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					                     Who We Are

• TrendOY! builds a newsletter with premium content using
  technology and journalists to deliver a curated, tested gadget
  discovery experience.
          TrendOY! is Poised to Solve
TrendOY! is Poised to Solve

Gadget discovery problems:
- Too many gadgets launching every year
- Lack of centralized place to discover unique gadgets
- Inefficiency with gadget reviews
- Review sites only useful for buying decisions
- No serendipity in gadget discovery

TrendOY!'s Focus: Personal Tech
        The Answers to YOUR Gadget Discovery Problems

- Bring one new gadget recommendation to inbox daily

- Every gadget tested to ensure quality and value

- Particular focus on unique gadgets that are not readily available
               A Drop in the Bucket
Email Is Just A Drop In The Bucket…
                       Total US Email Advertising Spend […and growing]
                                           > $1.7B

                          Total US Internet Advertising Spend
                                     > $26 Billion

                         Total US Advertising Spend [all markets]
                                     > $131 Billion

Email Is A Growth Market; $2.5B by 2016 [Forrester Research]
Monetization Assumptions

   Subscriber              RPU             Avg. RPU               Est.
       s                 (Annual)           (Daily)             Revenue

         3MM                  $6                $0.16              $18MM

        3.5MM                 $8                $0.22              $28MM

   Year 1 Est.100K          Est. $6           Est. $0.22          Est. $300K

   [Assumes TrendOY! rev. will scale exponentially with subscriber growth.]
   [TrendOY! subscribers growth + rev. modeled after Thrillist + DailyCandy.]
            Potential Business Models

PRIMARY: Email Advertising

SECONDARY: Deals + E-Commerce
       TrendOY! Progress to Date

• Product launched
• Total subscribers: 4,600
• Multiple distribution partnerships signed, with others in play,
  reaching millions of potential subscribers
• Historic growth: 250/weekly subscribers
• Found product-market fit
• Already working with potential sponsors to begin
        Executive Team

Serial entrepreneur; TiE Atlanta’s Student Entrepreneur of the Year

Launched 4x technical support retail stores, grew revenues to
$450K/annual single-handedly
•   Who We Are:
     • The Leading Digital Media Company That Adds Serendipity to Gadget Discovery

•   Our Solution:
     • Daily Email Media Brand

•   The Opportunity: Help People Make Their Next Gadget Purchase
           - $2.5B Email Advertising Market by 2016
•   Our Advantage:
           - A Targeted Vertical-Specific Strategy
           - Current Leadership & Constant Growing Barrier to Entry
          - Domain Expert Executive Team
          - Premium, Exclusive Content

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