                                     Red Hook
                                                                                   St. John`s Religious Education Program
                                                                                                                            Children’s Home and their support of our
Hunt Travel Agency                         National Honor Society of Marlboro        of Pawling                             mission. We are very grateful. The overall
HV Shred and Recycle
Hyde Park Central School District
                                             High School
                                           Nationwide Insurance
                                                                                   St. Martin De Porres
                                                                                   St. Mary Mother of The Church
                                                                                                                            Campaign goal of $260,000 was exceeded
Hyde Park Lions Club                       Michael and Louise Nestler                of Fishkill                            and we ended the fiscal year with $285,572
IBM Corporation HIS
                                           New Creations Hair Salon
                                           New Hackensack Fire Co.
                                                                                   State Farm of LaGrange
                                                                                   Tammy Stofa
                                                                                                                            in gifts and grants. In the midst of a very
Laura Incorvaia                            Parents of New York Academy of Ballet   Sharon Strack                            difficult economy, this is great news. The
Innerlight Health Spa
Interfaith Towers
                                           Lin Nip
                                                                                   Superior Telephone Systems
                                                                                   Sweet`s Funeral Home, Inc.
                                                                                                                            generosity of so many is also very humbling.
Iota Alpha Omega Chapter of Alpha          Donna Norman                            Janet Syska                              Those children placed in our care benefit
   Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
Thomas Jackowski
                                           Charles and Joanne North
                                           Stevan Nosonowitz
                                                                                   Tectonic Engineering and Surveying
                                                                                                                            from your support. Others do care—it is an
Jackson Lewis, LLP                         Odyssey Group of Hopewell Reformed        Consultants, P .C.                     important message and good therapy for our
Jewish Women`s International
Anomaly Media/JMG
                                           Old Navy
                                                                                   TEG Federal Credit Union
                                                                                   Terhune Orchards
Joe`s Italian Marketplace                  Orthopedic Associates                   Terrapin
John M. Floyd and Associates
Charles Jones
                                           Michael and Susan Paguette
                                           Marcus and Kim Paroli
                                                                                   The Avalon Assisted Living and
                                                                                     Wellness Center
                                                                                                                            The funds we raise through the campaign
K Mart Store #3396                         Partners In Massage                     The Bagel Shoppe                         enable us to provide many “extras” that the
                                           Pavero`s Cold Storage
Sharon Karlic
Kay Jewelers                               Sallie Pearson
                                                                                   The Chazen Companies
                                                                                   The Network Support Company
                                                                                                                            Children’s Home feels are important. This
Thomas Keane                               Pinpoint Direct Marketing               Connie Thomas                            includes a higher ratio of social workers
                                           Pizza Express of LaGrange
Ed and Dorothy Kellogg
Sean and Rebecca Kent                      Pleasant Valley United Methodist
                                                                                   Helen Thomson
                                                                                   Todd Middle School 7th Grade
                                                                                                                            to youth than is mandated, extra funds
Katherine Kerin                              Church                                  Students                               for birthday and holiday gifts, off-campus
                                           James Potter
Barbara King
Kinry Road Elementary School               Poughkeepsie Imported Car Parts
                                                                                   Town of Poughkeepsie Police Dept.
                                                                                   Umberto`s of Mamma Marisa
                                                                                                                            cultural, sports and other types of activities
Kirchhoff-Consigli Construction Mgmt.,     Poughkeepsie Journal                    V.F 1161
                                                                                      .W.                                   that are beyond the rate funding, a part
                                           Poughkeepsie Marine Recruiting
Colleen Kurshank                             Station
                                                                                   Jamie Vandodick
                                                                                   Bill Vanjura
                                                                                                                            time art therapist to help children deal with
Jacques Lacourciere                        Scott and Michelle Powers               Vassar Golf Course                       their traumas, and more. In addition, we
                                           Professional Financial Planners, Inc.
LaGrange Pharmacy
William Lavery                             Project Linus
                                                                                   Vassar Powerhouse Theater
                                                                                   Joe Vetrone
                                                                                                                            are able to assist those who are aging out
Lee and Mason Financial Services           James Provost                           Darren Viani                             of care but at age 21 or 22 are not quite
                                           PS 171
Martin Leibowitz
Steven Licato                              PSCU Financial Services, Inc.
                                                                                   Kathy Vonburg-Friedman
                                                                                   Wappingers Central School District
                                                                                                                            ready for full independence. We help with
Louis Labrinos Appraiser                   Quilt Basket                            Erin Weidner                             incidentals like new car tires, rent subsidies
                                           Marie Ramnitz
Love/Effron Fuel Co.
Lutheran Care Center At Concord            Darren Read
                                                                                   Westchester Federal Credit Union
                                                                                   Weston and Sampson Engineers
                                                                                                                            for those in college, and other things that
   Village                                 Virginia Reale                          Anthony Whitehouse                       parents would do for their young adults. We
                                           Elaine Rennie
Lyceum Cinemas
Peter Mack                                 Cameron Reynolds
                                                                                   Sharon and Frederick Wilhelm
                                                                                   Jay and Lauren Wisseman
                                                                                                                            are their family. And it is that knowledge
Lisa Magnarella                            Christine Ricalde                       Christine Woodcock                       that keeps us focused on our mission. With
                                           Ridin` Free Motorcycle Club
Mahoney`s Irish Pub
Mahoney`s Smoke House                      Shannon Rodriguez
                                                                                   Deborah Worth
                                                                                   Amy Zahalsky
                                                                                                                            your continued support, we will continue to
Main Printing                              Robert Rogers
                                                                                   * Deceased
Mardi Gras                                 Frank Romig
Fred and Teri Marino                       Cookie Rose
Paul and Tammy Marino                      Karen Rose
Marist College                             Rose and Kiernan, Inc.
Marist College Social Work Association     Caitlin Rosenbaum
Employees of Marshall and Sterling, Inc.   Chris and Malaine Rottcamp
Eileen Mastrantuono                        Royal Carting Service Co.
McCabe and Mack, LLP
McCann Golf Course
                                           Joseph and Linda Sassone
                                           Stacy Scesney                                     “ Ms. Lindsay always told me that I will make
                                                                                          something out of my life. She inspired me to do a lot
Kristin McDwyer                            Judy Schneyer
Tom and Rose McGrath                       Schwartz and Patten, D.D.S., P .C.

                                                                                           of things. She also told me to always look at the
Ellen McKenna                              Faith Schwenker
McNiff Real Estate, Ltd.                   Sidney Scoralick
MD Imaging                                 Shadows On The Hudson
MedWorld Pharmacy
Luis and Susann Mendoza
                                           Rebecca Shafer
                                           Philip Shew
                                                                                             positive side and that’s what I’m going to do.”
Mid Hudson Bereaved Parents of
   The USA
                                           Annmarie Shirley
                                           Casey Silvestri                                                       Alisha

chiLdren’s home                                                                                     annuaL rePorT for
                                                                                                     The year ending
Launches PLanned giving                                                                               June 30Th 2010
In May, the Board of Managers approved a proposal to establish a planned giving society            Average daily census . . . . . . . 68.7
for those who have included the Children’s Home in their estate planning. The Children’s
Home Guardian Society will allow the Home to acknowledge those who have made plans                 Number of children served . . 283
to ensure the future of the Home’s mission through creating a simple bequest, a charitable         Number of days of care
remainder trust, a lead trust, a gift of paid life insurance or other estate planning vehicle to   provided . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25,078
benefit the Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie.

We invite those who have already made such plans to let us know so that we may                      condensed sTaTemenT
acknowledge your generosity during your lifetime. We would ask for a copy of the portion
of your will or gift document that names the Children’s Home and pledge to keep this                of oPeraTing receiPTs
information in confidence. Any size future gift qualifies you for inclusion in the Children’s        and disBursemenTs
Home Guardian Society. If we can list your name as a member, it will encourage others
to consider such a gift in perpetuity. At the same time, the Children’s Home pledges to            We expended in providing care
continue careful stewardship of estate gifts so that we may indeed continue our mission            for children . . . . . . . $9,747,322
of serving at-risk children for the next 164 years. We know there will always be a need
and we want to be there to help when children are in trouble.                                      Our loss from operations
                                                                                                   amounted to . . . . . . .($917,347)
To explore a myriad of planned giving options, go to our website:
and click on “Giving” then on “Gift Planning” which will take you into a secure site to            Income from public government
look at the possibilities. As always, you should discuss your desires with an estate planning      funds . . . . . . . . . . . . $8,724,068
attorney and/or financial counselor well versed in estate plans.
                                                                                                   Our loss from operations was
                                                                                                   offset by investment earnings,

                                                          our PLedge                               gifts and grants . . . . . . $917,347
                                                                                                   In addition to operating
         “I’ve been behaving
                                                                IntegrIty                          expenditures, $144,451 was
     because I’m getting older                         We will act ethically and honorably         spent on capital improvements,
      now and soon what are                                     in all that we do.                 funded by private gifts and grants.
       rules become laws and
       I would like to have a
                                                              StewardShIp                          Each year the Children’s Home budget
                                                        We will responsibly manage all             is structured with the anticipation of
        good life….I use my                          the resources of the Children’s Home.         private funding from gifts, grants and
    leadership skills for good                                                                     interest on investments, added to

      now instead of negative                                     reSpect                          our State/County revenue stream to
                                                                                                   produce a balanced budget. These
                                                      We will value and care for each other.
    behaviors...I’m doing good                                                                     “extra” funds make it possible to offer

     in school and my grades                                  OppOrtunIty                          the high quality care for which the
                                                                                                   Home is well known. We are very
          are still good. “                               We will create opportunities             grateful to all our donors for your
                                                         for each individual to reach his          unwavering support of our important
               Rhonda                                            or her potential.                 mission to serve children.
                                        NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                          U.S. POSTAGE
                                       NEWBURGH, NY 12550
                                         PERMIT NO. 1260

   10 Children’s Way
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

                              The Children’s Home
                         of Poughkeepsie is a community
                            based, non-profit agency
                         dedicated to improving the lives
                             of at-risk children and
                               their families in the
                             Hudson River Region.

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